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Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives,by Bimal K. Bose

For upper level undergraduate and graduate level courses in electrical engineering, as well as a reference book for professionals and researchers. This text presents the basics of electrical power conversion and control through the use of power semiconductor switches. In addition, by demonstrating the practical applications of power electronics and motion control using AC electrical machines in transportation and industry, among other uses, Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives reflects the latest advances in industrial automation     

Author Name :Bimal K. Bose

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Wire Bonding in Microelectronics, 3/E

Microelectronicsis a subfield ofelectronics. Microelectronics, as the name suggests, is related to the study and manufacture, ormicrofabrication, of electronic components which are very small (usually micrometre-scale or smaller, but not always). These devices are made fromsemiconductors. Many components of normal electronic design are available in microelectronic equivalent:transistors,capacitors,inductors,resistors,diodesand of courseinsulatorsandconductorscan all be found in microelectronic devices. Unique wiring techniques such aswire bondingare also often used in microelectronics because of the unusually small size of the components, leads and pads. This technique requires specialized equipment.     

Author Name :George G. Harman

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RF Microelectronics

Microelectronics is a subfield of electronics. Microelectronics, as the name suggests, is related to the study and manufacture, or microfabrication, of electronic components which are very small (usually micrometre-scale or smaller, but not always). These devices are made from semiconductors. Many components of normal electronic design are available in microelectronic equivalent: transistors, capacitors, inductors, resistors, diodes and of course insulators and conductors can all be found in microelectronic devices. Unique wiring techniques such as wire bonding are also often used in microelectronics because of the unusually small size of the components, leads and pads. This technique requires specialized equipment.     

Author Name :Behzad Razavi

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Microsystems and Nanotechnology

This book contains papers on the following: CMOS devices and devices based on compound semiconductors; processing; silicon integrated technology and integrated circuit design; quantum physics; nanotechnology; nanodevices, sensors andmicrosystems. Contemporary news and future challenges in these fields are presented in invited papers.     

Author Name :Xanthi Zianni

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Microelectronics is a subfield of electronics. Microelectronics, as the name suggests, is related to the study and manufacture, or microfabrication, of electronic components which are very small (usually micrometre-scale or smaller, but not always). These devices are made from semiconductors. Many components of normal electronic design are available in microelectronic equivalent: transistors, capacitors, inductors, resistors, diodes and of course insulators and conductors can all be found in microelectronic devices. Unique wiring techniques such as wire bonding are also often used in microelectronics because of the unusually small size of the components, leads and pads. This technique requires specialized equipment.     

Author Name :

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Fiber Optic Sensors (Optical Science and Engineering)

Fiber Optic Sensors highlights the development of fiber optic sensors and classic applications; provides new methods for the construction of high-speed and high-capacity fiber sensor systems; and describes recent developments in fiber optic amplifiers, fiber Bragg grating sensors, optical isolators, optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR), and fiber optic gyroscopes. The book details structural fatigue monitoring for dams and bridges, the effect of external and environmental factors on fiber optic sensor performance, interferometer configuration multiplexing architecture, polarization fading mitigation, and system integration, and updated applications of fiber optic sensors.     

Author Name :Francis T.S. Yu, Shizhuo Yin

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Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (3rd Edition)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence of machines and the branch of computer science that aims to create it. AI textbooks define the field as "the study and design of intelligent agents"where an intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chances of success.John McCarthy, who coined the term in 1956,defines it as "the science and engineering of making intelligent machines."The field was founded on the claim that a central property of humans, intelligencethe sapience of Homo sapienscan be so precisely described that it can be simulated by a machine. This raises philosophical issues about the nature of the mind and the limits of scientific inquiry, issues which have been addressed by myth, fiction and philosophy since antiquity. Artificial intelligence has been the subject of optimism, but has also suffered setbacks and, today, has become an essential part of the technology industry, providing the heavy lifting for many of the most difficult problems in computer science.     

Author Name :Stuart Russell

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Op Amps: Design, Application, and Troubleshooting

AnOperational amplifier("op-amp") is aDC-coupledhigh-gainelectronic voltageamplifierwith a differential input and, usually, a single-ended output.[1]An op-amp produces an output voltage that is typically hundreds of thousands times larger than the voltagedifferencebetween its input terminals.[2]     

Author Name :David L. Terrell

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Development and Validation of Analytical Methods

The need to validate an analytical or bioanalytical method is encountered by analysts in the pharmaceutical industry on an almost daily basis, because adequately validated methods are a necessity for approvable regulatory filings.     

Author Name :C.M. Riley and T.W. Rosanske

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Introduction to Digital Communications and Information Theory

This web course on Digital Communications is primarily intended for use by undergraduate students who may be preparing for graduate level studies in the area of electrical communications engineering. A teacher, offering an introductory-level course on digital communications, may also find several topics suitable for classroom coverage. The field of Digital Communications is reach in literature and there is no dearth of excellent text books and research papers on specific topics over and above the bulk of tutorial material, technical standards and product information that are available through the Internet. Hence, the onus is clearly on the present authors to justify the need and relevance of this web course on Digital Communications. To put it humbly, the present authors believe that any web course should primarily cater to the quick requirements of the prime target audience (in our case, an undergraduate student preparing for graduate level studies in the area of electrical communications engineering).     

Author Name :Krzysztof Wesolowski

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This book, one of a series of information books, introduces the child to a variety of television-ancient and modern. It explains in a simple manner how the television works.     

Author Name :NAVKALA ROY

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DIY Electronics Southern Cross II 8031 Single Board ,Computer Hardware Manual

The Southern Cross II single board computer is based around the 8032/52 8-bit microcontroller. Adding a power supply and connecting to any PC capable of running an 8051 cross-assembler enables the user to implement an 8031 software development system. Programming in BASIC is also possible using one of the 8052-BASIC chips currently available. If your board is fitted with one of these BASIC chips then switching from one software environment to the other is simply a matter of inserting or removing a link. The Southern Cross II, when used in conjunction with the MVS-31 debugging monitor, implements a complete 8031-based assembly language software development system. The extra resources provided by an 8032/52 over an 8031,(extra timer and an additional 128 bytes of internal RAM memory), together with an independent external UART allows the user complete access to all the 8031's internal ports and timers.     

Author Name :kITRUS

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This book, one of a series of information books, introduces the child to a variety of clocks-ancient and modern. It explains in a simple manner how the clock works.     

Author Name :NAVKALA ROY

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Electron Beams and Microwave Vacuum Electronics

This book focuses on a fundamental feature of vacuum electronics: the strong interaction of the physics of electron beams and vacuum microwave electronics, including millimeter-wave electronics. The author guides readers from the roots of classical vacuum electronics to the most recent achievements in the field. Special attention is devoted to the physics and theory of relativistic beams and microwave devices, as well as the theory and applications of specific devices.     

Author Name :Shulim E. Tsimring

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Computerized Engine Controls

Get the resource no technician should be without! Now in its 8th edition, Computerized Engine Controls continues the tradition of its predecessors: strong, solid coverage of both domestic and import engine control systems, which provides readers with the foundational knowledge needed to diagnose and repair any electronic system on any vehicle. Thoroughly updated to offer insight into the latest technological advances found on today's roads and highways, the 8th Edition examines such cutting-edge topics as hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, GM's 42-volt system, hexadecimal conversion and OBD II, multiplexing, and more. This updated edition also includes new content that will help electrical concepts come alive and all-new coverage of logic gates, taking the magic and mystery out of the computer. For technicians who are interested in increasing their diagnostic effectiveness on today's vehicle electronic systems, this book is an absolute "must"!     

Author Name :Steve V. Hatch

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Advanced Design Techniques and Realizations of Microwave and RF Filters

The fundamentals needed to design and realize microwave and RF filters.Microwave and RF filters play an important role in communication systems and, owing to the proliferation of radar, satellite, and mobile wireless systems, there is a need for design methods that can satisfy the ever-increasing demand for accuracy, reliability, and shorter development times.Beginning with a brief review of scattering and chain matrices, filter approximations and synthesis, waveguides and transmission lines, and fundamental electromagnetic equations, the book then covers design techniques for microwave and RF filters operating across a frequency range from 1 GHz to 35 GHz.     

Author Name :Pierre Jarry, Jacques Beneat

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Robotics for Electronics Manufacturing

With over 20 years of experience in robotics and cleanroom manufacturing, Dr. Karl Mathia covers the relevant subjects for the design and testing of clean robots that operate in both atmospheric and vacuum environments. He provides numerous real-world examples so the reader can learn from professional experience, maximize the design quality, and avoid expensive design pitfalls. The book also provides guidelines and hands-on tips for reducing development time and product cost.     

Author Name :Karl Mathia

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Microelectronics, 2nd Edition

Presents the fundamentals of microelectronics, a summary of the current state of electronics, and the innovative directions it is taking. Provides a convenient and complete reference to microelectronics applications. Instills a sense of the future of microelectronics technology and the likely growth in its applications. DLC: Microelectronics.     

Author Name :Jerry C. Whitaker

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Advances in Service Robotics

This book consists of 18 chapters about current research results of service robots. Topics covered include various kinds of service robots, development environments, architectures of service robots, Human-Robot Interaction, networks of service robots and basic researches such as SLAM, sensor network, etc. This book has some examples of the research activities on Service Robotics going on around the globe, but many chapters in this book concern advanced research on this area and cover interesting topics.     

Author Name :Ho Seok Ahn

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Fundamentals Of Power Electronics With MATLAB

Most power electronics textbooks use PSpice for the simulation of circuits, even though MATLAB is a much easier and user-friendly tool. Fundamentals of Power Electronics Using MATLAB teaches students and engineers how to use MATLAB as a simulation and computational tool for power electronics. Designed as a hands-on reference, the scope of the material in the text is not as broad as other reference-style texts, thus making the material less intimidating and more attainable to the reader. Each portion of the text starts with an example based on the section material, followed by a detailed solution. A conclusion is then drawn to emphasize the "point" of the problem and finally an exercise similar to the example is presented to challenge engineers. This format provides an immediate illustration of how to use the material and an opportunity for students to apply the material on their own. The text also introduces sliding mode control (SMC) of converter circuits where the converter is treated as a variable structure system, in addition to traditional pulse-width-modulation (PWM) control. SMC is a relatively new method of control and is a robust and attractive alternative to PWM. Engineers and students do not need to be proficient in MATLAB to work along with the text because a toolbox is provided on the companion CD-ROM that allows them to use MATLAB and obtain results immediately. The toolbox provides functions to perform power computations, waveform analysis, and power converter circuit design and simulations.     

Author Name :Randall Shaffer

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Electronics For Dummies

Want to hook up your home theater system?Want to fix it so your garage band rocks the neighborhood?Want to solder the faulty wire on your old phonograph so you can play those 60s albums you've kept all this time? Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer , hobbyist, or student , this book will turn you on to real-world electronics. It quickly covers the essentials, and then focuses on the how-to instead of theory. It covers:* Fundamental concepts such as circuits, schematics, voltage, safety, and more * Tools of the trade, including multimeters, oscilloscopes, logic probes, and more * Common electronic components (e.g. resistors, capacitors, transistors) * Making circuits using breadboards and printed circuit boards * Microcontrollers (implementation and programming).Author Gordon McComb has more than a million copies of his books in print, including his bestselling Robot Builder's Bonanza and VCRs and Camcorders For Dummies. He really connects with readers! With lots of photos and step-by-step explanations, this book will have you connecting electronic components in no time! In fact, it includes fun ideas for great projects you can build in 30 minutes or less. You'll be amazed! Then you can tackle cool robot projects that will amaze your friends! (The book gives you lots to choose from.)     

Author Name :Gordon McComb, Earl Boysen

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PIC Microcontrollers

This hands-on book covers a series of exciting and fun projects with PIC microcontrollers. For example a silent alarm, a people sensor, a radar, a night buzzer, a VU meter, a RGB fader, a serial network, a poetry box and a sound super-compression. You can build more than 50 projects for your own use. The clear explanations, schematics, and pictures of each project on a breadboard make this a fun activity.You can also use this book as a study guide. The technical background information in each project explains why the project is set up the way it is, including the use of datasheets. This way youll learn a lot about the project and the microcontroller being used, and you can expand the project to suit your own needsmaking it ideal for use in schools and colleges.     

Author Name :BERT VAN DAM

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Power Electronics And Motor Drives

Power electronics is an area of extremely important and rapidly changing technology. Technological advancements in the area contribute to performance improvement and cost reduction, with applications proliferating in industrial, commercial, residential, military and aerospace environments. This book is meant to help engineers operating in all these areas to stay up-to-date on the most recent advances in the field, as well as to be a vehicle for clarifying increasingly complex theories and mathematics. This book will be a cost-effective and convenient way for engineers to get up-to-speed on the latest trends in power electronics.     

Author Name :Bimal K. Bose

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Electronics - Circuits and Systems, Fourth Edition

Electronics - Circuits and Systems is a truly up-to-date textbook, with coverage carefully matched to the electronics units of the BTEC National Engineering course.The material has been organized with a logical learning progression, making it ideal for a wide range of pre-degree courses in electronics. The approach is student-centred and includes: numerous examples and activities; web research topics; self test features, highlighted key facts, formulae and definitions. Each chapter ends with a set of problems, including exam-style questions and multiple-choice questions. The book is also supported by a companion website featuring extensive support for students and lecturers, including answers to the questions in the book, interactive exercises, extra maths support and selected illustrations from the book.     

Author Name :Owen Bishop

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Programming and Customizing the Multicore Propeller Microcontroller

The Only Official Guide to the Parallax Multicore Propeller Microcontroller. Written by a team of Propeller experts, this authoritative guide shows you how to realize your design concepts by taking full advantage of the multicore Propeller microcontroller's unique architecture. The book begins with a review of the Propeller hardware, software, and Spin language so you can get started right away. Programming and Customizing the Multicore Propeller Microcontroller: The Official Guide is filled with a wide variety of step-by-step, hands-on projects. Put your ideas into production when you learn how to: * Debug code for multiple cores * Understand how the Propeller interacts with different sensors * Wirelessly network Propeller chips * Build a balancing robot and control it with computer vision * Develop networking applications using an off-the-shelf Ethernet chip * Create a portable multivariable GPS tracking and data logging device * Use the Propeller as a remote virtual peripheral for media applications * Create a Propeller-powered HVAC green house model * Synthesize speech with the Propeller.Experience more of the process at     

Author Name :Parallax

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Industrial Motor Control 6th edition

The new and updated 6th edition of Industrial Motor Control is the most comprehensive revision of the book since it was published over 20 years ago. With crucial, up-to-date information on basic relay control systems, programmable logic controllers, and solid state devices commonly found in an industrial setting, this book is a must have. It presents easy-to-follow instructions and the essential information for controlling industrial motors, along with commonly used devices in contemporary industrial settings. Coverage is thorough in scope, successfully bridging the gap between industrial maintenance and instrumentation. Readers will gain a fundamental understanding of the operation of variable frequency drives, solid state relays, and other applications that employ electronic devices.     

Author Name :Stephen Herman

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POWER/HVMOS Devices Compact Modeling

Linear and digital power applications have emerged as exciting new fields in integrated electronics. This book provides the necessary, up-to-date tools and techniques to understand HV device phenomena, physics and modeling of the components used in power and HV products.     

Author Name :Wladyslaw Grabinski and Thomas Gneiting

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Advances in Power Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Second International Conference on Advances in Power Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, PEIE 2011, held at Nagpur, India, in April 2011. The 9 revised full papers presented together with 4 short papers and 7 poster papers were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. The papers address current issues in the field of power electronics, communication engineering, instrumentation engineering, digital electronics, electrical power engineering, electrical machines, information technology, control systems, and the like.     

Author Name :Vinu V. Das, Nessy Thankachan, Narayan C. Debnath

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An Experimental Approach to CDMA and Interference Mitigation

An Experimental Approach to CDMA and Interference Mitigation was written with the admittedly ambitious intent of filling the gap between communication theory and VLSI implementation, and thus to provide a more general/theoretical approach to the design, development, and testing of a CDMA receiver. As a consequence, the concepts and techniques that are presented turn out to be applicable to a more general kind of digital wireless modems in terms of receiver architecture design and implementation.As the reader will easily find out, the subject of digital modem design and implementation is addressed in the book starting from a theoretical approach (supported by proper bibliographic references), and is followed by application issues, with reference to an ESA experiment assumed as a case study. A complete design flow, from specification to implementation, including testing and final verification is then presented. This leads the reader step-by-step to a thorough understanding of CDMA transmission and detection, and constitutes a practical guidance for the design of VLSI wireless mobile terminals.     

Author Name :Luca Fanucci, Filippo Giannetti, Marco Luise, Massimo Rovini

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High-Fidelity Multichannel Audio Coding Second Edition

This book includes three parts. The first part covers the basic topics on audio compression, such as quantization, entropy coding, psychoacoustic models, and sound quality assessment. The second part of the book highlights the current most prevalent low-bit-rate high-performance audio coding standardMPEG-4 Audio. More emphasis is given to the audio standards that are capable of supporting multichannel signals, that is, MPEG Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), including the original MPEG-2 AAC specification, additional MPEG-4 toolsets, and the most recent aacPlus standard. The third part of this book introduces several innovative multichannel audio coding methods, which can further improve the coding performance and expand the available functionalities of MPEG AAC. This section is more suitable for graduate students and researchers.     

Author Name :Dai Tracy Yang, Chris Kyriakakis, and C.-C. Jay Kuo

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Activities Manual to accompany Programmable Logic Controllers 3rd edition

The Activities manual contains true/false, completion, matching, and multiple-choice questions for every chapter in the text. So that students get a better understanding of programmable logic controllers, the manual also includes a wide range of programming assignments and additional practice exercises. Frank D. Petruzellahas extensive practical experience in the electrical motor control field, as well as many years of experience teaching and authoring textbooks. Before becoming a full time educator, he was employed as an apprentice and electrician in areas of electrical installation and maintenance.He holds a Master of Science degree from Niagara University, a Bachelor of Science degree from State University of New York College at Buffalo, as well as diplomas in Electrical Power and Electronics from the Erie County Technical Institute.     

Author Name :Frank Petruzella

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Correlation Pattern Recognition

This 2005 book provides a needed review of the diverse background material needed for correlation pattern recognition, developing the signal processing theory, the pattern recognition metrics, and the practical application know-how from basic premises. Includes case studies of interest, such as face and fingerprint recognition. For graduate students and practitioners.     

Author Name :B. V. K. Vijaya Kumar, Abhijit Mahalanobis, Richard D. Juday

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Microwave and Rf Design

Plain and simple, this book is the result of years of work, including the publication of a beta version so we could make sure the final product is the very best textbook available. Just as an example, the beta version was 670 pages, and comments from reviewers like you have resulted in a 1,000 page powerhouse. Written by Michael Steer, Lampe Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University, the independent modules in this book can be employed for a single course, or the same textbook can carry the student and instructor through multiple courses in microwave and radio frequency design. This book is a comprehensive introduction to RF and microwave design with a systems first approach. However, this does not mean that components are ignored. The book is arranged in five modules (see the TOC) that are independent but do build on each other and are best taught in sequence. Design examples are used throughout the book, and many of them incorporate design tradeoffs that are only appreciated in the context of a specific design. The book is also characterized by design emphasis with discussion of manufacturability and practical design decisions. Modern treatment - This treatment of radio frequency and microwave engineering provides the tools for engineers to work with modern radio, radar and sensor systems. Advanced components and design techniques are presented, along with a thoroughly modern treatment of traditional microwave theory and techniques. Well rounded radio frequency and microwave engineer - Learning RF and microwave engineering through this book prepares the student and practicing engineer with the skills to engage RF and microwave engineering in the context of the larger system. The engineer will be able to engage in the important tradeoffs between microwave, analog, RF, digital and algorithmic design. Valuable resource - This book is a valuable resource for the practicing engineer with in-depth analysis of modern microwave components and subsystems. The practicing engineer will be able to develop and refine the techniques required to achieve competitive designs.     

Author Name :Michael Steer

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Microprocessors & Interfacing

An overview of 8085, Architecture of 8086, Microprocessor, Special functions of general purpose registers, 8086 flag register and function of 8086 flags. Addressing modes of 8086, Instruction set of 8086, Assembler directives simple programs, Procedures, and Macros. Assembly language programs involving logical, Branch and Call instructions, Sorting, Evaluation of arithmetic expressions, String manipulation. Pin diagram of 8086-Minimum mode and maximum mode of operation, Timing diagram, Memory interfacing to 8086 (Static RAM and EPROM), Need for DMA, DMA data transfer method, Interfacing with 8237/8257. 8255 PPI-Various modes of operation and interfacing to 8086, Interfacing keyboard, Displays, Stepper motor and actuators, D/A and A/D converter interfacing. Interrupt structure of 8086, Vector interrupt table, Interrupt service routines, Introduction to DOS and BIOS interrupts, 8259 PIC architecture and interfacing cascading of interrupt controller and its importance. Serial data transfer schemes, Asynchronous and synchronous data transfer schemes, 8251 USART architecture and interfacing, TTL to RS 232C and RS232C to TTL conversion, Sample program of serial data transfer, Introduction to High-speed serial communications standards, USB. 8051 Microcontroller architecture, Register set of 8051, Modes of timer operation, Serial port operation, Interrupt structure of 8051, Memory and I/O interfacing 8051.     

Author Name :Mrs. Deepali A Godse, Mr. Atul P Godse

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Semiconductor Modeling

Discusses process variation, model accuracy, design flow and many other practical engineering, reliability and manufacturing issues.Gives a good overview fora person who is not an expert in modeling and simulation, enabling them to extract the necessary information to competently use modeling and simulation programs.Written for engineering students and product design engineers     

Author Name :Roy Leventhal, Lynne Green, Darren J. Carpenter

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Automatic Learning Techniques in Power Systems

Automatic learning is a complex, multidisciplinary field of research and development, involving theoretical and applied methods from statistics, computer science, artificial intelligence, biology and psychology. Its applications to engineering problems, such as those encountered in electrical power systems, are therefore challenging, while extremely promising. More and more data have become available, collected from the field by systematic archiving, or generated through computer-based simulation. To handle this explosion of data, automatic learning can be used to provide systematic approaches, without which the increasing data amounts and computer power would be of little use. Automatic Learning Techniques in Power Systems is dedicated to the practical application of automatic learning to power systems. Power systems to which automatic learning can be applied are screened and the complementary aspects of automatic learning, with respect to analytical methods and numerical simulation, are investigated. This book presents a representative subset of automatic learning methods - basic and more sophisticated ones - available from statistics (both classical and modern), and from artificial intelligence (both hard and soft computing). The text also discusses appropriate methodologies for combining these methods to make the best use of available data in the context of real-life problems. Automatic Learning Techniques in Power Systems is a useful reference source for professionals and researchers developing automatic learning systems in the electrical power field.     

Author Name :Louis A. Wehenkel

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The Power Electronics Handbook

Less expensive, lighter, and smaller than its electromechanical counterparts, power electronics lie at the very heart of controlling and converting electric energy, which in turn lies at the heart of making that energy useful. From household appliances to space-faring vehicles, the applications of power electronics are virtually limitless.Until now, however, the same could not be said for access to up-to-date reference books devoted to power electronics. Written by engineers for engineers, The Power Electronics Handbook covers the full range of relevant topics, from basic principles to cutting-edge applications. Compiled from contributions by an international panel of experts and full of illustrations, this is not a theoretical tome, but a practical and enlightening presentation of the usefulness and variety of technologies that encompass the field.For modern and emerging applications, power electronic devices and systems must be small, efficient, lightweight, controllable, reliable, and economical. The Power Electronics Handbook is your key to understanding those devices, incorporating them into controllable circuits, and implementing those systems into applications from virtually every area of electrical engineering.     

Author Name :Timothy L. Skvarenina

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Control Design Techniques in Power Electronics Devices

This book deals specifically with control theories relevant to the design of control units for switched power electronics devices, for the most part represented by DCDC converters and supplies, by rectifiers of different kinds and by inverters with varying topologies. The theoretical methods for designing controllers in linear and nonlinear systems are accompanied by multiple case studies and examples showing their application in the emerging field of power electronics.     

Author Name :Hebertt J. Sira-Ramirez , Ramn Silva-Ortigoza

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Assessment of Power System Reliability

The importance of power system reliability is demonstrated when our electricity supply is disrupted, whether it decreases the comfort of our free time at home or causes the shutdown of our companies and results in huge economic deficits.The objective of Assessment of Power System Reliability is to contribute to the improvement of power system reliability. It consists of six parts divided into twenty chapters. The first part introduces the important background issues that affect power system reliability. The second part presents the reliability methods that are used for analyses of technical systems and processes. The third part discusses power flow analysis methods, because the dynamic aspect of a power system is an important part of related reliability assessments. The fourth part explores various aspects of the reliability assessment of power systems and their parts. The fifth part covers optimization methods. The sixth part looks at the application of reliability and optimization methods.Assessment of Power System Reliability has been written in straightforward language that continues into the mathematical representation of the methods. Power engineers and developers will appreciate the emphasis on practical usage, while researchers and advanced students will benefit from the simple examples that can facilitate their understanding of the theory behind power system reliability and that outline the procedure for application of the presented methods.     

Author Name :Marko epin

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System Engineering and Automation

This book provides insight and enhanced appreciation of analysis, modeling and control of dynamic systems. The reader is assumed to be familiar with calculus, physics and some programming skills. It might develop the readers ability to interpret physical significance of mathematical results in system analysis. The book also prepares the reader for more advanced treatment of subsequent knowledge in the automatic control field. Learning objectives are performance-oriented, using for this purpose interactive MATLAB and SIMULINK software tools. It presents realistic problems in order to analyze, design and develop automatic control systems. Learning with computing tools can aid theory and help students to think, analyze and reason in meaningful ways. The book is also complemented with classroom slides and MATLAB and SIMULINK exercise files to aid students to focus on fundamental concepts treated.     

Author Name :Javier Fernandez de Canete, Cipriano Galindo, Inmaculada Garca Moral

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Power Quality Enhancement Using Custom Power Devices

Power Quality Enhancement Using Custom Power Devices considers the structure, control and performance of series compensating DVR, the shunt DSTATCOM and the shunt with series UPQC for power quality improvement in electricity distribution.Also addressed are other power electronic devices for improving power quality in Solid State Transfer Switches and Fault Current Limiters. Applications for these technologies as they relate to compensating busses supplied by a weak line and for distributed generation connections in rural networks, are included. In depth treatment of inverters to achieve voltage support, voltage balancing, harmonic suppression and transient suppression in realistic network environments are also covered. New material on the potential for shunt and series compensation which emphasizes the importance of control design has been introduced.     

Author Name :Arindam Ghosh, Gerard Ledwich

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Coding and Modulation for Digital Television

Coding and Modulation for Digital Television presents a comprehensive description of all error control coding and digital modulation techniques used in Digital Television (DTV). This book illustrates the relevant elements from the expansive theory of channel coding to how the transmission environment dictates the choice of error control coding and digital modulation schemes. These elements are presented in such a way that both the `mathematical integrity' and `understanding for engineers' are combined in a complete form and supported by a number of practical examples. In addition, the book contains descriptions of the existing standards and provides a valuable source of corresponding references. Coding and Modulation for Digital Television also features a description of the latest techniques, providing the reader with a glimpse of future digital broadcasting. These include the concepts of soft-in-soft-out decoding, turbo-coding and cross-correlated quadrature modulation, all of which will have a prominent future in improving efficiency of the next generation DTV systems. Coding and Modulation for Digital Television is essential reading for all undergraduate and postgraduate students, broadcasting and communication engineers, researchers, marketing managers, regulatory bodies, governmental organizations and standardization institutions of the digital television industry.     

Author Name :Gordon M. Drury, Garik Markarian, Keith Pickavance

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Target Acquisition in Communication Electronic Warfare Systems

This cutting-edge resource arms you with the full array of traditional methods and modern high-resolution techniques for acquiring communications targets. The book enables you to develop optimum methods for acquiring communications targets for exploitation or countermeasures. Additionally, you learn how to establish the optimum techniques for detection of deterministic signals with random parameters as well as stochastic signals. Whether you design or operate EW systems, you can turn to this guide to measure how effectively your EW systems cope in crowded RF environments.     

Author Name :Richard A. Poisel

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Digital Signal Processing for Measurement Systems

This excellent Senior undergraduate/graduate textbook offers an unprecedented measurement of science perspective on DSP theory and applications, a wealth of definitions and real-life examples making it invaluable for students, while practical.     

Author Name :Gabriele D'Antona, Alessandro Ferrero

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Digital Design of Signal Processing Systems

Digital Design of Signal Processing Systems discusses a spectrum of architectures and methods for effective implementation of algorithms in hardware (HW). Encompassing all facets of the subject this book includes conversion of algorithms from floating-point to fixed-point format, parallel architectures for basic computational blocks, Verilog Hardware Description Language (HDL), SystemVerilog and coding guidelines for synthesis.The book also covers system level design of Multi Processor System on Chip (MPSoC); a consideration of different design methodologies including Network on Chip (NoC) and Kahn Process Network (KPN) based connectivity among processing elements. A special emphasis is placed on implementing streaming applications like a digital communication system in HW. Several novel architectures for implementing commonly used algorithms in signal processing are also revealed. With a comprehensive coverage of topics the book provides an appropriate mix of examples to illustrate the design methodology.     

Author Name :Shoab Ahmed Khan

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Signal Processing for Telecommunications and Multimedia

The unprecedented growth in the range of multimedia services offered today by modern telecommunication systems, is possible because of the advancements in signal processing technologies and algorithms.Signal Processing for Telecommunications and Multimediapresents a group of invited contributions, some of which have been based on the papers presented at the 7th International Symposium on DSP for Communication Systems held in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast, Australia, in December 2003. Part I of the book deals with applications of signal processing to transform what we hear or see to the form that is most suitable for transmission or storage for a future retrieval. The first three chapters in this section are devoted to processing of speech and other audio signals. The next two chapters consider image coding and compression, while the last chapter of this part describes classification of video sequences in the MPEG domain.     

Author Name :Tadeusz A. Wysocki, Bahram Honary, Beata J. Wysocki

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Statistical Signal Processing for Neuroscience and Neurotechnology

This is a uniquely comprehensive reference that summarizes the state of the art of signal processing theory and techniques for solving emerging problems in neuroscience, and which clearly presents new theory, algorithms, software and hardware tools that are specifically tailored to the nature of the neurobiological environment. It gives a broad overview of the basic principles, theories and methods in statistical signal processing for basic and applied neuroscience problems.Written by experts in the field, the book is an ideal reference for researchers working in the field of neural engineering, neural interface, computational neuroscience, neuroinformatics, neuropsychology and neural physiology. By giving a broad overview of the basic principles, theories and methods, it is also an ideal introduction to statistical signal processing in neuroscience.     

Author Name :Karim G. Oweiss

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Signal Processing for Neuroscientists, A Companion Volume

The popularity of signal processing in neuroscience is increasing, and with the current availability and development of computer hardware and software, it is anticipated that the current growth will continue. Because electrode fabrication has improved and measurement equipment is getting less expensive, electrophysiological measurements with large numbers of channels are now very common. In addition, neuroscience has entered the age of light, and fluorescence measurements are fully integrated into the researcher's toolkit. Because each image in a movie contains multiple pixels, these measurements are multi-channel by nature. Furthermore, the availability of both generic and specialized software packages for data analysis has altered the neuroscientist's attitude toward some of the more complex analysis techniques. This book is a companion to the previously published Signal Processing for Neuroscientists: An Introduction to the Analysis of Physiological Signals, which introduced readers to the basic concepts. It discusses several advanced techniques, rediscovers methods to describe nonlinear systems, and examines the analysis of multi-channel recordings.     

Author Name :Wim van Drongelen

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Process Identification and PID Control

Process Identification and PID Controlenables students and researchers to understand the basic concepts of feedback control, process identification, autotuning as well as design and implement feedback controllers, especially, PID controllers. The first The first two parts introduce the basics of process control and dynamics, analysis tools (Bode plot, Nyquist plot) to characterize the dynamics of the process, PID controllers and tuning, advanced control strategies which have been widely used in industry. Also, simple simulation techniques required for practical controller designs and research on process identification and autotuning are also included. Part 3 provides useful process identification methods in real industry. It includes several important identification algorithms to obtain frequency models or continuous-time/discrete-time transfer function models from the measured process input and output data sets. Part 4 introduces various relay feedback methods to activate the process effectively for process identification and controller autotuning.     

Author Name :Su Whan Sung, Jietae Lee, and In-Beum Lee

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Digital Control and Estimation

Text for a first undergraduate course in digital control, requiring an elementary background in linear algebra, differential equations, calculus and complex numbers. Presents continuous and discrete control and estimation theory in a unified fashion, highlighting the interrelationships between the two cases. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc.One problem with the existing literature is that it emphasizes the differences between discrete and continuous theory. This dichotomy is largely historical in nature and may not be the best approach from a pedagogical viewpoint. For example, shift operators and 2-transforms, which form the basis of most discrete time analyses. are inappropriate when used with fast sampling and have no continuous time counterpart. Our philosophy, as presented in this book, is that the continuous and discrete cases can, and should, be understood under a common framework. We show that ths is facilitated if the shift operator is augmented with alternative forms including one whch we call the delta operator. Using the latter operator, it becomes evident that all discrete time theory converges smoothly to the appropriate continuous results as the sampling rate increases. An additional, and somewhat unexpected, bonus arising from the use of the alternative operators is that numerical properties can be substantially improved relative to the more traditional shift operator.     

Author Name :Richard H. Middleton and Graham C. Goodwin

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Ground Vehicle Dynamics

Ground Vehicle Dynamics is devoted to the mathematical modelling and dynamical analysis of ground vehicle systems composed of the vehicle body, the guidance and suspension devices and the corresponding guideway. Automobiles on uneven roads and railways on flexible tracks are prominent representatives of ground vehicle systems. All these different kinds of systems are treated in a common way by means of analytical dynamics and control theory. In addition to a detailed modelling of vehicles as multibody systems, the contact theory for rolling wheels and the modelling of guideways by finite element systems as well as stochastic processes are presented. As a particular result of this integrated approach the state equations of the global systems are obtained including the complete interactions between the subsystems considered as independent modules. The fundamentals of vehicle dynamics for longitudinal, lateral and vertical motions and vibrations of automobiles and railways are discussed in detail.     

Author Name :Karl Popp and Werner Schiehlen

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Computational Intelligence in Time Series Forecasting

Foresight in an engineering enterprise can make the difference between success and failure and can be vital to the effective control of industrial systems. Forecasting the future from accumulated historical data is a tried and tested method in areas such as engineering finance. Applying time series analysis in the on-line milieu of most industrial plants has been more problematic because of the time and computational effort required. The advent of soft computing tools such as the neural network and the genetic algorithm offers a solution.Chapter by chapter, Computational Intelligence in Time Series Forecasting harnesses the power of intelligent technologies individually and in combination.     

Author Name :Ajoy K. Palit, Dobrivoje Popovic

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Adaptive Inverse Control

The book blends the areas of adaptive inverse control and signal processing in ways not presented in any other book, allowing engineers in both fields to share tools and techniques. In the words of one reviewer, "The philosophy is quite refreshing and should entice signal processing specialists to delve more into control, and control theorists to revisit many of their current assumptions and methodologies." Clearly and intuitively written, the book presents theory, but its emphasis is on practical applications and common sense understanding. Most chapters include a summary at its end as a way of consolidating the information presented. The book's first chapter features an overview of the book's contents written to use jargon only sparingly (and always explaining it where used). The book enables signal processing people to solve control problems and teaches signal processing methods, particularly adaptive signal processing, and makes them available to control engineers. There is no other book that does control and signal processing as this book does. Theory is presented, but the emphasis is on practical applications and common sense understanding. The ideas are presented to appeal to the intuition. Insight and intuition are often hard to find in the control and signal-processing literature. Defeating obscurity was one of the main objectives of the authors in writing the text.     

Author Name :Bernard Widrow, Eugene Walach

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Dissipative Systems Analysis and Control

This second edition of Dissipative Systems Analysis and Control has been substantially reorganized to accommodate new material and enhance its pedagogical features. It examines linear and nonlinear systems with examples of both in each chapter. Also included are some infinite-dimensional and nonsmooth examples. Throughout, emphasis is placed on the use of the dissipative properties of a system for the design of stable feedback control laws.     

Author Name :Bernard Brogliato, Rogelio Lozano, Bernhard Maschke, and Olav Egeland

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Bilinear Control Systems

This book introduces and surveys bilinear control systems theory from a mathematical viewpoint. The exposition is at the first-year graduate level. Topics include an introduction to Lie algebras, matrix groups and semigroups; the controllability, stabilization, and observability of bilinear systems; nonlinear systems analytically equivalent to bilinear systems; series representations for input-outputmappings; and random inputs. To assist the reader there are exercises; Mathematica scripts; and appendices on matrix analysis, differentiable maps and manifolds, Lie algebra, and Lie groups.     

Author Name :David L. Elliott

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Stochastic Distribution Control System Design

A recent development in SDC-related problems is the establishment of intelligent SDC models and the intensive use of LMI-based convex optimization methods. Within this theoretical framework, control parameter determination can be designed and stability and robustness of closed-loop systems can be analyzed. This book describes the new framework of SDC system design and provides a comprehensive description of the modelling of controller design tools and their real-time implementation. It starts with a review of current research on SDC and moves on to some basic techniques for modelling and controller design of SDC systems. This is followed by a description of controller design for fixed-control-structure SDC systems, PDF control for general input- and output-represented systems, filtering designs, and fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) for SDC systems. Many new LMI techniques being developed for SDC systems are shown to have independent theoretical significance for robust control and FDD problems.     

Author Name :Lei Guo, Hong Wang

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Modern Predictive Control

Modern Predictive Control explains how MPC differs from other control methods in its implementation of a control action. Most importantly, MPC provides the flexibility to act while optimizingwhich is essential to the solution of many engineering problems in complex plants, where exact modeling is impossible. The superiority of MPC is in its numerical solution. Usually, MPC is employed to solve a finite-horizon optimal control problem at each sampling instant and obtain control actions for both the present time and a future period. However, only the current control move is applied to the plant. This complete, step-by-step exploration of various approaches to MPC: Introduces basic concepts of systems, modeling, and predictive control, detailing development from classical MPC to synthesis approaches Explores use of Model Algorithmic Control (MAC), Dynamic Matrix Control (DMC), Generalized Predictive Control (GPC), and Two-Step Model Predictive Control Identifies important general approaches to synthesis Discusses open-loop and closed-loop optimization in synthesis approaches Covers output feedback synthesis approaches with and without a finite switching horizon This book gives researchers a variety of models for use with one- and two-step control. The author clearly explains the variations between predictive control methodsand the root of these differencesto illustrate that there is no one ideal MPC and that one should remain open to selecting the best possible model in each unique circumstance.     

Author Name :Ding Baocang

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Advances in Cognitive Systems

This book has been inspired by the portfolio of recent scientific outputs from a range of European and national research initiatives in cognitive science. Its aim is to compile the various emerging research strands within a single text as a reference point for progress in the field and as a guide for new researchers on the breadth of the field and the interconnections between the various research strands identified here. This compliation will be of interest not only to those working in the fields of computer science and AI but also to psychologists, neural scientists and engineers involved in the development of advanced robotics, mechatronic and HCI systems.     

Author Name :Samia Nefti-Meziani, John Grey

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Iterative Learning Control

This monograph studies the design of robust, monotonically-convergent iterative learning controllers for discrete-time systems. It presents a unified analysis and design framework that enables designers to consider both robustness and monotonic convergence for typical uncertainty models, including parametric interval uncertainties, iteration-domain frequency uncertainty, and iteration-domain stochastic uncertainty. The book shows how to use robust iterative learning control in the face of model uncertainty.     

Author Name :Hyo-Sung Ahn, Kevin L. Moore and YangQuan Chen

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Stepping Motors

This outstanding reference book on stepping motors has now been significantly updated for the 4th Edition. It is intended to bring the reader up to date with trends that have emerged since the third edition was published. This book provides an introductory text which will enable the reader to appreciate the essential characteristics of stepping motor systems, and to understand how these characteristics are being exploited in the continuing development of new motors, drive and controllers. Stepping motor technology is well established and used for motion control, notably for computer peripherals but wherever digital control is employed. Acarnley's text is widely known and used; this new edition adds coverage of many new applications.     

Author Name :Paul Acarnely

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Ship Motion Control

The impact of control system design on ship performance has been significant in different applications of ship motion control: course keeping, station keeping, roll stabilisation and vertical motion/riding control, diving, path following, etc. This monograph introduces ship motion control by studying the particular problems of control system design for course autopilots with rudder roll stabilisation and combined rudderfin stabilisers. Ship Motion Control revisits the ingredients that make these control designs challenging and proposes a contemporary control system design approach to meet that challenge.The key ingredients for a successful ship motion control system design are: * appropriate mathematical models of the ship and the disturbances; * understanding of how performance will be assessed; * knowledge of fundamental limitations that may prevent designs from achieving the desired performance.The book is organised in four parts, the first three dealing with each of these and the fourth part addressing control system design.     

Author Name :Tristan Perez

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Multivariable Computer-controlled Systems

In this book, the authors extend the parametric transfer function methods, which incorporate time-dependence, to the idea of the parametric transfer matrix in a complete exposition of analysis and design methods for multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) sampled-data systems. Appendices covering basic mathematical formulae, two MATLAB toolboxes round out this self-contained guide to multivariable control systems. The book will interest researchers in automatic control and to development engineers working with advanced control technology.     

Author Name :Efim N. Rosenwasser, Bernhard P. Lampe

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Modeling and Control of Discrete-event Dynamic Systems

This is a textbook which offers a very attractive material for learning / teaching discrete-event dynamic systems (DEDS). It is authored by two scientists . Besides illustrative examples, each chapter proposes exercises and problems for a deeper training. The exposition style is very accessible and recommends the book for different levels in studying DEDS. The potential beneficiaries are under- and postgraduate students, educators, practitioners and researchers working in control, manufacturing, computer and other engineering areas, where DEDS provide indispensable instruments for analysis and design.     

Author Name :Branislav Hruz and MengChu Zhou

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Controlled self-organisation using learning classifier systems

The complexity of technical systems increases, breakdowns occur quite often. The mission of organic computing is to tame these challenges by providing degrees of freedom for self-organised behaviour. To achieve these goals, new methods have to be developed. The proposed observer/controller architecture constitutes one way to achieve controlled self-organisation. To improve its design, multi-agent scenarios are investigated. Especially, learning using learning classifier systems is addressed.     

Author Name :Urban M. Richter

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Performance of Nonlinear Approximate Adaptive Controllers

In recent years there has been a wide interest in non-linear adaptive control using approximate models, either for tracking or regulation, and usually under the banner of neural network based control. The authors present a unique critical evaluation of the approximate model philosophy and its setting, rigorously comparing the performance of such controls against competing designs. Analysing a very topical aspect of contemporary research and control practice this book highlights the situations in which approximate model based designs are most appropriate and indicates scenarios in which other designs could be used more productively. Throughout the text concepts are illustrated using a variety of examples, both academic problems and those based on physical examples. The work is designed to open the door to realistic applications.* Unified coverage of the theory and application of a wide range of control systems areas including neural network based control and control using the approximate model * Presents a mathematically well founded introduction to the area of intelligent control * A varied selecion of practical examples drawn from a variety of fields, including robotics and aerospace, illustrate theoretical principles * Clear compaisons of a variety of control designs * Cross disciplinary approach to this leading edge topic A valuable reference for control practitioners and theorists, artificial intelligence researchers and applied mathematicians, as well as graduate students and researchers with an interest in adaptive control and stability.     

Author Name :Mark French, Csaba Szepesvri, Eric Rogers

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Dry Clutch Control for Automotive Applications

The comfort of a car as perceived by the driver can be as important to its commercial success as its performance and fuel efficiency. Modern engines deliver increased torque and there is a current trend to reduce transmission-shaft stiffness, both phenomena militating against maintaining, let alone increasing, ride comfort.Dry Clutch Control for Automated Manual Transmission Vehicles analyses the control of a part of the powertrain which has a key role in ride comfort during standing-start and gear-shifting manoeuvres.Dry Clutch Control for Automated Manual Transmission Vehicles will be essential reading for automotive engineers working on model design and contains much to interest the academic researcher with its combination of theoretical results and application in the important and widely studied field of automotive engineering and control.     

Author Name :Pietro J. Dolcini, Carlos Canudas-de-Wit, Hubert Bechart

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The Digital Sublime

The digital era promises, as did many other technological developments before it, the transformation of society: with the computer, we can transcend time, space, and politics-as-usual. In The Digital Sublime, Vincent Mosco goes beyond the usual stories of technological breakthrough and economic meltdown to explore the myths constructed around the new digital technology and why we feel compelled to believe in them. He tells us that what kept enthusiastic investors in the dotcom era bidding up stocks even after the crash had begun was not willful ignorance of the laws of economics but belief in the myth that cyberspace was opening up a new world.Myths are not just falsehoods that can be disproved, Mosco points out, but stories that lift us out of the banality of everyday life into the possibility of the sublime. He argues that if we take what we know about cyberspace and situate it within what we know about culture -- specifically the central post-Cold War myths of the end of history, geography, and politics -- we will add to our knowledge about the digital world; we need to see it "with both eyes" -- that is, to understand it both culturally and materially.     

Author Name :Vincent Mosco

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Advanced Motion Control and Sensing for Intelligent Vehicles

Advanced Motion Control and Sensing for Intelligent Vehicles provides the latest information in intelligent vehicle control, sensing, and intelligent transportation. It addresses the growing need for safe, comfortable, time and energy-efficient modes of transportation with emphasis on the latest key findings, current trends, and likely future developments in this rapidly expanding field.     

Author Name :Dr. Li Li, Dr. Fei-Yue Wang

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Remote Sensing Image Analysis

Remote Sensing image analysis is mostly done using only spectral information on a pixel by pixel basis. Information captured in neighbouring cells, or information about patterns surrounding the pixel of interest often provides useful supplementary information. This book presents a wide range of innovative and advanced image processing methods for including spatial information, captured by neighbouring pixels in remotely sensed images, to improve image interpretation or image classification. Presented methods include different types of variogram analysis, various methods for texture quantification, smart kernel operators, pattern recognition techniques, image segmentation methods, sub-pixel methods, wavelets and advanced spectral mixture analysis techniques. Apart from explaining the working methods in detail a wide range of applications is presented covering land cover and land use mapping, environmental applications such as heavy metal pollution, urban mapping and geological applications to detect hydrocarbon seeps.The book is meant for professionals, PhD students and graduates who use remote sensing image analysis, image interpretation and image classification in their work related to disciplines such as geography, geology, botany, ecology, forestry, cartography, soil science, engineering and urban and regional planning.     

Author Name :Steven M. de Jong, Freek D. van der Meer

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Digital Signal Processing in Power System Protection and Control

Digital Signal Processing in Power System Protection and Control bridges the gap between the theory of protection and control and the practical applications of protection equipment. Understanding how protection functions is crucial not only for equipment developers and manufacturers, but also for their users who need to install, set and operate the protection devices in an appropriate manner.After introductory chapters related to protection technology and functions, Digital Signal Processing in Power System Protection and Control presents the digital algorithms for signal filtering, followed by measurement algorithms of the most commonly-used protection criteria values and decision-making methods in protective relays. A large part of the book is devoted to the basic theory and applications of artificial intelligence techniques for protection and control. Fuzzy logic based schemes, artificial neural networks, expert systems and genetic algorithms with their advantages and drawbacks are discussed. AI techniques are compared and it is also shown how they can be combined to eliminate the disadvantages and magnify the useful features of particular techniques.The information provided in Digital Signal Processing in Power System Protection and Control can be useful for protection engineers working in utilities at various levels of the electricity network, as well as for students of electrical engineering, especially electrical power engineering. It may also be helpful for other readers who want to get acquainted with and to apply the filtering, measuring and decision-making algorithms for purposes other than protection and control, everywhere fast and on-line signal analysis is needed for proper functioning of the apparatus.     

Author Name :Waldemar Rebizant,Janusz Szafran, Andrzej Wiszniewski

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Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications, Volume 2

The handbook has been designed to cover different needs of its readership. First, the handbook is suitable forsequential reading.In this way the reader gets and up-to-date account of the state of computer vision. It is represented in a way that it is accessible for readers with different backgrounds. Secondly, the reader can look up specific topics of interest. The individual chapters are written in a self-consistent way with extensive cross-referencing to other chapters of the handbook and external references. The CD that accompanies each volume of the handbook contains the complete text of the handbook in the Adobe Acrobat portable document file format (PDF). This format can be read on all major platforms. Free Acrobat readers version 3.01 for all major computing platforms are included on the CDs. The texts are hyper-linked in multiple ways. Thus the reader can collect the information of interest with ease. Thirdly, the reader can deepen a subject with the material on the CDs. They contain additional reference material, interactive software components, code examples, image material, and references to sources on the Internet.     

Author Name :Bernd Jahne, Horst Haussecker, Peter Geissler

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Robust Speech Recognition of Uncertain or Missing Data

Automatic speech recognition suffers from a lack of robustness with respect to noise, reverberation and interfering speech. The growing field of speech recognition in the presence of missing or uncertain input data seeks to ameliorate those problems by using not only a preprocessed speech signal but also an estimate of its reliability to selectively focus on those segments and features that are most reliable for recognition. This book presents the state of the art in recognition in the presence of uncertainty, offering examples that utilize uncertainty information for noise robustness, reverberation robustness, simultaneous recognition of multiple speech signals, and audiovisual speech recognition.The book is appropriate for scientists and researchers in the field of speech recognition who will find an overview of the state of the art in robust speech recognition, professionals working in speech recognition who will find strategies for improving recognition results in various conditions of mismatch, and lecturers of advanced courses on speech processing or speech recognition who will find a reference and a comprehensive introduction to the field. The book assumes an understanding of the fundamentals of speech recognition using Hidden Markov Models.     

Author Name :Dorothea Kolossa, Reinhold Hab-Umbach

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Principles of Digital Image Synthesis, Volume I

Image synthesis, or rendering, is a field of transformation: it changes geometry and physics into meaningful images. Because the most popular algorithms frequently change, it is increasingly important for researchers and implementors to have a basic understanding of the principles of image synthesis. Focusing on theory, Andrew Glassner provides a comprehensive explanation of the three core fields of study that come together to form digital image synthesis: the human visual system, digital signal processing, and the interaction of matter and light. Assuming no more than a basic background in calculus, Glassner transforms his passion and expertise into a thorough presentation of each of these disciplines, and their elegant orchestration into modern rendering techniques such as radiosity and ray tracing.     

Author Name :Andrew S. Glassner

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Image Processing Based on Partial Differential Equations

This book publishes a collection of original scientific research articles that address the state-of-art in using partial differential equations for image and signal processing. Coverage includes: level set methods for image segmentation and construction, denoising techniques, digital image inpainting, image dejittering, image registration, and fast numerical algorithms for solving these problems.     

Author Name :Xue-Cheng Tai, Knut-Andreas Lie, Tony F. Chan, Stanley Osher

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Introduction to Microsystem Design

The book describes the design of micro systems systematically as well as the equations needed for an estimation of the basic elements. It can be used without knowing fabrication processes of micro systems and provides the basic equations needed to calculate the effects and forces which are important in micro systems. For quick reference equations are presented in tables which are found in an index at the end of this book.     

Author Name :Werner Karl Schomburg

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Multidimensional Signal, Image, and Video Processing and Coding, Second Edition

Digital images have become mainstream of late notably within HDTV, cell phones, personal cameras, and many medical applications. The processing of digital images and video includes adjusting illumination, manufacturing enlargements/reductions, and creating contrast. This development has made it possible to take long forgotten, badly damaged photos and make them new again with image estimation. This fully revised and expanded second edition,will give youthe necessary understanding of image and video processing concepts to contribute to this hot technology's future advances. Important new topics include introductory random processes, image enhancement and analysis, and the new MPEG scalable video coding standard.     

Author Name :John W. Woods

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Digital Signal Processing and Applications with the C6713 and C6416 DSK

* This book is a tutorial on digital techniques for waveform generation, digital filters, and digital signal processing tools and techniques * The typical chapter begins with some theoretical material followed by working examples and experiments using the TMS320C6713-based DSPStarter Kit (DSK) * The C6713 DSK is TI's newest signal processor based on the C6x processor (replacing the C6711 DSK)     

Author Name :Rulph Chassaing

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Multispectral Satellite Image Understanding

This book presents a comprehensive review of image processing methods, for the analysis of land use in residential areas. Combining a theoretical framework with highly practical applications, the book describes a system for the effective detection of single houses and streets in very high resolution. Topics and features: with a Foreword by Prof. Dr. Peter Reinartz of the German Aerospace Center; provides end-of-chapter summaries and review questions; presents a detailed review on remote sensing satellites; examines the multispectral information that can be obtained from satellite images, with a focus on vegetation and shadow-water indices; investigates methods for land-use classification, introducing precise graph theoretical measures over panchromatic images; addresses the problem of detecting residential regions; describes a house and street network-detection subsystem; concludes with a summary of the key ideas covered in the book.     

Author Name :Cem Unsalan, Kim L. Boyer

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Software Defined Radios

Many and ever more mobile users wish to enjoy a variety of multimedia services, in very diverse geographical environments. The growing number of communication options within and across wireless standards is accommodating the growing volume and heterogeneity in wireless wishes. On the other hand, advancement in radio technologies opening much more flexibility, a.o. through Software Defined Radios, opens up the possibility to realize mobile devices featuring multi-mode options at low cost and interesting form factors.It is crucial to manage the new degrees of freedom opened up in radios and standards in a smart way, such that the required service is offered at satisfactory quality as efficiently as possible. Efficiency in energy consumption is clearly primordial for battery powered mobile terminals specifically, and in the context of growing ecological concerns in a broader context. Moreover, efficient usage of the spectrum is a growing prerequisite for wireless systems, and coexistence of different standards puts overall throughput at risk.The management of flexibility risks bringing about intolerable complexity and hamper the desired agility. A systematic approach, consisting of anticipative preparing for smooth operation, allows mastering this challenge. Case studies show that already today, this approach enables smart operation of radios realizing impressive efficiency gains without hampering Quality-of-Service. In the future wireless communication scenes will be able to profit form the opening of the spectrum. Even smarter and cognitive behavior will become possible and essential.     

Author Name :Sofie Pollin, Michael Timmers, Liesbet Van der Perre

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Visual Media Coding and Transmission

Visual Media Coding and Transmission is an output of VISNET II NoE, which is an EC IST-FP6 collaborative research project by twelve esteemed institutions from across Europe in the fields of networked audiovisual systems and home platforms. The authors provide information that will be essential for the future study and development of visual media communications technologies. The book contains details of video coding principles, which lead to advanced video coding developments in the form of Scalable Coding, Distributed Video Coding, Non-Normative Video Coding Tools and Transform Based Multi-View Coding. Having detailed the latest work in Visual Media Coding, networking aspects of Video Communication is detailed. Various Wireless Channel Models are presented to form the basis for both link level quality of service (QoS) and cross network transmission of compressed visual data. Finally, Context-Based Visual Media Content Adaptation is discussed with some examples.     

Author Name :Ahmet Kondoz

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A New Twist to Fourier Transforms

Making use of the inherent helix in the Fourier transform expression, this book illustrates both Fourier transforms and their properties in the round. The author draws on elementary complex algebra to manipulate the transforms, presenting the ideas in such a way as to avoid pages of complicated mathematics. Similarly, abbreviations are not used throughout and the language is kept deliberately clear so that the result is a text that is accessible to a much wider readership.The treatment is extended with the use of sampled data to finite and discrete transforms, the fast Fourier transform, or FFT, being a special case of a discrete transform. The application of Fourier transforms in statistics is illustrated for the first time using the examples operational research and later radar detection. In addition, a whole chapter on tapering or weighting functions is added for reference. The whole is rounded off by a glossary and examples of diagrams in three dimensions made possible by today's mathematics programs.     

Author Name :Hamish D. Meikle

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Error Control Coding 2nd Edition

A reorganized and comprehensive major revision of a classic book, this edition provides a bridge between introductory digital communications and more advanced treatment of information theory. Completely updated to cover the latest developments, it presents state-of-the-art error control techniques. Coverage of the fundamentals of coding and the applications of codes to the design of real error control systems. Contains the most recent developments of coded modulation, trellises for codes, soft-decision decoding algorithms, turbo coding for reliable data transmission and other areas. There are two new chapters on Reed-Solomon codes & concatenated coding schemes. Also contains hundreds of new and revised examples; and more than 200 illustrations of code structures, encoding and decoding circuits and error performance of many important codes and error control coding systems. Appropriate for those with minimum mathematical background as a comprehensive reference for coding theory.     

Author Name :Shu Lin, Daniel J. Costello

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Reconfigurable Control of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

This research monograph summarizes solutions to reconfigurable fault-tolerant control problems for nonlinear dynamical systems that are based on the fault-hiding principle. It emphasizes but is not limited to complete actuator and sensor failures. In the first part, the monograph starts with a broad introduction of the control reconfiguration problems and objectives as well as summaries and explanations of solutions for linear dynamical systems. The solution is always a reconfiguration block, which consists of linear virtual actuators in the case of actuator faults and linear virtual sensors in the case of sensor faults. The main advantage of the fault-hiding concept is the reusability of the nominal controller, which remains in the loop as an active system while the virtual actuator and sensor adapt the control input and the measured output to the fault scenario. The second and third parts extend virtual actuators and virtual sensors towards the classes of Hammerstein-Wiener systems and piecewise affine systems. The main analyses concern stability recovery, setpoint tracking recovery, and performance recovery as reconfiguration objectives. The fourth part concludes the monograph with descriptions of practical implementations and case studies. The book is primarily intended for active researchers and practicing engineers in the field of fault-tolerant control. Due to many running examples it is also suitable for interested graduate students.     

Author Name :Jan H. Richter

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Gnss for Vehicle Control

As global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) such as GPS have grown more pervasive, the use of GNSS to automatically control ground vehicles has drawn increasing interest. This cutting-edge resource offers a thorough understanding of this emerging application area of GNSS. Written by highly-regarded authorities in the field, this unique reference covers a wide range of key topics, including ground vehicles models, psuedolites, highway vehicle control, unmanned ground vehicles, farm tractors, and construction equipment. The book is supported with over 150 illustrations and more than 180 equations.     

Author Name :David M. Bevly, Stewart Cobb

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Feedback and Control for Everyone

This well structured, intriguing and motivating book presents the basic ideas and understanding of control, signals and systems for readers interested in engineering and science. Through a series of examples that are regularly revisited from different perspectives, the book explores both the theory and the practice of control."Feedback and Control for Everyone" is indeed intended for everyone, but more specifically everyone interested in getting a feel for the role control and feedback play in our environment. Control and feedback are pervasive and are literally found everywhere in our engineered or biological environment.The book focuses on the main ideas and opens the scientific mind to feedback, control and systems dynamics. The exposition of ideas does not assume any mathematical knowledge beyond what typically is taught at an intermediate mathematics level at high school. Appealing to examples and intuition, the authors guide the reader to the essential ingredients to describe, analyze and synthesize successfully feedback. Each chapter ends with comments and references that enable the interested reader to explore the exposed subject material in a deeper manner.     

Author Name :Pedro Albertos, Iven Mareels

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Error Correction Codes for Non-Volatile Memories

Nowadays it is hard to find an electronic device which does not use codes: for example, we listen to music via heavily encoded audio CD's and we watch movies via encoded DVD's. There is at least one area where the use of encoding/decoding is not so developed, yet: Flash non-volatile memories. Flash memory high-density, low power, cost effectiveness, and scalable design make it an ideal choice to fuel the explosion of multimedia products, like USB keys, MP3 players, digital cameras and solid-state disk.In ECC for Non-Volatile Memoriesthe authors expose the basics of coding theory needed to understand the application to memories, as well as the relevant design topics, with reference to both NOR and NAND Flash architectures. A collection of software routines is also included for better understanding.The authors form a research group (now at Qimonda) which is the typical example of a fruitful collaboration between mathematicians and engineers.     

Author Name :R. Micheloni, A. Marelli and R. Ravasio

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Harmonic Analysis and Rational Approximation

This book - an outgrowth of a topical summer school - sets out to introduce non-specialists from physics and engineering to the basic mathematical concepts of approximation and Fourier theory. After a general introduction, Part II of this volume contains basic material on the complex and harmonic analysis underlying the further developments presented. Part III deals with the essentials of approximation theory while Part IV completes the foundations by a tour of probability theory. Part V reviews some major applications in signal and control theory. In Part VI mathematical aspects of dynamical systems theory are discussed. Part VII, finally, is devoted to a modern approach to two physics problems: turbulence and the control and noise analysis in gravitational waves measurements.     

Author Name :Jean-Daniel Fournier, Jose Grimm, Juliette Leblond and Jonathan R. Partington

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The Universal Generating Function in Reliability Analysis and Optimization

Many real systems are composed of multi-state components with different performance levels and several failure modes. These affect the whole system's performance.Most books on reliability theory cover binary models that allow a system only to function perfectly or fail completely."The Universal Generating Function in Reliability Analysis and Optimization" is the first book that gives a comprehensive description of the universal generating function technique and its applications in binary and multi-state system reliability analysis.     

Author Name :Gregory Levitin

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Robust and Optimal Control,1995

This book provides a comprehensive, step-by-step treatment of the state-space Ha control theory, reflecting recent theoretical developments this area, in particular, and in the area of robust and H a control theory in general. It offers as self-contained a presentation as possible and, for reference sake, includes many background results on linear systems, the theory and application of Riccati equations and model reduction.     

Author Name :Kemin Zhou, John C. Doyle, Keith Glover

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Structurally Constrained Controllers

Structurally Constrained Controllers: Analysis and Synthesis studies the control of interconnected systems with a particular application in network, power systems, flight formations, etc. It introduces four important problems regarding the control of such systems and then proposes proper techniques for solving them.     

Author Name :Somayeh Sojoudi, Javad Lavaei, Amir G. Aghdam

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Networked and Distributed Predictive Control

Networked and Distributed Predictive Controlpresents rigorous, yet practical, methods for the design of networked and distributed predictive control systems. The design of model predictive control systems using Lyapunov-based techniques to account for the influence of asynchronous and delayed measurements is followed by a treatment of networked control architecture development. This shows how networked control can augment dedicated control systems in a natural way and takes advantage of additional, potentially asynchronous and delayed measurements to maintain closed loop stability and significantly to improve closed-loop performance. The text then shifts focus to the design of distributed predictive control systems that cooperate efficiently in computing optimal manipulated input trajectories that achieve desired stability, performance and robustness specifications but utilize a fraction of the time required by centralized control systems.A full understanding ofNetworked and Distributed Predictive Controlrequires a basic knowledge of differential equations, linear and nonlinear control theory and optimization methods and the book is intended for academic researchers and graduate students studying control as well as for process control engineers. The constant attention to practical matters associated with implementation of the theory discussed will help researchers and engineers understand the application of the books methods in greater depth.Advances in Industrial Controlaims to report and encourage the transfer of technology in control engineering. The rapid development of control technology has an impact on all areas of the control discipline. The series offers an opportunity for researchers to present an extended exposition of new work in all aspects of industrial control.     

Author Name :Panagiotis D. Christofides, Jinfeng Liu, David Muoz de la Pea

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Neural Network Control of Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems

Intelligent systems are a hallmark of modern feedback control systems. But as these systems mature, we have come to expect higher levels of performance in speed and accuracy in the face of severe nonlinearities, disturbances, unforeseen dynamics, and unstructured uncertainties. Artificial neural networks offer a combination of adaptability, parallel processing, and learning capabilities that outperform other intelligent control methods in more complex systems.Borrowing from Biology: Examining neurocontroller design in discrete-time for the first time, Neural Network Control of Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems presents powerful modern control techniques based on the parallelism and adaptive capabilities of biological nervous systems. At every step, the author derives rigorous stability proofs and presents simulation examples to demonstrate the concepts.Progressive Development: After an introduction to neural networks, dynamical systems, control of nonlinear systems, and feedback linearization, the book builds systematically from actuator nonlinearities and strict feedback in nonlinear systems to nonstrict feedback, system identification, model reference adaptive control, and novel optimal control using the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman formulation. The author concludes by developing a framework for implementing intelligent control in actual industrial systems using embedded hardware.Neural Network Control of Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems fosters an understanding of neural network controllers and explains how to build them using detailed derivations, stability analysis, and computer simulations.     

Author Name :Jagannathan Sarangapani

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Constructive Nonlinear Control

Constructive Nonlinear Control presents a broad repertoire of constructive nonlinear designs not available in other works by widening the class of systems and design tools. Several streams of nonlinear control theory are merged and directed towards a constructive solution of the feedback stabilization problem. Analysis, geometric and asymptotic concepts are assembled as design tools for a wide variety of nonlinear phenomena and structures. Geometry serves as a guide for the construction of design procedures whilst analysis provides the robustness which geometry lacks. New recursive designs remove earlier restrictions on feedback passivation. Recursive Lyapunov designs for feedback, feedforward and interlaced structures result in feedback systems with optimality properties and stability margins. The design-oriented approach will make this work a valuable tool for all those who have an interest in control theory.     

Author Name :R. Sepulchre, M. Jankovic , P.V. Kokotovic

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Stream of Variation Modeling and Analysis for Multistage Manufacturing Processes

Variability arises in multistage manufacturing processes (MMPs) from a variety of sources. Variation reduction demands data fusion from product/process design, manufacturing process data, and quality measurement. Statistical process control (SPC), with a focus on quality data alone, only tells half of the story and is a passive method, taking corrective action only after variations occur. Learn how the Stream of Variation (SoV) methodology helps reduce or even eliminate variations throughout the entire MMP in Jianjun Shi's Stream of Variation Modeling and Analysis for Multistage Manufacturing Processes.The unified methodology outlined in this book addresses all aspects of variation reduction in a MMP, which consists of state space modeling, design analysis and synthesis, engineering-driven statistical methods for process monitoring and root-cause diagnosis, and quick failure recovery and defect prevention. Coverage falls into five sections, beginning with a review of matrix theory and multivariate statistics followed by variation propagation modeling with applications in assembly and machining processes. The third section focuses on diagnosing the sources of variation while the fourth section explains design methods to reduce variability. The final section assembles advanced SoV-related topics and the integration of quality and reliability. Introducing a powerful and industry-proven method, this book fuses statistical knowledge with the engineering knowledge of product quality and unifies the design of processes and products to achieve more predictable and reliable manufacturing processes.     

Author Name :Jianjun Shi

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Techniques for Adaptive Control

Techniques for Adaptive Control compiles chapters from a team of expert contributors that allow readers to gain a perspective into a number of different approaches to adaptive control. In order to do this, each contributor provides an overview of a particular product, how it works, and reasons why a user would want it as well as an in depth explanation of their particular method. This is one of the latest technologies to emerge in the instrumentation and control field. These latest control methodologies offer a means to revolutionize plant and process efficiency, response time and profitability by allowing a process to be regulated by a form of rule-based AI, without human intervention.Rather than the common academic-based approach that books on this subject generally take, the contributions here outline practical applications of adaptive control technology allowing for a real look inside the industry and the new technologies available.     

Author Name :Vance VanDoren

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Modern Control Theory,1 edition

Well-written, practice-oriented textbook, and compact textbook .Presents the contemporary state of the art of control theory and its applications.Introduces traditional problems that are useful in the automatic control of technical processes, plus presents current issues of control.Explains methods can be easily applied for the determination of the decision algorithms in computer control and management systems     

Author Name :Zdzislaw Bubnick

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Control of Singular Systems with Random Abrupt Changes

This book deals with the class of singular systems with random abrupt changes also known as singular Markovian jump systems. Various problems and their robustness are tackled. The book examines both the theoretical and practical aspects of the control problems from the angle of the structural properties of linear systems. It can be used as a textbook as well as a reference for researchers in control or mathematics with interest in control theory.     

Author Name :El-Kebir Boukas

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Topics in Time Delay Systems

This book is primarily targeted to present the most recent trends in the field of control and dynamics of time delay systems. In this rapidly evolving field, the book successfully captures a careful selection of the most recent papers contributed by prominent active researchers in the field and collected under five parts: I analysis and methodology, II numerical methods and algorithms, III control and observation, IV propagation and flows, V delays effects in interconnected systems and networks. The themes of the chapters appropriately categorize the activities in the field as per the motivations discussed above.     

Author Name :Jean Jacques Loiseau,Wim Michiels,Silviu-Iulian Niculescu, and Rifat Sipahi

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Fractional-order Systems and Controls

Fractional-order Systems and Controls details the use of fractional calculus in the description and modeling of systems, and in a range of control design and practical applications. It is largely self-contained, covering the fundamentals of fractional calculus together with some analytical and numerical techniques and providing MATLAB codes for the simulation of fractional-order control (FOC) systems. Many different FOC schemes are presented for control and dynamic systems problems. Practical material relating to a wide variety of applications is also provided. All the control schemes and applications are presented in the monograph with either system simulation results or real experimental results, or both. Fractional-order Systems and Controls provides readers with a basic understanding of FOC concepts and methods, so they can extend their use of FOC in other industrial system applications, thereby expanding their range of disciplines by exploiting this versatile new set of control techniques.     

Author Name :Concepcion A. Monje ,YangQuan Chen, Blas M. Vinagre, Dingy Xue, Vicente Feliu

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Analysis and Design of Nonlinear Control Systems

This book has been prepared as a tribute to Prof. Alberto Isidori on the occasion of his 65th birthday. The book contains 27 chapters written by a number of researchers who have been involved, in different ways, in the prolific and high-impact career of Prof. Isidori. The chapters cover a significant number of control and systems theory topics and describe a mix of new methodological results, advanced applications, emerging control areas and tutorial works.The overall contributions have been divided in six parts: 'System Analysis', 'Optimization Methods', 'Feedback Design', 'Regulation', 'Geometric Methods' and 'Asymptotic Analysis'.All these fields reflect areas in which Prof. Isidori, during his scientific activity, has been actively involved by providing key ideas and pioneering contributions.The book is expected to be of significant interest to academic and industrial researchers involved in the area of linear and nonlinear control systems and a key reference for future research developments.     

Author Name :Alessandro Astolfi, Lorenzo Marconi

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Perspectives in Control Engineering Technologies, Applications, and New Directions

What important research developments are under way in control science and engineering? What are key challenges in control technology applications to different domains? What new directions are being charted for control systems? Now practicing control engineers and students can find accessible answers to these multifaceted control issues without the intensive mathematical analysis usually found in control systems books. This all-in-one resource brings you state-of-the-art research results by contributors who are leading experts in control. You will find insightful introductions and discussions of future trends for a range of control technologies and applications, including: * Computer-aided control system design * Discrete event systems * Intelligent control * Industrial process control * Intelligent transportation systems.     

Author Name :Tariq Samad

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Analysis and Control of Linear Systems

Automation of linear systems is a fundamental and essential theory. This book deals with the theory of continuous-state automated systems.     

Author Name :Philippe de Larminat

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Systems, Control, Modeling and Optimization

This constitutes the Proceedings of the 22nd IFIP TC7 Conference held in July 2005, in Torino, Italy, and dedicated to Camillo Possio, on the 60th anniversary of his death during the last air raid over Torino. The papers in this volume concern primarily stochastic and distributed systems, their control/optimization, and inverse problems. These proceedings also explore applications of optimization techniques and computational methods in fields such as medicine, biology and economics.     

Author Name :F. Ceragioli, A. Dontchev, H. Furuta, K. Marti, L Pandolfi

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Stability and Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems

Recently, the subject of nonlinear control systems analysis has grown rapidly and this book provides a simple and self-contained presentation of their stability and feedback stabilization which enables the reader to learn and understand major techniques used in mathematical control theory. In particular: the important techniques of proving global stability properties are presented closely linked with corresponding methods of nonlinear feedback stabilization; a general framework of methods for proving stability is given, thus allowing the study of a wide class of nonlinear systems, including finite-dimensional systems described by ordinary differential equations, discrete-time systems, systems with delays and sampled-data systems; approaches to the proof of classical global stability properties are extended to non-classical global stability properties such as non-uniform-in-time stability and input-to-output stability; and new tools for stability analysis and control design of a wide class of nonlinear systems are introduced. The presentational emphasis of Stability and Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems is theoretical but the theorys importance for concrete control problems is highlighted with a chapter specifically dedicated to applications and with numerous illustrative examples. Researchers working on nonlinear control theory will find this monograph of interest while graduate students of systems and control can also gain much insight and assistance from the methods and proofs detailed in this book.     

Author Name :Iasson Karafyllis, Zhong-Ping Jiang

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Primer on Optimal Control Theory

The performance of a process for example, how an aircraft consumes fuel can be enhanced when the most effective controls and operating points for the process are determined. This holds true for many physical, economic, biomedical, manufacturing, and engineering processes whose behavior can often be influenced by altering certain parameters or controls to optimize some desired property or output. Primer on Optimal Control Theory provides a rigorous introduction to analyzing these processes and finding the best modes of control and operation for them. It makes optimal control theory accessible to a large class of engineers and scientists who are not mathematicians but have a basic mathematical background and need to understand the sophisticated material associated with optimal control theory. The book presents the important concepts of weak and strong control variations leading to local necessary conditions as well as global sufficiency of Hamilton Jacobi Bellman theory. It also gives the second variation for local optimality where the associated Riccati equation is derived from the transition matrix of the Hamiltonian system. These ideas lead naturally to the development of H2 and H-infinity synthesis algorithms.     

Author Name :Jason L. Speyer, David H. Jacobson

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Symmetries and Semi-invariants in the Analysis of Nonlinear Systems

This book details the analysis of continuous- and discrete-time dynamical systems described by differential and difference equations respectively. Differential geometry provides the tools for this, such as first-integrals or orbital symmetries, together with normal forms of vector fields and of maps. A crucial point of the analysis is linearization by state immersion.The theory is developed for general nonlinear systems and specialized for the class of Hamiltonian systems. By using the strong geometric structure of Hamiltonian systems, the results proposed are stated in a different, less complex and more easily comprehensible manner. They are applied to physically motivated systems, to demonstrate how much insight into known properties is gained using these techniques. Various control systems applications of the techniques are characterized including: computation of the flow of nonlinear systems; computation of semi-invariants; computation of Lyapunov functions for stability analysis and observer design.     

Author Name :Laura Menini, Antonio Tornamb

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Human Behavior Learning and Transfer

Bridging the gap between human-computer engineering and control engineering, Human Behavior Learning and Transfer delineates how to abstract human action and reaction skills into computational models. The authors include methods for modeling a variety of human action and reaction behaviors and explore processes for evaluating, optimizing, and transferring human skills. They also cover modeling continuous and discontinuous human control strategy and discuss simulation studies and practical real-life situations.The book examines how to model two main aspects of human behavior: reaction skills and action skills. It begins with a discussion of the various topics involved in human reaction skills modeling. The authors apply machine learning techniques and statistical analysis to abstracting models of human reaction control strategy. They contend that such models can be learned sufficiently to emulate complex human control behaviors in the feedback loop.The second half of the book explores issues related to human action skills modeling. The methods presented are based on techniques for reducing the dimensionality of data sets, while preserving as much useful information as possible. The modeling approaches developed are applied in real-life applications including navigation of smart wheel chairs and intelligent surveillance.Written in a consistent, easily approachable style, the book includes in-depth discussions of a broad range of topics. It provides the tools required to formalize human behaviors into algorithmic, machine-coded strategies.     

Author Name :Yangsheng Xu, Ka Keung C. Lee

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Dynamic Surface Control of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems

Although the problem of nonlinear controller design is as old as that of linear controller design, the systematic design methods framed in response are more sparse. Given the range and complexity of nonlinear systems, effective new methods of control design are therefore of significant importance. Dynamic Surface Control of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems provides a theoretically rigorous and practical introduction to nonlinear control design. The convex optimization approach applied to good effect in linear systems is extended to the nonlinear case using the new dynamic surface control (DSC) algorithm developed by the authors. A variety of problems DSC design, output feedback, input saturation and fault-tolerant control among them are considered. The inclusion of applications material demonstrates the real significance of the DSC algorithm, which is robust and easy to use, for nonlinear systems with uncertainty in automotive and robotics. Written for the researcher and graduate student of nonlinear control theory, this book will provide the applied mathematician and engineer alike with a set of powerful tools for nonlinear control design. It will also be of interest to practitioners working with a mechatronic systems in aerospace, manufacturing and automotive and robotics, milieux.     

Author Name :Bongsob Song, J. Karl Hedrick

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Control Systems Engineering

Highly regarded for its accessible writing and practical case studies, Control Systems Engineering is the most widely adopted textbook for this core course in Mechanical and Electrical engineering programs. This new sixth edition has been revised and updated with 20% new problems and greater emphasis on computer-aided design.Close the loop between your lectures and the lab!Integratedthroughout the Nise text are10 virtual experiments, which enable students to implement the design-simulate-prototype workflow of practicing engineers. Powered by LabVIEW software and simulations of Quansers lab plants, the virtual labs enable students to apply concepts to virtual systems, implement control solutions and evaluate their results. The virtual labs deepen the homework learning experience and prepare students to make more effective use of their time in the lab. Empower your students to take control of their learning with virtual labs accessible anywhere internet is available!     

Author Name :Norman S. Nise

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Sliding Modes in Control and Optimization

The purpose of this book is to describe a new approach for the design of high-efficiency control of multi-dimensional systems operating under uncertainty conditions. It covers mathematical, control and technological aspects of discontinuous control systems. The generation of sliding modes is the basic design idea resulting in decomposition of system motion and invariancy to uncertainties in plant behaviour. Implementation of discontinuous control is natural for widely used electronic power converters with key operation.     

Author Name :Vadim I. Utkin

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Intelligent Automatic Generation Control

Automatic generation control (AGC) is one of the most important control problems in the design and operation of interconnected power systems. Its significance continues to grow as a result of several factors: the changing structure and increasing size, complexity, and functionality of power systems, the rapid emergence (and uncertainty) of renewable energy sources, developments in power generation/consumption technologies, and environmental constraints.Delving into the fundamentals of power system AGC, Intelligent Automatic Generation Control explores ways to make the infrastructures of tomorrow smarter and more flexible. These frameworks must be able to handle complex multi-objective regulation optimization problems, and they must be highly diversified in terms of policies, control strategies, and wide distribution in demand and supply sourcesall via an intelligent scheme. The core of such intelligent systems should be based on efficient, adaptable algorithms, advanced information technology, and fast communication devices to ensure that the AGC systems can maintain generation-load balance following serious disturbances.This book addresses several new schemes using intelligent control techniques for simultaneous minimization of system frequency deviation and tie-line power changes, which is required for successful operation of interconnected power systems. It also concentrates on physical and engineering aspects and examines several developed control strategies using real-time simulations. This reference will prove useful for engineers and operators in power system planning and operation, as well as academic researchers and students in field of electrical engineering.     

Author Name :Hassan Bevrani, T. Hiyama

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Cooperative Control Design

Cooperative Control Design: A Systematic, Passivity-Based Approach discusses multi-agent coordination problems, including formation control, attitude coordination, and synchronization. The goal of the book is to introduce passivity as a design tool for multi-agent systems, to provide exemplary work using this tool, and to illustrate its advantages in designing robust cooperative control algorithms. The discussion begins with an introduction to passivity and demonstrates how passivity can be used as a design tool for motion coordination. Followed by the case of adaptive redesigns for reference velocity recovery while describing a basic design, a modified design and the parameter convergence problem. Formation control is presented as it relates to relative distance control and relative position control. The coverage is concluded with a comprehensive discussion of agreement and the synchronization problem with an example using attitude coordination.     

Author Name :He Bai , Murat Arcak, John Wen

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Adaptive Control 2nd Edition

Adaptive Control (second edition) shows how a desired level of system performance can be maintained automatically and in real time, even when process or disturbance parameters are unknown and variable. It is a coherent exposition of the many aspects of this field, setting out the problems to be addressed and moving on to solutions, their practical significance and their application. Discrete-time aspects of adaptive control are emphasized to reflect the importance of digital computers in the application of the ideas presented. The second edition is thoroughly revised to throw light on recent developments in theory and applications with new chapters on: multimodel adaptive control with switching, direct and indirect adaptive regulation and adaptive feedforward disturbance compensation.     

Author Name :Ioan Dore Landau, Rogelio Lozano, Mohammed MSaad, Alireza Karimi

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Three Decades of Progress in Control Sciences

In this edited collection we commemorate the 60th birthday of Prof. Christopher Byrnes and the retirement of Prof. Anders Lindquist from the Chair of Optimization and Systems Theory at KTH. These papers were presented in part at a 2009 workshop in KTH, Stockholm, honoring the lifetime contributions of Professors Byrnes and Lindquist in various fields of applied mathematics.     

Author Name :Xiaoming Hu, Ulf Jonsson, Bo Wahlberg, and Bijoy K. Ghosh

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Control Problems in Robotics and Automation

Focusing on the important control problems in state-of-the-art robotics and automation, this volume features invited papers from a workshop held at CDC, San Diego, California. As well as looking at current problems, it aims to identify and discuss challenging issues that are yet to be solved but which will be vital to future research directions. The many topics covered include: automatic control, distributed multi-agent control, multirobots, dexterous hands, flexible manipulators, walking robots, free-floating systems, nonholonomic robots, sensor fusion, fuzzy control, virtual reality, visual servoing, and task synchronization. Control Problems in Robotics and Automation will be of interest to all researchers, scientists and graduate students who wish to broaden their knowledge in robotics and automation and prepare themselves to address and resolve the control problems that will be faced in this field as we enter the twenty-first century.     

Author Name :Bruno Siciliano, Kimon Valavanis

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Randomized Algorithms for Analysis and Control of Uncertain Systems

Moving on from earlier stochastic and robust control paradigms, this book introduces the fundamentals of probabilistic methods in the analysis and design of uncertain systems. The use of randomized algorithms, guarantees a reduction in the computational complexity of classical robust control algorithms and in the conservativeness of methods like H-infinity control.Features: self-contained treatment explaining randomized algorithms from their genesis in the principles of probability theory to their use for robust analysis and controller synthesis; comprehensive treatment of sample generation, including consideration of the difficulties involved in obtaining independent and identically distributed samples; applications in congestion control of high-speed communications networks and the stability of quantized sampled-data systems.This monograph will be of interest to theorists concerned with robust and optimal control techniques and to all control engineers dealing with system uncertainties.     

Author Name :Roberto Tempo, Giuseppe Calafiore and Fabrizio Dabbene

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Automatic Control of Atmospheric and Space Flight Vehicles

AutomaticControl of Atmospheric and Space Flight Vehicles is perhaps the firstbook on the market to present a unified and straightforwardstudyof the design and analysis of automatic control systems for both atmospheric and space flight vehicles.Covering basic control theory and design concepts, it is meantas a textbook for senior undergraduate and graduate students in moderncourses on flight control systems.In addition to the basics of flight control, this book covers a number ofupper-level topicsand will therefore be of interest not only to advanced students, but also toresearchers and practitioners in aeronautical engineering, applied mathematics, and systems/control theory.     

Author Name :Ashish Tewari

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Selected Problems of Fractional Systems Theory

This monograph covers some selected problems of positive fractional 1D and 2D linear systems. It is an extended and modified English version of its preceding Polish edition published by Technical University of Bialystok in 2009. This book is based on the lectures delivered by the author to the Ph.D. students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Bialystok University of Technology and of Warsaw University of Technology and on invited lectures in several foreign universities in the last three years.     

Author Name :Tadeusz Kaczorek

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Future Intelligent Information Systems: Volume 1

2010 First International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering was held in Wuhan, China, December 4-5. Future Intelligent Information Systems book contains eighty-five revised and extended research articles written by prominent researchers participating in the conference. Topics covered include Tools and Methods of AI, Knowledge Discovery, Information Management and knowledge sharing, intelligent e-Technology, Information systems governance, and Informatics in Control. Intelligent Information System will offer the state of art of tremendous advances in Intelligent Information System and also serve as an excellent reference work for researchers and graduate students working with/on Intelligent Information System.     

Author Name :Dehuai Zeng

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Look-Ahead Based Sigma-Delta Modulation

The aim of this book is to expand and improve upon the existing knowledge on discrete-time 1-bit look-ahead sigma-delta modulation in general, and to come to a solution for the above mentioned specific issues arising from 1-bit sigma-delta modulation for SA-CD. In order to achieve this objective an analysis is made of the possibilities for improving the performance of digital noise-shaping look-ahead solutions. On the basis of the insights obtained from the analysis, several novel generic 1-bit look-ahead solutions that improve upon the state-of-the-art will be derived and their performance will be evaluated and compared. Finally, all the insights are combined with the knowledge of the SA-CD lossless data compression algorithm to come to a specifically for SA-CD optimized look-ahead design.     

Author Name :Erwin Janssen, Arthur van Roermund

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Microwave Network Design Using the Scattering Matrix

Scattering parameters or S-parameters (the elements of a scattering matrix) describe the electrical behaviors of linear electrical networks when undergoing various stimuli by electrical signals. The parameters of the scattering matrix are highly useful to electrical engineers involved with microwave circuit and system design. This authoritative resource provides comprehensive and detailed coverage of the wave approach to microwave network characterization, analysis, and design using scattering parameters. For the first time in any book, all aspects and approaches to wave variables and the scattering matrix are explored. The book compares and contrasts voltage waves, travelling waves, pseudo waves, and power waves, and explains the differences between real scattering parameters, pseudo scattering parameters, and power scattering parameters. Moreover, professionals find clear methods for standard single-ended multiport network design and noise analysis. This in-depth reference is packed with over 1,100 equations and numerous illustrations.     

Author Name :Janusz A. Dobrowolski

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Protective Relaying 3rd edition

Technological advances and structural changes within the electric utility industry mandate that protection engineers develop a solid understanding of the related new technologies as well as of power system operations and economics in order to function proficiently. Continuing in the bestselling tradition of the previous editions by the late J. Lewis Blackburn, Protective Relaying: Principles and Applications, Third Edition retains the fundamentals of protection relays and power system protection while incorporating new developments in the field. Thoroughly updated and revised, this third edition focuses on technological changes in the design of protective systems, the practical concerns of power system protection encountered by users, and the techniques for protecting typical facilities used in modern power systems.Building on the excellence of the preceding editions, this book will continue to serve as a basic reference for newcomers to the area as well as for experienced engineers. By sharing his first-hand experience with protection practices, the author offers valuable realistic insight into this field.     

Author Name :J. Lewis Blackburn, Thomas Domin

No Of Visit :439      Posted Comments :

Electric Machinery, Sixth Edition

The exciting new sixth edition of Electric Machinery has been extensively updated while retaining the emphasis on fundamental principles and physical understanding that has been the outstanding feature of this classic book.This book covers fundamental concepts in detail as well as advanced topics for readers who wish to cover the material in more depth.Several new chapters have been added, including a chapter on power electronics, as well as one on speed and torque control of dc and ac motors. This edition has also been expanded with additional examples and practice problems. The use of MATLAB has been introduced to the new edition, both in examples within the text as well as in the chapter problems.     

Author Name :A. E. Fitzgerald, Charles Kingsley,Stephen Umans

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The Industrial Electronics Handbook, 2nd Edition

The field of industrial electronics covers a plethora of problems which must be solved in industrial practice. Electronic systems control many processes that begin with the control of relatively simple devices like electric motors, through more complicated devices such as robots, to the control of entire fabrication processes.An industrial electronics engineer works with many physical phenomena as well as the sensors which are used to measure them. Thus the knowledge required by this type of engineer is not only traditional electronics but also specialized electronics, such as those required for high power applications. The importance of electronic circuits extends well beyond their use as a final product in that they are also important building blocks in large systems. Therefore, the industrial electronics engineer must also possess knowledge of the areas of control and mechatronics. Since most fabrication processes are relatively complex, there is an inherent requirement for the use of communication systems that not only link the various elements of the industrial process, but are tailor-made for the specific industrial environment.Finally, the efficient control and supervision of factories requires the application of intelligent systems in a hierarchical structure to address the needs of all components employed in the production process. This latter need is accomplished through the use of intelligent systems such as neural networks, fuzzy systems or evolutionary methods. The Industrial Electronics Handbook, now in its second edition, addresses all these issues in five separate volumes which can be purchased individually or as a set: Fundamentals of Industrial Electronics, Industrial Communication Systems, Intelligent Systems, Power Electronics and Motor Drives, and Control and Mechatronics.     

Author Name :Bogdan M. Wilamowski, J. david Irwin

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Computer Science Illuminated

Thoroughly revised and updated, Computer Science Illuminated, Third Edition, continues to excite and enlighten students on the dynamic and diverse field of computer science. Written by two of today s most respected computer science educators, Nell Dale and John Lewis, the text provides a broad overview of the many aspects of the discipline from a generic view point. Separate program language chapters are available as bundle items for those instructors who would like to explore a particular programming language with their students. The many layers of computing are thoroughly explained beginning with the information layer, working through the hardware, programming, operating systems, application, and communication layers, and ending with a discussion on the limitations of computing. Perfect for introductory computing and computer science courses, Computer Science Illuminated, Third Edition's thorough presentation of computing systems provides computer science majors with a solid foundation for further study, and offers non majors a comprehensive and complete introduction to computing.     

Author Name :Nell Dale, John Lewis

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Verification by Error Modeling

This book presents the basis for reusing the test vector generation and simulation for the purpose of implementation verification, to result in a significant timesaving. It brings the results in the direction of merging manufacturing test vector generation and verification.     

Author Name :Katarzyna Radecka, Zeljko Zilic

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New Developments in Robotics Automation and Control

This book addresses several issues related to the introduction of automaton and robotics in the construction industry in a collection of 23 chapters. The chapters are grouped in 3 main sections according to the theme or the type of technology they treat. Section I is dedicated to describe and analyse the main research challenges of Robotics and Automation in Construction (RAC). The second section consists of 12 chapters and is dedicated to the technologies and new developments employed to automate processes in the construction industry.     

Author Name :Aleksandar Lazinica

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Software Engineering for Experimental Robotics

This book reports on the concepts and ideas discussed at the well attended ICRA2005 Workshop on "Principles and Practice of Software Development in Robotics", held in Barcelona, Spain, April 18 2005. It collects contributions that describe the state of the art in software development for the Robotics domain. It also reports a number of practical applications to real systems and discuss possible future developments.     

Author Name :Davide Brugali

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Precision Assembly Technologies for Mini and Micro Products

These contributions to the 3rd IPAS'2006 seminar are grouped in 6 sections. Part 1 reviews new techniques for handling and feeding micro parts. Micro-robotics and robot applications for micro assembly are discussed in Part 2. An overview of different design and planning applications for microassembly is provided in Part 3. Part 4 covers reconfigurable and modular micro assembly systems and control applications. The economic aspects of microassembly including new business models are discussed in Part 5 while Part 6 presents specific technical solutions and microassembly applications.     

Author Name :Svetan Ratchev

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Machine Learning and Robot Perception

This book presents some of the most recent research results in the area of machine learning and robot perception. The chapters represent new ways of solving real-world problems. The book covers topics such as intelligent object detection, foveated vision systems, online learning paradigms, reinforcement learning for a mobile robot, object tracking and motion estimation, 3D model construction, computer vision system and user modelling using dialogue strategies. This book will appeal to researchers, senior undergraduate/postgraduate students, application engineers and scientists.     

Author Name :Bruno Apolloni, Ashish Ghosh, Ferda Alpaslan, Lakhmi C. Jain, Srikanta Patnaik

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Robot Motion Planning and Control

How can a robot decide what motions to perform in order to achieve tasks in the physical world? Robot motion planning encompasses several different disciplines, most notably robotics, computer science, control theory and mathematics. This volume presents an interdisciplinary account of recent developments in the field. Topics covered include: combining geometric algorithms and control techniques to account for the nonholonomic constraints of most mobile robots; the mathematical machinery necessary for understanding nonholonomic systems; applying optimal techniques to compute optimal paths; feedback control for nonholonomic mobile robots; probabilistic algorithms and new motion planning approaches; and a survey of recent techniques for dealing with collision detection.     

Author Name :Jean-Paul Laumond

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Switched Finite Time Control of a Class of Underactuated Systems

This book resents a switched finite time control philosophy to stabilize a class of underactuated systems. Beginning with basic definitions and mathematical preliminaries, the monograph works its way up to the main control algorithm. Three well-studied applications are chosen to demonstrate the algorithm. Other facets of the algorithm and an alternate algorithm are also briefly touched upon.     

Author Name :Ravi N. Banavar, Velupillai Sankaranarayanan

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Novel Sensors and Sensing

Over the last twenty years there has been tremendous growth in the research and development of sensors and sensor signal processing methods. Advances in materials and fabrication techniques have led to a departure from traditional sensor types and the development of novel sensing techniques and devices, many of which are now finding favor in industry. Novel Sensors and Sensing provides an introduction to modern sensor types and sensor signal processing methods, with emphasis placed on the underlying physics and the generic operating principles involved. It includes a review of the fundamentals of measurement and instrumentation and covers the principle types of modern sensor-resonator, semiconductor based, and optical fiber (including an overview of optical propagation and transmission.) The final chapter of the book is devoted to flow measurement, an area that has benefited greatly from the developments in novel sensing devices and techniques.     

Author Name :Roger G. Jackson

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Robot Manipulators New Achievements

Robot manipulators are developing as industrial robots instead of human workers. Recently, the application fields of robot manipulators are increasing such as Da Vinci as a medical robot, ASIMO as a humanoid robot and so on. There are many research topics with respect to robot manipulators, e.g. motion planning, cooperation with a human, and fusion with external sensors like vision, haptic and force, etc. Moreover, these include both technical problems in the industry and theoretical problems in the academic fields. In this book we have collected the latest research issues from around the world. Thus, we believe that this book is useful and joyful for readers. We would like to thank all authors for their interesting contributions and the reviewers for their devoted works.     

Author Name :Aleksandar Lazinica and Hiroyuki Kawai

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Artificial Intelligence

What is arti?cial intelligence? Is it robots that can clean the house? Computers that can solve physics problems? ATM machines? Your cell phone? Arti?cial intelligence is all of these thingsand a lot more. Arti? cial intelligence controls our cars and airplanes, helps the military guide missiles, keeps the worlds banks running smoothly, and even assists doctors in doing the most risky types of surgeries. Learn how scientists have used arti? cial intelligence to change our lives todayand how theyre planning to use it to change our future.     

Author Name :Michael C. Harris

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L1 Adaptive Control Theory

This book presents a comprehensive overview of the recently developed L1 adaptive control theory, including detailed proofs of the main results. The key feature of the L1 adaptive control theory is the decoupling of adaptation from robustness. The architectures of L1 adaptive control theory have guaranteed transient performance and robustness in the presence of fast adaptation, without enforcing persistent excitation, applying gain-scheduling, or resorting to high-gain feedback. The book covers detailed proofs of the main results and also presents the flight test results that have used this theory and contains results not yet published in technical journals and conference proceedings. The material is organized into six chapters and concludes with an appendix that summarizes the mathematical results used to support the proofs. Software is available on a supplementary Web page.L1 Adaptive Control Theory is intended for graduate students; researchers; and aerospace, mechanical, chemical, industrial, and electrical engineers interested in pursuing new directions in research and developing technology at reduced costs.     

Author Name :Naira Hovakimyan, Chengyu Cao

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Bio-Inspired Self-Organizing Robotic Systems

Self-organizing approaches inspired from biological systems, such as social insects, genetic, molecular and cellular systems under morphogenesis, and human mental development, has enjoyed great success in advanced robotic systems that need to work in dynamic and changing environments. Compared with classical control methods for robotic systems, the major advantages of bio-inspired self-organizing robotic systems include robustness, self-repair and self-healing in the presence of system failures and/or malfunctions, high adaptability to environmental changes, and autonomous self-organization and self-reconfiguration without a centralized control. Bio-inspired Self-organizing Robotic Systems provides a valuable reference for scientists, practitioners and research students working on developing control algorithms for self-organizing engineered collective systems, such as swarm robotic systems, self-reconfigurable modular robots, smart material based robotic devices, unmanned aerial vehicles, and satellite constellations.     

Author Name :Yan Meng and Yaochu Jin

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Advanced Strategies for Robot Manipulators

In this book chapter a comparative assessment of modelling and control of mechanical manipulator is considered. First, kinematic and dynamic modelling of wide range of mechanical manipulators comprising flexible link, flexible joint and mobile manipulators are considered. Then, open-loop optimal control problem is formulated to control of the obtained system. Finally, some applications of method including motion planning and maximum payload determination are illustrated through the computer simulations.     

Author Name :Seyed Ehsan Shafi ei

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Intelligent Production Machines and Systems

The 2005 Virtual International Conference on IPROMS took place on the Internet between 4 and 15 July 2005. IPROMS 2005 was an outstanding success. During the Conference, some 4168 registered delegates and guests from 71 countries participated in the Conference, making it a truly global phenomenon.This book contains the Proceedings of IPROMS 2005. The 107 peer-reviewed technical papers presented at the Conference have been grouped into twelve sections, the last three featuring contributions selected for IPROMS 2005 by Special Sessions chairmen: - Collaborative and Responsive Manufacturing Systems- Concurrent Engineering- E-manufacturing, E-business and Virtual Enterprises- Intelligent Automation Systems- Intelligent Decision Support Systems- Intelligent Design Systems- Intelligent Planning and Scheduling Systems- Mechatronics- Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems- Tangible Acoustic Interfaces (Tai Chi)- Innovative Production Machines and Systems- Intelligent and Competitive Manufacturing Engineering     

Author Name :Duc T. Pham, E E Eldukhri, A J Soroka

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Mobile Robots Navigation

Mobile robots navigation includes different interrelated activities: (i) perception, as obtaining and interpreting sensory information; (ii) exploration, as the strategy that guides the robot to select the next direction to go; (iii) mapping, involving the construction of a spatial representation by using the sensory information perceived; (iv) localization, as the strategy to estimate the robot position within the spatial map; (v) path planning, as the strategy to find a path towards a goal location being optimal or not; and (vi) path execution, where motor actions are determined and adapted to environmental changes.     

Author Name :Alejandra Barrera

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Governing Lethal Behavior in Autonomous Robots,1 edition

Expounding on the results of the authors work with the US Army Research Office, DARPA, the Office of Naval Research, and various defense industry contractors, Governing Lethal Behavior in Autonomous Robots explores how to produce an "artificial conscience" in a new class of robots, humane-oids, which are robots that can potentially perform more ethically than humans in the battlefield. The author examines the philosophical basis, motivation, theory, and design recommendations for the implementation of an ethical control and reasoning system in autonomous robot systems, taking into account the Laws of War and Rules of Engagement. The book presents robot architectural design recommendations for * Post facto suppression of unethical behavior, * Behavioral design that incorporates ethical constraints from the onset, * The use of affective functions as an adaptive component in the event of unethical action, and * A mechanism that identifies and advises operators regarding their ultimate responsibility for the deployment of autonomous systems.     

Author Name :Ronald Arkin

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Advances in Robotics

The volume consists of selected quality papers from six international conferences that are held under the umbrella of the 12th FIRA RoboWorld congress, in Incheon, Korea, August 16-18, 2009.31 papers from 115 contributed papers at the FIRA RoboWorld Congress, held in Incheon, Korea, August 16-18, were included in the volume. It is organized in 7 sections: emotions and behaviour, human robot interaction, biped humanoid robotics, localization, path planning, obstacle avoidance, control, communication, terrain mapping and classification. The volume is intended to provide readers with the recent technical progresses in robotics, human robot interactions, cooperative robotics and the related fields.     

Author Name :Jong-Hwan Kim, Shuzhi Sam Ge, Prahlad Vadakkepat and Norbert Jesse

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Advances in Telerobotics

A fascinating book that covers in detail all of the most recent advances in Telerobotics. A must-read for scientists, researchers and students in teleoperation, it describes everything from methods and experimental results to applications and developments. Its three sections cover human system interfaces, control, and applications. The book is complemented by a very useful CD-ROM containing fifteen research videos that help to bring the material in the book to life.     

Author Name :Manuel Ferre, Martin Buss, Rafael Aracil and Claudio Melchiorri

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Unmanned Rotorcraft Systems

Unmanned Rotorcraft Systems explores the research and development of fully-functional miniature UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) rotorcraft, and provides a complete treatment of the design of autonomous miniature rotorcraft UAVs. The unmanned system is an integration of advanced technologies developed in communications, computing, and control areas, and is an excellent testing ground for trialing and implementing modern control techniques. Included are detailed expositions of systematic hardware construction, software systems integration, aerodynamic modeling; and automatic flight control system design. Emphasis is placed on the cooperative control and flight formation of multiple UAVs, vision-based ground target tracking, and landing on moving platforms. Other issues such as the development of GPS-less indoor micro aerial vehicles and vision-based navigation are also discussed in depth: utilizing the vision-based system for accomplishing ground target tracking, attacking and landing, cooperative control and flight formation of multiple unmanned rotorcraft; and future research directions on the related areas.     

Author Name :Guowei Cai, Ben M. Chen, Tong H. Lee

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Service Robotics within the Digital Home

This book provides the reader with a clear and precise description of robotics and othersystems for home automation currently on the market, and discusses their interoperability and perspectives for the near future. It shows the different standards and the development platforms used by the main service robots inan international environment.This volumeprovides a scientific basis for the user who is looking for the bestoptionto suithis or her needs from the available alternatives to integratemodern technology in thedigital home.     

Author Name :Ignacio Gonzalez Alonso, Mercedes Fernndez, Jos M. Maestre, Mara del Pilar, Almudena Garca Fuen

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Advances in Robot Navigation

Robot navigation includes different interrelated activities such as perception - obtaining and interpreting sensory information; exploration - the strategy that guides the robot to select the next direction to go; mapping - the construction of a spatial representation by using the sensory information perceived; localization - the strategy to estimate the robot position within the spatial map; path planning - the strategy to find a path towards a goal location being optimal or not; and path execution, where motor actions are determined and adapted to environmental changes. This book integrates results from the research work of authors all over the world, addressing the abovementioned activities and analyzing the critical implications of dealing with dynamic environments. Different solutions providing adaptive navigation are taken from nature inspiration, and diverse applications are described in the context of an important field of study: social robotics.     

Author Name :Alejandra Barrera

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Space-Time Continuous Models of Swarm Robotic Systems

In this book, a generic model in as far as possible mathematical closed-formis developed that predicts the behavior of large self-organizing robot groups (robot swarms) based on their control algorithm. In addition, an extensive subsumption of the relatively young and distinctive interdisciplinary research field of swarm robotics is emphasized. The connection to many related fields is highlighted and the concepts and methods borrowed from these fields are described shortly.     

Author Name :Heiko Hamann

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Electroactive Polymers for Robotic Applications

This book covers the fundamental properties, modeling, and demonstration of Electroactive polymers in robotic applications. It particularly details artificial muscles and sensors. In addition, the book discusses the properties and uses in robotics applications of ionic polymermetal composite actuators and dielectric elastomers.     

Author Name :Kwang J. Kim and Satoshi Tadokoro

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Delft Pneumatic Bipeds

In this book, Martijn Wisse and Richard Q. van der Linde provide a detailed description of their research on pneumatic biped robots at the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. The book covers the basic theory of passive dynamic walking and explains the implementation of pneumatic McKibben muscles in a series of successful prototypes.     

Author Name :Martijn Wisse and Richard Q. van der Linde

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A Hybrid Deliberative Layer for Robotic Agents

The Hybrid Deliberative Layer (HDL) solves the problem that an intelligent agent faces in dealing with a large amount of information which may or may not be useful in generating a plan to achieve a goal. The information, that an agent may need, is acquired and stored in the DL model. Thus, the HDL is used as the main knowledge base system for the agent. In this work, a novel approach which amalgamates Description Logic (DL) reasoning with Hierarchical Task Network (HTN) planning is introduced. An analysis of the performance of the approach has been conducted and the results show that this approach yields significantly smaller planning problem descriptions than those generated by current representations in HTN planning.     

Author Name :Ronny Hartanto

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Advances in Distributed Agent-Based Retrieval Tools

This volume contains revised and extended versions of papers presented at the 4th edition of the international workshop on Distributed and Agent-based Retrieval Tools (DART'10) held in June 2010, in conjunction with the Symposium on Human Language Technology for the Information Society, in Geneva, Switzerland. Practitioners and researchers working on pervasive and intelligent access to web services and distributed information retrieval met to share their results and insights in intriguing and challenging topics such as: (i) social media and collaboration, (ii) new challenges in search technology, (iii) sentiment analysis and opinion mining, (iv) distributed information retrieval, (v) pervasive intelligence. Every chapter, before discussing in depth the specific topic, presents a comprehensive review of related work and state of the art, in the hope of this volume to be of use in the years to come, to both researchers and students.     

Author Name :Vincenzo Pallotta,Alessandro Soro, and Eloisa Vargiu

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Intelligent Autonomous Systems 9

The papers in this publication cover both the applied as well as the theoretical aspects of intelligent autonomous systems. Autonomy and adaptivity are key aspects of truly intelligent artificial systems, dating from the first IAS conference in 1989. New directions of research have recently emerged from the synergetic interaction of many fields, such as cognitive science, operations research, mathematics, robotics, mechanics, electronics, informatics, and economics, interdisciplinary as well as transdisciplinarily. One key insight is that to realize both intelligence and autonomy, it is crucial to build real-world devices and abstract principles of design from them. The goal of IAS-9 is to lay out new scientific ideas and design principles for artificial systems able to survive in nature and in our society.     

Author Name :T. Arai, R. Pfeifer, T. Balch andH. Yokoi

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Climbing and Walking Robots

The evolution of climbing and walking robots from their introduction to the present time is described, and likely trends for the future are investigated. The book includes developments in sensing, actuation, locomotion and material technologies, as well as the range of applications where such robots have been used successfully. Examples highlighted encompass the manufacturing and construction industries, service tasks, personal care, health care, entertainment, and education. Four main sections are devoted to walking robot technology; climbing robot technology; the state of the art, with detailed case studies of actual robots and their applications; and design methodologies, including benchmarking and performance.     

Author Name :M.O. Tokhi, G.S. Virk, M.A. Hossain

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Advanced Mechanics in Robotic Systems

Humans have always been fascinated with the concept of artificial life and the construction of machines that look and behave like people. As the field of robotics evolves, it demands continuous development of successful systems with high-performance characteristics for practical applications.Advanced Mechanics in Robotic Systems illustrates original and ambitious mechanical designs and techniques for developing new robot prototypes with successful mechanical operational skills. Case studies are focused on projects in mechatronics that have high growth expectations:* humanoid robots, * robotics hands, * mobile robots, * parallel manipulators, and * human-centred robots.A good control strategy requires good mechanical design, so a chapter has also been devoted to the description of suitable methods for control architecture design.Readers of Advanced Mechanics in Robotic Systems will discover novel designs for relevant applications in robotic fields, that will be of particular interest to academic and industry-based researchers.     

Author Name :Nestor Eduardo Nava Rodriguez

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Opto-Mechatronic Systems Handbook

Opto-mechatronics-the fusion of optical and mechatronic technologies-has been integral in the evolution of machines, systems, and products that are smaller and more precise, more intelligent, and more autonomous. For the technology to reach its full potential, however, engineers and researchers from many disciplines must learn to work together through every phase of system development. To date, little effort has been expended, either in practice or in the literature, to eliminate the boundaries that exist between the optics and mechatronics communities.The Opto-Mechatronics Systems Handbook is the first step in that direction. Richly illustrated and featuring contributions from an international panel of experts, it meets three essential objectives:Presents the definitions, fundamentals, and applications of the technology, Provides a multidisciplinary perspective that shows how optical systems and devices can be integrated with mechatronic systems at all stages, from conceptualization to design and manufacturing and Demonstrates the roles and synergistic effects of optical systems in overall system performance.Along with his fresh approach and systems perspective, the editor has taken care to address real cutting-edge technologies, including precision opto-mechatronic systems, intelligent robots, and opto-microsensors. Ultimately, the Opto-Mechatronics Systems Handbook provides readers with the technological foundation for developing further innovative products and systems.     

Author Name :Hyungsuck Cho

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Swarm Robotics

Swarm robotics can be defined as the study of how a swarm of relatively simple physically embodied agents can be constructed to collectively accomplish tasks that are beyond the capabilities of a single one. Unlike other studies on multi-robot systems, swarm robotics emphasizes self-organization and emergence, while keeping in mind the issues of scalability and robustness. These emphases promote the use of relatively simple robots, equipped with localized sensing ability, scalable communication mechanisms, and the exploration of decentralized control strategies.This state-of-the-art survey is the first book devoted to swarm robotics. It is based on the First International Workshop on Swarm Robotics held in Santa Monica, CA, USA in July 2004 as part of SAB 2004     

Author Name :Erol Sahin, William M. Spears

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Semantic Labeling of Places with Mobile Robots

During the last years there has been an increasing interest in the area of service robots. Under this category we find robots working in tasks such as elderly care, guiding, office and domestic assistance, inspection, and many more. Service robots usually work in indoor environments designed for humans, with offices and houses being some of the most typical examples. These environments are typically divided into places with different functionalities like corridors, rooms or doorways. The ability to learn such semantic categories from sensor data enables a mobile robot to extend its representation of the environment, and to improve its capabilities. As an example, natural language terms like corridor or room can be used to indicate the position of the robot in a more intuitive way when communicating with humans.This book presents several approaches to enable a mobile robot to categorize places in indoor environments. The categories are indicated by terms which represent the different regions in these environments. The objective of this work is to enable mobile robots to perceive the spatial divisions in indoor environments in a similar way as people do. This is an interesting step forward to the problem of moving the perception of robots closer to the perception of humans. Many approaches introduced in this book come from the area of pattern recognition and classification. The applied methods have been adapted to solve the specific problem of place recognition. In this regard, this work is a useful reference to students and researchers who want to introduce classification techniques to help solve similar problems in mobile robotics.     

Author Name :Oscar Martinez Mozos

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Scientific Methods in Mobile Robotics

Mobile robotics has until now focused on issues like design of controllers and robot hardware. It is now ready to embrace theoretical methods from dynamical systems theory, statistics and system identification to produce a formalized approach based on quantitative analyses and computer models of the interaction between robot, task and environment.This book is a step towards a theoretical understanding of the operation of autonomous mobile robots. It presents cutting-edge research on the application of chaos theory, parametric and non-parametric statistics and dynamical systems theory in this field. Practical examples and case studies show how robot behaviour can be logged, analysed, interpreted and modelled, aiding design of controllers, analysis of agent behaviour and verification of results.As the first book to apply advanced scientific methods to mobile robots it will interest researchers, lecturers and post-graduate students in robotics, artificial intelligence and cognitive science.     

Author Name :Ulrich Nehmzow

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Anatomy of a Robot

This work looks under the hood of all robotic projects, stimulating teachers, students, and hobbyists to learn more about the gamut of areas associated with control systems and robotics. It offers a unique presentation in providing both theory and philosophy in a technical yet entertaining way.     

Author Name :Charles M. Bergren

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Dynamic Vision for Perception and Control of Motion

This book on autonomous road-following vehicles brings together twenty years of innovation in the field. The book uniquely details an approach to real-time machine vision for the understanding of dynamic scenes, viewed from a moving platform that begins with spatio-temporal representations of motion for hypothesized objects whose parameters are adjusted by well-known prediction error feedback and recursive estimation techniques.     

Author Name :Ernst Dieter Dickmanns

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Complex Robotic Systems

Robotic systems have proved themselves to be of increasing importance and are widely adopted to substitute for humans in repetitive or hazardous situations. Their diffusion has outgrown the limits of industrial applications in manufacturing systems to co ver all aspects of exploration and servicing in hostile environments such as undersea, outer space, battlefields and nuclear plants. Complex robotic systems - ie robotic systems with a complex structure and architecture - are gaining increasing attention from both the academic community and industrial users. The modelling and control problems for these systems cannot be regarded as simple extensions of those for traditional single manipulators, since additional complexity arises; to accomplish tasks there is the need to ensure co-ordinated motion of the whole system together with management of interaction between each component of the system. This book focuses on two examples of complex robotic systems - namely co-operating manipulators and multi-fingered hands. It is addressed to graduate students as well as to researchers in the field.     

Author Name :Pasquale Chiacchio, Stefano Chiaverini

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Musical Robots and Interactive Multimodal Systems

Musical robotics is a multi- and trans-disciplinary research area involving a wide range of different domains that contribute to its development, including: computer science, multimodal interfaces and processing, artificial intelligence, electronics, robotics, mechatronics and more. A musical robot requires many different complex systems to work together; integrating musical representation, techniques, expressions, detailed analysis and controls, for both playing and listening. The development of interactive multimodal systems provides advancements which enable enhanced human-machine interaction and novel possibilities for embodied robotic platforms. This volume is focused on this highly exciting interdisciplinary field. This book consists of 14 chapters highlighting different aspects of musical activities and interactions, discussing cutting edge research related to interactive multimodal systems and their integration with robots to further enhance musical understanding, interpretation, performance, education and enjoyment. It is dichotomized into two sections: Section I focuses on understanding elements of musical performance and expression while Section II concentrates on musical robots and automated instruments. Musical Robots and Interactive Multimodal Systems provides an introduction and foundation for researchers, students and practitioners to key achievements and current research trends on interactive multimodal systems and musical robotics.     

Author Name :Jorge Solis, Kia Ng

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Building Robots With Lego Mindstorms

Lego Mindstorms are a new generation of Lego Robots that can be manipulated using microcomputers, light and touch sensors, an infrared transmitter and CD-ROMs. Since Lego launched Lego Mindstorms in late 1998 sales have skyrocketed - with no sign of slowing down. Mindstorms have captured the imagination of adults and children alike, creating a subculture of Mindstorm enthusiasts around the world. The kits are now a staple part of engineering and computer science classes at many high profile Universities.Building Robots with Lego Mindstorms provides readers with a fundamental understanding of the geometry, electronics, engineering, and programming required to build your own robots. Mario and Giulio Ferrari are world-renowned experts in the field of Lego Mindstorms robotics, and in this book they share their unrivaled knowledge and expertise of robotics as well as provide a series of chapters detailing how to design and build the most exotic robots. Mario and Giulio also give detailed explanations of how to integrate Lego Mindstorms kits with other Lego programmable bricks such asScout and Cybermaster, as well as with non-robotic Lego Technics models.     

Author Name :Mario Ferrari, Giulio Ferrari, Dave Astolfo

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Open-Source Robotics and Process Control Cookbook

In this practicalreference, popular author Lewin Edwards shows how to develop robust, dependable real-time systems for robotics and other control applications, using open-source tools. It demonstrates efficient and low-cost embedded hardware and softwaredesigntechniques, based on Linux as the development platform and operating system and the Atmel AVR as the primary microcontroller. The book provides comprehensive examples of sensor, actuator and control applications and circuits, along with source code for a number ofprojects. It walks the reader through theprocessof setting up the Linux-based controller, from creating a custom kernel to customizing the BIOS, to implementing graphical control interfaces.     

Author Name :Lewin A.R.W. Edwards

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Model Engineering in Mixed-Signal Circuit Design

The purpose of Model Engineering in Mixed-Signal CircuitDesignis - for the first time - to combine the main issues of the hardware description language VHDL-AMS aimed at model representation of mixed-signal circuits and systems, of characterizationmethodsand tools for the extraction of model parameters, and of modeling methodologies for accurate high-level behavioral models. This up to date text offers a comprehensive and clearpresentationof modeling flow as part of thedesigneffort for mixed-signal circuits. The work emphasizes an engineering view on model generation and handling, thus providing an unique guide both for the practitioner and for students of electrical and computer engineering at graduate level.     

Author Name :Sorin Alexander Huss

No Of Visit :446      Posted Comments :


A comprehensive look at the rapidly growing field of low-power VLSI design.Low-power VLSI circuit design is a dynamic research area driven by the growing reliance on battery-powered portable computing and wireless communications products. In addition, it has become critical to the continued progress of high-performance and reliable microelectronic systems. This self-contained volume clearly introduces each topic, incorporates dozens of illustrations, and concludes chapters with summaries and references. VLSI circuit and CAD engineers as well as researchers in universities and industry will find ample information on tools and techniques for design and optimization of low-power electronic systems.     

Author Name :Kaushik Roy, Sharat Prasad

No Of Visit :447      Posted Comments :

CMOS Analog Circuit Design, 2 edition

The trademark approach of Phil and Doug's textbook is its design recipes, which take readers step-by-step through the creation of real circuits, explaining complex design problems. The book provides detailed coverage of often-neglected areas and deliberately leaves out bipolar analog circuits, since CMOS is the dominant technology for analog integrated circuit design. Appropriate for advanced undergraduates and graduate students with background knowledge in basic electronics including biasing, modeling, circuit analysis, and frequency response,CMOS Analog Circuit Design, Second Edition, presents a complete picture of design (including modeling, simulation, and testing) and enables readers to design an analog circuit that can be implemented by CMOS technology.     

Author Name :Phillip E. Allen, Douglas R. Holberg

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Radio Frequency Circuit Design

This book focuses on components such as filters, transformers, amplifiers, mixers, and oscillators. Even the phase lock loop chapter (the last in the book) is oriented toward practical circuitdesign, in contrast to the more systems orientation of most communication texts.     

Author Name :W. Alan Davis,Krishna Kumar Agarwal

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Electric Power Systems

Electric PowerSystemsexplains and illustrates how the electric gridworksin a clear, straightforward style that makes highly technical material accessible. It begins with a thorough discussion of the underlying physical concepts of electricity, circuits, and complex power that serves as a foundation for more advanced material. Readers are then introduced to the main components of electric powersystems, includinggenerators, motors and other appliances, and transmission and distribution equipment such as power lines, transformers, and circuit breakers. The author explains how a whole power system is managed and coordinated, analyzed mathematically, and kept stable and reliable.     

Author Name :Alexandra von Meier

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Structural Synthesis of Parallel Robots

This book represents the second part of a larger work dedicated to the structural synthesis of parallel robots.The originality of this work resides in the fact that it combines new formulae for mobility connectivity, redundancy and over constraint, and the evolutionary morphology in a unified approach of structural synthesis giving interesting innovativesolutionsfor parallel robotic manipulators. This is the first book of roboticspresentingsolutionsof coupled, decoupled, uncoupled, fully-isotropic and maximally regular translational parallel robotic manipulators systematicallygeneratedby using the structural synthesis approach proposed in Part 1. Non-redundant/redundant, overconstrained/isostaticsolutionswith simple/complex limbs actuated by linear/rotary actuators with/without idle mobilities are proposed. Manysolutionsare presented here for the first time in the literature.     

Author Name :Grigore Gogu

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Sensors and Microsystems

Sensors and Microsystems contains a selection ofpaperspresented at the 14th Italianconferenceon sensors and microsystems. It provides a unique perspective on the research anddevelopmentof sensors, microsystems and related technologies in Italy. The scientific values of thepapersalso offers an invaluable source to analyists intending to survey the Italian situation about sensors and microsystems. In an interdisciplinary approachm many aspects of the disciplines are covered, ranging from materials science, chemistry, applied physics, electronic engineering and biotechnologies.     

Author Name :Piero Malcovati , Andrea Baschirotto, Arnaldo DAmico, Corrado di Natale

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Microwave Scattering and Emission Models for Users

Today, microwave remote sensing has evolved into a valuable and economical tool for a variety of applications. It is used in a wide range of areas, from geological sensing, geographical mapping, and weather monitoring, to GPS positioning, aircraft traffic, and mapping of oil pollution over the sea surface. This unique resource provides microwave remote sensingprofessionalswith practical scattering and emission data models that represent the interaction between electromagnetic waves and a scene on the Earth surface in the microwave region. The book helpsengineersunderstand and apply these models to their specific work in the field. CD-ROM Included! It contains Mathematica code for all the scattering and emission models presented the book, so practitioners can easily use the models for their own applications.     

Author Name :Adrian K. Fung, K. S. Chen

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Automotive Antenna Design and Applications

Automotive Antenna Design and Applicationsthoroughly examines traditional and new advanced automotive antennas, including theprinciples, designs, and techniques used to reduce antenna dimensions without significant degradation of communication quality. The contents of this book are based on cutting-edge data collected from numerous technical papers, patents, and patent applications. It presents an overview of many commercially available automotive antennas and covers features that have become standard in automotive applications, such as printed-on car glass antennas, reduced-size helical antennas, multiband compact, printed-on dielectric and patch designs in a single package.Includes simulation examples of antenna parameters that significantly speed up the design process using software packages such as FEKO, NEC, IE3D, and Genesys.     

Author Name :Victor Rabinovich

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Digital Design and Fabrication

After nearly six years as the field's leading reference, the second edition of the award-winning ComputerEngineeringHandbookreemerges with completely updated content and a brand new, two-volume format. Part of this monumental revision, DigitalDesignand Fabrication surveys the latest advances in computer architecture anddesignand the technologies used to manufacture and test them. Featuring contributions from leading experts, the book also includes a new section on memory and storage as well as new chapters on semiconductor memory circuits and nonvolatile memory technologies and applications. Nearly every chapter features extensively updated information that reflects newdevelopments, trends, standards, and technologies.     

Author Name :Vojin G. Oklobdzija

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Skew-Tolerant Circuit Design

As advances in technology and circuit design boost operating frequencies of microprocessors, DSPs and other fast chips, new design challenges continue to emerge. One of the major performance limitations in today's chip designs is clock skew, the uncertainty in arrival times between a pair of clocks. Increasing clock frequencies are forcing many engineers to rethink their timing budgets and to use skew-tolerant circuit techniques for both domino and static circuits. While senior designers have long developed their own techniques for reducing the sequencing overhead of domino circuits, this knowledge has routinely been protected as trade secret and has rarely been shared. Skew-Tolerant Circuit Design presents a systematic way of achieving the same goal and puts it in the hands of all designers.     

Author Name :David Harris

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Circuit Design

The latest technologies - the leading experts - proven real-worlddesignsolutions- together in one must-have volume!The Newnes Know It All Series takes the best of what our authors have written to create hard-working desk references that will be an engineer's first port of call for key information,designtechniques and rules of thumb. Guaranteed not to gather dust on a shelf!     

Author Name :Darren Ashby,Bonnie Baker,Robert A. Pease, Bob Zeidman

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Introduction to Power Electronics

Power Electronics is the technology associated with efficient conversion, control and conditioning of electric power from its available input into the desired electrical output form. The field of the book is concerned of electrical power processing using electronic devices the key component of which is a switching power converter.     

Author Name :Valery Vodovozov

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Introduction To Solid State Power Electronics

This bookis an Introductory Course in powerelectronicsand is published only by POWERXSemiconductorinc. , it Concentrates on the Practical Issues more than bogging down into details to get you quickly to the point.This text is vided into the following major chapters:I. Introduction II. Diodes and Uncontrolled Rectifiers III. Thyristors, AC/DC Converters, and Other Naturally Commutated Circuits IV. Turn-off Devices and Self-commutated Circuits V. PowerSemiconductorDevice Protection.Each of these chapters is further divided into concise discussionsof the topics and ideas that are felt to be of greatest importance in appreciating both the capabilities and limitations of powerelectronics. This format should allow the reader to quickly and selectively locate the section(s) of greatest interest to him. Although a familiarity with the vocabulary of power electronicsmay result from reading or listening, experience has shown that relatively little useful learning (defined as the acquisition of new skills) occurs in this way. Theproblemsat the end of each chapter are the meat of the text. Theseproblems seek to illustrate important results while encouraging the reader to think and analyze in terms of broadly applicable physical principles. They seek to avoid both routine formula plugging and excessive mathematical grinding. Once powerelectronicshas penetrated your awareness barrier,hopefully you will be aroused to continue your involvement with the field, becoming a contributor to the profession as well as a benefactor from the technology.     

Author Name :John William Motto, Jr.

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Robot Manipulator Control

Discloses the elements of control theory and robot dynamics. Surveys computed-torque control, robust control of robotic manipulators, adaptive control of robotic manipulators, neural network control of robots, force control, and advanced control techniques. Includesinformation on designing and operating robotic platforms in discussing robot control implementation.     

Author Name :Frank L.Lewis, Darren M.Dawson, Chaouki T.Abdallah

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Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor IGBT Theory and Design

A comprehensive and state-of-the-art resource for the design and fabrication of IGBT.Semiconductor devices, particularly the insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT), form the heart of the power electronics industry and play a pivotal role in the regulation and distribution of energy in the world. Since its conception as a switching device, improvements and innovative design ideas have established IGBT as a rugged contender in the competitive electronics field.Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT): Theory and Design covers basic theory and design aspects of IGBTs, including the selection of silicon, achieving targeted specifications through device and process design, and device packaging.     

Author Name :Vinod Kumar Khanna

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All-Digital Frequency Synthesizer in Deep-Submicron CMOS

A new and innovative paradigm for RF frequency synthesis and wireless transmitter design.Learn the techniques for designing and implementing an all-digital RF frequency synthesizer. In contrast to traditional RF techniques, this innovative book sets forth digitally intensive design techniques that lead the way to the development of low-cost, low-power, and highly integrated circuits for RF functions in deep submicron CMOS processes. Furthermore, the authors demonstrate how the architecture enables readers to integrate an RF front-end with the digital back-end onto a single silicon die using standard ASIC design flow.     

Author Name :Robert B. Staszewski, Poras T. Balsara

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Tackles critical design and manufacturing concepts and challenges in the modelling and regulation of electromechanical losses and heat generation in actuator devices. The text is accompanied by a CD-ROM which demonstrates examples of finite-element modelling and developed and available actuators.     

Author Name :Kenji Uchino,Kim H. Tan,Jayne R. Giniewicz

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Analog And Digital Electronics

Analog And Digital Electronics by U.A.Bakshi, A.P.Godse     

Author Name :U.A.Bakshi, A.P.Godse

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Control in Robotics and Automation

Microcomputer technology and micromechanical design have contributed to recent rapid advances in Robotics. Particular advances have been made in sensor technology that allow robotic systems to gather data and react "intelligently" in flexible manufacturing systems. The analysis and recording of the data are vital to controlling the robot.In order to solve problems in control and planning for a Robotic system it is necessary to meet the growing need for the integration of sensors in to the system.Control in Robotics and Automationaddresses this need. This book covers integration planning and control based on prior knowledge and real-time sensory information. A new task-oriented approach to sensing, planning and control introduces an event-based method for system design together with task planning and three dimensional modeling in the execution of remote operations.Typical remote systems are teleoperated and provide work efficiencies that are on the order of ten times slower than what is directly achievable by humans. Consequently, the effective integration of automation into teleoperated remote systems offers potential to improve remote system work efficiency. The authors introduce visually guided control systems and study the role of computer vision in autonomously guiding a robot system.     

Author Name :B. K. GHOSH, NlNG XI, T. J. TARN

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The scaling ofsemiconductordevices from sub-micron to nanometer dimensions is driving the need for understanding the design ofelectrostatic discharge(ESD)circuits, and the response of these integratedcircuits(IC) to ESD phenomena.ESDCircuitsand Devices provides a clear insight into the layout and design of circuitry forprotection againstelectrical overstress (EOS) and ESD.     

Author Name :Steven H. Voldman

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Microelectronic Circuits

Today's Technology. Tomorrow's Engineers. This market-leading textbook continues its standard of excellence and innovation built on the solid pedagogical foundation that instructors expect from Adel S. Sedra and Kenneth C. Smith. All material in the fifth edition of Microelectronic Circuits is thoroughly updated to reflect changes in technology-CMOS technology in particular. These technological changes have shaped the book's organization and topical coverage, making it the most current resource available for teaching tomorrow's engineers how to analyze and design electronic circuits.     

Author Name :Adel S. Sedra, K. C.Smith

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Linear Control System Analysis and Design

Thoroughly class-tested and proven to be a valuable self-study companion, this text/referencefeaturesin-depth explanations,diagrams,calculations, and tables for an intensive overview of modern control theory and conventional control system designkeeping mathematics to a minimum while stressing real-world engineering challenges, this source emphasizes the use of CADpackagesto improve and simplify the design of effective control systems.     

Author Name :John J. DAzzo and Constantine H. Houpis

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Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory (7th Edition)

Presents theories surrounding electronic devices & circuits particularly as they apply to the growing use of computers. CD-ROM included.     

Author Name :Robert L. Boylestad, Louis Nashelsky

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Hands-On Electronics

Packed full of real circuits to build and test, Hands-on Electronics is an unique introduction to analog and digital electronics theory and practice. Ideal for teaching and self-study, the book's friendly style, clear illustrations and construction details encourage rapid and effective learning of analog and digital circuit design theory. All the major topics are covered including RC circuits, diodes, transistors, op-amps, oscillators, TTL logic, counters, D/A converters and more. It explains how to use the equipment needed for the examples (oscilloscope, multimeter and breadboard) together with pin-out diagrams and manufacturers' specifications for all the key components referred to in the book.     

Author Name :Daniel M. Kaplan, Christopher G. White

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Digital Integrated Circuits

Intended for use in anundergraduatesenior-level digitalcircuit designclass. Advanced material appropriate for graduate courses.Progressive in content and form, this practical text successfully bridges the gap betweenthe circuitperspective and system perspective of digital integratedcircuit design. Beginning with soliddiscussionson the operation of electronic devices and and in-depth analysis of the nucleus of digital design, the text maintains a consistent, logical flow of subject matter throughout,addressingtoday's most significant and compelling industry topics: the impact of interconnect, design for low power, issues in timing and clocking, designmethodologies, and the tremendous effect of design automation on the digital design perspective.     

Author Name :Jan M. Rabaey

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Facts Controllers in Power Transmission Distribution

The emerging technology of Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) enables planning and operation of power systems at minimum costs, without compromising security. This is based on modern high power electronic systems that provide fast controllability to ensure 'flexible' operation under changing system conditions. This book presents a comprehensive treatment of the subject by discussing the operating principles, mathematical models, control design and issues that affect the applications. The concepts are explained often with illustrative examples and case studies.     

Author Name :K. R. Padiyar

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Leading-Edge Electric Power Research

This book presents new and significant research on electric power. The world is becoming increasingly electrified. For the foreseeable future, coal will continue to be the dominant fuel used for electric power production. The low cost and abundance of coal is one of the primary reasons for this. Electric power transmission, a process in the delivery of electricity to consumers, is the bulk transfer of electrical power. Typically, power transmission is between the power plant and a substation near a populated area. Electricity distribution is the delivery from the substation to the consumers. Due to the large amount of power involved, transmission normally takes place at high voltage (110 kV or above). Electricity is usually transmitted over long distance through overhead power transmission lines. Underground power transmission is used only in densely populated areas due to its high cost of installation and maintenance, and because the high reactive power gain produces large charging currents and difficulties in voltage management. A power transmission system is sometimes referred to colloquially as a 'grid'; however, for reasons of economy, the network is rarely a true grid. Redundant paths and lines are provided so that power can be routed from any power plant to any load centre, through a variety of routes, based on the economics of the transmission path and the cost of power. Much analysis is done by transmission companies to determine the maximum reliable capacity of each line, which, due to system stability considerations, may be less than the physical or thermal limit of the line. Deregulation of electricity companies in many countries has led to renewed interest in reliable economic design of transmission networks.     

Author Name :Cian M. O'Sullivan

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Computer-aided Analysis of Active Circuits

Who could imagine today an electronic engineer designed an integrated circuit using the classical "paper-and-pencil" methods? The newtechnologiespermit the fabrication of large systems containing complex building blocks satisfying tightspecifications. Having thousands of interconnectedtransistorson a single chip is commonplace today. The design process requires a sequence of analyses intermixed with component modifications in order to optimizethe finalproduct. Even the most skilled designer cannot avoid using the computer for such complex problems. Many computer programs for simulating electronic circuit are available on the market.     

Author Name :Adrian Ioinovici

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Low-Angle Radar Land Clutter

A necessary reference for all radar engineers or analysts including many levels of managers, advisors and decision makers in the U.S. and worldwide radar industry. Directly useful in both military (DOD) and civilian (FAA) applications.     

Author Name :J. Barrie Billingsley

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Fundamentals of Microelectronics

To succeed in the practice of microelectronics in industry, students must develop the ability to think intuitively about circuits. They need to move beyond simply plugging and chugging numbers in equations and be prepared to face real design trade-offs.Fundamentals of Microelectronics, Preview Editionhelps students develop intuitive techniques so they can design and implement circuits not just analyze them. Using many real-word examples and applications, the text motivates the student to understand the importance of today's microelectronics.     

Author Name :Behzad Razavi

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Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits,4 Ed

This is the only comprehensive book in the market for engineers that covers the design of CMOS and bipolar analog integrated circuits. The fifth edition retains its completeness and updates the coverage of bipolar and CMOS circuits.A thorough analysis of a new low-voltage bipolar operational amplifier has been added to Chapters 6, 7, 9, and 11.Chapter 12 has been updated to include a fully differential folded cascode operational amplifier example. With its streamlined and up-to-date coverage, more engineers will turn to this resource to explore key concepts in the field.     

Author Name :Paul R. Gray, Paul J. Hurst, Stephen H. Lewis, Robert G. Meyer

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Aircraft Dynamics and Automatic Control

Aeronauticalengineersconcerned with the analysis of aircraft dynamics and the synthesis of aircraftflight controlsystems will find an indispensable tool in this analytical treatment of the subject. Approaching these two fields with the conviction that an understanding of either one can illuminate the other, the authors have summarized selected, interconnected techniques that facilitate a high level of insight into theessenceof complex systems problems. These techniques are suitable for establishing nominal system designs, for forecasting off-nominal problems, and for diagnosing the root causes of problems that almost inevitably occur in the design process. A complete and self-contained work, the text discusses the early history of aircraft dynamics and control, mathematical models of linear system elements, feedback system analysis, vehicle equations ofmotion,longitudinaland lateral dynamics, andelementarylongitudinaland lateral feedback control. The discussion concludes with such topics as the system design process, inputs and system performance assessment, and multi-loopflight controlsystems.     

Author Name :Duane McRuer , Irving Ashkenas ,Dunstan Graham

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DRAM Circuit Design

DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) circuits are the most manufactured integrated circuits in production with annual sales of $25 billion. The future will bring embedding DRAM with data processors for complete systems on a chip. This has increased the number of design engineers doing DRAM design.DRAM Circuit Design: A Tutorialteaches the introductory-level design of DRAM memory chips. Topics covered include: DRAM Array, The Peripheral Circuitry, Global Circuitry and Considerations, Voltage Converters, and synchronization in DRAMs.     

Author Name :Brent Keeth, R. Jacob Baker, Brian Johnson, Feng Lin

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Semiconductor Physics And Devices

Neamen's SemiconductorPhysicsand Devices, Third Edition. deals with theelectrical propertiesand characteristics of semiconductor materials and devices. The goal ofthis bookis to bring together quantum mechanics, thequantum theoryof solids, semiconductor materialphysics, and semiconductor devicephysicsin a clear and understandable way.     

Author Name :Donald A. Neamen

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Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Diode Frequency Multipliers

Discusses frequency multipliers at a level that is comprehensible to engineers in the field and students in a graduate-levelmicrowavecourse.     

Author Name :Marek T. Faber,Miroslaw E. Adamski,Jerzy Chramiec

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RF/Microwave Circuit Design for Wireless Applications

A unique, state-of-the-art guide to wireless integrated circuit design.With wireless technology rapidly exploding, there is a growing need for circuit design information specific to wireless applications. Presenting a single-source guidebook to this dynamic area, industry expert Ulrich Rohde and writer David Newkirk provide researchers and engineers with a complete set of modeling, design, and implementation tools for tackling even the newest IC technologies. They emphasize practical design solutions for high-performance devices and circuitry, incorporating ample examples of novel and clever circuits from high-profile companies. They also provide excellent appendices containing working models and CAD-based applications.     

Author Name :Ulrich L. Rohde, David P. Newkirk

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Understanding Microwaves

A complete and accessible introduction to the important field of microtechnology. Avoiding complex mathematics, it covers all the pertinent microwave terminology, devices, systems and subsystems in order to facilitate an understanding of how everything fits together to create communications, navigation and radar equipment. Packed with illustrations as well as extensive exercises and answers.     

Author Name :Allan W. Scott

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Secrets of RF Circuit Design

If you like hands-on electronics, youll love Secrets of RF Circuit Design, Third Edition, by Popular Electronics writer Joe Carr. This update of the favorite RF circuit guide of thousands of electronics enthusiasts takes you inside wireless technology with step-by-step, illustrated directions for dozens of usable projects. This super guide demonstrates RF theory as it shows you how to overcome the technical and materials challenges facing those who build real-world electronics. You learn how to design and build receiver circuits, RF bridges, amplifiers, receiver preselectors, simple spectrum analyzers, and time domain reflectometers. You get detailed insights into simple RF instruments, as well as UHF and microwave componentscomplete troubleshooting guidanceand handy parts lists and components sources. This new edition packs the latest information on directional and hybrid couplers, and seven new chapters on demodulators, circuit vectors, measuring L-C circuits, and filtering circuits against EMI.     

Author Name :Joseph J. Carr

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LabVIEW Digital Signal Processing

LabVIEW Digital Signal Processing teaches engineers how to use the graphical programming language to create virtual instruments to handle to most sophisticated DSP applications. From basic filters to complex sampling mechanisms to signal generators, LabVIEW virtual instruments (VIs) can make DSP work faster and much less expensive a particular boon to the many engineers working on cutting edge communications systems.     

Author Name :Cory Clark

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Digital Signal Processing System - Level Design Using LabVIEW

LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench) developed by National Instruments is a graphical programming environment. Its ease of use allows engineers and students to streamline the creation of code visually, leaving time traditionally spent on debugging for true comprehension of DSP.This book is perfect for practicing engineers, as well as hardware and software technical managers who are familiar with DSP and are involved in system-level design. With this text, authors Kehtarnavaz and Kim have also provided a valuable resource for students in conventional engineering courses. The integrated lab exercises create an interactive experience which supports development of the hands-on skills essential for learning to navigate the LabVIEW program.     

Author Name :Nasser Kehtarnavaz and Namjin Kim

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Modern Communication Circuits

This text combines material from the traditional electroniccircuitscourse with communications theory.Therevisionfocuses on three key areas : the use of frequencies above 100MHz, use of digitalreceivers, and using SPICE for circuit analysis.     

Author Name :Jack R. Smith

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Power Electronics

Offering step-by-step, in-depth coverage, the new Third Edition of Power Electronics: Converters, Applications, and Design provides a cohesive presentation of power electronics fundamentals for applications and design in the power range of 500 kW or less. The text describes a variety of practical and emerging power electronic converters made feasible by the new generation of power semiconductor devices. The new edition is now enhanced with a new CD-ROM, complete with PSpice-based examples, a new magnetics design program, and PowerPoint slides.     

Author Name :Ned Mohan,Tore M. Undeland

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SIP Demystified

This bookhelps readers to see SIP in a broad communications context, assess what SIP can do and deliver, evaluate SIP's fit with other standards and systems, and plan new SIP-enabled services. The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the signalling protocol that will deliver IP multimedia services for the third generation of mobile systems. It will merge together the cellular and Internet worlds. It will provide ubiquitous access to the services it enables, and make us a truly mobilepopulationfor the first time. These are not small claims, which might explain why some people have started looking to SIP as an all-purposesolutionto building the telecom future. In fact, SIP is a powerful but limited protocol, with a well-defined scope.This bookdescribes it in the context its framers intended, and meticulously explains how to use it as a transformative tool for telecom services. Written by one of the earliest contributors to SIP development in the IETF, quot;SIP Demystifiedquot; takes a long look at the quot;what'squot; and quot;why'squot; of today's most talked-about protocol, helping readers to move past the buzz, get poised for 3G, and start developing tomorrow'sapplications.     

Author Name :Gonzalo Camarillo

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Programming Embedded Systems I

It's been suggested that there are now as many embedded systems in everyday use as there are people on planet Earth. Domestic appliances from washing machines to TVs, video recorders and mobile phones, now include at least one embedded processor. They are also vital components in a huge variety of automotive, medical, aerospace and military systems. As a result, there is strong demand for programmers with 'embedded' skills, and many desktop developers are moving into this area.Embedded Cis designed for programmers with desktop experience in C, C++ or Java who want to learn the skills required for the unique challenges of embedded systems.     

Author Name :Michael J. Pont

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Programming Embedded Systems II

It's been suggested that there are now as many embedded systems in everyday use as there are people on planet Earth. Domestic appliances from washing machines to TVs, video recorders and mobile phones, now include at least one embedded processor. They are also vital components in a huge variety of automotive, medical, aerospace and military systems. As a result, there is strong demand for programmers with 'embedded' skills, and many desktop developers are moving into this area.Embedded Cis designed for programmers with desktop experience in C, C++ or Java who want to learn the skills required for the unique challenges of embedded systems.     

Author Name :Michael J. Pont

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RF and Microwave Radiation Safety

The leading professional guide to RF and microwave safety issues.A practical handbook for all involved in electronic design and safety assessment, RF and Microwave Radiation Safety covers the problems of RF safety management, including the use of measuring instruments and methods, radiation hazards and risks resulting from electromagnetic interference, as well as reviewing current safety standards and the implications for RF design.     

Author Name :Ronald Kitchen

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Microwave Circuit Modeling Using Electromagnetic Field Simulation

Text covers modeling microwavecircuitsusing commercialelectromagneticfield-solvers. Provides advice on selecting the right tools for RF and high-speed digitalcircuitdesign work. Focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of the major commercial softwarepackages. Features full-color illustrations.     

Author Name :Daniel G. Swanson Jr., Wolfgang J. R. Hoefer

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Continuous-Time Active Filter Design

This book presents the design of active RC filters in continuous time.Topics include:ofilter fundamentalsoactive elementsorealization of functions using opampsoLC ladder filtersooperational transconductance amplifier circuits (OTACs)oMOSFET-C filtersContinuous-Time Active Filter Design uses wave variables to enable the reader to better understand the introduction of more complex variables created through linear transformations of voltages and currents.Intended for undergraduate students in electrical engineering, Continuous-Time Active Filter Design provides chapters as self-contained units, including introductory material leading to active RC filters.     

Author Name :T. Deliyannis, Yichuang Sun, J.K. Fidler

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Filter Handbook

Aimed at electronic engineers, radio amateurs and students of the subject, this text shows how to design passive and active electronic filters (as used in radio and audio equipment) using the latest computer technology.     

Author Name :Stefan NiewiaDomski

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CMOS IC Layout

This book includes basic methodologies, review of basic electrical rules and how they apply, design rules, IC planning, detailed checklists for design review, specific layout design flows, specialized block design, interconnect design, and also additional information on design limitations due to production requirements.     

Author Name :Dan Clein

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Atmel AVR Microcontroller Primer

This textbook provides practicing scientists and engineers a primer on the Atmel AVR microcontroller. Our approach is to provide the fundamental skills to quickly get up and operating with this internationally popular microcontroller. The Atmel ATmega16 is used as a representative sample of the AVR line. The knowledge you gain on the ATmega16 can be easily translated to every other microcontroller in the AVR line. We cover the main subsystems aboard the ATmega16, providing a short theory section followed by a description of the related microcontroller subsystem with accompanying hardware and software to exercise the subsytem. In all examples, we use the C programming language. We conclude with a detailed chapter describing how to interface the microcontroller to a wide variety of input and output devices.     

Author Name :StevenF. Barrett, Daniel Pack

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Radio-Frequency and Microwave Communications Circuits

The products that drive the wireless communication industry, such as cell phones and pagers, employ circuits that operate at radio and microwave frequencies. Following on from a highly successful first edition, the second edition provides readers with a detailed introduction to RF and microwave circuits. Throughout, examples from real-world devices and engineering problems are used to great effect to illustrate circuit concepts.* Takes a top-down approach, describing circuits in the overall context of communication systems.* Presents expanded coverage of waveguides and FT mixers. * Discusses new areas such as oscillators design and digital communication. *An Instructor's Manual presenting detailed solutions to all the problems in the book is available from the Wiley editorial department.     

Author Name :Devendra K. Misra

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Noise in Receiving Systems

A systematic unified treatment of thermal noise in RF communication systems and components.     

Author Name :Raoul Pettai

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Distortion in Rf Power Amplifiers

For microwave engineers and designers whose work involves RF (radio frequency) power amplifiers, minimizing distortion is a major issue that must be addressed. Here is a thorough treatment of distortion in RF power amplifiers for professionals in the field. This unique resource offers practitioners a detailed understanding of how the matching impedances of a power amplifier and other RF circuits can be tuned to reduce overall distortion. What's more, the book shows how to build models that can be used for distortion simulation. It covers new circuit design techniques that increase the performance of linearization.     

Author Name :Joel Vuolevi, Timo Rahkonen

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ESD in Silicon Integrated Circuits

This comprehensive reference explains the practical aspects of electrostatic discharge (ESD) and its implications in the design and development of new technologies and integrated circuits. Emphasizes the key issues of reliability and test methods to evaluate protection circuit performance. Various case studies illustrate the effects of diverse design approaches and the full effectiveness of a protection circuit is realized through stress analysis. Concludes with a summary of cutting-edge techniques and prospective future developments.--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.     

Author Name :E. Ajith Amerasekera, Charvaka Duvvury

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Analysis and Design of Integrated Circuit-Antenna Modules

An important book at this stage in the integrated circuit-antenna module era.An excellent book that is well documented with extensive references. It is recommended for all academic engineering libraries.     

Author Name :K. C. Gupta, Peter S. Hall

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HF Filter Design and Computer Simulation

A book for engineers who design and build filters of all types, including lumped element, coaxial, helical, dielectric resonator, stripline and microstrip types. A thorough review of classic and modern filter design techniques, containing extensive practical design information of passband characteristics, topologies and transformations, component effects and matching. An excellent text for the design and construction of microstrip filters.     

Author Name :Randall W. Rhea

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Introduction to Rf Equipment and System Design

An excellent resource for engineers and engineering students alike, this practical design guide offers you a comprehensive overview of the most important aspects and components of radio frequency equipment and systems. The book applies theoretical fundamentals to real-world issues, extensively using examples from recent design projects. You learn how to configure an effective receiver and transmitter architectures from commercial blocks, determine the most efficient ways of circumventing wave propagation problems in a real network, assemble a reliable test environment for an RF project, and make a design survive in the real operating environment.     

Author Name :Pekka Eskelinen

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Programming PIC Microcontrollers in BASIC

This book will help you learn more about programmingPIC microcontrollers in BASICwith practical, common-sense instructions, real projects, clear illustrations and detailed schematics. Learn how to set up all necessary hardware and software, read A/D converter inputs, work with I/O signals, interface with peripherals and test your results. Here you will find all you need to know about the process of designing and building PIC-based devices.     

Author Name :Nebojsa Matic

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Linear Electric Actuators and Generators

Boldea and Nasar have written a welcome and useful addition to the literature of linear actuators.The presence of background material and the self-contained and complete discussions of each device type make the book suitable for upper-division, undergraduate, graduate and two-year technical program students.     

Author Name :I. Boldea, Syed A. Nasar

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Communication Circuits

In its early chaptersthis bookdevelops a unified approach fordealingwith nonlinear semiconductorcircuitswhich are used in conjunction with selective band-pass filters. With these concepts as the fundamental tools, the subsequent chapters explore the basics of sinusoidal oscillators, mixingcircuits, power amplifiers, amplitude modulators and demodulators, and frequency modulators and demodulators. Much of thematerialin the later chapters is unique. In particular, the chaptersdealingwith frequency modulation and demodulation develop the functional form of almost all existing modulationcircuitsfrom a few basic theoretical concepts; such a unified treatment does not exist anywhere else.     

Author Name :Kenneth K. Clarke, Donald T. Hess

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Nonlinear Dynamics of Nanosystems

A discussion of the fundamental changes that occur when dynamical systems from the fields of nonlinear optics, solids, hydrodynamics and biophysics are scaled down to nanosize. The authors are leading scientists in the field and each of their contributions provides a broader introduction to the specific area of research. In so doing, they include both the experimental and theoretical point of view, focusing especially on the effects on the nonlinear dynamical behavior of scaling, stochasticity and quantum mechanics.For everybody working on the synthesis and integration of nanoscopic devices who sooner or later will have to learn how to deal with nonlinear effects.     

Author Name :G. Radons, Benno Rumpf, Heinz Georg Schuste

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Power Electronics Semiconductor Devices

This book relates the recent developments in several keyelectrical engineeringRD labs, concentrating on power electronics switches and their use. The first sections deal with key power electronics technologies, MOSFETs and IGBTs, including series and parallel associations. The next section examinessilicon carbideand its potentiality for power electronicsapplicationsand its present limitations. Then, a dedicated section presents the capacitors, keypassive componentsin power electronics, followed by a modeling method allowing the stray inductances computation, necessary for the precise simulation of switching waveforms. Thermal behavior associated with power switches follows, and the last part proposes some interesting prospectives associated to Power Electronics integration.     

Author Name :Robert Perret

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Linear Electronics in Control Systems

Fewer and fewer people these days understand the fundamentals of linear electronics, a technology that is less glamorous than digital electronics but just as vital. "There remain control applications where the linear device is a better answer than attempting to travel the purely digital route," writes Robert C. Baker in the introduction to this book, but "it becomes more difficult year by year to find engineers and technicians who are properly versed in the use of linear devices.Contributing to the linear device's unglamorous image is the relative difficulty of its application. Digital devices operate in one of only two states -- on or off -- but with linear devices, the range of operating states is infinite.Linear Electronics in Control Systems provides a broad yet concise look at these important devices. Early chapters introduce the reader to discrete solid-state devices and instruments for measuring their characteristics and performance. The second half of the book shows how linear devices are used in control systems.     

Author Name :Robert C. Baker

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Systems Design and the 8051

The hardware,firmwareand softwaredesignof microprocessor systems.     

Author Name :Marcus O.Durham

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Pipelined ADC Design and Enhancement Techniques

Pipelined ADCs have seen phenomenal improvementsin performanceover the last few years. As such, when designing a pipelined ADC a clear understanding of the design tradeoffs, and state of the art techniques is required to implement today's high performance low power ADCs.     

Author Name :Imran Ahmed

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Loudspeaker Design Cookbook

Now in the 7th edition! More comprehensive and featuring a wealth of new material, the 7th edition of theLoudspeaker Design Cookbookis a must-have for new speaker builders as well as owners of previous editions of the Cookbook.     

Author Name :Vance Dickason

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Design of Multi-bit Delta-Sigma A/D converters

This book discusses both architecture and circuit design aspects of Delta-Sigma A/D converters, with a special focus on multi-bit implementations. The emphasis is on high-speed high-resolution converters in CMOS for ADSL applications, although the material can also be applied for other specification goals and technologies.     

Author Name :Y.Geerts, M.Steyaert, W.Sansen

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Design of Nonplanar Microstrip Antennas and Transmission Lines

A one-stop reference to the design and analysis of nonplanar microstrip structures.Owing to their conformal capability, nonplanar microstrip antennas and transmission lines have been intensely investigated over the past decade. Yet most of the accumulated research has been too scattered across the literature to be useful to scientists and engineers working on these curved structures.Now, antenna expert Kin-Lu Wong compiles and organizes the latest research results and other cutting-edge developments into an extensive survey of the characteristics of microstrip antennas mounted on canonical nonplanar surfaces. Demonstrating a variety of theoretical techniques and deducing the general characteristics of nonplanar microstrip antennas from calculated results, Wong thoroughly addresses the problems of cylindrical, spherical, and conical structures and gives readers powerful design and optimization tools.Up-to-date topics range from specific applications of spherical and conical microstrip arrays to the curvature effects on the analysis of cylindrical microstrip lines and coplanar waveguides. With 256 illustrations and an exhaustive list of references,Design of Nonplanar Microstrip Antennas and Transmission Linesis an indispensable guide for antenna designers in wireless and personal communications and in radar systems, and an invaluable reference for researchers and students interested in this important technology.     

Author Name :Kin-Lu Wong

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Magnetic Actuators and Sensors

This practical text features computer-aided engineering methods for the design and application of magnetic actuators and sensors, using the latest software tools. John Brauer highlights the use of the electromagnetic finite element software package Maxwell SV and introduces readers to applications using SPICE, MATLAB and Simplorer . A free download of Maxwell SV is available at the Ansoft site, and the software files for the examples are available at     

Author Name :John R. Brauer

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Suspension Geometry and Computation

Revealing suspension geometry design methods in unique detail, John Dixon shows how suspension properties such as bump steer, roll steer, bump camber, compliance steer and roll centres are analysed and controlled by the professional engineer. He emphasizes the physical understanding of suspension parameters in three dimensions and methods of their calculation, using examples, programs and discussion of computational problems. The analytical and design approach taken is a combination of qualitative explanation, for physical understanding, with algebraic analysis of linear and non-linear coefficients, and detailed discussion of computer simulations and related programming methods.     

Author Name :John Dixon

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Handbook of Electric Motors

Presenting current issues in electric motor design, installation, application, and performance, this second edition serves as the most authoritative and reliable guide to electric motor utilization and assessment in the commercial and industrial sectors. Covering topics ranging from motor energy and efficiency to computer-aided design and equipment selection, this reference assists professionals in all aspects of electric motor maintenance, repair, and optimization. It has been expanded by more than 40 percent to explore the most influential technologies in the field including electronic controls, superconducting generators, recent analytical tools, new computing capabilities, and special purpose motors.     

Author Name :Hamid A. Toliyat, G B Kliman

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The extensivelyrevised3rd edition of CMOS VLSI Design details modern techniques for the design of complex and high performance CMOS Systems-on-Chip. The authors draw upon extensive industry and classroom experience to explain modern practices of chip design. The introductorychaptercovers transistor operation, CMOS gate design,fabrication, and layout at a level accessible to anyone with anelementaryknowledge of digital electornics. Later chapters beuild up an in-depth discussion of the design of complex, high performance, low power CMOS Systems-on-Chip.     

Author Name :Neil Weste, David Harris

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Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals

Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals provides comprehensive coverage of the basic foundations of DSP and includes the following parts: Signals and Systems; Signal Representation and Quantization; Fourier Transforms; Digital Filtering; Statistical Signal Processing; Adaptive Filtering; Inverse Problems and Signal Reconstruction; and, Time - Frequency and Multirate Signal Processing.     

Author Name :Vijay Madisetti

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Micro Electronic and Mechanical Systems

This bookdiscusses key aspects and the latest research developments inmicro electronicandmechanicalsystems. The book addresses a wide range of fundamental and practical issues related to MEMS, advanced metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) and complementary MOS (CMOS) devices, SoC technology, integrated circuit testing and verification, and other important topics in the field.     

Author Name :Kenichi Takahata

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Flexible Robot Manipulators

This book reports recent and new developments in modeling, simulation and control of flexible robot manipulators. The material is presented in four distinct components: a range of modeling approaches including classical techniques based on the Lagrange equation formulation, parametric approaches based on linear input/output models using system identification techniques and neuro-modeling approaches; numerical modeling/simulation techniques for dynamic characterization of flexible manipulators using thefinite difference, finite element, symbolic manipulation and customizedsoftwaretechniques; a range of open-loop and closed-loop control techniques based on classical and modern intelligent control methods including soft-computingand smartstructures for flexible manipulators; andsoftwareenvironments for analysis, design, simulation and control of flexible manipulators.     

Author Name :M.O.Tokhi, A.K.M. Azad

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Test and Diagnosis of Analogue, Mixed-Signal and RF Integrated Circuits

This book provides a comprehensive discussion of automatic testing, diagnosis and tuning of analogue, mixed-signal and RF integrated circuits and systems in a single source. The book contains eleven chapters written by leading researchers world-wide. As well as fundamental concepts and techniques, the book reports systematically the state of the arts and future research directions of these areas. A complete range of circuit components are covered and test issues are also addressed from the SoC perspective. A must-have reference companion to researchers andengineersin mixed-signal testing, the book can also be used as a text forpostgraduateand senior undergraduatestudents.     

Author Name :Yichuang Sun

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Embedded Generation

Demand for on-site and alternativepower generationis growing, fueled by government and public pressure to increasegenerationfrom renewable sources and energy efficient plant, and by the potential economic benefits resulting from privatization and deregulation of the supply sector. This book is a practical, course-derived guide that covers all aspects of embedded (or dispersed)generation, from prime mover characteristics to network reliability modelling. Topics includepower quality, protection, reliability and economics. It isessentialreadingfor practicing engineers responsible for planning, designing or specifying embeddedgenerationsolutions.     

Author Name :Nick Jenkins, Ron Allan,Peter Crossley, Daniel Kirschen and Goran Strbac

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Organic Light-Emitting Materials and Devices

New advances offer flexible, low-cost fabrication methods for light-emitting materials, particularly in display technologies. As researchers continue to develop novelapplicationsfor these materials, feasible solutions for large-scale manufacturing are increasingly important. Organic Light-Emitting Materials and Devices covers all aspects of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), focusing on the unique characteristics ofelectroluminescentmaterials, device structures, and fabrication technologies. Written by internationally recognized experts across several fields,this bookfirst explains the multilayered structure and fundamental physics that account for OLED design. The book compilesinformationon the synthesis, properties, and device performance of nearly 1,000 organic small molecule- and polymer-basedelectroluminescentmaterials. It also investigates practical manufacturing techniques for OLED fabrication as well as methodsused formicrostructural characterization,performance measurement, and defect analysis. Laterchaptersdiscuss the patent status of the currently employed organic light-emitting materials, potentialapplicationsof OLEDs, and the challenges facing future developments from both academic and industrial perspectives. Incorporating the latest research on hundreds of light-emitting organic materials, Organic Light-Emitting Materials and Devices reflects the current understanding ofmoleculardesign in the field and reveals the most stable and efficientelectroluminescentmaterials as well as the vast potential for futureapplications.     

Author Name :Zhigang Li, Hong Meng

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Thin Film Shape Memory Alloys

Shape memory alloy (SMA) thin film materials and their microactuators are critical to modern device technology. Written by leading experts, this book provides a complete introduction to SMA thin film science. Covering properties, preparation, characterization, and applications in MEMS and biological devices, this is ideal for researchers and practitioners alike.     

Author Name :Shuichi Miyazaki, Yong Qing Fu, Wei Min Huang

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New Topics in Superconductivity Research

Superconductivity is the ability of certain materials to conductelectricalcurrent with no resistance and extremely low losses. High temperature superconductors, such as La2-xSrxCuOx (Tc=40K) and YBa2Cu3O7-x (Tc=90K), were discovered in 1987 and have been actively studied since. In spite of an intense, world-wide, research effort during this time, a complete understanding of the copper oxide (cuprate) materials is still lacking. Many fundamentalquestionsare unanswered, particularly the mechanism by which high-Tc superconductivity occurs. More broadly, the cuprates are ina classof solids with strong electron-electron interactions. An understanding of such strongly correlated solids is perhaps the major unsolved problem of condensed matter physics with over ten thousand researchers working on this topic. High-Tc superconductors also have significant potential forapplicationsin technologies ranging from electric powergenerationand transmission to digitalelectronics. This ability to carry large amounts of current can be applied to electric power devices such as motors andgenerators, and to electricity transmission in power lines. For example, superconductors can carry as much as 100 times the amount of electricity of ordinary copper or aluminium wires of the same size. Many universities, research institutes andcompaniesare working to develop high-Tc superconductivityapplicationsand considerable progress has been made. This volume brings together new leading-edge research in the field.     

Author Name :Barry P. Martins

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Microwave Measurements, 3rd Edition

The IET has organised training courses on microwave measurements since 1983, at which experts have lectured on modern developments. Theirlecture noteswere first published in book form in 1985 and then again in 1989, and they have proved popular for many years with a readership beyond those who attended the courses. The purpose of this thirdeditionof thelecture notesis to bring the latest techniques in microwave measurements to this wider audience. The book begins with asurveyof the theory of current microwavecircuitsand continues with a description of the techniques for the measurement of power, spectrum, attenuation, circuit parameters, and noise. Various other areas like measurements of antenna characteristics, free fields, modulation and dielectric parameters are also included. The emphasis throughout is on good measurement practice. All theessentialtheory is given and a previous knowledge of the subject is not assumed.     

Author Name :R.J. Collier and A.D. Skinner

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Thermal Microwave Radiation

This book combines theoretical concepts with experimental results on thermal microwave radiation to increase the understanding of the complex nature of terrestrial media. With the emphasis on radiative transfer models, this newbook coversthe urgent needs for the transition from the experimental phase of microwave remote sensing to operationalapplications. Thisbook coversall terrestrial aspects from clear to cloudy atmosphere, precipitation, ocean and land surfaces, vegetation, snow and ice. A chapter on new results of microwave dielectric properties of natural media, covering wavelengths from the decimetre to the submillimetre range, will be a source for further radiative transfer developments, which extends the applicability to radar and other electromagnetic tools, which include extraterrestrial objects, for example planets and comets.     

Author Name :Christian Matzler

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Low Power and Low Voltage Circuit Design with the FGMOS Transistor

This new book demonstrates how FGMOS transistors can be used in a low voltage and low power design context. The techniques used provide innovative solutions, often in situations wherethe limitsof the technology in question have been pushed far below the values recommended by the manufacturer. Motivated by consumer demand for smaller, moreportable electronicdevices, which offer more features and operate for longer on their exisiting battery packs, cutting edge electroniccircuitsneed to be even more power efficient. This requiresthe circuitdesigner to have an understanding of the latest low voltage and low power (LV/LP) techniques which makes use of the floating gate MOS (FGMOS) transistor.     

Author Name :Esther Rodriguez-Villegas

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The Switching Function

This new book demonstrates the usefulness of the switching function in analysing power electroniccircuitsin the steady state. It includes analysis of genericcircuitsof power electronics using the switching function, and derivescompactexpressionsfor output voltage and current and input current. Further coverage includes frequency spectrums and distortion figures together with the power factor where appropriate, and switching function algebra. Theapplicationof the Kirchoff's laws and the superposition theorem in switchedcircuitsare also discussed.     

Author Name :ChristosMarouchos

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Motion Vision

This comprehensive book deals with motion estimation for autonomous systems from a biological, algorithmic and digital perspective. An algorithm, which is based on the optical flow constraint equation, is described in detail. This algorithm fits with the motion processing model, hardware and software constraints and resolves depth-velocity ambiguity, which is critical for autonomous navigation. There is also extensive coverage on the use of this algorithm in digital hardware, and the initial motion processing model, the chosen hardware platforms, and the global function of the system are all described. Essential for those interested in intelligent control, automation, autonomous systems and automotive engineering, and machine vision systems.     

Author Name :Ljubo Vlacic , Julian Kolodko

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Electronic Devices and Amplifier Circuits with MATLAB Applications

This book is anundergraduateleveltextbookpresenting a thorough discussion of state-of-the art electronic devices. It is self-contained; it begins with an introduction to solid state semiconductor devices. Theprerequisitesfor this text are first year calculus and physics, and a two-semester course in circuit analysis including the fundamental theorems and the Laplace transformation. No previous knowledge of MATLAB is required; the material in Appendix A and the inexpensive MATLAB Student Version is all the reader need to get going.Chapter 1is an introduction to the nature of small signals used in electronic devices, amplifiers, definitions of decibels, bandwidth, poles and zeros, stability, transfer functions, and Bode plots. Chapter 2 is an introduction to solid state electronics beginning with simple explanations of electron and hole movement. This chapter provides a thorough discussion on the junction diode and its volt-ampere characteristics. In most cases, the non-linear characteristics are plotted with simple MATLAB scripts. The discussion concludes with diodeapplications, the Zener, Schottky, tunnel, and varactor diodes, and optoelectronics devices. Chapters 3 and 4 are devoted to bipolar junction transistors and FETs respectively, and many examples with detailed solutions are provided. Chapter 5 is a long chapter on op amps. Many op ampcircuitsare presented and theirapplicationsare well illustrated.     

Author Name :Steven T. Karris

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Harmonics and Power Systems

Here practitioner De La Rosa compiles the most important information on aspects of harmonics and their control, covering the fundamentals of harmonic distortion and power quality indices in electric power systems, harmonic sources, standardization of harmonic levels, effects of harmonics on distribution systems, measurements, filtering techniques and other methods to decrease distortion limits, and means of performing harmonic analyses. Each chapter contains very useful references and the text is very well-illustrated.     

Author Name :Francisco C. De La Rosa

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Fundamentals of Electric Circuits

Alexander and Sadiku's third edition ofFundamentals of Electric Circuitscontinues in the spirit of its successful previous editions, with the objective of presenting circuit analysis in a manner that is clearer, more interesting, and easier to understand than other, more traditional texts. Students are introduced to the sound, six-step problem solving methodology in chapter one, and are consistently made to apply and practice these steps in practice problems and homework problems throughout the text and online using the KCIDE software.A balance of theory, worked examples and extended examples, practice problems, and real-world applications, combined with over 300 new homework problems for the third edition and robust media offerings, renders the third edition the most comprehensive and student-friendly approach to linear circuit analysis.     

Author Name :Charles Alexander,Sadiku Mathew

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Programming and Customizing the PIC Microcontroller

This book is a fully updated and revised compendium of PIC programming information. Comprehensive coverage of the PICMicros' hardware architecture and software schemes will complement the host of experiments and projects making this a true, "Learn as you go" tutorial. New sections on basic electronics and basic programming have been added for less sophisticated users along with 10 new projects and 20 new experiments. New pedagogical features have also been added such as "Programmers Tips" and "Hardware Fast FAQs".     

Author Name :Myke Predko

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Electronic Design Automation

As semiconductor applications continue to advance and proliferate, the industry is increasingly dependent on design technologies for design closure and for meeting productivity goals. Electronic design automation (EDA), which has driven advances in design technologies for the past 30 years, will continue to play a critical role in the semiconductor food chain.This book brings together a set of core EDA topics which provides an essential, fundamental understanding of the EDA tasks and the design process. Collectivley, these topics cover the core knowledge, software tools, algorithms, methodologies, and infrastructure required to optimize synthesis, verification, and manufacturing test of a functional and reliable integrated circuit.The contents found within this book will enable the reader to understand fundamental EDA algorithms for synthesis and verification as well as very-large-scale intergartion (VLSI) test principles and DFT architectures to tackle EDA and test problems as advances in technology enter the nanometer era.     

Author Name :Laung-Terng Wang,Yao-Wen Chang, Kwang-Ting (Tim) Cheng

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Digital Filters Design for Signal and Image Processing

Dealing with digital filtering methods for 1-D and 2-D signals, this book provides the theoretical background in signal processing, covering topics such as the z-transform, Shannon sampling theorem and fast Fourier transform. An entire chapter is devoted to the design of time-continuous filters which provides a useful preliminary step for analog-to-digital filter conversion. Attention is also given to the main methods of designing finite impulse response (FIR) and infinite impulse response (IIR) filters. Bi-dimensional digital filtering (image filtering) is investigated and a study on stability analysis, a very useful tool when implementing IIR filters, is also carried out. As such, it will provide a practical and useful guide to those engaged in signal processing.     

Author Name :Mohamed Najim

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Inductors and Transformers for Power Electronics

Although they are some of the main components in thedesignof power electronic converters, thedesignof inductors and transformers is often still a trial-and-error process due to a long working-in time for these components. Inductors and Transformers for Power Electronics takes the guesswork out of thedesignand testing of these systems and provides a broad overview of all aspects ofdesign.Inductors and Transformers for Power Electronics uses classicalmethodsand numerical tools such as the finite element method to provide an overview of the basics and technological aspects ofdesign. The authors present a fast approximation method useful in the earlydesignas well as a more detailed analysis. They addressdesignaspects such as the magnetic core and winding, eddy currents, insulation, thermaldesign, parasitic effects, and measurements. The text contains suggestions for improvingdesignsin specific cases, models of thermal behavior with various levels of complexity, and several loss and thermal measurement techniques.This book offers in a single reference a concise representation of the large body of literature on the subject andsuppliestools that designers desperately need to improve the accuracy and performance of theirdesignsby eliminating trial-and-error.     

Author Name :Vencislav Cekov Valchev, Alex Van den Bossche

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Human Factors for Engineers

This volume introduces readers to the subject of human factors and provides practical and pragmatic advice to assist engineers in designing interactive systems that are safer, more secure and easier to use - thereby reducing accidents due to human error, increasing system integrity and enabling more efficient process operations.     

Author Name :Carl Sandom and Roger S. Harvey

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Introduction to Radar Target Recognition

This new book provides an overview of the whole radartargetrecognition process, and covers the key techniques being developed for operational systems. The book is based on the fundamental scientific principles ofhigh resolutionradar, and explains how the techniques can be used in real systems. Mathematics is kept to a minimum and the complex techniques and issues are discussed in a clear and physical way in order to make it accessible both to specialists and non specialists alike.     

Author Name :Peter Tait

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Relaxation Processes in Micromagnetics

Electrons in solids behave like microscopic bar magnets, and in certain solids these align to produce macroscopic magnetizations. This book deals with the dynamics of this magnetization field. It addresses questions of microscopic mechanism only to the extent that residual interactions of the magnetic moments with other degrees of freedom of the host solid affect the dynamics, particularly the dissipative aspects. Several of these damping mechanisms are evaluated here for their effect on the equations of the magnetization dynamics. This dynamics is intrinsically nonlinear. This is important in theapplications, particularly magnetic recording, which involves very largemotionof the magnetization, well beyond the validity of linearized (smallmotion) approximations or limited extensions thereof. Therefore nonlinear solutionmethodsare emphasized, but with only minimal use of numerical simulation. The book should be useful to practitioners of magnetic recording, and to physicists studying magnetic phenomena.     

Author Name :Harry Suhl

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Running Small Motors with PIC Microcontrollers

Program PIC microcontrollers to drive small motors Get your motors running in no time using this easy-to-follow guide. Detailed circuit diagrams and hands-on tutorials show you, step by step, how to program PIC microcontrollers to power a wide variety of small motors. You'll learn how to configure all the hardware and software components and test, troubleshoot, and debug your work. Running Small Motors with PIC Microcontrollers is filled with more than 2,000 lines of PicBasic Pro code you can use right away. Use PIC microcontrollers to control all kinds of small motors, including: Model aircraft R/C servos Small DC motors Servo DC motors with quadrature encoders Bipolar stepper motors Small AC motors, solenoids, and relays.     

Author Name :Harprit Singh Sandhu

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Power Quality in Electrical Machines and Power Systems

Power Quality of power systems affects all connected electrical and electronic equipment. Power Quality is a measure of deviations in voltage and frequency of the particular supply system. In recent years, there has been a considerable increase in nonlinear loads; in particular distributed loads, such as computers, TV monitors and lighting. These draw harmonic currents which, when distorted, have detrimental effects including interference, loss of reliability, increased operating costs, equipment overheating, motor failures, capacitor failure and inaccurate power metering. This subject is pertinent to engineers involved with electric power systems, electronic equipment, computers and manufacturing equipment. This book shows readers to understand the causes and effects of power quality problems such as non-sinusoidal wave shapes, voltage outages, losses due to poor power quality, origins of single-time events such as voltage dips, voltage reductions, and outages, along with techniques to mitigate these problems.     

Author Name :Ewald F. Fuchs, Mohammad A. S. Masoum

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Electronic Circuit Design

Electronic Circuit Designallows engineers to understand the total design process and develop prototypes which require little to no debugging before release. It providesstep-by-step instruction featuring modern components, such as analog and mixed signal blocks, in each chapter. The book details every aspect of the design process from conceptualization and specification to final implementation and release. The text also demonstrates how to utilize device data sheet information and associated application notes to design an electronic system.     

Author Name :Nihal Kularatna

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CMOS Logic Circuit Design

This is an up-to-date treatment of the analysis and design of CMOS integrated digital logic circuits. The self-contained book covers all of the important digital circuit design styles found in modern CMOS chips, emphasizing solving design problems using the various logic styles available in CMOS.     

Author Name :John P. Uyemura

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Smart CMOS Image Sensors and Applications

Because of their high noise immunity and low static power supply drain, complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) devices produce less heat than otherformsof logic and allow a high density of logic functions on a chip. These beneficial characteristics have fueled the use of CMOSimagesensors in consumer electronics, robot vision, biotechnology, and medicine. With the introduction of smart functions in CMOSimagesensors, even more versatileapplicationsare now possible. Exploring this popular technology, Smart CMOSImageSensors andApplicationsfocuses on the smart functions implemented in CMOSimagesensors as well as theapplicationsof these sensors. After discussing the history of smart CMOSimagesensors, the book describes the fundamental elements of CMOSimagesensors. It covers some optoelectronic device physics and introduces typical CMOSimagesensor structures, such as an active pixel sensor (APS). Subsequent chapters elucidate the functions and materials of smart CMOSimagesensors and present examples of smartimaging. The final chapter explores variousapplicationsof smart CMOSimagesensors. Several appendices supply a range of information on constants, illuminance, MOSFET characteristics, and optical resolution. This book provides a firmfoundationin existing smart CMOSimagesensor technology andapplications, preparing you forthe nextphase of smart CMOSimagesensors.     

Author Name :Jun Ohta

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Understanding FACTS

The Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) a new technology based on power electronics offers an opportunity to enhance controllability, stability, and power transfer capability of AC transmission systems. Pioneers in FACTS and leading world experts in power electronicsapplicationsNarain G. Hingorani and Laszlo Gyugyi have teamed together to bring you the definitive book on FACTS technology.     

Author Name :Narain G. Hingoranl, Laszlo Gyugyi

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Resource Allocation and Cross-Layer Control in Wireless Networks

Resource Allocation and Cross Layer Control in Wireless Networks presents abstract models that capture the cross layer interaction from the physical to transport layer in wireless network architectures including cellular, ad-hoc and sensor networks as well as hybrid wireless-wireline. The emphasis in the presentation is on describing the models and the algorithms with application examples that illustrate the range of possible applications.Representative cases are analyzed in full detail to illustrate theapplicability of the analysis techniques, while in other cases the results are described without proofs and references to the literature are provided.     

Author Name :Leonidas Georgiadis,Michael J.Neely and LeandrosTassiulas

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Switchmode Power Supply Handbook 3/E

The bestselling reference--packed with essential new material! The leading hands-on guide in this rapidly expanding area of electronics, Keith Billing's revision of the Switchmode Power Supply Handbook brings additional state-of-the-art techniques and developments to engineers at all levels. Offering sound working knowledge of the latest in topologies and clear, step-by-step approaches to component decisions, this handbook gives power supply designers practical, solutions-oriented design guidance, free of unnecessarily complicated mathematical derivations and theory. The Handbook features many new fully worked examples, as well as numerous nomograms--everything you need to design today's smaller, faster, and cooler systems. Turn to the new Part 4, and you'll find cutting-edge design expertise on: electronic ballast; power factor correction. In addition, the previously updated parts 1-3 still provide fully applicable sections on: thermal management techniques; transformers, chokes, input filters, EMI control, converters, snubber circuits, auxiliary systems, and much more.     

Author Name :Keith Billings, Taylor Morey

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Productivity and Cyclicality in Semiconductors

Hosted by Harvard Universitys Kennedy School of Government, this symposium brought together leading technologists and economists to review technical challenges facing the semiconductor industry, the industrys business cycle, the interconnections between the two, and the implications of growth in semiconductors for the economy as a whole. This volume includes a summary of the symposium proceedings and three major research papers. Topics reviewed encompass the industry technology roadmap, challenges to be overcome to maintain the trajectory of Moores Law, the drivers of the continued growth in productivity in the U.S. economy, and economic models for gaining a better understanding of this leading U.S. industry.     

Author Name :Dale W. Jorgenson and Charles W. Wessner

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Oscillator Design and Computer Simulation

With the rapid growth in telecommunications markets, this unique guide is thoroughly updated to reflect state-of-the-art knowledge in oscillator design. Rhea demystifies the design of L-C, transmission line, crystal quartz, and SAW oscillators. Numerous examples and case studies offer real-life perspectives, while cutting-edge computer simulation materials enhance the book's usefulness. (CAD techniques are integrated into processes from start to finish.) And the approaches presented can be applied to any active device and any resonator technology, ensuring the book's readership for years, to come.     

Author Name :Randall W. Rhea

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Networking for Digital Preservation

Libraries all over the world have to deal with fastgrowingnumbersof digitalmaterialsthat need to be safeguarded. Publications in digital form, online or on CD, digitised images, and born-digital objects need to be preserved and kept accessible. Safeguarding digital heritage is a major issue, especially for national libraries, because of their legal task of preserving the national heritage of a country. This volume describes the state of the art of digital repositories, preservation strategies and currentprojectsin the national libraries of Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan,Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and the USA.     

Author Name :Ingeborg Verheul

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Integrated Chemical Microsensor Systems in CMOS Technology

This book, "Integrated Chemical Microsensor Systems in CMOS Technology", provides a comprehensive treatment of the highly interdisciplinary field of CMOS chemical microsensor systems. It is targeted at students, scientists and engineers who are interested in gaining an introduction to the field of chemical sensing since all the necessary fundamental knowledge is included. However, as it provides detailed information on all important issues related to the realization of chemical microsensors in CMOS technology, it also addresses experts well familiar with the field.     

Author Name :Andreas Hierlemann

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Recent Advances in Signal Processing

Digital signal processing (DSP) is concerned with the representation of signals by a sequence ofnumbersorsymbolsand the processing of these signals. Digital signal processing and analog signal processing are subfields of signal processing. DSP includes subfields like: audio and speech signal processing, sonar and radar signal processing, sensor array processing, spectral estimation, statistical signal processing, digitalimageprocessing, signal processing for communications, control of systems, biomedical signal processing, seismic data processing, etc.     

Author Name :Ashraf A. Zaher

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MOTOROLA M6809PM(AD) MC6809, MC6809E Microprocessor Programming Manual

This section contains a general description of the Motorola MC6809 and MC6809EMicroprocessorUnits (MPU). Pinassignmentsand abrief descriptions of each input/output signal are also given. The term MPU, processor, or M6809 will be used throughout thismanualto refer to both the MC6809 and MC6809E processors. When a topic relates to only one of the processors, that specific designator ( MC6809 or MC6809E ) will be used.     

Author Name :

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The Spectroscopy of Semiconductors

Spectroscopic techniques are among the most powerful characterization methods used to study semiconductors. This volumepresentsreviews of anumberofmajorspectroscopic techniques used to investigate bulk and artificially structured semiconductors including: photoluminescence, photo-reflectance, inelasticlightscattering, magneto-optics, ultrafast work, piezo-spectroscopy methods, and spectroscopy at extremely low temperatures and high magnetic fields. Emphasis is given tomajorsemiconductor systems, and artificially structured materials such as GaAs, InSb, Hg1-xCdxTe and mbE grown structures based upon GaAs/AlGaAs materials. Both the spectroscopic novice and the expert will benefit from the descriptions and discussions of the methods, principles, andapplicationsrelevant to today's semiconductor structures.     

Author Name :Christopher L. Littler,David G. Seiler

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System Integration

Thedevelopmentof large-scaleintegrated systems on a chip has had a dramatic effect on circuitdesignmethodology.Recent years have seen an escalation of interest in systems level integration (system-on-a-chip) and thedevelopmentof low power, high chip density circuits and systems. Kurt Hoffmann sets out to address a wide range of issues relating to thedesignand integration of integrated circuit components and provides readers with the methodology by which simple equations for the estimation of transistor geometries and circuit behaviour can be deduced. The broad coverage of this unique book ranges from field effect transistordesign, MOS transistor modelling and the fundamentals of digital CMOS circuitdesignthrough to MOS memoryarchitecture and design.     

Author Name :Kurt Hoffmann

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Survivability and Traffic Grooming in WDM Optical Networks

The advent of fiber optic transmission systems and wavelengthdivisionmultiplexing has led to a dramatic increase in the usable bandwidth of single fiber systems. This book provides detailed coverage of survivability (dealingwith the risk of losing large volumes of traffic data due to a failure of a node or a single fiber span) and traffic grooming (managing the increased complexity of smaller user requests over high capacity data pipes), both of which are key issues in modern optical networks.     

Author Name :Arun K. Somani

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Trusted Platform Module Basics

Security has become a key design consideration for many embedded engineers due to the significant advances in embedded systems' networking capabilities. However, system security is difficult to manage, and the typical size, power, and cost limitations faced by embedded developers inhibit their use of many software-based cryptographic security models.The Trusted Computing Group's (TCG) Trusted Platform Module (TPM) open standard, which facilitates hacker-safe computing at the hardware level, presents a possible solution to this quandary. Although PC designers don't particularly need to see inside the TPM's "black box," embedded engineers must become intimately familiar with its functionality to enable security measure customization that conserves space, memory, and power.In this practical guide, expert author Steven Kinney cuts through the complexities of the lengthy TPM specification to provide a targeted, solid foundation for understanding the standard.This book encapsulates everything readers need to know in order to take advantage of hardware security based on sound TCG standards. It introduces the TPM interface's basic concepts, then discusses command compilation and execution in detail, focusing on the TPM key hierarchy and the specification itself. The author presents a methodology that allows developers to successfully integrate the TPM into an embedded design and to verify the TPM's operation on a specific platform. Detailed real-world application examples throughout the book use the popular Atmel single-chip implementation of the TPM, which was created specifically for use in embedded designs.     

Author Name :Steven Kinney

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High Performance ASIC Design

Presenting a methodology for using domino logic in an ASIC design flow, this text covers all the knowledge needed to apply these design techniques in practice and includes detailed, real-world design examples. This is ideal for graduate students and researchers in electrical and computer engineering, and circuit designers in industry.     

Author Name :Razak Hossain

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Radar System Performance Modeling

Turn to this expanded second edition of an Artech House bestseller for the most current and comprehensive coverage of radar system performance analysis and system-level modeling. This revised edition features new material on airborne and space-based radar, radar tracking techniques, radar systemdesign, and operational and performance issues. It also provides new detailed examples, problem sets andsolutions, and a comprehensive self-test to evaluate your understanding.     

Author Name :G. Richard Curry

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Circuit Analysis with Devices

This bookanswers the call for a combined circuit analysis/electronic devices text that emphasizes fundamental concepts, critical thinking, and problem solving. Following the same student-friendly, easy-to-understand format used in Circuit Analysis: Theory andPractice, 3E by Robbins and Miller, topics include: methods of analysis, capacitance, inductance, diodes, op amps, optical devices, and more. Basic electronic devices and their applications are covered in a concise, yet comprehensive manner. Two popular computerapplicationpackages, Multisim and Cadence PSpice, both in their latest versions, are integrated throughout to helpstudentslearn via hands-on simulation, with step-by-step instructions and full-color screen captures to enhance learning.     

Author Name :Wilhelm Miller , Allan H. Robbins

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The TAB Battery Book

Supercharge your understanding of battery technology Ideal for hobbyists and engineers alike, The TAB Battery Book: An In-Depth Guide to Construction Design and Use offers comprehensive coverage of these portable energy powerhouses. This practical guide discusses battery chemistry and engineering, how batteries are used, and the history of batteries. You'll find out how different types of batteries work and how to select the right battery for any application. The book also examines the technological advances being used to develop batteries as robust energy sources for a wide variety of devices. Tap into the power of all kinds of batteries with help from this detailed resource. Coverage includes: Portable energy and long-term energy storage Batteries for portable consumer demands, medical devices, electric vehicles, large-scale electrical energy storage, and space and military applications Basic physics and chemistry The science of batteries--cells, electrochemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics, and capacity Battery engineering designs, including electrode, seal, and vent design Battery performance, reliability, and safety Primary battery technologies--aqueous and non-aqueous electrolytes, including alkaline and lithium Rechargeable batteries, including nickel-metal hydride and lithium ion Selecting the right battery for any application Future technologies, such as thin-film, large-energy storage, and high-energy density batteries.     

Author Name :Michael Root

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Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VHDL Design, 2 edition

Fundamentals of Digital Logic With VHDLDesignteaches the basicdesigntechniques for logic circuits. It emphasizes the synthesis of circuits and explains how circuits are implemented in real chips. Fundamental concepts are illustrated by using small examples, which are easy to understand. Then, a modular approach is used to show how larger circuits are designed. VHDL is used to demonstrate how the basic building blocks and larger systems are defined in a hardware description language, producingdesignsthat can be implemented with modern CAD tools.     

Author Name :Stephen Brown, Zvonko Vranesic

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Computational Electronics

Computational electronics refers to the physical simulation of semiconductor devices in terms of charge transport and the corresponding electrical behavior. It is related to process simulation, which deals with various physical processes such as material growth, oxidation, impurity diffusion, etching, and metal deposition inherent in device fabrication. Device simulation can be thought of as one component of technology for computer-aideddesign(TCAD), which deals with compact behavioral models for devices and sub-circuits relevant for circuit simulation in commercial packages. The goal ofthis bookis to provide simulation tools that capture the essential physics while at the same time minimizing the computational burden so that results are obtained within a reasonable time frame.     

Author Name :Dragica Vasileska and Stephen M. Goodnick

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The 8051 Microcontroller and Embedded Systems

This book uses a step-by-step approach to teach the fundamentals of assembly language programming and interfacing of the 8051 microcontroller.Simple, concise examples are utilized to show what action each instruction performs, then a sample is provided to show its application.For anyone interested in learning about the 8051 microcontroller.     

Author Name :Muhammad Ali Mazidi, Janice Mazidi, Rolin McKinlay

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High Frequency and Microwave Engineering

The material covers transmission lines, scattering parameters, couplers, amplifiers, oscillators and phase-locked loops in a novel way by introducing examples from daily life prior to the introduction of the theory. Microwave tools such as Smith charts, scattering parameters and signal flow diagrams are dealt with thoroughly and are fully integrated in the numerous examples throughout the text and with PUFF.High Frequency and Microwave Engineering is intended as an advanced undergraduate text for students of electrical and communication engineering, and is also eminently suitable for self-study and as a manual for those in the industry wishing to update their engineering skills. Provides a comprehensive course in radio and microwave engineering.Contains many examples and self-test questions with model answers.     

Author Name :E. Da Silva

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Principles of Electric Circuits

This full-color guide provides a clear introduction to DC/AC circuits with numerous exercises and examples, an abundance of illustrations, photographs, tables and charts, and a strong emphasis on troubleshooting. Uses a conventional-flow approach throughout, and incorporates mathematical concepts only when needed to understand the discussion. Covers everything from components, quantities and units to voltage, current and resistance; series circuits; magnetism and electromagnetism; phasors and complex numbers; capacitors; inductors; RC and RL circuits; circuit theorems, and more. Considers reactive circuits bycircuit typeas well as bycomponent type. Integrates many TECH Tips (Technology Theory Into Practice) and PSpice Computer Analysis sections that apply theory learned to a practical activity using realistic circuit board and instrument graphics. Weaves worked examples and related exercises throughout to clarify basic concepts and illustrate procedures and troubleshooting techniques. Contains over 1,300 full-color illustrations, and over 750 problem sets and 850 self-test and review questions. For electronic technology professionals or anyone who wants a fundamental understanding of the principles of electric circuits.     

Author Name :Thomas L. Floyd

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Production Mixing Mastering with Waves

Master the signal process techniques and learn the tricks for professional production in contemporary musical styles, including: R&B, Rock, Country, Alternative and Urban. This book offers a complete interactive training course featuring a 7 CD set of session files for use on Mac or PC with these popular applications: Pro Tools, Logic Audio, Cubase, Nuendo, and Sonar.     

Author Name :Anthony Egizii

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Fundamentals of Electronic Warfare

A complete discussion of the fundamental aspects of electronic warfare,featuringaccounts of its use in severalmajorconflicts. Includes coverage of targets of electronic warfare, electronic warfare effectiveness criteria, mathematical models of signals, systems and techniques for electronics jamming, and othermajortopics. DLC: Electronics in militaryengineering.     

Author Name :Sergei A. Vakin,Lev N. Shustov,Robert H. Dunwell

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Antenna Toolkit

Together with the powerful suite of CDsoftware, the reader will have a complete solution for constructing or using an antenna - bar the actual hardware! Thesoftwareprovides a simple Windows-based aid to carrying out the design calculations at the heart of successful antenna design. All the user needs to do is select the antenna type and set the frequency - a much morefunand less error prone method than using a conventionalcalculatorto solve formulae.The new edition has beenrevisedto include further cases of propagation, additional antennas and also two new chapters - Small Loop Antennas (a topic of considerableinterest, which has been the subject of much recent debate in the amateur radio press); and Yagi Beam Antennas (widely used at HF and VHF). The CDsoftwarehas also been updated.     

Author Name :Joseph J. Carr

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Computer Aided Logical Design with Emphasis on VLSI, 4 edition

This book bridges the gap between logical design and VLS1 design- this substantially revised edition reflects the computer engineering curricula changes of the past decade. Although many of the same topics in the third edition are covered, NMOS and standard-cell based CMOS methodologies are now stressed. Thoroughly updated, the new edition covers CAD tools, PLA's and VLS1 systems. new, open-ended design problems encopurage students to practice designing.     

Author Name :Frederick J. Hill, Gerald R. Peterson

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High Frequency Electromagnetic Dosimetry

Along with the growth of RF and microwave technologyapplications, there is a mounting concern about the possible adverse effects over human health fromelectromagneticradiation. Addressing this issue and putting it into perspective, this groundbreaking resource providescriticaldetails on the latest advances in high frequencyelectromagneticdosimetry. Written and edited by recognized experts in the field, the book takes a scientific and rigorousengineeringpoint of view, helping professionals achieve highly accurate exposure assessments.     

Author Name :David A. Snchez-Hernndez

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The New York Times Circuit

If you've ever wondered how the high-tech gadgets we encounter as we go about our daily lives work, from the computers on our desks, the CDplayersin our homes (and the remote controls we operate them with),the AutomaticTeller Machines at thebank, to the machines that sort billions of pieces of mail everyday, this is the book that has the answers. Compiled from theCircuitssection of the New York Times, a guide to the inner workings of computers, the Internet, and many modern electronic devices found in homes, businesses, transportation systems, and medicine. Clear, conciseessaysand well over one hundred full-color illustrations explain the mysteries of eighty devices that have shaped our lives.     

Author Name :Henry Fountain

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Fields and Waves in Communication Electronics, 3rd edition

The text helps define the second electromagnetic course that electrical engineers take in their senior year. This rigorous book on engineering electromagnetic fields and waves topics is packed with useful derivations and applications.     

Author Name :Simon Ramo, John R. Whinnery, Theodore Van Duzer

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Electronic Circuits And Secrets Of An Old-Fashioned Spy

Learn to build bugs or take advantage of those already in place; assemble a DFMF decoder or decode phone tones without one; construct a red box for freepay phonecalls; crack answering machine passwords; defeat digital and spread-spectrum cordless phones with an FMphone tap; and much more! For academicstudyonly.     

Author Name :Sheldon Charrett

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Algorithmic Aspects of Vlsi Layout

Discussing algorithmic aspects of VLSI layout, this text includes coverage of: issues in timing driven layout; LP formulation of global routeing and placement; Stockmeyer'sfloorplanoptimization technique; the Manhattan and knock-knee routeing modes; and parallel algorithms for placement.     

Author Name :Majid Sarrafzadeh

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KC's Problems and Solutions for Microelectronic Circuits, Fourth Edition

One of the most enduring trademarks ofMicroelectronicCircuits, by Adel Sedra and KC Smith, has been its wealth of problems and solutions. This manual includes hundreds of extra problems and solutions of varying degrees of difficultyfor studentreview. The solutions are completely worked out to facilitate self-study. KC Smith has devised ever more challenging, inventive problems that focus on the design and problem-solving skills students need.     

Author Name :Kenneth C. Smith

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Interconnect RC and Layout Extraction for VLSI

This book provides detailed information on the interconnect RC and layut extraction in integrated circuit chips. The RC and layout extraction is a part of the job in the physical design and timing analysis for high-speed circuit design. The accuracy of interconnects RC model as well as the extracted device sizes from the physical layout are critical to the timing analysis result and circuit performance. Due to the complexity of the millions of gates and interconnects in VLSI chis, theRC and layout extraction is accomplished using CAD tools. This sort of tool takes the layout database usually in GDSII files and extracts the RC parasite and device sizes in the layout. The results are usually written to standard netlist formats. In addition, the extracted netlist is back annotated to the interconnects andphysical transistor sizes.     

Author Name :Qing K. Zhu

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Digital Logic Design, Fourth Edition

Revisedtocover allthe latest developments in the field and to match current degree module syllabuses.Offersfull coverage of the field for first andsecondyear modules and HND units. It has also proved popular in industry as a reference text.     

Author Name :Brian Holdsworth, Clive Woods

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Symbolic Analysis Techniques

This timely, self-contained volume gathers information disseminated from journals, workshops, and conference proceedings to present the most recent and most important applications of symbolic analysis to analog circuit design. It features an in-depth tutorial introduction to the techniques and algorithms underlying modern symbolic analyzers, and includes exhaustive references at the end of each section.     

Author Name :Francisco V. Fernandez, Angel Rodriguez-Vazquez, Jose L. Huertas, Georges G. E. Gielen

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Lsi Vlsi Testability Design

This bookwill overview the evolution toward testability design hitherto, analyze what constitutes the cost and speed barriers, and indicate how they can be overcome. It willshow thatit should be feasibleto overcomethese barriers now, that most of the solutions needed are at hand, requiring only to be developed and utilized properly, and thatthe keyto a unifying test concept as well as to achieving a breakthrough lies in the attainment of in-system at-speed testability for all system-parts. The bookwill also look ahead to the future probable developments in test-engineering and in ATE. It is believed that, beyond attaining the in-system at-speed testing, test-engineering and ATE will advance and aim to achieve: the full automation of such testing, then of system diagnosis, debug and maintenance and, after that, the full automation of remote- controlled system testing and diagnosis. Obviously, only through in-system testing (i.e., without requiring the system-parts to be detached from the system), can these various stages of automation be developed and realized     

Author Name :Frank F. Tsui

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Elements of Tidal-Electric Engineering

As interest in tidal-electricpower generationcontinues to grow in response to demands for renewable sources of energy, readers can now turn to Elements of Tidal-ElectricEngineeringfor the first comprehensive treatment of the subject. The author, Robert H. Clark, a leader in the field for almost fifty years, has spearheaded several important researchprojectsand consulted with governments andprivateindustries around the world on tidal-electric issues.     

Author Name :RobertH. Clark

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Electromechanical Devices

Essentialto the design, repair, or operation of yourelectromechanicaldevices, this quick-find reference provides illustrations, descriptions, and relevant calculations for 2,000 time-testedelectromechanicalcomponents.     

Author Name :BrianElliott

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Principles of Lasers

This new Fourth Edition of Principles of Lasers is sothoroughlyupdated and expanded that it isvirtuallya whole new book. But the textsessentialmission remains the same: to provide a wide-ranging yet unified description of laser behavior, physics, technology, and currentapplications. Dr. Svelto emphasizes the physical rather than the mathematical aspects of lasers, and presents the subject in the simplest terms compatible with a correct physical understanding.     

Author Name :Orazio Svelto

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Electronic Surveillance Devices

This is the book thatsecurityprofessionals,securitysystem installers and hobbyists have been waiting for. PaulBrookeslaunches straight into the practicalities of electronicsurveillancewith plenty of clear, detailed information on building the devices that are at the heart ofsurveillanceand counter-surveillance. Self-build electronics projects are supported by principles and a brief survey of eachtype ofdevice.     

Author Name :Paul Brookes

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Microscope Basic and Beyond

All aboutmicroscope- compound, details,how it works.     

Author Name :Mortimer Abramowitz

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Intelligent Surveillance Systems

Surveillancesystems have become increasingly popular. Full involvement of human operators has led to shortcomings, e.g. high labor cost, limited capability for multiple screens, inconsistency in long-duration, etc. Intelligentsurveillancesystems (ISSs) can supplement or even replace traditional ones. In ISSs, computer vision, pattern recognition, andartificial intelligencetechnologies are used to identify abnormal behaviours in videos. They present the development of real-time behaviour-based intelligentsurveillancesystems.The bookfocuses on the detection of individual abnormal behaviour basedon learningand the analysis of dangerous crowd behaviour based on texture and optical flow. Practical systems include a real-time face classification and counting system, asurveillancerobot system that utilizes video and audio information for intelligent interaction, and a robust person counting system for crowded environments.     

Author Name :Huihuan Qian, Xinyu Wu, Yangsheng Xu

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Cdma Mobile Radio Design

A presentation of the complete design background of a CDMA handset, including hardware and software, digital, analogue and RF. It delivers an integral understanding of where this essential piece of communications technology fits into the CDMA "big picture" and the basic parts that make it work. Such an approach is aimed to provide engineers with a complete understanding of how handset hardware and software design affect system performance.     

Author Name :John B. Groe, Lawrence Larson

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Broadband Reflectometry for Enhanced Diagnostics and Monitoring Applications

This bookis dedicated to the adoption of broadband microwave reflectometry (BMR)-based methods for diagnostics and monitoringapplications. This electromagnetic technique has established as a powerful tool for monitoring purposes; in fact, it canbalanceseveral contrasting requirements, such as the versatility of the system, low implementation cost, real-time response, possibility ofremote control, reliability, and adequatemeasurementaccuracy.Starting from an extensive survey of the state of the art and from a clear and concise overview of the theoretical background, throughout the book, the different approaches of BMR are considered (i.e., time domain reflectometry - TDR, frequency domain reflectometry - FDR, and the TDR/FDR combined approach) and severalapplicationsare thoroughly investigated.The applicationsconsidered herein are very diverse from each other and cover different fields. In all the described procedures and methods, theultimate goalis to endow them with a significant performance enhancement in terms ofmeasurementaccuracy, low cost, versatility, and practical implementation possibility, so as to unlock the strong potential of BMR.     

Author Name :Andrea Cataldo, Egidio De Benedetto and Giuseppe Cannazza

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Computational Techniques for Voltage Stability Assessment and Control

Presenting the continuation and bifurcation-based approaches to assess power system voltage stability, this self-containedmanualfirst provides basicdefinitionsrelated to voltage stability based on IEEE/CIGRE voltage stability classification. Then the need for robust numerical techniques that are needed to address various aspects of voltage instability is articulated. Itpresentsa tutorialintroductionto the basic concepts in bifurcation theory and continuation methods. These methods lead to robust numerical techniques for voltage stabilitystudy. The book also provides details related to continuationpower flow. In addition, it provides the approach to trace voltage stability boundary for changing system conditions and proposes a uniformed framework that provides computational approaches for both short-term and long-term voltage stability phenomena.     

Author Name :Venkataramana Ajjarapu

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Digital Fundamentals

This bestseller provides thorough, up-to-date coverage of digital fundamentals, from basic concepts to microprocessors, programmable logic, and digital signal processing. Its vivid full-color format is packed with photographs, illustrations, tables, charts, and graphs; valuable visual aids that today's user needs to understand this often complex computer application. This clearly-written, easily accessible book covers the fundamentals of digital processing, and includes such topics as number systems, operations, and codes; logic gates; boolean algebra; combinational logic and programming with ABEL; flip-flops, counters, and shift registers; memory and storage; digital signal processing, and an introduction to microprocessors, computers, and buses. For those in the computer industry where a knowledge of introductory digital programming is essential.     

Author Name :Thomas L.Floyd

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Abstract State Machine

The systemsengineeringmethod proposed inthis book, which is based onAbstractState Machines (ASMs), guides the development ofsoftwareandembeddedhardware-softwaresystems seamlessly from requirements capture to actual implementation and documentation. The method bridges the gap between the human understanding and formulation of real-world problems and the deployment of their algorithmic solutions by code-executing machines. Within a single conceptual framework it covers design, verification by reasoning techniques, and validation by simulation andtesting.     

Author Name :Egon Borger and Robert Stark

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Microprocessor andmicrocomputersystem, Functional pindiagramand detailed architecture of 8085 microprocessor, Demultiplexing of address / data bus, Generation of control signals, Instruction set, Addressing modes. Programming for arithmetic and logical operation, Subroutine concepts.Functional pindiagramand architecture of 8031/51 microcontroller, Port structure, Instruction set and assembly language programming.Timer / counter, Modes of operation, Programming timer / counter. Interrupt structure and interrupts programming.Serial communication programming in 8051 (Only standard 8-bit UART mode).Memory interfacing (RAM, ROM, EPROM) - Basic concept in memory interfacing and address decoding.Programmableperipheral interface(8255) - Blockdiagram, Control words and modes and interfacing.Interfacing to external RAM and ROM, LED, Switch, 7-segment display, Multiplexed 7-segment display, Matrix key-board, Liquid crystal display, DAC, ADC,Stepper motorwith programs.Buses and Protocols : RS 232, RS 485, , MODBUS, IEEE 488.Interfacing to EEPROM 93C46 / 56 / 66, 24C16 / 32 / 64, RTC DS1307.Conceptualstudyof various derivatives of8051 microcontrollerfrom different manufacturers like Atmel, Phillips etc. Introduction to PIC microcontroller.     

Author Name :A.P. Godse, D.A.Godse

No Of Visit :436      Posted Comments :

Handbook of Fractional-Horsepower Drives

Aimed at engineers in product development as well as advanced students of electrical engineering, control and mechatronics, this is the first English-language edition of the bestselling German book in which the authors address the issue of fractional horsepower drives. They are crucial for all kinds of products, from simple domestic utensils to the most complex and advanced technological applications. This handbook gives a practical overview on all of the available drives.     

Author Name :Hans-Dieter Stlting,Eberhard Kallenbach,Wolfgang Amrhein

No Of Visit :401      Posted Comments :

Digital Filter Designer's Handbook

This hands-on guide for circuit designers, technicians, and students discussesdigital filterspecification and design techniques. The book's coverage begins with a review offilter designfundamentals, complete with all the necessary mathematical background, and proceeds through the theory, operation, design and implementation of every available type ofdigital filter. The book compiles practical information from many diverse, technical sources and translates it intoplain English. It is extensively cross-referenced and breaks down complicated procedures with step-by-step algorithms. It includesapplicationexamples and is accompanied by a disk of design programmes written in the C language.     


No Of Visit :410      Posted Comments :

The Art of Analog Layout

Verbal explanations are favored over mathematical formulas, graphs are kept to a minimum, and line drawings are used in this user-friendly book. Clear guidance and advice are provided for those professionals who lay out analog circuits.Matching of resistors and capacitors: Includes causes of mismatch, particularly the hydrogen effect and package shift. MOS Transistors: Covers a brief history of floating gate devices, EPROM and EEPROM. Applications of MOS transistors: Expands information on failure mechanisms, including BVdss/Bvdii, SILC, NBTI/PTBI and GIDL and the difference between electrical and electrothermal SOA. Consideration of failure mechanisms as crucial to layout: Integrates further information into many chapters covering various devices. Standard bipolar, polygate CMOS and analog BiCMOS: Covers all three fundamental processes.A valuable reference for professional layout designers.     

Author Name :Alan Hastings

No Of Visit :436      Posted Comments :

Properties of Lithium Niobate

The use of lithium niobate in signal filtering inTV setsand video cassette recorders is well established and it is finding increasedapplicationin optoelectronic modulation devices in DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing) fibre optic systems. Much LiNbO3 research has taken place in recent years. This fully illustrated volume brings electronic engineers,materialsscientists and physicists up-to-date by enlisting the expertise of active researchers and presenting their considered reviews in the modular form which characterises the Datareviews series.     

Author Name :K. K. Wong

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Modern Component Families and Circuit Block Design

The book is successful enough to grant a designer's viewpoint on modern components and appends a practical approach to design problems rather than a generic analysis of broadengineeringissues. Since the text emphasizes both fundamentals and new paradigms that areessentialin moderncircuit design, it is undoubtedly a good compendium for classroom usage and industrial practice. The major advantage ofthis bookis its utilization of a lucid, intuitive language to gradually develop the reader's understanding of important concepts in modern electronic component systems andcircuit design. Given this approach, Kularatna's readers will find the book beneficial not only to reinforce their technicalfoundation, but also to update themselves with the ever-altering electronic component systems technologyIn sum, Modern Component Families and Circuit Block Design isa bookthat electrical and electronicengineeringseniorundergraduateand (advanced) graduatestudents, designers, practitioners, academicians, or researchers should find extremely interesting, informative - and perhaps most important - refreshingly different.     

Author Name :Nihal Kularatna

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The Coming Robot Revolution

This book discusses the emergence of humanlike robots into our everyday world. It covers the trends, possibilities, and concerns we will all feel with their emergence. Robots will walk, talk, and look ever more like people, and with the speed at which new technologies develop, this may happen very soon. Robots will be in homes, in space, in workplaces, in hospitals--everywhere. Their capabilities will soon surpass what has been usually considered science fiction. In what directions will the technology be taking us, and how will the presence of these robots challenge our identity? This book explores the fascinating implications of robot technology while alerting of its possibly disturbing flipside.     

Author Name :Yoseph Bar-Cohen, David Hanson

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New Developments in Robotics Automation and Control

This book addresses several issues related to the introduction of automaton and robotics in the construction industry in a collection of 23 chapters. The chapters are grouped in 3 main sections according to the theme or the type of technology they treat. Section I is dedicated to describe and analyse the main research challenges of Robotics and Automation in Construction (RAC). The second section consists of 12 chapters and is dedicated to the technologies and new developments employed to automate processes in the construction industry.     

Author Name :Aleksandar Lazinica

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A Mathematical Introduction to Robotic Manipulation

A Mathematical Introduction to Robotic Manipulation presents a mathematical formulation of the kinematics, dynamics, and control of robot manipulators. It uses an elegant set of mathematical tools that emphasizes the geometry of robot motion and allows a large class of robotic manipulation problems to be analyzed within a unified framework. The foundation of the book is a derivation of robot kinematics using the product of the exponentials formula. The authors explore the kinematics of open-chain manipulators and multifingered robot hands, present an analysis of the dynamics and control of robot systems, discuss the specification and control of internal forces and internal motions, and address the implications of the nonholonomic nature of rolling contact are addressed, as well. The wealth of information, numerous examples, and exercises make A Mathematical Introduction to Robotic Manipulation valuable as both a reference for robotics researchers and a text for students in advanced robotics courses.     

Author Name :Richard M. Murray,Zexiang Li, S. Shankar Sastry

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Embedded Robotics, Mobile Robot Design and Applications with Embedded Systems

This book presents a unique examination of mobile robots and embedded systems, from introductory to intermediate level. It is structured in three parts, dealing with Embedded Systems (hardware and software design, actuators, sensors, PID control, multitasking), Mobile Robot Design (driving, balancing, walking, and flying robots), and Mobile Robot Applications (mapping, robot soccer, genetic algorithms, neural networks, behavior-based systems, and simulation). The book is written as a text for courses in computer science, computer engineering, IT, electronic engineering, and mechatronics, as well as a guide for robot hobbyists and researchers.     

Author Name :Thomas Braunl

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Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots

Mobile robots range from the teleoperated Sojourner on the Mars Pathfinder mission to cleaning robots in the Paris Metro. Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots offers students and other interested readers an overview of the technology of mobility -- the mechanisms that allow a mobile robot to move through a real world environment to perform its tasks -- including locomotion, sensing, localization, and motion planning. It discusses all facets of mobile robotics, including hardware design, wheel design, kinematics analysis, sensors and perception, localization, mapping, and robot control architectures.The design of any successful robot involves the integration of many different disciplines, among them kinematics, signal analysis, information theory, artificial intelligence, and probability theory. Reflecting this, the book presents the techniques and technology that enable mobility in a series of interacting modules. Each chapter covers a different aspect of mobility, as the book moves from low-level to high-level details. The first two chapters explore low-level locomotory ability, examining robots' wheels and legs and the principles of kinematics. This is followed by an in-depth view of perception, including descriptions of many "off-the-shelf" sensors and an analysis of the interpretation of sensed data. The final two chapters consider the higher-level challenges of localization and cognition, discussing successful localization strategies, autonomous mapping, and navigation competence. Bringing together all aspects of mobile robotics into one volume, Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots can serve as a textbook for coursework or a working tool for beginners in the field.     

Author Name :Roland Siegwart, Illah R. Nourbakhsh

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Robot Vision

The book is intended for advanced students in physics, mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, robotics, engine engineering and for specialists in computer vision and robotics on the techniques for the development of vision-based robot projects. It focusses on autonomous and mobile service robots for indoor work, and teaches the techniques for the development of vision-based robot projects. A basic knowledge of informatics is assumed, but the basic introduction helps to adjust the knowledge of the reader accordingly.A practical treatment of the material enables a comprehensive understanding of how to handle specific problems, such as inhomogeneous illumination or occlusion. With this book, the reader should be able to develop object-oriented programs and show mathematical basic understanding. Such topics as image processing, navigation, camera types and camera calibration structure the described steps of developing further applications of vision-based robot projects.     

Author Name :Stefan Florczyk

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Robot Intelligence

Robot intelligence has become a major focus of intelligent robotics. Recent innovation in computational intelligence including fuzzy learning, neural networks, evolutionary computation and classical Artificial Intelligence provides sufficient theoretical and experimental foundations for enabling robots to undertake a variety of tasks with reasonable performance. This book reflects the recent advances in the field from an advanced knowledge processing perspective; there have been attempts to solve knowledge based information explosion constraints by integrating computational intelligence in the robotics context.     

Author Name :Dongbing Gu, Robert J. Howlett, Yonghuai Liu

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Dynamic Stabilisation of the Biped Lucy Powered by Actuators with Controllable Stiffness

This book reports on the developments of the bipedal walking robot Lucy. Special about it is that the biped is not actuated with the classical electrical drives but with pleated pneumatic artificial muscles. In an antagonistic setup of such muscles both the torque and the compliance are controllable. From human walking there is evidence that joint compliance plays an important role in energy efficient walking and running. Moreover pneumatic artificial muscles have a high power to weight ratio and can be coupled directly without complex gearing mechanism, which can be beneficial towards legged mechanisms. Additionally, they have the capability of absorbing impact shocks and store and release motion energy. This book gives a complete description of Lucy: the hardware, the electronics and the software. A hybrid simulation program, combining the robot dynamics and muscle/valve thermodynamics, has been written to evaluate control strategies before implementing them in the real biped.     

Author Name :Bram Vanderborght

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Engineering Haptic Devices

Tactile perception and haptics are essential for us, as we gain information about structures and surface properties of physical objects by using the sense of touch. Haptics also enables us to manipulate the physical world. The emphasis of this book is put on technologies for artificially deceiving our haptic perception.First, examples and a definition of haptics from a physiological point of view are given. Thereby, one focus is on cases of loss of haptics in everyday professional routine, in order to emphasize the impact of haptics. Then, an overview of products with extraordinary haptic properties leads to a more precise terminology.In the second part of the book, concrete technical aspects of haptic manipulation and manipulators are considered beginning with higher-level subjects like control and kinematics and proceeding with a detailed discussion of actuators and sensors and the interfaces to and from the mechanical environment. In the final chapter fundamental software engineering is introduced, including haptic interaction in virtual reality simulations."Engineering Haptic Devices" is intended to be a reference book for technologies of haptic relevance as well as a textbook on methods of haptic engineering and applications.It is addressed to students and professionals of engineering disciplines or natural sciences.     

Author Name :Thorsten A. Kern

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Robotic Micro-Assembly

Discover the latest models and methods for robotic microassembly from around the world This book presents and analyzes new and emerging models and methods developed around the world for robotic microassembly, a new and innovative way to produce better microsystems. By exploring everything from the physics of micromanipulation to microassembly to microhandling, it provides the first complete overview and review of this rapidly growing field. Robotic Microassembly is divided into three parts:Together, these three parts feature eight chapters contributed by eight different authors. The authors, internationally recognized experts in the field of robotic microassembly, represent research laboratories in Asia, Europe, and North America. As a result, readers get a remarkable perspective on different approaches to robotic microassembly from around the world. Examples provided throughout the chapters help readers better understand how these different approaches work in practice. References at the end of each chapter lead to the primary literature for further investigation of individual topics.Robotic microassembly offers a new, improved way to manufacture high-performance microelectro-mechanical systems (MEMS). Therefore, any professional or student involved in microrobotics, micromechatronics, self-assembly or MEMS will find plenty of novel ideas and methods in this book that set the stage for new approaches to design and build the next generation of MEMS and microproducts.     

Author Name :Michael Gauthier, Stephane Regnier

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Brain, Body and Machine

The reader will find here papers on human-robot interaction as well as human safety algorithms; haptic interfaces; innovative instruments and algorithms for the sensing of motion and the identification of brain neoplasms; even a paper on a saxophone-playing robot.     

Author Name :Jorge Angeles, Benoit Boulet, James J. Clark, and Jozsef Kovecses

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Force Control of Robotic Systems

Although the challenges of manipulator force control have spawned a growing body of literature, including a few books that touch upon the subject, Force Control of Robotics Systems is the first book that focuses on the fundamentals of this complex topic. Written by some of the first scientists to engage in force control research, this timely volume presents original results, some of which previously have not been readily accessible to Western audiences.The text begins with a thorough presentation of the basics. Issues covered include force sensor design, force feedback synthesis, closed-loop dynamics, and more. The theoretical analysis in the book is based on the methods of Analytical Dynamics and Control Theory. The book also considers fundamental problems related to force control, and explains how to design simple and efficient control algorithms for performing tasks with robots. Algorithms and design methods presented in the book are experimentally verified and emphasize practical applications. The reference list includes over 350 entries, some of which have never been published in English before now.     

Author Name :Dimitry Gorinevsky, Alexander Formalsky, Anatoli Schneider

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Soft Computing for Intelligent Control and Mobile Robotics

This book describes in a detailed fashion the application of hybrid intelligent systems using soft computing techniques for intelligent control and mobile robotics. Soft Computing (SC) consists of several intelligent computing paradigms, including fuzzy logic, neural networks, and bio-inspired optimization algorithms, which can be used to produce powerful hybrid intelligent systems. The prudent combination of SC techniques can produce powerful hybrid intelligent systems that are capable of solving real-world problems. This is illustrated in this book with a wide range of applications, with particular emphasis in intelligent control and mobile robotics. The book is organized in five main parts, which contain a group of papers around a similar subject. The first part consists of papers with the main theme of theory and algorithms, which are basically papers that propose new models and concepts, which can be the basis for achieving intelligent control and mobile robotics. The second part contains papers with the main theme of intelligent control, which are basically papers using bio-inspired techniques, like evolutionary algorithms and neural networks, for achieving intelligent control of non-linear plants. The third part contains papers with the theme of optimization of fuzzy controllers, which basically consider the application of bio-inspired optimization methods to automate the de-sign process of optimal type-1 and type-2 fuzzy controllers. The fourth part contains papers that deal with the application of SC techniques in times series prediction and intelligent agents. The fifth part contains papers with the theme of computer vision and robotics, which are papers considering soft computing methods for applications related to vision and robotics.     

Author Name :Oscar Castillo, Janusz Kacprzyk, Witold Pedrycz

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Digital CCTV

The effects of digital technology on the security industry require constant vigilance by security distributors, sales staff, and installation professionals. Today and for the foreseeable future, all security professionals must have at least a basic understanding of digital technology. Digital CCTV addresses this new challenge.Topics convered include compression variables such as Lossless and Lossy, which are explained by reviewing Huffman and Run Length Encoding (RLE), and by relating these forms of compression to ZIP and Stuffit, which are commonly used in personal computers. A review of JPEG, motion JPEG, MPEG and wavelet compression schemes among others, with a comparison of the merits of each, is also provided. As Digital CCTV traces the stream of digital video flow from the computer industry through compression, transmission, display and storage, and explains how analog video signal is converted into a digital signal, the reader will learn and understand the mysteries of digital science.     

Author Name :Emily Harwood

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Robot Builder's Bonanza

A major revision of the bestselling "bible" of amateur robotics building--packed with the latest in servo motor technology, microcontrolled robots, remote control, Lego Mindstorms Kits, and other commercial kits.Gives electronics hobbyists fully illustrated plans for 11 complete Robots, as well as all-new coverage of Robotix-based Robots, Lego Technic-based Robots, Functionoids with Lego Mindstorms, and Location and Motorized Systems with Servo Motors.Features a pictures and parts list that accompany all projects, and material on using the BASIC Stamp and other microcontrollers.     

Author Name :Gordon McComb

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Field and Service Robotics

Field robots are robots which operate in outdoor, complex, and dynamic environments. Service robots are those that work closely with humans, with particular applications involving indoor and structured environments. There are a wide range of topics presented in this issue on field and service robots including: Agricultural and Forestry Robotics, Mining and Exploration Robots, Robots for Construction, Security & Defence Robots, Cleaning Robots, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and Autonomous Flying Robots.     

Author Name :Peter Corke and Salah Sukkarieh

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Contemporary Robotics - Challenges and Solutions

The field of autonomous robots, a widely recognized test-bed, has recently benefited from salient contributions in robot planning using the results of algorithmic geometry as well as of a stochastic framework approach applied both to environmental modeling and robot localization problems (SLAM, simultaneous localization and maping), and further from the development of decisional procedures via Bayesian estimation and decision approaches.For the last decade of the millennium, robotics largely dealt with the intelligent robot paradigm,blending together robots and machine-intelligence generic research within themes covering advanced sensing and perception, task reasoning and planning, operational and decisional autonomy, functional integration architectures, intelligent humanmachine interfaces, safety,and dependability. The evolution levels for robotics stress the role of theoretical aspects, moving from application domains to the technical and scientific area. The organization of this thematic book illustrates these different levels. The edited book is a collection of 18 chapters written by internationally recognized experts and well-known professionals of the field. Chapters contribute to diverse facets of contemporary robotics and autonomous systems. The volume is organized in four thematic parts according to the main subjects, regarding the recent advances in the contemporary robotics.     

Author Name :A. D. Rodic

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Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics

Robot algorithms are abstractions of computational processes that control or reason about motion and perception in the physical world. Because actions in the physical world are subject to physical laws and geometric constraints, the design and analysis of robot algorithms raise a unique combination of questions in control theory, computational and differential geometry, and computer science. Algorithms serve as a unifying theme in the multi-disciplinary field of robotics.This volume consists of selected contributions to the sixth Workshop on the Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics. This is a highly competitive meeting of experts in the field of algorithmic issues related to robotics and automation.     

Author Name :David Hsu, Volkan Isler, Jean-Claude Latombe, Ming C. Lin

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Robot Motion and Control

Robot Motion and Control presents very recent results in robot motion and control. Twenty papers have been chosen and expanded from fifty-three presented at the Fourth International Workshop on Robot Motion and Control held in Poland in June 2004. The authors of these papers have been carefully selected and represent leading institutions in this field. The following recent developments are discussed: Design of trajectory planning schemes for holonomic and nonholonomic systems with optimization of energy, torque limitations and other factors. New control algorithms for industrial robots, nonholonomic systems and legged robots. Different applications of robotic systems in industry and everyday life, like medicine, education, entertainment and others.The book is suitable for graduate students of automation and robotics, informatics and management, mechatronics, electronics and production engineering systems as well as scientists and researchers working in these fields.     

Author Name :Krzysztof R. Kozlowski

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Industrial Robots Programming

Industrial Robots Programming focuses on designing and building robotic manufacturing cells, and explores the capabilities of todays industrial equipment as well as the latest computer and software technologies. Special attention is given to the input devices and systems that create efficient human-machine interfaces, and how they help non-technical personnel perform necessary programming, control, and supervision tasks.     

Author Name :J. Norberto Pires

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Advances in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

This edited book provides a solid and diversified reference source related to basic, applied research and development on small and miniature unmanned aerial vehicles, both fixed and rotary wing. As such, the book offers background information on the evolution of such vehicles over the years, followed by modeling and control fundamentals that are of paramount importance due to unmanned aerial vehicle model complexity, nonlinearity, coupling, inhirent instability and parameter values uncertainty.     

Author Name :Kimon P. Valavanis

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Winning Design! LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Design Patterns for Fun and Competition

Winning Design! LEGO Mindstorms NXT Design Patterns for Fun and Competitionis about design that works. Its about building with LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT for fun, for education, but especially for competition. Author James Trobaugh is an experienced coach and leader in the FIRST LEGO League. In this book, he shares his hard-won knowledge about design principles and techniques that contribute to success in robotics competitions.Winning Design!unlocks the secrets of reliable design using LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT. Youll learn proven design patterns that you can employ for common tasks such as turning, pushing, and pulling. Youll reduce and compensate for variation in performance from battery charge levels and motor calibration differences. Youll produce designs that wont frustrate you by not working, but that will delight you with their reliable performance in the heat of competition.Good design is about more than just the hardware. Software counts for a lot, andWinning Design!has you covered. Youll find chapters on program design and organization with tips on effective coding and documentation practices. Youll learn about master programs and the needed flexibility they provide. Theres even a section on presenting your robot and software designs to the judges.     

Author Name :James Jeffrey Trobaugh

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Advances in Robot Manipulators

The purpose of this volume in Advances in Robot Manipulators is to encourage and inspire the continual invention of robot manipulators for science and the good of humanity. The concept of eclecticism for the design, development, simulation and implementation of a real time controller for an intelligent, vision guided robots is now being explored.     

Author Name :Ernest Hall

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Throughput Optimization in Robotic Cells

Throughput Optimization In Robotic Cells provides practitioners, researchers, and students with up-to-date algorithmic results on sequencing of robot moves and scheduling of parts in robotic cells. It brings together the structural results developed over the last 25 years for the various realistic models of robotic cells. This book is ideally suited for use in a graduate course or a research seminar on robotic cells.     

Author Name :Milind W. Dawande, H. Neil Geismar, Suresh P. Sethi, and Chelliah Sriskandarajah

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Industrial Robotics

This book covers a wide range of topics relating to advanced industrial robotics, sensors and automation technologies. Although being highly technical and complex in nature, the papers presented in this book represent some of the latest cutting edge technologies and advancements in industrial robotics technology. This book covers topics such as networking, properties of manipulators, forward and inverse robot arm kinematics, motion path-planning, machine vision and many other practical topics too numerous to list here. The authors and editor of this book wish to inspire people, especially young ones, to get involved with robotic and mechatronic engineering technology and to develop new and exciting practical applications, perhaps using the ideas and concepts presented herein.     

Author Name :Sam Cubero

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Symbiotic Multi-Robot Organisms

This book is devoted to the study of the evolution of self-organised multicellular structures and the remarkable transition from unicellular to multicellular life. Multicellular organisms provide the inspiration for the development of novel principles of adaptation and evolution for robotics and, in particular, for so-called multi-robot organisms. Multi-robot organisms are defined as large-scale swarms of robots that can physically dock with each other and symbiotically share energy and computational resources within a single "artificial-life-form". When it is advantageous to do so, these robots can dynamically aggregate and self-assemble into one or many symbiotic organisms in order to collectively interact with the physical world via a variety of sensors and actuators. Bio-inspired evolutionary paradigms, combined with robot embodiment and swarm-emergent phenomena, enable the organisms to autonomously manage their own hardware and software organisation. In this way, artificial robotic organisms become self-configuring from both hardware and software perspectives. This could lead to not only extremely adaptive, evolve-able and scalable robotic systems, but robot organisms also able to reprogram themselves without human supervision and new, previously unforeseen, functionality to emerge. This book introduces new concepts for symbiotic robot organisms and reports on experience of researching and developing such systems. In the long term it is intended to apply this experience in the construction and maintenance of real-world technical systems based on these concepts.     

Author Name :Paul Levi, Serge Kernbach

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Mechatronics and Machine Vision in Practice

From grading and preparing harvested vegetables to the tactile probing of a patient's innermost recesses, mechatronics has become part of our way of life. The addition of senses and computing intelligence to blend with mechanical actuation gives rise to a breed of new machines with all the best attributes of a robot. Here we find educational robots competing under water and dancing on land. Surgical robots drill precision holes in the skull while others direct radiation treatment or extract blood from an umbilical cord. Machine vision manages beer kegs and automated paint spraying, while controlling feral animals and the watering of cotton crops. Although there is no shortage of theoretical and technical detail in these chapters, they have the common theme that they describe work that has been applied in practice. They are vital reading both for students of mechatronics and for engineers harnessing its power to create new products.     

Author Name :John Billingsley, Robin Bradbeer

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Robot and Multibody Dynamics

Robot and Multibody Dynamics: Analysis and Algorithms provides a comprehensive and detailed exposition of a new mathematical approach, referred to as the Spatial Operator Algebra (SOA), for studying the dynamics of articulated multibody systems. The approach is useful in a wide range of applications including robotics, aerospace systems, articulated mechanisms, bio-mechanics and molecular dynamics simulation. The book also: treats algorithms for simulation, including an analysis of complexity of the algorithms, describes one universal, robust, and analytically sound approach to formulating the equations that govern the motion of complex multi-body systems, covers a range of more advanced topics including under-actuated systems, flexible systems, linearization, diagonalized dynamics and space manipulators. Robot and Multibody Dynamics: Analysis and Algorithms will be a valuable resource for researchers and engineers looking for new mathematical approaches to finding engineering solutions in robotics and dynamics.     

Author Name :Abhinandan Jain

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Autonomous Systems Self-Organization, Management, and Control,1

The 2008 TUB-SJTU joint workshop on Autonomous Systems Self-Organization, Management, and Control was held on October 6, 2008 at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China. The workshop, sponsored by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Technical University of Berlin brought together scientists and researchers from both universities to present and discuss the latest progress on autonomous systems and its applications in diverse areas. Autonomous systems are designed to integrate machines, computing, sensing, and software to create intelligent systems capable of interacting with the complexities of the real world. Autonomous systems represent the physical embodiment of machine intelligence.Topics of interest include, but are not limited to theory and modeling for autonomous systems; organization of autonomous systems; learning and perception; complex systems; multi-agent systems; robotics and control; applications of autonomous systems.     

Author Name :Bernd Mahr, Sheng Huanye

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Spatial Temporal Patterns for Action-Oriented Perception in Roving Robots

The Cognitive Systems Monographs (COSMOS) publish new developments and advances in the fields of cognitive systems research, rapidly and informally but with a high quality. The intent is to bridge cognitive brain science and biology with engineering disciplines. It covers all the technical contents, applications, and multidisciplinary aspects of cognitive systems, such as Bionics, System Analysis, System Modelling, System Design, Human Motion, Understanding, Human Activity Understanding, Man-Machine Interaction, Smart and Cognitive Environments, Human and Computer Vision, Neuroinformatics, Humanoids, Biologically motivated systems and artefacts autonomous Systems, Linguistics, Sports Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Biosignal Processing, or Cognitive Materials as well as the mothodologies behind them. Within the scope of the series are monographs, lecture notes, selected contributions from specialized conferences and workshops, as well as selected phD theses.     

Author Name :Paolo Arena, Luca Patan

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Designing Sociable Robots

Cynthia Breazeal here presents her vision of the sociable robot of the future, a synthetic creature and not merely a sophisticated tool. A sociable robot will be able to understand us, to communicate and interact with us, to learn from us and grow with us. It will be socially intelligent in a humanlike way. Eventually sociable robots will assist us in our daily lives, as collaborators and companions. Because the most successful sociable robots will share our social characteristics, the effort to make sociable robots is also a means for exploring human social intelligence and even what it means to be human. Breazeal defines the key components of social intelligence for these machines and offers a framework and set of design issues for their realization. Much of the book focuses on a nascent sociable robot she designed named Kismet. Breazeal offers a concrete implementation for Kismet, incorporating insights from the scientific study of animals and people, as well as from artistic disciplines such as classical animation. This blending of science, engineering, and art creates a lifelike quality that encourages people to treat Kismet as a social creature rather than just a machine. The book includes a CD-ROM that shows Kismet in action.     

Author Name :Cynthia L. Breazeal

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Fast Motions in Biomechanics and Robotics

This volume contains a selection of papers presented at the First Ruperto-Carola-Symposium \Fast Motions in Biomechanics and Robotics - Optimization & Feedback Control", held at the International Science Forum Heidelberg (IWH), on September 7 - 9, 2005. The aim of this symposium was to provide a forum for an interdisciplinary community of researchers from robotics, biomechanics, control engineering and applied mathematics to enhance the understanding of the control of fast motions in nature and engineering.     

Author Name :Moritz Diehl and Katja Mombaur

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From Bricks to Brains

Introduces embodied cognitive science and illustrates its foundational ideas through the construction and observation of LEGO Mindstorms robots.     

Author Name :Michael Dawson, Brian Dupuis,Michael Wilson

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Simulation, Modeling, and Programming for Autonomous Robots

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Second International Conference on Simulation, Modeling, and Programming for Autonomous Robots, SIMPAR 2010, held in Darmstadt, Germany, in November 2010. The 28 revised full papers and 17 revised poster papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 74 submissions. 13 papers address methodologies and environments of robot simulation, 14 refer to methodologies of autonomous robot programming and middleware, 18 describe applications and case studies. The papers are organized in topical sections on simulation, programming, and applications.     

Author Name :Noriako Ando, Stephen Balakirsky, Thomas Hemker, and Monica Reggiani

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Robot-Age Knowledge Changeover

The current division between industrialised and developing countries/societies is based on relatively recent paradigms of mankind's growth which have occurred within the so-called industrial revolution. Actually, the 'INDUSTRY' paradigms, at least, in their original formulation, lead to rather unstable growth, being based on the transformation effectiveness, through which the natural capital is used, to be reshaped in value to consumables, and quickly disposed in waste and pollution. The book explores alternatives, in which the 'KNOWLEDGE' paradigms might support further wealth build-up, based on the value chains in intangibles, and, possibly, on the 'COGNITIVE' revolution, where the transformation efficiency, this time, applies not only on material inanimate resources, rather as well as on artificial life deployments. The analyses move reconsidering the 'INDUSTRY' patterns in their contingencies, typically, related with the western world cultural background and organisation style. The experienced context, perhaps explains why industrialism appeared in mankind's history with narrow timing and localisation outcomes. It might be used, nonetheless, to explore alternative outlooks on how restructuring the world to come, with collaborative altruism, in lieu of competitive challenge, to make further growth possible.     

Author Name :Rinaldo C. Michelini

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The Emerging Domain of Cooperating Objects

Thereare a number of different system concepts that have gainedmuch relevance in the area of embedded systems over the past couple of years. First, there is the classic concept of embedded systems where the focus is on control systems for physical processes. Secondly, the notion of pervasive computing has evolved, where the vision foresees everyday objects having some form of computation capacity and, in most cases, sensing and communication facilities. Thirdly, the notion of wireless sensor networks has arisen, where small computing devices are able to sense their environment and cooperate in order to achieve a well-defined goal.These three types of quite diverse systems share a lot of commonalities on the one hand and, on the other hand, have some complementary aspects in common that make a combination of these systems into a coherent system vision promising. In particular, the important notions of control, heterogeneity, wireless communication, dynamic and ad-hoc nature and cost are prevalent to various degrees in each of these systems.A future system concept needs to combine the strong points of all three system concepts in at least these functional aspects. It has to provide support for the control of physical processes like todays embedded systems do, have as good support for device heterogeneity and spontaneity of usage as required by pervasive and ubiquitous computing approaches, and has to be as cost efficient and wirelessly agile as wireless sensor networks are. These new systems consist, therefore, of individual entities or objects that jointly strive to reach a common goal, which will typically be a goal in sensing or control, and are dynamically and loosely federating themselves for cooperation, taking care not to overtax their available resources.This book presents a roadmap to these concepts which are summarized as cooperating objects.     

Author Name :Pedro Jose Marron, Stamatis Karnouskos, Daniel Minder,Anbal Ollero

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Environment Learning for Indoor Mobile Robots

This monograph covers theoretical aspects of simultaneous localization and map building for mobile robots. These include estimation stability, nonlinear models for the propagation of uncertainties, temporal landmark compatibility, as well as issues pertaining the coupling of control and SLAM. One of the most relevant topics covered in this monograph is the theoretical formalism of partial observability in SLAM.     

Author Name :Juan Andrade-Cetto, Alberto Sanfeliu

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Innovations in Robot Mobility and Control

There exists quite a vast literature on mobile robots, covering fundamental principles on motion control and path-planning in indoor environments using ultrasonic/laser transducers. However, there is a scarcity of books/collective documents on vision based navigation of mobile robots and multi-agent systems. The book fills this gap and attempts to develop interesting models for vision based map building in indoor and outdoor environments, precise motion control, navigation in dynamic environment, and above all multi-agent co-operation of robots. The most important aspect of this book is that the principles and models introduced in the text are all field-tested, and thus can readily be used in solving real world problems, such as factory automation, disposal of nuclear wastes, landmine clearing and computerized surgery. Primarily meant for graduate students and researchers in robotics, the book is equally useful to interested audience of any discipline for its contents and simplicity in presentation style.     

Author Name :Srikanta Patnaik, Lakhmi C. Jain, Spyros G. Tzafestas, Germano Resconi,Amit Konar

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Nonlinear Control of Vehicles and Robots

Nonlinear Control of Vehicles and Robots develops a unified approach to the dynamic modeling of robots in terrestrial, aerial and marine environments. The main classes of nonlinear systems and stability methods are summarized and basic nonlinear control methods, useful in manipulator and vehicle control, are presented. Formation control of ground robots and ships is discussed.The book also deals with the modeling and control of robotic systems in the presence of non-smooth nonlinearities. Robust adaptive tracking control of robotic systems with unknown payload and friction in the presence of uncertainties is treated.Theoretical and practical aspects of the control algorithms under discussion are detailed. Examples are included throughout the book allowing the reader to apply the control and modeling techniques in their own research and development work. Some of these examples demonstrate state estimation based on the use of advanced sensors as part of the control system.     

Author Name :Bela Lantos, Lorinc Mrton

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Automation and Robotics

In this book for the optimisation of assembly conveyor lines we are dealing with series part production featured by a medium complexity degree and a medium number of individual components and assembly technique alternatives. Modern production techniques for medium to large series products or mass production usually involve assembly conveyor lines. The aim is to have monotonous and similar in type operations or such causing fatigue, stress and production traumas, gradually replaced by automated assembly cycles, means and techniques. Assembly alternatives involving automation, and mechanisation, programmable and adaptive control have been in addition analyzed.     

Author Name :Miltiadis A. Boboulos

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Swarm Stability and Optimization

Swarming species such as flocks of birds or schools of fish exhibitfascinating collective behaviors during migration and predatoravoidance. Similarly, engineered multi-agent dynamic systems such as groups of autonomous ground, underwater, or air vehicles (vehicle swarms) exhibit sophisticated collective behaviors while maneuvering.In this book we show how to model and control a wide range of suchmulti-agent dynamic systems and analyze their collective behaviorusing both stability theoretic and simulation-based approaches. Inparticular, we investigate problems such as group aggregation, socialforaging, formation control, swarm tracking, distributed agreement,and engineering optimization inspired by swarm behavior.     

Author Name :Veysel Gazi, Kevin M. Passino

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Against the Machine

In this timely and incisive work, Nicols Fox examines contemporary resistance to technology and places it in a surprising historical context. She brilliantly illuminates the rich but oftentimes unrecognized literary and philosophical tradition that has existed for nearly two centuries, since the first Luddites?the "machine breaking" followers of the mythical Ned Ludd?lifted their sledgehammers in protest against the Industrial Revolution. Tracing that current of thought through some of the great minds of the 19th and 20th centuries?William Blake, Mary Shelley, Charles Dickens, John Ruskin, William Morris, Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Robert Graves, Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, and many others?Fox demonstrates that modern protests against consumptive lifestyles and misgivings about the relentless march of mechanization are part of a fascinating hidden history. She shows as well that the Luddite tradition can yield important insights into how we might reshape both technology and modern life so that human, community, and environmental values take precedence over the demands of the machine.     

Author Name :Nicols Fox

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Multi-Robot Systems, Trends and Development

This book is a collection of 29 excellent works and comprised of three sections: task oriented approach, bio inspired approach, and modeling/design. In the first section, applications on formation, localization/mapping, and planning are introduced. The second section is on behavior-based approach by means of artificial intelligence techniques. The last section includes research articles on development of architectures and control systems.     

Author Name :Toshiyuki Yasuda and Kazuhiro Ohkura

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Robot Builder's Sourcebook

* A much-needed clearinghouse for information on amateur and educational robotics, containing over 2,500 listings of robot suppliers, including mail order and local area businesses * Contains resources for both common and hard-to-find parts and supplies * Features dozens of "sidebars" to clarify essential robotics technologies * Provides original articles on various robot-building topics     

Author Name :Gordon McComb

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Discrete, Continuous, and Hybrid Petri Nets

This monograph presents a well written and clearly organized introduction in the standard methods of discrete, continuous and hybrid Petri Nets. Starting from the basics of Petri Nets the book imparts an accurate understanding of continuous and hybrid Petri Nets. Preserving the consistency of basic concepts throughout the text it introduces a unified framework for all the models presented. The book is a scientific monograph as well as a didactic tutorial which is easy to understand due to many exercises with solutions, detailed figures and several case studies. It demonstrates that Petri nets are a deep, practical and alive field important for researchers, engineers and graduate students in engineering and computer science.     

Author Name :Rene David, Hassane Alla

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PIC Robotics

Here's everything the robotics hobbyist needs to harness the power of the PICMicro MCU!In this heavily-illustrated resource, author John Iovine provides plans and complete parts lists for 11 easy-to-build robots each with a PICMicro "brain. The expertly written coverage of the PIC Basic Computer makes programming a snap -- and lots of fun.     

Author Name :John Iovine

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A Treatise on the Theory of Screws

Originally published by Cambridge University Press in 1900, A Treatise on the Theory of Screws is the definitive reference on screw theory. It gives a very complete geometrical treatment of the problems of small movements in rigid dynamics. In recent years the theory of screws has emerged as a novel mathematical resource for addressing complex engineering problems, with important applications to robotics, multibody dynamics, mechanical design, computational kinematics, and hybrid automatic control. The author was born in Dublin in 1840 and studied at Trinity College, Dublin. When the Royal College of Science was founded in Dublin in 1867, Ball became the first professor of applied mathematics and mechanism. In 1874 he was appointed Royal Astronomer of Ireland, and in 1892 he assumed the Lowndean Chair of Astronomy and Geometry and the Directorship of the University Observatory at Cambridge, where he remained until his death in 1913. This book will appeal to mechanical and design engineers.     

Author Name :Robert Stawell Ball

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Fundamentals of Robotic Mechanical Systems

Modern robotics dates from the late 1960s, when progress in the development of microprocessors made possible the computer control of a multiaxial manipulator. Since then, robotics has evolved to connect with many branches of science and engineering, and to encompass such diverse fields as computer vision, artificial intelligence, and speech recognition.This book deals with robots-such as remote manipulators, multifingered hands, walking machines, flight simulators, and machine tools-that rely on mechanical systems to perform their tasks. It aims to establish the foundations on which the design, control and implementation of the underlying mechanical systems are based. The treatment assumes familiarity with some calculus, linear algebra, and elementary mechanics; however, the elements of rigid-body mechanics and of linear transformations are reviewed in the first chapters, making the presentation self-contained. An extensive set of exercises is included.     

Author Name :Jorge Angeles

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Theory of Applied Robotic

Theory of Applied Robotics: Kinematics, Dynamics, and Control is appropriate for courses in robotics that emphasize kinematics, dynamics, and control.The contents of this book are presented at a theoretical-practical level. It explains robotics concepts in detail, concentrating on their practical use. Related theorems and formal proofs are provided, as are real-life applications. Students, researchers, and practicing engineers alike will appreciate this user-friendly presentation of a wealth of robotics topics, most notably orientation, velocity, and forward kinematics.     

Author Name :Reza N. Jazar

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New Horizons in Evolutionary Robotics

Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) now provide mature optimization tools that have successfully been applied to many problems, from designing antennas to complete robots, and provided many human-competitive results. In robotics, the integration of EAs within the engineers toolbox made tremendous progress in the last 20 years and proposes new methods to address challenging problems in various setups: modular robotics, swarm robotics, robotics with non-conventional mechanics (e.g. high redundancy, dynamic motion, multi-modality), etc.This book takes its roots in the workshop on "New Horizons in Evolutionary Design of Robots" that brought together researchers from Computer Science and Robotics during the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS-2009) in Saint Louis (USA). This book features extended contributions from the workshop, thus providing various examples of current problems and applications, with a special emphasis on the link between Computer Science and Robotics. It also provides a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to Evolutionary Robotics after 20 years of maturation as well as thoughts and considerations from several major actors in the field.This book offers a comprehensive introduction to the current trends and challenges in Evolutionary Robotics for the next decade.     

Author Name :Stphane Doncieux,Nicolas Bred`eche and Jean-Baptiste Mouret

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Mobile Robots in Rough Terrain

This monograph discusses issues related to estimation, control, and motion planning for mobile robots operating in rough terrain, with particular attention to planetary exploration rovers. Rough terrain roboticsis becoming increasingly important in space exploration, and industrial applications. However, most current motion planning and control algorithms are not well suited to rough terrain mobility, since they do not consider the physical characteristics of the rover and its environment. Specific addressed topics are: wheel terrain interaction modeling, including terrain parameter estimation and wheel terrain contact angle estimation; rough terrain motion planning; articulated suspension control; and traction control. Simulation and experimental results are presented that show that the desribed algorithms lead to improved mobility for robotic systems in rough terrain.     

Author Name :Karl Iagnemma, Steven Dubowsky

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Nonholonomic Manipulators

This focused monograph on nonholonomic manipulators builds upon an increasing interest in nonholonomic mechanical systems in robotics and control engineering. The scope of this book is the definition and development of new nonholonomic machines which are designed on the basis of nonlinear control theory for nonholonomic mechanical systems. A key feature of the work is the possibility to exploit nonholonomic theory to design innovative mechanical systems with a reduced number of actuators without reducing the size of their controllable space. The book offers a comprehensive treatment of the problem from the theoretical development of the various control schemes to prototyping new types of manipulators, while testing their performance by simulation and experiments in a number of significant cases.     

Author Name :Woojin Chung

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Simulating and Generating Motions of Human Figures

This book focuses on two issues related to human figures: realtime dynamics computation and interactive motion generation. In spite of the growing interest in human figures as both physical robots and virtual characters, standard algorithms and tools for their kinematics and dynamics computation have not been investigated very much. "Simulating and Generating Motions of Human Figures" presents original algorithms to simulate, analyze, generate and control motions of human figures, all focusing on realtime and interactive computation. The book provides both practical methods for contact/collision simulation essential for the simulation of humanoid robots and virtual charactersanda general framework for online, interactive motion generation of human figures based on the dynamics simulation algorithms.     

Author Name :Katsu Yamane

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Soccer Robotics

This monograph is a comprehensive introduction to the field of soccer robotics. Soccer robotics has become an important research area integrating mechatronics, computer science and artificial intelligence techniques to create real-world autonomous systems. It also serves as a popular test arena in which to compare the different approaches, in diverse types of competition and with varying levels of distributed perception and collaboration. The focus of this monograph is the FIRA framework of Soccer Robotics, in particular MiroSot, which uses a central overhead camera to overview the whole soccer field and a central control of the robots. "Soccer Robotics completely describes the different requirements to create a soccer team and details the hardware aspects, the computer vision needed, navigation, action selection, basic skills and game strategy. These aspects are described at an undergraduate level, resulting in a book not only useful as a text for courses but also indispensable for everyone who wants to participate in MiroSot robotics.     

Author Name :Jong-Hwan Kim, Dong-Han Kim, Yong-Jae Kim, Kiam-Tian Seow

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Advances in Control of Articulated and Mobile Robots

This monograph presents an updated source of information on the state of the art in advanced control of articulated and mobile robots. It includes relevant selected problems dealing with enhanced actuation, motion planning and control functions for articulated robots, as well as of sensory and autonomous decision capabilities for mobile robots. The basic idea behind the book is to provide a larger community of robotic researchers and developers with a reliable source of information and innovative applications in the field of control of cooperating and mobile robots. This book is the outcome of the research project MISTRAL (Methodologies and Integration of Subsystems and Technologies for Anthropic Robotics and Locomotion) funded in 2001-2002 by the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research. The thorough discussion, rigorous treatment, and wide span of the presented work reveal the significant advances in the theoretical foundation and technology basis of the robotics field worldwide.     

Author Name :Bruno Siciliano, Oussama Khatib, Frans Groen

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Geometric Fundamentals of Robotics

Geometric Fundamentals of Robotics provides an elegant introduction to the geometric concepts that are important to applications in robotics. This second edition is still unique in providing a deep understanding of the subject: rather than focusing on computational results in kinematics and robotics, it includes significant state-of-the art material that reflects important advances in the field, connecting robotics back to mathematical fundamentals in group theory and geometry.     

Author Name :J.M. Selig

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Parallel Manipulators Towards New Applications

This book opens a window to exceptional research and development work on parallel mechanisms contributed by authors from around the world. Through this window the reader can get a good view of current parallel robot research and applications.The book consists of 23 chapters introducing both basic research and advanced developments.Topics covered include kinematics, dynamic analysis, accuracy, optimization design,modelling, simulation and control of parallel robots, and the development of parallel mechanisms for special applications. The new algorithms and methods presented by the contributors are very effective approaches to solving general problems in design and analysis of parallel robots.The goal of the book is to present good examples of parallel kinematics mechanisms and thereby, we hope, provide useful information to readers interested in building parallel robots.     

Author Name :HUAPENG WU

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Take a detailed look at the fascinating world of robots - from the earliest single-task machines to the advanced intelligence of robots with feelings. Young readers will be amazed to learn all that robots can do: perform delicate surgical operations, clean city sewers, work as museum tour guides, or even battle each other in combat. Find out how humans have created these mechanical minds and bodies.     

Author Name :Roger Bridgman

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Intelligent Robotic Systems

Here is a comprehensive presentation of methodology for the design and synthesis of an intelligent complex robotic system, connecting formal tools from discrete system theory, artificial intelligence, neural network, and fuzzy logic. The necessary methods for solving real time action planning, coordination and control problems are described. A notable chapter presents a new approach to intelligent robotic agent control acting in a realworld environment based on a lifelong learning approach combining cognitive and reactive capabilities. Another key feature is the homogeneous description of all solutions and methods based on system theory formalism.     

Author Name :Witold Jacak

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Mixed Reality and Human-Robot Interaction

MR technologies play an increasing role in different aspects of human-robot interactions. The visual combination of digital contents with real working spaces creates a simulated environment that is set out to enhance these aspects. This book presents and discusses fundamental scientific issues, technical implementations, lab testing, and industrial applications and case studies of Mixed Reality in Human-Robot Interaction. It is a reference book that not only acts as meta-book in the field that defines and frames Mixed Reality use in Human-Robot Interaction, but also addresses up-coming trends and emerging directions of the field.This volume offers a comprehensive reference volume to the state-of-the-art in the area of MR in Human-Robot Interaction, an excellent mix of contributions from leading researcher/experts in multiple disciplines from academia and industry. All authors are experts and/or top researchers in their respective areas and each of the chapters has been rigorously reviewed for intellectual contents by the editorial team to ensure a high quality. This book provides up-to-date insight into the current research topics in this field as well as the latest technological advancements and the best working examples.     

Author Name :Xiangyu Wang

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Multi-Arm Cooperating Robots

This book will be useful to a wide audience of engineers, ranging from undergraduate and graduate students, new and advanced academic researchers, to practitioners (mechanical and electrical engineers, computer and system scientists). It is intended for readers whose work involves manufacturing, industrial, robotics, automation, computer and control engineering, and who wish to find out about this important new technology and its potential advantages for control engineering applications.     

Author Name :M.D. Zivanovic, M. Vukobratovic

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Type Synthesis of Parallel Mechanisms

This unique monograph focuses on the systematic type synthesis of parallel mechanisms (PMs), a key issue in the creative design of a wide variety of innovative devices such as parallel manipulators, motion simulators, and haptic devices. Essential reading for researchers, developers, engineers and graduate students with interests in robotics, this book covers the classification of PMs as well as providing a large number of PMs ready to be used in practical applications.     

Author Name :Xianwen Kong,Clment M. Gosselin

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Design of Digital Systems and Devices

Logic design of digital devices is a very important part of the Computer Science. It deals with design and testing of logic circuits for both data-path and control unit of a digital system. Design methods depend strongly on logic elements using for implementation of logic circuits. Different programmable logic devices are wide used for implementation of logic circuits. Nowadays, we witness the rapid growth of new and new chips, but there is a strong lack of new design methods.This book includes a variety of design and test methods targeted on different digital devices. It covers methods of digital system design, the development of theoretical base for construction and designing of the PLDbased devices, application of UML for digital design. A considerable part of the book is devoted to design methods oriented on implementing control units using FPGA and CPLD chips. Such important issues as design of reliable FSMs, automatic design of concurrent logic controllers, the models and methods for creating infrastructure IP services for the SoCs are also presented.     

Author Name :Marian Adamski, Alexander Barkalov, and Marek Wegrzyn

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Adaptive Filtering and Change Detection

Adaptive filtering is a branch of digital signal processing which enables the selective enhancement of desired elements of a signal and the reduction of undesired elements. Change detection is another kind of adaptive filtering for non-stationary signals, and is the basic tool in fault detection and diagnosis.This text takes the unique approach that change detection is a natural extension of adaptive filtering, and the broad coverage encompasses both the mathematical tools needed for adaptive filtering and change detection and the applications of the technology. Real engineering applications covered include aircraft, automotive, communication systems, signal processing and automatic control problems. The unique integration of both theory and practical applications makes this book a valuable resource combining information otherwise only available in separate sources.     

Author Name :Fredrik Gustafsson

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Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems

This updated and expanded version of the very successful first edition offers new chapters on controlling the emission from electronic systems, especially digital systems, and on low-cost techniques for providing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for consumer products sold in a competitive market. There is also a new chapter on the susceptibility of electronic systems to electrostatic discharge. There is more material on FCC regulations, digital circuit noise and layout, and digital circuit radiation. Virtually all the material in the first edition has been retained. Contains a new appendix on FCC EMC test procedures.     

Author Name :Henry Ott

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Clinical Pharmacology

Today we witness an eventful time in which the powerful new forces of genomics, information technology and economics are rapidly changing the science and art of medicine. This will require more specialization than ever before. However, there is also an increasing demand for an integrated approach, which is provided by the discipline of Clinical Pharmacology (CP). CP pursues a scientific goal by studying drug action in patients and volunteers, a clinical goal by administering appropriate drug therapy and a regulatory goal by assessing the risk/benefit ratio of drug candidates in drug development and reimbursement. This introduction to current topics of CP covers traditional topics of clinical drug research and trial methodology but also provides insight in current topics like genomics, imaging technology and issues in drug reimbursement. A number of concrete case studies in clinical drug research and development help to give a better understanding of the general principles of CP.     

Author Name :Markus Muller

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Hardware and Computer Organization

Hardware and Computer Organization is a practical introduction to the architecture of modern microprocessors for students and professional alike. It is designed to take practicing professionals under the hood of a PC and provide them with an understanding of the basics of the complex machine that has become such a pervasive part of our everyday life. It clearly explains how hardware and software cooperatively interact to accomplish real-world tasks.Instead of simply demonstrating how to design a computers hardware, it provides an understanding of the total machine, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, explaining how to deal with memory and how to write efficient assemble code that interacts with and takes best advantage of the underlying hardware.Additionally, the book has a unique emphasis on facilitating the ability to make real engineering decisions in industry when working with anything from simple 8-bit microprocessors in embedded applications to PCs and workstations. It demystifies the link between the behaviour of the code and the operation of the machine, while helping engineers and students to better understand the limitations imposed by finite speed and resources.     

Author Name :Arnold S. Berger

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Fuzzy Logic for Embedded Systems Applications

Fuzzy Logic for Embedded Systems Applications, by a recognized expert in the field, covers all the basic theory relevant to electronics design, with particular emphasis on embedded systems, and shows how the techniques can be applied to shorten design cycles and handle logic problems that are tough to solve using conventional linear techniques. All the latest advances in the field aree discussed and practical circuit design examples presented.Fuzzy logic has been found to be particularly suitable for many embedded control applications. The intuitive nature of the fuzzy-based system design saves engineers time and reduces costs by shortening product development cycles and making system maintenance and adjustments easier. Yet despite its wide acceptanceand perhaps because of its nameit is still misunderstood and feared by many engineers. There is a need for embedded systems designersboth hardware and softwareto get up to speed on the principles and applications of fuzzy logic in order to ascertain when and how to use them appropriately.     

Author Name :Ahmad Ibrahim

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Software Development for Embedded Multi-core Systems

The multicore revolution has reached the deployment stage in embedded systems ranging from small ultramobile devices to large telecommunication servers. The transition from single to multicore processors, motivated by the need to increase performance while conserving power, has placed great responsibility on the shoulders of software engineers. In this new embedded multicore era, the toughest task is the development of code to support more sophisticated systems. This book provides embedded engineers with solid grounding in the skills required to develop software targeting multicore processors. Within the text, the author undertakes an in-depth exploration of performance analysis, and a close-up look at the tools of the trade. Both general multicore design principles and processor-specific optimization techniques are revealed. Detailed coverage of critical issues for multicore employment within embedded systems is provided, including the Threading Development Cycle, with discussions of analysis, design, development, debugging, and performance tuning of threaded applications. Software development techniques engendering optimal mobility and energy efficiency are highlighted through multiple case studies, which provide practical how-to advice on implementing the latest multicore processors. Finally, future trends are discussed, including terascale, speculative multithreading, transactional memory, interconnects, and the software-specific implications of these looming architectural developments.     

Author Name :Max Domeika

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Designing with FPGAs and CPLDs

This work helps you choose the right programmable logic devices and development tools; understand the design, verification, and testing issues; and, plan schedules and allocate resources efficiently. You can choose the right programmable logic devices with this guide. "Designing with FPGAs and CPLDs" guides readers through choosing the right programmable logic devices, understanding the design, verification, and testing issues involved with them, and more.Author presents the proprietary architectures and processes of the assortment of CPLDs and FPGAs on the market to help the reader select the appropriate device.     

Author Name :Robert Zeidman

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DSP Software Development Techniques for Embedded and Real-Time Systems

Most of the other references on DSPs are highly mathematical and theoretical. This one is extremely practical and emphasizes those design and programming techniques required by the constraints of real-time and embedded applications.     

Author Name :Robert Oshana

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Embedded Systems Design An Introduction to Processes, Tools and Techniques

* Hardware/Software Partitioning * Cross-Platform Development * Firmware Debugging * Performance Analysis * Testing & Integration Get into embedded systems programming with a clear understanding of the development cycle.Understand the embedded systems development cycle and the specialized aspects of writing software in this environment. You get clear explanations of how cross-development environments work, software/hardware integration techniques, and the key methods and technologies for each phase of the development process.     

Author Name :Arnold S. Berger

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Embedded Controller Hardware Design

Gives the reader an integrated hardware/software approach to embedded controller design,Stresses a "worst case" design approach for the harsh environments in which embedded systems are often used,Includes design examples to make important concepts come alive.     

Author Name :Ken Arnold

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Embedded Digital Signal Processing Systems

During the brief history of GSM mobile phones, the line widths of silicon technologies used for their implementa- tion have decreased from 0.8m in the mid 1990s to around 0.13m in the early 21st century. In a typical phone, a basic voice call is fully executed in the baseband signal processing part, making it a very interesting reference point for compar- isons as the application has not changed over the years, not even in the voice call user interface. Nokia gives the talk- time and stand-by time for its phones in the product spec- i?cations, measured according to or an earlier similar convention. This enables us to track the impacts of techno- logical changes over time.     

Author Name :Jarmo, Henrik Takala, Shuvra, S. Bhattacharyya, Gang Qu

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Synthesis of Embedded Software

Embedded software is ubiquitous today. There are millions of lines of embedded code in smart phones, and even more in systems responsible for automotive control, avionics control, weapons control and space missions. Some of these are safety-critical systems whose correctness, timely response, and reliability are of paramount importance. These requirement pose new challenges to system designers. This necessitates that a proper design science, based on "constructive correctness" be developed. Correct-by-construction design and synthesis of embedded software is done in a way so that post-development verification is minimized, and correct operation of embedded systems is maximized. This book presents the state of the art in the design of safety-critical, embedded software. It introduced readers to three major approaches to specification driven, embedded software synthesis/construction: synchronous programming based approaches, models of computation based approaches, and an approach based on concurrent programming with a co-design focused language. It is an invaluable reference for practitioners and researchers concerned with improving the product development life-cycle.     

Author Name :Sandeep K. Shukla, Jean-Pierre Talpin

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Embedded Systems and Computer Architecture

The author has taught the design and use of microprocessor systems to undergraduate and technician level students for over 25 years. It is a core text for academic modules on microprocessors, embedded systems and computer architecture. It offers a practical design-orientated approach. A free CD-ROM features a unique microprocessor simulator, and accompanying website contains solutions, FAQs and updates to software.     

Author Name :Graham Wilson

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Reconfigurable Field Programmable Gate Arrays for Mission-Critical Applications

Embedded systems applications that are either mission or safety-critical usually entail low- to mid- production volumes, require the rapid development of specific tasks, which are typically computing intensive, and are cost bounded. The adoption of re-configurable FPGAs in such application domains is constrained to the availability of suitable techniques to guarantee the dependability requirements entailed by critical applications. This book describes the challenges faced by designers when implementing a mission- or safety-critical application using re-configurable FPGAs and it details various techniques to overcome these challenges. In addition to an overview of the key concepts of re-configurable FPGAs, it provides a theoretical description of the failure modes that can cause incorrect operation of re-configurable FPGA-based electronic systems. It also outlines analysis techniques that can be used to forecast such failures and covers the theory behind solutions to mitigate fault effects. This book also reviews current technologies available for building re-configurable FPGAs, specifically SRAM-based technology and Flash-based technology. For each technology introduced, theoretical concepts presented are applied to real cases. Design techniques and tools are presented to develop critical applications using commercial, off-the-shelf devices, such as Xilinx Virtex FPGAs, and Actel ProASIC FPGAs. Alternative techniques based on radiation hardened FPGAs, such as Xilinx SIRF and Atmel ATF280 are also presented. This publication is an invaluable reference for anyone interested in understanding the technologies of re-configurable FPGAs, as well as designers developing critical applications based on these technologies.     

Author Name :Niccolo Battezzati, Luca Sterpone, Massimo Violante

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Oracle Embedded Programming and Application Development

Focusing on tried and true best practice techniques in cross-technology based Oracle embedded programming, this book provides authoritative guidance for improving your code compilation and execution. Geared towards IT professionals developing Oracle-based Web-enabled applications in PL/SQL, Java, C, C++, .NET, Perl, and PHP, it covers application development from concepts to customization, following a pragmatic approach to design, coding, testing, deployment, and customizationexplaining how to maximize embedded programming practices.     

Author Name :Lakshman Bulusu

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Digital Self-tuning Controllers

Adaptive control theory has developed significantly over the past few years; self-tuning control represents one branch of adaptive control that has been successfully applied in practice. Controller design requires knowledge of the plant to be controlled which is not always readily accessible; self-tuning controllers gather such information during normal operation and adjust controller designs on-line as required.Digital Self-tuning Controllers presents you with a complete course in self-tuning control, beginning with a survey of adaptive control and the formulation of adaptive control problems. Modelling and identification are dealt with before passing on to algebraic design methods and particular PID and linear-quadratic forms of self-tuning control. Finally, laboratory verification and experimentation will show you how to ground your theoretical knowledge in real plant control.     

Author Name :Vladimir Bobal, Joseph Bohm, Jaromir Fessl, Jiri Machacek

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Introduction to Mixed-Signal Embedded Design

This textbook is written for junior/senior undergraduate and first-year graduate students in the electrical and computer engineering departments. Using PSoC mixed-signal array design, the authors define the characteristics of embedded design, embedded mixed-signal architectures, and top-down design. Optimized implementations of these designs are included to illustrate the theory. Exercises are provided at the end of each chapter for practice. Topics covered include the hardware and software used to implement analog and digital processing loops, various filter structures, amplifiers and other signal-conditioning circuits, analog to digital converters, pulse-width modulators, timers, and data structures for handling peripheral devices. The practical exercises contained in the companion laboratory manual, which was co-authored by Cypress Staff Applications Engineer Dave Van Ess, are also based on PSoC. PSoC's integrated microcontroller, highly configurable analog/digital peripherals, and a full set of development tools make it an ideal learning tool for developing mixed-signal embedded design skills.     

Author Name :Alex Doboli, Edward H. Currie

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Embedded Security in Cars

Lemke, Paar, and Wolf collect in this volume a state-of-the-art overview on all aspects relevant for IT security in automotive applications. After an introductory chapter written by the editors themselves, the contributions from experienced experts of different disciplines are structured into three parts. "Security in the Automotive Domain" describes applications for which IT security is crucial, like immobilizers, tachographs, and software updates. "Embedded Security Technologies" details security technologies relevant for automotive applications, e.g., symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, and wireless security. "Business Aspects of IT Systems in Cars" shows the need for embedded security in novel applications like location-based navigation systems and personalization     

Author Name :Kerstin Lemke, Christof Paar, Marko Wolf

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Run-time Adaptation for Reconfigurable Embedded Processors

Embedded processors are the heart of embedded systems. Reconfigurable embedded processors comprise an extended instruction set that is implemented using a reconfigurable fabric (similar to a field-programmable gate array, FPGA). This book presents novel concepts, strategies, and implementations to increase the run-time adaptivity of reconfigurable embedded processors. Concepts and techniques are presented in an accessible, yet rigorous context. A complex, realistic H.264 video encoder application with a high demand for adaptivity is presented and used as an example for motivation throughout the book. A novel, run-time system is demonstrated to exploit the potential for adaptivity and particular approaches/algorithms are presented to implement it.     

Author Name :Lars Bauer, Jrg Henkel

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Cloud Connectivity and Embedded Sensory Systems

Sensor networks are meant to create awareness in space and time. They may be measuring the presence of an object or a condition, characterizing an object stream or a situational pattern, or even detect abnormalities that are to occur. This book provides new theory on the design of wireless sensor networks, based on concepts developed for large-scale, distributed computing environments known as cloud computing. It provides a single-source entry into the world of intelligent sensory networks, with a step-by-step discussion of building case studies that capture the requirements, taking into account practical limitations of creating ambient intelligence. The reader will not only achieve a better understanding of sensory clouds, swarms and flocks but is also guided by examples of how to design such networks taking the typical characteristics of diverse application areas into account.     

Author Name :Lambert Spaanenburg, Hendrik Spaanenburg

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Software Technologies for Embedded and Ubiquitous Systems

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 8th IFIP WG 10.2 International Workshop on Software Technologies for Embedded and Ubiquitous Systems, SEUS 2010, held in Waidhofen/Ybbs, Austria, in October 2010. The 21 revised full papers presented together with the abstracts of two invited talks were carefully reviewed and selected from 30 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on hardware, real-time systems, model-based design and model-checking, sensor nets, error detection and system failures, hard real-time, middleware and smart spaces, and function composition and task mapping.     

Author Name :Sang Lyul Min, Robert Pettit, and Theo Ungerer

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The Art of Systems Architecting

Today's architecting must handle systems of types unknown until very recently. New domains, including personal computers, intersatellite networks, health services, and joint service command and control are calling for new architectures-and for architects specializing in those domains. Since the original publication, of this bestselling text, these new and emerging fields have contributed architectural concepts and tools of their own to the relatively new formalism-and evolving profession-called Systems Architecting.The Art of Systems Architecting, Second Edition restates and extends into the future the classical architecting paradigm, incorporating the most broadly applicable of these contributions. It remains the most innovative, insightful treatment available to the discipline, providing both the academic and the industrial communities with the up-to-date tools, concepts, and techniques needed to conceive and build complex systems.     

Author Name :Mark W. Maier, Eberhardt Rechtin

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Embedded C Programming and the Atmel AVR, 1e

Enter the world of embedded programming and microcontroller applications! One of the only books available today that uses the increasingly popular and cost-effective Atmel AVR embedded controller as the platform and application for learning, Embedded C Programming and the Atmel AVR is the perfect choice for novices. Featuring a host of fully-functional example applications, this highly innovative book enables users to adopt a "learn by doing" approach as they develop the knowledge and skills needed to achieve proficiency. Following an introduction to Atmel AVR RISC processors, readers are launched immediately into an embedded C language tutorial. Here, they'll experiment with variables and constants, operators and expressions, control statements, pointers and arrays, memory types, preprocessor directives, real-time methods, and more! In addition to a comprehensive library functions reference, an entire chapter on the CodeVision AVR C Compiler provides clear, step-by-step instruction in IDE installation and operation, mixing Assembler with C, and using the Code Wizard Code Generator. Use of peripherals such as keypads, LCD displays, and other common embedded microcontroller-related devices is also explored fully in this all-inclusive, state-of-the-art programmer's how-to and reference manual.     

Author Name :Richard H.Barnett,Sarah Cox,Larry O'Cull

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Embedded Systems Design

In this new edition the latest ARM processors and other hardware developments are fully covered along with new sections on Embedded Linux and the new freeware operating system eCOS. The hot topic of embedded systems and the internet is also introduced. In addition a fascinating new case study explores how embedded systems can be developed and experimented with using nothing more than a standard PC.     

Author Name :Steve Heath

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Designing Embedded Internet Devices

Embedded internet and internet appliances are the focus of great attention in the computing industry, as they are seen as the future of computing. The design of such devices presents many technical challenges. This book is the first guide available that describes how to design internet access and communications capabilities into embedded systems. It takes an integrated hardware/software approach using the Java programming language and industry-standard microcontrollers. Numerous illustrations and code examples enliven the text. This book shows how to build various sensors and control devices that connect to the TINI interfaces, explains how to write programs that control them in Java, and then ties them all together in practical applications. Included is a discussion on how these technologies work, where to get detailed specifications, and ideas for the reader to pursue beyond the book. The accompanying CDROM includes Java source code for all the applications described in the book, as well as an electronic version of the text.     

Author Name :Brian DeMuth, Dan Eisenreich

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DSP Applications Using C and the TMS320C6x DSK

* The TMS320C6x is Texas Instrument's next generation DSP found in over 60 percent of wireless devices from leading manufacturers such as Ericsson, Nokia, Sony, and Handspring * Author has many years experience working with the TI line of TMS DSPs and his books are based on courses and seminars given at TI sponsored meetings * All programs listed in the text will be available on the Wiley FTP site * In addition to its wireless applications, the TMS DSP is tailored to enable a new generation of Internet media entertainment appliances     

Author Name :Rulph Chassaing

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Autonomous Flying Robots

Worldwide demand for robotic aircraft such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and micro aerial vehicles (MAVs) is surging. Not only military but especially civil applications are being developed at a rapid pace. Unmanned vehicles offer major advantages when used for aerial surveillance, reconnaissance, and inspection in complex and inhospitable environments. UAVs are better suited for dirty or dangerous missions than manned aircraft and are more cost-effective. UAVs can operate in contaminated environments, for example, and at altitudes both lower and higher than those typically traversed by manned aircraft. Many technological, economic, and political factors have encouraged the development and operation of UAVs. New sensors, microprocessors, and propulsion systems are smaller, lighter, and more capable, leading to levels of endurance, efficiency, and autonomy that exceed human capacities. Comprising the latest research, this book describes step by step the development of small or miniature unmanned aerial vehicles and discusses in detail the integrated prototypes developed at the robotics laboratory of Chiba University. With demonstration videos, the book will interest not only graduate students, scientists, and engineers but also newcomers to the field.     

Author Name :Kenzo Nonami, Farid Kendoul, Satoshi Suzuki,Wei Wang, Daisuke Nakazawa

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RoboCup 2008

This book includes the proceedings of the 12th RoboCup International Symposium, held in Suzhou, China, on July 15-18, 2008 in conjunction with Soccer, Rescue, @Home and Junior competitions and demonstrations. Papers presented at the symposium focused on diverse areas related to the main RoboCup threads and to Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in general. The 36 revised full papers and 20 revised poster papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 91 submissions. The contributions provide a valuable source of references and inspiration for R and D professionals interested in robotics and artificial intelligence.     

Author Name :Luca Iocchi, Hitoshi Matsubara,AlfredoWeitzenfeld, Changjiu Zhou

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Kinematic Geometry of Mechanisms

This text relates classical two- and three-dimensional geometry to mechanisms. The emphasis is geometrical rather than analytical.     

Author Name :Hunt

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Designing Embedded Processors

Designing Embedded Processors examines the many ways in which processor based systems are designed to allow low power devices. It looks at processor design methods, memory optimization, dynamic voltage scaling methods, compiler methods, and multi processor methods. Each section has an introductory chapter to give a breadth view, and have a few specialist chapters in the area to give a deeper perspective. The book provides a good starting point to engineers in the area, and to research students embarking upon the exciting area of embedded systems and architectures.     

Author Name :J. Henkel, S. Parameswaran

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Intelligent and Biosensors

The term intelligent sensor has been used in the sensor industry to describe sensors that provide not only measurements, but also functionality to specific measurements. This book is an attempt to highlight the current research in the field of Intelligent and Biosensors, thereby describing state-of-the-art techniques in the field and emerging new technologies, also showcasing some examples and applications.     

Author Name :Vernon S. Somerset

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Fuzzy Systems

This book is intended to present fuzzy logic systems and useful applications with a self-contained, simple, readable approach. It is intended for the intelligent reader with an alert mind. The approach, the organization, and the presentation of this book are also hoped to enhance the accessibility to existing knowledge beyond its contents. The book is divided into twelve chapters. In Chapter 1 Gaussian membership functions (MFs) are proposed as an alternative to the traditional triangular MFs in order to improve the reliability and robustness of the system. Gaussian MFs provide smooth transition between levels and provides a way to fire the maximum number of rules in the rule base and hence a more accurate representation of the input-output relationship is achieved. Chapter 2 describes robust H? control problems for uncertain Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy systems with immeasurable premise variables. A continuous-time Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy system is first considered. The same control problems for discrete-time counterpart are also considered.Chapter 3 deals with the control of T-S fuzzy systems using fuzzy weighting-dependent lyapunov function. In Chapter 4, the digital fuzzy control system considering a time delay is developed and its stability analysis and design method are proposed. The discrete Takagi- Sugeno(TS) fuzzy model and parallel distributed compensation(PDC) conception for the controller are used. The proposed control system can be designed using the conventional methods for stabilizing the discrete time fuzzy systems and the feedback gains of the controller can be obtained using the concept of the linear matrix inequality (LMI) feasibility problem...     

Author Name :Ahmad Taher Azar

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Mathematical Summary for Digital Signal Processing Applications

Mathematical summary for Digital Signal Processing Applications with Matlab consists of Mathematics which is not usually dealt in the DSP core subject, but used in DSP applications. Matlab programs with illustrations are given for the selective topics such as generation of Multivariate Gaussian distributed sample outcomes, Bacterial foraging algorithm, Newtons iteration, Steepest descent algorithm, etc. are given exclusively in the separate chapter. Also Mathematical summary for Digital Signal Processing Applications with Matlab is written in such a way that it is suitable for Non-Mathematical readers and is very much suitable for the beginners who are doing research in Digital Signal Processing.     

Author Name :E. S. Gopi

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Applied Digital Optics

Miniaturization and mass replications have begun to lead the optical industry in the transition from traditional analog to novel digital optics. As digital optics enter the realm of mainstream technology through the worldwide sale of consumer electronic devices, this timely book aims to present the topic of digital optics in a unified way. Ranging from micro-optics to nanophotonics, and design to fabrication through to integration in final products, it reviews the various physical implementations of digital optics in either micro-refractives, waveguide (planar lightwave chips), diffractive and hybrid optics or sub-wavelength structures (resonant gratings, surface plasmons, photonic crystals and metamaterials). Finally, it presents a comprehensive list of industrial and commercial applications that are taking advantage of the unique properties of digital optics.     

Author Name :Bernard C. Kress, Patrick Meyrueis

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Digital Processing and Reconstruction of Complex Signals

In real electronic systems, voltage and current signals are not necessarily of a periodical quantity, due to the presence of nonharmonic components or/and possible stochastic variation. This book presents in three parts methods for analyzing and processing and reconstructing complex signals.The first part of this book is dedicated to the problem of measurements of the basic electric quantities in electric utilities, both from the aspect of accuracy of this type of measurements and the possibilities of simple and practical realization. The second part presents a reconstruction of trigonometric polynomials, a specific class of band-limited signals, from a number of integrated values of input signals. The third part deals with the problem of estimating the value of the active power of the ac signal in the presence of subharmonics and interharmonics. The analysis makes use of the most general model of the voltage and current signal, i.e. the most complex spectral content that can be expected to appear in practice.     

Author Name :Predrag B. Petrovic

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Active Filters for Intergrated-Circuit Applications

This authoritative resource offers you comprehensive knowledge and detailed design guidance on active filters for integrated-circuit applications. The book identifies common problem areas, reviews circuit analysis operations, and thoroughly illustrates the concept of feedback. You learn the state variable procedure - a general design approach that is appropriate for a wide range of applications. The book also discusses classic approaches such as cascade and biquad circuits for comparative purposes. This unique resource features a case study for two operational amplifier designs that illustrates key challenges that need to be overcome. The book presents a multitone procedure for the simulated testing of switched capacitor designs, and teaches you how to find desired pre-corrected network functions that can be implemented to meet arbitrary specifications. Other key topics examined include sensitivity considerations, leapfrog architecture, and critical frequency distortion due to the switched capacitor integrator.     

Author Name :Fred H.Irons

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Fourier Transforms in Radar and Signal Processing

Electrical engineers working in radar, sonar, and signal processing use Fourier transform relationships everyday on the job. This book presents a coordinated system for performing Fourier transforms in a wide variety of areas.     

Author Name :David Brandwood

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Principles of Digital Communication and Coding

Written by two distinguished experts in the field of digital communications, this classic text remains a vital resource three decades after its initial publication. Its treatment is geared toward students of communications theory and to designers of channels, links, terminals, modems, or networks used to transmit and receive digital messages.     

Author Name :Andrew J. Viterbi, Jim K. Omura

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Precoding and Signal Shaping for Digital Transmission

This book is the outcome of my research and teaching activities in the field of fast digital communication, especially applied to the subscriber lines network, over the last ten years. It is primarily intended as a textbook for graduate students in electrical engineering, specializing in communications. However, it may also serve as a reference book for the practicing engineer. The reader is expected to have a background in engineering and to be familiar with the theory of signals and systems-the basics of communications, especially digital pulse-amplitude-modulated transmission, are presumed.     

Author Name :Robert F.H.Fischer

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Multi-Carrier and Spread Spectrum Systems

Frequency spectrum is a limited and valuable resource for wireless communications. A good example can be observed among network operators in Europe for the prices to pay for UMTS-frequency bands. Therefore, the first goal when designing future wireless communication systems (e.g. 4G - fourth generation) has to be the increase in spectral efficiency. The development in digital communications in the past years has enabled efficient modulation and coding techniques for robust and spectral efficient data, speech, audio and video transmission. These are the multi-carrier modulation (e.g. OFDM) and the spread spectrum technique (e.g. DS-CDMA), where OFDM was chosen for broadcast applications (DVB, DAB) as well as for broadband wireless indoor standards (ETSI HIPERLAN-II, IEEE-802.11) and the DS-CDMA was selected in mobile communications (IS-95, third generation mobile radio systems world wide, UMTS/IMT 2000).Since 1993 various combinations of multi-carrier (MC) modulation and the spread spectrum (SS) technique have been introduced and the field of MC-SS communications has become an independent and important research topic with increasing activities. New application fields have been proposed such as high rate cellular mobile, high rate wireless indoor and LMDS. It has been shown that MC-SS offers the high spectral efficiency, robustness and flexibility that is required for the next generation systems. Meanwhile, different alternative hybrid schemes such as OFDM/OFDMA, MC-TDMA, etc. have been deeply analysed and adopted in different international standards (ETSI-BRAN, IEEE-802 & MMAC).     

Author Name :K.Fazel, S.Kaiser

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Recent Advances in Multimedia Signal Processing and Communications

The rapid increase in computing power and communication speed, coupled with computer storage facilities availability, has led to a new age of multimedia applications. Multimedia is practically everywhere and all around us we can feel its presence in almost all applications ranging from online video databases, IPTV, interactive multimedia and more recently in multimedia based social interaction. These new growing applications require high-quality data storage, easy access to multimedia content and reliable delivery. Moving ever closer to commercial deployment also aroused a higher awareness of security and intellectual property management issues.All the aforementioned requirements resulted in higher demands on various areas of research (signal processing, image/video processing and analysis, communication protocols, content search, watermarking, etc.). This book covers the most prominent research issues in multimedia and is divided into four main sections: i) content based retrieval, ii) storage and remote access, iii) watermarking and copyright protection and iv) multimedia applications.     

Author Name :Mislav Grgic, Kresimir Delac

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Digital Audio Broadcasting

The new digital radio system DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting), developed within the Eureka 147 project in close cooperation with the EBU, is a very innovative and universal multimedia broadcast system that is just being introduced, and which has the potential to replace existing AM and FM audio broadcast services in many parts of the world in the near future. In several countries in Europe and overseas, broadcasting organisations, network providers and receiver manufacturers are already implementing digital broadcasting services using the DAB system. DAB is very different from conventional analogue broadcasting systems. Most of the system components such as perceptual audio coding (MPEG-1/2), OFDM channel coding and modulation, the provision of a multiplex of several services and data transmission protocols (MOT), are new concepts typical of digital broadcasting. Even experts in analogue transmission systems will feel less familiar with these new elements of broadcasting technology. Therefore, the aim of this book is to inform the expert reader about the basic concepts of the DAB system.     

Author Name :Wolfgang Hoeg, Thomas Lauterbach

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PSpice for Digital Communications Engineering

PSpice for Digital Communications Engineering shows how to simulate digital communication systems and modulation methods using the very powerful Cadence Orcad PSpice version 10.5 suite of software programs. Fourier series and Fourier transform are applied to signals to set the ground work for the modulation techniques introduced in later chapters. Various baseband signals, including duo-binary baseband signaling, are generated and the spectra are examined to detail the unsuitability of these signals for accessing the public switched network. Pulse code modulation and time-division multiplexing circuits are examined and simulated where sampling and quantization noise topics are discussed. We construct a single-channel PCM system from transmission to receiver i.e. end-to-end, and import real speech signals to examine the problems associated with aliasing, sample and hold. Companding is addressed here and we look at the A and mu law characteristics for achieving better signal to quantization noise ratios. Several types of delta modulators are examined and also the concept of time divisionmultiplexing is considered. Multi-level signaling techniques such as QPSK andQAMare analyzed and simulated and home-made meters, such as scatter and eye meters, are used to assess the performance of these modulation systems in the presence of noise. The raised-cosine family of filters for shaping data before transmission is examined in depth where bandwidth efficiency and channel capacity is discussed. We plot several graphs in Probe to compare the efficiency of these systems. Direct spread spectrum is the last topic to be examined and simulated to show the advantages of spreading the signal over a wide bandwidth and giving good signal security at the same time.     

Author Name :Paul Tobin

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Practical Digital Wireless Signals

Do you need to know what signal type to select for a wireless application? Quickly develop a useful expertise in digital modulation with this practical guide, based on the author's experience of over 30 years in industrial design. You will understand the physical meaning behind the mathematics of wireless signals and learn the intricacies and tradeoffs in signal selection and design. Six modulation families and 12 modulation types are covered in depth, together with a quantitative ranking of relative cost incurred to implement any of 12 modulation types. Extensive discussions of the Shannon Limit, Nyquist filtering, efficiency measures and signal-to-noise measures are provided, radio wave propagation and antennas, multiple access techniques, and signal coding principles are all covered, and spread spectrum and wireless system operation requirements are presented.     

Author Name :Earl McCune

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Conceptual Wavelets in Digital Signal Processing

Wavelets are incredibly powerful, but if you can t understand them, you can t use them or worse, blissfully misuse them!CONCEPTUAL WAVELETS is unique as a complete, in-depth treatment of the subject but from an intuitive, conceptual point of view. In this book we stress informed use of wavelets and leave the mathematically rigorous proofs to other texts. We do look at some key equations (at a high-school algebra level)--but only after the concepts are demonstrated so you can see the wavelets (and their associated equations) in action.     

Author Name :D. Lee Fugal

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Introduction To Digital Signal Processing

A text on digital signal processing and digital filter theory for seniors and graduate students, it presents the most current information available with computer-oriented projects integrated throughout. It assumes prior knowledge of signals and systems/circuits.--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.     

Author Name :Kuc Roman

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Digital Communication

Digital Communications" presents the theory and application of the philosophy of Digital Communication systems in a unique but lucid form. The book inserts equal importance to the theory and application aspect of the subject whereby the authors selected a wide class of problems.     

Author Name :Apurba Das

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The MPEG Handbook

This book adds some material to the first edition which in turn completely revised the earlier book entitled MPEG-2. It is an interesting reflection on the rate at which this technology progresses that these frequent revisions are necessary. Perhaps after H.264 one could say that all the key work has been done and thereafter progress will be incremental. H.264, also known as AVC, is, of course, the impetus for this edition. The opportunity has also been taken to incorporate some improved explanations.     

Author Name :John Watkinson

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Notes on Digital Signal Processing

Notes on Digital Signal Processingis a comprehensive, easy-to-use collection of step-by-step procedures for designing and implementing modern DSP solutions. Leading DSP expert andIEEE Signal Processing Magazineassociate editor C. Britton Rorabaugh goes far beyond the basic procedures found in other books while providing the supporting explanations and mathematical materials needed for a deeper understanding.Rorabaugh covers the full spectrum of challenges working engineers are likely to encounter and delves into crucial DSP nuances discussed nowhere else. Readers will find valuable, tested recipes for working with multiple sampling techniques; Fourier analysis and fast Fourier transforms; window functions; classical spectrum analysis; FIR and IIR filter design; analog prototype filters;z-transform analysis; multirate and statistical signal processing; bandpass and quadrature techniques; and much more.     

Author Name :C. Britton Rorabaugh

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Teach Yourself VISUALLY Digital Video

A step-by-step visual guide to using all aspects of the iPhoto application.iPhoto does a lot more than just allow you to crop your photos and fix red-eye! Packed with full-color illustrations and designed for those who learn best when theyseehow things are done,Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhotohelps you take advantage of all the things iPhoto can do.Easy, step-by-step instructions in the highly successful Visual format show you how to enhance your photos, create photo books and greeting cards, organize your photo library, and even create Web galleries. You'll learn to retrieve photos from your iPhone, camera, or card reader; retouch scans of old photos; add special effects; print your pictures; and more with iPhoto.     

Author Name :Lonzell Watson

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Radar Signal Analysis and Processing Using MATLAB

Offering radar-related software for the analysis and design of radar waveform and signal processing, Radar Signal Analysis and Processing Using MATLAB provides a comprehensive source of theoretical and practical information on radar signals, signal analysis, and radar signal processing with companion MATLAB code.After an overview of radar systems operation and design, the book reviews elements of signal theory relevant to radar detection and radar signal processing, along with random variables and processes. The author then presents the unique characteristic of the matched filter and develops a general formula for the output of the matched filter that is valid for any waveform. He analyzes several analog waveforms, including the linear frequency modulation pulse and stepped frequency waveforms, as well as unmodulated pulse-train, binary, polyphase, and frequency codes. The book explores radar target detection and pulse integration, emphasizing the constant false alarm rate. It also covers the stretch processor, the moving target indicator, radar Doppler processing, beamforming, and adaptive array processing.Using configurable MATLAB code, this book demonstrates how to apply signal processing to radar applications. It includes many examples and problems to illustrate the practical application of the theory.     

Author Name :Bassem R. Mahafza

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Implementation and Applications of DSL Technology

Although a success may have many parents, true lasting success spawns many offspring, and indeed this second book, Implementation and Applications of DSL Technology, is the well-endowed offspring of Golden, Dedieu, and Jacobsens Fundamentals of DSL Technology. Each chapter of this second book peers into blossoming subindustries, all born of the once-mistermed transitional Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) industry (that will soon clear $100 billion in total annual service revenue). The trio of DSL editors has once again solicited, and then actually collected, contributions from the worlds leading DSL experts to outline the expanding industry. Once considered an afterthought to a DSL design, splitter circuits and microfilters have become an industry unto themselves. The lead editors set the tone for this second book by commencing with their speciality in this area and writing the very first chapter. While inevitably voice service will go digital, splitter circuits and their derivatives may well find use even when analog voice eventually disappears.     

Author Name :Philip Golden, Herve Dedieu, Krista S.Jacobsen

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Time-Frequency Transforms for Radar Imaging and Signal Analysis

Here's a hands-on book on time-frequency transforms for radar imaging and signal analysis. It teaches you more efficient ways to extract dispersive scattering features; detect and extract weak signals in noise; form clear radar images; estimate parameters and perform motion compensation; detect and track moving targets in the synthetic aperture radar; and analyze vibration and rotation induced micro-Doppler.     

Author Name :Victor C.Chen, Hao Ling

No Of Visit :410      Posted Comments :

Digital Signal Processing

Digital signal processing is an essential element of key communications technologies such as mobile phones and the Internet. This text covers all the major topics in digital signal processing (DSP) design and analysis, supported by MatLab examples and other modelling techniques. The authors explain clearly and concisely why and how to use digital signal processing systems; how to approximate a desired transfer function characteristic using polynomials and ratio of polynomials; why an appropriate mapping of a transfer function onto a suitable structure is important for practical applications; and how to analyze, represent, and explore the tradeoff between time and frequency representation of signals.     

Author Name :Paulo S. R. Diniz,Eduardo A. B. da Silva, Sergio L. Netto

No Of Visit :76      Posted Comments :

Digital Video and Audio Broadcasting Technology

Digital Video and Audio Broadcasting Technology A Practical Engineering Guide" deals with all the most important digital television, sound radio and multimedia standards such as MPEG, DVB, DVD, DAB, ATSC, T-DMB, DMB-T, DRM and ISDB-T. The book provides an in-depth look at these subjects in terms of practical experience. In addition it contains chapters on the basics of technologies such as analog television, digital modulation, COFDM or mathematical transformations between time and frequency domains. The attention in the respective field under discussion is focussed on aspects of measuring techniques and of measuring practice, in each case consolidating the knowledge imparted with numerous practical examples. This book is directed primarily at the specialist working in the field, on transmitters and transmission equipment, network planning, studio technology, playout centers and multiplex center technology and in the development departments for entertainment electronics or TV test engineering. Since the intire field of electrical communications technology is traversed in a wide arc, those who are students in this field are not excluded either. Digital Video and Audio Broadcasting Technology A Practical Engineering Guide" is the 2nd and strongly enlarged edition of Walter Fischers "Digital Television", the well established reference on this challenging technology.     

Author Name :Walter Fischer

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Voice and Speech Quality Perception

Foundations of Voice and Speech Quality Perception starts out with the fundamental question of: "How do listeners perceive voice and speech quality and how can these processes be modeled?" Any quantitative answers require measurements. This is natural for physical quantities but harder to imagine for perceptual measurands. This book approaches the problem by actually identifying major perceptual dimensions of voice and speech quality perception, defining units wherever possible and offering paradigms to position these dimensions into a structural skeleton of perceptual speech and voice quality. The emphasis is placed on voice and speech quality assessment of systems in artificial scenarios. Many scientific fields are involved. This book bridges the gap between two quite diverse fields, engineering and humanities, and establishes the new research area of Voice and Speech Quality Perception.     

Author Name :Ute Jekosch

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Signal Processing with Fractals

This work provides a guide to wavelet-based signal processing with fractals. Coverage includes wavelet theory and transformations, statistically self-similar signals, deterministically self-similar signals, fractal modulation and linear self-similar systems.     

Author Name :Gregory Wornell

No Of Visit :415      Posted Comments :

Optimisation in Signal and Image Processing

This book describes the optimization methods most commonly encountered in signal and image processing: artificial evolution and Parisian approach; wavelets and fractals; information criteria; training and quadratic programming; Bayesian formalism; probabilistic modeling; Markovian approach; hidden Markov models; and metaheuristics (genetic algorithms, ant colony algorithms, cross-entropy, particle swarm optimization, estimation of distribution algorithms, and artificial immune systems).     

Author Name :Patrick Siarry

No Of Visit :419      Posted Comments :

Signals and Systems Made Ridiculously Simple

Signals and Systems Made Ridiculously Simple presents the core concepts and applications of signals processing and linear system theory in a clear and concise format. Each chapter provides carefully selected illustrations and examples to make learning or relearning the material as simple as possible. This book is designed to serve as both a study guide and reference book on this fundamental subject.     

Author Name :Zoher Z. Karu

No Of Visit :391      Posted Comments :

Robust Sigma Delta Converters

Sigma Delta converters are a very popular choice for the A/D converter in multi-standard, mobile and cellular receivers. Key A/D converter specifications are high dynamic range, robustness, scalability, low-power and low EMI.Robust Sigma Delta Converterspresents a requirement derivation of a Sigma Delta modulator applied in a receiver for cellular and connectivity, and shows trade-offs between RF and ADC. The book proposes to categorize these requirements in 5 quality indicators which can be used to qualify a system, namely accuracy, robustness, flexibility, efficiency and emission.     

Author Name :Robert H.M. van Veldhoven, Arthur H.M. van Roermund

No Of Visit :88      Posted Comments :

A Foundation in Digital Communication

This intuitive yet rigorous introduction derives the core results of digital communication from first principles, whilst theory, rather than industry standards, motivates the engineering approaches. With every concept defined mathematically, and including over 300 exercises, this is ideal for graduate courses and for anyone asking 'why' and not just 'how'.     

Author Name :Amos Lapidoth

No Of Visit :423      Posted Comments :

Multirate Digital Signal Processing

Intended for a one-semester advanced graduate course in digital signal processing or as a reference for practicing engineers and researchers.     

Author Name :Crochiere

No Of Visit :398      Posted Comments :

Principles and Elements of Power Electronics

Part 1 covers semiconductor switching devices, their electrical and thermal characteristics and properties. Part 2 describes device driving and protection, while part 3 presents a number of generic applications. The final part, Part 4, introduces capacitors, magnetic components, and resistors, and their characteristics relevant to power electronic applications. Register for the latest version of the book, or download the earlier version without registration     

Author Name :B. W. Williams

No Of Visit :422      Posted Comments :

Introduction to Wavelets and Wavelet Transforms

This book is the only source available that presents a unified view of the theory and applications of discrete and continuous- time signals. This is the only book to present the mathematical point of view, as well as the discrete-time signal processing perspective. It brings together information previously available only in research papers, in engineering and applied mathematics. Appropriate for researchers and practitioners in signal processing and applied mathematics.     

Author Name :C. Sidney Burrus,Ramesh A. Gopinath,Haitao Guo

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Power Electronic Converter Harmonics

Stay on the cutting-edge of applied power electronics for energy-saving systems with this invaluable guide to multiple converters, power sources, and the IEEE Industry Standard 519. One of the foremost experts in the field and holder of 28 patents, Derek A. Paice brings you new circuit schematics and easy-to follow methods for practical system analysis using actual field test results.     

Author Name :Derek A. Paice

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Analog-to-Digital Conversion

Analog-to-Digital Conversion discusses the different analog-to-digital conversion principles: sampling, quantization, reference generation, nyquist architectures and sigma-delta modulation. Analog-to-Digital Conversion presents an overview of the state-of-the-art in this field and focuses on issues of optimizing accuracy and speed while reducing the power level. A lot of background knowledge and practical tips complement the discussion of basic principles, which makes Analog-to-Digital Conversion also a reference for the experienced engineer.     

Author Name :Marcel J.M. Pelgrom

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Oscillators Simplified With 61 Projects

0ne of the most basic of all electronic circuits is the oscilllator, or signal generator.This book tells you all you need to know about oscillator and signal generator circuits for almost any application. Over 60 practical projects are included. These circuits can be readily adapted to suit your individual requirements.This book is a comprehensive guide to oscillator theory and applications     

Author Name :Delton T. Horn

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Introduction to Robotics

This introduces the science and engineering of mechanical manipulation. New material on CAD-CAM and Controls include: Manipulator Mechanism Design, Linear Control of Manipulators, and Off-Line Programming Systems. A thorough treatment of the fundamental skills underlying the use and control of manipulators.     

Author Name :John J. Craig

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Practical Transformer Handbook

This book shows how a transformer can be put to use, common problems which a user will face, and which is the most appropriate in a particular situation. Anyone working with transformers will find this a valuable user guide. Theory and mathematics are kept to a minimum, and instead the everyday working of these devices is described. Practical Transformer Handbook covers transformers in electronic technology, control techniques, instrumentation, and other more unusual applications.     

Author Name :Irving Gottlieb

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Embedded Systems Books & Tools Pack

One of the Largest Collection on Web About Embedded Technology     

Author Name :

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Multimedia Multiprocessor Systems

Modern multimedia systems are becoming increasingly multiprocessor and heterogeneous to match the high performance and low power demands placed on them by the large number of applications. The concurrent execution of these applications causes interference and unpredictability in the performance of these systems. In Multimedia Multiprocessor Systems, an analysis mechanism is presented to accurately predict the performance of multiple applications executing concurrently. With high consumer demand the time-to-market has become significantly lower. To cope with the complexity in designing such systems, an automated design-flow is needed that can generate systems from a high-level architectural description such that they are not error-prone and consume less time. Such a design methodology is presented for multiple use-cases -- combinations of active applications. A resource manager is also presented to manage the various resources in the system, and to achieve the goals of performance prediction, admission control and budget enforcement.     

Author Name :Akash Kumar, Henk Corporaal, Bart Mesman

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CDMA Systems Engineering Handbook

This text aims to strengthen the reader's knowledge of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology and build an understanding of the technical details and engineering design principles behind the IS-95 digital cellular system standard. It contains nearly 2000 equations and aims to teach techniques to help assess system modulation and convolutional code performance; optimize cellular system and Erlang capacity; design PN code generators for spread-spectrum applications; use masks to control PN code phase offsets for CDMA cells; and control CDMA forward link power allocation to help maximize system capacity.     

Author Name :Jhong S. Lee, Leonard E. Miller

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Digital Design with CPLD Applications and VHDL (with CD)

Ideal for a first course in digital electronics, yet comprehensive enough for use by students at the senior design project level and EET professionals, Digital Design with CPLD Applications and VHDL uses programmable logic as the primary vehicle for instructing readers in the principles of digital design. More specifically, emphasis is on Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLDs) and the software tools used for their programming, with a decided shift away from fixed-function SSI and MSI devices. Immediately following discussion of digital fundamentals (e.g., Boolean algebra, logic minimization, combinational and sequential circuits), Digital Design with CPLD Applications and VHDL introduces its readers to Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLDs). Subsequent chapters on the MAX+PLUS II design environment, combinational logic functions, arithmetic circuits, latches and flip-flops, PLD architecture, counters and shift registers, and state machines are all based primarily on CPLDs and VHDL programming. By featuring VHDL and MAX+PLUS II applications throughout the book, readers are guaranteed exposure to this new digital paradigm as an integral part of their training, rather than as an optional add-on. Digital Design with CPLD Applications and VHDL also includes a CD-ROM that provides the reader with a complete digital design and prototyping system that can be used at schoolor at home. Included are graphic design files, VHDL files, plus all of the simulation files from the examples presented in the book. Readers may opt to run simulations or program CPLDs with these ready-to-use, error-free files. Or, they may choose to use the files as templates for their own modifications.     

Author Name :Robert K. Dueck

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What Every Engineer Should Know About Developing Real-Time Embedded Products

The book begins by laying the basic groundwork for effective processes, covering smaller, self-contained devices and subsystems, ranging from handheld devices to appliances. Highly detailed case studies, which include designing instruments for space flight, implanted medical devices, and military support equipment, illustrate industry best practices and managerial issues. Each case study is detailed in terms of concept, market, standards, integration, manufacturing, and phases. With schedule and estimation templates, this highly functional text presents numerous examples of design tradeoffs critical to successful project development.     

Author Name :Kim R. Fowler

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Views on Evolvability of Embedded Systems

Evolvability, the ability to respond effectively to change, represents a major challenge to today's high-end embedded systems, such as those developed in the medical domain by Philips Healthcare. These systems are typically developed by multi-disciplinary teams, located around the world, and are in constant need of upgrading to provide new advanced features, to deal with obsolescence, and to exploit emerging enabling technologies. Despite the importance of evolvability for these types of systems, the field has received scant attention from the scientific and engineering communities.Views on Evolvability of Embedded Systems focuses on the topic of evolvability of embedded systems from an applied scientific perspective. In particular, the book describes results from the Darwin project that researched evolvability in the context of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems. This project applied the Industry-as-Laboratory paradigm, in which industry and academia join forces to ensure continuous knowledge and technology transfer during the project's lifetime. The Darwin project was a collaboration between the Embedded Systems Institute, the MRI business unit of Philips Healthcare, Philips Research, and five Dutch universities.Evolvability was addressed from a system engineering perspective by a number of researchers from different disciplines such as software-, electrical- and mechanical engineering, with a clear focus on economic decision making. The research focused on four areas: data mining, reference architectures, mechanisms and patterns for evolvability, in particular visualization & modelling, and economic decision making. Views on Evolvability of Embedded Systems is targeted at both researchers and practitioners; they will not only find a state-of-the-art overview on evolvability research, but also guidelines to make systems more evolvable and new industrially-validated techniques to improve the evolvability of embedded systems.     

Author Name :Pierre Van de Laar and Teade Punter

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Portable Electronics

All the design and development inspiration and direction an electronics engineer needs in one blockbuster book! John Donovan, Editor-in Chief, Portable Design has selected the very best electronic design material from the Newnes portfolio and has compiled it into this volume. The result is a book covering the gamut of electronic design from design fundamentals to low-power approaches with a strong pragmatic emphasis. In addition to specific design techniques and practices, this book also discusses various approaches to solving electronic design problems and how to successfully apply theory to actual design tasks. The material has been selected for its timelessness as well as for its relevance to contemporary electronic design issues.     

Author Name :John Donovan

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High-Performance Embedded Computing

This book has much to contribute. More and more embedded devices are becoming available, with people walking around with cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players. The design and constraints of these devices is quite different from a generic computing system such as a laptop or desktop PC. This book provides an abundance of information on these basic design topics while also covering newer areas of research such as sensor networks and multiprocessors.     

Author Name :Wayne Wolf

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Fundamentals of Embedded Software

Reflectingcurrentindustrial applications and programming practice, this book lays a foundation that supports the multi-threaded style of programming and high-reliability requirements of embedded software. Using a non-product specific approach and a programming (versus hardware) perspective, it focuses on the 32-bit protected mode processors and on C as the dominant programming language--with coverage of Assembly and how it can be used in conjunction with, and support of, C. Features an abundance of examples in C and an accompanying CD-ROM with software tools.Data Representation. Getting the Most Out of C. A Programmer's View of Computer Organization. Mixing C and Assembly. Input/Output Programming. Concurrent Software. Scheduling. Memory Management. Shared Memory. System Initialization.For Computer Scientists, Computer Engineers, and Electrical Engineers involved with embedded software applications.     

Author Name :Daniel W.Lewis

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ESL Models and their Application

This book arises from experience the authors have gained from years of work as industry practitioners in the field of Electronic System Level design (ESL). At the heart of all things related to Electronic Design Automation (EDA), the core issue is one of models: what are the models used for, what should the models contain, and how should they be written and distributed. Issues such as interoperability and tool transportability become central factors that may decide which ones are successful and those that cannot get sufficient traction in the industry to survive.Through a set of real examples taken from recent industry experience, this book will distill the state of the art in terms of System-Level Design models and provide practical guidance to readers that can be put into use. This book is an invaluable tool that will aid readers in their own designs, reduce risk in development projects, expand the scope of design projects, and improve developmental processes and project planning.     

Author Name :Brian Bailey

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Embedded Systems

This book covers hardware as well as software aspects of embedded systems. The book focuses on the fundamental bases of software and hardware.Embedded systems together with their physical environment are called cyber-physical systems. Examples include systems such as transportation and fabrication equipment. It is expected that the total market volume of embedded systems will be significantly larger than that of traditional information processing systems such as PCs and mainframes.Embedded systems share a number of common characteristics. For example, they must be dependable, efficient, meet real-time constraints and require customized user interfaces (instead of generic keyboard and mouse interfaces).     

Author Name :Peter Marwede

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RFID Systems

This book provides an insight into the 'hot' field of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Systems In this book, the authors provide an insight into the field of RFID systems with an emphasis on networking aspects and research challenges related to passive Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID systems. The book reviews various algorithms, protocols and design solutions that have been developed within the area, including most recent advances. In addition, authors cover a wide range of recognized problems in RFID industry, striking a balance between theoretical and practical coverage. Limitations of the technology and state-of-the-art solutions are identified and new research opportunities are addressed. Finally, the book is authored by experts and respected researchers in the field and every chapter is peer reviewed.     

Author Name :Miodrag Bolic, David Simplot-Ryl,Ivan Stojmenovic

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Embedded Linux Development Using Eclipse

The Eclipse environment solves the problem of having to maintain your own Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which is time consuming and costly. Embedded tools can also be easily integrated into Eclipse. The C/C++CDT is ideal for the embedded community with more than 70% of embedded developers using this language to write embedded code. Eclipse simplifies embedded system development and then eases its integration into larger platforms and frameworks. In this book, Doug Abbott examines Eclipse, an IDE, which can be vital in saving money and time in the design and development of an embedded system. Eclipse was created by IBM in 2001 and then became an open-source project in 2004. Since then it has become the de-facto IDE for embedded developers. Virtually all of the major Linux vendors have adopted this platform, including MontVista, LynuxWorks, and Wind River.     

Author Name :Doug Abbott

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Designing Embedded Systems with PIC Microcontrollers

This book is a hands-on introduction to the principles and practice of embedded system design using the PIC microcontroller. Packed with helpful examples and illustrations, it gives an in-depth treatment of microcontroller design, programming in both assembly language and C, and features advanced topics such as networking and real-time operating systems. It is accompanied by a companion website containing copies of all programs and software tools used in the text and a 'student' version of the C complier.     

Author Name :Tim Wilmshurst

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Design Methods and Applications for Distributed Embedded Systems

Design Methods and Applications for Distributed Embedded Systems documents recent approaches and results presented at the IFIP TC10 Working Conference on Distributed and Parallel Embedded Systems (DIPES 2004), which was held in August 2004 as a co-located conference of the 18th IFIP World Computer Congress in Toulouse, France, and sponsored by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP).The topics which have been chosen for this working conference are very timely: model-based design methods, design space exploration, design methodologies and user interfaces, networks and communication, scheduling and resource management, fault detection and fault tolerance, and verification and analysis. These topics are supplemented by several hardware and application oriented papers.     

Author Name :Bernd Kleinjohann, Guang R. Gao, Hermann Kopetz, Lisa Kleinjohann, Achim Rettberg

No Of Visit :412      Posted Comments :

ARM System Developer's Guide

Over the last ten years, the ARM architecture has become one of the most pervasive architectures in the world, with more than 2 billion ARM-based processors embedded in products ranging from cell phones to automotive braking systems. A world-wide community of ARM developers in semiconductor and product design companies includes software developers, system designers and hardware engineers. To date no book has directly addressed their need to develop the system and software for an ARM-based system. This text fills that gap.This book provides a comprehensive description of the operation of the ARM core from a developers perspective with a clear emphasis on software. It demonstrates not only how to write efficient ARM software in C and assembly but also how to optimize code. Example code throughout the book can be integrated into commercial products or used as templates to enable quick creation of productive software.     

Author Name :Andrew Sloss, Dominic Symes, Chris Wright

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RF Components and Circuits

This book is a comprehensive introduction to the design and function of radio frequency circuits.The theory and circuit descriptions are geared towards genuine design applications rather than the oversimiplifications and skeleton circuits of many college texts.Some basic knowledge of electronics is assumed, but the essential features of RF are fully described, including the important topic of receiver dynamic which is often overlooked in basic textbooks.     

Author Name :Joseph J Carr

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Optimum Signal Processing

This revised edition is an unabridged and corrected republication of the second edition of this book published by -Hill in 1988 (ISBN 0-07-047794-9), and also published earlier by in 1988 (ISBN 0-02-389380-X). The content of the 2007 republication remains the same as that of the 1988 edition, except for some corrections, the deletion from the Appendix of the Fortran and C function listings, which are now available online, and the addition of MATLAB versions of all the functions.     

Author Name :Sophocles Orfanidis

No Of Visit :397      Posted Comments :

Introduction to Direction-of-Arrival Estimation

Direction-of-Arrival (DOA) estimation concerns the estimation of direction finding signals in the form of electromagnetic or acoustic waves, impinging on a sensor or antenna array. DOA estimation is used for location and tracking signal sources in both civilian and military applications. This authoritative volume provides an overview and performance analysis of the basic DOA algorithms, including comparisons between the various types. The book offers a detailed understanding of the arrays pertinent to DOA finding, and presents a detailed illustration of the ESPRIT-based DOA algorithms complete with their performance assessments. From antennas and array receiving systems, to advanced topics on DOA estimation, this book serves as a one-stop resource for professionals and students. It is suitable for electrical engineers whose work involves either civilian or military DOA estimation applications, as well as for graduate electrical engineering students in related courses.     

Author Name :Zhizhang Chen, Gopal Gokeda, Yiqiang Yu

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Understanding Digital Signal Processing

Understanding Digital Signal Processing, Second Edition is quite simply the best way for engineers, and other technical professionals, to master and apply DSP techniques. Lyons has updated and expanded his best-selling first edition-building on the exceptionally readable coverage that made it the favorite of professionals worldwide.This book achieves the perfect balance between theory and practice, making DSP accessible to beginners without ever oversimplifying it. Comprehensive in scope and gentle in approach, keeping the math at a tolerable level, this book helps readers thoroughly grasp the basics and quickly move on to more sophisticated techniques.     

Author Name :Richard G. Lyons

No Of Visit :426      Posted Comments :

Machine Vision

This book brings together the analytic aspects of image processing with the practicalities of applying the techniques in an industrial setting. It is excellent grounding for a machine vision researcher.The book in its previous incarnations has established its place as a unique repository of detailed analysis of important image processing and computer vision algorithms. This edition builds on these strengths and adds material to guide the reader's understanding of the latest developments in the field. The result is a comprehensive up-to-date reference text.     

Author Name :E. R. Davies

No Of Visit :408      Posted Comments :

DSP Processor Fundamentals

This cutting-edge, practical guide brings you an independent, comprehensive introduction to DSP processor technology. A thorough tutorial and overview of DSP architectures, this book incorporates a broad range of today's product offerings in examples that illustrate DSP features and capabilities. This book is especially useful to electronic systems designers, processor architects, engineering managers, and product planners.     

Author Name :Phil Lapsley, Jeff Bier, Amit Shoham, Edward A. Lee

No Of Visit :64      Posted Comments :

The Five Essential Steps in Digital Video

Five Essential Steps in Digital Video is packed full of information for the novice to the seasoned producer. It covers the basics of DV technology and choosing the right equipment to planning your budget, digitizing your own music, and acquiring resources online. Selling a project has also been transformed by the Internet and the author explains which means of distribution would be the best for the reader's project.     

Author Name :Denise Ohio

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Video Processing and Communications

Useful as a reference work, this book offers a good balance between theoretical concepts and practical solutions, with more rigorous formulation of certain problems such as motion estimation, sampling, basic coding theory. Provides an in-depth exposition of fundamental theory and techniques for video processing, including frequency domain characterization of video signals and visual perception, video sampling and format conversion, two dimensional and three dimensional motion estimation. Also presents techniques important for video communications, including video coding and error control, and up-to-date coverage on recent international standards on video communications. A chapter is devoted to video streaming over Internet and wireless networks, one of the most popular video communication applications. In addition, it discusses processing and communications of stereoscopic and multiview video. Practicing researchers and engineers.     

Author Name :Yao Wang, Jorn Ostermann, Ya-Qin Zhang

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Building ASIPs

The book provides a clear and validated design methodology, consisting of five main elements which are lucidly described and illustrated with great practical examples, to help designers quickly ascend the learning curve in becoming proficient with ASIP design.     

Author Name :Matthias Gries, Kurt Keutzer

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Handbook of Signal Processing Systems

This handbook is essential for those involved in R&D in the design, architecture, and implementation of a wide array of signal processing systems. This handbook is also suitable as a first point of entry to the field for undergraduate and post-graduate students in engineering, computer sciences, and system engineering.The handbook is organized in four parts. Part I motivates representative applications that drive and apply state-of-the art methods for design and implementation of signal processing systems; Part II discusses architectures for implementing these applications; Part III focuses on compilers and simulation tools; and Part IV describes models of computation and their associated design tools and methodologies     

Author Name :Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya, Ed F. Deprettere, Rainer Leupers, Jarmo Takala

No Of Visit :410      Posted Comments :

Principles of spread-spectrum communication systems

The goal of this book is to provide a concise but lucid explanation and derivation of the fundamentals of spread-spectrum communication systems. Although spread-spectrum communication is a staple topic in textbooks on digital communication, its treatment is usually cursory, and the subject warrants a more intensive exposition. Originally adopted in military networks as a means of ensuring secure communication when confronted with the threats of jamming and interception, spread-spectrum systems are now the core of commercial applications such as mobile cellular and satellite communication. The level of presentation in this book is suitable for graduate students with a prior graduatelevel course in digital communication and for practicing engineers with a solid background in the theory of digital communication.     

Author Name :Don Torrieri

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Generalized Low-Voltage Circuit Techniques for Very High-Speed Time-Interleaved Analog-to-Digital Converters

Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) play an important role in most modern signal processing and wireless communication systems where extensive signal manipulation is necessary to be performed by complicated digital signal processing (DSP) circuitry. This trend also creates the possibility of fabricating all functional blocks of a system in a single chip (System On Chip - SoC), with great reductions in cost, chip area and power consumption. However, this tendency places an increasing challenge, in terms of speed, resolution, power consumption, and noise performance, in the design of the front-end ADC which is usually the bottleneck of the whole system, especially under the unavoidable low supply-voltage imposed by technology scaling, as well as the requirement of battery operated portable devices. Generalized Low-Voltage Circuit Techniques for Very High-Speed Time-Interleaved Analog-to-Digital Converters will present new techniques tailored for low-voltage and high-speed Switched-Capacitor (SC) ADC with various design-specific considerations.     

Author Name :Sai-Weng Sin, Seng-Pan U, and Rui Paulo Martins

No Of Visit :217      Posted Comments :

Signal transduction and the gasotransmitters

The current era of biological investigation is among the most transformational in history. The genuine emergence of genomic strategies and the rapid follow-on of proteomic and information technologies have provided scientists with unprecedented opportunities for discovery. The frontiers of knowledge are simply falling back. With this amazing revolution in understanding of the molecular underpinnings of cellular, tissue, and organismic homeostasis, a greater appreciation for the complexity of signals, networks, and linkages has crystallized. Regulation of biological functions rests not only with transcriptional, translational, and posttranslational modifications of proteins, but also in the orchestral harmony of ligands and receptors, cell adhesive systems, cytoskeletal organization, ion channel function, membrane dynamics, and a range of transmitters.     

Author Name :Rui Wang, Bruce McManus

No Of Visit :419      Posted Comments :

Spoken Dialogue Systems Technology and Design

Spoken Dialogue Systems Technology and Design covers all key topics in spoken language dialogue interaction, through perspectives from a variety of leading researchers. This volume brings together valuable information in the areas of spoken dialogue analysis, processing emotions in dialogue, multimodality, as well as resources and evaluation. The book also highlights comprehensive information from the field of spoken dialogue systems research and evaluation .     

Author Name :Wolfgang Minker, Gary Geunbae Lee, Satoshi Nakamura, and Joseph Mariani

No Of Visit :411      Posted Comments :

ISE Image Processing, Analysis and Machine Vision

This book is OK as a rather non-mathematical introduction to image processing at an advanced undergraduate level.The "analog" approach to signal and image processing is not covered extensively. There is more emphasis on algorithmic aspects. Frequency analysis is kept to a minimum and one-dimensional signals such as speech are not covered extensively or at all, although some aspects of analog processing are more easily explained in a 1-D context.     

Author Name :Milan Sonka, Vaclav Hlavac, Roger Boyle

No Of Visit :413      Posted Comments :

Sparse Image and Signal Processing

This book presents the state of the art in sparse and multiscale image and signal processing, covering linear multiscale transforms, such as wavelet, ridgelet, or curvelet transforms, and non-linear multiscale transforms based on the median and mathematical morphology operators. Recent concepts of sparsity and morphological diversity are described and exploited for various problems such as denoising, inverse problem regularization, sparse signal decomposition, blind source separation, and compressed sensing. This book weds theory and practice in examining applications in areas such as astronomy, biology, physics, digital media, and forensics. A final chapter explores a paradigm shift in signal processing, showing that previous limits to information sampling and extraction can be overcome in very significant ways. Matlab and IDL code accompany these methods and applications to reproduce the experiments and illustrate the reasoning and methodology of the research available for download at the associated Web site.     

Author Name :Jean-Luc Starck, Fionn Murtagh, Jalal M. Fadili

No Of Visit :397      Posted Comments :

Musical Signal Processing

Compiled by an international array of musical and technical specialists, Musical Signal Processing opens the door to the most important topics in musical signal processing today. Beginning with basic concepts, and leading to advanced applications, it covers such essential areas as sound synthesis (including detailed studies of physical modelling and granular synthesis), control signal synthesis, sound transformation (including convolution), analysis/resynthesis (phase vocoder, wavelets, analysis by chaotic functions), object-oriented and artificial intelligence representations, musical interfaces, and the integration of signal processing techniques in concert performance.     

Author Name :Curtis Roads, Stephen Travis Pope, Aldo Piccialli, Giovanni De Poli

No Of Visit :425      Posted Comments :


Wavelets: Theory and Applications for Manufacturing presents a systematic yet easily accessible description of the fundamentals of wavelet transform and its applications in manufacturing. Given the widespread utilization of machine tools in modern manufacturing and the increasing need for minimizing unexpected machine down-time to ensure reliable, economical, and high quality production, it is of critical importance to continually advance the science base for machine condition monitoring, fault diagnosis, and remaining service life prognosis. The adaptive, multi-resolution capability of the wavelet transform has made it a powerful mathematical tool for accomplishing such goals. In addition, this volume also: Provides a historical overview of the evolution of signal processing techniques, from the Fourier transform to wavelet transform Introduces the fundamental mathematics for understanding what wavelet transform is and does, and how to apply it to problems typically encountered in manufacturing Discusses the integration of wavelet transforms with other techniques, such as signal enveloping and neural networks, for enhanced machine defect detection and severity classification Demonstrates how to select an appropriate base wavelet or custom design a wavelet for optimal performance in signal analysis Focusing on wavelet transform as a tool specifically applied to and designed for manufacturing, Wavelets: Theory and Applications for Manufacturing presents material appropriate for both academic researchers and practicing engineers working in the field of manufacturing.     

Author Name :Robert X Gao, Ruqiang Yan

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Digital Image Processing

Since the first edition of this book was published in 1986 it has found its way to many desks and classrooms. The fifth edition has been revised to reflect the development of the field. The presentation and the selection of materials is guided by the needs of a researcher who wants to apply image processing techniques in his or her field. In this sense the book offers an integral view of image processing from image acquisition to the extraction of of the data of interest. The discussion of the general concepts is supplemented with examples from applications on PC-based image processing systems and ready-to-use implementations of important algorithms. The CD-ROM contains examples, images as well as exercises for selfstudy along with a hand-on version of the image processing software heurisko.     

Author Name :Bernd Jahne

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Handbook of Industrial Robotics

This is an engineer's handbook of research and applications in industrial robotics. It stresses the practical uses rather than the mechanical, electrical or computer considerations and discusses specific techniques for working with robots in various situations.     

Author Name :Shimon Y. Nof

No Of Visit :406      Posted Comments :

CNC Robotics

Text provides step-by-step, illustrated directions for designing, constructing, and testing a fully functional computer numerical control (CNC) robot. Includes time-saving tips, tricks, and pictoral help along the way.     

Author Name :Geoff Williams

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123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius

Microchip continually updates its product line with more capable and lower cost products. They also provide excellent development tools. Few books take advantage of all the work done by Microchip. 123 PIC Microcontroller Experiments for the Evil Genius uses the best parts, and does not become dependent on one tool type or version, to accommodate the widest audience possible. Building on the success of 123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius, as well as the unbelievable sales history of Programming and Customizing the PIC Microcontroller, this book will combine the format of the evil genius title with the following of the microcontroller audience for a sure-fire hit.     

Author Name :Myke Predko

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123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius

Microchip continually updates its product line with more capable and lower cost products. They also provide excellent development tools. Few books take advantage of all the work done by Microchip. 123 PIC Microcontroller Experiments for the Evil Genius uses the best parts, and does not become dependent on one tool type or version, to accommodate the widest audience possible. Building on the success of 123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius, as well as the unbelievable sales history of Programming and Customizing the PIC Microcontroller, this book will combine the format of the evil genius title with the following of the microcontroller audience for a sure-fire hit.     

Author Name :Myke Predko

No Of Visit :432      Posted Comments :


This up-to-date text/reference is designed to present the fundamental principles of robotics with a strong emphasis on engineering applications and industrial solutions based on robotic technology. It can be used by practicing engineers and scientists - or as a text in standard university courses in robotics. The book has extensive coverage of the major robotic classifications, including Wheeled Mobile Robots, Legged Robots, and the Robotic Manipulator. A central theme is the importance of kinematics to robotic principles.     

Author Name :Appin Knowledge Solutions

No Of Visit :400      Posted Comments :

Cutting Edge Robotics

The book begins with researches in robot modeling and design, in which different approaches in kinematical, dynamical and other design issues of mobile robots are discussed. Second chapter deals with various sensor systems, but the major part of the chapter is devoted to robotic vision systems.     

Author Name :Vedran Kordic,Aleksandar Lazinica,Munir Merdan

No Of Visit :390      Posted Comments :

Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics

The present book includes a set of selected papers from the 3rd "International Conference on Informatics in Control Automation and Robotics" (ICINCO 2006), held in Setubal, Portugal, 1-5 August 2006. The conference was organized in three simultaneous tracks: "Intelligent Control Systems and Optimization," "Robotics and Automation" and "Systems Modeling, Signal Processing and Control." The book is based on the same structure. The purpose of this conference is to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in the application of informatics to Control, Automation and Robotics.     

Author Name :Joaquim Filipe,Jean-Louis Ferrier,Juan Andrade-Cetto (Eds.)

No Of Visit :430      Posted Comments :

10 Cool LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Invention System 2 Projects

LEGO MINDSTORMS lets you design and program robots that can do just about anything!The LEGO MINDSTORMS RIS 2.0 is the core set for all MINDSTORMS users, that lets users design and program working robots - limited only by their imagination. Initially designed for users 12 and up, LEGO MINDSTORMS has taken off with LEGO enthusiasts of all ages.10 Cool LEGO MINDSTORMS RIS 2.0 Projects: Amazing Projects You Can Build in Under an Hour provides step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations for users of all skill levels and proficiencies.From out of the box to up and running in less than an hour.8-page color insert. A color insert illustrates the complete projects in full-detail.Specifically targeted at new users of the LEGO MINDSTORMS RIS 2.0.     

Author Name :Jeff Elliott, Dean Hystad, Luke Ma, C. S. Soh, Rob Stehlik, Tonya L. Witherspoon

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Statics and Kinematics with Applications to Robotics

Robotic manipulators are becoming increasingly important in research and industry, and an understanding of statics and kinematics is essential to solving problems in this field. This book, written by an eminent researcher and practitioner, provides a thorough introduction to statics and first order instantaneous kinematics with applications to robotics. The emphasis is on serial and parallel planar manipulators and mechanisms. The text differs from others in that it is based solely on the concepts of classical geometry. It is the first to describe how to introduce linear springs into the connectors of parallel manipulators and to provide a proper geometric method for controlling the force and motion of a rigid lamina. Both students and practicing engineers will find this book easy to follow, with its clear text, abundant illustrations, exercises, and real-world projects.     

Author Name :Joseph Duffy

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Evolutionary Robotics

This invaluable book comprehensively describes evolutionary robotics and computational intelligence, and how different computational intelligence techniques are applied to robotic system design. It embraces the most widely used evolutionary approaches with their merits and drawbacks, presents some related experiments for robotic behavior evolution and the results achieved, and shows promising future research directions. Clarity of explanation is emphasized such that a modest knowledge of basic evolutionary computation, digital circuits and engineering design will suffice for a thorough understanding of the material. The book is ideally suited to computer scientists, practitioners and researchers keen on computational intelligence techniques, especially the evolutionary algorithms in autonomous robotics at both the hardware and software levels.     

Author Name :Lingfeng Wang, Kay Chen Tan, Chee Meng Chew

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Technology Computer Aided Design for Si, SiGe and GaAs Integrated Circuits

The first book to deal with a broad spectrum of process and device design, and modelling issues related to semiconductor devices, bridging the gap between device modelling and process design using TCAD. Examples for types of Si-, SiGe-, GaAs- and InP-based heterostructure MOS and bipolar transistors are compared with experimental data from state-of-the-art devices. With various aspects of silicon heterostructures, this book presents a comprehensive perspective of emerging fields and covers topics ranging from materials to fabrication, devices, modelling and applications. Aimed at research-and-development engineers and scientists involved in microelectronics technology and device design via Technology CAD, and TCAD engineers and developers.     

Author Name :C.K. Maiti, G.A. Armstrong

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Emc & the Printed Circuit Board

This accessible, new reference work shows how and why RF energy is created within a printed circuit board and the manner in which propagation occurs. With lucid explanations, this book enables engineers to grasp both the fundamentals of EMC theory and signal integrity and the mitigation process needed to prevent an EMC event. Author Montrose also shows the relationship between time and frequency domains to help you meet mandatory compliance requirements placed on printed circuit boards.     

Author Name :Mark I. Montrose

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Ridge Waveguides and Passive Microwave Components

The ridge waveguide, which is a rectangular waveguide with one or more metal inserts (ridges), is an important transmission line in microwave engineering, now widely used in commercial electronics and communications devices. This book collects together much of the work of Professor Helszajn, an international authority in the field, and will enable the reader to have direct access to this important work without need for exhaustive search of research papers. Generously illustrated, it is likely to become the definitive reference source on this topic.     

Author Name :J. Helszajn

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PIC in Practice

PIC in Practice is a graded course based around the practical use of the PIC microcontroller through project work. Principles are introduced gradually, through hands-on experience, enabling students to develop their understanding at their own pace.Dave Smith has based the book on his popular short courses on the PIC for professionals, students and teachers at Manchester Metropolitan University. The result is a graded text, formulated around practical exercises, which truly guides the reader from square one.The book can be used at a variety of levels and the carefully graded projects make it ideal for colleges, schools and universities. Newcomers to the PIC will find it a painless introduction, whilst electronics hobbyists will enjoy the practical nature of this first course in microcontrollers.     

Author Name :D. W. Smith

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Power Electronics Handbook

Less expensive, lighter, and smaller than its electromechanical counterparts, power electronics lie at the very heart of controlling and converting electric energy, which in turn lies at the heart of making that energy useful. From household appliances to space-faring vehicles, the applications of power electronics are virtually limitless. Until now, however, the same could not be said for access to up-to-date reference books devoted to power electronics. Written by engineers for engineers, The Power Electronics Handbook covers the full range of relevant topics, from basic principles to cutting-edge applications. Compiled from contributions by an international panel of experts and full of illustrations, this is not a theoretical tome, but a practical and enlightening presentation of the usefulness and variety of technologies that encompass the field.     

Author Name :Muhammad H. Rashid

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Microelectronic & Mechanical Systems.

This book discusses key aspects of these technology areas, organized in twenty-seven chapters that present the latest research developments in micro electronic and mechanical systems. The book addresses a wide range of fundamental and practical issues related to MEMS, advanced metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) and complementary MOS (CMOS) devices, SoC technology, integrated circuit testing and verification, and other important topics in the field. Several chapters cover state-of-the-art microfabrication techniques and materials as enabling technologies for the microsystems. Reliability issues concerning both electronic and mechanical aspects of these devices and systems are also addressed in various chapters.     

Author Name :Kenichi Takahata

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Microelectronics,Microsystems andNanotechnology

This volume contains papers on the following: CMOS devices and devices based on compound semiconductors; processing; silicon integrated technology and integrated circuit design; quantum physics; nanotechnology; nanodevices, sensors and microsystems. Contemporary news and future challenges in these fields are presented in invited papers.     

Author Name :Androula G. Nassiopoulou, Xanthi Zianni

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Optimization Methods in Electronic Circuit Design

The application of optimization theory to engineering provides a design tool of quite extraordinary power; it offers the prospect of solutions to problems for which no formal design methods exist. The book is principally aimed at degree-level (or equivalent) students of electronic engineering, but will also be a starting point for the practising professional engineer, or manager, who has not yet had experience in this fascinating, and very different, way of approaching electronic systems design. Examples relevant to electronics are used throughout to illustrate key points, and the final chapter is wholly devoted to the description of a number of important application areas within electronic engineering. These case studies illustrate the particular applications treated but also give insight into how an optimization-based design scheme should be put together more generally. Some problems accompany the early chapters where they can provide the reader with the opportunity to explore the material presented. The later chapters, dealing with more advanced techniques and the application case-studies, have not been provided with problems since we at this point have moved away from the basic introduction of methods and background theory.     

Author Name :R. E. Massara

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Pulse-width Modulated DCDC Power Converters

This book is about switching-mode dcdc power converters with pulse-width modulation (PWM) control. It is intended as a power electronics textbook at the senior and graduate levels for students majoring in electrical engineering, as well as a reference for practicing engineers in the area of power electronics. The purpose of the book is to provide the foundations for the study of semiconductor power devices, topologies of PWM switchingmode dcdc power converters, modeling, dynamics, and controls of PWM converters. The first part of the book covers topologies of transformerless and isolated PWM converters, such as buck, boost, buck-boost, flyback, forward, half-bridge, full-bridge, and push-pull converters. The second part covers small-signal circuit models of PWM converters, transfer functions of PWM converter power stages, voltage-mode control, and current-mode control of PWM converters. The third part presents semiconductor devices, such as silicon and silicon carbide power diodes, power MOSFETs, and IGBTs. The fourth and final part is devoted to soft -switching dcdc PWM power converters.     


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