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Prashanth Mahagaonkar

Prashanth Mahagaonkar’s interest in entrepreneurship research began with remarkable experiences while working with almost 300 small business owners in India. The word “constraint” took many forms during these interactions. While for one entrepreneur it was always an issue of finance, while for other it was marketing or how to get new technology. How do entrepreneurs face these problems? are there any economic solutions to identify and correct these problems? These were the questions that Prashanth brought with him along when he joined as a research fellow at the entrepreneurship, growth and public policy group of the Max Planck Institute of Economics, Germany. Research ideally must take the form of practice, and therefore Prashanth also studies scientists’ intentions and opinions on commercialization of science. On the practice side, Prashanth’s interests fall in the area of turnaround strategies, business performance, innovation and knowledge management.