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Algebraic Topology

This book was written to be a readable introduction to algebraic topology with rather broad coverage of the subject. This material is here divided into four chapters, roughly according to increasing sophistication, with homotopy split between Chapters 1 and 4, and homology and its mirror variant cohomology in Chapters 2 and 3.     

Author Name :Allen Hatcher

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Super Linear Algebra

In this book, the authors introduce the notion of Super linear algebra and super vector spaces using the definition of super matrices defined by Horst (1963). This book expects the readers to be well-versed in linear algebra. Many theorems on super linear algebra and its properties are proved. Some theorems are left as exercises for the reader.     

Author Name :W. B. V. Kandasamy, F. Smarandache

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Basic Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra is one of the most important basic areas in Mathematics, having at least as great an impact as Calculus, and indeed it provides a significant part of the machinery required to generalise Calculus to vector-valued functions of many variables. These notes were originally written for a course at the University of Glasgow in the years 2006-7. They cover basic ideas and techniques of Linear Algebra that are applicable in many subjects including the physical and chemical sciences, statistics as well as other parts of mathematics.     

Author Name :Andrew Baker

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Master Math Algebra

Get ready to master the principles and operations of algebra! Master Math: Algebra is a comprehensive reference guide that explains and clarifies algebraic principles in a simple, easy-to-follow style and format. Beginning with the most basic fundamental topics and progressing through to the more advanced topics that will help prepare you for pre-calculus and calculus, the book helps clarify algebra using step-by-step procedures and solutions, along with examples and applications. A complete table of contents and a comprehensive index enable you to quickly find specific topics, and the approachable style and format facilitate an understanding of what can be intimidating and tricky skills. Perfect for both students who need some extra help or rusty professionals who want to brush up, Master Math: Algebra will help you master everything from simple algebraic equations to polynomials and graphing.     

Author Name :Debra Anne Ross

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Classification of Nuclear C-algebras

This EMS volume consists of two parts, written by leading scientists in the field of operator algebras and non-commutative geometry. The first part, written by M.Rordam, is on Elliott's classification program for nuclear C*-algebras. The emphasis is on the work of Kirchberg and the spectacular results by Kirchberg and Phillips giving a nearly complete classification, in terms of K-theoretic invariants, in the purely infinite case. This part of the program is described with almost full proofs beginning with Kirchberg's tensor product theorems and Kirchberg's embedding theorem for exact C*-algebras. The classification of finite simple C*-algebras starting with AF-algebras, and continuing with AT- and AH-algebras is covered, but mostly without proofs. The second part, written by E.Stormer, is a survey of the theory of of noncommutative entropy of automorphisms of C*-algebras and von Neumann algebras from its initiation by Connes and Stormer in 1975 till 2001.     

Author Name :M. Rordam, E. Stormer

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Trends in Commutative Algebra

This book is based on lectures by six internationally known experts presented at the 2002 MSRI introductory workshop on commutative algebra. They focus on the interaction of commutative algebra with other areas of mathematics, including algebraic geometry, group cohomology and representation theory, and combinatorics, with all necessary background provided. Short complementary papers describing work at the research frontier are also included. The unusual scope and format make the book invaluable reading for graduate students and researchers interested in commutative algebra and its various uses.     

Author Name :Luchezar L. Avramov, Mark Green, Craig Huneke, Karen E. Smith, Bernd Sturmfels

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Algebra and Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry, Classic Edition

The latest edition in the highly respected Swokowski/Cole precalculus series retains the elements that have made it so popular with instructors and students alike: its exposition is clear, the time-tested exercise sets feature a variety of applications, its uncluttered layout is appealing, and the difficulty level of problems is appropriate and consistent. Mathematically sound, ALGEBRA AND TRIGONOMETRY WITH ANALYTIC GEOMETRY, CLASSIC EDITION, 12E, effectively prepares students for further courses in mathematics through its excellent, time-tested problem sets.     

Author Name :Earl Swokowski, Jeffery A. Cole

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Algebraic Topology of Finite Topological Spaces and Applications

This volume deals with the theory of finite topological spaces and its relationship with the homotopy and simple homotopy theory of polyhedra. The interaction between their intrinsic combinatorial and topological structures makes finite spaces a useful tool for studying problems in Topology, Algebra and Geometry from a new perspective. In particular, the methods developed in this manuscript are used to study Quillen's conjecture on the poset of p-subgroups of a finite group and the Andrews-Curtis conjecture on the 3-deformability of contractible two-dimensional complexes. This self-contained work constitutes the first detailed exposition on the algebraic topology of finite spaces. It is intended for topologists and combinatorialists, but it is also recommended for advanced undergraduate students and graduate students with a modest knowledge of Algebraic Topology.     

Author Name :Jonathan A. Barmak

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An Introduction to Algebraic Topology

A clear exposition, with exercises, of the basic ideas of algebraic topology. Suitable for a two-semester course at the beginning graduate level, it assumes a knowledge of point set topology and basic algebra. Although categories and functors are introduced early in the text, excessive generality is avoided, and the author explains the geometric or analytic origins of abstract concepts as they are introduced.     

Author Name :Joseph J. Rotman

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Discovering Advanced Algebra

Brand New Discovering Advanced Algebra - An Investigative Approach - student edition, Texas edition     

Author Name :Jerald Murdock

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Algebra 2, Student Edition

Glencoe Algebra 2 is a key program in our vertically aligned high school mathematics series developed to help all students achieve a better understanding of mathematics and improve their mathematics scores on todays high-stakes assessments.     

Author Name :McGraw-Hill

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Differential Equations with Linear Algebra

The book offers an example-driven approach, beginning each chapter with one or two motivating problems that are applied in nature. The following chapter develops the mathematics necessary to solve these problems and explores related topics further. Even in more theoretical developments, we use an example-first style to build intuition and understanding before stating or proving general results. Over 100 figures provide visual demonstration of key ideas; the use of the computer algebra system Maple and Microsoft Excel are presented in detail throughout to provide further perspective and support students' use of technology in solving problems. Each chapter closes with several substantial projects for further study, many of which are based in applications.     

Author Name :Matthew R. Boelkins, J. L. Goldberg, and Merle C. Potter

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Module Theory

This textbook provides a self-contained course on the basic properties of modules and their importance in the theory of linear algebra. The first 11 chapters introduce the central results and applications of the theory of modules. Subsequent chapters deal with advanced linear algebra, including multilinear and tensor algebra, and explore such topics as the exterior product approach to the determinants of matrices, a module-theoretic approach to the structure of finitely generated Abelian groups, canonical forms, and normal transformations. Suitable for undergraduate courses, the text now includes a proof of the celebrated Wedderburn-Artin theorem which determines the structure of simple Artinian rings.     

Author Name :T. S. Blyth

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Algebra fulfills a definite need to provide a self-contained, one volume, graduate level algebra text that is readable by the average graduate student and flexible enough to accomodate a wide variety of instructors and course contents. The guiding philosophical principle throughout the text is that the material should be presented in the maximum usable generality consistent with good pedagogy. Therefore it is essentially self-contained, stresses clarity rather than brevity and contains an unusually large number of illustrative exercises. The book covers major areas of modern algebra, which is a necessity for most mathematics students in sufficient breadth and depth.     

Author Name :Thomas W. Hungerford

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Algebraic Geometry

Notes for a class-The goal of this section is just motivational; you will not find definitions or proofs here (and probably not even a mathematically precise statement).     

Author Name :Andreas Gathmann

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Linear Algebra

The first three chapters address the basics: matrices, vector spaces, and linear transformations. The next three cover eigen values, Euclidean inner products, and Jordan canonical forms, offering possibilities that can be tailored to the instructor's taste and to the length of the course. Bronson's approach to computation is modern and algorithmic, and his theory is clean and straightforward. Throughout, the views of the theory presented are broad and balanced. Key material is highlighted in the text and summarized at the end of each chapter. The book also includes ample exercises with answers and hints. With its inclusion of all the needed features, this text will be a pleasure for professionals, teachers, and students.     

Author Name :Richard Bronson, Gabriel B. Costa

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