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Textbook of theoretical grammar of modern English language is intended for senior students of faculties of Romance and Germanic Philology universities and pedagogical institutes of foreign languages??.     

Author Name :N. M. RAYEVSKA

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English Grammar in Use

A self-study reference and practice book for intermediate students .     

Author Name :Raymond Murphy

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Speak English Like an American

If you already speak English and now you'd like to start speaking even better; then speak English Like An American is for you.     

Author Name :Amy Gillett

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For English and language arts teachers in grades 6-12, here's a unique collection of over 180 fun-filled, ready-to-use activities that help build the skills your students need for test-taking and overall academic success. These activities make learning enjoyable and stimulating while covering the entire English curriculum, including grammar, mechanics, vocabulary, creative writing, literature, research, and critical thinking.     

Author Name :Jack Umstatter

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American Accent Training

A guide to speaking and pronouncing colloquial American English.     

Author Name :Ann Cook

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Ever stumble when choosing between "who" and "whom," "affect" and "effect," "lay" and "lie"? Are you worried that how you speak or write is holding you back at work? Do you fear you're making frequent conversational errors, but just aren't sure what's correct? How you use language tells people a good deal about who you are, how you think, and how you communicate. Making simple errors in written and spoken English can make you seem less sophisticated even less intelligent than you really are.     

Author Name :Ann Batko

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The Online English Grammar

This full PDF version of the Online English Grammar has a number of advantages over the version that you can find online for public viewing:It covers more grammar topics than the online version and you can view it on your desktop as an easy reference guide.     

Author Name :Anthony Hughes

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The handbook of good English

Now substantially revised and updated, this essential guide is arranged in an easy-to-follow, topical style that takes readers from the rules governing basic sentence structure to methods of achieving effective expression.     

Author Name :Edward D. Johnson

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The Grammar of English Grammars

Deals with Grammar.     

Author Name :Gould Brown

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The Good Grammer book

This book will improve students' understanding and use of grammar every time they refer to it.     

Author Name :Michael Swan, Catherine Walter

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Oxford Guide to English Grammar

The Oxford Guide to English Grammar is a systematic account of grammatical forms and the way they are used in standard British English today. The emphasis is on meanings and how they govern the choice of grammatical pattern.     

Author Name :John Eastwood

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New Grammar Practice for pre-intermediate students

Grammar Practice for Pre-Intermediate Students gives short, clear explanations of all the main areas of English grammar, and provides practice exercises for you to do.     

Author Name :E. Walker, S. Elsworth

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Longman English Grammar Practice for Intermediate Students

English Grammar for Students.     

Author Name :L. G. Alexander

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Grammar in use reference and practice for intermediate students of English

It contains a wealth of additional exercises which provide students with further practice of the grammar they have studied.     

Author Name :Raymond Murphy

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Beyond Snobbery: Grammar Need Not Be Cruel to Be Cool.

Here, June Casagrande (so not your ninth grade English teacher) will reassure you that its okay not to care about grammar. Just what you wanted to hear! But with humor and enthusiasm, she will show you how grammar can be fun and worth a little bit of your time. So, uncover your eyes and learn her lesson.     

Author Name :June Casagrande

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