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Satellites Orbits and Missions

This book treats the subject of satelliteorbits, showing how the wide range of availableorbitscan be put to use to satisfy the needs of fields as varied as communications, positioning, remote-sensing, meteorology, and astronomy.     

Author Name :Michel Capderou

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Moon takes a look at Earth's moon from a variety of perspectives-its physical structure, its meaning to humans, and the incredible journeys astronauts have made to its surface.     

Author Name :Jacqueline Mitton

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Eyewitness Mars

Eyewitness Mars explores the planet of Mars from its discovery by the ancients, through its representation in popular culture, and what astronomers thought of the planet before the Space Age     

Author Name :Stuart Murray

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Black Holes, Wormholes and Time Machines

This book is meant for all those peoplewhich is pretty much everyone I knowwho are curious about such exotic sounding concepts as black holes, space warps, the Big Bang, time travel and parallel universes. In writing the book I have asked myself whether complete non-experts can learn a little about some of the ideas of modern physics without feeling the urge to check that their IQ is up to the task before embarking. The subject matter of the book has been covered elsewhere at many different levels. At the very top is the advanced text or monograph for the practitioner in the field. This is the sorcerers spell book, decipherable only by the privileged few. Then comes the textbook aimed at the university physics student.     

Author Name :Jim Al-Khalili

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Substance: Its Nature and Existence

Substance: Its Nature and Existence is one of the first accessible introductions to the history and contemporary debates surrounding the idea of substance. An important and often complex issue, substance is at the heart of Western philosophy. Substances are distinguished from other kinds of entities such as properties, events, times, and places. This book investigates the very nature and existence of individual substances, including both living things and inanimate objects.     

Author Name :Joshua Hoffman and Gary S.Rosenkrantz

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