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This book argues that governments have increasingly allowed penal populism to impact on policy development and that there has been less reliance on the expertise of civil servants and academics. This fascinating book shows that the roots of penal populism lie in the collapse of trust in the modern institutions of government, the decline of deference and the growth of ontological insecurity, along with new media technologies helping to spread it.The book is a fascinating expos of current crime policy development and poses important questions for the future. It will be essential reading for students, researchers and professionals working in criminology and crime policy.     

Author Name :John Pratt

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Moral Agendas for Childrens Welfare

Moral Agendas for Children's Welfare examines the roles played by politics, religion, ethics, aesthetics, law and science in identifying children's needs and rights and critically analyses existing child welfare policies.     

Author Name :Michael King

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Penal Populism

Penal populism is associated with the public's decline of deference to the criminal justice establishment amidst alarm that crime is out of control. Pratt argues that new media technology is helping to spread national insecurities and politicians are not only encouraging such sentiments but are also being led on by them. Pratt explains it is having most influence in the development of policy on sex offenders, youth crime, persistent criminals and anti-social behaviour.     

Author Name :John Pratt

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The Dead and their Possessions

Inspired by a key session for the World Archaeological Congress in South Africa, The Dead and their Possessions is the first book to tackle the principle, policy and practice of repatriating museum artefacts, rather than cultural heritage in general. This repatriation campaign has become hugely significant in universities and museums where human remains uncovered through archaeological excavation have been retained for the scientific study of past populations. This book will be invaluable to those involved in the collection and repatriation of remains and cultural objects to indigenous groups.     

Author Name :Cressida Fforde, Jane Hubert, Paul Turnbull

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Globalization and Governance

Globalization and Governance is a completely up-to-date, impartial survey of a variety of perspectives on what constitutes governance, how globalization might impact on governance, and the state. Eleven essays and a thorough introduction provide a theoretical framework and a literature overview. Unlike most books on the subject, this does not espouse any ideological agenda and examines the topical subject of globalization in a conceptually rigorous way.     

Author Name :Jeffrey A. Hart, Aseem Prakash

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