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The Declaration of Independence of The United States of America

TheUnited States Declaration of Independenceis a statement adopted by theContinental Congresson July 4, 1776, which announced that thethirteen American coloniesthen at war withGreat Britainwere now independent states, and thus no longer a part of theBritish Empire. Written primarily byThomas Jefferson, the Declaration is a formal explanation of why Congress had voted on July 2 todeclare independencefrom Great Britain, more than a year after the outbreak of theAmerican Revolutionary War. The birthday of theUnited States of AmericaIndependence Dayis celebrated on July 4, the day the wording of the Declaration was approved by Congress.The famous wording of the Declaration has often been invoked to protect the rights ofindividualsand marginalized groups, and has come to represent for many people a moral standard for which the United States should strive. This view greatly influencedAbraham Lincoln, who considered the Declaration to be the foundation of his political philosophy,and who promoted the idea that the Declaration is a statement of principles through which theUnited States Constitutionshould be interpreted.     

Author Name :United States of America

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The Culture of China

Reverberations of China's diversity and multiethnic heritage are visible in everything from the cuisine and languages to the beliefs and arts of the vast nation. In addition to linking the Chinese to their rich past, a number of these traditions have been absorbed by cultures around the world and have granted many entree into a nation otherwise far-removed from their own. This volume treats readers to a unique sensory experience, allowing them to better appreciate the sights, sounds, and tastes that have been developed and refined in China for centuries.     

Author Name :Kathleen Kuiper

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The Chinese Civil War 1945-1949

Out of the ashes of Imperial China arose two new contenders to lead a reformed nation; the Chinese Nationalist Party, the Kuomintang, and the Chinese Communist Party. In 1927, the inevitable clash between these two political parties led to a bitter civil war that would last for 23 years, through World War II and into the Cold War period. The brutal struggle finally concluded when Communist forces captured Nanjing, capital of the Nationalist Republic of China, irrevocably altering the course of Chinas future. Dr Michael Lynch sheds light on this cruel civil war that ultimately led to the establishment of the Peoples Republic of China.     

Author Name :Michael Lynch

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The Arabs

To American observers, the Arab world often seems little more than a distant battleground characterized by religious zealotry and political chaos. Years of tone-deaf US policies have left the region powerless to control its own destiny, playing into a longstanding sense of shame and impotence for a once-mighty people. In this definitive account, preeminent historian Eugene Rogan traces five centuries of Arab history, from the Ottoman conquests through the British and French colonial periods and up to the present age of unipolar American hegemony. The Arab world is now more acutely aware than ever of its own vulnerability, and this sense of subjection carries with it vast geopolitical consequences.Drawing from Arab sources little known to Western readers, Rogans The Arabs will transform our understanding of the past, present, and future of one of the worlds most tumultuous regions.     

Author Name :Eugene L. Rogan

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Big river and great sea 1949

The book is the story of millions of Chinese since 1949, many now scattered around the world and settled in foreign lands, many emotionally dislocated even if they stayed in their own ancestral villages. There is no China this, Taiwan that -- reading about the emotional and physical struggles of the Chinese people since 1949 is surprisingly actually one of the most objective ways of looking at the past, rather than reading a traditional history textbook... because then political parties and affiliations are stripped away and what's left is real life.Big River, bigseamarke d the beginning of the greatdivide between Nationalists and Communists.Totalling 603pages, it is alongerbook, yet it tells the story of a single person.     

Author Name :Long Ying Tai

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Mesopotamia Before History

Mesopotamia was one of the earliest regions to produce writing, literature and the fine arts, as well as being one of the first areas to construct states. This comprehensive and detailed survey of the region's prehistory and protohistory shows how these fascinating developments were possible.Petr Charvat explores the economic, social and spiritual spheres in Mesopotamia from the Palaeolithic to the time of the early states, c. 100,000 BC to 2334 BC. The narrative is supplemented by numerous descriptions of the principal archaeological sites for each phase, and by conclusions outlining the most important developments and changes.Richly illustrated with 69 line figures, 3 maps and 44 plates, Mesopotamia before history is a valuable introduction to the archaeology of this critical period.     

Author Name :Petr Charvat

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Israel's Lightning Strike

The Israeli Special Forces' operation at Entebbe goes down in history as one of the most audacious counter-terrorist assaults ever conducted. On 27 June 1976, four terrorists - two of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and two of the German Baader-Meinhof terrorist group - highjacked a passenger jet and forced a landing in Entebbe, Uganda. Here they were met by reinforcements, and - although releasing a few hostages - transferred all the Jewish and Israeli prisoners to the terminal building. As Idi Amin's assistance to the terrorists became increasingly clear, the Israeli government began preparations for a military assault. The element of surprise was crucial; never before had such a large-scale raid at such a long distance been successfully undertaken. This is the incredible story of how the Israeli Special Forces defied radar for over 2,000 miles, masqueraded as a tyrant in a Mercedes and captured uniforms, and defeated an army in brutal combat, in a triumph of sheer audacity and nerve. A compelling book chronicling an incredible moment in history.     

Author Name :Simon Dunstan, Peter Dennis

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Babylonian World

The Babylonian World presents an extensive, up-to-date and lavishly illustrated history of the ancient state Babylonia and its 'holy city', Babylon.Historicized by the New Testament as a centre of decadence and corruption, Babylon and its surrounding region was in fact a rich and complex civilization, responsible for the invention of the dictionary and laying the foundations of modern science. This book explores all key aspects of the development of this ancient culture, including the ecology of the region and its famously productive agriculture, its political and economic standing, its religious practices, and the achievements of its intelligentsia.Comprehensive and accessible, this book will be an indispensable resource for anyone studying the period.     

Author Name :Gwendolyn Leick

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Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece follows the progress of the Greeks from the early establishment of farming communities around 6500 BCE, to the rise of the great city-states of Sparta and Athens, and on to the dissolution of the empire of Alexander the Great following his death in 323 BCE.     

Author Name :Marshall

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Ancient Egypt 2

Passionate about pyramids? Fascinated by pharaohs? Have you got what it takes to be an Ancient Egypt expert? Then check out this action-packed kit and discover this incredible land and its people. Open up this cool slipcase and explore the clip art CD packed with 100s of images to download, read the Eyewitness book jammed with exciting ancient facts, there's a giant wallchart and map to decorate your bedroom walls, a Tutankhamun burial casket to build and pull-out profiles on 48 of the most powerful Egyptian gods and rulers. Plus, an Expert File - go on an expedition with archaeologist Mark Lehner as he uncovers the mysterious Lost City, then test your knowledge with cool activities and start your own log amazing book. For budding Egyptologists everywhere - use it for projects or just for fun.     

Author Name :Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd

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Ancient Egypt Foundations of a Civilization

This is a most welcome book, which will fill a gap in the study of early Egypt . . .''The author - has sprinkled his narrative with anecdotes from his own archaeological expeditions make the text lively and entertaining, elevating his book from mere description to a highly personal and approachable account.' 'This is a skillful survey which will benefit many different kinds of readers. I highly recommend it.' Ronald J. Leprohon, Professor of Egyptology, University of Toronto Have you ever wondered who built the pyramids and why? What life was like for the earliest Egyptians? When and how hieroglyphic writing developed? How Egyptian civilization changed through time? What religion the ancient Egyptians practiced? The answers to all these questions lie deep in Egypt's past.     

Author Name :Douglas J Brewer

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Aboriginal America

It is the design of this work to narrate, in a clear, simple, and intelligible manner, the leading events connected with the history of our country, from the earliest periods, down, as nearly as practicable, to the present time. The several volumes will be illustrated with all necessary maps and with numerous engravings, and the work is intended to comprise, in a distinct and connected narrative, all that it is essential for the general reader to understand in respect to the subject of it, while for those who have time for more extended studies, it may serve as an introduction to other and more copious sources of information.     

Author Name :Jacob Abbott

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A Chinese History Reader

This book provides a concise introduction to the Chinese history, covering a long time span extending from antiquity through the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty. Historical periods elaborated include the pre-Qin period; the Qin and Han Dynasties; the Wei, Jin, and Southern and Northern Dynasties; the Tang, Song, and Yuan Dynasties; and the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Written by a group of historians from the prestigious Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the book has incorporated some of the latest research findings in the field of Chinese historical studies.     

Author Name :Sun Xiaoyu

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Atlas of World War II

World War II was the greatest conflict in the history of mankind. The Military Atlas of World War II is a comprehensive visual guide to this complex conflict in a large folio edition that allows the fine detail of the maps to be seen clearly. It plots the exact course of the land, sea and air battles, enabling the reader to trace the ebb and flow of the fortunes of both sides. With the aid of 180 large full-color maps, every theater of war is covered. All the maps come with a key to help the reader decipher the action depicted.     

Author Name :Richard Natkiel, Robin Langley Sommer

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The History of England from the Accession of James II

The History of England from the Accession of James the Second (1848) is the full title of the five volume work byLord Macaulay (18001859) more generally known as The History of England. It covers the period from 1685 to 1702, encompassing the reign of James II, the Glorious Revolution, the coregency of William and Mary, and up to William III's death. Macaulay's approach to writing the History was innovative for his period. He consciously fused the picturesque, dramatic style of classical historians such as Thucydides and Tacitus with the learned and factual approach of his 18th century precursors such as Hume, following the plan laid out in his own earlier "Essay on History" (1828).     

Author Name :Thomas Babington Macaulay

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History of the First World War

Sir Basil Liddell Hart joined the Army after leaving Cambridge and served in World War I. He evolved several military tactical developments, and was an early advocate of airpower and armoured forces. This is the history of World War I. The author also wrote "History of the Second World War".     

Author Name :Basil Henry Liddell Hart

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The First World War

The First World War created the modern world. A conflict of unparalleled ferocity far beyond its European epicentre, it broke the century of relative peace and prosperity which we associate with the Victorian era. It unleashed both the demons of the twenieth century - pestilence, military destruction and mass death - and the ideas which continue to shape our world today - modernism in the arts, new approaches to psychology and medicine, and radical ideas about economics and society. An event of this scale and complexity needs a great historian to portray it, and in his new book, John Keegan fulfils a life-long ambition to write the definitive book on the war. It was of course foremost a fascinating new interpretations of the military events.     

Author Name :John Keegan

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Early Dynastic Egypt

Early Dynastic Egypt spans the five centuries preceding the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza. This was the formative period of ancient Egyptian civilization, and it witnessed the creation of a distinctive culture that was to endure for 3,000 years. This book examines the background to that great achievement, the mechanisms by which it was accomplished, and the character of life in the Nile valley during the first 500 years of Pharaonic rule.     

Author Name :Toby Wilkinson

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Civilizations : Culture, Ambition, and the Transformation of Nature

Erudite, wide-ranging, a work of dazzling scholarship written with extraordinary flair, Civilizations redefines the subject that has fascinated historians from Thucydides to Gibbon to Spengler to Fernand Braudel: the nature of civilization. To the author, Oxford historian Felipe Fernndez-Armesto, a society's relationship to climate, geography, and ecology are paramount in determining its degree of success. "Unlike previous attempts to write the comparative history of civilizations," he writes, "it is arranged environment by environment, rather than period by period or society by society." Thus, for example, tundra civilizations of Ice Age Europe are linked with those of the Inuit of the Pacific Northwest, the Mississippi Mound Builders with the deforesters of eleventh-century Europe.     

Author Name :Felipe Fernandez-Armesto

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The Great War

World War marked the end of the old military order and the beginning of the era of mechanized warfare. This is a thorough examination of the campaigns of the war to end all wars. It analyzes the development of military theory and practice from the prewar period of Bismarks Prussia to the creation of the League of Nations.     

Author Name :Cyril Falls

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Navies have always provided a way of policing, and sometimes exploiting, the system. In contemporary conditions, navies and other forms of maritime power are having to adapt, in order to exert the maximum power ashore in the company of others and to expand the range of their interests, activities and responsibilities. Their traditional tasks still apply but new ones are developing fast. This updated and expanded new edition of Geoffrey Till's acclaimed book is an essential guide for students of naval history and maritime strategy, and anyone interested in the changing and crucial role of seapower in the 21st century.     

Author Name :Geoffrey Till

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Rich: The Rise and Fall of American Wealth Culture

Rich puts the American obsession with all things money into much-needed perspective and context, exposing the origins of the upper class. The book traces the history of the American rich from 1920 up to today, examining the who, what, when, where, and why of the wealthy elite. With its hundreds of compelling, real-life stories, Rich offers a fascinating window into this world few ever see. Rich also explores the rise of the first mass affluent class in America and the virtual demise of old money as we knew it.     

Author Name :Larry Samuel

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Dirty Little Secrets of World War II

Dirty Little Secrets of World War II exposes the dark, irreverent, misunderstood, and often tragicomic aspects of military operations during World War II, many of them virtually unknown even to military buffs. Like its successful predecessor, Dirty Little Secrets, Dunnigan and Nofi's new book vividly brings to life all theaters and participants of the war. Revelations include: - The real death count for the war, and why it has never been previously released. - The "new age" general who refused to smoke or drink, who lived on a vitamin-enriched diet, who opposed animal experimentation, and who regularly consulted his astrologer. - The lackadaisical relationship between Germany and Japan throughout the war. - Tricky bits of information about the lingering effects of the war -- like the thousands of live shells and mines that are still buried in Europe and off the East Coast of America.     

Author Name :James F. Dunnigan

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Hitlers War

Hitler's War is a biographical book by David Irving. It describes the Second World War from the point of view of Adolf Hitler. It was first published in April 1977 by Hodder & Stoughton (ISBN 0-340-16747-5) and Viking Press (hardcover, ISBN 0-670-37412-1).     

Author Name :David Irving

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Themes of the American Civil War: The War Between the States

Themes of the American Civil War offers a timely and useful guide to this vast topic for a new generation of students. The volume provides a broad-ranging assessment of the causes, complexities, and consequences of Americas most destructive conflict to date. The essays, written by top scholars in the field, and reworked for this new edition, explore how, and in what ways, differing interpretations of the war have arisen, and explains clearly why the American Civil War remains a subject of enduring interest. It includes chapters covering four broad areas, including The Political Front, The Military Front, The Race Front, and The Ideological Front.     

Author Name :Susan-Mary Grant, Brian Holden-Reid

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Athenian Political Oratory

Focusing on the works of three of the greatest orators in historyDemosthenes, Lysias, and Hypereides-this collection of speeches is an indispensable source for anyone interested in classical civilization and literature, political science and rhetoric     

Author Name :David D. Phillips

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The Legend of Alexander the Great on Greek and Roman Coins

This outstanding introductory survey collects, presents and examines, for the very first time, the portraits and representations of Alexander the Great on the ancient coins of the Greek and Roman period. From 320 BC to AD 400, Karsten Dahmen examines not only Alexanders own coinage and the posthumous coinages of his successors, but also the re-use of his image by rulers from the Greek world and the Roman empire, to late antiquity.     

Author Name :Karsten Dahmen

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The French Revolution: A History

The French Revolution: A History was written by the Scottish essayist,philosopher, and historian Thomas Carlyle. The three-volume work, first published in 1837, charts the course of the French Revolution from 1789 to the height of the Reign of Terror (179394) and culminates in 1795. A massive undertaking which draws together a wide variety of sources, Carlyle's historydespite the unusual style in which it is writtenis considered to be an authoritative account of the early course of the Revolution.     

Author Name :Thomas Carlyle

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Salmacis and Hermaphroditus

This collection combines early English perspectives on world history with documentation of Parliament records, royal decrees and military documents that reveal the delicate balance of Church and State in early English government.     

Author Name :Francis Beaumont

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The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle is an account of the early history of Britain. It was originally compiled on the orders of King Alfred the Great, approximately A.D. 890, and subsequently maintained and added to by generations of anonymous scribes until the middle of the 12th Century. The original language is Anglo-Saxon (Old English), but later entries are essentially Middle English in tone.     

Author Name :James Ingram

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Evolution of a Revolution

This collection strives to enrich our understanding of the historical antecedents of the current Constitution and offers a timely retrospective assessment of how history, politics and economics have shaped the Constitution. It is the ?rst collaborative effort by a group of Singapore constitutional law scholars and will be of interest to students and academics from a range of disciplines, including comparative constitutional law, political science, government and Asian studies.     

Author Name :Li-ann Thio and Kevin YL Tan

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Theory for Classics

Theory for Classics: A students guide, is a clear and concise handbook to the key connections between Classical Studies and critical theory in the twentieth century. Louise A. Hitchcock looks at the way classics has been engaged across a number of disciplines. Beginning with four foundational figuresFreud, Marx, Nietzsche, and SaussureHitchcock goes on to provide guided introductions of the major theoretical thinkers of the past century, from Adorno to Williams. Each entry offers biographical, theoretical, and bibliographical information along with a discussion of each figures relevance to Classical Studies and suggestions for future research.     

Author Name :Louise A. Hitchcock

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Terrorism and the Politics of Response

The book explores both how responses to terrorism by politicians, authori- ties and the media legitimise particular forms of sovereign politics, and how terrorism can be understood as a response to global inequalities, colonial and imperial legacies, and the dominant idioms of modern politics. The investigation is made against the backdrop of the 7 July 2005 bombings in London and their aftermath, which have gone largely unexamined in the acad- emic literature to date. The case offers a provocative site for analysing the diverse logics implicated in the broader context of the War on Terror, for exam- ining how terrorist events are framed, and how such framings serve to legitimise particular policies and political practices.     

Author Name :Angharad Closs Stephens

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Provincial Life and the Military in Imperial Japan

Stewart Lone challenges the long-standing view of prewar Japan as a militaristic society. Instead of relying on the usual accounts about senior commanders and politics at the heart of government, he shows the realities of provincial societys relations with the military in Japan at ground level. Working from the perspective of civil society and both rural and urban life in the provinces, Lone investigates broader civil contacts with the military including schools, local businesses, leisure and entertainment, civic ceremonies and monuments, as well as public attitudes towards the military and its values.     

Author Name :Stewart Lone

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new investigation into how the advent of precision-guided munitions affects the likelihood of US policy makers to use force. As such, this is an inquiry into the impact of ethics, strategy and military technology on the decision calculus of national leaders.     

Author Name :Reuben E. Brigety II

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This book will be extremely valuable to ancient historians, classicists and students of Roman archaeology, and contains a guide to the visible Roman remains of the area.     

Author Name :Simon Esmonde Cleary

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The Neanderthal is among the most mysterious relatives of Homo sapiens: Was he a dull, club-swinging muscleman, or a being with developed social behaviour and the ability to speak, to plan precisely, and even to develop views on the afterlife?     

Author Name :Friedemann Schrenk and Stephanie Mller

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The Warrior Ethos

In The Warrior Ethos, Christopher Coker discusses the concept of warriors and war, covering warrior culture from ancient Greece to the Iraq War, taking in philosophy, psychology, political thought, culture and news media. In modern Western society, warriors face three different challenges. The ?rst is that the warrior myth, as embodied by Achilles, no longer holds as great a resonance as it once did. Western societies are increasingly sceptical of the warriors existential pursuit of glory or reputation, and, more worryingly, the will- ingness to sacrifice oneself, to go beyond the call of duty. Warriors are also struggling with the increasingly technological basis of war.     

Author Name :Christopher Coker

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Understanding Terrorist Innovation

This book proposes an empirical theory of innovation in terrorist tactics and technologies. It examines global historical trends in terrorist innovation, as well as the critical factors responsible for the differences in modus operandi among various terrorist organizations. The book provides a useful tool for assessing the future trajectories of terrorist violence by identifying signature characteristics of highly innovative terrorist groups, and thus has consider- able policy relevance.     

Author Name :Adam Dolnik

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Dacia examines the way the Roman conquest and organisation of the central core of the province of Dacia impacted on the native settlement pattern and society. It analyses Roman-native interaction from a landscape perspective focusing on the core territory of both Iron Age and Roman Dacia. This includes the royal Dacian heartland (the Orastie Mountains) and its surrounding lowlands, which later belonged to the hinterlands of Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa and Apulum, the two most important Roman towns in the province of Dacia.     

Author Name :Ioana A. Oltean

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Japan on Display

Sixty years on from the end of the Pacific War, Japan on Display examines representations of the Meiji emperor, Mutsuhito (1852-1912) and his grandson the Showa emperor, Hirohito who was regarded as a symbol of the nation, in both war and peacetime. Much of this representation was aided by the phenomenon of photography.     

Author Name :Morris Low

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This volume presents a synthesis of the archaeology of Nubia and Sudan, a region which for millennia has been where the Eurasian and sub-Saharan worlds met, and that has produced the earliest states and some of the most spectacular archaeology in sub- Saharan Africa. The ?rst major work on this area for over 30 years, the book provides a thoroughly up-to-date review, drawing on the results of the latest research, as well as developing new interpretative frameworks.     

Author Name :David N. Edwards

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Science Fiction is a fascinating and comprehensive introduction to one of the most popular areas of modern culture. This second edition reflects how the field is rapidly changing in both its practice and its critical reception. With an entirely new conclusion and every other chapter fully reworked and updated.     

Author Name :Adam Roberts

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Alexander the Great

This book offers a strategic analysis of one of the most outstanding military careers in history, identifying the most pertinent strategic lessons from the cam- paigns of Alexander the Great. David Lonsdale argues that since the core principles of strategy are eternal, the study and analysis of historical examples have value to the modern theorist and practitioner. Furthermore, as strategy is so complex and challenging, the remarkable career of Alexander provides the ideal opportunity to understand best practice in strategy, as he achieved outstanding and continuous success across the spectrum of warfare, in a variety of circumstances and environments. This book presents the thirteen most pertinent lessons that can be learned from his campaigns, dividing them into three categories: grand strategy, military operations, and use of force.     

Author Name :David J. Lonsdale

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A Trial of Witches

A Trial of Witches is a complete account of this sensational trial and an analysis of the court procedures, and the larger social, cultural and political concerns of the period.In a critique of the official process, the book details how the erroneous conclusions of the trial were achieved. The authors consider the key participants in the case, including the judge and medical witness, their institutional importance, their part in the fate of the women and their future careers.     

Author Name :Gilbert Gies and Ivan Bunn

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Atlantis Destroyed

Plato's legend of Atlantis has become notorious among scholars as the absurdest lie in literature. Atlantis Destroyed explores the possibility that the account given by Plato is historically true.     

Author Name :Rodney Castleden

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Along the Atlantic seaboard, from Scotland to Spain, are numerous rock carvings made four to five thousand years ago, whose interpretation poses a major challenge to the archaeologist.     

Author Name :Richard Bradley

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Trade, exchange and commerce touched the lives of everyone in antiquity, especially those who lived in urban areas. Trade, Traders and the Ancient City addresses the nature of exchange and commerce and the effects it had in cities throughout the ancient world, from the Bronze Age Near East to late Roman northern Italy.     


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Ancient History: Key Themes and Approaches is a sourcebook of writings on ancient history. In over 500 extracts from a wide range of secondary sources, it opens up the most important, stimulating and provocative arguments by modern writers on the subject, and as such constitutes an invaluable reference source. The first section deals with different aspects of life in the ancient world, such as democracy, imperialism, slavery and sexuality, while the second section covers the ideas of key ancient historians and other writers on classical antiquity. Overall, this unique book offers an invaluable introduction to the most important ideas, theories and controversies in ancient history, and a thought-provoking survey of the range of views and approaches to the subject.     

Author Name :Neville Morley

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David Hume's Treatise on Human Nature and Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding are amongst the most widely-studies texts on philosophy. Hume's Epistemology and Metaphysics: An Introduction presents in a clear, concise and accessible manner the key themes of these texts. Georges Dicker clarifies Hume's views on meaning, knowledge, causality, and sense perception step by step and provides us with a sharp picture of how philosophical thinking has been influenced by Hume. Accessible to anyone coming to Hume for the first time, Hume's Epistemology and Metaphysics is an indispensible guide to Hume's philosophical thinking.     

Author Name :Georges Dicker

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The Collected Critical Heritage II comprises 40 volumes covering nineteenth and twentieth century European and American authors. These volumes will be available as a complete set, mini boxes sets (by theme) or as individual volumes. This second set compliments the first 68 volume set of Critical Heritage published by Routledge in October 1995. The Critical Heritage series gathers together a large body of critical figures in literature. These carefully selected sources include: * contemporary reviews from both popular and literary media. In these students can read about how Lady Chatterly's Lovershocked contemporary reviewers or what Ibsen's Doll's House meant to the early women's movement. * little-published documentary material such as diaries and correspondence - often between authors and their publishers and critics * significant pieces of criticism from later periods to demonstrate how an author's reputation changed over time.     


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Explains the processes at work in the evolution of the landscape, and shows how each generation makes its own individual contribution without being able entirely to erase those of its predecessors, however remote or distant in time.     

Author Name :Michael Reed

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An Archaeology of the Early Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms

An Archaeology of the Early Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms is a volume which offers an unparalleled view of the archaeological remains of the period. Using the development of the kingdoms as a framework, this study closely examines the wealth of material evidence and analyzes its significance to our understanding of the society that created it. From our understanding of the migrations of the Germanic peoples into the British Isles, the subsequent patterns of settlement, land-use, trade, through to social hierarchy and cultural identity within the kingdoms, this fully revised edition illuminates one of the most obscure and misunderstood periods in European history.     

Author Name :C.J.Arnold

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The Significance of Monuments

The book studies the importance of monuments, tracing their history for nearly three millennia from their first creation over six thousand years ago. Part I discusses how monuments developed and their role in forming a new sense of time and space among the inhabitants of prehistoric Europe. Such features of the landscape as mounds and enclosures are also examined in detail. Through a series of case studies, Part II considers how monuments were modified and reinterpreted to suit the changing needs of society.     

Author Name :Richard Bradley

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Most places in Britain have had a local history written about them. Up until this century these histories have addressed more parochial issues, such as the life of the manor, rather than explaining the features and changes in the landscape in a factual manner. Much of what is visible today in Britain's landscape is the result of a chain of social and natural processes, and can be interpreted through fieldwork as well as from old maps and documents.     

Author Name :Michael Aston

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The European Iron Age

This ambitious study documents the underlying features which link the civilizations of the Mediterranean - Phoenician, Greek, Etruscan and Roman - and the Iron Age cultures of central Europe, traditionally associated with the Celts. It deals with the social, economic and cultural interaction in the first millennium BC which culminated in the Roman Empire.     

Author Name :JOHN COLLIS

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The Ideological War on Terror: Worldwide Strategies For Counter-Terrorism

This edited book addresses the appropriateness of US and other counter-terrorist (CT) strategies in Europe and Eurasia, the Middle East, the Asia Pacific region and in Latin America, with a view to improving their effectiveness. This book will be of interest to students of political violence and terrorism, security studies and international relations in general.     

Author Name :Anne Aldis, Graeme Herd

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Rewriting the Self is an exploration of ideas of the self in the western cultural tradition from the Renaissance to the Present. The contributors analyse differing religious, philosophical, psychological, political, psychoanalytical and literary models of personal identity. They examine these models from a number of viewpoints, including the history of ideas, contemporary gender politics, and post-modernist literary theory.     

Author Name :Roy Porter

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An Environmental History of the World

This second edition of An Environmental History of the World continues to present a concise history, from ancient to modern times, of the interactions between human societies and the natural environment, including the other forms of life that inhabit our planet. Throughout their evolutionary history, humans have affected the natural environment, sometimes with a promise of sustainable balance, but also in a destructive manner. This book investigates the ways in which environmental changes, often the result of human actions, have caused historical trends in human societies. This process has happened in every historical period and in every part of the inhabited earth.     

Author Name :J.Donald Hughes

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Early Urbanism On The Syrian Euphrates

Until recently, ancient cities established along the banks of the northern Euphrates River were widely regarded as a cultural backwater compared to the civilized, archaic states of southern Mesopotamia in the third millennium BC. Archaeological investigations in recent decades, however, have shown that the northern Euphrates Valley possessed a complex and unique urban culture in its own right. Cities were densely inhabited, and many possessed extensive fortification systems, elite residences, prominent religious structures, well-crafted goods and impressive funerary monuments.     

Author Name :Lisa Cooper

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Following Oliver Dickinson's successful "The Aegean Bronze Age," this excellent textbook is an up-to-date synthesis of the period between the collapse of the Bronze Age civilization in the thirteenth and twelfth centuries BC, right up to the rise of the Greek civilization in the eight century BC.     

Author Name :Dr Oliver Dickinson

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The Viking World

Filling a gap in the literature for an academically oriented volume on the Viking period, this unique book is a one-stop authoritative introduction to all the latest research in the field. Bringing together todays leading scholars, both established seniors and younger, cutting-edge academics, Stefan Brink and Neil Price have constructed the first single work to gather innovative research from a spectrum of disciplines (including archaeology, history, philology, comparative religion, numismatics and cultural geography) to create the most comprehensive Viking Age book of its kind ever attempted.     

Author Name :Stefan Brink, Neil Price

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Arab Representations of the Occident

This book explores Arab responses to Western culture and values as expressed mainly through works of fiction written by Arab authors during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It provides welcome new insights into the perennial East-West debate, and is particularly relevant to the current discussion on Islam and the West. Arab Representations of the Occident might be seen as the reverse study of Edward Said's famous Orientalism.     

Author Name :Rasheed El-Enany

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An indispensable guide to the myth of Oedipus this book is the first to analyze its long and varied history from ancient times to the modern day, and presented with an authoritative survey that considers Oedipus in art and music as well as in literature. Lowell Edmunds accepts this variation as the driving force in its longevity and popularity. Refraining from seeking for an original form of the myth, Edmunds relates the changes in content in the myth to changes in meaning, eschewing the notion that one particular version can be set as standard.     

Author Name :Lowell Edmunds

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The Critical Heritage gathers together a large body of critical sources on major figures in literature. Each volume presents contemporary responses to a writer's work, enabling students and researchers to read the material themselves.     


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Hamilton discusses the major thinkers in historicism, both past and present. With straightforwardness and clarity he provides his readers with the vocabulary to engage with historicism and literary theory. The differences between historicism and new historicism are explained and Hamilton provides links to contemporary debates such as feminism and post-colonialism.     

Author Name :Paul Hamiton

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Early Riders

In this wide-ranging and often controversial book, Robert Drews examines the question of the origins of man's relations with the horse. Drawing on archaeological, iconographic and textual evidence, this is the first book devoted to the question of when horseback riders became important in combat. Comprehensively illustrated, this book will be essential reading for anyone interested in the origins of civilization in Eurasia, and the development of man's military relationship with the horse.     

Author Name :Robert Drews

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This study offers an accessible introduction to the life and work of this extraordinary thinker, including his often-neglected Postscript on scientific method published in three volumes in the 1980s. It charts the development of Poppers philosophy and shows his unfailing political commitment to humanism and enlightenment. At the centre of Poppers thought stands rationality and a strong belief in the power of the human mind to change things for the better. Rationality thus serves as a guide both in his philosophical considerations and for his political views.     

Author Name :Roberta Corvi

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Covering a wide range of issues which have been overlooked in the past, including mystery, cult and philosophy, Richard Seaford explores Dionysos one of the most studied figures of the ancient Greek gods. Popularly known as the god of wine and frenzied abandon, and an influential figure for theatre where drama originated as part of the cult of Dionysos, Seaford goes beyond the mundane and usual to explore the history and influence of this god as never before. As a volume in the popular Gods and Heroes series, this is an indispensible introduction to the subject, and an excellent reference point for higher-level study.     

Author Name :Richard Seaford

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Neolithic Farming in Central Europe

Neolithic Farming in Central Europe examines the nature of the earliest crop cultivation, a subject that illuminates the lives of Neolithic farming families and the day-to-day reality of the transition from hunting and gathering to farming. Her conclusions identify the most appropriate model of cultivation, and highlight the consequences of these agricultural practices for our understanding of Neolithic societies in central Europe.     

Author Name :Amy Bogaard

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Ancient Greek Cults

Using archaeological, epigraphic, and literary sources; and incorporating current scholarly theories, this volume will serve as an excellent companion to any introduction to Greek mythology, showing a side of the Greek gods to which most students are rarely exposed. Jennifer Larson conveniently summarizes a vast amount of material in many languages, normally inaccessible to undergrad students, and explores, in detail, the variety of cults celebrated by the Greeks, how these cults differed geographically, and how each deity was conceptualized in local cult titles and rituals.     

Author Name :Jennifer Larson

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The Peopling of East Asia

One of the most dynamic research areas in the prehistory of East Asian regions is the synthesis of the findings of archaeology, linguistics and genetics. Several countries have only recently opened to field research and highly active local groups have made possible a raft of collaborative studies which would have been impossible even a decade ago. This book presents an overview of the most recent findings in all these fields. New proposals on the relationships of the language phyla of East Asia can now be tested against the findings of geneticists and archaeologists.     

Author Name :Laurent Sagart, Roger M. Blench, Alicia Sanchez-Mazas

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This book is one of a major series of more than 20 volumes resulting from the World Archaeological Congress held in Southampton, England, in September 1986. The series reflects the enormous academic impact of the Congress, which was attended by 850 people from more than 70 countries, and attracted many additional contributions from others who were unable to attend in person. The One World Archaeology series is the result of a determined and highly successful attempt to bring together for the first time not only archaeologists and anthropologists from many different parts of the world, as well as academics from a host of contingent disciplines, but also nonacademics from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, who could lend their own expertise to the discussions at the Congress.     

Author Name :Daniel Miller, Michael Rowlands Christopher Tilley

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Living on the Lake in Prehistoric Europe: 150 Years of Lake-Dwelling Research

This definitive volume provides an overview of the development of lake village studies, explores the impact of a range of scientific techniques on the settlements and considers how the public can relate to this evocative and exciting branch of archaeology. It explains how the multidisciplinary research context has significantly improved our knowledge of prehistoric wetland communities, from an environmental as well as a cultural perspective.     

Author Name :Francesco Menotti

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Archaeology and Ancient History: Breaking Down the Boundaries

Challenging both traditional and fashionable theories, this collection of pieces from an international range of contributors explores the separation of the human past into history, archaeology and their related sub-disciplines. Each case study challenges the validity of this separation and asks how we can move to a more holistic approach in the study of the relationship between history and archaeology.     

Author Name :Eberhard Sauer

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Arabia and the Arabs provides the only up-to-date, one-volume survey of the region and its peoples from prehistory to the coming of Islam.The volume is illustrated with more than ?fty photographs, drawings and maps.     

Author Name :Robert G. Hoyland

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Stalin and Stalinism

The second edition of this best-selling pamphlet has been fully updated to take account of the new debates and controversies that have emerged since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and considers the ways in which Stalins legacy still affects attitudes in and towards post-Soviet Russia.     

Author Name :Alan Wood

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In this definitive assessment of the various representations and approaches to Athena, Susan Deacy does what no other has done before and brings all the aspects of this legendary figure into one, outstanding study. A survey of one of the most enduringly popular of ancient deities, the book introduces Athenas myth, cult and reception, while directing the reader to detailed discussion as and when it is appropriate.     

Author Name :Susan Deacy

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The Continental Aesthetics Reader is the first comprehensive anthology of classic writings on art and aesthetics from the major figures in Continental thought. The reader is clearly divided into six sections: Nineteenth Century German Aesthetics ,Phenomenology and Hermeneutics ,Marxism and Critical Theory,Modernism , Poststucturalism and Postmodernism , Psychoanalysis and Feminism. Each section is clearly placed in its historical and philosophical context by Clive Cazeaux.     

Author Name :Clive Cazeaux

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The Iron Age in Northern Britain

The Iron Age in Northern Britain examines the impact of the Roman expansion northwards, and the native response to the Roman occupation on both sides of the frontiers. It traces the emergence of historically-recorded communities in the post-Roman period and looks at the clash of cultures between Celts and Romans, Picts and Scots. Northern Britain has too often been seen as peripheral to a 'core' located in south-eastern England.     

Author Name :D.W. Harding

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The Sceptics is the first comprehensive, up-to-date treatment of Greek scepticism, from the beginnings of epistemology with Xenophanes, to the final full development of Pyrrhonism as presented in the work of Sextus Empiricus. Tracing the evolution of scepticism from 500 B.C to A.D 200, this clear and rigorous analysis presents the arguments of the Greek sceptics in their historical context and provides an in-depth study of the various strands of the sceptical tradition.     

Author Name :R.J.Hankinson

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State Formation in Japan: Emergence of a 4th-Century Ruling Elite

This volume brings together for the first time a significant body of Professor Barnes' scholarly writing on Japanese early state formation, brought together so that successive topics form a coherent overview of the problems and solutions of ancient Japan. The writings are, in some cases, the only studies of these topics available in English and they differ from the majority of other articles on the subject in being anthropological rather than cultural or historical in nature.     

Author Name :Gina Barnes

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Medieval England

The book is divided into seven periods, from the Norman Conquest in 1066 to the aftermath of the Black Death and finally up to 1600 and the reorientation of English society under the Tudors. Colin Platt draws on evidence and sources from a wide range of locations and of different types to illustrate how people of all classes lived. He discusses, among other things, building, diet, disease, climate, popular taste, religious cults, industry, the relations between different classes and the distribution of wealth.     

Author Name :Colin Platt

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Death had an important and pervasive presence in the middle ages. It was a theme in medieval public life, finding expression both in literature and art. The beliefs and procedures accompanying death were both complex and fascinating.     

Author Name :Christopher Daniell

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Sex In The Ancient World From A To Z

In this fascinating and revealing A-to-Z, John G. Younger examines the sexual practices, expressions and attitudes of the Greeks and Romans, from Catullus and Caligula, to orgies and obscenity, and from abstinence and incest, to pederasty and prostitution. The book opens with an overview of current thinking on ancient sex and sexuality, and goes on to provide an extraordinarily wide coverage of a sexual culture so very different from our own, approaching the subject from the perspectives of literature, history, archaeology and art.     

Author Name :John G. Younger

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Human Landscapes in Classical Antiquity shows how today's environmental and ecological concerns can help illuminate our study of the ancient world. The contributors consider how the Greeks and Romans perceived their natural world, and how their perceptions affected society.     


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The Archaeology of Ancient Sicily

Sicily is renowned for the richness of its archaeological record, especially from the classical age. The standard work on the archaeology of ancient Sicily, Holloway's now updated study provides the only comprehensive introduction to the wealth of artefacts and monuments discovered on the island.     

Author Name :R. Ross Holloway

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50 Key Thinkers on History

Fifty Key Thinkers on History is a superb guide to historiography through the ages. The cross-section of debates and thinkers covered is unique in its breadth, taking in figures from ancient China, Greece and Rome, through the Middle Ages, to the contemporary world. From Bede to Braudel, Ranke to Ricoeur, Froissant to Foucault, this book offers an accessible and unified introduction to the ideas of key thinkers in the field.     

Author Name :Marnie Hughes-Warrington

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Roman Officers and English Gentlemen

This landmark book shows how much Victorian and Edwardian Roman archaeologists were influenced by their own experience of empire in their interpretation of archaeological evidence. This distortion of the facts became accepted truth and its legacy is still felt in archaeology today. While tracing the development of these ideas, the author also gives the reader a throrough grounding in the history of Roman archaeology itself.     

Author Name :Richard Hingley

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Using language to date the origin and spread of food production, Archaeology and Language II represents groundbreaking work in synthesizing two disciplines that are now seen as interlinked: linguistics and archaeology. This volume is the second part of a three-part survey of innovative results emerging from their combination.     

Author Name :Roger Blench and Matthew Spriggs

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Childhood, Class, and Kin in the Roman World

It can be difficult to hear the voices of Roman children, women and slaves, given that most surviving texts of the period are by elite adult men. This volume redresses the balance. An international collection of expert contributors go beyond the usual canon of literary texts, and assess a vast range of evidence - inscriptions, burial data, domestic architecture, sculpture and the law, as well as Christian and dream-interpretation literature.     

Author Name :Suzanne Dixon

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The elaborate and inventive slaughter of humans and animals in the arena fed an insatiable desire for violent spectacle among the Roman people. Donald G. Kyle combines the words of ancient authors with current scholarly research and cross-cultural perspectives, as he explores:the origins and historical development of the games,who the victims were and why they were chosen.     

Author Name :Donald G. Kyle

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In this fully revised and updated edition of Roman Pompeii, Dr. Laurence looks at the latest archaeological and literary evidence relating to the city of Pompeii from the viewpoint of architect, geographer and social scientist.     

Author Name :Ray Laurence

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Fifty Key Figures in Twentieth-Century British Politics

This guidebook provides a complete overview of the lives and influence of fifty major figures in modern British political history. Reflecting the changes within British society and politics over the past century, the entries chart the development of key contemporary issues such as women's rights, immigration and the emergence of New Labour.     

Author Name :Keith Laybourn

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Clear and direct in style, and with more than eighty photographs, maps and plans, Early Greek States Beyond the Polis is a widely relevant study of Greek history, archaeology and society.     

Author Name :Catherine Morgan

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Every generation has created its own interpretation of Stonehenge, but rarely do these relate to the physical realities of the monument. Rodney Castleden begins with those elements which made possible the building of this vast stone circle: the site, the materials and the society that undertook the enormous task of transporting and raising the great vertical stones, then capping them, all to a carefully contrived plan.     

Author Name :Rodney Castleden

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The Origins of Agriculture in Europe takes a look at current ideas in the light of a considerable mass of literature and archaeological evidence; examining the transition to agriculture through the comparison of social and economic developments across Europe.     

Author Name :I.J.Thorpe

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The Representation of the Past

The 1980s and early 1990s have seen a marked increase in public interest in our historic environment. The museum and heritage industry has expanded as the past is exploited for commercial profit. In The Representation of the Past, Kevin Walsh examines this international trend and questions the packaging of history which serves only to distance people from their own heritage. A superficial, unquestioning portrayal of the past, he feels, separates us from an understanding of our cultural and political present. Here, Walsh suggests a number of ways in which the museum can fulfill its potential - by facilitating our comprehension of cultural identity.     

Author Name :Kevin Walsh

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Roman Invasion of Britain

Gives the background of Britain before the Roman invasion of 43 AD and goes on to describe the Roman forces, the personalities involved, the actual invasion - including the crucial battle on the Medway - and Claudius' triumphal entrance into Camulodunum, the British capital.     

Author Name :Graham Webster

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The megalithic monuments of Western Europe cover a period of over 2,000 years, from the earliest neolithic to the beginning of the Bronze Age, and have excited the popular imagination for centuries. Based on the evidence of recent excavations, and the most up-to-date and controversial theoretical perspectives of archaeology, Statements in Stone is the first account to put the megalithic traditions of Brittany in a social context and to develop a social model to account for their emergence and development.     

Author Name :Mark Patton

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Balkan Prehistory: Exclusion, Incorporation and Identity

Douglass Bailey's volume fills the huge gap that existed for a comprehensive synthesis, in English, of the archaeology of the Balkans between 6,500 and 2,000 BC; much research on the prehistory of Eastern Europe was inaccessible to a western audience before now, because of linguistic barriers. Bailey argues against traditional interpretations of the period, which focus on the origins of agriculture and animal breeding. He demonstrates that this was a period when monumental social and material changes occurred in the lives of the people in this region, with new technologies and ways of displaying identity.     

Author Name :Douglass W.Bailey

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Enlightenment World

The Enlightenment World offers an informed, comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of the European Enlightenment (c. 1720-1800) as both an historical epoch and a cultural formation. This prestigious collection begins with the intellectual origins of the Enlightenment, and spans early formations up to both contemporary and modern critics of the Enlightenment. Covering topics as diverse as government, fashion, craftsmen and artisans, philanthropy, cross-cultural encounters, feminism, censorship, science and education, this volume will provide essential reading for all students of the Enlightenment.     

Author Name :Martin Fitzpatrick

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An Encyclopaedia of the History of Technolology

The content and layout of this book are based on an analysis of human needs. covers every aspect of technology from the Stone Age to the Space Age ... will undoubtedly help readers to get a grip on and feel of an enormous range of subjects ... An invaluable and practical addition to most office bookshelves or libraries. 22 sections cover the entire field of the history of technology and each section summarises the development of its subject from the earliest times to the present day. Written without unnecessary jargon. 2 extensive indexes of Names and Topics. Usefully illustrated with 150 black & white photographs and line drawings to explain key advances.     

Author Name :Ian MacNeil

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The Presocratics were the founding fathers of the Western philosophical tradition, and the first masters of rational thought. This volume provides a comprehensive and precise exposition of their arguments, and offers a rigorous assessment of their contribution to philosophical thought.     

Author Name :Jonathan Barnes

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The transition from foraging, farming and the neolithic village to the city-state is a complex and fascinating period. Studies on the prehistory of the Near East by nineteenth and twentieth century pioneers in the field transformed archaeology through the creation of the 'Ages System' of Stone, Bronze and Iron. The Near East provides a developmental account of this period contextualised by discussion of the emergence of archaeology as a discipline.     

Author Name :Charles Keith Maisels

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North Koreas Military Diplomatic Campaigns, 1966 to 2008

This book examines North Koreas nuclear diplomacy over a long time period from the early 1960s, setting its dangerous brinkmanship in the wider context of North Koreas military and diplomatic campaigns to achieve its political goals. It argues that the last four decades of military adventurism demonstrates Pyongyangs consistent, calculated use of military tools to advance strategic objectives vis vis its adversaries. It shows how recent behavior of the North Korean government is entirely consistent with its behavior over this longer period.     

Author Name :Narushige Michishita

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This book presents for the first time a history of Eretria during the Archaic Era, the city's most notable period of political importance and Keith Walker examines all the major elements of the city's success.     

Author Name :Keith Walker

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BOUDICCAS HEIRS Women in early Britain

Affording a clearer depiction of women in the Late Iron Age and Roman Britain than currently exists, Dorothy Watts examines archaeological, inscriptional and literary evidence to present a unique assessment of women and their place during the Romanization of Britain.Analyzing information from over 4,000 burials in terms of age, health and nutrition, Watt draws comparison with evidence on mens lives and burials. Effectively integrating her archaeological findings with the political and social history of the late Iron Age and Roman period, she expertly places women in their real context.This fascinating study of womens status, daily life, religion and death is an invaluable insight into the lives and loves of women in Roman Britain, and students of history, womens studies, classical studies and archaeology will find this book an indispensable aid to their studies.     

Author Name :Dorothy Watts

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From Kant to Davidson Philosophy and the idea of the transcendental

Recent philosophy has seen the idea of the transcendental, first introduced in its modern form in the work of Kant, take on a new prominence.     

Author Name :Jeff Malpas

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This well-documented study of the Roman army provides a crucial aid to understanding the Roman Empire in economic, social and political terms. Employing numerous examples, Brian Campbell explores the development of the Roman army and the expansion of the Roman Empire from 31 BC-280 AD.     

Author Name :Brian Campbell

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Egypt's Making: The Origins of Ancient Egypt 5000-2000 BC

Already a classic and widely used text, this second edition has been wholly revised and updated in the light of the many discoveries made since its first publication. Michael Rice's bold and original work evokes the fascination and wonder of the most ancient period of Egypt's history.Covering a huge range of topics, including formative influences in the political and social organization and art of Egypt, the origins of kingship, the age of pyramids, the nature of Egypt's contact with the lands around the Arabian Gulf, and the earliest identifiable developments of the historic Egyptian personality     

Author Name :Michael Rice

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Gregory Daly's enthralling study considers the reasons that led the two armies to the field of battle, and why each followed the course that they did when they got there. It explores in detail the composition of the armies, and the tactics and leadership methods of the opposing generals. Finally, by focusing on the experiences of those who fought, Daly gives an unparalleled portrait of the true horror and chaos of ancient warfare.     

Author Name :Gregory Daly

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Transgression is truly a key idea for our time. Society is created by constraint and boundaries, but as our culture is increasingly subject to uncertainty and flux we find it more and more difficult to determine where those boundaries lie.     

Author Name :Chris Jenks

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Elearning: The Key Concepts

E-Learning has long been touted as the brave new frontier of education, offering fresh challenges to teachers, students and, indeed, the whole of the education system. Addressing this, Elearning: The Key Concepts is the perfect reference for anyone seeking to navigate the myriad of names, concepts and applications associated with this new era of teaching, training and learning.     

Author Name :Robin Mason and Frank Rennie

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This volume assesses religion and ritual through a range of examples from around the world and across time, including pre-historic religions, shamanism, African religions, death, landscape, and even food. Insoll also discusses the history of research and varying theories in this field before looking to future research directions. This book is a valuable guide for students and archaeologists, and initiate a major debate.     

Author Name :Timothy Insoll

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Mesopotamia Before History

Mesopotamia was one of the earliest regions to produce writing, literature and the fine arts, as well as being one of the first areas to construct states. This comprehensive and detailed survey of the region's prehistory and protohistory shows how these fascinating developments were possible.     

Author Name :Petr Charvat

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Chinese Foreign Policy

This textbook is an introduction to the study of contemporary Chinese foreign policy. Examining the patterns of engagement with various domestic and international actors that have shaped Beijings foreign policy since the Cold War, it explores a series of ongoing questions and trends, as well as offering an in-depth look at key points of Chinas current global relations. Bringing together the many different facets of Chinas foreign interests, the volume presents a comprehensive overview of the countrys international affairs, covering such key issues as: the rise of globalization, the countrys bilateral and multilateral approaches to international problem-solving, the increase in the number and types of international regimes, modern security challenges, the question of American hegemony, Beijings changing political, strategic and economic linkages with the developed and developing world. Chinese Foreign Policy will be of great interest to upper-level students of Chinese international relations, Asian politics, comparative foreign policy and international relations, as well as professionals interested in Chinas changing place in the global system.     

Author Name :Marc Lanteigne

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Chinese Foreign Policy

This textbook is an introduction to the study of contemporary Chinese foreign policy. Examining the patterns of engagement with various domestic and international actors that have shaped Beijings foreign policy since the Cold War, it explores a series of ongoing questions and trends, as well as offering an in-depth look at key points of Chinas current global relations. Bringing together the many different facets of Chinas foreign interests, the volume presents a comprehensive overview of the countrys international affairs, covering such key issues as: the rise of globalization, the countrys bilateral and multilateral approaches to international problem-solving, the increase in the number and types of international regimes, modern security challenges, the question of American hegemony, Beijings changing political, strategic and economic linkages with the developed and developing world. Chinese Foreign Policy will be of great interest to upper-level students of Chinese international relations, Asian politics, comparative foreign policy and international relations, as well as professionals interested in Chinas changing place in the global system.     

Author Name :Marc Lanteigne

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A new, completely revised, expanded and updated edition of the million-selling New York Times bestseller that launched the entire Don't Know Much About series When Don't Know Much About History first appeared thirteen years ago, it created a sensation. With humor, wit, great stories, and a trademark conversational style, the book brought Americans a fresh new take on history. Shattering myths and vividly bringing the past to life, it spent thirty-five consecutive weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. Davis proved that Americans don't hate history they just hate the dull textbook version they were force-fed in school. The book became an instant classic, an "anti -textbook" that has sold more than 1.3 million copies.     

Author Name :KENNETH C . DAVIS

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First Strike Preemptive War in Modern History

Preemptive warfare is the practice of attempting to avoid an enemys seemingly imminent attack by taking military action against them first. It is undertaken in self-defense. Preemptive war is often confused with preventive war, which is an attack launched to defeat a potential opponent and is an act of aggression. Preemptive war is thought to be justified and honorable, while preventive war violates international law. In the real world, the distinction between the two is highly contested.     

Author Name :Matthew J. Flynn

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Rodney Castleden presents an illuminating and convincing interpretation of Stonhenge's cultural context and historical meaning.     

Author Name :Rodney Castleden

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ROMAN BERYTUS Beirut in Late Antiquity

Examining the numerous primary sources, including inscriptions, religions, histories, literary references, legal codes, and archaeological reports, Linda Jones Hall presents a composite history of late antique Berytus - from its founding as a Roman colony in the time of Augustus, to its development into a center of legal study under Justinian. The book examines all aspects of life in the city, including geographical setting, economic base, built environment, political structures, religious transitions from paganism to Christianity, and the self-identity of the inhabitants in terms of ethnicity and occupation.     

Author Name :Linda Jones Hall

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The Geostrategic Triad : Living with China, Europe, and Russia

Global stability in the early twenty-first century will be conditioned largely by how the United States handles its relations with China, Europe, and Russia--the "geostrategic triad". Thus, the United States needs a well-defined strategy to manage the two "Eurasian power triangles": the United States, Japan, and China, and the United States, Europe, and Russia. With this work, Brzezinski offers a comprehensive geostrategic road map for such U.S. engagement.     

Author Name :Zbigniew Brzezinski

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ANCIENT EGYPT T HE L IGHT OF T HE W ORLD A Work of Reclamation and Restitution in Twelve Books

ANCIENT EGYPT: THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD - A WORK OF RECLAMATION AND RESTITUTION IN TWELVE BOOKS by GERALD MASSEY, AUTHOR OF "A BOOK OF THE BEGINNINGS" and "THE NATURAL GENESIS"Please Note: This book is easy to read in true text, not scanned images that can sometimes be difficult to decipher. The Microsoft eBook has a contents page linked to the chapter headings for easy navigation. The Adobe eBook has bookmarks at chapter headings and is printable up to two full copies per year. Both versions are text searchable.     


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Numerous ancient texts describe human sacrifices or other forms of ritual killing: In the Iliad Achilles slaughters twelve Trojan captives before the funeral pyre of Patroclus, while many other texts report human sacrifices performed regularly in the cult of the gods or during emergencies such as war and plague. In addition, archeologists have frequently proposed sacrificial rites as an explanation for their discoveries. The first book-length study of this controversial subject to appear since 1915 and the first ever published in English, Human Sacrifice in Ancient Greece examines the written and archeological evidence for the ritual killing of human beings in ancient Greece. The author discusses the evidence for a range of sacrificial practices which collectively suggest a bloody and violent religious life among the ancient Greeks from the Bronze Age well into historical times. At the same time, Hughes presents the skeptical view of such sacrificial interpretations. A valuable synthesis of data and arguments on this controversial subject, Human Sacrifice in Ancient Greece offers a fascinating glimpse into the religious thought of the ancient Greeks and into changing modern conceptions of their religious behavior.     

Author Name :Dennis D.Hughes

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Martin Garrett - Massinger: The critical heritagePublisher: R?utledge | 3993-19-36 | ISBN: 1636133613 | PDF | 366 pages | 3.19 MBMartin Garrett's comprehensive collection presents and explains the history of the critical reception to Massinger's work from the early seventeenth to the late nineteenth century. The volume includes extensive selections from the writings of Pepys, Goldsmith, Coleridge, Hazlitt, Lamb and Swinburne, as well as briefer comments from Scott, Byron and Keats. Responses to Massinger's plays from writers as diverse as Boswell, Mrs Thrale, Dickens and Elizabeth Barrett Browning are discussed in Martin Garrett's introduction, which also includes an account of the plays' original political and theatrical context.Please appreciate my work to rock these links:DepositFilesFileSonicWuploadNo another mirrors, please! >>> Read RULES>>> Download many interesting free eBooks HERE << Author Name :MARTIN GARRETT

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The Archaeology of Medieval Ireland

'This eagerly awaited book is an outstanding and right up-to-date summary of every excavation and investigation undertaken in Ireland into the earthworks, castles, ecclesiastical buildings and towns of the period from the arrival of the Anglo-Normans to the mid-sixteenth century...a most welcome synthesis and will be valued by the layperson, student and professional archaeologist, historical geographer and historian alike.' Archaeology Ireland     

Author Name :T.B.BARRY

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Renaissance Theory

Renaissance Theory presents an animated conversation among art historians about the optimal ways of conceptualizing Renaissance art, and the links between Renaissance art and contemporary art and theory. This is the first discussion of its kind, involving not only questions within Renaissance scholarship, but issues of concern to art historians and critics in all fields. Organized as a virtual roundtable discussion, the contributors discuss rifts and disagreements about how to understand the Renaissance and debate the principal texts and authors of the last thirty years who have sought to reconceptualize the period. They then turn to the issue of the relation between modern art and the Renaissance: Why do modern art historians and critics so seldom refer to the Renaissance? Is the Renaissance our indispensable heritage, or are we cut off from it by the revolution of modernism? The volume includes an introduction by Rebecca Zorach and two final, synoptic essays, as well as contributions from some of the most prominent thinkers on Renaissance art including Stephen Campbell, Michael Cole, Frederika Jakobs, Claire Farago, and Matt Kavaler.     

Author Name :J A M E S E L K I N S and R O B E R T W I L L I A M S

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Just my soul responding Rhythm and Blues, black consciousness and race relations

One of the most innovative and ambitious books to appear on the civil rights and black power movements in America, Just My Soul Responding also offers a major challenge to conventional histories of contemporary black and popular music. Brian Ward explores in detail the previously neglected relationship between Rhythm and Blues, black consciousness, and race relations within the context of the ongoing struggle for black freedom and equality in the United States. Instead of simply seeing the world of black music as a reflection of a mass struggle raging elsewhere, Ward argues that Rhythm and Blues, and the recording and broadcasting industries with which it was linked, formed a crucial public arena for battles over civil rights, racial identities, and black economic empowerment. Combining unrivalled archival research with extensive oral testimony, Ward examines the contributions of artists and entrepreneurs like Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, and Berry Gordy to the organized black struggle, explaining what they did for the Movement and--just as important--why they and most of their peers failed to do more. In the process, he analyses the ways in which various groups, from the SCLC to the Black Panthers, tried--with very mixed results--to use Rhythm and Blues and the politics of celebrity to further their cause. He also examines the role that black-oriented radio played in promoting both Rhythm and Blues and the Movement, and unravels the intricate connections between the sexual politics of the music and the development of the black freedom struggle.     

Author Name :Brian Ward

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Against Technology: From the Luddites to Neo-Luddism

This book addresses the question of what it might mean today to be a Luddite--that is, to take a stand against technology. Steven Jones here explains the history of the Luddites, British textile works who, from around 1811, proclaimed themselves followers of "Ned Ludd" and smashed machinery they saw as threatening their trade. Against Technology is not a history of the Luddites, but a history of an idea: how the activities of a group of British workers in Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire came to stand for a global anti-technology philosophy, and how an anonymous collective movement came to be identified with an individualistic personal conviction. Angry textile workers in the early nineteenth century became romantic symbols of a desire for a simple life--certainly not the original goal of the actions for which they became famous. Against Technology is, in other words, a book about representations, about the image and the myth of the Luddites and how that myth was transformed over time into modern neo-Luddism.     

Author Name :Steven E. Jones

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This book examines North Koreas nuclear diplomacy over a long time period from the early 1960s, setting its dangerous brinkmanship in the wider context of North Koreas military and diplomatic campaigns to achieve its political goals. It argues that the last four decades of military adventurism demonstrates Pyongyangs consistent, calculated use of military tools to advance strategic objectives vis vis its adversaries. It shows how recent behavior of the North Korean government is entirely consistent with its behavior over this longer period: the North Korean governments conduct (rather than being haphazard or reactive) is rational in the Clausewitzian sense of being ready to use force as an extension of diplomacy by other means. The book goes on to demonstrate that North Koreas "calculated adventurism" has come full circle: what we are seeing now is a modified repetition of earlier events such as the Pueblo incident of 1968 and the nuclear and missile diplomacy of the 1990s. Using extensive interviews in the United States and South Korea, including those with defected North Korean government officials, alongside newly declassified first-hand material from U.S., South Korean, and former Communist-bloc archives, the book argues that whilst North Koreas military-diplomatic campaigns have intensified, its policy objectives have become more conservative and are aimed at regime survival, normalization of relations with the United States and Japan, and obtaining economic aid.     

Author Name :Narushige Michishita

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This is the first scholarly book in English devoted to Perseus' myth in its entirety for over a century. With information drawn from a diverse range of sources as well as varied illustrations, the volume illuminates the importance of the Perseus myth throughout the ages.     

Author Name :Daniel Ogden

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Prometheus is an essential introduction to the Promethean myth for all readers of classics, the arts and literature alike.     

Author Name :Carol Dougherty

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The Prehistory of Denmark

This synthesis of archaeological research in Denmark divides into four sections: the hunters and gatherers; the first farmers; towards a new era; and the chiefdoms of the Iron Age.     


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R ICH The Rise and Fall of American Wealth Culture

The first full examination of American wealth culture over the past century, Larry Samuels Rich completes an important chapter of the nations history. Rich traces the trajectory of wealth culture from the decadent Roaring Twenties up to the present and into the near future, examining the who, what, when, where, and why of the American rich. Through hundreds of compelling, real-life stories, Rich weaves a grand narrative of the monied classes in the U.S., revealing the backstory that has shaped our strange, fickle fascination with the rich and their cultural quirks. Who were the Donald Trumps and Paris Hiltons of the past? How did the rich show off their status? What did they splurge on, and how did they behave when times got tough?     

Author Name :L A R RY SA MUEL

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A Brief History of the Olympic Games

Brief Histories of the Ancient World This new series offers concise, accessible, and lively accounts of central aspects of the ancient world. Each book is written by an acknowledged expert in the field and provides a compelling over- view, for readers new to the subject and specialists alike.     

Author Name :David C. Young

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The Journals of Lewis and Clark

In 1803, the great expanse of the Louisiana Purchase was an empty canvas. Keenly aware that the course of the nation's destiny lay westwardand that a Voyage of Discovery would be necessary to determine the nature of the frontierPresident Thomas Jefferson commissioned Meriwether Lewis to lead an expedition from the Missouri River to the northern Pacific coast and back. From 1804 to 1806, accompanied by co-captain William Clark, the Shoshone guide Sacajawea, and thirty-two men, Lewis mapped rivers, traced the principal waterways to the sea, and established the American claim to the territories of Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Together the captains kept this journal: a richly detailed record of the flora and fauna they sighted, the native tribes they encountered, and the awe-inspiring landscape they traversed, from their base camp near present-day St. Louis to the mouth of the Columbia River, that has become an incomparable contribution to the literature of exploration and the writing of natural history.     

Author Name :Lewis, Meriwether.; Clark, William; De Voto, Bernard Augustine

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This book answers the most obvious, the most important, yet the most difficult question about human history: why history unfolded so differently on different continents. Geography and biogeography, not race, moulded the contrasting fates of Europeans, Asians, Native Americans, sub-Saharan Africans, and aboriginal Australians. An ambitious synthesis of history, biology, ecology and linguistics, Guns, Germs and Steel is one of the most important and humane works of popular science.     

Author Name :Jared Diamond

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The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas S. Kuhn is an analysis of the history of science, published in 1962 by the University of Chicago Press. Its publication was a landmark event in the history, philosophy, and sociology of scientific knowledge and it triggered an ongoing worldwide assessment and reaction inand beyondthose scholarly communities. In this work, Kuhn challenged the then prevailing view of progress in "normal science". Scientific progress had been seen primarily as "development-by-accumulation" of accepted facts and theories. Kuhn argued for an episodic model in which periods of such conceptual continuity in normal science were interrupted by periods of revolutionary science. During revolutions in science the discovery of anomalies leads to a whole new paradigm that changes the rules of the game and the "map" directing new research, asks new questions of old data, and moves beyond the puzzle-solving of normal science.     

Author Name :Thomas S. Kuhn

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Rule by Secrecy

What secrets connect Egypts Great Pyramids, the Freemasons, and the Council on Foreign Relations? In this astonishing book, celebrated journalist Jim Marrs examines the worlds most closely guarded secrets, tracing the history of clandestine societies and the power they have wielded from the ancient mysteries to modernday conspiracy theories. Searching for truth, he uncovers disturbing evidence that the real movers and shakers of the world collude covertly to start and stop wars, manipulate stock markets, maintain class distinctions, and even censor the news. Provocative and utterly compelling, Rule by Secrecy offers a singular worldview that may explain who we are, where we came from, and where we are going.     

Author Name :Jim Marrs

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On Point

On Point I is a study of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM (OIF) as soon after the fact as feasible. The Army leadership chartered this effort in a message to the major commands on 30 April 2003. In his guidance, Army Chief of Staff General Eric K. Shinseki directed a quick, thorough review that looks at the US Army's performance, assesses the role it played in the joint and coalition team, and captures the strategic, operational, and tactical lessons that should be disseminated and applied in future fights. OIF was Americas first truly joint combat operation, with the services successfully integrated in the battlespace to a degree of mutual support and cooperation that would have been impossible five years ago. The book details the major elements in that evolution in joint warfare as they played out in the deserts, mountains, cities, and skies of Iraq.The human dimension of war, especially the quality of the men and women in uniform who fought the campaign and won the historic victory, is a major element of the book.The human dimension of war, especially the quality of the men and women in uniform who fought the campaign and won the historic victory, is a major element of the book. Using hundreds of interviews of the troops and scores of detailed maps and illustrations, On Point I provides a user-friendly guide to shape future force structure and training and help refine Americas warfighting doctrine.     

Author Name :Naval Institute Press

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The Age of the Ship of the Line

For nearly two hundred years huge wooden warships called ships of the line dominated war at sea and were thus instrumental in the European struggle for power and the spread of imperialism. Foremost among the great naval powers were Great Britain and France, whose advanced economies could support large numbers of these expensive ships. This book, the first joint history of these great navies, offers a uniquely impartial and comprehensive picture of the two forces     

Author Name :Jonathan R. Dull

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Neanderthal Lifeways, Subsistence and Technology

The 150th anniversary of the discovery of the famous Neanderthal fossils gave reason for an international and interdisciplinary symposium in Bonn/Germany. The present book arose from this congress and focuses on multiple aspects of archaeological investigation on Neanderthal lifeways. In-depth studies of top-ranking scientists provide a detailed and comprehensive survey of contemporary research on our Pleistocene relatives. Examinations and debates are embedded in a variety of regions and time frames. Chronology, subsistence, land use, and cultural adaptations among late Neanderthals form the major trajectories of the book. The wide range of approaches involved, leads to an increasing understanding of the facets of and the variability of Neanderthal behavioural patterns.The present volume is complemented by a paleontologically orientated publication of the same congress (edited by Gerd-Christian Weniger and Silvana Condemi).     

Author Name :Nicholas J. Conard and Jurgen Richter

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California Maritime Archaeology

San Clemente Island serves as a microcosm of California maritime archaeology from prehistoric through historic times. The authors use findings from nearly two decades of research on the island to present a cultural history that defies many previous assumptions about the coastal prehistory of the Pacific Northwest.     

Author Name :L. Mark Raab, Jim Cassidy, Andrew Yatsko, and William J. Howard

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Africa and Archaeology

In this stimulating account of his lifes experiences, renowned scholar and pioneer Africanist archaeologist Merrick Posnansky takes his readers on an unusual journey across the world, from his origins in a small Jewish community in Manchester to his adventures on archaeological sites in the villages of Africa before finally settling down to teach in Los Angeles.A Jewish British expatriate in an African social world, Posnansky struggled to establish his racial identity in the British colonial world where Jewish communities were rare. He crossed racial and religious boundaries by marrying a Christian woman from Uganda, a highly unusual step at that time.Written in a refreshing, candid style, these memoirs provide a fascinating glimpse into the changes taking place in modern Africa. Africa and Archaeology is a first hand account of the racial and religious prejudices of the twentieth century.     

Author Name :Merrick Posnansky

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Comparative Archaeologies

Archaeology, as with all of the social sciences, has always been characterized by competing theoretical propositions based on diverse bodies of locally acquired data. In order to fulfill local, regional expectations, different goals have been assigned to the practitioners of Archaeology in different regions. These goals might be entrenched in local politics, or social expectations behind cultural heritage research.This comprehensive book explores regional archaeologies from a sociological perspectiveto identify and explain regional differences in archaeological practice, as well as their existing similarities. This work covers not only the currently-dominant Anglo-American archaeological paradigm, but also Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa, all of which have developed their own unique archaeological traditions. The contributions in this work cover these "alternative archaeologies," in the context of their own geographical, political, and socio-economic settings, as well as the context of the currently accepted mainstream approaches.     

Author Name :Ludomir R. Lozny

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The Dawn of Human Culture

The abrupt emergence of human culture over a stunningly short period continues to be one of the great enigmas of human evolution. This compelling book introduces a bold new theory on this unsolved mystery. Author Richard Klein reexamines the archaeological evidence and brings in new discoveries in the study of the human brain. These studies detail the changes that enabled humans to think and behave in far more sophisticated ways than before, resulting in the incredibly rapid evolution of new skills. Richard Klein has been described as "the premier anthropologist in the country today" by Evolutionary Anthropology. Here, he and coauthor Blake Edgar shed new light on the full story of a truly fascinating period of evolution.     

Author Name :Richard G. Klein

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Evolution And Palaeobiology of Pterosaurs

Pterosaurs were a peculiar group of Mesozoic vertebrates, which acquired the ability to fly in an original way, using a membrane attached to a single finger of the hand. Ever since the first description of a pterosaur skeleton in 1784, these remarkable animals have elicited much discussion and controversy among palaeontologists, and many basic questions about their origin, evolution and biology remain disputed.In the last few years, interest in pterosaurs has been revived by numerous discoveries of new and sometimes remarkably preserved specimens, which have enlarged and changed our picture of this group.The volume begins with descriptions of several new pterosaurs from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous of Europe, North and South America, and Africa. Following this, alternative hypotheses of pterosaur phylogeny and evolution are put forward. Several papers discuss the functional anatomy of pterosaurs and its implications for aerial locomotion. The study of pterosaur footprints provides important new evidence concerning their terrestrial locomotion, and this approach is used in several contributions. A developing aspect of pterosaur research is bone histology, as shown by the final papers in this collection.     

Author Name :Geological Society Publishing

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Investigating Archaeological Cultures

Defining "culture" is an important step in undertaking archaeological research. Any thorough study of a particular culture first has to determine what that culture contains-- what particular time period, geographic region, and group of people make up that culture. The study of archaeology has many accepted definitions of particular cultures, but recently these accepted definitions have come into question. As archaeologists struggle to define cultures, they also seek todefine the components of culture.This volume brings together 21 international case studies to explore the meaning of "culture" for regions around the globe and periods from the Paleolithic to the Bronze Age and beyond. Taking lessons and overarching themes from these studies, the contributors draw important conclusions about cultural transmission, technology development, and cultural development.The result is a comprehensive model for approaching the study of culture, broken down into regions (Russia, Continental Europe, North America, Britain, and Africa), materials (Lithics, Ceramics, Metals) and time periods. This work will be valuable to all archaeologists and cultural anthropologists, particularly those studying material culture.     

Author Name :Benjamin W. Roberts, Marc Vander Linden

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Milestones in Archaeology

Treasures, temples, and tombs; pyramids, pots, and projectile pointsthe stuff of archaeology has captured people's imagination since the first digs in the 16th century. Although humans have always been fascinated with the past, the formal discipline of archaeology has existed for only 500 years. This book details the surprisingly controversial course of those five centuries.     

Author Name :Tim Murray

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Macroevolution in Human Prehistory

Cultural evolution, much like general evolution, works from the assumption that cultures are descendent from much earlier ancestors. Human culture manifests itself in forms ranging from the small bands of hunters, through intermediate scale complex hunter-gatherers and farmers, to the high density urban settlements and complex polities that characterize much of todays world.The chapters in the volume examine the dynamic interaction between the micro- and macro-scales of cultural evolution, developing a theoretical approach to the archaeological record that has been termed evolutionary processual archaeology. The contributions in this volume integrate positive elements of both evolutionary and processualist schools of thought. The approach, as explicated by the contributors in this work, offers novel insights into topics that include the emergence, stasis, collapse and extinction of cultural patterns, and development of social inequalities. Consequently, these contributions form a stepping off point for a significant new range of cultural evolutionary studies.     

Author Name :Anna Marie Prentiss, Ian Kuijt, James C. Chatters

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The Archaeology of Athens

The monuments of ancient Athens and Attica give eloquent testimony to the enduring legacy of Greek civilization. In this book, a leading authority on the archaeology of this area presents a survey of the monuments, first chronologically and then site by site, creating the definitive work on the subject. John M. Camp begins with a comprehensive narrative history of the monuments from the earliest times to the sixth century A.D. Drawing on literary and epigraphic evidence, including Plutarch's biographies, Pausanias's guidebook, and thousands of inscriptions, he discusses who built a given structure, when, and why. Camp presents dozens of passages in translation, allowing the reader easy access to the variety and richness of the ancient sources. In effect, this main part of the book provides an engrossing history of ancient Athens as recorded in its archaeological remains. The second section of the book offers in-depth discussions of individual sites in their physical context, including accounts of excavations in the modern era. Written in a clear and engaging style and lavishly illustrated, Camp's archaeological tour of Athens is certain to appeal not only to scholars and students but also to visitors to the area.     

Author Name :Professor John M. Camp

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Selective Remembrances

When political geography changes, how do reorganized or newly formed states justify their rule and create a sense of shared history for their people? Often, the essays in Selective Remembrances reveal, they turn to archaeology, employing the field and its findings to develop nationalistic feelings and forge legitimate distinctive national identities.Examining such relatively new or reconfigured nation-states as Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, India, and Thailand, Selective Remembrances shows how states invoke the remote past to extol the glories of specific peoples or prove claims to ancestral homelands. Religion has long played a key role in such efforts, and the contributors take care to demonstrate the tendency of many people, including archaeologists themselves, to view the world through a religious lenswhich can be exploited by new regimes to suppress objective study of the past and justify contemporary political actions. The wide geographic and intellectual range of the essays in Selective Remembrances will make it a seminal text for archaeologists and historians. (20070911)     

Author Name :Philip L. Kohl, Mara Kozelsky, Nachman Ben-Yehuda

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The Social Work of Museums

Museums may not seem at first glance to be engaged in social work. Yet, Lois H. Silverman brings together here relevant visitor studies, trends in international practice, and compelling examples that demonstrate how museums everywhere are using their unique resources to benefit human relationships and, ultimately, to repair the world. In this groundbreaking book, Silverman forges a framework of key social work perspectives to show how museums are evolving a needs-based approach to provide what promises to be universal social service. In partnership with social workers, social agencies, and clients, museums are helping people cope and even thrive in circumstances ranging from personal challenges to social injustices. The Social Work of Museums provides the first integrative survey of this emerging interdisciplinary practice and an essential foundation on which to build for the future.The Social Work of Museums is not only a vital and visionary resource for museum training and practice in the 21st century, but also an invaluable tool for social workers, creative arts therapists, and students seeking to broaden their horizons. It will inspire and empower policymakers, directors, clinicians, and evaluators alike to work together toward museums for the next age.     

Author Name :Lois H. Silverman

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Quantitative Paleozoology

Quantitative Paleozoology describes and illustrates how the remains of long-dead animals recovered from archaeological and paleontological excavations can be studied and analyzed. The methods range from determining how many animals of each species are represented to determining whether one collection consists of more broken and more burned bones than another. All methods are described and illustrated with data from real collections, while numerous graphs illustrate various quantitative properties.     

Author Name :R. Lee Lyman

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Archaeology: An Introduction, 5 edition

Archaeology: An Introduction looks behind the popular aspects of archaeology such as the discovery and excavation of sites, the study of human remains and animal bones, radiocarbon dating, museums and 'heritage' displays, and reveals the methods used by archaeologists. It also explains how the subject emerged from an amateur pursuit in the eighteenth century into a serious discipline, and explores changing fashions in interpretation in recent decades.This fifth edition has been updated by a new co-author, Tom Moore, and continues to include key references and guidance to help new readers find their way through the ever expanding range of archaeological publications. It conveys the excitement of new archaeological discoveries that appear on television or in newspapers while helping readers to evaluate them by explaining the methods and theories that lie behind them. Above all, while serving asa lucid textbook, it remainsa very accessible account that will interest a wide readership. In addition to drawing upon examples and case studies from many regions of the world and periods of the past, it incorporates the authors' own fieldwork, research and teaching and features a new four-colour text design and colour illustrations plus an additional 50 topic boxes.The comprehensive glossary and bibliography are complemented by a support website hosted by Routledgeto assist further study and wider learning. It includes chapter overviews, a testbank of questions,powerpoint discussion questions, web-links tosupport material for every chapter plus an online glossary and image bank.     

Author Name :Kevin Greene, Tom Moore

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Pleistocene History of the Lower Thames Valley

The Lower Thames Valley is a classic area for British Pleistocene studies. The valley contains a sequence of River Thames deposits representing approximately the past 300,000 years, including older, highly fragmented and eroded sediments derived from Thames tributaries and glaciation. The region includes some of the most important Palaeolithic archaeological sites in the country which, although extensively studied, have never previously been fitted into a regional context. The area also includes some of the most important fossiliferous localities in the country, several of which have been at the center of controversies regarding the sequence of events in the British Pleistocene. This regional investigation clarifies the problems by presenting the geological sequence in detail and establishing the relationship of these localities for the first time.     

Author Name :Philip L. Gibbard

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The Peoples of the Caribbean

The fascinating, often violent cross-fertilization of cultures in the Caribbean has given rise to such world-renowned traditions as Vodoun, Shango, Rastafarianism, Santera, reggae, and calypso. But the cultural mix in these islands is so rich and varied, its roots so tangled and deep, that scholars have until now covered it piecemealisland by island, people by people.     

Author Name :Nicholas Saunders

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The Archaeology of Ethnicity

The question of ethnicity is highly controversial in contemporary archaeology. Indigenous and nationalist claims to territory, often rely on reconstructions of the past based on the traditional identification of 'cultures' from archaeological remains. Sian Jones responds to the need for a reassessment of the ways in which social groups are identified in the archaeological record, with a comprehensive and critical synthesis of recent theories of ethnicity in the human sciences. In doing so, she argues for a fundamentally different view of ethnicity, as a complex dynamic form of identification, requiring radical changes in archaeological analysis and interpretation.     

Author Name :Sian Jones

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Archaeology and Preservation of Gendered Landscapes

Historical archaeology of landscapes initially followed the pattern of Classical Archaeology by studying elite men's gardens. Over time, particularly in North America, the field has expanded to cover larger settlement areas, but still often with ungendered and elite focus. The editors of this volume seek to fill this important gap in the literature by presenting studies of gendered power dynamics and their effect on minority groups in North America. Case studies presented include communities of Native Americans, African Americans, multi-ethnic groups, religious communities, and industrial communities.Just as the research focus has previously neglected the groups presented here, so too has funding to preserve important archaeological sites. As the contributors to this important volume present a new framework for understanding the archaeology of religious and social minority groups, they also demonstrate the importance of preserving the cultural landscapes, particularly of minority groups, from destruction by the modern dominant culture. A full and complete picture of cultural preservation has to include all of the groups that interacted form it.     

Author Name :Sherene Baugher, Suzanne M. Spencer-Wood

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World History

The book serves as a good guide to understand the world history,the happenings taken place,the authorities ruled this world etc.     

Author Name :

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Historiography at the End of the Republic

This study of six historians from the edges of the Roman world at the end of the Republic--the author of I Maccabees, Posidonius, Diodorus Siculus, Pompeius Trogus, Nicolaus of Damascus, and Memnon of Heraclea--combines discussion of their biographical details, the intellectual and elite culture in which they composed, and the methodological difficulties of interpreting fragmentary texts, with textual analysis of their representations of Rome. These authors show remarkable unity in their acceptance of Roman hegemony. Nevertheless, their interpretations of Roman rule assume political significance in the light of their intentions in writing and the audiences whom they addressed. They therefore provide a unique insight into the minds of the conquered peoples and the intellectual culture which allowed them to influence their conquerors.     

Author Name :Liv Mariah Yarrow

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The Korean War

For many, the Korean War is remembered more for Hawkeye and Klinger than General MacArthur and Syngman Rhee. But for Cumings (Korea's Place in the Sun), professor at the University of Chicago, the critical issue is not one of memory, but of understanding. In this devastating work he shows how little the U.S. knew about who it was fighting, why it was fighting, and even how it was fighting. Though the North Koreans had a reputation for viciousness, according to Cumings, U.S. soldiers actually engaged in more civilian massacres (including dropping over half a million tons of bombs and thousands of tons of napalm, more than was dropped on the entire Pacific theatre in World War II, almost indiscriminately). Cumings deftly reveals how Korea was a clear precursor to Vietnam: a divided country, fighting a long anti-colonial war with a committed and underestimated enemy; enter the U.S., efforts go poorly, disillusionment spreads among soldiers, and lies are told at top levels in an attempt to ignore or obfuscate a relentless stream of bad news. For those who like their truth unvarnished, Cumings's history will be a fresh, welcome take on events that seemed to have long been settled.     

Author Name :Bruce Cumings

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After Hiroshima

After Hiroshima provides a comprehensive history of American nuclear policy in Asia between the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan and the escalation of the Vietnam War in 1965. It forges new links between the role of race and debates over US foreign policy in Asia.     

Author Name :Matthew Jones

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A Study of History

A revised version of the original 12-volume text, this work has been thoroughly updated in the light of recent history and progress in historical scholarship. It has been condensed into a single, readable volume.     

Author Name :Arnold Toynbee

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Medievalism, Multilingualism, and Chaucer

Medievalism, Multilingualism, and Chaucer examines multilingual identity in the writing of Gower, Langland, and Chaucer. Mary Catherine Davidson traces monolingual habits of inquiry to nineteenth-century attitudes toward French, which had first influenced popular constructions of medieval English in such historical novels as Walter Scotts Ivanhoe. In re-reading medieval traditions in the origins of English from Geoffrey of Monmouth, this book describes how multilingual practices reflected attitudes toward English in the age of Chaucer.     

Author Name :Mary Catherine Davidson

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Alexander the Great

In the last seven years of his life, Alexander the Great grew increasingly unpredictable, sporadically violent, megalomaniacal and suspicious of friends as well as enemies. This latest biography of antiquity's most renowned conqueror differs from others in its detailed assessment of Alexander's psychological development. In Alexander The Great John Maxwell O'Brien takes an imaginative approach to his subject in choosing Dionysus, the god of wine and ambivalence, as the framework for a discussion of Alexander's alcoholism and often contradictory personality traits.O'Brien's pursuit of his subject explores every imaginable detail, discussing Alexander's cultural tastes, religious beliefs, parents, aspirations, exploits, fears, sexuality and alcoholism. Alexander The Great takes into account the latest scholarship in the field, incorporating the latest methods of interpretation in archaeology, anthropology, psychology, mythology and philosophy.     

Author Name :J M O'Brien

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The New Iraq

In the minds of many Americans, Iraq is synonymous with Saddam Hussein, an impression only reinforced by political leaders and the media over the last decade. But the debates over Saddam's regime have left out a vital piece of the story: the Iraqi people themselves. After three decades under Saddam's repressive rule, the question of "what comes next?" is an urgent one - and one that the American public needs to know more about. In The New Iraq, Middle East expert Joseph Braude tells the story of a country in flux, from memories of its distant past to the painful realities of life today, and explains how a global commitment to Iraq's renewal will benefit everyone who takes part in the emerging project of state-building.The New Iraq's riveting portrayal of Iraqi society-from its preachers and wealthy elites to its prostitutes and disaffected majorities-sheds light on a world unknown to Westerners due to the country's decade-long international isolation. Major wars, 13 years of sanctions, and the domestic legacy of a police state have all combined to preserve and reinforce an old culture with attitudes and skill sets that other traditional societies would be hard pressed to match.     

Author Name :Joseph Braude

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The Fifty Years War

The Fifty Year's War is an insightful examination of the complex relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union, placing it in its global context. Richard Crockatt breaks new ground in seeking a synthesis of historical narrative and analysis of the global structures within which superpower relations developed. Crockett also looks at the role economics played in this relationship as well as political and military factors.The Fifty Years War is an authoritative and comprehensive history of the Cold War years and the relationship that has dominated world politics in the second half of the twentieth century.     

Author Name :Richard Crockatt

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Secession Debated

In Secession Debated, William W. Freehling and Craig M. Simpson have for the first time collected the seven surviving speeches and public letters of this greatest of southern debates over disunion, providing today's reader with a unique window into a moment of American crisis. Introducing the debate and debaters in compelling fashion, the editors help bring to life a sleepy Southern town suddenly alive with importance as a divided legislature met to decide the fate of Georgia, and by extension, that of the nation. We hear myriad voices, among them the energetic and self-righteous governor Joseph E. Brown who, while a slaveholder and secessionist, was somewhat suspect as a native North Georgian; Alexander H. Stephens, the eloquent Unionist whose "calm dispassionate approach" ultimately backfired; and fiery secessionist Robert Toombs who, impatient with Brown's indecisiveness and the caution of the Unionists, shouted to legislators: "Give me the sword! but if you do not place it in my hands, before God! I will take it." The secessionists' Henry Benning and Thomas R.R. Cobb as well as the Unionists Benjamin Hill and Herschel Johnson also speak to us across the years, most with eloquence, all with the patriotic, passionate conviction that defined an era. In the end, the legislature adopted a convention bill which decreed a popular vote on the issue in early January, 1861. The election results were close, mirroring the intense debate of two months before: 51% of Georgians favored immediate secession, a slim margin which the propaganda-conscious Brown later inflated to 58%. On January 19th the Georgia Convention sanctioned secession in a 166-130 vote, and the imminent Confederacy had its Southern hinge.     

Author Name :William W. Freehling, Craig M. Simpson

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The World War II

Everyone knows who were the most famous people of World War II. But who were the most influential? Whose words and deeds had the greatest impact on that war, before, during, or afterward? The most famous individuals of the war like Winston Churchill, Charles De Gaulle, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Hirohito, Adolf Hitler are examined. In addition, there are individuals far less famous- that are also discussed.This lavishly illustrated book is about heroes and villains, with brief vignettes both factual and analytical about the World War II-100. It is guaranteed to set off debate and controversy around the world. Each vignette is tightly written, loaded with facts and opinions, and assessments about how individuals influenced the most brutal war in the memory of humankind. It will give you insights into the minds and characters of flawed and heroic human beings locked in the deadly embrace of a war without mercy.     

Author Name :Howard Langer

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Stonewall Jackson

Thomas Jonathan 'Stonewall' Jackson was the great-grandson of indentured servants from Ireland who were sentenced to serve time in America for larceny. He began his career in the U.S. Army fighting in the Mexican-American War and later became a teacher. He and his wife owned slaves, and he saw slavery as ordained by God, although he also considered it the slave master's duty to treat servants fairly and humanely at all times. His reputation as a kind slave master meant several slaves asked to be purchased by him at auction. Called to serve in the Civil War in 1861, he excelled during several battles including the First Battle of Bull Run, where he got his nickname, and became one of the most revered Confederate commanders. To this day, his Valley Campaign of 1862 is studied worldwide as an example of innovation and bold leadership. Historians consider Stonewall Jackson to be one of the most gifted tactical commanders in United States history.     

Author Name :Rachel A. Koestler-Grack

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After a number of books on various aspects of Spain (The Collapse of the Spanish Republic; Franco and Hitler; The Spanish Civil War, The Soviet Union, and Communism), Payne now wants to tell the whole story of the country that so fascinates him. The Visigoth conquest kicks things off, followed by centuries of Islamic rule, reconquest and crusade, political and cultural advancement, a Civil War, and the Franco era. Payne's goal, as a historian and "Hispanist," is to create an "objective evaluation" of these events, avoiding extremist opinions and stereotypes perpetuated by the likes of Ernest Hemingway. Unfortunately, this also strips much of the flavor from what should be an exciting, as well as informative, effort. The straightforward perspective provides a less-than intriguing entry for the non-historian, resulting in a bland, concise explanation. Also lacking is enough background on significant participants. To be fair, there are nuggets of historical trivia to be gleaned here, like the fact that the region's name, Hispania, is derived from a Phoenician word meaning "land of rabbits"; helpful notes will explain other unfamiliar terms or events. Considering Spain's captivating story and culture, professional and armchair historians alike may be disappointed.     

Author Name :Stanley G. Payne

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This work is 1995 Lincoln Prize, Second Place Winner, Lincoln and Soldiers Institute, Gettysburg College; recieved 1995 Douglas Southall Freeman History Award, Military Order of the Stars and Bars; and 1995 Malcolm and Muriel Barrow Bell Award, Georgia Historical Society. It tells about the real tragedy of the notorious Confederate prison camp. Between February 1864 and April 1865, 41,000 Union prisoners of war were taken to the stockade at Anderson Station, Georgia, where nearly 13,000 of them died. Most contemporary accounts placed the blame for the tragedy squarely on the shoulders of the Confederates who administered the prison or on a conspiracy of higher-ranking officials. According to William Marvel, virulent disease and severe shortages of vegetables, medical supplies, and other necessities combined to create a crisis beyond the captors' control. He also argues that the tragedy was aggravated by the Union decision to suspend prisoner exchanges, which meant that many men who might have returned home were instead left to sicken and die in captivity.     

Author Name :William Marvel

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The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt

From its humble origins as a cluster of rival chiefdoms along the banks of the Nile, ancient Egypt rose to become one of the most advanced civilizations of its time. Noted Egyptologist Bill Manley traces its history from the founding of Memphis around 5000 B.C. Recent archaeological evidence sheds new light on the vast architectural legacy of one of the world's oldest nations. Full-color maps and b&w illus.     

Author Name :Bill Manley

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The First World War

A distinguished British historian presents the central events of World War I for readers who are curious but unknowledgeable about the conflict. It is comparable in style to the author's recentThe Invention of Peace(2001). Succinctly expressive, Howard's style concentrates narrative and interpretation within a few sentences, but a deep historical controversy often lurks behind his concision, such as who was responsible for igniting the war. For those readers who are incredulous that a global conflagration could erupt from an assassination, Howard summarizes how the alliance systems came about, the fears of the nations that contracted them, and the special resentments of a German monarch who embodied "archaic militarism, vaulting ambition, and neurotic insecurity." Just as perplexing, perhaps, is the continuance for four years of trench warfare; once again, Howard compactly explains the slight alterations in tactics that generals believed would achieve a breakthrough, but produced instead the bloodbaths that by 1917-18 broke armies and entire regimes. Also touching on the war's course in Italy and Eastern Europe, Howard elegantly applies his erudition and judgment to this concise introduction.     

Author Name :Michael Howard

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Naples and Napoleon

Naples and Napoleon rewrites the history of Italy in the age of the European revolutions from the perspective of the South. In contrast to later images of southern backwardness and immobility, Davis portrays the South as a precocious theatre for political and economic upheavals that sooner or later would challenge the survival of all the pre-Unification states. Focusing on the years of French rule from 1806 to 1815, when southern Italy became the arena for one of the most ambitious reform projects in Napoleonic Europe, Davis argues that this owed less to Napoleon than to the forces unleashed by the crisis of the Ancien Regime. However, an examination of the earlier Republic and the popular counter-revolutions of 1799, along with the later revolutions in Naples and Sicily in 1820-1, reveals that the impact of these changes was deeply contradictory. This major reinterpretation of the history of the South before Unification significantly reshapes our understanding of how the Italian states came to be unified, while Davis also shows why long after Unification not just the South but Italy as a whole would remain vulnerable to the continuing challenges of the new age.     

Author Name :John A. Davis

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Few artists in history match the reputation achieved by the Italian genius Michelangelo. Born in the shadow of Florence, one of the leading art centers of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, he achieved immortality through his art. Whether serving ruling families or strong-minded popes, his talents included those of painter, sculptor, and architect. The names of his art masterpieces are as well known as his own name-the statue of the biblical shepherd boy, David; marble sculptures of the Pieta and Moses; and the altar wall mural, The Last Judgment. Above all, however, was his crowning achievement: the ceiling frescoes of the Sistine Chapel. Discover the world of the Renaissance through the drama and life's work of one of the great masters of the greatest age of art-Michelangelo Buonarrati     

Author Name :Tim McNeese

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Maya Civilization

The introduction to this fine series asks the same question that many students ask: Why do we have to learn about history? It's even honest when it says that most young people aren't satisfied with the usual answer about learning lessons from the past. A more engaging idea is that history is about stories, and here the series shines as it provides contemporaneous writing as well as work by scholars that offer plenty of drama and lots of facts, too. The mysteries described in Maya Civilization are manifold, but because of intensive research into the Maya culture, the puzzle pieces are now falling into place. The series provides a solid time line, plenty of photographs, sourced quotes, and a list of books and websites for further investigation. Excellent for reports and research.     

Author Name :Charles George, Linda George

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Introducing World Religions

Introducing World Religions offers an exciting new approach to the study of the world's religions. Taking its inspiration from performance studies and using an innovative dramatic metaphor, it enables students to explore religious ideas and culture in terms of the players (key figures), the script (foundational texts) and performance (religious practices). The discussion of key players treats human and non-human figures on the world stage, including the principle (God, Dharma, Dao), imaginal figures (angels, baals, bodhisattvas), exceptional persons (founders, prophets, gurus), and historical persons (significant players in the drama of religions). The discussion of the foundational texts includes materials that balance or challenge mainstream texts with an alternative perspective. The section on performance explores non-verbal religious activities such as pilgrimage, icon painting, dance, divination, and meditation.     

Author Name :Victoria Kennick Urubshurow

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Ancient Europe 8000 B.C. to A.D. 1000

A superbly written work that covers a history all but ignored in conventional historical surveys, Ancient Europe, 8,000 B.C.-A.D. 1,000 features 212 essays written for a general readership by 131 contributors. The span of years covered by the set is explained in the introduction of the first section: "The beginning is marked by the freeing of Europe from glacial ice . . and the end is determined by the spread of Christianity across northern and eastern Europe and the establishment of many European states that persist into the present." Many of the contributors are archaeologists, and the set is focused accordingly.     

Author Name :Pam Crabtree

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The Ancient Greeks For Dummies

The civilisation of the Ancient Greeks has been immensely influential on the language, politics, educational systems, philosophy, science and arts of Western culture. As well as instigating itself as the birthplace of the Olympics, Ancient Greece is famous for its literature, philosophy, mythology and the beautiful architecture- to which thousands of tourists flock every year.This entertaining guide introduces readers to the amazing world of the Ancient Greeks. It offers a complete rundown of Greek history alongside fascinating insights into daily life in Ancient Greece and a captivating overview of Greek mythology. Readers will discover how this ancient culture came to be the cornerstone of Western civilisation and the enormous influence it has had on our language, politics, education, philosophy, science, arts and sport.     

Author Name :Stephen Batchelor

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Polish independence following the end of World War I marked a new era for a nation which had endured centuries of foreign partition. But the spirit of Polish nationalism -- forged during this long period of external domination -- has been frequently at odds with the modernising drives of democracy and communism. How can the ideals of nationalism survive in a modern nation-state? Anita Prazmowska traces this conflict from the emergence of an independent Poland in 1918; through World War II, communism and the democratic victories of Solidarity; to the present day, when Polish membership of the EU is changing perceptions both within Poland and in the wider world.Poland: A Modern History presents a vivid and accessible portrait of Polands tumultuous history over the past century. It is a clear and concise introduction to a nation which, often at the epicentre of European political history, has nevertheless sometimes struggled to define its national identity.     

Author Name :Anita J. Prazmowska

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Ideas of Slavery from Aristotle to Augustine

This study, unique of its kind, asks how slavery was viewed by the leading spokesmen of Greece and Rome. There was no movement for abolition in these societies, or a vigorous debate, such as occurred in antebellum America, but this does not imply that slavery was accepted without question. This book draws on a wide range of sources, pagan, Jewish and Christian, over ten centuries, to challenge the common assumption of passive acquiescence in slavery, and the associated view that, Aristotle apart, there was no systematic thought on slavery. The work contains both a typology of attitudes to slavery ranging from critiques to justifications, and paired case studies of leading theorists of slavery, Aristotle and the Stoics, Philo and Paul, Ambrose and Augustine.     

Author Name :Peter Garnsey

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Australia For Dummies

From the Outback to the Great Barrier Reef to glorious, sophisticated cities like Sydney, this guide helps you find the Australian adventures and attractions that are right for you, whether youd like to cuddle a koala, explore a shipwreck, swim with whale sharks, or climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It gives you the scoop on:The mysterious Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Red Center that has awed people for thousands of years,Where to spot all kinds of wildlife, including kangaroos, platypuses, wallabies, Tasmanian devils, wombats, marsupials, and man-eating crocodiles,The best places to take a beach walk or a bushwalk, where youll wind beneath dripping tree ferns and pounding cascades,All kinds of activities, from boomerang- and spear-throwing instruction to hiking to snorkeling over dazzling reefs, fishing for coral trout, or discovering Australias best wines,Great accommodations, ranging from luxury hotels to an African-style safari camp with air-conditioned tents to a motel with underground rooms reached by a maze of tunnels dug out of the rock,The best places to experience Aboriginal culture and find Aboriginal arts and crafts     

Author Name :Marc Llewellyn, Lee Mylne

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The History of Rome

Reflecting the short, direct sentence structure in which Livy wrote his Historya style too often obscured by the "connective tissue" that clouds other translationsValerie Warriors translation is both highly accurate and accessible to undergraduates. Warriors Introduction and extensive foot-of-the-page annotation further distinguish an edition designed for classroom use.     

Author Name :Livy, Valerie M. Warrior

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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln (United States Presidents).Anne Welsbacher (Author)     

Author Name :Anne Welsbacher

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Underwater Archaeology

Underwater Archaeology: The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice provides a comprehensive summary of the archaeological process as applied in an underwater context. Long awaited second edition of what is popularly referred to as the NAS Handbook Provides a practical guide to underwater archaeology: how to get involved, basic principles, essential techniques, project planning and execution, publishing and presenting Fully illustrated with over 100 drawings and new colour graphics.New chapters on geophysics, historical research, photography and video, monitoring and maintenance and conservation     

Author Name :Nautical Archaeology Society

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Microarchaeology seeks to understand the microscopic record in terms of the types of information embedded in this record, the materials in which this information resides, and the conditions under which a reliable signal can be extracted. This book highlights the concepts needed to extract information from the microscopic record. Intended for all archaeologists and archaeological scientists, it will be of particular interest to students who have some background in the natural sciences and archaeology     

Author Name :Stephen Weiner

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50 Batttles that changed the worlds

This book is not so much about military strategy as the implications of the battles that were vital in shaping civilization as we know it. Some of the battles in this book are familiar to us all-Bunker Hill, which prevented the American Revolution from being stillborn, and Marathon, which kept the world's first democracy alive. Others may be less familiar-the naval battle at Diu (on the Indian Coast), which led to the ascendancy of Western Civilization and the discovery of America, and Yarmuk, which made possible the spread of Islam from Morocco to the Philippines     

Author Name :Wiliam Weir

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Hiroshima: The World's Bomb

This book provides an overview of the decision to drop the atomic bomb, the points of view and scientific development that led to the decision, and the post-WWII development of atomic weapons, presented country by country. Given this broad scope, the detail that can be provided is to a degree limited, but nevertheless sufficient, given the goals of the book. The author implies that the bombs were an atrocity in general, but well-explains why the decision makers at the time were more or less compelled to go ahead and drop the bombs. The later-day revisionism, critical of the bombs, is basically avoided; indeed, many of the arguments against the bombs are set aside, based on the facts. A good read on the topic.     

Author Name :Andrew J. Rotter

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Royal Transport

The book offers a fascinating look at how British royalty has travelled since the invention of steam .This richly illustrated book covers all modes of royal transport in Britain and the Commonwealth - some of the most famous and yet unknown transport in the world.     

Author Name :Peter Pigott

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The Ottoman Empire 1326-1699

This volume covers the rise of the Ottomans, and their early years of fighting for a foothold across the Bosphorus, before exploring the main campaigns and the part played by such elite troops as the Janissaries and the Sipahis. At its height under Suleiman the Magnificent, the Ottoman Empire became the most powerful state in the world - a multi-national, multilingual empire that stretched from Vienna to the upper Arab peninsula.     

Author Name :S. R. Turnbull

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History of Rome: To 565 A.D

This sketch of the History of Rome to 565 A. D. is primarily intended to meet the needs of introductory college courses in Roman History. However, it is hoped that it may also prove of service as a handbook for students of Roman life and literature in general. It is with the latter in mind that I have added the bibliographical note. Naturally, within the brief limits of such a text, it was impossible to defend the point of view adopted on disputed points or to take notice of divergent opinions. Therefore, to show the great debt which lowe to the work of others, and to provide those interested in particular problems with some guide to more detailed study, I have given a list of selected references, which express, I believe, the prevailing views of modern scholarship upon the various phases of Roman History. I wish to acknowledge my general indebtedness to Professor 'V. S. Ferguson of Harvard University for his guidance in my approach to the study of Roman History     

Author Name :Arthur Edward Romilly Boak

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African Archaeology

David Phillipson has expanded and updated his survey on the archaeology of Africa in a lucid, fully illustrated account which extends from the origins of humanity to the time of European colonization. The book effectively demonstrates the relevance of archaeological research to an understanding of Africa today, and stresses the continent's contribution to the human cultural heritage.     

Author Name :David W. Phillipson

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Military Land Rover

Essential reference work on the history of the world's first operational jet fighter. Less than twenty per cent of some 1500 built actually flew in combat, but the author has identified some 1200 of them. They are listed sequentially by 'Werknummer' together with known fates and a photograph, if available, plus known pilots, assigned units and recorded flights.     

Author Name :Pat Ware

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Fiefs and Vassals

Fiefs and Vassals is a book that will change our view of the medieval world. Offering a fundamental challenge to orthodox conceptions of feudalism, Susan Reynolds argues that the concepts of fiefs and vassalage that have been central to the understanding of medieval society for hundreds of years are in fact based on a misunderstanding of the primary sources.Reynolds demonstrates convincingly that the ideas of fiefs and vassalage as currently understood, far from being the central structural elements of medieval social and economic relations, are a conceptual lens through which historians have focused the details of medieval life. This lens, according to Reynolds, distorts more than it clarifies. With the lens removed, the realities of medieval life will have the chance to appear as they really are: more various, more individual, more complex, and perhaps richer than has previously been supposed.This is a radical new examination of social relations within the noble class and between lords and their vassals, the distillation of wide-ranging research by a leading medieval historian. It will revolutionize the way we think of the Middle Ages.     

Author Name :Susan Reynolds

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War the State and International Law in Seventeenth-Century Europe

One of the great paradoxes of post-medieval Europe, is why instead of bringing peace to a disorganized and violent world, modernity instead produced a seemingly endless string of conflicts and social upheavals. Why was it that the foundation and institutionalization of secured peace and the rule of law seemed to go hand-in-hand with the proliferation of war and the violation of individual and collective rights? In order to try to better understand such profound questions, this volume explores the history and theories of political thought of international relations in the seventeenth century, a period in which many of the defining features and boundaries of modern Europe where fixed and codified. With the discovery of the New World, and the fundamental impact of the Reformation, the complexity of international relations increased considerably. Reactions to these upheavals resulted in a range of responses intended to address the contradictions and conflicts of the anarchical society of states. Alongside the emergence of 'modern' international law, the equation of international relations with the state of nature, and the development of the 'balance of power', diplomatic procedures and commercial customs arose which shaped the emerging (and current) international system of states. Employing a multidisciplinary approach to address these issues, this volume brings together political scientists, philosophers, historians of political thought, jurists and scholars of international relations. What emerges is a certain tension between the different strands of research which allows for a fruitful new synthesis. In this respect the assembled essays in this volume offer a sophisticated and fresh account of the interactions of law, conflict and the nation state in an early-modern European context.     

Author Name :Olaf Asbach,Peter Schrder

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Heroes of Empire

During the decades of empire (1870-1914), legendary heroes and their astonishing deeds of conquest gave imperialism a recognizable human face. Henry Morton Stanley, Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, Charles Gordon, Jean-Baptiste Marchand, and Hubert Lyautey all braved almost unimaginable dangers among "savage" people for their nation's greater good. This vastly readable book, the first comparative history of colonial heroes in Britain and France, shows via unforgettable portraits the shift from public veneration of the peaceful conqueror to unbridled passion for the vanquishing hero. Edward Berenson argues that these five men transformed the imperial steeplechase of those years into a powerful "heroic moment." He breaks new ground by linking the era's "new imperialism" to its "new journalism"--the penny press--which furnished the public with larger-than-life figures who then embodied each nation's imperial hopes and anxieties.     

Author Name :Edward Berenson

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Tank Rider

Tank Rider is the atmospheric memoir of Evgeni Bessonov telling of his years of service in the vanguard of the Red Army and daily encounters with the German foe. He brings large-scale battles alive, recounts the sniping and skirmishing which tried and tested soldiers on both sides and narrates the overwhelming tragedy and horror of apocalyptic warfare on the Eastern Front.     

Author Name :Evgeni Bessonov

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Edinburgh Airport

It deals with the Second World War, the development in the '50s and '60s, and the BAA takeover and the new terminal and runway. There are sub sections on the Ferranti Flying Unit and the first crash of a Vickers Vanguard at Heathrow on an Edinburgh flight, and a look into the long battle to allow transatlantic flights from Edinburgh and not just from Prestwick, with a section on the future.     

Author Name :Keith McCloskey

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French Warships of World War I

The Main purpose of the book, in common with the other warhship reference books in this series, is to describe the ships themselves in detail, listing their salient features, modifications, and the weapons they carried. This latter section contains much information hitherto unpublished.     

Author Name :Jean Labayle Couhat

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The Seventy Great Battles in History

Black explains that two major criteria guided the selection of 70 great battles: the cultural consequence and the encapsulation of the technologies and tactics of warfare. Black's team of historians employ a uniform graphical layout consisting of a fact box of forces, a map, color paintings or photographs, and a condensed analytic narrative. The technology theme, which so fascinates many readers of military history, does not accelerate, of course, until discussion of the battles of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, whereas the clash-of-cultures theme dominates analysis of battles of the ancient and medieval periods. Marathon and Salamis, having preserved the Greek cradle of Western civilization, open the volume, and supporting its midsection is the collection of conflicts that delineated Europe's Christian/Muslim cultural frontier. With firepower supplanting muscle power from the 1600s forward, Black's battle accounts increasingly weigh commanders' adroitness with new weaponry. Visually emphatic, Black's informative introduction to warfare's history represents a browsing foundation for further reading.     

Author Name :Jeremy Black

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Ancient Rome

This series, with its consistent format, will be a mainstay of any library where elementary children do reports on ancient civilizations.Describes the history, government, people, culture, aspects of daily life, and enduring legacy of ancient Rome.     

Author Name :Lucia Raatma

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The Seventy Great Battles in History

Organized chronologically into seven parts, the book encompasses the ancient and medieval worlds as well as the wars of the past hundred years, including the conflict in Iraq. The contributors analyze not just the greatest land battles of all time, but sieges such as Constantinople (1453) and Tenochtitlan (1521); naval battles such as Actium (31 BC), Trafalgar (1805), and Tsushima (1905); and the crucial conflicts in the air during the Battle of Britain (1940) and the American attack on Japan (1945).The coverage is truly worldwide in scope, from the battle in Teutoburg Forest in AD 9, where the Germans defeated the Romans, to Hakata Bay in 1281, where the Japanese defeated the Mongols, and the first battle of Panipat in 1526, where the Mughals conquered Hindustan. The reader is presented with a masterly overview of advances in military technology, and of the changing tactics and strategy of battlefield commanders from Hannibal to Napoleon, Montgomery, and Eisenhower.     

Author Name :group

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History of Language

Steven Roger Fischer charts the history of language from the time ofHomo erectusto the nineteenth century, analyzing the emergence of linguistics as a science and the development of language as a written form. He also investigates the rise of pidgin, jargon, slang, and dialectology, as well as literature and literacys relationship to language. Finally, he demonstrates the effects of the media on language today.     

Author Name :Steven Roger Fischer

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A Companion to Tourism

This groundbreaking Companion offers readers an opportunity to reassess key themes in contemporary tourism studies in the light of recent theoretical developments in tourism studies and the social sciences, as well as dramatic changes in the operating environment for tourism.     

Author Name :Alan A. Lew,C. Michael Hall,Allan M. Williams

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The White War

So why should you read this book? Well it gives you a clear account of one part of the wider First World War front that is only now becoming clear and even possible to study. (Attempts to clear the names of those summarily executed is still politically sensitive in Italy.) But a more important reason is that it offers insights into the conduct of events now. If History has anything to teach, its that we the ordinary people wont get a true picture what our masters have been doing in our name until we are pushing up the daisies.. In knowing what was going on behind closed doors then, we can question what the media, cultural elites, military strategists, politicians are doing now. But of course if you think we have the straight line on the War on Terror, then give it a miss.     

Author Name :Mark Thompson

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World on the Edge

In this urgent time, World on the Edge calls out the pivotal environmental issues and how to solve them now. We are in a race between political and natural tipping points. Can we close coal-fired power plants fast enough to save the Greenland ice sheet and avoid catastrophic sea level rise? Can we raise water productivity fast enough to halt the depletion of aquifers and avoid water-driven food shortages? Can we cope with peak water and peak oil at the same time? These are some of the issues Lester R. Brown skillfully distills in World on the Edge. Bringing decades of research and analysis into play, he provides the responses needed to reclaim our future.     

Author Name :Lester R. Brown

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War and Peace and War

Like Jared Diamond in Guns, Germs, and Steel, Peter Turchin in War and Peace and War uses his expertise in evolutionary biology to make a highly original argument about the rise and fall of empires. Turchin argues that the key to the formation of an empire is a societys capacity for collective action. He demonstrates that high levels of cooperation are found where people have to band together to fight off a common enemy, and that this kind of cooperation led to the formation of the Roman and Russian empires, and the United States. But as empires grow, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, conflict replaces cooperation, and dissolution inevitably follows. Eloquently argued and rich with historical examples, War and Peace and War offers a bold new theory about the course of world history.     

Author Name :Peter Turchin

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A Brief History of France

From the Enlightenment and the French Revolution to colonialism in the Caribbean, Africa, and Southeast Asia, France has had a profound impact on the modern world. Famous for its cultural and political contributions to civilization, France now occupies a central role in the European Union, of which it is the largest member state.A Brief History of France offers a broad overview of the country's history, from the prehistoric Neanderthals to the present nation at the heart of the European Union, while also exploring the country's geography, culture, and society. Loaded with black-and-white photographs, maps, and informative sidebars, this new resource paints a detailed picture for readers interested in this European country.     

Author Name :Paul F. State

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A Brief History of Germany

The story of Germany, a key player in global diplomatic and economic affairs, is crucial to our understanding of global history and the contemporary world. Covering more than 2,000 years of history, A Brief History of Germany provides a concise account of the events, people, and special customs and traditions that have shaped Germany from ancient times to the present. This new resource provides the key background information readers need to put current global events in historical perspective.Basic facts, a chronology, a bibliography, and a list of suggested readings round out this insightful and comprehensive resource.     

Author Name :Jason P. Coy

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The Loss of the S. S. Titanic

CONSTRUCTION AND PREPARATIONS FOR THE FIRST VOYAGE The history of the R.M.S. Titanic, of the White Star Line, is one of the most tragically short it is possible to conceive. The world had waited expectantly for its launching and again for its sailing; had read accounts of its tremendous size and its unexampled completeness and luxury; had felt it a matter of the greatest satisfaction that such a comfortable, and above all such a safe boat had been designed and built--the unsinkable lifeboat;--and then in a moment to hear that it had gone to the bottom as if it had been the veriest tramp steamer of a few hundred tons; and with it fifteen hundred passengers, some of them known the world over! The improbability of such a thing ever happening was what staggered humanity.     

Author Name :Lawrence Beesley

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Democracy in America

Endlessly quoted and referred to, Tocqueville's great history is as relevant now as when it was first published in the mid-19th century, and it remains the most penetrating and astute picture of American life ever written.     

Author Name :Alexis de Tocqueville

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The Horse and Jockey from Artemision

In 1928, and again in 1937, parts of a large-scale bronze horse and nearly complete jockey were recovered from the sea off Cape Artemision in Greece, where they had gone down in a shipwreck. These original Hellenistic sculptures, known together as the "Horse and Jockey Group from Artemision," are among the very few surviving bronze sculptures from antiquity. Sean Hemingway has been allowed by the National Museum in Athens to investigate the horse and jockey statuary group as no one ever has before, and in this book, combining archaeological and art historical methods of investigation, he provides the first in-depth study of this rare and beautiful monument. New technical analyses of the statues by Helen Andreopoulou-Mangou form an appendix to the volume. Hemingway begins with an introduction to Hellenistic bronze statuary and what we know about this extraordinary class of ancient sculpture. He then recounts with riveting detail the discovery and painstaking restoration of the statue group, describing the technique of its creation and carefully reviewing scholarly knowledge and speculation about it. He also provides a valuable compendium of what is known about ancient Greek horse racing, the most prestigious and splendid of all Greek sports. After a full consideration of all the available evidence, he speculates further about the work's original meaning and function. His study provides a glimpse of the excellence achieved by Hellenistic bronze sculptors, and it will become the definitive resource on this unique sculpture from ancient Greece.     

Author Name :Sean Hemingway

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Before the Volcano Erupted

On an August evening around AD 600, residents of the Cereacute;n village in the Zapotitaacute;n Valley of what is now El Salvador were sitting down to their nightly meal when ground tremors and loud steam emissions warned of an impending volcanic eruption. The villagers fled, leaving their town to be buried under five meters of volcanic ash and forgotten until a bulldozer uncovered evidence of the extraordinarily preserved town in 1976. The most intact Precolumbian village in Latin America, Cereacute;n has been called the "Pompeii of the New World."This book and its accompanying CD-ROM and website ( ) present complete and detailed reports of the excavations carried out at Cereacute;n since 1978 by a multidisciplinary team of archaeologists, ethnographers, volcanologists, geophysicists, botanists, conservators, and others. The book is divided into sections that discuss the physical environment and resources, household structures and economy, special buildings and their uses, artifact analysis, and topical and theoretical issues.As the authors present and analyze Cereacute;n's houses and their goods, workshops, civic and religious buildings, kitchen gardens, planted fields, and garbage dumps, a new and much clearer picture of how commoners lived during the Maya Classic Period emerges. These findings constitute landmark contributions to the anthropology and archaeology of Central America.     

Author Name :Payson Sheets

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Medieval England

Medieval England provides a vital and fascinating historical context for medieval archaeology. The book is divided into seven periods, from the Norman Conquest in 1066 to the aftermath of the Black Death and finally up to 1600 and the reorientation of English society under the Tudors.Colin Platt draws on evidence and sources from a wide range of locations and of different types to illustrate how people of all classes lived. He discusses, among other things, building, diet, disease, climate, popular taste, religious cults, industry, the relations between different between different classes and the distribution of wealth.     

Author Name :Professor C Platt

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Neolithic Scotland

Gordon Noble's analysis follows the Neolithic period in Scotland from around 4000 BC to the transformation of Neolithic society in the Early Bronze Age fifteen hundred years later. Synthesizing research from the past century, Noble suggests new directions for the interpretation of this elusive period.     

Author Name :Gordon Noble

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Reading the Past

Reading the past is Hodders first book where he explicitly descibes the new post-processual archaeology and give critics about the processual (and other) approach. Truly a paradigm-shift, this book is the first book that covers the basic ideas of post-processualism.     

Author Name :Ian Hodde, Scott Hutson

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The Archaeology of the Caribbean

The Archaeology of the Caribbean is a comprehensive synthesis of Caribbean prehistory from the earliest settlement by humans more than 4000 years BC, to the time of European conquest of the islands, from the fifteenth through seventeenth centuries. Samuel Wilson reviews the evidence for migration and cultural change throughout the archipelago, dealing in particular with periods of cultural interaction when groups with different cultures and histories were in contact.     

Author Name :Samuel M. Wilson

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The Early Neolithic in Greece

Farmers made a sudden and dramatic appearance in Greece around 7000 BC, bringing with them new ceramics and crafts, and establishing settled villages. Their settlements provide the link between the first agricultural Near Eastern communities and the subsequent spread of the new technologies to the Balkans and Western Europe. Drawing on evidence from a wide range of archaeological sources, including often neglected "small finds", the author introduces daring new perspectives on funerary rituals and the distribution of figurines, and constructs a complex and subtle picture of early Neolithic societies.     

Author Name :Catherine Perles

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Farming, Hunting, and Fishing in the Olmec World

The Olmec who anciently inhabited Mexico's southern Gulf Coast organized their once-egalitarian society into chiefdoms during the Formative period (1400 BC to AD 300). This increase in political complexity coincided with the development of village agriculture, which has led scholars to theorize that agricultural surpluses gave aspiring Olmec leaders control over vital resources and thus a power base on which to build authority and exact tribute. In this book, Amber VanDerwarker conducts the first multidisciplinary analysis of subsistence patterns at two Olmec settlements to offer a fuller understanding of how the development of political complexity was tied to both agricultural practices and environmental factors. She uses plant and animal remains, as well as isotopic data, to trace the intensification of maize agriculture during the Late Formative period. She also examines how volcanic eruptions in the region affected subsistence practices and settlement patterns. Through these multiple sets of data, VanDerwarker presents convincing evidence that Olmec and epi-Olmec lifeways of farming, hunting, and fishing were driven by both political and environmental pressures and that the rise of institutionalized leadership must be understood within the ecological context in which it occurred.     

Author Name :Amber M. VanDerwarke

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Rock Art and the Prehistory of Atlantic Europe

Richard Bradley discusses the cultural settings of the rock carvings, the ways in which they can be interpreted in relation to ancient land use, the creation of ritual monuments and the burial of the dead. Integrating this fascinating yet little-known material into the mainstream of prehistoric studies, Rock Art and the Prehistory of Atlantic Europe demonstrates that these carvings played a fundamental role in the organization of the prehistoric landscape.     

Author Name :Richard Bradley

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The Archaeology of Ethnogenesis

This innovative work of historical archaeology illuminates the genesis of the Californios, a community of military settlers who forged a new identity on the northwest edge of Spanish North America. Since 1993, Barbara L. Voss has conducted archaeological excavations at the Presidio of San Francisco, founded by Spain during its colonization of California's central coast. Her research at the Presidio forms the basis for this rich study of cultural identity formation, or ethnogenesis, among the diverse peoples who came from widespread colonized populations to serve at the Presidio. Through a close investigation of the landscape, architecture, ceramics, clothing, and other aspects of material culture, she traces shifting contours of race and sexuality in colonial California.     

Author Name :Barbara L. Voss

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In the late 1920s outside a sleepy remote New Mexico village, prehistory was made. Spear points, found embedded between the ribs of an extinct Ice Age bison at the site of Folsom, finally resolved decades of bitter scientific controversy over whether the first Americans had arrived in the New World in Ice Age times. Although Folsom is justly famous in the history of archaeology for resolving that dispute, for decades little was known of the site except that it was very old. This book for the first time tells the full story of Folsom. David J. Meltzer deftly combines the results of extensive new excavations and laboratory analyses from the late 1990s, with the results of a complete examination and analysis of all the original artifacts and bison remains recovered in the 1920s - now scattered in museums and small towns across the country. Using the latest in archaeological method and technique, and bringing in data from geology and paleoecology, this interdisciplinary study provides a comprehensive look at the adaptations and environments of the late Ice Age Paleoindian hunters who killed a large herd of bison at this spot, as well as a measure of Folsom's pivotal role in American archaeology.     

Author Name :David J. Meltzer

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Archaeological Studies of Gender in the Southeastern United States

In the first book about the archaeology of gender in native societies of southeastern North America, these lively essays reconstruct the different social roles and relationships adopted by women and men before and after the arrival of Europeans in the 16th century. These case studies explore the ways in which gender differences affected people's daily lives by examining material evidence from archaeological sites, including grave goods, human remains, and spatial configurations of burials.     

Author Name :Jane M. Eastman, Christopher B. Rodning

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Lithic Technology

This volume brings together essays that measure the life history of stone tools relative to retouch values, raw material constraints, and evolutionary processes. Collectively, they explore the association of technological organization with facets of tool form such as reduction sequences, tool production effort, artifact curation processes, and retouch measurement.     

Author Name :William Andrefsky Jr.

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Monuments, Empires, and Resistance

From AD 1550 to 1850, the Araucanian polity in southern Chile was a center of political resistance to the intruding Spanish empire. In this book, Tom D. Dillehay examines the resistance strategies of the Araucanians and how they used mound building and other sacred monuments to reorganize their political and culture life in order to unite against the Spanish. Drawing on anthropological research conducted over three decades, Dillehay focuses on the development of leadership, shamanism, ritual, and power relations.     

Author Name :Tom D. Dillehay

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Environmental Archaeology

This volume outlines and assesses the various methods used to reconstruct and explain the past interaction between people and their environments. Emphasizing the importance of a highly scientific approach to the subject, the book combines geoarchaeological, bioarchaeological (archeaobotany and zooarchaeology), and geochronological information, and examines how these various aspects of archaeology may be used to enhance our knowledge and understanding of past human environments. Drawing from both the practical experiences of the authors and cutting-edge research, Environmental Archaeology is a valuable contribution to the subject. It will be essential reading for students and professionals in archaeology, geography, and anthropology.     

Author Name :Nick Branch, Matthew Canti, Peter Clark, Chris Turney

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The Modern Scholar

Even millennia after its fall, the grand expanse of Roman achievement continues to affect not only American society, but the entire world as well. What caused a civilization of such accomplishments to disintegrate? In this informative and lively series of lectures, renowned history professor Thomas F. Madden serves as the ultimate guide through the fall of ancient Rome. Professor Madden correlates the principles of Roman conduct - both governmental and military - that would forever change the world. Rome was an empire unlike the world had ever seen, and one that will likely never be duplicated. Peopled with personages of great distinction and even greater ambition, at once notable for humanity's great promise and flawed nature, the Roman Empire contributed many of history's proudest advancements. Here Professor Madden invites audiences to explore all the grandeur of this fallen empire.     

Author Name :Professor Thomas F. Madden

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Short Cut to Decay

This title brings together analytical perspectives, data and approaches so as to enhance the understanding of what seems to be a "permanent" catastrophe, the Sudan.     

Author Name :Sharif Harir, Terje Tvedt

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Modern Japan

The civilization of Japan is an ancient one, and by the time the first Western visitors arrived in 1542, the Japanese people were as highly educated as any in the world and enjoyed a sophisticated culture. From the sixteenth century on, the country's history was shaped by a tension between its people's thirst to understand foreign institutions and customs and their determination to assert and preserve its native traditions. In Modern Japan, James Huffman tells the rich and dynamic story of this history through a fascinating range of primary source documents.     

Author Name :James L. Huffman

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Renaissance and Reformation

The editors of Renaissance and Reformation have strived toward and succeeded in making a time of long ago more accessible to today's middle- and junior-high-school students. Coverage focuses on major events and individuals of European history between the mid-1300s and the early 1600s.Vol.1-2 Renaissance and Reformation: Almanac provides a wide range of historical information on the period in European history between the mid-1300s and the early 1600s. The two-volume set explores both the Italian and Northern Renaissance as well as the Protestant and Catholic Reformations. Arranged in fourteen subject chapters, Renaissance and Reformation: Almanac includes topics such as the rise of European monarchies, Martin Luther and his role in the Protestant Reformation, Italian and Northern Renaissance culture, science during the Renaissance, education and training, women in Renaissance society, and daily life. Vol.3-4 Renaissance and Reformation: Biographies presents the biographies of women and men relevant to the Renaissance and Reformation period in Europe. Among the fifty people profiled in each of the two volumes are artists, authors, religious leaders, musicians, scientists, and kings and queens who helped to define this ever-changing period in European history.     


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Once an island home to the capital of the Aztec empire and now partially buried beneath Mexico City, Tenochtitlan presents a unique challenge for today's archaelogists. An interview with archaelogist and writer Leonardo Lopez Lujan about the history of and his experiences in Tenochtitlan appears as a special feature of the book.     

Author Name :Leonardo Lopez Lujan, Judy Levin

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Archaeology of Micronesia

Drawing on a wide range of archaeological, anthropological and historical sources, Paul Rainbird surveys the development of Micronesia, from the earliest process of human colonization, within the broader context of Pacific Island studies. Addressing contemporary debates around processes of colonization, social organization, environmental change and the interpretation of material culture, this book will be essential reading for any scholar with an interest in the archaeology of the Pacific.     

Author Name :Paul Rainbird

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The Archaeology of Britain

The Archaeology of Britain is a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to all the archaeological periods covering Britain from earliest prehistory to the industrial revolution. It provides a one-step textbook for the entire archaeology of Britain and reflects the most recent developments in archaeology both as a field subject and as an academic discipline. Chapters are organized in chronological order and are followed by two-level bibliographies: the first provides core-reading material, the second, a more detailed guide to the subject area. Contributors include Nicholas Barton, Timothy Champion, Kate Clark, Simon Esmonde Cleary, Timothy Darvill, Roberta Gilchrist, W.S. Hanson, Catherine Hills, Colin Haselgrove, John Hunter, Steven Mithen, Mike Parker Pearson, Ian B.M. Ralston, Julian D. Richards, John Schofield, Paul Stamper, Alasdair Whittle and Ian Whyte.     

Author Name :John Hunter, Ian Ralston

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The Archaeology Coursebook

This fully updated and revised edition of the best-selling title "The Archaeology Coursebook" is a guide for students studying archaeology for the first time. Including new methods and case studies in this third edition, it provides pre-university students and teachers, as well as undergraduates and enthusiasts, with the skills and technical concepts necessary to grasp the subject. "The Archaeology Coursebook" introduces the most commonly examined archaeological methods, concepts, and themes, and provides the necessary skills to understand them. It explains how to interpret the material students may meet in examinations and how to succeed with different types of assignments and exam questions.It supports study with case studies, key sites, key terms, tasks and skills development. It illustrates concepts and commentary with over 300 photos and drawings of excavation sites, methodology and processes, tools and equipment links from its own website to other key websites in archaeology at the right level. It contains new material on "Issues in Modern Archaeology", "Sites and People in the Landscape" and "People and Society in the Past", new case studies, methods, examples, boxes, photographs and diagrams; as well as updates on examination changes for pre-university students. This is definitely a book no archaeology student should be without.     

Author Name :Jim Grant, Sam Gorin and Neil Fleming

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Archaeology, Society and Identity in Modern Japan

This bold and illuminating study examines the role of archaeology in the formation of the modern Japanese nation and explores the processes by which archaeological practice is shaped by national social and intellectual discourse. Leading Japanese archaeologist Koji Mizoguchi argues that an understanding of the past has been a central component in the creation of national identities and modern nation states and that, since its emergence as a distinct academic discipline in the modern era, archaeology has played an important role in shaping that understanding. By examining in parallel the uniquely intense process of modernisation experienced by Japan and the history of Japanese archaeology, Mizoguchi explores the close interrelationship between archaeology, society and modernity, helping to explain why we do archaeology in the way that we do. This book is essential reading for anybody with an interest in the history of archaeology or modern Japan.     

Author Name :Koji Mizoguchi

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Archaeology of the British Isles

This is a guide to the archaeology of the British Isles, from the Ice Age to the medieval period. Beginning with an introduction to the methods and techniques of modern archaeology, the author moves on to cover the archaeology of the British Isles, dealing with such questions as: when the British Isles were first inhabited; how the great Neolithic monuments were planned and built; and the impact of the Roman Conquest. The guide is completed by a detailed gazetteer of 468 sites that can be visited.     

Author Name :Andrew Hayes

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The Annotated Mona Lisa

A layman's guide to art history free from bogged down, convoluted theories provides the reader with a basic working knowledge of art and its influence on society, from ancient times to today.     

Author Name :Carol Strickland

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The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

The books cover the period of theRoman EmpireafterMarcus Aurelius, from 180 to 1453. They take as their material the behavior and decisions that led to the decay and eventualfall of the Roman Empirein theEastandWest, offering an explanation for why the Roman Empire fell.     

Author Name :Edward Gibbon

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The Roman World 44 BCAD 180

The Roman World 44 BC-AD 180 explores the central period of the Roman empire from Julius Caesar to Marcus Aurelius. Goodman examines the Roman world from an unusual and illuminating angle, focusing on the perspective of its subject peoples and its fringe areas, rather than from the Emperor's household, thereby giving a balanced view of the Roman world in its entirety. Goodman outlines and discusses the major aspects of Roman rule and culture, as well as the marginal; the city state of Rome, politics, social and civic life and religion. The Roman World 44 BC-AD 180 offers a stimulating and sometimes provocative addition to the study of the Roman world in this period, which will be of vital interest to anyone concerned with the origins of Western civilization.     

Author Name :Martin Goodman

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American Military Vehicles of World War I

In World War I the American motor vehicle industry was tested by the sudden appearance of vast transport challenges. The nation's immense manufacturing capabilities and abundant natural resources combined with increased standardization and mass production to enable the industry to meet the military's needs. Motor vehicles and aircraft were quickly cemented as the most influential military tools of the early twentieth century. This book both describes the development and use of a wide range of specialized motor vehicles during World War I and analyzes how their advent indelibly altered modern warfare and transportation.     

Author Name :Albert Mroz

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MIG Killers of the Vietnam War

Presented here is the most complete photo collection of U.S. Air Force F-4 Phantoms and F-105 Thunderchiefs credited with aerial victories during the Vietnam era. Of the total one hundred-thirteen individual Phantoms and Thunderchiefs credited with aerial     

Author Name :Donald J MacCarthy Jr.

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