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The Declaration of Independence of The United States of America

TheUnited States Declaration of Independenceis a statement adopted by theContinental Congresson July 4, 1776, which announced that thethirteen American coloniesthen at war withGreat Britainwere now independent states, and thus no longer a part of theBritish Empire. Written primarily byThomas Jefferson, the Declaration is a formal explanation of why Congress had voted on July 2 todeclare independencefrom Great Britain, more than a year after the outbreak of theAmerican Revolutionary War. The birthday of theUnited States of AmericaIndependence Dayis celebrated on July 4, the day the wording of the Declaration was approved by Congress.The famous wording of the Declaration has often been invoked to protect the rights ofindividualsand marginalized groups, and has come to represent for many people a moral standard for which the United States should strive. This view greatly influencedAbraham Lincoln, who considered the Declaration to be the foundation of his political philosophy,and who promoted the idea that the Declaration is a statement of principles through which theUnited States Constitutionshould be interpreted.     

Author Name :United States of America

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The Culture of China

Reverberations of China's diversity and multiethnic heritage are visible in everything from the cuisine and languages to the beliefs and arts of the vast nation. In addition to linking the Chinese to their rich past, a number of these traditions have been absorbed by cultures around the world and have granted many entree into a nation otherwise far-removed from their own. This volume treats readers to a unique sensory experience, allowing them to better appreciate the sights, sounds, and tastes that have been developed and refined in China for centuries.     

Author Name :Kathleen Kuiper

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The Chinese Civil War 1945-1949

Out of the ashes of Imperial China arose two new contenders to lead a reformed nation; the Chinese Nationalist Party, the Kuomintang, and the Chinese Communist Party. In 1927, the inevitable clash between these two political parties led to a bitter civil war that would last for 23 years, through World War II and into the Cold War period. The brutal struggle finally concluded when Communist forces captured Nanjing, capital of the Nationalist Republic of China, irrevocably altering the course of Chinas future. Dr Michael Lynch sheds light on this cruel civil war that ultimately led to the establishment of the Peoples Republic of China.     

Author Name :Michael Lynch

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The Arabs

To American observers, the Arab world often seems little more than a distant battleground characterized by religious zealotry and political chaos. Years of tone-deaf US policies have left the region powerless to control its own destiny, playing into a longstanding sense of shame and impotence for a once-mighty people. In this definitive account, preeminent historian Eugene Rogan traces five centuries of Arab history, from the Ottoman conquests through the British and French colonial periods and up to the present age of unipolar American hegemony. The Arab world is now more acutely aware than ever of its own vulnerability, and this sense of subjection carries with it vast geopolitical consequences.Drawing from Arab sources little known to Western readers, Rogans The Arabs will transform our understanding of the past, present, and future of one of the worlds most tumultuous regions.     

Author Name :Eugene L. Rogan

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Big river and great sea 1949

The book is the story of millions of Chinese since 1949, many now scattered around the world and settled in foreign lands, many emotionally dislocated even if they stayed in their own ancestral villages. There is no China this, Taiwan that -- reading about the emotional and physical struggles of the Chinese people since 1949 is surprisingly actually one of the most objective ways of looking at the past, rather than reading a traditional history textbook... because then political parties and affiliations are stripped away and what's left is real life.Big River, bigseamarke d the beginning of the greatdivide between Nationalists and Communists.Totalling 603pages, it is alongerbook, yet it tells the story of a single person.     

Author Name :Long Ying Tai

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Mesopotamia Before History

Mesopotamia was one of the earliest regions to produce writing, literature and the fine arts, as well as being one of the first areas to construct states. This comprehensive and detailed survey of the region's prehistory and protohistory shows how these fascinating developments were possible.Petr Charvat explores the economic, social and spiritual spheres in Mesopotamia from the Palaeolithic to the time of the early states, c. 100,000 BC to 2334 BC. The narrative is supplemented by numerous descriptions of the principal archaeological sites for each phase, and by conclusions outlining the most important developments and changes.Richly illustrated with 69 line figures, 3 maps and 44 plates, Mesopotamia before history is a valuable introduction to the archaeology of this critical period.     

Author Name :Petr Charvat

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Israel's Lightning Strike

The Israeli Special Forces' operation at Entebbe goes down in history as one of the most audacious counter-terrorist assaults ever conducted. On 27 June 1976, four terrorists - two of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and two of the German Baader-Meinhof terrorist group - highjacked a passenger jet and forced a landing in Entebbe, Uganda. Here they were met by reinforcements, and - although releasing a few hostages - transferred all the Jewish and Israeli prisoners to the terminal building. As Idi Amin's assistance to the terrorists became increasingly clear, the Israeli government began preparations for a military assault. The element of surprise was crucial; never before had such a large-scale raid at such a long distance been successfully undertaken. This is the incredible story of how the Israeli Special Forces defied radar for over 2,000 miles, masqueraded as a tyrant in a Mercedes and captured uniforms, and defeated an army in brutal combat, in a triumph of sheer audacity and nerve. A compelling book chronicling an incredible moment in history.     

Author Name :Simon Dunstan, Peter Dennis

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Babylonian World

The Babylonian World presents an extensive, up-to-date and lavishly illustrated history of the ancient state Babylonia and its 'holy city', Babylon.Historicized by the New Testament as a centre of decadence and corruption, Babylon and its surrounding region was in fact a rich and complex civilization, responsible for the invention of the dictionary and laying the foundations of modern science. This book explores all key aspects of the development of this ancient culture, including the ecology of the region and its famously productive agriculture, its political and economic standing, its religious practices, and the achievements of its intelligentsia.Comprehensive and accessible, this book will be an indispensable resource for anyone studying the period.     

Author Name :Gwendolyn Leick

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Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece follows the progress of the Greeks from the early establishment of farming communities around 6500 BCE, to the rise of the great city-states of Sparta and Athens, and on to the dissolution of the empire of Alexander the Great following his death in 323 BCE.     

Author Name :Marshall

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Ancient Egypt 2

Passionate about pyramids? Fascinated by pharaohs? Have you got what it takes to be an Ancient Egypt expert? Then check out this action-packed kit and discover this incredible land and its people. Open up this cool slipcase and explore the clip art CD packed with 100s of images to download, read the Eyewitness book jammed with exciting ancient facts, there's a giant wallchart and map to decorate your bedroom walls, a Tutankhamun burial casket to build and pull-out profiles on 48 of the most powerful Egyptian gods and rulers. Plus, an Expert File - go on an expedition with archaeologist Mark Lehner as he uncovers the mysterious Lost City, then test your knowledge with cool activities and start your own log amazing book. For budding Egyptologists everywhere - use it for projects or just for fun.     

Author Name :Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd

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