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A Textbook of Electrical Technology

Establishment of Technological Universities have taken place in recent past. This resulted into a pool of expert manpower within a large area. Unification of syllabi has taken place and the question papers set during the last 4-5 years have a wider variety and are of more inquisitive nature. Solutions to these with brief logical reasonings have been added in this book for the benefit of our student community.     

Author Name :A. K. Theraja, B. L. Theraja

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Principles of Electrical Machines

Deals with DC generators, armature reaction and communication, DC generators characteristics, DC motors, speed control of DC motors, and testing of DC.     

Author Name :V.K. Mehta, Rohit Mehta

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Computer-aided Design of Electrical Machines

The aim of this book is to present the sequential steps for developing the computer programs for the design of electrical machines, using well-established design formulae. The data of magnetic and non-magnetic materials used in latest designs by industries, is applied for optimizing the design.     

Author Name :K.M. Vishnu Murthy

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CONTINUUM MECHANICS and Elements of Elasticity/Structural Mechanics

In the humble opinion of the author, this is best achieved in three stages. First, the student should be exposed to the basic principles of Continuum Mechanics. Detailed coverage of Stress, Strain, General Principles, and Constitutive Relations is essential. Then, a brief exposure to Elasticity (along with Beam Theory) would convince the student that a well posed problem can indeed have an analytical solution. However, this is only true for problems problems with numerous simplifying assumptions (such as linear elasticity, small deformation, plane stress/strain or axisymmetry, and resultants of stresses). Hence, the last stage consists in a brief exposure to solid mechanics, and more precisely to Variational Methods. Through an exposure to the Principle of Virtual Work, and the Rayleigh-Ritz Method the student will then be ready for Finite Elements. Finally, one topic of special interest to Material Science students was added, and that is the Theoretical Strength of Solids. This is essential to properly understand the failure of solids, and would later on lead to a Fracture Mechanics course.     


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Advances for In-Vehicle and Mobile Systems

This second volume on a popular topic brings together the works of scholars working on the latest techniques, standards, and emerging deployment on "living in the age of wireless communications and smart vehicular systems." The format of this work centers on four themes: driver and driving environment recognition, telecommunication applications, noise reduction, dialogue in vehicles. Will interest researchers and professionals working in signal processing technologies, next generation vehicle design and networks for mobile platforms.     

Author Name :Huseyin Abut, John H.L. Hansen, Kazuya Takeda

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Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius

There is truly a lack of good, basic hardwire electronic "how-to" books. The market seems interested in this type of fun project compilation. This is another book in our extremely successful "Evil Genius" series. So far, each of the books has sold about $50,000 in less than 3 months. The perfect addition to our "Evil Genius" series, this book details everything an electronics hobbyist would want to know about circuits and circuit design through 57 Lessons. Readers work through 5 distinct, useful projects to reinforce their learning.     

Author Name :Dave Cutcher

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Electrical Contacts

Various factors affect the performance of electrical contacts, including tribological, mechanical, electrical, and materials aspects. Although these behaviors have been studied for many years, they are not widely used or understood in practice. Combining approaches used across the globe, Electrical Contacts: Fundamentals, Applications, and Technology integrates advances in research and development in the tribological, material, and analytical aspects of electrical contacts with new data on electrical current transfer at the micro- and nanoscales.Taking an application-oriented approach, the authors illustrate how material characteristics, tribological behavior, and loading impact the degradation of contacts, formation of intermetallics, and overall reliability and performance. Coverage is divided broadly into three sections, with the first focused on mechanics, tribology, materials, current and heat transfer, and basic reliability issues of electrical contacts. The next section explores applications, such as power connections, electronic connections, and sliding contacts, while the final section presents the diagnostic and monitoring techniques used to investigate and measure phenomena occurring at electrical contact interfaces. Numerous references to current literature reflect the fact that this book is the most comprehensive survey in the field. Explore an impressive collection of data, theory, and practical applications in Electrical Contacts: Fundamentals, Applications, and Technology, a critical tool for anyone investigating or designing electrical equipment with improved performance and reliability in mind.     

Author Name :Milenko Braunovic, Valery V. Konchits,Nikolai K. Myshkin

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Materials for High-Density Electronic Packaging and Interconnection

What is packaging? The subject of this report is commonly referred to as electronic packaging, but the term '"packaging" carries connotations that tend to trivialize the highly technical and critically important electronic context. Electronic packaging now goes well beyond physical protection and includes electric power distribution, signal transmission between integrated circuits, and, of growing importance, the removal of heat associated with the very high densities of circuit elements that are being achieved. Modern system performance is as much limited by these functions as by the operation of the integrated circuits.     

Author Name :Committee on Materials for High-Density Electronic Packaging

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Nanoscale Interface for Organic Electronics

The scope of this book will be focused on the interface issues and problems in organic materials as electronic device applications. The organic material electronics is a rapidly progressing field for potential applications in flexible field effect transistors, plastic solar cells, organic luminescent devices, etc.However, the performance of these organic devices is still not sufficient. To enhance the understanding and practical applications of organic devices, we need to understand the fundamental organic device physics which is somewhat different from the conventional inorganic device physics. This book will discuss the detailed progress in these topics.     

Author Name :Mitsumasa Iwamoto, Young-Soo Kwon, Takhee Lee

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LED for Lighting Applications

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are no longer confined to use in commercial signage and have now moved firmly, and with unquestioned advantages, into the field of commercial and domestic lighting. This development was prompted in the late 1980s by the invention of the blue LED, a wavelength that had previously been missing from the available LED spectrum and which opened the way to providing white light. Since that point, LED performance (including energy efficiency) has improved dramatically, and now compares with the performance of fluorescent lights - and there remain further performance improvements yet to be delivered.The book begins with the principles of LED lighting, then focuses on issues and challenges. Chapters are devoted to key steps in LED manufacturing: substrate, epitaxy, process and packaging. Photoelectric characterization of LEDs, Lighting with LEDs and the imposition of a certain level of color quality, are the subject of later chapters, and finally there is a detailed discussion of the emergence of OLEDs, or organic LEDs, which have specific capabilities of immediate interest and importance in this field.     

Author Name :Patrick Mottier

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Numerical Modelling and Design of Electrical Machines and Devices

Designed for undergraduates, graduates and practicing engineers, this text provides an up-to-date overview of numerical field computational methods and, in particular, of the finite element method (FEM) in magnetics. Particular attention is paid to the practical use of the FEM in designing electromagnetic devices such as motors, transformers and actuators.The book is based on the authors' extensive experience teaching numerical techniques to students and design engineers from industry and is ideal for use by anyone who wishes to learn fundamentals and immediately apply these to actual design problems.     

Author Name :K. Hameyer, Ronnie Belmans

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Delmar's Standard Textbook of Electricity,5 edition

Mastering the theory and application of electrical concepts is necessary for a successful career in the electrical installation or industrial maintenance fields, and this new fifth edition of DELMAR'S STANDARD TEXTBOOK OF ELECTRICITY delivers! Designed to teach by blending concepts relating to electrical theory and principles with practical 'how to' information that prepares you for situations commonly encountered on the job. Topics span all the major aspects of the electrical field including atomic structure and basic electricity, direct and alternating current, basic circuit theory, three-phase circuits, single phase, transformers, generators, and motors. This revision retains all the hallmarks of our market-leading prior editions and includes enhancements such as updates to the 2011 NEC, a new chapter on industry orientation, and new coverage of constant-current transformers and fuel cells as well as tips on energy efficiency throughout the text.     

Author Name :Stephen Herman

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Getting Started in Electronics

This is a complete electronics course in 128 pages! Author Forrest Mims teaches you the basics, takes you on a tour of analog and digital components, explains how they work, and shows you how they are combines for various applications. Includes circuit assembly tips and 100 electronic circuits and projects you can build and test.     

Author Name :Forrest M. Mims III

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Power Systems Analysis (2nd Edition)

This is the first book on power system analysis to explore the major changes in the structure and operation of the electric utility industry, and to show how power system operation will be affected by the new changes. It reflects the trends in state-of-the-art, computer-based power system analysis and shows how to apply each modern analysis tool in designing and improving an expansion of an existing power system. KEY FEATURES: Features a computer-based design example (carried out from chapter-to-chapter) which uses all the analysis. As the example develops, readers determine the parameter values for a proposed transmission system upgrade to support load growth and a new steel mill being located in the area; convert all the parameters to per unit -- the preferred choice of units for system analysis; determine typical parameters for the generators in the system being designed; develop the admittance matrix and the impedance matrix for the system being designed; conduct the power flow and check the designed system for possible violations, and appropriately modify the design; and conduct a contingency analysis on the designed system; analyze the behavior of the designed system under faulted condition; continue the design with a selection of relay settings to protect the system in the event of these faulted conditions; and perform a transient stability simulation on the system and verify the ability of the system to remain stable. For engineers working in the electric utility industry.     

Author Name :Arthur R. Bergen, Vijay Vittal

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Complete Digital Design

There are over 350,000 electrical and electronics engineers, and hundreds of thousands more electronics technicians and hobbyists. With the addition of so many communications topics into EE programs in the past 5 years, fundamentals of digital design have been abandoned for briefer, overview courses, leaving many newly-minted EEs undereducated in what should be one of their core competencies. In order to design and implement digital systems, one must understand and navigate many components, architectures, and practices which are painfully inter-dependent. This book will allow the reader faced with a design problem to develop a customized set of requirements for that problem, then research and evaluate available components and technologies to solve it.     

Author Name :Mark Balch

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Principles of Modern Digital Design

A major objective of this book is to fill the gap between traditional logic design principles and logic design/optimization techniques used in practice. Over the last two decades several techniques for computer-aided design and optimization of logic circuits have been developed. However, underlying theories of these techniques are inadequately covered or not covered at all in undergraduate text books. This book covers not only the "classical" material found in current text books but also selected materials that modern logic designers need to be familiar with.     

Author Name :Parag K. Lala

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Delta-Sigma Data Converters

This comprehensive guide offers a detailed treatment of the analysis, design, simulation and testing of the full range of today's leading delta-sigma data converters. Written by professionals experienced in all practical aspects of delta-sigma modulator design, Delta-Sigma Data Converters provides comprehensive coverage of low and high-order single-bit, bandpass, continuous-time, multi-stage modulators as well as advanced topics, including idle-channel tones, stability, decimation and interpolation filter design, and simulation.     

Author Name :Steven R. Norsworthy, Richard Schreier, Gabor C. Temes

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A First Course in Electrical and Computer Engineering

This book was written for an experimental freshman course at the University of Colorado. We wanted to pique student interest in engineering by providing with exposure to the types of problems that electrical and computer engineers are asked to solve.     

Author Name :Louis Scharf

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Electrical Power Cable Engineering Second Edition

Electrical Power Cable Engineering, Second Edition remains the foremost reference on low- and medium-voltage electrical power cables, cataloging technical characteristics and assuring success for cable manufacture, installation, operation, and maintenance. While segments on electrical cable insulation and field assessment have been revamped to reflect industry transformations, new chapters tackle distinctive topics like the location of underground system faults and the thermal resistivity of concrete, proving that this expanded edition lays a sound foundation for engineering decisions. It deconstructs the external variables affecting conductor, insulation, and shielding design.     

Author Name :William A.Thue

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Electric Power Distribution Handbook

Of the ...big three... components of the electricity infrastructure, distribution typically gets the least attention, and no thorough, up-to-date treatment of the subject has been published in years. Filling that void, the Electric Power Distribution Handbook provides comprehensive information on the electrical aspects of power distribution systems. It is an unparalleled source for the background information, hard-to-find tables, graphs, methods, and statistics that power engineers need, and includes tips and solutions for problem solving and improving performance. In short, this handbook gives readers the tools they need to understand the science and practices of distribution systems.     

Author Name :Thomas Allen Short

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Design of Rf and Microwave Amplifiers and Oscillators

This newly revised edition of the classic book, Design of RF and Microwave Amplifiers and Oscillators (Artech House, 1999) has been updated to include expanded derivations and problem sets, helping to make the material even more accessible and easier to master. You also get new material on power amplifiers (class A, B, AB, F, and E amplifiers, as well as Doherty amplifiers are covered), amplifier stability, and designing conditionally stable amplifiers. Moreover, the new edition discusses the influence of harmonic terminations on power performance and presents accurate. models for square spiral inductors and MIM capacitors. These models can be used to design MMIC amplifiers at microwave and millimeter frequencies.This practical book helps you estimate the 1dB compression point of linear amplifiers, and provides the information required to generate load-pull contours for these amplifiers. The programs supplied with the previous edition of this book have been upgraded and are now integrated into a single Visual C++ program (LSM), with a menu-driven interface. Single- and double-matching problems can be solved with LSM, and the LSM executable is licensed with the book.     

Author Name :Pieter L. D. Abrie

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Submarine Power Cables

The demand for high-performance submarine power cables is increasing as more and more offshore wind parks are installed, and the national electric grids are interconnected. Submarine power cables are installed for the highest voltages and power to transport electric energy under the sea between islands, countries and even continents. The installation and operation of submarine power cables is much different from land cables. Still, in most textbooks on electrical power systems, information on submarine cables is scarce. This book is closing the gap. Different species of submarine power cables and their application are explained. Students and electric engineers learn on the electric and mechanic properties of submarine cables. Project developers and utility managers will gain useful information on the necessary marine activities such as pre-laying survey, cable lay vessels, guard boats etc., for the submarine cable installation and repair. Investors and decision makers will find an overview on environmental aspects of submarine power cables. A comprehensive reference list is given for those who want further reading.     

Author Name :Thomas Worzyk

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Operation of Restructured Power Systems

A highlight of the book is the extensive coverage and country specific information provided on various operational aspects of restructured power systems worldwide. Operation of Restructured Power Systems presents a discussion of restructured electricity markets that have been established in various degrees and forms in many countries. This book comes at a time when the deregulation process is poised to undergo further rapid advancements. It is envisaged that the reader will benefit by way of an enhanced understanding of power system operations in the conventional vertically integrated environment vis-a-vis the deregulated environment.     

Author Name :Kankar Bhattacharya, Math H.J. Bollen, Jaap E. Daalder

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Variation Aware Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuit Design in Emerging Multi-Gate CMOS Technologies

Since scaling of CMOS is reaching the nanometer area serious limitations enforce the introduction of novel materials, device architectures and device concepts. Multi-gate devices employing high-k gate dielectrics are considered as promising solution overcoming these scaling limitations of conventional planar bulk CMOS. Variation Aware Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuit Design in Emerging Multi-Gate CMOS Technologies provides a technology oriented assessment of analog and mixed-signal circuits in emerging high-k and multi-gate CMOS technologies.     

Author Name :Michael Fulde

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From Boolean Logic to Switching Circuits and Automata

Logic networks and automata are facets of digital systems. The change of the design of logic networks from skills and art into a scientific discipline was possible by the development of the underlying mathematical theory called the Switching Theory. The fundamentals of this theory come from the attempts towards an algebraic description of laws of thoughts presented in the works by George J. Boole and the works on logic by Augustus De Morgan.As often the case in engineering, when the importance of a problem and the need for solving it reach certain limits, the solutions are searched by many scholars in different parts of the word, simultaneously or at about the same time, however, quite independently and often unaware of the work by other scholars. The formulation and rise of Switching Theory is such an example.This book presents a brief account of the developments of Switching Theory and highlights some less known facts in the history of it. The readers will find the book a fresh look into the development of the field revealing how difficult it has been to arrive at many of the concepts that we now consider obvious . Researchers in the history or philosophy of computing will find this book a valuable source of information that complements the standard presentations of the topic.     

Author Name :Radomir S. Stankovic, Jaakko Astola

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Analog Filters 2nd edition

Analog Filters, Second Edition covers four major fundamental types of analog filters - passive, op amp-RC, switched-capacitor, and operational transconductance amplifier-capacitor (OTA-C). (The last of these types is the major addition in the Second Edition). The emphasis is on the fundamental principles and theory of analog filters. It is targeted toward readers in telecommunications, signal processing, electronics, controls, instrumentation, bioengineering, etc. It introduces the reader to the elegant theory in the development of analog filters. Although some of the mechanical steps for generating filters are covered, the book stresses the mathematical bases and the scholastic ingenuity of analog filter theory. It should be helpful to nonspecialist electrical engineers to gain a background perspective and some basic insight to the development of real-time filters. In many modern advances in signal processing, their concepts and procedures have close links to analog filters. The material in this book will provide engineers with a better perspective and more penetrating appreciation of many modern signal-processing techniques.     

Author Name :Kendall Su

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Magnetics Design Magnetics Design for Switching Power Supplies

Proper design and implementation of magnetic components for SMPS     

Author Name :Lloyd H. Dixon

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Electric Fields in Composite Dielectrics and their Applications

An accurate quantitative picture of electric field distribution is essential in many electrical and electronic applications. In composite dielectric configurations composed of multiple dielectrics, anomalous or unexpected behavior of electric fields may appear when a solid dielectric is in contact with a conductor or another solid dielectric. The electric field near the contact point may become higher than the original field not only in the surrounding medium but also in the solid dielectric. Theoretically it may become infinitely high, depending on the contact angle. Although these characteristics are very important in a variety of applications, they have been clarified only recently using analytical and numerical calculation methods, and this is the first book to cover these new findings.Electric Fields in Composite Dielectrics and Their Applications describes the fundamental characteristics and practical applications of electric fields in composite dielectrics. The focus is on the field distribution (and the resultant force when appropriate) near points of contact. Applications include insulation design of high-voltage equipment with solid insulating supports, utilization of electrostatic force on dielectric particles in electrophotography and electrorheological fluids, and others. Electric Fields in Composite Dielectrics and Their Applications also explains the calculation methods used to analyze electric fields in composite dielectrics.     

Author Name :Tadasu Takuma, Boonchai Techaumnat

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Electrical Power Systems and Computers

This volume includes extended and revised versions of a set of selected papers from the International Conference on Electric and Electronics (EEIC 2011) , held on June 20-22 , 2011, which is jointly organized by Nanchang University, Springer, and IEEE IAS Nanchang Chapter.The objective of EEIC 2011 Volume 3 is to provide a major interdisciplinary forum for the presentation of new approaches from Electrical Power Systems and Computers, to foster integration of the latest developments in scientific research. 133 related topic papers were selected into this volume. All the papers were reviewed by 2 program committee members and selected by the volume editor Prof. Xiaofeng Wan.We hope every participant can have a good opportunity to exchange their research ideas and results and to discuss the state of the art in the areas of the Electrical Power Systems and Computers.     

Author Name :Xiaofeng Wan

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Low Voltage Wiring 3rd edition

The A-Z reference on designing, installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting modern security and fire alarm systems is now fully up-to-date in a new edition. Prepared by Terry Kennedy and John E. Traister, authors with over three decades of hands-on experience apiece in the construction industry, Low Voltage Wiring: Security/Fire Alarm Systems, Third Edition provides all the appropriate wiring data you need to work on security and fire alarm systems in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. A CD-ROM packaged with the book conveniently puts at your fingertips sample forms, checklists, a fully-searchable glossary, and hot-linked industry reference URLs. In addition, you get: *Important safety tips * Lists of regulations * Explanations of emerging technologies *Useful treatments of estimating and bidding * Much more     

Author Name :Terry Kennedy, John E. Traister

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Small Wind Turbines

Small Wind Turbines provides a thorough grounding in analysing, designing, building, and installing a small wind turbine. Small turbines are introduced by emphasising their differences from large ones and nearly all the analysis and design examples refer to small turbines.The accompanying software includes MATLAB programs for power production and starting performance, as well as programs for detailed multi-objective optimisation of blade design. A spreadsheet is also given to help readers apply the simple load model of the IEC standard for small wind turbine safety. Small Wind Turbines represents the distilled outcome of over twenty years experience in fundamental research, design and installation, and field testing of small wind turbines.Small Wind Turbines is a suitable reference for student projects and detailed design studies, and also provides important background material for engineers and others using small wind turbines for remote power and distributed generation applications.     

Author Name :David Wood

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Moisture Sensitivity of Plastic Packages of IC Devices

Moisture Sensitivity of Plastic Packages of IC Devices provides information on the state-of-the-art techniques and methodologies related to moisture issues in plastic packages. The most updated, in-depth and systematic technical and theoretical approaches are addressed in the book. Numerous industrial applications are provided, along with the results of the most recent research and development efforts, including, but not limited to: thorough exploration of moisture's effects based on lectures and tutorials by the authors, consistent focus on solution-based approaches and methodologies for improved reliability in plastic packaging, emerging theories and cutting-edge industiral applications presented by the leading professionals in the field. Moisture plays a key role in the reliability of plastic packages of IC devices, and moisture-induced failures have become an increasing concern with the development of advanced IC devices. This second volume in the Micro- and Opto-Electronic Materials, Structures, and Systems series is a must-read for researchers and engineers alike.     

Author Name :X.J. Fan , E. Suhir

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Transient Stability of Power Systems

Transient Stability of Power Systems is a monograph devoted to a hybrid-direct temporal method called SIME (for Single Machine Equivalent). SIME processes temporal information about the multimachine system dynamics to assess and control any type of transient instabilities under any type and model of power systems. Two approaches may be distinguished depending upon the source of information used: `Preventative SIME' which relies on a time-domain program to simulate anticipated contingencies, and `Emergency SIME' which uses real-time measurements. Preventative SIME mainly comprises two techniques: contingency filtering, ranking, and assessment; and (simultaneous) stabilization of harmful contingencies. The resulting preventative transient stability assessment and control (TSA&C) software can be used in all application contexts of transient stability studies. In a control center, for instance, its computational performances enable it to cope with very stringent requirements of real-time operation. Besides, interfacing SIME with an OPF algorithm allows combining transient stability constraints with specifics of the liberalized electricity market. Emergency SIME is a novel closed-loop control technique which contains the transient instabilities caused by contingencies' actual occurrence. It relies on real-time measurements to predict (the size of) instability and, accordingly, to design and trigger control actions able to impede system loss of synchronism. Emergency SIME is particularly suitable for protecting important generation sites and can complement preventative SIME. Both approaches rely on the same principles and basic software which yields a comprehensive and unified approach to TSA&C. The design of near optimal control techniques is a major asset of this software. This book provides extensive illustrations on a variety of power systems ranging from a simple 3-machine test system to real-world power systems comprising up to 627 generators and 4112 busses. Transient Stability of Power Systems will be especially helpful to researchers, utility engineers, and software designers and developers who are developing various types of transient stability software packages.     

Author Name :Mania Pavella, Damien Ernst,Daniel Ruiz-Vega

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Microfluidics and Microfabrication

Microfluidics and Microfabrication discusses the interconnect between microfluidics, microfabrication and the life sciences. Specifically, this includes fundamental aspects of fluid mechanics in micro-scale and nano-scale confinements and microfabrication. Material is also presented discussing micro -textured engineered surfaces, high-performance AFM probe-based, micro-grooving processes, fabrication with metals and polymers in bio-micromanipulation and microfluidic applications. Editor Suman Chakraborty brings together leading minds in both fields who also: * Coverthe fundamentals of microfluidicsin a manneraccessible to multi-disciplinary researchers, with a balance of mathematical details and physical principles * Discuss the explicit interconnection between microfluiodics and microfabrication from an application perspective * Detailthe amalgamation of microfluidics with logic circuits and applications in micro-electronics.Microfluidics and Microfabrication is an ideal book forresearchers, engineers and senior-level graduate students interested inlearning more about the two fields.     

Author Name :Suman Chakraborty

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Practical Lighting Design with LEDs

This book covers all of the information needed to design LEDs into end-products. It is a practical guide, primarily explaining how things are done by practicing engineers. Equations are used only for practical calculations, and are kept to the level of high-school algebra. There are numerous drawings and schematics showing how things such as measurements are actually made, and showing curcuits that actually work. There are practical notes and examples embedded in the text that give pointers and how-to guides on many of the book's topics. After reading each chapter of the book, readers will have the knowledge to implement practical designs. This book will be kept as a reference tool for years to come.     

Author Name :Ron Lenk, Carol Lenk

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Handbook of Electrical Installation Practice

Handbook of Electrical Installation Practice covers all key aspects of industrial, commercial and domestic installations and draws on the expertise of a wide range of industrial experts.Chapters are devoted to topics such as wiring cables, mains and submains cables and distribution in buildings, as well as power supplies, transformers, switchgear, and electricity on construction sites. Standards and codes of practice, as well as safety, are also included.Since the Third Edition was published, there have been many developments in technology and standards. The revolution in electronic microtechnology has made it possible to introduce more complex technologies in protective equipment and control systems, and these have been addressed in the new edition.Developments in lighting design continue, and extra-low voltage luminaries for display and feature illumination are now dealt with, as is the important subject of security lighting.All chapters have been amended to take account of revisions to British and other standards, following the trend to harmonised European and international standards, and they also take account of the latest edition of the Wiring Regulations.This new edition will provide an invaluable reference for consulting engineers, electrical contractors and factory plant engineers.     

Author Name :Geoffrey Stokes

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Potential Flows of Viscous and Viscoelastic Liquids

The goal of this book is to show how potential flows enter into the general theory of motions of viscous and viscoelastic fluids. The theory is applied to problems of the motion of bubbles, to the decay of waves on interfaces between fluids, to Rayleigh-Taylor and Kelvin-Hemholtz instabilities, to viscous effects in acoustics, and to boundary layers on solids at finite Reynolds numbers.     

Author Name :Daniel Joseph, Toshio Funada, Jing Wang

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Software Engineering for Image Processing Systems

Software Engineering for Image Processing Systems creates a modern engineering framework for the specification, design, coding, testing, and maintenance of image processing software and systems. The text is designed to benefit not only software engineers, but also workers with backgrounds in mathematics, the physical sciences, and other engineering disciplines, who find themselves working on a software project team. The author classifies imaging software as its own distinct caste, thereby providing a common language and framework for imaging engineers of all backgrounds. This common framework could, in turn, lead to more robust, reliable and economical software throughout the imaging industry.     

Author Name :Philip A. Laplante

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Classical Electromagnetic Theory 2nd edition

Accentuates the relation of electric and magnetic theories. An extensive chapter on the solution of Laplace's equation explores most techniques used in electro- and magnetostatics including conformal mappings and separation of variables in unusual coordinate systems. Covers the use of image charges; introduces Green's functions; provides an expansive treatment on radiation. Features an abundance of examples and exercises.     

Author Name :Jack Vanderlinde

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Fundamentals of Electric Circuits 4 Edition

New to This Edition:A course in circuit analysis is perhaps the first exposure students have to electrical engineering. This is also a place where we can enhance some of the skills that they will later need as they learn how to design. In the fourth edition, we have included a very significant new feature to help students enhance skills that are an important part of the design process. We call this new feature, design a problem. We know it is not possible to fully develop a students design skills in a fundamental course like circuits. To fully develop design skills a student needs a design experience normally reserved for their senior year. This does not mean that some of those skills cannot be developed and exercised in a circuits course. The text already included openended questions that help students use creativity, which is an important part of learning how to design.     

Author Name :Charles K. Alexander, Matthew N. O. Sadiku

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Low Voltage Power MOSFETs

Low Voltage Power MOSFETs focuses on the design of low voltage power MOSFETs and the relation between the device structure and the performance of a power MOSFET used as a switch in power management applications. This SpringerBriefs close the gap between detailed engineering reference books and the numerous technical papers on the subject of power MOSFETs. The material presented covers low voltage applications extending from battery operated portable electronics, through point of load converters, internet infrastructure, automotive applications, to personal computers and server computers. The issues treated in this volume are explained qualitatively using schematic illustrations, making the discussion easy to follow for all prospective readers.     

Author Name :Jacek Korec

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Introduction to Electrical Power Systems

Adapted from an updated version of the author's classic Electric Power System Design and Analysis, with new material designed for the undergraduate student and professionals new to Power Engineering. The growing importance of renewable energy sources, control methods and mechanisms, and system restoration has created a need for a concise, comprehensive text that covers the concepts associated with electric power and energy systems. Introduction to Electric Power Systems fills that need, providing an up-to-date introduction to this dynamic field. The author begins with a discussion of the modern electric power system, centering on the technical aspects of power generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization. After providing an overview of electric power and machine theory fundamentals, he offers a practical treatment-focused on applications-of the major topics required for a solid background in the field, including synchronous machines, transformers, and electric motors. He also furnishes a unique look at activities related to power systems, such as power flow and control, stability, state estimation, and security assessment. A discussion of present and future directions of the electrical energy field rounds out the text. With its broad, up-to-date coverage, emphasis on applications, and integrated MATLAB scripts, Introduction to Electric Power Systems provides an ideal, practical introduction to the field-perfect for self-study or short-course work for professionals in related disciplines.     

Author Name :Mohamed E. El-Hawary

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Minimizing Spurious Tones in Digital Delta-Sigma Modulators

This book describes several Digital Delta-Sigma Modulator (DDSM) architectures, including multi stage noise shaping (MASH), error feedback modulator (EFM) and single quantizer (SQ)-DDSM modulators, with a focus on predicting and maximizing their cycle lengths. The authors aim to demystify an important aspect of these particular DDSM structures, namely the existence of spurs resulting from the inherent periodicity of DDSMs with constant inputs. Simulink and MATLAB models and code are presented in Chapters 25 to enable the reader to reproduce the results in this work and to explore further. These examples will also be helpful for first-time designers of DDSMs.     

Author Name :Kaveh Hosseini, Michael Peter Kennedy

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State Estimation in Electric Power Systems

State Estimation in Electric Power Systems: A Generalized Approach provides for the first time a comprehensive introduction to the topic of state estimation at an advanced textbook level. The theory as well as practice of weighted least squares (WLS) is covered with significant rigor. Included are an in depth analysis of power flow basics, proper justification of Stott's decoupled method, observability theory and matrix solution methods. In terms of practical application, topics such as bad data analysis, combinatorial bad data analysis and multiple snap shot estimation are covered. The book caters both to the specialist as well as the newcomer to the field. State estimation will play a crucial role in the emerging scenario of a deregulated power industry. Many market decisions will be based on knowing the present state of the system accurately. State Estimation in Electric Power Systems: A Generalized Approach crystallizes thirty years of WLS state estimation theory and practice in power systems and focuses on techniques adopted by state estimation developers worldwide. The book also reflects the experience of developing industrial-grade state estimation software that is used in the USA, South America, and many other places in world.     

Author Name :A. Monticelli

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Variational Principles and Distributed Circuits

DT This book provides a strong mathematical grounding in the use of variational principles to analyse distributed electromagnetic structures such as generalised transmission lines. It establishes the link between variational principles and well known analysis methods that are frequently cited in the literature but seldom explained (reaction concept, methods of moments, perturbation method, transmission line matrix, finite difference and finite element methods). It also demonstrates a variety of situations and technologies including microwave and millimetre wave circuits, radiating structures and travelling wave photodetectors. Applications include planar substrates, semiconducting substrates and bioliquids. This book presents a new generalised principle with a number of potential future applications in the fields of distributed circuits and electromagnetics.Numerical simulation, the basic tool for the design of generalised distributed circuits, can be optimised in terms of complexity and computational time by using a variational formulation of the problem. This book describes the application of variational principles to the analysis of multilayered generalised circuits.     

Author Name :A. Vander Vorst , I. Huynen

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Fundamentals And Applications of Microfluidics, Second Edition

Updating the Artech House bestseller, Fundamentals and Applications of Microfluidics, this newly revised second edition provides electrical and mechanical engineers with complete and current coverage of microfluidics AA an emerging field involving fluid flow and devices in microscale and nanoscale. The second edition offers a greatly expanded treatment of nanotechnology, electrokinetics and flow theory.The book shows engineers how to take advantage of the performance benefits of microfluidics and serves as an instant reference for state-of-the-art microfluidics technology and applications. The wide range of applications discussed includes fluid control devices, gas and fluid measurement devices, medical testing equipment, and implantable drug pumps. This cutting-edge resource offers practical guidance in choosing the best fabrication and enabling technology for a specific microfluidic application, and explains how to design a microfluidic device. Moreover, professionals get simple calculations, ready-to-use data tables, and rules of thumb that help them make design decisions and determine device characteristics quickly.     

Author Name :Nam-Trung Nguyen, Steven T. Wereley

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Power System Protection

In a world of huge, interconnected networks that can be completely blacked out by disturbances, POWER SYSTEM PROTECTION offers you an improved understanding of the requirements necessary for prompt and accurate corrective action.P. M. Anderson, a noted expert on power systems, presents an analytical and technical approach to power system protection. His discussion shows how abnormal system behavior can be detected before damage occurs, and points to effective control action to limit system outages.POWER SYSTEM PROTECTION is expressly written for practicing engineers and advanced graduate-level student engineers who need a comprehensive resource on the principles of power system behavior. This essential reference work provides new and advanced concepts for understanding system performance.     

Author Name :Paul M. Anderson

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Handbook of Electrical Design Details 2nd edition

This handbook presents a range of layout details for electrical systems in residential, commercial and industrial buildings and facilities. In each drawing the electrical layout is shown through the use of lines, symbols, and notation indicating exactly what is required in each application.     

Author Name :John E. Traister, Neil Sclater

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Circuit Design with VHDL

This textbook teaches VHDL using system examples combined with programmable logic and supported by laboratory exercises. While other textbooks concentrate only on language features, Circuit Design with VHDL offers a fully integrated presentation of VHDL and design concepts by including a large number of complete design examples, illustrative circuit diagrams, a review of fundamental design concepts, fully explained solutions, and simulation results. The text presents the information concisely yet completely, discussing in detail all indispensable features of the VHDL synthesis. The book is organized in a clear progression, with the first part covering the circuit level, treating foundations of VHDL and fundamental coding, and the second part covering the system level (units that might be located in a library for code sharing, reuse, and partitioning), expanding upon the earlier chapters to discuss system coding.     

Author Name :Volnei A. Pedroni

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Fundamentals of Digital Logic and Microcomputer Design, 5th Edition

Fundamentals of Digital Logic and Microcomputer Design, has long been hailed for its clear and simple presentation of the principles and basic tools required to design typical digital systems such as microcomputers. In this Fifth Edition, the author focuses on computer design at three levels: the device level, the logic level, and the system level. Basic topics are covered, such as number systems and Boolean algebra, combinational and sequential logic design, as well as more advanced subjects such as assembly language programming and microprocessor-based system design. Numerous examples are provided throughout the text.     

Author Name :Rafiquzzaman

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Transmission Line Transformers 4th edition

This bookstands alone in its coverage of broadband transmission line transformers. Many configurations of Ruthroff and Guanella types of transformers are described in complete detail, including core selection, conductor types, winding instructions and complete measured performance. Balanced-to-unbalanced (balun) and unbalanced-to unbalanced (unun) types are included for matching low and high impedances to an operating impedance of 50-75 ohms.     

Author Name :Jerry Sevick

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This book is published under the terms and conditions of the Design Science License. These     

Author Name :Tony R. Kuphaldt

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Instructor's Solution Manual Electric Machinery Fundamentals

"Electric Machinery Fundamentals" continues to be a best-selling machinery text due to its accessible, student-friendly coverage of the important topics in the field. Chapman's clear writing persists in being one of the top features of the book. Although not a book on MATLAB, the use of MATLAB has been enhanced in the fourth edition. Additionally, many new problems have been added and remaining ones modified. "Electric Machinery Fundamentals" is also accompanied by a website the provides solutions for instructors, as well as source code, MATLAB tools, and links to important sites for students.     

Author Name :Stephen J. Chapman

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Electricity and Controls for HVAC-R

Now in its sixth edition, ELECTRICITY AND CONTROLS FOR HVAC-R equips readers with the information needed to work effectively with all types of motors and control devices found in the heating and air-conditioning industry. Prior knowledge of electricity is not required as this book begins with discussion of essential basic electricity and electrical circuits concepts. Numerous schematic diagrams and step-by-step troubleshooting procedures are included to acquaint readers with all of the different types of circuits commonly encountered in the HVAC-R field.     

Author Name :Stephen L. Herman,Bennie L. Sparkman

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(Excerpts from) Thomas Browns original Preface:     

Author Name :Bruce Carter and Thomas R. Brown

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Fundamentals of Modern VLSI Devices

This book examines in detail the basic properties and design, including chip integration, of CMOS and bipolar VLSI devices and discusses the various factors that affect their performance. The authors begin with a thorough review of the relevant aspects of semiconductor physics, and proceed to a description of the design of CMOS and bipolar devices. The optimization of these devices for VLSI applications is also covered. The authors highlight the intricate interdependencies and subtle tradeoffs between those device parameters, such as power consumption and packing density, that affect circuit performance and manufacturability. They also discuss in detail the scaling, and physical limits to the scaling, of CMOS and bipolar devices. The book contains many exercises, and can be used as a textbook for senior undergraduate or first-year graduate courses on microelectronics or VLSI devices. It will also be a valuable reference volume for practicing engineers involved in research and development in the electronics industry.     

Author Name :Yuan Taur, Tak H. Ning

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Optoelectronic Integrated Circuit Design and Device Modeling

In Optoelectronic Integrated Circuit Design and Device Modeling, Professor Jianjun Gao introduces the fundamentals and modeling techniques of optoelectronic devices used in high-speed optical transmission systems. Gao covers electronic circuit elements such as FET, HBT, MOSFET, as well as design techniques for advanced optical transmitter and receiver front-end circuits. The book includes an overview of optical communication systems and computer-aided optoelectronic IC design before going over the basic concept of laser diodes. This is followed by modeling and parameter extraction techniques of lasers and photodiodes. Gao covers high-speed electronic semiconductor devices, optical transmitter design, and optical receiver design in the final three chapters.     

Author Name :Jianjun Gao

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Vibration-based Condition Monitoring

Explaining complex ideas in an easy to understand way, Vibration-based Condition Monitoring provides a comprehensive survey of the application of vibration analysis to the condition monitoring of machines. Reflecting the natural progression of these systems by presenting the fundamental material and then moving onto detection, diagnosis and prognosis, Randall presents classic and state-of-the-art research results that cover vibration signals from rotating and reciprocating machines; basic signal processing techniques; fault detection; diagnostic techniques, and prognostics.Developed out of notes for a course in machine condition monitoring given by Robert Bond Randall over ten years at the University of New South Wales, Vibration-based Condition Monitoring: Industrial, Aerospace and Automotive Applications is essential reading for graduate and postgraduate students/ researchers in machine condition monitoring and diagnostics as well as condition monitoring practitioners and machine manufacturers who want to include a machine monitoring service with their product.     

Author Name :Robert Bond Randall

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Phase-lock basics

This is the second edition of a book about the basics of phase-locked loops (PLLs). Basics tend to be unchanging, but we can learn more about them and their manner of presentation can be improved and tuned to current practice. Loop filters driven by current sources are now so common that I have given them a more prominent place, allowing them to lead into the study of filters that use op-amps, rather than the reverse. The discussion of various applications, at the end of Part 1, which is designed to show how the basics can be applied to a wide variety of circuits, as well as to broaden the overview, has been expanded to include the now common use of PLLs for timing adjustment in ICs. This discussion includes the delay-locked loop, which is not a PLL but whose common forms can still be analyzed with the basic techniques that are used for PLLs. Frequency synthesis is another important application to which the basics can be applied, and I have broadened that description by adding material on modern fractional-N and sigmadelta techniques.     

Author Name :William F.Egan

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Control of Electric Machine Drive System

A unique approach to sensorless control and regulator design of electric drives.Based on the author's vast industry experience and collaborative works with other industries, Control of Electric Machine Drive Systems is packed with tested, implemented, and verified ideas that engineers can apply to everyday problems in the field. Originally published in Korean as a textbook, this highly practical updated version features the latest information on the control of electric machines and apparatus, as well as a new chapter on sensorless control of AC machines, a topic not covered in any other publication. The book begins by explaining the features of the electric drive system and trends of development in related technologies, as well as the basic structure and operation principles of the electric machine. It also addresses steady state characteristics and control of the machines and the transformation of physical variables of AC machines using reference frame theory in order to provide a proper foundation for the material.     

Author Name :Seung-Ki Sul

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National Electrical Code Handbook

The National Electrical Code is an internationally accepted safety code for electrical and power wiring. It specifies the minimum provisions necessary for protecting people and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity and electrical equipment. Anyone involved in any phase of the electrical industry must be aware of how to use and apply the Code on the job. It undergoes a rigorous review and revision process every 3 years by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). This book is a trusted resource for understanding and applying the Code.     

Author Name :Brian McPartland, Joseph McPartland

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Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design

Radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) are the building blocks that enable every device from cable television sets to mobile telephones to transmit and receive signals and data. This newly revised and expanded edition of the 2003 Artech House classic, "Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design", serves as an up-to-date, practical reference for complete RFIC know-how. The second edition includes numerous updates, including greater coverage of CMOS PA design, RFIC design with on-chip components, and more worked examples with simulation results. By emphasizing working designs, this book practically transports readers into the authors' own RFIC lab so they can fully understand how these designs function. This title is suitable for radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) design engineers; radio systems architects; researchers and developers of RFIC technology; and, graduate level electrical engineering students.     

Author Name :John M. W. Rogers, Calvin Plett

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VLSI for Wireless Communication

A textbook for first-year graduate class in electrical engineering, through a selection of material could be used for a senior undergraduate class. The goal is to bridge the gap between the circuit and system vision in wireless design.     

Author Name :Bosco H. Leung

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CMOS Current Amplifiers

CMOS Current Amplifiers; Speed versus Nonlinearity is intended as a current-amplifier cookbook containing an extensive review of different current amplifier topologies realisable with modern CMOS integration technologies. The seldom-discussed issue of high-frequency distortion performance is derived for all reviewed amplifier topologies using as simple and intuitive mathematical methods as possible. The topologies discussed are also useful as building blocks for high-performance voltage-mode amp.     

Author Name :Kimmo Koli, Kari A.I. Halonen

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Light-Emitting Diodes

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are devices that are used in a myriad of applications, such as indicator lights in instruments, signage, illuminations, and communication. This graduate textbook covers all aspects of the technology and physics of infrared, visible-spectrum, and white light-emitting diodes (LEDs) made from III-V semiconductors. It reviews elementary properties of LEDs such as the electrical and optical characteristics. Exercises and illustrative examples reinforce the topics discussed.     

Author Name :E. Fred Schubert

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Electricity Experiments You Can Do At Home

Amp up your understanding of electricity and magnetism with DOZENS OF DO-IT-YOURSELF EXPERIMENTS Electricity Experiments You Can Do At Home is a hands-on guide that helps you master the principles of electrical currents and magnetism. Each of the book's three sections--direct current, alternating current, and magnetism--begins with step-by-step instructions for setting up your lab for the experiments that follow. Using inexpensive, easy-to-find parts, the experiments progress from basic to more complex and will spark ideas and encourage inventiveness. Expect unexpected results when you experiment with: Diode-based voltage reducer Compass-based galvanometer Photovoltaic illuminometer Utility bulb saver Ripple filter Xener-diode voltage regulator AC spectrum monitor Ampere's law with wire loop AC electromagnet Handheld wind turbine And dozens more projects ELECTRICITY EXPERIMENTS YOU CAN DO AT HOME helps you to: Solve circuit problems in electricity Build practical and interesting electrical and magnetic devices Get ideas for science-fair projects Prepare for advanced courses in electricity and electronics Learn the basics of laboratory practice.     

Author Name :Stan Gibilisco

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Principles of Communications Engineering

The content and scope of this highly regarded book--the first overall synthesis of its kind--is reflected in three important objectives: (1) to establish a sound frame of reference for further study in communication, random processes, and information and detection theory; (2) to make the central results and concepts of statistical communication theory accessible and intuitively meaningful to the practicing engineer; and (3) to illuminate the engineering significance and application of the theory and to provide a quantitative basis for the compromises of engineering design.     

Author Name :J.M. Wozencraft, I.M. Jacobs

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Basic TV Technology

Basic TV Technology is the essential basic guide to the fundamentals underlying all television and video systems, written for students and nontechnical professionals. You don't need to have a math or science background in order to understand this explanation of how the principal pieces of equipment work, what their functions are, and how they are integrated to form a complex video system. An understanding of this material will be necessary for you to succeed in the real world, where one person often has to perform many different roles and functions within a production. Armed with some basic technical background information, you'll be more effective at figuring out new applications and at problem-solving.     

Author Name :Robert L Hartwig

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Newnes Electrical Pocket Book

Newnes Electrical Pocket Book is the ideal daily reference source for electrical engineers, electricians and students. First published in 1932 this classic has been fully updated in line with the latest technical developments, regulations and industry best practice. Providing both in-depth knowledge and a broad overview of the field this pocket book is an invaluable tool of the trade.     

Author Name :Martin Heathcote, E A Reeves

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Innovations in Power Systems Reliability

Electrical grids are, in general, among the most reliable systems in the world. These large interconnected systems, however, are subject to a host of challenges - aging infrastructure, transmission expansion to meet growing demand, distributed resources, and congestion management, among others. Innovations in Power Systems Reliability aims to provide a vision for a comprehensive and systematic approach to meet the challenges of modern power systems. Innovations in Power Systems Reliability is focused on the emerging technologies and methodologies for the enhancement of electrical power systems reliability. It addresses many relevant topics in this area, ranging from methods for balancing resources to various reliability and security aspects. Innovations in Power Systems Reliability not only discusses technological breakthroughs and sets out roadmaps in implementing the technology, but it also informs the reader about current best practice. It is a valuable source of information for academic researchers, as well as those working in industrial research and development.     

Author Name :George Anders, Alfredo Vaccaro

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VoIP Technologies

This book provides a collection of 15 excellent studies of Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies. While VoIP is undoubtedly a powerful and innovative communication tool for everyone, voice communication over the Internet is inherently less reliable than the public switched telephone network, because the Internet functions as a best-effort network without Quality of Service guarantee and voice data cannot be retransmitted. This book introduces research strategies that address various issues with the aim of enhancing VoIP quality. We hope that you will enjoy reading these diverse studies, and that the book will provide you with a lot of useful information about current VoIP technology research.     

Author Name :Shigeru Kashihara

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Principles of Power System

The subject of power systems has assumed considerable importance in recent years and growing demand for a compact work has resulted in this book. A new chapter has been added on Neutral Grounding.     

Author Name :V.K. Mehta

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CMOS Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation

The Third Edition of CMOS Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation continues to cover the practical design of both analog and digital integrated circuits, offering a vital, contemporary view of a wide range of analog/digital circuit blocks including: phase-locked-loops, delta-sigma sensing circuits, voltage/current references, op-amps, the design of data converters, and much more. Regardless of one's integrated circuit (IC) design skill level, this book allows readers to experience both the theory behind, and the hands-on implementation of, complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) IC design via detailed derivations, discussions, and hundreds of design, layout, and simulation examples.     

Author Name :R. Jacob Baker

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Understanding Modern Transistors and Diodes

Rigorous textbook covering the three main types of transistor, as well as diodes. Also of interest to practising engineers. Easy-to-read style Thorough theoretical treatment combined with practical detail MOSFETS, HBTs and HJFETS all covered Uses the PSP model for MOSFETS Describes solar cells/LEDs End-of-chapter exercises Lecture slides for undergraduate and graduate courses are available online     

Author Name :David L. Pulfrey

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Power Electronics and Variable Frequency Drives

This original contributed volume combines the individual expertise of eleven world-renowned professionals to provide comprehensive, authoritative coverage of state-of-the-art power electronics and AC drive technology. Featuring an extensive introductory chapter by power-electronics expert Bimal K. Bose and more than 400 figures, POWER ELECTRONICS AND VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES covers each of the field's component disciplines and drives--all in one complete resource. Broad in scope and unique in its presentation, this volume belongs on the bookshelf of every industry engineer, professor, graduate student, and researcher involved in this fast-growing multidisciplinary field. It is an essential for teaching, research, development, and design.     

Author Name :Bimal K. Bose

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Troubleshooting Analog Circuits

Based on the author's popular series in EDN Magazine, the book contains a wealth of information on debugging and troubleshooting analog circuits. In this book, you'll find advice on using simple equipment to troubleshoot (would you believe an ordinary AM radio?); step-by-step procedures for analog troubleshooting methods; and generous helpings of the author's unique insights, humor, and philosophy on analog circuits.*Provides proven methods for troubleshooting analog circuits.*Accompanying disk contains over 60 pre-built Electronics Workbench circuits.     

Author Name :Robert A. Pease

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Introduction to Circuit Analysis and Design

Introduction to Circuit Analysis and Design takes the view that circuits have inputs and outputs, and that relations between inputs and outputs and the terminal characteristics of circuits at input and output ports are all-important in analysis and design. Two-port models, input resistance, output impedance, gain, loading effects, and frequency response are treated in more depth than is traditional. Due attention to these topics is essential preparation for design, provides useful preparation for subsequent courses in electronic devices and circuits, and eases the transition from circuits to systems.     

Author Name :Tildon H. Glisson

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Designing Audio Power Amplifiers

This comprehensive book on audio power amplifier design will appeal to members of the professional audio engineering community as well as the hobbyist.Designing Audio Power Amplifiersbegins with power amplifier design basics that a novice can understand and moves all the way through to in-depth design techniques for the very sophisticated audiophile and professional audio power amplifier designer. This is the single best source of knowledge for anyone who wants to design an audio power amplifier, whether for fun or profit.     

Author Name :Bob Cordell

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Network analysis and feedback amplifier design

This book was originally written as an informal mimeographed text for one of the so-called "Out-of-Hour" courses at Bell Telephone Laboratories. The bulk of the material was prepared in 1938 and 1939 and was given in course form to my colleagues there in the winters of 1939-40 and 1940-41. During the war, however, the text has also been supplied as a reference work to a considerable number of other laboratories engaged in war research. The demand for the text on this basis was unexpectedly heavy and quickly exhausted the original supply of mimeographed copies. It has consequently been decided to make the text more widely available through regular channels of publication. In revising the material for publication, the original theoretical discussion has been supplemented by footnote references to other books and papers appearing both before and after the text was first written. In addition, an effort has been made to simplify the theoretical treatment in Chapter IV, and minor editorial changes have been made at a number of points elsewhere. Otherwise, however, the text is as it was originally written.     

Author Name :Hendrik Wade Bode

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Unified Optical Scanning Technology

A cohesive view of the expanding field of optical scanning, in a single compact volume.Optical scanning is a systematic sampling of spatial information, transforming images or data to or from a temporal signal for electronic processing. The field of optical information handling has been developing rapidly, with many of its classical forms being transformed in new and fascinating ways. For instance, the once-discrete fields of serial and parallel optical information transfer are evolving into new hybrid systems as researchers add the flexibility of optical scanning for greater operational advantage in data manipulation and transfer. Insight for such creative advancement is fostered with the unification of unapparent or secluded concepts.     

Author Name :Leo Beiser

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Digital Communication Receivers

Digital Communication Receivers Synchronization, Channel Estimation, and Signal Processing Digital Communication Receivers offers a complete treatment on the theoretical and practical aspects of synchronization and channel estimation from the standpoint of digital signal processing. The focus on these increasingly important topics, the systematic approach to algorithm development, and the linked algorithm-architecture methodology in digital receiver design are unique features of this book. The material is structured according to different classes of transmission channels. In Part C, baseband transmission over wire or optical fiber is addressed. Part D covers passband transmission over satellite or terrestrial wireless channels. Part E deals with transmission over fading channels. Designed for the practicing communication engineer and the graduate student, the book places considerable emphasis on helpful examples, summaries, illustrations, and bibliographies.     

Author Name :Heinrich Meyr

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Electrical Insulation for Rotating Machines

A single comprehensive resource for the design, application, testing, and maintenance of rotating machines.Filling a long-standing gap in the field, Electrical Insulation for Rotating Machines covers, in one useful volume, all aspects of the design, deterioration, testing, and repair of the electrical insulation used in motors and generators. Lucidly written by leading experts, this authoritative reference provides both historical background important to understanding machine insulation design and the most up-to-date information on new machines and how to select insulation systems for them.     

Author Name :Greg Stone, Edward A. Boulter,Ian Culbert ,Hussein Dhirani

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Microcommunications Handbook

Intel is generally credited with inventing the microprocessor chip, which has found its way into many facets of our daily lives from the family automobile to the personal computer. Micro-chips have traditionally been associated with computer technology, but a revolution is underway in the world of communications that will transform this traditional analog world into a digital one. Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is the term used to describe the new class of service soon to be provided by the telephone operating companies, but the merging of Computers and Communications will certainly find its way into many other applications. To emphasize the role that this emerging technology will have on our products, we have coined the term Microcommunications ... Micro-Chips in Communications.     

Author Name :Intel Bks

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Electrical Characterization of Organic Electronic Materials and Devices

Organic electronic materials have many applications and potential in low-cost electronics such as electronic barcodes and in light emitting devices, due to their easily tailored properties. While the chemical aspects and characterization have been widely studied, characterization of the electrical properties has been neglected, and classic textbook modeling has been applied. This is most striking in the analysis of thin-film transistors (TFTs) using thick bulk transistor (MOS-FET) descriptions. At first glance the TFTs appear to behave as regular MOS-FETs. However, upon closer examination it is clear that TFTs are unique and merit their own model. Understanding and interpreting measurements of organic devices, which are often seen as black-box measurements, is critical to developing better devices and this, therefore, has to be done with care.     

Author Name :Professor Peter Stallinga

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Conformal Array Antenna Theory and Design

This is the first comprehensive treatment of conformal antenna arrays from an engineering perspective. While providing a thorough foundation in theory, the authors of this publication provide a wealth of hands-on instruction for practical analysis and design of conformal antenna arrays. Thus, you get the knowledge you need, alongside the practical know-how to design antennas that are integrated into such structures aircrafts or skyscrapers.     

Author Name :Lars Josefsson, Patrik Persson

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Public Health SOS

Electromagnetic factors in health is an emerging public health issue globally, creating electrical sensitivity and being linked to illnesses of many kinds. Read this primer on EMF and health by Prof. Magda Havas of Canada and environmental activist and management consultant to change agents, Camilla Rees, founder of Learn what the independent science shows, what you can do to create electromagnetic safety and how you can help get Congress to pay attention to this important issue affecting humans, animals and nature. This book resulted from 110 Questions asked of the audience at The Commonwealth Club of California in 2008, the nations leading public affairs forum.     

Author Name :Camilla Rees, Magda Havas

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Recurrences and Discrete Dynamic Systems

good book     

Author Name :Igor Gumowski

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Convergence Technologies for 3G Networks

The merging of voice and data on a single network opens powerful new possibilities in communications. Only a fundamental understanding of both technologies will ensure you are equipped to maximise their full potential.Convergence Technologies for 3G Networks describes the evolution from cellular to a converged network that integrates traditional telecommunications and the technology of the Internet. In particular, the authors address the application of both IP and ATM technologies to a cellular environment, including IP telephony protocols, the use of ATM/AAL2 and the new AAL2 signalling protocol for voice/multimedia and data transport as well as the future of the UMTS network in UMTS Release 5/6 All-IP architecture.     

Author Name :Jeffrey Bannister, Paul Mather , Sebastian Coope

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Combinatorial Optimization

Perceptively written text examines optimization problems that can be formulated in terms of networks and algebraic structures called matroids. Chapters cover shortest paths, network flows, bipartite matching, nonbipartite matching, matroids and the greedy algorithm, matroid intersections, and the matroid parity problems. A suitable text or reference for courses in combinatorial computing and concrete computational complexity in departments of computer science and mathematics.     

Author Name :Eugene L. Lawler

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Electronic Engineering

Table of Contents:1. Introduction 2. Chapter 1 - History of Electronic Engineering 3. Chapter 2 - Electromagnetism & Photoelectric Effect 4. Chapter 3 - Signal processing, Telecommunications Engineering & Control engineering 5. Chapter 4 - Instrumentation Engineering & Computer Engineering     

Author Name :Julia Aldred

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Digital and Analog Fiber Optic Communications for CATV and FTTx Applications

This book is intended to provide a step-by-step guide to all design aspects and tradeoffs from theory to application for fiber-optics transceiver electronics. Presenting a compendium of information in a structured way, this book enables the engineer to develop a methodical design approach, a deep understanding of specifications parameters and the reasons behind them, as well as their effects and consequences on system performance, which are essential for proper component design. Further, a fundamental understanding of RF, digital circuit design, and linear and nonlinear phenomena is important in order to achieve the desired performance levels. Becoming familiar with solid-state devices and passives used to build optical receivers and transmitters is also important so one can effectively overcome design limitations. The book is organized into six main sections covering the following subjects: a top level overview; optics, semiconductors, and passives; RF concepts; an introduction to CATV modems and transmitters; digital transceivers' performance, evaluation, and concepts; and integration and testing. Copublished with Wiley Interscience.     

Author Name :Avigdor Brillant

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The Verilog Golden Reference Guide is a compact quick reference guide to the Verilog hardware description language, its syntax,semantics, synthesis and application to hardware design. The Verilog Golden Reference Guide is not intended as a replacement for the IEEE Standard Verilog Language Reference Manual. Unlike that document, the Golden Reference guide does not offer a complete, formal description of Verilog. Rather, it offers answers to the questions most often asked during the practical application of Verilog, in a convenient reference format.Nor is The Verilog Golden Reference Guide intended to be an introductory tutorial. Information is presented here in a terse reference format, not in the progressive and sympathetic manner necessary to learn a subject as complex as Verilog. However, acknowledging that those already familiar with computer languages may wish to use this guide as a Verilog text book, a brief informal introduction to the subject is given at the start. The main feature of The Verilog Golden Reference Guide is that it embodies much practical wisdom gathered over many Verilog projects. It does not only provide a handy syntax reference; there are many similar books which perform that task adequately. It also warns you of the most common language errors, gives clues where to look when your code will not compile, alerts you to synthesis issues, and gives advice on improving your coding style. The Verilog Golden Reference Guide was developed to add value to the Doulos range of Verilog training courses, and also to complement HDL PaceMaker, the Verilog Computer Based Training package from Doulos.     

Author Name :Doulos

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Platform Interference in Wireless Systems

Intra-system EMC problems are becoming increasingly common in mobile devices, ranging from notebook PCs to cell phones, with RF/wireless capbilities. These issues range from minor annoyances to serious glitches which impede the functioning of the device. This book gives a thourough review of electromagnetic theory (including Maxwell's equations), discusses possible sources and causes of intra-system interference, shows to use models and analysis to discover potential sources of intra-system EMC in a design, how to use appropriate tests and measurements to detect intra-system EMC problems, and finally extensively discusses measures to mitigate or totally eliminate intra-system EMC problems. With more and more mobile devices incorporating wirless capability (often with multiple wireless systems, such as Bluetooth and WiFi), this book should be part of the reference shelf of every RF/wireless engineer and mobile device designer.     

Author Name :Kevin Slattery, Harry Skinner

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Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility

Deals with the topic of interference (electromagnetic compatibility) in electronic systems. It builds on basic undergraduate electrical engineering concepts and principles and applies them to the design of electronic systems that operate compatibly with other electronic systems and do not create interference phenomena. To facilitate classroom teaching it is divided in two parts. The first provides the basic principles and skills for review, while the second refers to applications and aspects of EMC design.     

Author Name :Clayton R. Paul

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The Design of CMOS Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits

Sets out in detail how to design gigahertz-speed radio-frequency integrated circuits in CMOS technology. Paper. DLC: Metal oxide semiconductors, Complementary - Design and construction.     

Author Name :Thomas H. Lee

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Magnetic Hysteresis

Electrical Engineering Magnetic Hysteresis Understanding magnetic hysteresis is vitally important to the development of the science of magnetism as a whole and to the advancement of practical magnetic device applications. Magnetic Hysteresis, by acclaimed expert Edward Della Torre, presents a clear explanation of the connection between physical principles and phenomenological hysteresis. This comprehensive book offers a lucid analysis that enables the reader to save valuable time by reducing trial-and-error design. Dr. Della Torre uses physical principles to modify Preisach modeling and to describe the complex behavior of magnetic media. While Pretsach modeling is a useful mathematical tool, its congruency and deletion properties present limitations to accurate descriptions of magnetic materials. Step-by-step, this book describes the modifications that can overcome these limitations. Special attention is given to the use of feedback around a Preisach transducer to remove the congruency restriction, and to the use of accommodation and aftereffect models to remove the deletion restriction. Magnetic state selection rules are introduced to couple scalar Preisach models to form a vector model. Magnetic Hysteresis is indispensable reading for engineers, physicists, and materials scientists who want to gain a better understanding of hysteresis losses and create more energy-efficient motor designs.     

Author Name :Edward Della Torre

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Electricity Power Generation

This book offersan analytical overview of established electric generation processes, along with the present status & improvements for meeting the strains of reconstruction. These old methods are hydro-electric, thermal & nuclear power production.The bookcovers climatic constraints; their affectsand how they are shaping thermal production.The book alsocovers the main renewable energy sources, windand PV cells and the hybrids arising out of these. It covers distributed generation which already has a large presence is now being joined by wind & PV energies. It covers their accommodation in the present system. It introduces energy stores for electricity; when they burst upon the scene in full strength are expected to revolutionize electricity production. In all the subjects covered, there are references to power marketing & how it is shaping production. There will also bea reference chapter on how the power market works.     

Author Name :Digambar M. Tagare

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Providing extensive coverage, including conducting, insulating and electroactive films, this handbook and ready reference deals with introductory topics and fundamentals as well as advanced insights. Clearly structured, in the first part of the book readers learn the fundamentals of electropolymerizatoin for all important types of polymers, mechanisms of film formation and functionalization, while the second part covers a wide range of applications in biochemistry, analytics, photovoltaics, energy and the environment as well as actuators.     

Author Name :Serge Cosnier, Arkady Karyakin

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Concepts in Electric Circuits

This book covers fundamental aspects of electric circuits that form the core of many engineering disciplines. In particular, basic circuit elements and their characteristics are presented when connected in an electric network. In addition, techniques to analyse and solve electric circuits are explained in a simple manner and examples are shown to demonstrate each strategy. DC as well as AC circuit analysis is provided with a brief account of filters in the end. Difficult electric circuit concepts such as sinusoids and phasors are explicated in an effective way so that basic understanding can be properly achieved.     

Author Name :Dr. Wasif Naeem

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Homemade Solar Cells

Once you learn this simple technique you can be making as many solar cells as you like! and save yourself thousands of dollars! Cover your entire roof with solar cells, collect the free energy from the sun! Just think, Since you can screen print these cells, size is no limit. Think about it, a 24" homemade cell that could be powerful enough to run a 12 volt dc x 4 amp motor using only one cell! Solar cell screen printing has been around for about 10 years or so and there are many manufactures already doing it here in the USA and abroad. There are many different types of chemical printing inks to use and many different screen printing techniques to apply it with. But the best I have seen so far was invented by Japan, They have a very simple technique of vibrating the ink after it is printed to get the air bubbles out of the wet ink before it dries. This causes the efficiency of the solar cells to sky rocket! An ink vibrator is very simple to build using a of qty 2 18" x 18" x 3/4" plywood and a few push springs from your local hardware store and a small dc or ac motor with an off balance on the shaft which you can buy or make yourself. Japan now has a US patent, The patent claims that they can be just as powerful as our American made silicon solar cells!     


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Bluetooth Demystified

*An invaluable confusion-lifting tutorial on Bluetooth, the personal area wireless networking standard that enables seamless communication of voice, e-mail, internet access, etc., between mobile phone, desktop PCs, and PDAs. *Details the pros and cons of the Bluetooth approach, taking readers through what kinds of services are ideally suited to Bluetooth. *A must for telecom engineers, managers, technicians, ISPs, and employees of the 1000+ Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) companies, this guide also features sweeping coverage of applications and forthcoming products.     

Author Name :Nathan J. Muller

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Thin Impedance Vibrators

Thin Impedance Vibrators: Theory and Applicationsis devoted to exploring the foundations of the theory of thin impedance vibrator antennas. The text provides a continuation of the classic theory of thin perfectly conducting vibrators. Many consider impedance conception one of the most universal models in the theory of wave processes, as it informs such a wide spectrum of uses in solving practical problems of electrodynamics. This topic provides an opportunity to further search analytical solutions, allowing a simplification of the mathematical formulation of the boundary problem. The theory strives to widen the boundaries of the impedance vibrator antennas application in complex modern radio-and-electronic systems and devices.The book is intended for practicing engineers and designers of antenna and waveguide systems. It can be used to teach students about radiotechnical and radiophysical specialties. The conclusion of the book lists many actual applied problems, which can provide inspiration for several potential PhD projects.     

Author Name :Mikhail V. Nesterenko,Victor A. Katrich,Yuriy,Penkin,Victor M. Dakhov,Sergey L. Berdnik

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Basic Antennas

Basic Antennas is a comprehensive introduction to antennas--basic concepts, practical designs, and details of easy-to-build antennas. You ll learn how to make antennas that really work! This book will provide a foundation in antenna theory and design necessary for anyone undertaking more advanced topics such as those presented in The ARRL Antenna Book. Includes: Dipole Antennas, Antenna Impedance, Transmission Lines, Practical Two Element Arrays, Wideband and Multiband Antennas Reflector Antennas, Yagis for HF and VHF, Loop Antennas, Antennas for Microwave Applications, Vehicle Antennas, Antenna Measurements, Plus, an Introduction to Antenna Modeling...and much more!     

Author Name :Joel R. Hallas

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Scenic Design and Lighting Techniques

This is the key word in Scenic Design and Lighting Tecniques: A Basic Guide for Theatre, written by two seasoned professionals with over twenty years of experience. This book is designed to show you how to turn a bare stage into a basic set design, without using heavy language that would bog you down. From materials and construction to basic props and lighting, this book explains all you will need to know to build your set and light it.     

Author Name :Chuck Gloman,Rob Napoli

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RF and Microwave Coupled-Line Circuits

For design engineers, and research and development specialists who are involved in the area of coupled-line circuit design, analysis, development, and fabrication. DLC: Strip transmission lines.     

Author Name :Rajesh Mongia, Prakash Bhartia, Inder J. Bahl

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Introductory Techniques for 3-D Computer Vision

Senior/Graduate level courses on computer vision, robot vision and image processing in electrical and computer engineering, mathematics, and computer science departments, and an essential reference for researchers and scientists in the field of computer vision. An applied introduction to modern computer vision, focusing on a set of computational techniques for 3-D imaging. Covers a wide range of fundamental problems encountered within computer vision and provides detailed algorithmic and theoretical solutions for each. Each chapter concentrates on a specific problem and solves it by building on previous results.     

Author Name :Trucco,Alessandro Verri

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Focused Ion Beam Systems

This edited volume comprehensively covers the focused ion beam and two beam technology. Presenting the basic principles, capabilities, challenges, advantages, applications and when best to implement the technology, this is a valuable resource for researchers in materials science, electrical engineering and nanotechnology.     

Author Name :Nan Yao

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Electronic and Electrical Servicing

Electronic and Electrical Servicing - Level 3 follows on from the Level 2 book and covers the more advanced electronics and electrical principles required by service engineers servicing home entertainment equipment such as TVs, CD and DVD machines, as well as commercial equipment including PCs.All the core units of the Level 3 Progression Award in Electrical and Electronics Servicing (Consumer/Commercial Electronics) from City & Guilds (C&G 6958) are covered. The book also offers a fully up-to-date course text for the City & Guilds 1687 NVQ at Level 3.The book contains numerous worked examples to help students grasp the principles. Each chapter ends with review questions, for which answers are provided at the end of the book, so that students can check their learning.     

Author Name :Ian Sinclair and John Dunton

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Electromagnetic Anechoic Chambers

This handbook provides the designer/procurer of electromagnetic chambers with a single source of practical information on the full range of anechoic chamber designs. It reviews the current state of the art in indoor electromagnetic testing facilities and their design and specifications. Youll find information on a large variety of anechoic chambers used for a broad range of electromagnetic measurements that are commonly conducted in indoor test facilities as well as details on: * Measurement theory to support the chamber design procedures provided in each of the specific chamber designs * Test facilities for the measurement of antennas, scattering (RCS), and electromagnetic compatibility * An extensive set of photographs, including a special color section highlighting some of the more interesting anechoic test facilities that have been built to solve various measurement problems * Design/procurement checklists     


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Electrical Power Systems

This comprehensive textbook introduces electrical engineers to the most relevant concepts and techniques in electric power systems engineering today. With an emphasis on practical motivations for choosing the best design and analysis approaches, the author carefully integrates theory and application.Key features include more than 500 illustrations and diagrams, clearly developed procedures and application examples, important mathematical details, coverage of both alternating and direct current, an additional set of solved problems at the end of each chapter, and an historical overview of the development of electric power systems. This book will be useful to both power engineering students and professional power engineers.     

Author Name :Mohamed E. El-Hawary

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Direct Write Technologies for Rapid Prototyping

Direct-Write Technologies covers applications, materials, and the techniques in using direct-write technologies. This book provides an overview of the different direct write techniques currently available, as well as a comparison between the strengths and special attributes for each of the techniques. The techniques described open the door for building prototypes and testing materials. The book also provides an overview of the state-of-the-art technology involved in this field. Basic academic researchers and industrial development engineers who pattern thin film materials will want to have this text on their shelves as a resource for specific applications. Others in this or related fields will want the book to read the introductory material summarizing isuses common to all approaches, in order to compare and contrast different techniques. Everyday applications include electronic components and sensors, especially chemical and biosensors.     

Author Name :Alberto Pique,Douglas B. Chrisey

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Control Methods for Electrical Machines

The type of control system used for electrical machines depends on the use (nature of the load, operating states, etc.) to which the machine will be put. The precise type of use determines the control laws which apply. Mechanics are also very important because they affect performance. Another factor of essential importance in industrial applications is operating safety. Finally, the problem of how to control a number of different machines, whose interactions and outputs must be coordinated, is addressed and solutions are presented. These and other issues are addressed here by a range of expert contributors, each of whom are specialists in their particular field. This book is primarily aimed at those involved in complex systems design, but engineers in a range of related fields such as electrical engineering, instrumentation and control, and industrial engineering, will also find this a useful source of information.     

Author Name :Rene Husson

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Analog Circuit Design

Analog Circuit Design contains the contribution of 18 tutorials of the 18th workshop on Advances in Analog Circuit Design. Each part discusses a specific to-date topic on new and valuable design ideas in the area of analog circuit design. Each part is presented by six experts in that field and state of the art information is shared and overviewed. This book is number 18 in this successful series of Analog Circuit Design, providing valuable information and excellent overviews of - Smart Data Converters: Chaired by Prof. Arthur van Roermund, Eindhoven University of Technology - Filters on Chip: Chaired by Herman Casier, AMI Semiconductor Fellow- Multimode Transmitters: Chaired by Prof. M. Steyaert, Catholic University LeuvenAnalog Circuit Design is an essential reference source for analog circuit designers and researchers wishing to keep abreast with the latest development in the field. The tutorial coverage also makes it suitable for use in an advanced design.     

Author Name :Herman Casier, Michiel Steyaert, Arthur H.M. van Roermund

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Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics

KEY BENEFIT: Widely acclaimed both in the U.S. and abroad, this reader-friendly yet authoritative volume bridges the gap between circuits and new electromagnetics material. Ulaby begins coverage with transmission lines, leading readers from familiar concepts into more advanced topics and applications. KEY TOPICS: Introduction: Waves and Phasors; Transmission Lines; Vector Analysis; Electrostatics; Magnetostatics; Maxwell's Equations for Time-Varying Fields; Plane-Wave Propagation; Reflection, Transmission, and Waveguides; Radiation and Antennas; Satellite Communication Systems and Radar Sensors. MARKET: A useful reference for engineers.     

Author Name :Fawwaz T. Ulaby,Eric Michielssen,Umberto Ravaioli

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Closing the Gap Between ASIC & Custom

Carefully details design tools and techniques for high-performance ASIC design techniques. These techniques are illustrated by designs running two to three times the speed of typical designs in the same process generation.     

Author Name :David Chinnery,Kurt Keutzer

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Power Supplies for All Occasions

This book describes the operation of different types of power supplies and give a few practical designes, to enable the constructor to make their own supplies.The information in this book will help electronic technicians to understand the operation of different types of power supply systems and make it easy for them to repair and maintain such items.     

Author Name :M.C. Sharma

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Analog Circuit Design Techniques at 0.5V

The book discusses general design ideas and techniques for a supply voltage of 0.5 V. OTA design and biasing are covered extensively.We further present the design of analog systems using these techniques. They include the design of a filter with a PLL, a continuous-time S_ modulator, a track-and-hold circuit, and receiver frontend circuits.     

Author Name :Shouri Chatterjee, Kong Pang Pun, Nebojsa Stanic, Yannis Tsividis, Peter Kinget

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Computer-Aided Design of Electrical Machines

The aim of this book is to present the sequential steps for developing the computer programs for the design of electrical machines, using well-established design formulae. The data of magnetic and non-magnetic materials used in latest designs by industries, is applied for optimizing the design.     

Author Name :K.M. Vishnu Murthy

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Fluid Mechanics

This collection of over 200 detailed worked exercises adds to and complements the textbook Fluid Mechanics by the same author, and illustrates the teaching material through examples. In the exercises the fundamental concepts of Fluid Mechanics are applied to obtaining the solution of diverse concrete problems, and in doing this the student's skill in the mathematical modeling of practical problems is developed. In addition, 30 challenging questions without detailed solutions have been included, and while lecturers will find these questions suitable for examinations and tests, the student himself can use them to check his understanding of the subject.     

Author Name :Joseph H. Spurk , T. Schobeiri, H. Marschall

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Electrical Science Fundamentals Handbook

The Electrical Science Fundamentals Handbook was developed to assist nuclear facility     

Author Name :U.S. Department of Energy FSC-6910

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Lightning Protection

The book provides the necessary scientific background to enable the engineer to make appropriate judgments in situations where conventional engineering solutions may be inadequate .Lightning is a natural phenomenon that has always fascinated humans. It is also a destructive force, and the science of protecting humans and their belongings on earth is called lightning protection. This book provides the reader with a thorough background in almost every aspect of lightning protection.     

Author Name :Vernon Cooray

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High Voltage Vacuum Insulation

This book explores the technological advances that have flowed from the major leap in our fundamental understanding of the subject. Following on from the Editor's earlier book High Voltage Vacuum Insulation: The Physical Basis (Academic Press London/NY 1981) this text provides a modern 'working manual' which concentrates on the practical aspects and applications with contributions from internationally-recognised experts in the field.     

Author Name :Rod V. Latham

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Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology

Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology is a fully comprehensive text for courses in electrical and electronic principles, circuit theory and electrical technology. The coverage takes students from the fundamentals of the subject, to the completion of a first year degree level course. Thus, this book is ideal for students studying engineering for the first time, and is also suitable for pre-degree vocational courses, especially where progression to higher levels of study is likely.     

Author Name :John Bird

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Electric Power Transformer Engineering

Transformer engineering is one of the earliest sciences within the field of electric power engineering, and power is the earliest discipline within the field of electrical engineering.Covering the fundamental theory of electric power transformers, this book provides the background required to understand the basic operation of electromagnetic induction as applied to transformers.     

Author Name :James H. Harlow

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Understanding 8085/8086 Microprocessor and Peripheral ICs

This book, presented in a question-answer format, will be very useful for engineering students in the branches of Electrical, Instrumentation, Electronics, IT, Computer Science, Telecommunication and Allied branches as well as for those who are appearing for GATE, IETE, AMIE and other All India examinations conducted by various public sector undertakings. Each chapter begins with elementary material about the chapter and subsequently leading to the more advanced questions. Numerous questions about good many number of peripheral ICs, used in conjunction with microprocessors, have been thoroughly discussed.     

Author Name :S. K Sen

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Spotlight on Modern Transformer Design

Spotlight on Modern Transformer Design introduces a novel approach to transformer design using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in combination with finite element method (FEM). Today, AI is widely used for modeling nonlinear and large-scale systems, especially when explicit mathematical models are difficult to obtain or completely lacking. Moreover, AI is computationally efficient in solving hard optimization problems.     

Author Name :Pavlos Stylianos Georgilakis

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Switch Mode Power Supply Design

Power electronics is entirely devoted to switch mode power conversion and deals with modern problems in analysis , design, and synthesis of electronic circuits as applied to efficient conversion, control,and regulation of electrical energy     

Author Name ::P R K. Chetty

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Blender 2.49 Scripting

Extend the power and flexibility of Blender with the help of the high-level, easy-to-learn scripting language, Python.Gain control of all aspects of Blender using the powerful Python language,Create complex meshes programmatically and apply materials and textures,Automate the rendering process and extend Blender's image manipulation capabilities,Extend Blender's built-in editor,Interact with version control systems and store render results on a FTP server.     

Author Name :Michel Anders

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Creative Motion Graphic Titling for Film, Video, and the Web

Captivate your audience and enhance your storytelling with this tutorial based 4-color cookbook, featuring dozens of solutions to your titling needs. Each chapter includes case studies and interviews with the pros, lending cutting insight and lessons learned that will have you creating inspired title sequences in no time.Also included is a DVD with sample clips, as well as project files that allow you to refine the techniques you learned in the book. As an added bonus the authors had included 3 titling chapters from other Focal books, with specific instructions on titling within certain software applications.     

Author Name :Yael Braha, Bill Byrne

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Mastering Autodesk Revit MEP 2011

Revit MEP has finally come into its own, and this perfectly paced reference covers all the core concepts and functionality of this fast-growing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing software.The authors collate all their years of experience to develop this exhaustive tutorial that shows you how to design using a versatile model.Youll discover tips, tricks, and real-world exercises that only authors who use the software daily in a professional environment can know and explain.     

Author Name :Don Bokmiller,Marvin Titlow, Simon Whitbread

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Digital Geometry

Digital geometry is about deriving geometric information from digital pictures. The field emerged from its mathematical roots some forty-years ago through work in computer-based imaging, and it is used today in many fields, such as digital image processing and analysis (with applications in medical imaging, pattern recognition, and robotics) and of course computer graphics. Digital Geometry is the first book to detail the concepts, algorithms, and practices of the discipline. This comphrehensive text and reference provides an introduction to the mathematical foundations of digital geometry, some of which date back to ancient times, and also discusses the key processes involved, such as geometric algorithms as well as operations on pictures.     

Author Name :Reinhard Klette, Azriel Rosenfeld

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Adobe Digital Imaging How-Tos

Adobe Digital Imaging How-Tos: Essential Techniques for Photoshop CS5, Lightroom 3, and Camera Raw 6 is a concise, current, and affordable full-color guide to the key techniques for working with digital images. Choose the How-Tos guide when you want to learn the features and functions that provide immediate results. This book covers core features without getting bogged down in obscure details; it provides a single reference for effective Lightroom-to-Photoshop and ACR-to-Photoshop workflows.Youll learn to use the most exciting new features in all three apps: streamlined import; dramatic noise-reduction improvements; robust lens correction for raw images; HDR Pro workflows; selection and mask refinement; Content-Aware Fill; Puppet Warp; Bristle Tips and the powerful Mixer Brush. Youll also learn tips to work more efficiently, with Scrubby Zoom, the new HUD color pickers, and more.     

Author Name :Dan Moughamian

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Adobe After Effects CS5 Visual Effects and Compositing Studio Techniques

This is the only book on the market to focus exclusively on the creation of visual effects for After Effects users, and is a one-stop resource for anyone who wants in-depth explanations that demystify the realm of visual effects and how they were created, thanks to veteran author Mark Christiansen's friendly and accessible style.Readers will also find comprehensive coverage of all that's new and makes this version of Adobe's effects programa must-have update, including the revolutionary new Roto Brush, all new effects such as the New Refine Matte effect, new support for Color Look-Up Tables, workflows that take advantage of the all-new 64-bit support, inclusion of third-party tools for additional creativity, and much more.     

Author Name :Mark Christiansen

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Up and Running with AutoCAD 2011

Get "Up and Running" with AutoCAD using Gindis' combination of step-by-step instruction, examples, and insightful explanations. The emphasis from the beginning is on core concepts and practical application of AutoCAD in Architecture, Engineering and Design. Equally useful in instructor-led classroom training or self-study, the book is written with the student in mind by a long time AutoCAD user and instructor, based on what works in the industry and the classroom.     

Author Name :Elliot Gindis

No Of Visit :439      Posted Comments :

Graph Drawing

This book is designed to describe fundamental algorithmic techniques for constructing drawings of graphs. Suitable as a book or reference manual, its chapters offer an accurate, accessible reflection of the rapidly expanding field of graph drawing.     

Author Name :Ioannis G. Tollis, Giuseppe Di Battista, Peter Eades, Roberto Tamassia

No Of Visit :426      Posted Comments :

OGRE 3D 1.7 Beginner's Guide

OGRE 3D 1.7 Beginners Guide, based on the latest version 1.7, makes it super easy for you to make your own monsters, spaceship shooters, weapons, enemies, and more!In this book you will start with how to download and configure OGRE 3D, then create your first example scene. With the help of this sample scene, you will be introduced to several related topics each of which will be explained through several other examples and by do-it-yourself tasks.After each example there is a section that explains the theory behind the technique used for deeper understanding. You will also use what you learned in one example in another example and repeat each technique several times while learning new ones at the same time to strengthen the topics learned. Within no time you will master the art of game creation. Imagine how great you will feel when all your friends are playing the great-looking games youve created with OGRE 3D and this book.A step-by-step guide for beginners, filled with examples and simple do-it-yourself exercises     

Author Name :Felix Kerger

No Of Visit :405      Posted Comments :

Power System State Estimation

Offering an up-to-date account of the strategies utilized in state estimation of electric power systems, this reference illustrates the significant role of state estimation in overall energy managementpresenting an abundance of examples, models, tables, and guidelines to clearly examine new aspects of state estimation, the testing of network observability, and methods to assure computational efficiency.     

Author Name :Ali Abur, Antonio Gomez Exposito

No Of Visit :467      Posted Comments :

Power Systems Modelling and Fault Analysis

This book provides a comprehensive practical treatment of the modelling of electrical power systems, and the theory and practice of fault analysis of power systems covering detailed and advanced theories as well as modern industry practices.The continuity and quality of electricity delivered safely and economically by todays and futures electrical power networks are important for both developed and developing economies. The correct modelling of power system equipment and correct fault analysis of electrical networks are pre-requisite to ensuring safety and they play a critical role in the identification of economic network investments. Environmental and economic factors require engineers to maximise the use of existing assets which in turn require accurate modelling and analysis techniques. The technology described in this book will always be required for the safe and economic design and operation of electrical power systems.     

Author Name :Nasser Tleis

No Of Visit :422      Posted Comments :

Overvoltage Protection of Low-Voltage Systems

This highly illustrated and practical book surveys techniques available to protect LV equipment and systems from lightning strikes and other surges. After examining the physical origins and effects of these phenomena, it concentrates on the components and applications of protective measures and systems, placed in the context of current IEC and VDE standards. This unique book provides the reader with a thorough background in almost every aspect of lightning and its impact on electrical and electronic equipment. The contents range from basic discharge processes in air through transient electromagnetic field generation and interaction with overhead lines and underground cables, to lightning protection and testing techniques. This book is of value to anyone designing, installing or commissioning equipment, which needs to be secured against lightning strikes, as well as being a sound introduction to research students working in the field.     

Author Name :Peter Hasse

No Of Visit :401      Posted Comments :

Transmission and Distribution Electrical Engineering

The engineers handbook to real-world power engineering practice a unique working reference for the engineer, technician, systems planner and manager.It provides an insight into many of the practical experiences which an engineer would expect to pick up throughout their career, with useful advice on the best way of reaching the desired conclusion.     

Author Name :Colin Bayliss

No Of Visit :432      Posted Comments :

Short Circuit Currents

The calculation of short circuit currents is a central task for Power System engineers, they are essential parameters for the design of electrical equipment and installations, the operation of power systems and the analysis of outages and faults. Short-circuit Currents gives an overview of the components within power systems with respect to the parameters needed for short circuit current calculation. It also explains how to use a system of symmetrical components to analyse different types of short circuits in power systems. The thermal and electromagnetic effects of short circuit currents on equipment and installations, short-time interference problems and measures for the limitation of short circuit currents are also discussed. Detailed calculation procedures and typical data of equipment are provided in a separate chapter for easy reference, and worked examples are included throughout.     

Author Name :Jurgen Schlabbach

No Of Visit :408      Posted Comments :

Advanced Electrical Installation Work

Advanced Electrical Installation Workhas helped thousands of students to achieve success in City & Guilds awards in electrical installation. Now in its fourth edition, this book has been completely restructured to provide a specific match to the requirements of the Installation route of the 2330 Level 3 Certificate in Electrotechnical Technology, and will also prove an essential purchase for students of Level 3 NVQs in Electrotechnical Services (Electrical Installation - Buildings & Structures).With a concise and practical approach, Trevor Linsley presents a complete resource for the 2330 Certificate, covering the core unit of the scheme, along with the two Occupational Units 2 and 3 inInstallation (Buildings & Structures). An additional chapterElectronic Components- a key area of electrical installation work - is also included for reference.     

Author Name :Trevor Linsley

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Practical Guide to Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations, Second Edition

This book answers all your questions on the basics of inspection and testing with clear reference to the latest legal requirements. Chris Kitcher not only tells you what tests are needed but also describes all of them step-by-step with the help of real-world colour photos. Sample forms show how to verify recorded test results and how to certify and fill in the required documentation. The book is also packed with handy advice on how to avoid and solve common problems encountered on the job.     

Author Name :Christopher James Kitcher

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Electrical Safety Handbook 3E

This is an accident-avoiding prescription for electricians, safety managers, and inspectors, and engineers dealing with electricity any voltage level. Presenting crucial protective safety strategies for industrial and commercial systems, the Handbook references all major safety codes (OSHA, NEC, NESC, and NFPA) where appropriate, creating a unique, one-stop compliance manual for any companys electrical safety training and reference needs.     

Author Name :John Cadick, Mary Capelli-Schellpfeffer, Dennis K. Neitzel

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Control of Induction Motors

This book is a comprehensive reference source for practicing engineers and students specializing in electric power engineering and industrial electronics. It will illustrate the state of the art in induction motors. Beginning with characteristics and basic dynamic models of induction motors, and progressing to low- and high- performance drive systems. The book will be rich in useful information, without an excessive mathematical burden. Computer simulations resulting in mock oscillograms of physical quantities are used for illustration of basic control concepts.     

Author Name :Andrzej M.Trzynadlowski

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Electrical Machines, Drives, and Power Systems

For one-semester, undergraduate-level courses in Motor Controls, Electric Machines, Power Electronics, and Electric Power. This best-selling text employs a theoretical, practical, multidisciplinary approach to provide introductory students with a broad understanding of modern electric power. The scope of the book reflects the rapid changes that have occurred in power technology over the past few years--allowing the entrance of power electronics into every facet of industrial drives, and expanding the field to open more career opportunities.     

Author Name :Theodore Wildi

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Electric Power Principles

This innovative approach to the fundamentals of electric power provides the most rigorous, comprehensive and modern treatment available. To impart a thorough grounding in electric power systems, it begins with an informative discussion on per-unit normalizations, symmetrical components and iterative load flow calculations.Covering important topics within the power system, such as protection and DC transmission, this book looks at both traditional power plants and those used for extracting sustainable energy from wind and sunlight.     

Author Name :James L. Kirtley

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Lithium Batteries

Lithium Batteries: Science and Technology is an up-to-date and comprehensive compendium on advanced power sources and energy related topics. Each chapter is a detailed and thorough treatment of its subject. This volume includes several tutorials and contributes to an understanding of the many fields that impact the development of lithium batteries. Recent advances on various components are included and numerous examples of innovation are presented. Extensive references are given at the end of each chapter. All contributors are internationally recognized experts in their respective specialty.     

Author Name :Gholam-Abbas Nazri, Gianfranco Pistoia

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RFID Handbook

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging is now used by the department of defense and many of the worlds largest retailers including Wal-Mart. As RFID continues to infiltrate industries worldwide, organizations must harness a clear understanding of this technology in order to maximize its potential and protect against the potential risks it poses.The RFID Handbook provides an overview of RFID technology, its associated security and privacy risks, and recommended practices that will enable organizations to realize productivity improvements while also protecting sensitive information and the privacy of individuals.     

Author Name :Syed A. Ahson and Mohammad Ilyas

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RFID Handbook 3rd Edition

This is the third revised edition of the established and trusted RFID Handbook; the most comprehensive introduction to radio frequency identification (RFID) available.This essential new edition contains information on electronic product code (EPC) and the EPC global network, and explains near-field communication (NFC) in depth. It includes revisions on chapters devoted to the physical principles of RFID systems and microprocessors, and supplies up-to-date details on relevant standards and regulations.     

Author Name :Dr Klaus Finkenzeller

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