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Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives,by Bimal K. Bose

For upper level undergraduate and graduate level courses in electrical engineering, as well as a reference book for professionals and researchers. This text presents the basics of electrical power conversion and control through the use of power semiconductor switches. In addition, by demonstrating the practical applications of power electronics and motion control using AC electrical machines in transportation and industry, among other uses, Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives reflects the latest advances in industrial automation     

Author Name :Bimal K. Bose

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Wire Bonding in Microelectronics, 3/E

Microelectronicsis a subfield ofelectronics. Microelectronics, as the name suggests, is related to the study and manufacture, ormicrofabrication, of electronic components which are very small (usually micrometre-scale or smaller, but not always). These devices are made fromsemiconductors. Many components of normal electronic design are available in microelectronic equivalent:transistors,capacitors,inductors,resistors,diodesand of courseinsulatorsandconductorscan all be found in microelectronic devices. Unique wiring techniques such aswire bondingare also often used in microelectronics because of the unusually small size of the components, leads and pads. This technique requires specialized equipment.     

Author Name :George G. Harman

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RF Microelectronics

Microelectronics is a subfield of electronics. Microelectronics, as the name suggests, is related to the study and manufacture, or microfabrication, of electronic components which are very small (usually micrometre-scale or smaller, but not always). These devices are made from semiconductors. Many components of normal electronic design are available in microelectronic equivalent: transistors, capacitors, inductors, resistors, diodes and of course insulators and conductors can all be found in microelectronic devices. Unique wiring techniques such as wire bonding are also often used in microelectronics because of the unusually small size of the components, leads and pads. This technique requires specialized equipment.     

Author Name :Behzad Razavi

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Microsystems and Nanotechnology

This book contains papers on the following: CMOS devices and devices based on compound semiconductors; processing; silicon integrated technology and integrated circuit design; quantum physics; nanotechnology; nanodevices, sensors andmicrosystems. Contemporary news and future challenges in these fields are presented in invited papers.     

Author Name :Xanthi Zianni

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Microelectronics is a subfield of electronics. Microelectronics, as the name suggests, is related to the study and manufacture, or microfabrication, of electronic components which are very small (usually micrometre-scale or smaller, but not always). These devices are made from semiconductors. Many components of normal electronic design are available in microelectronic equivalent: transistors, capacitors, inductors, resistors, diodes and of course insulators and conductors can all be found in microelectronic devices. Unique wiring techniques such as wire bonding are also often used in microelectronics because of the unusually small size of the components, leads and pads. This technique requires specialized equipment.     

Author Name :

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Fiber Optic Sensors (Optical Science and Engineering)

Fiber Optic Sensors highlights the development of fiber optic sensors and classic applications; provides new methods for the construction of high-speed and high-capacity fiber sensor systems; and describes recent developments in fiber optic amplifiers, fiber Bragg grating sensors, optical isolators, optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR), and fiber optic gyroscopes. The book details structural fatigue monitoring for dams and bridges, the effect of external and environmental factors on fiber optic sensor performance, interferometer configuration multiplexing architecture, polarization fading mitigation, and system integration, and updated applications of fiber optic sensors.     

Author Name :Francis T.S. Yu, Shizhuo Yin

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Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (3rd Edition)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence of machines and the branch of computer science that aims to create it. AI textbooks define the field as "the study and design of intelligent agents"where an intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chances of success.John McCarthy, who coined the term in 1956,defines it as "the science and engineering of making intelligent machines."The field was founded on the claim that a central property of humans, intelligencethe sapience of Homo sapienscan be so precisely described that it can be simulated by a machine. This raises philosophical issues about the nature of the mind and the limits of scientific inquiry, issues which have been addressed by myth, fiction and philosophy since antiquity. Artificial intelligence has been the subject of optimism, but has also suffered setbacks and, today, has become an essential part of the technology industry, providing the heavy lifting for many of the most difficult problems in computer science.     

Author Name :Stuart Russell

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Op Amps: Design, Application, and Troubleshooting

AnOperational amplifier("op-amp") is aDC-coupledhigh-gainelectronic voltageamplifierwith a differential input and, usually, a single-ended output.[1]An op-amp produces an output voltage that is typically hundreds of thousands times larger than the voltagedifferencebetween its input terminals.[2]     

Author Name :David L. Terrell

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Development and Validation of Analytical Methods

The need to validate an analytical or bioanalytical method is encountered by analysts in the pharmaceutical industry on an almost daily basis, because adequately validated methods are a necessity for approvable regulatory filings.     

Author Name :C.M. Riley and T.W. Rosanske

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Introduction to Digital Communications and Information Theory

This web course on Digital Communications is primarily intended for use by undergraduate students who may be preparing for graduate level studies in the area of electrical communications engineering. A teacher, offering an introductory-level course on digital communications, may also find several topics suitable for classroom coverage. The field of Digital Communications is reach in literature and there is no dearth of excellent text books and research papers on specific topics over and above the bulk of tutorial material, technical standards and product information that are available through the Internet. Hence, the onus is clearly on the present authors to justify the need and relevance of this web course on Digital Communications. To put it humbly, the present authors believe that any web course should primarily cater to the quick requirements of the prime target audience (in our case, an undergraduate student preparing for graduate level studies in the area of electrical communications engineering).     

Author Name :Krzysztof Wesolowski

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This book, one of a series of information books, introduces the child to a variety of television-ancient and modern. It explains in a simple manner how the television works.     

Author Name :NAVKALA ROY

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DIY Electronics Southern Cross II 8031 Single Board ,Computer Hardware Manual

The Southern Cross II single board computer is based around the 8032/52 8-bit microcontroller. Adding a power supply and connecting to any PC capable of running an 8051 cross-assembler enables the user to implement an 8031 software development system. Programming in BASIC is also possible using one of the 8052-BASIC chips currently available. If your board is fitted with one of these BASIC chips then switching from one software environment to the other is simply a matter of inserting or removing a link. The Southern Cross II, when used in conjunction with the MVS-31 debugging monitor, implements a complete 8031-based assembly language software development system. The extra resources provided by an 8032/52 over an 8031,(extra timer and an additional 128 bytes of internal RAM memory), together with an independent external UART allows the user complete access to all the 8031's internal ports and timers.     

Author Name :kITRUS

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This book, one of a series of information books, introduces the child to a variety of clocks-ancient and modern. It explains in a simple manner how the clock works.     

Author Name :NAVKALA ROY

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Electron Beams and Microwave Vacuum Electronics

This book focuses on a fundamental feature of vacuum electronics: the strong interaction of the physics of electron beams and vacuum microwave electronics, including millimeter-wave electronics. The author guides readers from the roots of classical vacuum electronics to the most recent achievements in the field. Special attention is devoted to the physics and theory of relativistic beams and microwave devices, as well as the theory and applications of specific devices.     

Author Name :Shulim E. Tsimring

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Computerized Engine Controls

Get the resource no technician should be without! Now in its 8th edition, Computerized Engine Controls continues the tradition of its predecessors: strong, solid coverage of both domestic and import engine control systems, which provides readers with the foundational knowledge needed to diagnose and repair any electronic system on any vehicle. Thoroughly updated to offer insight into the latest technological advances found on today's roads and highways, the 8th Edition examines such cutting-edge topics as hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, GM's 42-volt system, hexadecimal conversion and OBD II, multiplexing, and more. This updated edition also includes new content that will help electrical concepts come alive and all-new coverage of logic gates, taking the magic and mystery out of the computer. For technicians who are interested in increasing their diagnostic effectiveness on today's vehicle electronic systems, this book is an absolute "must"!     

Author Name :Steve V. Hatch

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Advanced Design Techniques and Realizations of Microwave and RF Filters

The fundamentals needed to design and realize microwave and RF filters.Microwave and RF filters play an important role in communication systems and, owing to the proliferation of radar, satellite, and mobile wireless systems, there is a need for design methods that can satisfy the ever-increasing demand for accuracy, reliability, and shorter development times.Beginning with a brief review of scattering and chain matrices, filter approximations and synthesis, waveguides and transmission lines, and fundamental electromagnetic equations, the book then covers design techniques for microwave and RF filters operating across a frequency range from 1 GHz to 35 GHz.     

Author Name :Pierre Jarry, Jacques Beneat

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Robotics for Electronics Manufacturing

With over 20 years of experience in robotics and cleanroom manufacturing, Dr. Karl Mathia covers the relevant subjects for the design and testing of clean robots that operate in both atmospheric and vacuum environments. He provides numerous real-world examples so the reader can learn from professional experience, maximize the design quality, and avoid expensive design pitfalls. The book also provides guidelines and hands-on tips for reducing development time and product cost.     

Author Name :Karl Mathia

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Microelectronics, 2nd Edition

Presents the fundamentals of microelectronics, a summary of the current state of electronics, and the innovative directions it is taking. Provides a convenient and complete reference to microelectronics applications. Instills a sense of the future of microelectronics technology and the likely growth in its applications. DLC: Microelectronics.     

Author Name :Jerry C. Whitaker

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Advances in Service Robotics

This book consists of 18 chapters about current research results of service robots. Topics covered include various kinds of service robots, development environments, architectures of service robots, Human-Robot Interaction, networks of service robots and basic researches such as SLAM, sensor network, etc. This book has some examples of the research activities on Service Robotics going on around the globe, but many chapters in this book concern advanced research on this area and cover interesting topics.     

Author Name :Ho Seok Ahn

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Fundamentals Of Power Electronics With MATLAB

Most power electronics textbooks use PSpice for the simulation of circuits, even though MATLAB is a much easier and user-friendly tool. Fundamentals of Power Electronics Using MATLAB teaches students and engineers how to use MATLAB as a simulation and computational tool for power electronics. Designed as a hands-on reference, the scope of the material in the text is not as broad as other reference-style texts, thus making the material less intimidating and more attainable to the reader. Each portion of the text starts with an example based on the section material, followed by a detailed solution. A conclusion is then drawn to emphasize the "point" of the problem and finally an exercise similar to the example is presented to challenge engineers. This format provides an immediate illustration of how to use the material and an opportunity for students to apply the material on their own. The text also introduces sliding mode control (SMC) of converter circuits where the converter is treated as a variable structure system, in addition to traditional pulse-width-modulation (PWM) control. SMC is a relatively new method of control and is a robust and attractive alternative to PWM. Engineers and students do not need to be proficient in MATLAB to work along with the text because a toolbox is provided on the companion CD-ROM that allows them to use MATLAB and obtain results immediately. The toolbox provides functions to perform power computations, waveform analysis, and power converter circuit design and simulations.     

Author Name :Randall Shaffer

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Electronics For Dummies

Want to hook up your home theater system?Want to fix it so your garage band rocks the neighborhood?Want to solder the faulty wire on your old phonograph so you can play those 60s albums you've kept all this time? Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer , hobbyist, or student , this book will turn you on to real-world electronics. It quickly covers the essentials, and then focuses on the how-to instead of theory. It covers:* Fundamental concepts such as circuits, schematics, voltage, safety, and more * Tools of the trade, including multimeters, oscilloscopes, logic probes, and more * Common electronic components (e.g. resistors, capacitors, transistors) * Making circuits using breadboards and printed circuit boards * Microcontrollers (implementation and programming).Author Gordon McComb has more than a million copies of his books in print, including his bestselling Robot Builder's Bonanza and VCRs and Camcorders For Dummies. He really connects with readers! With lots of photos and step-by-step explanations, this book will have you connecting electronic components in no time! In fact, it includes fun ideas for great projects you can build in 30 minutes or less. You'll be amazed! Then you can tackle cool robot projects that will amaze your friends! (The book gives you lots to choose from.)     

Author Name :Gordon McComb, Earl Boysen

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PIC Microcontrollers

This hands-on book covers a series of exciting and fun projects with PIC microcontrollers. For example a silent alarm, a people sensor, a radar, a night buzzer, a VU meter, a RGB fader, a serial network, a poetry box and a sound super-compression. You can build more than 50 projects for your own use. The clear explanations, schematics, and pictures of each project on a breadboard make this a fun activity.You can also use this book as a study guide. The technical background information in each project explains why the project is set up the way it is, including the use of datasheets. This way youll learn a lot about the project and the microcontroller being used, and you can expand the project to suit your own needsmaking it ideal for use in schools and colleges.     

Author Name :BERT VAN DAM

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Power Electronics And Motor Drives

Power electronics is an area of extremely important and rapidly changing technology. Technological advancements in the area contribute to performance improvement and cost reduction, with applications proliferating in industrial, commercial, residential, military and aerospace environments. This book is meant to help engineers operating in all these areas to stay up-to-date on the most recent advances in the field, as well as to be a vehicle for clarifying increasingly complex theories and mathematics. This book will be a cost-effective and convenient way for engineers to get up-to-speed on the latest trends in power electronics.     

Author Name :Bimal K. Bose

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Electronics - Circuits and Systems, Fourth Edition

Electronics - Circuits and Systems is a truly up-to-date textbook, with coverage carefully matched to the electronics units of the BTEC National Engineering course.The material has been organized with a logical learning progression, making it ideal for a wide range of pre-degree courses in electronics. The approach is student-centred and includes: numerous examples and activities; web research topics; self test features, highlighted key facts, formulae and definitions. Each chapter ends with a set of problems, including exam-style questions and multiple-choice questions. The book is also supported by a companion website featuring extensive support for students and lecturers, including answers to the questions in the book, interactive exercises, extra maths support and selected illustrations from the book.     

Author Name :Owen Bishop

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Programming and Customizing the Multicore Propeller Microcontroller

The Only Official Guide to the Parallax Multicore Propeller Microcontroller. Written by a team of Propeller experts, this authoritative guide shows you how to realize your design concepts by taking full advantage of the multicore Propeller microcontroller's unique architecture. The book begins with a review of the Propeller hardware, software, and Spin language so you can get started right away. Programming and Customizing the Multicore Propeller Microcontroller: The Official Guide is filled with a wide variety of step-by-step, hands-on projects. Put your ideas into production when you learn how to: * Debug code for multiple cores * Understand how the Propeller interacts with different sensors * Wirelessly network Propeller chips * Build a balancing robot and control it with computer vision * Develop networking applications using an off-the-shelf Ethernet chip * Create a portable multivariable GPS tracking and data logging device * Use the Propeller as a remote virtual peripheral for media applications * Create a Propeller-powered HVAC green house model * Synthesize speech with the Propeller.Experience more of the process at     

Author Name :Parallax

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Industrial Motor Control 6th edition

The new and updated 6th edition of Industrial Motor Control is the most comprehensive revision of the book since it was published over 20 years ago. With crucial, up-to-date information on basic relay control systems, programmable logic controllers, and solid state devices commonly found in an industrial setting, this book is a must have. It presents easy-to-follow instructions and the essential information for controlling industrial motors, along with commonly used devices in contemporary industrial settings. Coverage is thorough in scope, successfully bridging the gap between industrial maintenance and instrumentation. Readers will gain a fundamental understanding of the operation of variable frequency drives, solid state relays, and other applications that employ electronic devices.     

Author Name :Stephen Herman

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POWER/HVMOS Devices Compact Modeling

Linear and digital power applications have emerged as exciting new fields in integrated electronics. This book provides the necessary, up-to-date tools and techniques to understand HV device phenomena, physics and modeling of the components used in power and HV products.     

Author Name :Wladyslaw Grabinski and Thomas Gneiting

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Advances in Power Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Second International Conference on Advances in Power Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, PEIE 2011, held at Nagpur, India, in April 2011. The 9 revised full papers presented together with 4 short papers and 7 poster papers were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. The papers address current issues in the field of power electronics, communication engineering, instrumentation engineering, digital electronics, electrical power engineering, electrical machines, information technology, control systems, and the like.     

Author Name :Vinu V. Das, Nessy Thankachan, Narayan C. Debnath

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An Experimental Approach to CDMA and Interference Mitigation

An Experimental Approach to CDMA and Interference Mitigation was written with the admittedly ambitious intent of filling the gap between communication theory and VLSI implementation, and thus to provide a more general/theoretical approach to the design, development, and testing of a CDMA receiver. As a consequence, the concepts and techniques that are presented turn out to be applicable to a more general kind of digital wireless modems in terms of receiver architecture design and implementation.As the reader will easily find out, the subject of digital modem design and implementation is addressed in the book starting from a theoretical approach (supported by proper bibliographic references), and is followed by application issues, with reference to an ESA experiment assumed as a case study. A complete design flow, from specification to implementation, including testing and final verification is then presented. This leads the reader step-by-step to a thorough understanding of CDMA transmission and detection, and constitutes a practical guidance for the design of VLSI wireless mobile terminals.     

Author Name :Luca Fanucci, Filippo Giannetti, Marco Luise, Massimo Rovini

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High-Fidelity Multichannel Audio Coding Second Edition

This book includes three parts. The first part covers the basic topics on audio compression, such as quantization, entropy coding, psychoacoustic models, and sound quality assessment. The second part of the book highlights the current most prevalent low-bit-rate high-performance audio coding standardMPEG-4 Audio. More emphasis is given to the audio standards that are capable of supporting multichannel signals, that is, MPEG Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), including the original MPEG-2 AAC specification, additional MPEG-4 toolsets, and the most recent aacPlus standard. The third part of this book introduces several innovative multichannel audio coding methods, which can further improve the coding performance and expand the available functionalities of MPEG AAC. This section is more suitable for graduate students and researchers.     

Author Name :Dai Tracy Yang, Chris Kyriakakis, and C.-C. Jay Kuo

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Activities Manual to accompany Programmable Logic Controllers 3rd edition

The Activities manual contains true/false, completion, matching, and multiple-choice questions for every chapter in the text. So that students get a better understanding of programmable logic controllers, the manual also includes a wide range of programming assignments and additional practice exercises. Frank D. Petruzellahas extensive practical experience in the electrical motor control field, as well as many years of experience teaching and authoring textbooks. Before becoming a full time educator, he was employed as an apprentice and electrician in areas of electrical installation and maintenance.He holds a Master of Science degree from Niagara University, a Bachelor of Science degree from State University of New York College at Buffalo, as well as diplomas in Electrical Power and Electronics from the Erie County Technical Institute.     

Author Name :Frank Petruzella

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Correlation Pattern Recognition

This 2005 book provides a needed review of the diverse background material needed for correlation pattern recognition, developing the signal processing theory, the pattern recognition metrics, and the practical application know-how from basic premises. Includes case studies of interest, such as face and fingerprint recognition. For graduate students and practitioners.     

Author Name :B. V. K. Vijaya Kumar, Abhijit Mahalanobis, Richard D. Juday

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Microwave and Rf Design

Plain and simple, this book is the result of years of work, including the publication of a beta version so we could make sure the final product is the very best textbook available. Just as an example, the beta version was 670 pages, and comments from reviewers like you have resulted in a 1,000 page powerhouse. Written by Michael Steer, Lampe Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University, the independent modules in this book can be employed for a single course, or the same textbook can carry the student and instructor through multiple courses in microwave and radio frequency design. This book is a comprehensive introduction to RF and microwave design with a systems first approach. However, this does not mean that components are ignored. The book is arranged in five modules (see the TOC) that are independent but do build on each other and are best taught in sequence. Design examples are used throughout the book, and many of them incorporate design tradeoffs that are only appreciated in the context of a specific design. The book is also characterized by design emphasis with discussion of manufacturability and practical design decisions. Modern treatment - This treatment of radio frequency and microwave engineering provides the tools for engineers to work with modern radio, radar and sensor systems. Advanced components and design techniques are presented, along with a thoroughly modern treatment of traditional microwave theory and techniques. Well rounded radio frequency and microwave engineer - Learning RF and microwave engineering through this book prepares the student and practicing engineer with the skills to engage RF and microwave engineering in the context of the larger system. The engineer will be able to engage in the important tradeoffs between microwave, analog, RF, digital and algorithmic design. Valuable resource - This book is a valuable resource for the practicing engineer with in-depth analysis of modern microwave components and subsystems. The practicing engineer will be able to develop and refine the techniques required to achieve competitive designs.     

Author Name :Michael Steer

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Microprocessors & Interfacing

An overview of 8085, Architecture of 8086, Microprocessor, Special functions of general purpose registers, 8086 flag register and function of 8086 flags. Addressing modes of 8086, Instruction set of 8086, Assembler directives simple programs, Procedures, and Macros. Assembly language programs involving logical, Branch and Call instructions, Sorting, Evaluation of arithmetic expressions, String manipulation. Pin diagram of 8086-Minimum mode and maximum mode of operation, Timing diagram, Memory interfacing to 8086 (Static RAM and EPROM), Need for DMA, DMA data transfer method, Interfacing with 8237/8257. 8255 PPI-Various modes of operation and interfacing to 8086, Interfacing keyboard, Displays, Stepper motor and actuators, D/A and A/D converter interfacing. Interrupt structure of 8086, Vector interrupt table, Interrupt service routines, Introduction to DOS and BIOS interrupts, 8259 PIC architecture and interfacing cascading of interrupt controller and its importance. Serial data transfer schemes, Asynchronous and synchronous data transfer schemes, 8251 USART architecture and interfacing, TTL to RS 232C and RS232C to TTL conversion, Sample program of serial data transfer, Introduction to High-speed serial communications standards, USB. 8051 Microcontroller architecture, Register set of 8051, Modes of timer operation, Serial port operation, Interrupt structure of 8051, Memory and I/O interfacing 8051.     

Author Name :Mrs. Deepali A Godse, Mr. Atul P Godse

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Semiconductor Modeling

Discusses process variation, model accuracy, design flow and many other practical engineering, reliability and manufacturing issues.Gives a good overview fora person who is not an expert in modeling and simulation, enabling them to extract the necessary information to competently use modeling and simulation programs.Written for engineering students and product design engineers     

Author Name :Roy Leventhal, Lynne Green, Darren J. Carpenter

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