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Introduction to Probability - Probability Examples c-1

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Author Name :Leif Mejlbro

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Sequential Stochastic Optimization

Presents a unified mathematical theory of optimal stopping and sequential control of stochastic processes along with several applications including sequential statistical tests involving several populations and multi-armed bandit problems. The material is accompanied by extensive problems, exercises and realistic examples which facilitate understanding. Contains a large amount of original information unavailable elsewhere. Sequential Stochastic Optimization provides mathematicians and applied researchers with a well-developed framework in which stochastic optimization problems can be formulated and solved. Offering much material that is either new or has never before appeared in book form, it lucidly presents a unified theory of optimal stopping and optimal sequential control of stochastic processes. This book has been carefully organized so that little prior knowledge of the subject is assumed; its only prerequisites are a standard graduate course in probability theory and some familiarity with discrete-parameter martingales.     

Author Name :R. Cairoli, Robert C. Dalang

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Visualizing Statistical Models and Concepts

Examines classic algorithms, geometric diagrams, and mechanical principles for enhances visualization of statistical estimation procedures and mathematical concepts in physics, engineering, and computer programming.     

Author Name :R.W. Farebrother

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Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists (9th Edition)

This classic text provides a rigorous introduction to basic probability theory and statistical inference, with a unique balance of theory and methodology. Interesting, relevant applications use real data from actual studies, showing how the concepts and methods can be used to solve problems in the field. This revision focuses on improved clarity and deeper understanding.     

Author Name :Ronald E. Walpole, Raymond H. Myers, Sharon L. Myers, Keying Ye

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Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences

This comprehensive introduction to probability and statistics will give you the solid grounding you need no matter what your engineering specialty. Through the use of lively and realistic examples, the author helps you go beyond simply learning about statistics--you'll also learn how to put the statistical methods to use. In addition, rather than focusing on rigorous mathematical development and potentially overwhelming derivations, Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences emphasizes concepts, models, methodology, and applications that facilitate your understanding.     

Author Name :Jay L. Devore

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