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Professional ASP.NET 4 in C# and VB

This book covers the whole of ASP.NET. It not only introduces new topics, but it also shows you examples of these new technologies in action. So sit back, pull up that keyboard, and enjoy!     

Author Name :Bill Evjen, Scott Hanselman,Devin Rader.Scott Hanselman works for Microsoft as a Principal Program

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ASP.NET by Example

How does the by Example series make you a better programmer? The by Example series teaches programming using the best method possible. After a concept is introduced, you'll see one or more examples of that concept in use. The text acts as a mentor by figuratively looking over your shoulder and showing you new ways to use the concepts you just learned. The examples are numerous. While the material is still fresh in your mind, you see example after example demonstrating ways to use the material you've just learned.The philosophy of the by Example series is simple: The best way to teach computer programming is using multiple examples. Command descriptions, format syntax, and language references are not enough to teach a newcomer a programming language. Only by looking at many examples in which new commands are immediately used and by running sample programs can programming students get more than just a feel for the language.     

Author Name :Steven A. Smith

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