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The Dharma of Mind Transmission: Zen Teachings of Huang-po

The great Chan Master, whos Dharma-name, was Hsi Yun, resided below Vulture Peak on Huang-po Mountain, which is in Kao-An County in Hung-Chou. He was a major disciple of Tsao-Chi, the Sixth Patriarch, and the Dharma- son of Pai-Chang. He admired the Supreme Mahayana Vehicle and sealed it without words, teaching the transmission of Mind only and no other Dharma whatsoever. He held that both Mind and substance are void and that the interrelationships of phenomena are motionless.     

Author Name :Dharmaweb

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The Theology of the Book of Jeremiah

The present study focuses on the theology of the Book of Jeremiah. That theology revolves around themes familiar from Israel's covenantal faith, especially the sovereignty of YHWH expressed in judgment and promise. The outcome of this theological nexus of context, person, and tradition is a book that moves into the abyss and out of the abyss in unexpected ways.     

Author Name :Walter Brueggemann

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The End of Reason: A Response To The New Atheists

The End of Reason is a clear and powerful response to the utter bankruptcy of Harriss New Atheism as it explains the true nature of God, the foundation for evil in the world, and the basis of true morality.     

Author Name :Ravi K. Zacharias

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The Upanishads

Included are the 12 classical upanishads: Chandogya, Kena, Aitareya, Kaushitaki, Isa, Katha, Mundaka, Taittiriyaka, Brhadaranyaka, Svetasvatara, Prasna, Maitriyana. Fully annotated with a 160-page introduction and analysis by Professor Muller, distinguished Indologist.     

Author Name :F. Max Muller

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An Introduction to Hua-Yen Buddhism

The Hua-yen doctrine shows the entire cosmos as a single nexus of conditions in which everything simultaneously depends on, and is depended on by, everything else. Seen in this light, then, everything affects and is affected by, more or less immediately or remotely, everything else; just as this is true of every system of relationships, so is it true of the totality of existence. In seeking to understand individuals and groups, therefore, Hua-yen thought considers the manifold as an integral part of the unit and the unit as an integral part of the manifold; one individual is considered in terms of relationships to other individuals as well as to the whole nexus, while the whole nexus is considered in terms of its relation to each individual as well as to all individuals.     

Author Name :Thomas F. Cleary

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