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Introduction to Probability - Probability Examples c-1

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Author Name :Leif Mejlbro

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Sequential Stochastic Optimization

Presents a unified mathematical theory of optimal stopping and sequential control of stochastic processes along with several applications including sequential statistical tests involving several populations and multi-armed bandit problems. The material is accompanied by extensive problems, exercises and realistic examples which facilitate understanding. Contains a large amount of original information unavailable elsewhere. Sequential Stochastic Optimization provides mathematicians and applied researchers with a well-developed framework in which stochastic optimization problems can be formulated and solved. Offering much material that is either new or has never before appeared in book form, it lucidly presents a unified theory of optimal stopping and optimal sequential control of stochastic processes. This book has been carefully organized so that little prior knowledge of the subject is assumed; its only prerequisites are a standard graduate course in probability theory and some familiarity with discrete-parameter martingales.     

Author Name :R. Cairoli, Robert C. Dalang

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Visualizing Statistical Models and Concepts

Examines classic algorithms, geometric diagrams, and mechanical principles for enhances visualization of statistical estimation procedures and mathematical concepts in physics, engineering, and computer programming.     

Author Name :R.W. Farebrother

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Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists (9th Edition)

This classic text provides a rigorous introduction to basic probability theory and statistical inference, with a unique balance of theory and methodology. Interesting, relevant applications use real data from actual studies, showing how the concepts and methods can be used to solve problems in the field. This revision focuses on improved clarity and deeper understanding.     

Author Name :Ronald E. Walpole, Raymond H. Myers, Sharon L. Myers, Keying Ye

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Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences

This comprehensive introduction to probability and statistics will give you the solid grounding you need no matter what your engineering specialty. Through the use of lively and realistic examples, the author helps you go beyond simply learning about statistics--you'll also learn how to put the statistical methods to use. In addition, rather than focusing on rigorous mathematical development and potentially overwhelming derivations, Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences emphasizes concepts, models, methodology, and applications that facilitate your understanding.     

Author Name :Jay L. Devore

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Reading Statistics and Research (6th Edition)

Employing a non-intimidating writing style that emphasizes concepts rather than formulas, this uniquely welcoming text shows consumers of research how to read, understand, and critically evaluate the statistical information and research results contained in technical research reports. Some key topics covered in this thoroughly revised text include: descriptive statistics, correlation, reliability and validity, estimation, h hypothesis testing, t-tests, ANOVA, ANCOVA, regression, multivariate analysis, factor analysis, and structural equation modeling (SEM). A number of mini-topics related to research and statistics are also discussed, such as the geometric mean, Tau-b correlation, Guttman split-half reliability, sensitivity, specificity, and the Sobel test. Additionally, the sixth edition also includes over 488 new excerpts (tables, figures, passages of text) taken from current research reports. Written specifically for students in non-thesis Masters Programs but also perfectly suitable for students in upper-level undergraduate statistics courses, doctoral students who must conduct dissertation research, and independent researchers who want a better handle on how to decipher and critique statistically-based research reports.     

Author Name :Schuyler W. Huck

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Mathematical Statistics with Applications, 7 edition

In their bestselling MATHEMATICAL STATISTICS WITH APPLICATIONS, premiere authors Dennis Wackerly, William Mendenhall, and Richard L. Scheaffer present a solid foundation in statistical theory while conveying the relevance and importance of the theory in solving practical problems in the real world. The authors' use of practical applications and excellent exercises helps you discover the nature of statistics and understand its essential role in scientific research.     

Author Name :Dennis Wackerly, William Mendenhall III, Richard L. Scheaffer

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Probability and Statistics

Concepts from the fields of probability and statistics pervade our thinking--even those of us who believe in the existence of luck--and we routinely express ourselves using language borrowed from various branches of mathematics. News reports, weather reports, and even sports reports are some examples of the probabilistic and statistical thinking that seeps into our everyday lives. Probability and Statistics, Revised Edition deals with the history of probability, describing the modern concept of randomness and examining "pre-probabilistic" ideas of what most people today would characterize as randomness. This revised book documents some historically important early uses of probability to illustrate some very important probabilistic questions. It goes on to explore statistics and the generations of mathematicians and non-mathematicians who began to address problems in statistical analysis, including the statistical structure of data sets as well as the theory of sampling and the characterization of the nature of variation. The final chapter describes the role of statistics in the development, testing, licensure, and subsequent study of vaccines. A new chapter has been added that gives special attention to vaccines for measles, polio, pertussis, and rubella.     

Author Name :John, Ph.D. Tabak

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Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis, 3 edition

This is the first text in a generation to re-examine the purpose of the mathematical statistics course. The book's approach interweaves traditional topics with data analysis and reflects the use of the computer with close ties to the practice of statistics. The author stresses analysis of data, examines real problems with real data, and motivates the theory. The book's descriptive statistics, graphical displays, and realistic applications stand in strong contrast to traditional texts that are set in abstract settings.     

Author Name :John A. Rice

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Bayesian Models for Categorical Data

The use of Bayesian methods for the analysis of data has grown substantially in areas as diverse as applied statistics, psychology, economics and medical science. Bayesian Methods for Categorical Data sets out to demystify modern Bayesian methods, making them accessible to students and researchers alike. Emphasizing the use of statistical computing and applied data analysis, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to Bayesian methods of categorical outcomes.     

Author Name :Professor Peter Congdon

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Statistics at Square Two

Statistical methods used in the medical literature are becoming increasingly complex, but the software available to apply these methods is becoming easier to use. The result is that consumers of the literature now have to grasp sophisticated methods which may be inappropriately applied.This book, which goes beyond the basics of Statistics at Square One, reviews the most commonly used modern statistical methods and highlights common misunderstandings. It is easy to read, with annotated computer outputs and a minimum of formulas.     

Author Name :M. J. Campbell

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Elementary Statistics Tables

These tables have been carefully prepared for the many users of statistical analysis at an introductory level. The enthusiastic reception accorded to the author's Statistics Tables (George Allen & Unwin, 1978) by specialist statisticians highlighted the need for a briefer set of tables to be tailored to the requirements of students who have to use statistical analysis but with no greater commitment to it than is represented by a basic and often brief introductory course. Both the coverage and the presentation of this set of tables have been determined with great care. In contrast with competing sets at this level, the content should match closely the requirements of users, who have little mathematical background. The book is a positive teaching and learning aid, not just a stark and impenetrable reference item. Most of the tables are accompanied by fully explanatory introductory text and by some examples of use. Each table has been designed and laid out carefully for maximum clarity and ease of use, features which the large page size should also reinforce. There are many new or improved tables, some being much more extensive than in competing books. In view of the increasing recognition of nonparametric tests for their convenience, ease of use and wide application, the tables covering these tests should provie especially valuable. These tables should serve the needs of all users of elementary techniques of statistical analysis, from engineers and technicians to geographers and social scientists. All students taking first courses in statistical analysis will find them an invaluable aid.     

Author Name :Henry R. Neave

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Elementary Statistics

ELEMENTARY STATISTICS: A STEP BY STEP APPROACH is for introductory statistics courses with a basic algebra prerequisite. The book is non-theoretical, explaining concepts intuitively and teaching problem solving through worked examples and step-by-step instructions. In recent editions, Al Bluman has placed more emphasis on conceptual understanding and understanding results, along with increased focus on Excel, MINITAB, and the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus graphing calculators; computing technologies commonly used in such courses.The 8th edition of Bluman provides a significant leap forward in terms of online course management with McGraw-Hills new homework platform, Connect Statistics Hosted by ALEKS. Statistic instructors served as digital contributors to choose the problems that will be available, authoring each algorithm and providing stepped out solutions that go into great detail and are focused on areas where students commonly make mistakes. From there, the ALEKS Corporation reviewed each algorithm to ensure accuracy. The result is an online homework platform that provides superior content and feedback, allowing students to effectively learn the material being taught.     

Author Name :Allan G. Bluman

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100 Statistical Tests 3rd edition

This expanded and updated Third Edition of Gopal Kanji's best-selling resource on statistical tests covers all the most commonly used tests with information on how to calculate and interpret results with simple datasets. Each entry begins with a short summary statement about the test's purpose, and contains details of the test objective, the limitations (or assumptions) involved, a brief outline of the method, a worked example and the numerical calculation. This new edition also includes: " A brand new introduction to statistical testing with information to guide the reader through the book so that even non-statistics students can find information quickly and easily " Real-world explanations of how and when to use each test with examples drawn from wide range of disciplines. " A useful Classification of Tests table " All the relevant statistical tables for checking critical values 100 Statistical Tests: Third Edition is the one indispensable guide for users of statistical materials and consumers of statistical information at all levels and across all disciplines.     

Author Name :Gopal K. Kanji

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Exploring Research Frontiers in Contemporary Statistics and Econometrics

This book collects contributions written by well-known statisticians and econometricians to acknowledge Leopold Simars far-reaching scientific impact on Statistics and Econometrics throughout his career. The papers contained herein were presented at a conference in Louvain-la-Neuve in May 2009 in honor of his retirement. The contributions cover a broad variety of issues surrounding frontier estimation, which Leopold Simar has contributed much to over the past two decades, as well as related issues such as semiparametric regression and models for censored data.     

Author Name :Lopold Simar

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Bayesian Theory and Methods with Applications

Bayesian methods are becoming more and more popular in health sciences, engineering, environmental sciences, business and economics, social sciences, among others. In statistical estimation and analysis of the unknown phenomenon of interest, if we can justify that Bayesian analysis is applicable, we will obtain the best possible estimate of the unknown. This usefulness of Bayesian methods is illustrated with various applications of real world problems.     

Author Name :Vladimir Savchuk, Chris P. Tsokos

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Elements of Large-Sample Theory

Written by one of the main figures in twentieth century statistics, this book provides a unified treatment of first-order large-sample theory. It discusses a broad range of applications including introductions to density estimation, the bootstrap, and the asymptotics of survey methodology. The book is written at an elementary level making it accessible to most readers.     

Author Name :E.L. Lehmann

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One Thousand Exercises in Probability

The companion volume to Probability and Random Processes, 3rd Edition this book contains 1000+ exercises on the subjects of elementary aspects of probability and random variables, sampling, Markov chains, convergence, stationary processes, renewals, queues, Martingales, Diffusion, Mathematical finance and the Black-Scholes model.     

Author Name :Geoffrey R. Grimmett

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Understandable Statistics

Understandable Statistics is a thorough, yet accessible program designed to help students overcome their apprehensions about statistics. The authors provide guidance and informal advice, while showing students the links between statistics and the world. To reinforce this approach, the book integrates real-life data from a variety of sources including journals, periodicals, newspapers, and the Internet. The Ninth Edition addresses the growing importance of developing students' critical thinking and statistical literacy skills through the introduction of new features and exercises throughout the text. Extensive technology resources include a new algorithmic test bank and lecture slides, along with a market-leading DVD series and other resources designed to provide reinforcement for students and support for instructors. The use of graphing calculators, Excel, Minitab, and SPSS is covered though not required.     

Author Name :Charles Henry (Charles Henry Brase) Brase, Corrinne Pellillo Brase

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Statistics and Probability for Engineering Applications

More than ever, American industry- especially the semiconductor industry- is using statistical methods to improve its competitive edge in the world market. It is becoming more imperative that graduate engineers have solid statistical know-how, yet engineers in industry typically are not well-prepared to use statistics and they are fuzzy about how to apply statistical tools and techniques. This valuable reference makes statistical methods easier and more accessible to engineers.Although the book can be read sequentially, like a normal textbook, it is designed to be used as a handbook, pointing the reader to the topics and sections pertinent to a particular type of statistical problem.     

Author Name :William DeCoursey

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Mathematical Statistics

The second edition of Mathematical Statistics continues to hold its identity among many other available books on mathematical statistics. This book is intended for an advanced postgraduate course in Mathematical Statistics, offered in a mathematically rigorous order to get to grips with rigorous mathematical statistics, this is an ideal book. Also, as a reference book, it is ideally suited.Two particularly attractive features of the book are the large number of exercises at the end of each chapter well over a hundred in each chapter, and the fact that asymptotic theory is studied throughout the book.     

Author Name :Jun Shao

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A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using SPSS

Landau (biostatistics, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College, UK) and Everitt (head, Department of Biostatistics and Computing, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College, UK) explain how to conduct univariate and multivariate statistical analyses using the latest release of SPSS, version 11. Each chapter addresses a different type of analytical procedure and applies it to real data sets primarily from the social and behavioral sciences. Material on theoretical background of techniques is set apart in boxes, and chapter exercises are included. Readers should have a previous course in statistics.     

Author Name :Sabine Landau and Brian S. Everitt

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Probability Distributions Involving Gaussian Random Variables

This handbook, now available in paperback, brings together a comprehensive collection of mathematical material in one location. It also offers a variety of new results interpreted in a form that is particularly useful to engineers, scientists, and applied mathematicians. The handbook is not specific to fixed research areas, but rather it has a generic flavor that can be applied by anyone working with probabilistic and stochastic analysis and modeling.     

Author Name :Marvin K. Simon

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Statistics for six sigma green belts

The only book on the market that provides a simple nonmathematical presentation of the statistics needed by Six Sigma Green Belts. Every concept is explained in plain English with a minimum of mathematical symbols. Includes real-world examples, step by step instructions and sample output for Minitab and JMP software as well as downloadble, ready to use data sets and templates. Includes applications to service industries to help managers understand the role of Six Sigma in nonmanufacturing industries.     

Author Name :David M.Levine

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Fundamentals of Probability

This book is a valuable reference to Basic Probability and related problems, featuring unique discussions published in recent journals to support individual investigation. Chapter topics include combinatorial methods, conditional probability and independence, random variables, distributions, and simulation. For professionals in the fields of computer and actuarial science, electrical and industrial engineering,, operations research, applied mathematics, and statistics, who desire additional input to help solve the indeterministic business, government, and engineering problems they encounter at work.     

Author Name :Saeed Ghahramani

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Applied Statistics

This book should be of interest to senior undergraduate and postgraduate students of applied statistics.The analyses of the examples are sufficiently detailed to provide good illustrations of both general principles and important specific techniques of analysis, yet are presented insuch a way that tge informed reader will want to try his own hand at extending the analysis of the data. This book should be read by anyone interested in statistical methods.     

Author Name :David Cox

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Introduction to Bayesian Statistics

This book presents Bayes theorem, the estimation of unknown parameters, the determination of confidence regions and the derivation of tests of hypotheses for the unknown parameters. It does so in a simple manner that is easy to comprehend. The book compares traditional and Bayesian methods with the rules of probability presented in a logical way allowing an intuitive understanding of random variables and their probability distributions to be formed.     

Author Name :Karl-Rudolf Koch

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Basic Statistics

New Edition of a Classic Guide to Statistical Applications in the Biomedical Sciences.In the last decade, there have been significant changes in the way statistics is incorporated into biostatistical, medical, and public health research. Addressing the need for a modernized treatment of these statistical applications, Basic Statistics, Fourth Edition presents relevant, up-to-date coverage of research methodology using careful explanations of basic statistics and how they are used to address practical problems that arise in the medical and public health settings. Through concise and easy-to-follow presentations, readers will learn to interpret and examine data by applying common statistical tools, such as sampling, random assignment, and survival analysis.Continuing the tradition of its predecessor, this new edition outlines a thorough discussion of different kinds of studies and guides readers through the important, related decision-making processes such as determining what information is needed and planning the collections process. The book equips readers with the knowledge to carry out these practices by explaining the various types of studies that are commonly conducted in the fields of medical and public health, and how the level of evidence varies depending on the area of research. Data screening and data entry into statistical programs is explained and accompanied by illustrations of statistical analyses and graphs.     

Author Name :Olive Jean Dunn, Virginia A. Clark

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Analysis and Probability

Combines analysis and tools from probability,harmonic analysis, operator theory, and engineering (signal/image processing) Interdisciplinary focuswith hands-on approach, generous motivation and new pedagogical techniques.Numerous exercises reinforce fundamental concepts and hone computational skills.Separate sections explain engineering terms to mathematicians and operator theory to engineers.This book, combining analysis and tools from mathematical probability, focuses on a systematic and novel presentation of recent trends in pure and applied mathematics: the emergence of three fields, wavelets, signals and fractals. The unity of basis constructions and their expansions is emphasized as the starting point for the development of bases that are computationally efficient for use in several areas from wavelets to fractals.     

Author Name :Palle E. T. Jorgensen

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Statistical Tables Explained and Applied

While preparing this book for publication, we had in mind three objectives: (1) to make available, in a handy format, tables of areas, percentiles and critical values for current applications of inferential statistics; (2) to provide, for each table, clear and sufficient guidelines as to their correct use and interpretation; and (3) to present the mathematical basis for the interested reader, together with the recipes and computational algorithms that were used to produce the tables. As for our first objective, the reader will find several "classical" tables of distributions like those of the normal law, Student's t, Chi-square and F of Fisher-Snedecor.     

Author Name :Louis Laurencelle,Franois-A. Dupuis

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