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Neuroeconomics and the Firm

This volume brings together leading researchers from a variety of fields to investigate the concept of the firm from new perspectives arising from neuroeconomics. The traditional theory of the firm has focused on the strategic, operational and resource management objectives of the firm as an organization. This timely and informative book explores new horizons in the biology of human decision-making and behavior, including uncertainty, entrepreneurship and ethics as it affects the functioning of the organization. The fascinating chapters cover a wide range of research fields, drawing on both the conscious and the unconscious mind, and how common hormonal cycles in the female and testosterone variations in the male affect each other in the workplace and its affect on the firm as an organization. The topics of entrepreneurship and the recent global financial crisis are discussed from the perspective of hormonal forces and the implications of those forces in the future. It is an enlightening selection of articles that scholars, students, business leaders, and managers will find a valuable read.     

Author Name :Angela A. Stanton, Mellani J. Day, Isabell M. Welpe

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Chinese Economic Development

This book outlines and analyzes the economic development of China between 1949 and 2007. Rather than being narrowly economic, the book addresses many of the broader aspects of development, including literacy, morality, demographics and the environment.The distinctive features of this book are its sweep and that it does not shy away from controversial issues. For example, there is no question that aspects of Maoism were disastrous but Bramall argues that there was another side to the whole programme. More recently, the current system of government has presided over three decades of very rapid economic growth. However, the author shows that this growth has come at a price. Bramall makes it clear that unless radical change takes place, Chinese growth will not be sustainable.This large, comprehensive text is relevant to all those studying the economic history of China as well as its contemporary economy. It is also useful more generally for students and researchers in the fields of international and development economics.     

Author Name :Chris Bramall

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Terms of Trade

Have you ever wondered what a term in international economics means? This useful reference book offers a glossary of terms in both international trade and international finance, with emphasis on economic issues. It is intended for students getting their first exposure to international economics, although advanced students will also find it useful for some of the more obscure terms that they have forgotten or never encountered. Besides an extensive glossary of terms, there is a picture gallery of diagrams used to explain key concepts such as the Edgeworth Production Box and the Offer Curve Diagram in international economics. This section is followed by several lists of terms that occur a lot in international economics, grouped by subject to help users find terms that they cannot recall. Prior to the bibliography is a section on the origins of terms in international economics which records what the author has been able to learn about the origins of some of the terms used in international economics. This is a must-have portable glossary in international trade and international economics!     

Author Name :Alan V. Deardoff

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The Economics of Crime

Since Gary Beckers seminal article in the late sixties, the economic analysis of crime has blossomed, from an interesting side field within law and economics, into a mature stand-alone sub-discipline that has been embraced by many well-respected academic economists. Wide ranging and accessible, this is the most up-to-date textbook in this area, taking current economic research and making it accessible to undergraduates and other interested readers. Without use of graphs or mathematical equations, Winter combines theory and empirical evidence with controversial examples from the news media.     

Author Name :Harold Winter

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Monetary Economics, 2nd Edition

This book will be of interest to teachers and students of monetary economics, money and banking, macroeconomics and monetary policy. Instructors and students will welcome the close integration between current theories, their heritage and their empirical validity.     

Author Name :Jagdish Handa

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Creating Sustainable Work Systems

Since the first edition of this book was published, the subject of sustainability has risen to the forefront of thinking in almost every subject within business and management. Tackling the latest developments and integrating practical perspectives with rigorous research, this new edition sheds light on a vital aspect of working life.     

Author Name :Edited by Peter Docherty, Mari Kira and A.B. (Rami) Shani

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Internet Governance The new frontier of global institutions

The expansion of the Internet has been called the most revolutionary development in the history of human communications. It is ubiquitous and is changing politics, economics and social relations. Its borderless nature affects the roles of individuals, the magic of the marketplace and the problems of government regulation. As its development has increased apace, contradictions have arisen between existing regulatory regimes, private interests, government concerns, international norms and national interests. Unlike most areas where there are global institutions, and the role of governments is predominant, the Internet is a field where the private sector and civil society each have a role as important or sometimes more important than governments.     

Author Name :John Mathiason

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Game Theory and Policymaking in Natural Resources and the Environment

The book is structured into four parts dealing with the management of natural resources, the negotiation aspects of water management, water allocation through pricing and markets, and how conflicts and regulation shape the management of the environment. The first part explores game theory concepts applied to fisheries and grazing lands, which are two important natural resources. In the next two parts, several game theory methodologies are considered in the negotiation approach to water management and approaches to water pricing and markets. The last section looks at environmental protection as the end process of the interplay between conflict and regulation.     

Author Name :Ariel Dinar, Jos Albiac, and Joaqun Snchez-Soriano

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Economic Representations Academic and everyday

In this volume, scholars from a wide variety of disciplines and countries, from inside and outside the academy, explore the implications of the fact that the economy is being represented in so many different ways. They analyze what it means for scholars and activists in trying to make sense of existing representations-theories, pictures, and stories--of the economy. They also show how new representations can be produced and utilized to change how we look at and participate in current economic debates.     

Author Name :David F. Ruccio

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The essential introduction to the most important texts in post-colonial theory and criticism, this second edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to include 121 extracts from key works in the field.     

Author Name :Bill Ashcroft,Gareth Grif?ths and Helen Tif?n

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Enlightenments Wake

Enlightenment's Wake stakes out the elements of John Gray's new position. He argues that all schools of contemporary political thought are variations on the Enlightenment Project - the Westernizing project of a universal civilization - and that this Enlightenment Project has proved self-undermining and is now exhausted. Fresh thought is needed on the dilemmas of the late modern age.     

Author Name :John Gray

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Microeconomics using Excel

Using Microsoft Excel, the market leading spreadsheet package, this book combines theory with modelling aspects and spreadsheet analysis. Microeconomics Using Excel provides students with the tools with which to better understand microeconomic analysis.     

Author Name :Kurt Jechlitschka, Dieter Kirschke and Gerald Schwarz

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Open Market Operations and Financial Markets

A mixture of academic and practitioner research, this is the most detailed book available that provides an account of open market operations. With broad international appeal it includes discussions of central bank operations in Europe, North America, Australia and Japan.     

Author Name :David G. Mayes and Jan Toporowski

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Disabled People and the Right to Life

'Human rights' has increasingly come to be seen as a significant framework, both to aid understanding of the experiences of those who face oppression, and to underpin social, legal and political measures to counter it.     

Author Name :Luke Clements and Janet Read

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Global Challenges and Local Responses

This book will be of great interest to research students and economists inter- ested in economic development, political economy and the East Asian economies. It is also important reading for policy makers, as a way of under- standing changes caused by the accelerated pace of globalization.     

Author Name :Jang-Sup Shin

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Womens Work and Wages is a timely study of some of the most important issues in Gender Economics. Its findings illustrate how educational and occupational sex segregation, as well as family responsibilities, have contributed to the persisting gender wage gap.     

Author Name :Inga Persson & Christina Jonung

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Economics: the key concepts

An A-Z of contemporary economics in all its forms, Economics: the Key Concepts is an affordable, accessible reference for students, lecturers and economists at every level. The key topics explored include: competition and monopoly, development economics, game theory, property rights and taxation.     

Author Name :Donald Rutherford

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Economics of the law: a primer

There is an ever-increasing interest in the question of how and why legal norms can effectively guide human action. This compact volume demonstrates how economic tools can be used to examine this question and scrutinize these legal norms. Indeed, this is one of the first text to be based on civil law instead of the more usual common law, situating the study of both private and public law within the framework of institutional economics, with recommendations for further reading and a list of key terms in each chapter.     

Author Name :Wolfgang Weigel

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The green movement has posed some tough questions for traditional justifications of democracy. Should the natural world have rights? Can we take account of the interests of future generations? But questions have also been asked of the greens. Could their idealism undermine democracy? Can greens be effective democrats?     

Author Name :Brian Doherty and Marius de Geus

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Understanding Green Consumer Behaviour: A Qualitative, Cognitive Approach

Despite a century of intensive research into the human mind, our understanding of how people in everyday life actually make choices and solve problems is surprisingly limited. Through the study of green, environmentally friendly consumers, this book examines basic aspects of the working of the human mind, and recommends a fundamental re-orientation regarding the ideas and methods which are applied in contemporary cognitive research.     

Author Name :Sigmund A. Wagner

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This book is an ideal reference tool, providing brief biographical data on the economists who have shaped the discipline. It also includes description and analysis of the major features of their economic thought. It provides balanced coverage of all the major traditions and a wide range of economists with more space being devoted to seminal theorists who opened up new horizons for economics.     

Author Name :Steven Pressman

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Popper and Economic Methodology: Contemporary Challenges

This new book, under the impressive editorship of Thomas Boylan and Paschal O'Gorman, explores a number of major themes central to the work of Karl Popper. The tensions that have resulted from Popperian thought are well documented. This book includes expert contributions from thinkers such as Tony Lawson, K. Vela Velupillai and John McCall, who discuss this issue with renewed academic rigour.     

Author Name :Thomas Anthony Boylan, Paschal Paschal Francis O'Gorman

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Liberalism and Pluralism

In Liberalism and Pluralism the author explores the challenges conflicting values, interests and identities pose to liberal democracy. Richard Bellamy illustrates his criticism and proposals by reference to such topical issues as the citizens charter, constitutional reform, the Rushdie affair and the development of the European Union.     

Author Name :Richard Bellamy

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Fifty key thinkers on development

The essential guide to the world's most influential development thinkers, this authoritative text presents a unique guide to the lives and ideas of leading contributors to the contested terrain of development studies. Reflecting the diverse, interdisciplinary nature of the area, the book includes entries on:modernisers like Hirshman, Kindleberger and Rostow, dependencistas such as Frank, Cardoso and Amin, progressives like Prebisch, Helleiner and Streeten, political leaders enunciating radical alternative visions of development, such as Mao, Nkrumah and Nyerere, progenitors of religiously or spiritually inspired development, such as Gandhi and Ariyaratne and development-environment thinkers like Blaikie, Brookfield and Shiva.     

Author Name :David Simon

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The concept of the rational economic agent is at the heart of modern economics. Mainstream economic theory seems unable to develop without the assumption that agents proceed by finding the optimal means to a well-defined end. Yet despite its centrality many economists find this concept of rationality of little use when trying to explain a wide range of economic phenomena. This volume contains a number of critical perspectives on the treatment of rationality in economics. They are drawn from a variety of subdisciplines within economics. Insights from such diverse areas as game theory, experimental economics, psychology, post- Keynesian and institutional economics cast considerable doubt on whether a unitary conception of rationality within economics is possible or indeed desirable.     

Author Name :Bill Gerrard

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The principles of economics

This book is about forming effective critiques of neoclassical economics. Its focus is on constructive criticism of the foundations neoclassical theory, beginning with what Alfred Marshall called the `Principles of Economics'. It concludes that there is still much that can be done to make neoclassical economics more realistic.     

Author Name :Lawrence A. Boland

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The book includes a critical commentary on the four main studies that exem- plify Durkheims contribution to sociology: The Division of Labour in Society; Suicide; The Rules of Sociological Method and The Elementary Forms of Reli- gious Life.     


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Basic Mathematics for Economists

Economics students will welcome the new edition of this excellent textbook. Mathematics is an integral part of economics and understanding basic concepts is vital. Many students come into economics courses without having studied mathematics for a number of years. This clearly written book will help to develop quantitative skills in even the least numerate student up to the required level for a general Economics or Business Studies course. This second edition features new sections on subjects     

Author Name :Mike Rosser

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The Foundations of Economic Method, Second Edition

Many consider Foundations of Economic Method to be Lawrence Boland's best work. This updated edition is radically changed from the original and will be much appreciated by thinkers within economics. The book positions methodology vis--vis the current practice of economists and is all the better for it. Yet another book that not only deserves to be read by those within the field of economic methodology, but also by those involved in economics at all.     

Author Name :Lawrence A. Boland, FRSC

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Social Capital

"Social capital," a current idea gaining worldwide recognition, is increasingly influencing international, national, and local policy-making within the social sciences. But is it really a new concept? Can it be an operational, as opposed to rhetorical, concept? And can policies based on social capital deal with conflict and social exclusion? These questions are explored in this book through studies of education, health, political science, urban regeneration, and economic development. Providing a unique overview of the topic, together with critical discussion of its application in a wide variety of fields, the volume offers the first full critical analysis of social capital, written by academics, professionals and policy specialists who are all distinguished and prominent contributors in their own fields.     

Author Name :John Field

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The Piratization of Russia -Russian reform goes awry

The Piratization of Russia is an accessible, lucid, and timely book that is required reading for those with an interest in the debacle of Russian reform, from the interested lay-reader to students, academics, economists, and politicians who want to understand the problems facing Russia and how they could have been avoided.     

Author Name :Marshall I.Goldman

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The objective of this series is to facilitate this revival further. In contemporary economics the label theory has been appropriated by a group that confines itself to largely asocial, ahistorical, mathematical modelling. Economics as Social Theory thus reclaims the theory label, offering a platform for alternative, rigorous, but broader and more critical conceptions of theorising.     

Author Name :Geoffrey M. Hodgson

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Qualitative data analysis A user-friendly guide for social scientists

A new book on qualitative data analysis needs no apology. By comparison with the numerous texts on statistical analysis, qualitative data analysis has been ill-served. There is some irony in this situation: even a single text might suffice for the standardized procedures of statistical analysis; but for qualitative analysis, oft-noted for the diffuse and varied character of its procedures, we might reasonably expect a multiplicity of texts, not just a few. Teaching a course on methods makes one especially aware of this gap. This book is my contribution to filling it, and I hope it will encourage or provoke others to do the same.     

Author Name :Ian Dey

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Assam, India Valley of Tea and Temples

This is the story of Assam Valley, the easternmost region of India, as it was during the 1930s. Amrit Baruah tells of growing up in an idyllic placea remote land of tea plantations, ancient temples, and the Brahmaputra River, perhaps the least known of the seven longest rivers of the world. And he describes how World War II opened up the isolat ed eastern portion of the valley to soldiers from outside, followed by construction of the legendary Burma Road.     

Author Name :Amrit Baruah

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Poor Place, Thriving People

Geographical differences in living standards are a pressing concern for policymakers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Economies of agglomeration mean that production is most efficient when concentrated in leading areas. So how can the region reduce spatial disparities in well-being without compromising growth?The solution to spatial disparities lies in matching the policy package to a lagging area's specific characteristics. Key questions include: is the lagging area problem really as serious as one thinks; is it a problem of low economic opportunity or of poor human development; are lagging area populations close enough to agglomerations to benefit from spillovers; and is there manifest private investor interest? Drawing on the World Bank's 2009 World Development Report, Reshaping Economic Geography, the book proposes 3 policy packages.First, all lagging areas can benefit from a "level playing-field for development" and investment in people. Geographic disparities in the policy environment are a legacy of MENA's history, and gaps in human development are a major component of spatial disparities. Smart policies for the investment environment, health, education, social transfers and urban development can therefore close spatial gaps in living standards.Second, lagging areas that are close to economic agglomeration can benefit from spillovers - provided that they are connected. MENA's expenditure priority is not necessarily long-distance primary connections, but infrastructure maintenance and short-distance connections such as rural roads and peri-urban networks. Public-private partnerships can also bring electronic connectivity to lagging areas.Third, shifting regional development policy away from spatial subsidies towards the facilitation of cluster-based growth will increase the chance of cost-effective impacts.The final chapter of the book examines the institutional prerequisites for effective spatial policy. It argues that MENA's centralized/sectoral structures are not always adapted to governments' spatial development agendas, and describes alternative institutional options.     

Author Name :World Bank

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Internet Banking and the Law in Europe

With the emergence of the Internet as a platform for the provision of online banking services, a pan-European market for banking services appeared a realistic proposition; however, this has not happened. This book asks why and argues that such a market relies on available technologies and appropriate laws and regulations.     

Author Name :Apostolos Ath. Gkoutzinis

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Principles of Macroeconomics (10th Edition)

Reviewers tell us that Case/Fair is one of the all-time bestselling POE texts because they trust it to be clear, thorough, and complete.     

Author Name :Karl E. Case, Ray C. Fair, Sharon M. Oster

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Envy of the World

Throughout much of its history the US economy has been the envy of the world, producing unusually high and rising standards of living for almost everyone. Understanding this miracle requires a firm grasp of the ultimate causes of economic growth: what resources have been available, why technological innovation has been so persistent, and how institutions have been created giving almost all players incentives to add value, work hard, invest, take risks, and innovate. Telling this story requires that an engaging, well-structured narrative wedded with a firm grasp of economic theory and a vast knowledge of economic events.This book by Botti (founder and director, CLP Research) attempts to give an encyclopedic overview of US economic and business history.     

Author Name :Timothy J. Botti

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A Pocket Guide to Risk Mathematics

This uniquely accessible, breakthrough book lets auditors grasp the thinking behind the mathematical approach to risk without doing the mathematics.Risk control expert and former Big 4 auditor, Matthew Leitch, takes the reader gently but quickly through the key concepts, explaining mistakes organizations often make and how auditors can find them.Spend a few minutes every day reading this conveniently pocket sized book and you will soon transform your understanding of this highly topical area and be in demand for interesting reviews with risk at their heart.     

Author Name :Matthew Leitch

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The Holy Grail of Macroeconomics

The revised edition of this highly acclaimed work presents crucial lessons from Japan's recession that could aid the US and other economies as they struggle to recover from the current financial crisis. This book is about Japan's 15-year long recession and how it affected current theoretical thinking about its causes and cures. It has a detailed explanation on what happened to Japan, but the discoveries made are so far-reaching that a large portion of economics literature will have to be modified to accommodate another half to the macroeconomic spectrum of possibilities that conventional theorists have overlooked.The author developed the idea of yin and yang business cycles where the conventional world of profit maximization is the yang and the world of balance sheet recession, where companies are minimizing debt, is the yin. Once so divided, many varied theories developed in macro economics since the 1930s can be nicely categorized into a single comprehensive theory.     

Author Name :Richard C. Koo

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