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Atlas of the Universe

Fully revised and updated, this atlas provides an informative guide to the cosmos. Written by one of Britain's best-known astronomers, it contains a wealth of photographs from ground-based telescopes and the Hubble Space Telescope, as well as images from nearly four decades of robotic exploration of the planets. Tables of data and 22 star maps accompany information on the stars, solar system and the universe. Practical advice for beginners and more advanced astronomers, including how to choose a telescope, is also included.     

Author Name :Patrick Moore

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Eyewitness Workbooks: Stars and Planets

Perfect for getting ahead at school or just stimulating children's interest, this groundbreaking series of workbooks leaves the competition in the dust. Each features a 48-page, full-color workbook, a fact-filled "wonderwheel," and a topical wall chart, all fully integrated to offer incredible depth and breadth on each exciting topic. Never before have workbooks contained so many opportunities for interactive learning!     

Author Name :Claire Watts

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Moongate: Suppressed Findings of the U S

Moongate is a self-published book by William L Brian which alleges a cover-up by NASA, the United States military and the Russian space program over what was really found during the US and Soviet Moon landings and space programs in general. Brian, a nuclear engineer, states his belief that the Moon landings actually did take place, unlike many other Moon landing hoax theorists, but that information acquired during the landings has been covered up and or suppressed. He also asserts that NASA is a wholly owned and operated front organization of the US military, that Secret weapons and covert military space program were developed under the cover of a civilian space program, and that NASA and the military has suppressed gravity research discoveries which were supposedly used also in Apollo program. The book outlines a belief that the United States and USSR cooperated during their alleged Space race, and that secret discoveries put the Apollo astronauts on the moon. The book also asserts that discoveries of the Moon's true nature have been suppressed, especially its geology and atmosphere, and that the Moonshots and space programs really never ended.     

Author Name :William L Brian

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Philip's Atlas of the Universe

A comprehensive guide to astronomy and space exploration. A spectacular and informative account of our Solar System and its place within the Universe beyond. Includes the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn and Titan. Many colour images. Complete star atlas section for the practical astronomer, with whole sky maps and seasonal locator maps by Wil Tirion. Topographic maps of the planets and their major satellites, using data from space probes. Complete map of the Moon, with descriptions of the major observational targets. Constellation maps showing galaxies, clusters and nebulae as well as stars.     

Author Name :Patrick Moore

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The Cosmic Connection An Extraterrestrial Perspective

In 1973, Carl Sagan published The Cosmic Connection, a daring view of the universe, which rapidly became a classic work of popular science and inspired a generation of scientists and enthusiasts. This seminal work is reproduced here for a whole new generation to enjoy. In Sagan's typically lucid and lyrical style, he discusses many topics from astrophysics and solar system science, to colonization, terraforming and the search for extraterrestrials. Sagan conveys his own excitement and wonder, and relates the revelations of astronomy to the most profound human problems and concerns: issues that are just as valid today as they were thirty years ago. New to this edition are Freeman Dyson's comments on Sagan's vision and the importance of the work, Ann Druyan's assessment of Sagan's cultural significance as a champion of science, and David Morrison's discussion of the advances made since 1973 and what became of Sagan's predictions. Who knows what wonders this third millennium will reveal, but one thing is certain: Carl Sagan played a unique role in preparing us for them.     

Author Name :CARL SAGAN

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Nicholas Copernicus on the revolutions Translation and Commentary

In 1973, on the 500th anniversary of Copernicus's birth, the Polish Academy of Sciences announced its intention to publish all of the astronomer's extant works, both in their original Latin and in modern translations. Here, available for the first time in softcover, are Edward Rosen's authoritative English translations and commentaries.     

Author Name :Edward Rosen

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Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems

Galileos Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, published in Florence in 1632, was the most proximate cause of his being brought to trial before the Inquisition. Using the dialogue form, a genre common in classical philosophical works, Galileo masterfully demonstrates the truth of the Copernican system over the Ptolemaic one, proving, for the first time, that the earth revolves around the sun. Its influence is incalculable. The Dialogue is not only one of the most important scientific treatises ever written, but a work of supreme clarity and accessibility, remaining as readable now as when it was first published. This edition uses the definitive text established by the University of California Press, in Stillman Drakes translation, and includes a Foreword by Albert Einstein and a new Introduction by J. L. Heilbron.     

Author Name :Galileo Galilei

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The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory

Brian Greene, one of the world's leading string theorists, peels away layers of mystery to reveal a universe that consists of eleven dimensions, where the fabric of space tears and repairs itself, and all matterfrom the smallest quarks to the most gargantuan supernovasis generated by the vibrations of microscopically tiny loops of energy. The Elegant Universe makes some of the most sophisticated concepts ever contemplated accessible and thoroughly entertaining, bringing us closer than ever to understanding how the universe works.     

Author Name :Brian Greene

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Perfect for getting ahead at school or just stimulating children's interest, this groundbreaking series of workbooks leaves the competition in the dust. Each features a 48-page, full-color workbook, a fact-filled "wonderwheel," and a topical wall chart, all fully integrated to offer incredible depth and breadth on each exciting topic. Never before have workbooks contained so many opportunities for interactive learning!     

Author Name :Claire Watts

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Galaxies in the Universe: An Introduction

This text is aimed primarily at third- and fourth-year undergraduate students of astronomy or physics, who have undertaken the first year or two of university-level studies in physics. We hope that graduate students and research workers in related areas will also find it useful as an introduction to the field. Some background knowledge of astronomy would be helpful, but we have tried to summarize the necessary facts and ideas in our introductory chapter, and we give references to books offering a fuller treatment. This book is intended to provide more than enough material for a one-semester course, since instructors will differ in their preferences for areas to emphasize and those to omit. After working through it, readers should find themselves prepared to tackle standard graduate texts such as Binney and Tremaines Galactic Dynamics, and review articles such as those in the Annual Reviews of Astronomy and Astrophysics. Astronomy is not an experimental science like physics; it is a natural science like geology or meteorology. We must take the Universe as we find it, and deduce how the basic properties of matter have constrained the galaxies that happened to form.     

Author Name :Linda S. Sparke John S. Gallagher III University of Wisconsin, Madison

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Atlas of the Messier Objects Highlights of the Deep Sky

Atlas of the Messier Objects is more comprehensive, detailed, and beautiful than any other book showcasing the objects cataloged by Charles Messier. The art of observing is practiced as much with the mind as with the eye, and this book gathers into one volume diverse aspects that both enrich the experience and serve as a valuable reference.     

Author Name :Ronald Stoyan Stefan Binnewies, Susanne Friedrich and Klaus-Peter Schroeder

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This document contains an overview of issues surrounding UFO/ET topics, recommendations for action, background information, position papers, UFO/ET sightings evidence, summarized testimony of military and government witnesses to UFO/ETI events, summaries of two major recent reports, and selected government documents.     

Author Name :Steven M. Greer, M.D., Director and Theodore C. Loder III, Ph.D.

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The Dulce Book

UFO events often appear and disappear [along with the evidence] when the object or objects depart. Underground or earth-based anomalies on the other hand cannot and do not 'disappear' at will, and because of this they are far more vulnerable to being exposed as legitimate or not. Throughout this volume I have nevertheless offered my own 'opinions' and 'perspectives' based on circumstantial evidence [two or more reports from different sources which relay identical themes, and so on]. These admittedly are my own opinions and can be recieved or discarded according to the readers own perceptions in regards to the nature of reality. I have formed these opinions based on my own perceptions of the overall data, and since these are my perceptions, they are not infallible but are subject to change or revision with the revelation of new information. The reader is free to form his or her own conclusions and opinions based on the accumulated data, just as I have done.     

Author Name :Branton

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Ingo Swann-renowned PSI researcher-reveals a long-held secret series of experiences with a "deep black" agencey whose apparent charter was simple: UFOs and extraterrestrials on the moon, and worries about ET telepathic/mind control powers. The agency was so secret that it had no paper trail, and hence no written secrecy agreements. Only the verbal ones, which in Ingo's case expired several years ago. Now, in this era of burgeoning UFO "glasnost," he tells a story of meetings held in a secret underground facility not far from Washington DC, and of being taken to a remote location near the Arctic Circle to witness the expected arrival of a huge UFO over the surface of an Alaskan lake. This book discusses undeveloped human telepathy and contrasts it with the probable existence of fully developed alien telepathy, which may have many different forms.     

Author Name :INGO SWANN

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