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Underwater Archaeology

The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice provides a comprehensive summary of the archaeological process as applied in an underwater context. Long awaited second edition of what is popularly referred to as the NAS Handbook Provides a practical guide to underwater archaeology: how to get involved, basic principles, essential techniques, project planning and execution, publishing and presenting Fully illustrated with over 100 drawings and new colour graphics.     

Author Name :Nautical Archaeology Society

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The first study to bring together such a breadth of data, this book compares responses to colonization in the Iron-Age Mediterranean.     

Author Name :Tamar Hodos

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The first book to integrate fully the archaeological study of the landscape with the concerns of colonial and postcolonial history, theory and scholarship, The Archaeology of the Colonized focuses on the experience of the colonized in their landscape setting, looking at case studies from areas of the world not often considered in the postcolonial debate. It offers original, exciting approaches to the growing area of research in archaeology and colonialism.     

Author Name :Michael Given

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A History of Settlement in Ireland provides a stimulating and thought-provoking overview of the settlement history of Ireland from prehistory to the present day. Particular attention is paid to the issues of settlement change and distribution within the contexts of:     

Author Name :Terry Barry

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Crusader Archaeology

Crusader Archaeology draws together recent excavated material culture in Israel, Cyprus, Syria and Jordan to examine what life was like for the Crusaders in their territory, and how they were influenced by their new-found neighbours.     

Author Name :Adrian J.Boas

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Industrial Archaeology

Industrial Archaeology introduces the origins and development of the discipline in its international context. The first two chapters consider industrial landscapes and buildings as the visible symbols of the processes of production in both space and time. Landscapes are analysed such as the linear landscapes created by rivers, canals and railways as well as buildings, in terms of function, typology and context, both topographical and cultural. The authors evaluate the techniques of field survey and documentary research, finally considering the problems and potential of the cultural resource management of the industrial heritage.     

Author Name :Marilyn Palmer and Peter Neaverson

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Today, archaeologists are spending more and more time examining the past with the aid of computers. How does this increased dependence on technology affect the theory and practice of archaeology?     

Author Name :Gary Lock

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ARCHAEOLOGY An Introduction

This fourth edition constitutes the most extensive reshaping of the text to date. In a lucid and accessible style Kevin Greene explains the discovery and excavation of sites, outlines major dating methods, gives clear explanations of scientific techniques, and examines current theories and controversies.     

Author Name :Kevin Greene

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Archaeology Under Fire

The Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean are one of the most politically charged regions in which archaeology is implicated. Historically, they played a formative role in the birth of archaeology as a discipline.Archaeology Under Fireaddresses archaeology's role in current political issues, as in the ethnic cleansing in the Balkans, the division of Cyprus, or the continued destruction of Beirut. The contributors consider the positive role of the past, as a means of reconciliation, whether it be in Turkey, Israel, or the Gulf. They advocate a responsible global archaeology and awareness of contemporary issues can only enhance this aim.     

Author Name :Lynn Meskell

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Archaeologists are increasingly aware of issues of gender when studying past societies; women are becoming better represented within the discipline and are attaining top academic posts. However, until now there has been no study undertaken of the history of women in European archaeology and their contribution to the development of the discipline.     

Author Name :Magarita Daz-Andreu , Marie Louise Stig Sorensen

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