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Samuel Butler (1835-1902) was a British writer strongly influenced by his New Zealand experiences. He is best known for his utopian satire Erewhon; or, Over the Range (1872) and his posthumous novel The Way of All Flesh (1903). He went up to his father's alma mater, St. John's College, Cambridge, in 1854. Following graduation from Cambridge, Butler lived in a low-income parish in London. In September 1859 he emigrated to New Zealand. He wrote about his arrival and his life as a sheep farmer on Mesopotamia Station in A First Year in Canterbury Settlement (1863). Erewhon; or, Over the Range revealed Butler's long interest in Darwin's theories of biological evolution, and in fact Darwin had, like him, visited New Zealand. His close interest in the art of the Sacri Monti is reflected in Alps and Sanctuaries of Piedmont and the Canton Ticino (1881) and Ex Voto: An Account of the Sacro Monte or New Jerusalem at Varallo-Sesia (1888).     

Author Name :Samuel Butler

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Heroes and Hero Worship

On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and The Heroic in History is a book by Thomas Carlyle, published with James Fraser, London, in 1841. It is a collection of six lectures held in May 1840.     

Author Name :Thomas Carlyle

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Transnationalism' refers to multiple ties and interactions linking people or institutions across the borders of nation-states. This book surveys the broader meanings of transnationalism within the study of globalization before concentrating on migrant transnational practices. Each chapter demonstrates ways in which new and contemporary transnational practices of migrants are fundamentally transforming social, political and economic structures simultaneously within homelands and places of settlement.     

Author Name :Steven Vertovec

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Gender, Household and State in Post-Revolutionary Vietnam

This book examines gender in post-revolutionary Vietnam, focusing on gender relations in the family and state since the onset of economic reform in 1986. Drawing on a wide range of primary sources (including surveys, interviews, and responses to film screenings), Jayne Werner demonstrates that despite the formal institution of public gender equality in Vietnam, in practice women do not hold a great deal of power, continuing to defer to men in both the family and the wider community. Contrary to conventional analyses equating liberalisation and decentralisation with a reduced role for the state over social relations, this book argues that gender relations continued to bear the imprint of state gender policies and discourses in the post-socialist state. While the household remained a highly statist sphere, the book also shows that the unequal status of men and women in the family was based on kinship ties that provided the underlying structure of the family and (contrary to resource theory) depended less on their economic contribution than on family norms and conceptions of proper gendered behaviour.     

Author Name :Jayne Werner

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Young People, New Theatre

Young People, New Theatre is a how-to book; exploring and explaining the process of collaborating creatively with groups of young people across cultural divides.     

Author Name :Noel Greig

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The Mediation of Power

The Mediation of Power investigates how those in positions of power use and are influenced by media in their everyday activities. Each chapter examines this theme through an exploration of some of the key topic areas and debates in the field.     

Author Name :Aeron Davis

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This uniquely engaging introduction to Jean Baudrillards controversial writings covers his entire career focusing on Baudrillards central, but little understood, notion of symbolic exchange. Through the clarification of this key term a very different Baudrillard emerges: not the nihilistic postmodernist and enemy of Marxism and Feminism that his critics have constructed, but a thinker immersed in the social world and passionately committed to a radical theorizsation of it.     

Author Name :William Pawlett

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REHABILITATION-Beyond the risk paradigm

Over the last two decades, empirical evidence has increasingly supported the view that it is possible to reduce re-offending rates by rehabilitating offenders rather than simply punishing them. In fact, the pendulums swing back from a pure punishment model to a rehabilitation model is arguably one of the most significant events in modern correctional policy. This comprehensive review argues that rehabilitation should focus both on promoting human goods (i.e. providing the offender with the essential ingredients for a 'good' life), as well as reducing/avoiding risk.     


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In this fascinating and topical beginners guide, Ellis Cashmore explores the intriguing issue of celebrity culture: its origins, its meaning and its global influence. Covering such varied perspectives as fame addiction, the celebrification of politics and celebrity fatigue, Cashmore analyzes the relationship celebrity has with commodification and the consumer society, and investigates the new media and the quest for self-perfection.     


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Revitalizing Causality

This book is a unique, cross-disciplinary collection of articles by philosophers, social scientists and social theorists who explore, at different levels of abstraction, what it means to invoke causal mechanisms, or powers, in the context of offering a causal explanation. Realism about causality is a compelling neo-Aristotelian alternative to the dominant Humean and Kantian approaches in philosophy and social science. Its proponents argue that causality is neither a misnomer for constant conjunction nor the exercise of a cognitive a priori, but rather is a matter of the powers that things have to affect other things.     

Author Name :Ruth Groff

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