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The Politics of Aristotle is the second part of a treatise of which the Ethics is the first part. It looks back to the Ethics as the Ethics looks forward to thee Politics. For Aristotle did not separate, as we are inclined to do, the spheres of the statesman and the moralist. In the Ethics he has described the character necessary for the good life, but that life is for him essentially to be lived in society, and when in the last chapters of the Ethics he comes to the practical application of his inquiries, that finds expression not in moral exhortations addressed to the individual but in a description of the legislative opportunities of the statesman. It is the legislator's task to frame a society which shall make the good life possible.     

Author Name :WILLIAM ELLIS, A.M.

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The Ion is the shortest, or nearly the shortest, of all the writings which bear the name of Plato, and is not authenticated by any early external testimony. The grace and beauty of this little work supply the only, and perhaps a sufficient, proof of its genuineness. The plan is simple; the dramatic interest consists entirely in the contrast between the irony of Socrates and the transparent vanity and childlike enthusiasm of the rhapsode Ion.     

Author Name :Plato

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Macaulay is indeed the prince of essayists, and his reign is unchallenged. "I still think--says Professor Saintsbury (Corrected Impressions, p. 89 f.)--that on any subject which Macaulay has touched, his survey is unsurpassable for giving a first bird's- eye view, and for creating interest in the matter. . . . And he certainly has not his equal anywhere for covering his subject in the pointing-stick fashion. You need not--you had much better not--pin your faith on his details, but his Pisgah sights are admirable. Hole after hole has been picked in the "Clive" and the "Hastings," the "Johnson" and the "Addison," the "Frederick" and the "Horace Walpole," yet every one of these papers contains sketches, summaries, precis, which have not been made obsolete or valueless by all the work of correction in detail."     


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Derrida and the End of History

For Jean-Francois Lyotard, the cyborg is a symbol of fear Mankind must be aware that it has transgressed the boundaries between the organic and technological, inhabiting a world which views machine implantation in humans as normal and necessary     

Author Name :Stuart Sim

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Is History Fiction?

Is History Fiction? explores in fresh and innovative ways the perennial question, What is History, and how can we in the present know the past? In a wonderful journey that starts with the classical Greeks and travels through the centuries to more recent forms of history that are framed by Marxism, postmodernism and feminism, John Docker and Ann Curthoys find that history has a double character. It is both a rigorous scrutiny of sources, and, because it presents the results of its enquiries as narrative, it is part of a literary world too. Such doubleness is the secret of history's fascination as an always changing, inventive endeavor. Yet it also explains why history has been a source of sometimes bitter disputes. Many recent examples of the 'history wars', including Keith Windschuttle in Australia, are discussed.     

Author Name :Ann Curthoys, John Docker

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Making Israel

Benny Morris is the founding father of the New Historians, a group of Israeli scholars who have challenged long-established perceptions about the origins of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Their research rigorously documented crimes and atrocities committed by the Israeli armed forces, including rape, torture, and ethnic cleansing. With Making Israel, Morris brings together the first collection of translated articles on the New History by leading Zionist and revisionist Israeli historians, providing Americans with a firsthand view of this important debate and enabling a better understanding of how the New Historians have influenced Israelis' awareness of their own past.     

Author Name :Benny Morris

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Historical mysteries including the case of Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey.     

Author Name :ANDREW LANG

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Is it merely a fancy that we English, the educated people among us at least, are losing that love for spring which among our old forefathers rose almost to worship? (excerpt from PROSE IDYLLS)     

Author Name :Charles Kingsley

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Latter-Day Pamphlets was a series of "pamphlets" published by Thomas Carlyle in 1850, in vehement denunciation of what he believed to be the political, social, and religious imbecilities and injustices of the period.     

Author Name :Thomas Carlyle

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Glaucus; or The Wonders of the Shore

Charles Kingsley swell-known book, Glaucus, which has for so long held its own amongst popular books on aquarian zoology, relates to such alterations as cause it to vary from its predecessors. In this respect the present volume makes a considerable claim. It now appears for the first time illustrated fully with text-cuts, which have been derived largely from the works of Mr. George Johnston and Professor Harvey, so frequently extolled by the author in the book itself; and eight coloured plates from Mr. P. H. Gosse s Aquarium, a work to which the author refers more than once, and which held a high place in his esteem. A few footnotes, all of which are indicated by square brackets, have been added, supplying information which will serve to render the text intelligible where a knowledge in readers of to-day which was possessed by those a half a century ago is presupposed.     

Author Name :Charle Kingsley

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In this book, Kingsley analyzes Froude's work on the history of England. He expresses his own ideas as to the rightness of Froude's beliefs. He does not believe as Froude does, that the coming generations would be better and greater than the preceding ones. This is an amazing work where two great minds are at war.     

Author Name :Charles Kingsley

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Samuel Butler's Ex Voto (1888) is an account of the author's visit of Sacro Monte at Varallo-Sesia. He describes the Italian landscape as well as the art, history and architecture of the places he visits. Butler compares these sacred places to Jerusalem and also provides details of Tabachetti's remaining work at the Sanctuary of Crea.     

Author Name :Samuel Butler

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The Icelanders, in their long winter, had a great habit of writing; and were, and still are, excellent in penmanship, says Dahlmann. It is to this fact, that any little history there is of the Norse Kings and their old tragedies, crimes and heroisms, is almost all due. - excerpt from the Introduction to "Early Kings of Norway."     

Author Name :Thomas Carlyle

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Arts and Humanities Through the Erasvol 1 to 5

Profiling milestones and movements in the arts, literature, music and religion from a specific period, each volume in this set helps students and researchers understand the various disciplines of the humanities in relation to each other, as well as to history and culture. An overview of the period and a chronology of major world events begin each volume. Nine chapters follow covering the major branches of the humanities: architecture and design, dance, fashion, literature, music, philosophy, religion, theater and visual arts.     

Author Name :Edward Bleiberg

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"Alexandria and Her Schools" by Kingsley is a collection of lectures that dwell on the history of Alexandria. The lectures present one man's foresight and vision to make Alexandria the seat of three different cultures and to make it into one unique place.     

Author Name :Kingsley

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This scarce antiquarian book is included in our special Legacy Reprint Series. In the interest of creating a more extensive selection of rare historical book reprints, we have chosen to reproduce this title even though it may possibly have occasional imperfections such as missing and blurred pages, missing text, poor pictures, markings, dark backgrounds and other reproduction issues beyond our control. Because this work is culturally important, we have made it available as a part of our commitment to protecting, preserving and promoting the world's literature.     

Author Name :Roger Ascham

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Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.     

Author Name :John Skot

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The Essays or Counsels, Civil and Moral, of Francis Ld. Verulam, Viscount St. Albans

Francis Bacon, 1st Viscount St Alban(s), KC (22 January 1561 - 9 April 1626) was an English philosopher, statesman, scientist, jurist and author. He served both as Attorney General and Lord Chancellor of England. Although his political career ended in disgrace, he remained extremely influential through his works, especially as philosophical advocate and practitioner of the scientific method during the scientific revolution. Bacon has been called the creator of empiricism. His works established and popularised inductive methodologies for scientific inquiry, often called the Baconian method, or simply the scientific method. His demand for a planned procedure of investigating all things natural marked a new turn in the rhetorical and theoretical framework for science, much of which still surrounds conceptions of proper methodology today. Bacon was knighted in 1603, and created both the Baron Verulam in 1618, and the Viscount St Alban in 1621; as he died without heirs both peerages became extinct upon his death.     

Author Name :Francis Bacon

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Iran and NuclearWeapons

This book investigates what is driving Irans nuclear weapons program in a less- hostile regional environment, using a theory of protracted conflicts to explicate proliferation. Irans nuclear weapons program has alarmed the international community since the 1990s, but has come to the forefront of international security concerns since 2000. This book argues that Irans hostility with the United States remains the major causal factor for its proliferation activities. With the US administration pur- suing aggressive foreign policies towards Iran since 2000, the latters security threat intensified.     

Author Name :Saira Khan

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The Caucasus is one of the most complicated regions in the world: with many different peoples and political units, differing religious allegiances, and frequent conflicts, and where historically major world powers have clashed with each other. Until now there has been no single book for those wishing to learn about this complex region. This book fills the gap, providing a clear, comprehensive introduction to the Caucasus, which is suitable for all readers. It covers the geography; the historical development of the region; economics; politics and government; population; religion and society; culture and traditions; alongside its conflicts and international relations.     

Author Name :Frederik Coene

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This volume is an interdisciplinary endeavour that brings together recent research on aspects of urban life and structure by architectural and textual historians and archaeologists, engendering exciting new perspectives on urban life in the pre-modern Islamic world. Its objective is to move beyond the long-standing debate on whether an Islamic city existed in the pre- modern era and focus instead upon the ways in which religion may (or may not) have in?uenced the physical structure of cities and the daily lives of their inhabitants. It approaches this topic from three different but inter- related perspectives: the genesis of Islamic cities in fact and ?ction; the impact of Muslim rulers upon urban planning and development; and the degree to which a religious ethos affected the provision of public services.     

Author Name :Amira K. Bennison and Alison L. Gascoigne

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Japanese Love Hotels

Drawing on theories of place, consumption and identity, Sarah Chaplin details the evolution of the love hotel in urban Japan since the 1950s. Love hotels emerged in the late 1950s following a ban of licensed prostitution, then were extremely popular in the 1970s, were then legislated against in the 1980s and are now perceived as leisure, fashion or boutique hotels.     

Author Name :Sarah Chaplin

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Manifesting Power

This book recognizes that power and gender may be rooted in the experience of power in western society.Power relations among humans have likely been a topic of interest since long before any historical claims to its nature were proffered.     

Author Name :Tracy L.Sweely

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Philosophy of the Arts is designed specifically for readers studying aesthetics for the first time; it is the first comprehensive introduction for students of philosophy, as it will be for those of literature, music, or art. Written in nontechnical language, equipped with regular summaries of the argument and suggestions for further reading, this textbook is up-to-date and full of examples from all the arts, from film to poetry, architecture to music.     

Author Name :Gordon Graham

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BETWEEN TWO AGES America's Role in the Technetronic Era

This book deals with communism only in part and then primarily in relation to the broader issues .     

Author Name :Zbigniew Brzezinski

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World History timeline

An account of everything that happened from ancient times to present day     

Author Name :Copyright 2010 -

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A concise history of India

A brief glimpse into the history of pre-colonial India     

Author Name :Barabara & Thomas Metcalf, University of California,Cambridge university

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