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Afghanistan and the Anglo-Russian Dispute

An account of Russia's advance toward India, based upon the reports and experiences of Russian, German, and British officers and travellers; with a description of Afghanistan and of the military resources of the powers concerned.     

Author Name :Theo F. Rodenbough

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Imperialism and The Tracks of Our Forefathers

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.     

Author Name :Charles Francis Adams

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The Geneva Protocol

TheGeneva Protocol for the Pacific Settlement of International Disputeswas adopted by all 47 members of theLeague of Nationson 2 October1924.The Geneva Protocol for the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes envisaged wide-ranging regulations to bring about general disarmament, effective international security and the compulsory arbitration of disputes. In the Geneva Protocol the member states had declared themselves ready to consent to important limitations of their sovereignty in favor of the League of Nations (Wehberg). After it had been approved on 2 October 1924 by all the 47 member states of the League of Nations at the 5th General Assembly, however, it was not ratified by Great Britain the following year under the newly elected government ofStanley Baldwin, withAusten ChamberlainasSecretary of State for Foreign Affairs(from 1924 to 1929). The Protocol subsequently failed to materialize.     

Author Name :David Hunter Miller

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The documented story of how the character of the United States was covertly changed by organized education."The records of the proceedings of the National Education Association is the best history of American education that has ever been written.You will find in these an account of every important educational movement that has been made in this country." President, State Normal School, Fairmont, W.Va. 1931.     

Author Name :Erminie King Wright

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The Return of History and the End of Dreams

Hopes for a new peaceful international order after the end of the Cold War have been dashed by sobering realities: Great powers are once again competing for honor and influence. The world remains unipolar, but international competition among the United States, Russia, China, Europe, Japan, India, and Iran raise new threats of regional conflict, and a new contest between western liberalism and the great eastern autocracies of Russia and China has reinjected ideology into geopolitics.     

Author Name :Robert Kagan

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Historical Lectures and Essays

The GENERAL HISTORICAL collection includes books from the British Library digitised by Microsoft. This varied collection includes material that gives readers a 19th century view of the world. Topics include health, education, economics, agriculture, environment, technology, culture, politics, labour and industry, mining, penal policy, and social order.     

Author Name :Charles Kingsley

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A short history of Soviet socialism

Mark Sandle is Lecturer in Russian and East European History at De Montfort University.; This book is intended for undergraduate courses on 20th century Soviet history the Cold War European history Soviet studies History of political thought Marxism-Leninism.     

Author Name :Mark Sandle

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Unspeakable Truths: Confronting State Terror and Atrocities

In a sweeping review of forty truth commissions, Priscilla Hayner delivers a definitive exploration of the global experience in official truth-seeking after widespread atrocities. When Unspeakable Truths was first published in 2001, it quickly became a classic, helping to define the field of truth commissions and the broader arena of transitional justice. This second edition is fully updated and expanded, covering twenty new commissions formed in the last ten years, analyzing new trends, and offering detailed charts that assess the impact of truth commissions and provide comparative information not previously available.     

Author Name :Priscilla Hayner

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This edition is written in English. However, there is a running French thesaurus at the bottom of each page for the more difficult English words highlighted in the text. There are many editions of Letters to Sir William Windham and Mr Pope. This edition would be useful if you would like to enrich your French-English vocabulary, whether for self-improvement or for preparation in advanced of college examinations. Webster's edition of this classic is organized to expose the reader to a maximum number of difficult and potentially ambiguous English words. Rare or idiosyncratic words and expressions are given lower priority compared to "difficult, yet commonly used" English words. Rather than supply a single translation, many words are translated for a variety of meanings in French, allowing readers to better grasp the ambiguity of English without using the notes as a pure translation crutch. Having the reader decipher a word's meaning within context serves to improve vocabulary retention and understanding.     


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Culture and anarchy; an essay in political and social criticism (1894)     


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Totalitarianism and Political Religions, Volume II

Available for the first time in English language translation, this is the long-awaited second volume of the three part set on Totalitarianism and Political Religions, edited by the eminent Professor Hans Maier. This represents a major study, with contributions from leading scholars of political extremism, sociology and modern history, the book shows how new models for understanding political history arose from the experience of modern despotic regimes.     

Author Name :Hans Maier and Michael Schafer

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Totalitarianism and Political Religions, Volume III

The third volume of Totalitarianism and Political Religions completes the set. It provides a comprehensive overview of key theories and theorists of totalitarianism and of political religions, from Hannah Arendt and Raymond Aron to Leo Strauss and Simone Weill. Edited by the eminent Professor Hans Maier, this represents a major study, examining how new models for understanding political history arose from the experience of modern despotic regimes.     

Author Name :Hans Maier

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Globalization and the State in Central and Eastern Europe

This book examines the transformation of the state in Central and Eastern Europe since the end of communism and adoption of market oriented reform in the early 1990s, exploring the impact of globalization and economic liberalization on the regions states, societies and political economy. It compares the different policies and national strategies adopted by key Central and Eastern European states, including the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, showing how initial internally oriented strategies of market reform, privileging domestic sources of investment, had by the late 1990s given way to externally oriented strategies emphasising the promotion of competitiveness by attracting foreign investment. It explores the reasons behind this convergence, considering the influence of internal and external forces, and the roles of interests, institutions and ideas. It argues that internationalization of the state is forged in the processes through which domestic groups linked to transnational capital attain domestic influence necessary to shape state policy and strategy.     

Author Name :Jan Drahokoupil

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Democracy and Pluralism

William E. Connollys political theory forms a distinct and influential contribution to contemporary debates about the nature and prospects of democratic life in the twenty-first century. His original conceptualisations of pluralism, naturalism, the politics of the body, religion, secularism and his daring incorporation of contemporary neurobiology into political theory and analysis, have opened new paths for intellectual enquiry. Connolly has brought an American tradition of pragmatist political thinking into fruitful conversation with the best of contemporary continental European philosophy and given to both a new energy and focus.     

Author Name :Alan Finlayson

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A Global Security Triangle

This book considers the interactions between Africa, Asia and Europe, ana- lysing the short and long- term strategies various states have adopted in their external relations.This book provides both conceptual and empirical arguments to offer an innovative perspective on the EU as a global actor. It demonstrates how these three regions interact politically and economically to address global challenges as well as global opportunities, and thus provides an assessment of the multilateralism which the EU clearly stated in its Security Strategy paper.     

Author Name :Valeria Bello

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Intelligence Cooperation and the War on Terror

This book provides an in-depth analysis of UK-US intelligence cooperation in the post-9/11 world.     

Author Name :Adam D.M. Svendsen

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Indias Open-Economy Policy

This book is the ?rst major exploration of Indian political economy using a con- structivist approach. Arguing that Indias open-economy policy was made, justi- ?ed, and continued on the basis of the idea of openness more than its tangible effect, the book explains what sustained the idea of openness, what philosophy, interpretations of history, and international context gave it support, justi?cation, and persuasive force.     

Author Name :Jalal Alamgir

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Achieving Human Rights

Richard Falk once again captures our attention with a nuanced analysis of what we need to do - at the personal level as well as state actions - to refocus our pursuit of human rights in a post-9/11 world. From democratic global governance, to the costs of the Iraq War, the preeminent role of the United States in the world order to the role of individual citizens of a globalized world, Falk stresses the moral urgency of achieving human rights. In elegant simplicity, this book places the priority of such an ethos in the personal decisions we make in our human interactions, not just the activities of government institutions and non-governmental organizations.     

Author Name :Richard Falk

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A Crisis of Global Institutions?

The legitimacy of global institutions which address security challenges is in question. The manner in which they make decisions and the interests they reflect often falls short of twenty-first century expectations and norms of good governance. Also, their performance has raised doubts about their ability to address contemporary challenges such as civil wars, weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, and the use of military force in international politics     

Author Name :Edward Newman

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In Theories of the Information Society Frank Webster makes sense of the information explosion, taking a sceptical look at what thinkers mean when they refer to the 'Information Society' and critically examines the major post-war theories and approaches to informational development. This third edition brings the book right up to date with both new theoretical work and, social and technological changes (such as the rapid growth of the Internet and accelerated globalization), reassessing the work of key theorists in light of these changes.     

Author Name :Frank Webster

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Green Political Thought Fourth Edition

This highly acclaimed introduction to green political thought is now available in a new edition, having been fully revised and updated to take into account the areas which have grown in importance since the third edition was published.     

Author Name :Andrew Dobson

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Principles and Political Order

This volume offers key insights into the work of the chief figures in the contemporary debate surrounding thin universalism and presents a usefully themed contribution to the secondary literature on the work of Onora ONeill, John Rawls, Michael Walzer, Martha Nussbaum, Stuart Hampshire and others as well as a commentary on contemporary debates surrounding human rights and distributive justice.     

Author Name :Bruce Haddock, Peri Roberts and Peter Sutch

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Party Policy in Modern Democracies

This book will prove to be an invaluable reference for all political scien- tists, particularly those interested in party policy and comparative politics.     

Author Name :Kenneth Benoit and Michael Laver

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Ideas and Actions in the Green Movement

The 'Western' green movement has grown rapidly in the last three decades: green ministers are in government in several European countries, Greenpeace has millions of paying supporters, and green direct action against roads, GM crops, the WTO and neo-liberalism, have become ubiquitous.     

Author Name :Brian Doherty

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This unique reference offers a quick and convenient overview of the key thinkers in international relations in the twentieth century.     

Author Name :Martin Griffiths

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Social Justice

Social Justice has been a dominant concern of political philosophers, theorists and economists since the last century. Social Justice: From Hume to Walzer brings together leading theorists to discuss the latest thinking on this important area of study.     

Author Name :David Boucher and Paul Kelly

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The War on Terrorism and the American 'empire' after the Cold War

This new study shows how the American-led 'war on terror' has brought about the most significant shift in the contours of the international system since the end of the Cold War. The essays collected in this volume analyse the historical, socio-economic and political dimensions of the current international conjuncture, and assess the degree to which the war on terror has transformed the nature and projection of US global power. Drawing on a range of critical social theories, this collection seeks to ground historically the analysis of global developments since the inception of the new Bush Presidency and weigh up the political consequences of this imperial turn. This book will be of great interest for all students of US foreign policy, contemporary international affairs, international relations and politics.     

Author Name :Alejandro Cols, Richard Saull

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The traditional Eurocentric view of state formation and the rise of civilization is vigorously challeged in this unusually broad-ranging, up-to-date and innovative book. Using research from archaeology, ethnology, and anthropology, the authors examine the dynamics of political centralization, the nature of social inequalities, state formation, the nature of bureaucracy and the role of literacy in a variety of historical and geographical contexts. They examine the developments and resistences encountered in state formation and the mechanisms which produce cumulative development on a world-historical scale.     

Author Name :John Gledhill, Barbara Bender, Mogens Trolle Larsen

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A History of Western Political Thought is an energetic, engaged and lucid account of the most important political thinkers and the enduring themes of the last two and a half millennia. J.S.McClelland traces the development and consolidation of a tradition of Western political thought from Ancient Greece through to the development of the modern state, the American Enlightenment, the rise of liberalism and the very different reactions it engendered. He discusses how a tradition beginning before Socrates might be said to have played itself out in the second half of the twentieth century.     

Author Name :J.S.McClelland

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This second edition brings the book up to date by looking at recent examples of racism, such as the war in the former Yugoslavia and the cases of Stephen Lawrence and Rodney King, and by considering Islamophobia in Western societies. It also looks more widely at recent developments in the debate.     

Author Name :Robert Miles, Malcolm Brown

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Modern Political Thought

Modern Political Thought: A Reader is an excellent introduction to the key works of the major political thinkers from the English Civil War to the end of the 19th Century. It draws together the most important parts of seminal works of political thought such as Hobbes' Leviathan, Locke's Treatises, Rousseau's The Social Contract, Mill's On Liberty, together with substantial extracts from Machiavelli's The Prince and Marx's Capital. Accessible introductions are provided for each thinker, explaining their lives and works, and placing them in the historical context in which they worked and wrote.     

Author Name :John Gingell, Adrian Little and Christopher Winch

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Japanese Army Stragglers and Memories of the War in Japan, 1950-75

This book charts comprehensively the various discoveries in Southeast Asia and the Pacific of Japanese soldiers still fighting the Second World War many years after it had ended. It explores their return to Japan and their impact on the Japanese people, revealing changing attitudes to war veterans and war casualties' families, as well as the ambivalence of memories of the war.     

Author Name :Beatrice Trefalt

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What is Money?

This volume provocatively rethinks the economics, politics and sociology of money and examines the classic question of what money is. Starting from the two main alternative views of money, as either a neutral instrument or a social relation, What is Money? presents a thematic, interdisciplinary approach which points towards a definitive statement on money.     

Author Name :John Smithin

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The Green Challenge

The Green Challenge is an up-to-date and comprehensive account of the development of Green parties in Western Europe, and includes an account of the development since 1989 of an East European Green movement.     

Author Name :Dick Richardson and Chris Rootes

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The Political Thought of Karl Popper offers a controversial treatment of Popper's ideas about politics, informed by Shearmur's personal knowledge of Popper together with research on unpublished material in the Popper archive at the Hoover Institute.     

Author Name :Jeremy Shearmur

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Lester Hunt examines in detail areas such as Nietzsche's views on human rights, his `anti-political` stance and his unusual use of the idea of `experimentation' as an ethical ideal. Should we accept and use his ideas?     

Author Name :Lester H.Hunt

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The Politics of Atrocity and Reconciliation

The Politics of Atrocity and Reconciliation examines contemporary political violence and atrocity in the context of the crisis of the nation-state. It explores the way violence is used to unmake the social world and how its product: suffering, is used to try to remake the social world. Humphrey considers both the unmaking of the world through torture, war, urbicide and ethnic cleansing and the resultant remaking of the world through testimony and witnessing in the forums of truth commissions and trials.     

Author Name :Michael Humphrey

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A History of Feminist Literary Criticism

Feminism has transformed the academic study of literature, fundamentally altering the canon of what is taught and setting new agendas for literary analysis. In this authoritative history of feminist literary criticism, leading scholars chart the development of the practice from the middle ages to the present. This book offers a comprehensive guide to the history and development of feminist literary criticism and a lively reassessment of the main issues and authors in the field. It is essential reading for all students and scholars of feminist writing and literary criticism.     

Author Name :Gill Plain, Susan Sellers

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The Routledge Companion to Feminism and Postfeminism

Approachable for general readers as well as for students in women's studies related courses at all levels, this invaluable guide follows the unique Companion format in combining over a dozen in-depth background chapters with more than 400 A-Z dictionary entries. The background chapters are written by major figures in the field of feminist studies, and include thorough coverage of the history of feminism, as well as extensive discussions of topics such as Postfeminism, Men in Feminism, Feminism and New Technologies and Feminism and Philosophy.     

Author Name :Sarah Gamble

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Feminists Read Habermas: Gendering the Subject of Discourse

This important new collection considers Jurgen Habermas's discourse theory from a variety of feminist vantage points. Feminist scholars have been drawn to Habermas's work because it reflects a tradition of emancipatory political thinking rooted in the Enlightenment and engages with the normative aims of emancipatory social movements. The essays in Feminists Read Habermas analyze various aspects of Habermas's work, ranging from his moral theory to political issues of identity and participation. The contributors share a conviction about the potential significance of Habermas's work for feminist reflections on power, norms and subjectivity.     

Author Name :Johanna Meehan

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The Limits of Nationalism

This book discusses the justifications and limits of cultural nationalism from a liberal perspective. Chaim Gans presents a normative typology of nationalist ideologies, distinguishing between cultural liberal nationalism and statist liberal nationalism. Statist nationalisms argue that states have an interest in the cultural homogeneity of their citizenries. Gans argues that freedom- and identity-based justifications for cultural nationalism common in literature can only support the adherence thesis, while the historical thesis could only be justified by the interest people have in the long-term endurance of their personal and group endeavors. The Limits of Nationalism examines demands often made in the name of cultural nationalism, such as claims for national self-determination, historical rights claims to territories and demands entailedby cultural particularism as opposed to cultural cosmopolitanism.     

Author Name :Chaim Gans

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A Political and Economic Dictionary of Western Europe

A Political and Economic Dictionary of Western Europe is an invaluable guide for those seeking clarification of terms, or a quick reference source. The range of entries is broad and encompasses the recent history and economy of each country of the region as well as political parties, geographical features, prominent individuals, international organizations and key businesses. It provides over 600 key definitions and presents an overview of the changing political dimensions of Western Europe and its relations with the European Union.     

Author Name :Claire Annesley

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A Political and Economic Dictionary of the Middle East

This reference volume is the definitive guide to the economics and politics of the Middle East. It provides clear definitions detailing terms, concepts, names and organizations used in relation to current economic or political affairs in the Middle East. Entries define, explain and give further relevant information on countries, regions, ethnic groups, political parties, organizations, policies and disputes.     

Author Name :David Seddon

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Marx, Lenin, and the revolutionary experience: studies of communism and radicalism in the age of globalization

Marx, Lenin, and the Revolutionary Experienceoffers a fresh look at Communism, both the bad and good, and also touches on anarchism, Christian theory, conservatism, liberalism, Marxism, and more, to argue for the enduring relevance of Karl Marx, and V.I. Lenin as democratic revolutionaries. It examines the "Red Decade" of the 1930s and the civil rights movement and the New Left of the 1960s in the United States as well. Studying the past to grapple with issues of war and terrorism, exploitation, hunger, ecological crisis, and trends toward deadening "de-spiritualization", the book shows how the revolutionaries of the past are still relevant to today's struggles. It offers a clearly written and carefully reasoned thematic discussion of globalization, Marxism, Christianity (and religion in general), Communism, the history of the USSR and US radical and social movements.     

Author Name :Paul Le Blanc

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Antonio Gramsci (Routledge Critical Thinkers)

For readers encountering Gramsci for the first time, Steve Jones covers key elements of his thought through detailed discussion and studies the historical context of the theorist's thought, offers examples of putting Gramsci's ideas into practice in the analysis of contemporary culture and evaluates responses to his work. Including British, European and American examples, key topics covered here include: culture, hegemony, intellectuals, crisis, Americanization. Gramsci's work invites people to think beyond simplistic oppositions by recasting ideological domination as hegemony: the ability of a ruling power's values to live in the minds and lives of its subalterns as a spontaneous expression of their own interests.     

Author Name :Steven Jones

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The Communist Manifesto

Commonly known as the Communist Manifesto, the Manifesto of the Communist Party (in German Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei) has been one of the most influential political documents in the world, having a far-reaching effect on twentieth-century political organization. In this 1848 publication, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels expound the program and purpose of the Communist League who commissioned the work. A critique of the Capitalist order of the time, the Manifesto gives a vision of a stateless, classless society, achieved through the overthrow of bourgeois social systems and the abolition of private property - the revolution of the proletariat.     

Author Name :Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

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Cyber Racism

In this exploration of the way racism is translated from the print-only era to the cyber era the author takes the reader through a devastatingly informative tour of white supremacy online. The book examines how white supremacist organizations have translated their printed publications onto the Internet. Included are examples of open as well as 'cloaked' sites which disguise white supremacy sources as legitimate civil rights websites. Interviews with a small sample of teenagers as they surf the web show how they encounter cloaked sites and attempt to make sense of them, mostly unsuccessfully. The result is a first-rate analysis of cyber racism within the global information age. The author debunks the common assumptions that the Internet is either an inherently democratizing technology or an effective 'recruiting' tool for white supremacists. The book concludes with a nuanced, challenging analysis that urges readers to rethink conventional ways of knowing about racial equality, civil rights, and the Internet.     

Author Name :Jessie Daniels

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A Brief History of Neoliberalism

Neoliberalism--the doctrine that market exchange is an ethic in itself, capable of acting as a guide for all human action--has become dominant in both thought and practice throughout much of the world since 1970 or so. Writing for a wide audience, David Harvey, author of The New Imperialism and The Condition of Postmodernity, here tells the political-economic story of where neoliberalization came from and how it proliferated on the world stage. Through critical engagement with this history, he constructs a framework, not only for analyzing the political and economic dangers that now surround us, but also for assessing the prospects for the more socially just alternatives being advocated by many oppositional movements.     

Author Name :David Harvey

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Disposable Women and Other Myths of Global Capitalism

Everyday, around the world, women who work in the Third World factories of global firms face the idea that they are disposable. Melissa W. Wright explains how this notion proliferates, both within and beyond factory walls, through the telling of a simple story: the myth of the disposable Third World woman. This myth explains how young women workers around the world eventually turn into living forms of waste. Disposable Women and Other Myths of Global Capitalism follows this myth inside the global factories and surrounding cities in northern Mexico and in southern China, illustrating the crucial role the tale plays in maintaining not just the constant flow of global capital, but the present regime of transnational capitalism. The author also investigates how women challenge the story and its meaning for workers in global firms. These innovative responses illustrate how a politics for confronting global capitalism must include the many creative ways that working people resist its dehumanizing effects.     

Author Name :Melissa W. Wright

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PROTECTING THE VULNERABLE Autonomy and consent in health care

The right of adults with sound mind to consent to treatment or risk their own health for the benefit of the community in a clinical trial is unequivocally recognised by the law. But what about those vulnerable by virtue of their age, nature or position in society? Experts from the fields of medicine, philosophy, theology and law, explore the ethical and legal principles which seek to reconcile the individual's right to autonomy with the need to protect vulnerable groups. Discussions refer both to specific groups (premature babies, children, people with mental handicaps) and specific issues (cases of abuse by sterilization of women, suicide, the right to information).     

Author Name :Margaret Brazier and Mary Lobjoit

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ANTONIO GRAMSCI Beyond Marxism and Postmodernism .

This book provides the first detailed account of Gramsci's work in the context of current critical and socio-cultural debates. Renate Holub argues that Gramsci was ahead of his time in offering a theory of art, politics and cultural production. Gramsci's achievement is discussed particularly in relation to the Frankfurt School (Adorno, Horkheimer, Benjamin, Bloch, Habermas), to Brecht's theoretical writings and to thinkers in the phenomenological tradition especially Merleau-Ponty. She argues for Gramsci's continuing relevance at a time of retreat from Marxist positions on the postmodern left. Antonio Gramsci is distinguished by its range of philosophical grasp, its depth of specialized historical scholarship, and its keen sense of Gramsci's position as a crucial figure in the politics of contemporary cultural theory.     

Author Name :Renate Holub

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Fifty Major Political Thinkers introduces the lives and ideas of some of the most influential figures in Western political thought, from ancient Greece to the present day. The entries provide a fascinating introduction to the major figures and schools of thought that have shaped contemporary politics.     

Author Name :Ian Adams and R.W. Dyson

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This book examines the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran towards the states of the Persian Gulf from 1979 to 1998. It covers perceptions Iranians and Arabs have of each other, Islamic revolutionary ideology, the Iran/Iraq war, the Gulf crisis, the election of President Khatami and finally the role of external powers, such as the United States. The author argues that over the twenty-year period, the policy has moved from being ideological to pragmatic; and that by tracing its history, we can better anticipate its future relationship.     

Author Name :Khomeini to Khatami

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Democracy surrounds us like the air we breath, and is normally taken very much for granted. Across the world democracy has become accepted as an unquestionably good thing. Yet upon further examination the merits of democracy are both paradoxical and problematic, and the treasured values of liberty and equality can be used to argue both for and against it. In the historical section of the book, Ross Harrison clearly traces the history of democracy by examining the works of, amongst others, Plato and Aristotle, Hegel and Marx. Informed by facts and detailed knowledge of these famous thinkers, Harrison provides a clear and cogent justification of democracy.     

Author Name :Ross Harrison

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Capitalism at the Crossroads

"Capitalism at the Crossroadsis a practical manifesto for business in the twenty-first century. Professor Stuart L. Hart provides a succinct framework for managers to harmonize concerns for the planet with wealth creation and unambiguously demonstrates the connection between the two. This book represents a turning point in the debate about the emerging role and responsibility of business in society."     

Author Name :Stuart L. Hart

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Egypt Islam and Democracy

These essays by one of Egypt's most influential intellectuals provide a fascinating perspective on the political, religious, economic, and social issues of contemporary Egypt. Written over a period of fifteen years, the essays cover a range of topics including civil society and the prospects for democratization in Egypt and the region, the urban sociology of Cairo, the development of Egypt's landed bourgeoisie, structural adjustment and the processes of economic liberalization, and the complexities of ethnic conflicts and minorities in the Arab world. A number of essays address different aspects of Islamic activism in Egypt: the formation, membership, and activities of activist groups and their philosophies, political and social roles, and ideological relations with the West. Written at various points in the modern history of Islamic activism, democratic reform, and economic and social liberalization, these essays reflect the processes of change and continuity in the sociopolitical development of present-day Egypt, while a new postscript written by the author in 2001 brings the story into perspective at the beginning of the twenty-first century.     

Author Name :Saad Eddin Ibrahim

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Corruption: The Boom and Bust of East Asia

Governance and corruption have finally come to the fore of the development debate. While interest in governance began to surge in the early 1990s, the East Asian crisis has catapulted the issue to prominence. Analysts and academics in a spate of articles and books, have added their voices to the chorus of criticism of the so-called Asian miracle. Their verdict: Bad governance and corruption did the "miracle" countries in.Taking a different perspective, this book asks and attempts to answer how these countries were able to attract enormous amounts of investment and enjoy rapid growth over a thirty-year period despite being perceived as hotbeds of corruption As conventional wisdom would have it, high rates of investment are inconsistent with high levels of corruption. While this may be true in general, the chapters in this volume suggest that we need to look into the nature of corruption. Different types of corruption have varying effects on investment.     

Author Name :J. Edgardo Campos

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The Clash of Globalisations

This work addresses the politics of globalisation through an examination of neo-liberalism, the third way, and anti-capitalist responses and alternatives. It utilises a Marxist approach, not only to challenge the claims made by apologists for 'actually existing globalisation', but to explain, contextualise and problematise the rise of anti-globalisation politics. Central to the work is a critique of globalisation theory, neo-liberalism and the third way; an examination of the role of the state as an agent of globalisation, particularly the hegemonic US state; a theorisation of the nature of uneven development in the global order; and an examination of the political implications of these issues for progressive alternatives to neo-liberal globalisation     

Author Name :Ray Kiely

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The Cuban Revolution

THE CUBAN REVOLUTION begins by summarizing events in Cuba from its 1868 independence from Spain through 1958, the year before the revolution. While the author discusses politics, economics and social factors separately, these factors interact, and many of the same conditions are reported a number of times, from slightly different points of view     

Author Name :Marifeli Perez- Stables

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What was socialism, and what comes next

Among the first anthropologists to work in Eastern Europe, Katherine Verdery had built up a significant base of ethnographic and historical expertise when the major political transformations in the region began to take place. In this book, which deals with the aftermath of Soviet-style socialism and the different forms that may replace it, she explores the nature of socialism in order to understand more fully its consequences. By analyzing her primary data from Romania and Transylvania and synthesizing information from other sources, Verdery lends a distinctive anthropological perspective to a variety of themes common to political and economic studies on the end of socialism: themes such as "civil society," the creation of market economies, privatization, national and ethnic conflict, and changing gender relations. Infused by an ethnographic sensibility, the book rejects the assumption of a transition to capitalism in favor of investigating local processes on their own terms     

Author Name :Katherine Verdery

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Understanding International Conflicts

Part of the "Longman Classics in Political Science" Series, this highly readable and respected book balances history and theory to give international politics students a framework for analyzing the past and using it to understand the issues confronting us today. Part of the "Longman Classics" series, Nye's Understanding International Conflicts has been completely updated and features a new Foreword by Stanley Hoffman. A book that students enjoy reading, Nye's volume deftly balances theory and history to help students develop a well-rounded is a book that students enjoy reading, Nye's volume deftly balances theory and history to help students develop a well-rounded, informed framework for analyzing current issues and dilemmas. Updated with the most recent scholarship and replete with illustrative examples, the Fourth Edition explores the international issues confronting us at the beginning of the 21st Century. Understanding International Conflicts aims to provide students with the conceptual tools that will help them shape their own answers to the unfolding developments in our world long after exams are done.     

Author Name :Joseph S. Nye

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Resolving International Conflicts

This title includes scholarly legal texts dedicated to Tibor Varady, in honor of his seventieth birthday. While focusing on international private law and international arbitration, the essays also address the questions of constitutional law and legal philosophy. State-of-the-art contributions, covering a wide scope from the practical analysis of American arbitration policy and the position of the USA vis-a-vis international law, through the latest developments in German legal practice, to theoretical issues of jurisdiction. Especially rich is the volume in exploring the legal dimension of the European integration process. Tibor Varady is Professor at the Legal Studies Department of the Central European University in Budapest, and Chairman of the International Business Law Program. Member of the Hague Permanent Court of Arbitration, Varady served as Minister of Justice of Serbia in 1992-1993.     

Author Name :Peter Hay, Lajos Vks,Yehuda Elkana, Nenad Dimitrijevic

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Nations at War

Nations at War provides a scientifically-derived explanation of war. It develops this explanation by reviewing data-based studies of international conflict, analyzing war from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries, and identifying factors such as geography, regimes, military capabilities, alliances, and trade associated with both the onset and destructiveness of these conflicts. Two wars (the Iran/Iraq war of 1980, and World War I) are examined in detail in an effort to show how wars begin and sometimes expand to include other states. This unique book collates and synthesizes the findings of over five hundred scientific studies of war.     

Author Name :Daniel S. Geller,J. David Singer

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Making Enemies

A social scientist, the founder of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies anchored at Columbia University, describes how the dynamics of humiliationintentional and unwittingare central to large- and small-scale conflicts around the globe and internationally.     

Author Name :Evelin Lindner

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Federalism and democratisation in Russia

The fall of the Soviet Union and the Eastern bloc has been covered in print to an almost exhaustive degree. However, there has been very little written that focuses on the regions of the former Soviet Union, or on the Russian Federation itself. This book builds on Cameron Ross' earlier work, Regional Politics in Russia, by combining theoretical perspectives with empirical work, to provide a comparative analysis of the electoral systems, party systems, and governmental systems in the ethnic republics and regions and to assess the impact of these different institutional arrangements on democratization and federalism.     

Author Name :Cameron Ross

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Democratic Governance

Democratic Governance examines the changing nature of the modern state and reveals the dangers these changes pose to democracy. Mark Bevir shows how new ideas about governance have gradually displaced old-style notions of government in Britain and around the world. Policymakers cling to outdated concepts of representative government while at the same time placing ever more faith in expertise, markets, and networks. Democracy exhibits blurred lines of accountability and declining legitimacy. Bevir explores how new theories of governance undermined traditional government in the twentieth century. Politicians responded by erecting great bureaucracies, increasingly relying on policy expertise and abstract notions of citizenship and, more recently, on networks of quasi-governmental and private organizations to deliver services using market-oriented techniques. Today, the state is an unwieldy edifice of nineteenth-century government buttressed by a sprawling substructure devoted to the very different idea of governance--and democracy has suffered. In Democratic Governance, Bevir takes a comprehensive look at governance and the history and thinking behind it. He provides in-depth case studies of constitutional reform, judicial reform, joined-up government, and police reform. He argues that the best hope for democratic renewal lies in more interpretive styles of expertise, dialogic forms of policymaking, and more diverse avenues for public participation.     

Author Name :Mark Bevir

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