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Telecommunications and the City provides the first critical and state-of-the-art review of the relations between telecommunications and all aspects of city development and management.     


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Wireless Internet Telecommunications

Between the late1970s and early 1990s, developments and inventions in two different areas, wireless and the Internet, were going on roughly at the same time, each in its own world. Especially in the 1990s, each area grewand blossomed tremendously.Today, the Internet and wireless are converging towards an exciting future.This can be partly explained by the recent convergence of communications and computing technologies. However, it is also indicative of the possibilities that could be obtained bymerging the features of the Internet and of wireless communications.This comprehensive book gives you a hands-on understanding of the techniques and architectures being used to provide voice and data services over wireless networks. It serves as a unified "how it works" guide to wireless Internet telecommunications, systematically addressing each of the technological components and how they fit together. You get a clear picture of protocols like RTP for multimedia transport and SIP for session control signaling, and see whats being done to tackle tough challenges in QoS control, mobility management, and security in the wireless environment. The book discusses at length the cutting-edge IP Multimedia Sub-System (IMS) of UMTS to illustrate how each of these crucial components can be successfully implemented in a real-world wireless IP system.     

Author Name :K. Daniel Wong

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Wi-Fi Toys: 15 Cool Wireless Projects for Home Office and Entertainment

Wi-Fi is that subset of wireless communications designed for high-speed Internet access.This book is for you if you are interested in spending a little extra time with your Wi-Fi access points and computer.The primary focus is the technical enthusiasts with a few extra hours on the weekend.Many of the projects in this book can be accomplished with an assembly of off-the-shelf, easily purchased products, so hobbyists of all skill levels will find something in this book.     

Author Name :Mike Outmesguine

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Wi-Fi Security

Enhance security and maintain privacy of mission-critical data, even when going wireless. This book covers 802.11 security for Windows, Linux, Macs, Palms, and other PDAs.     

Author Name :Stewart Miller

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Systems Engineering in Wireless Communications

Systems Engineering in Wireless Communications focuses on the area of radio resource management in third generation wireless communication systems from a systems engineering perspective. The authors provide an introduction into cellular radio systems as well as a review of radio resource management issues. Additionally, a detailed discussion of power control, handover, admission control, smart antennas, joint optimization of different radio resources , and cognitive radio networksis offered. This book differs from books currently available, with its emphasis on the dynamical issues arising from mobile nodes in the network. Well-known control techniques, such as least squares estimation, PID control, Kalman filers, adaptive control, and fuzzy logic are used through out the book.     

Author Name :Heikki Niilo Koivo, Mohammed Elmusrati

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