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Khaled M. Mahmoud

Dr. Mahmoud is an internationally recognized bridge engineer with diversified hands-on experience in the design, research, management, analysis, and rehabilitation of major cable-supported bridge projects. He is the President and founder of Bridge Technology Consulting, a firm that specializes in the design, modeling and inspection of bridge structures. Throughout his career, he has held key positions in the design and rehabilitation of a number of long-span, short-span and movable bridge projects. Dr. Mahmoud is a pioneer in the design, modeling, and design of bridge cables.Dr. Mahmoud holds a Masters Degree in Structural Engineering from the City College of New York, and a Doctorate in Fracture Mechanics, from the City University of New York and is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the States of New York, California and Washington.Dr. Mahmoud is an Adjunct Professor of Fracture Mechanics, Structural and Bridge Engineering at the New York Polytechnic University.