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Telecommunications and the City provides the first critical and state-of-the-art review of the relations between telecommunications and all aspects of city development and management.     


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Wireless Internet Telecommunications

Between the late1970s and early 1990s, developments and inventions in two different areas, wireless and the Internet, were going on roughly at the same time, each in its own world. Especially in the 1990s, each area grewand blossomed tremendously.Today, the Internet and wireless are converging towards an exciting future.This can be partly explained by the recent convergence of communications and computing technologies. However, it is also indicative of the possibilities that could be obtained bymerging the features of the Internet and of wireless communications.This comprehensive book gives you a hands-on understanding of the techniques and architectures being used to provide voice and data services over wireless networks. It serves as a unified "how it works" guide to wireless Internet telecommunications, systematically addressing each of the technological components and how they fit together. You get a clear picture of protocols like RTP for multimedia transport and SIP for session control signaling, and see whats being done to tackle tough challenges in QoS control, mobility management, and security in the wireless environment. The book discusses at length the cutting-edge IP Multimedia Sub-System (IMS) of UMTS to illustrate how each of these crucial components can be successfully implemented in a real-world wireless IP system.     

Author Name :K. Daniel Wong

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Wi-Fi Toys: 15 Cool Wireless Projects for Home Office and Entertainment

Wi-Fi is that subset of wireless communications designed for high-speed Internet access.This book is for you if you are interested in spending a little extra time with your Wi-Fi access points and computer.The primary focus is the technical enthusiasts with a few extra hours on the weekend.Many of the projects in this book can be accomplished with an assembly of off-the-shelf, easily purchased products, so hobbyists of all skill levels will find something in this book.     

Author Name :Mike Outmesguine

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Wi-Fi Security

Enhance security and maintain privacy of mission-critical data, even when going wireless. This book covers 802.11 security for Windows, Linux, Macs, Palms, and other PDAs.     

Author Name :Stewart Miller

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Systems Engineering in Wireless Communications

Systems Engineering in Wireless Communications focuses on the area of radio resource management in third generation wireless communication systems from a systems engineering perspective. The authors provide an introduction into cellular radio systems as well as a review of radio resource management issues. Additionally, a detailed discussion of power control, handover, admission control, smart antennas, joint optimization of different radio resources , and cognitive radio networksis offered. This book differs from books currently available, with its emphasis on the dynamical issues arising from mobile nodes in the network. Well-known control techniques, such as least squares estimation, PID control, Kalman filers, adaptive control, and fuzzy logic are used through out the book.     

Author Name :Heikki Niilo Koivo, Mohammed Elmusrati

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Planar Antennas for wireless communications

Planar Antennas for Wireless Communications organizes today's most important planar antenna designs into one easy-to-use reference. In this, the latest addition to the Wiley Series in Microwave and Optical Engineering, the author presents more than seventy advanced planar antenna designs, along with detailed design considerations and experimental results, including: PIFAs for internal mobile phone antennas ; Very-low-profile monopoles for internal mobile phone antennas ; Base-station antennas for cellular systems; Planar antennas for WLAN applications ; DR antennas for wireless communications and integration of antennas for different operating bands. Each chapter features a multitude of illustrations for the geometries and experimental results of the featured designs, as well as a complete list of related references for further study, making the book an invaluable design resource for antenna scientists and engineers alike.     

Author Name :Kin-Lu Wong

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LTE and the Evolution to 4G Wireless: Design and Measurement Challenges

In telephony,4Gis the fourth generation of cellular wireless standards. It is a successor to3Gand2Gfamilies of standards. A 4G system is expected to provide a comprehensive and secure all-IP based solution where facilities such as ultra-broadband (giga-bit speed such as 100+ MiB/s) Internet access, IP telephony, gaming services, and streamed multimedia may be provided to users.     

Author Name :Moray Rumney

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Wireless Optical Communication Systems

This book is organized for professional and academic readers engaged in modem design for wireless optical intensity channels. Significant background material is presented on both the properties as well as on fundamental communications principles. Wireless Optical Communication Systems can be used by physicists and experimentalists as an introduction to signaling design as well as communication systems designers.     

Author Name :Steve Hranilovic

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Fundamentals of Wireless Communication

This book is a web of interlocking concepts. The concepts can be structured roughly into three levels:channel characteristics andmodeling; communication concepts and techniques; application of these concepts in a system context. A wireless communication engineer should have an understanding of the concepts at all three levels as well as the tight interplay between the levels. We emphasize this interplay in the book by interlacing the chapters across these levels rather than presenting the topics sequentially from one level to the next.     

Author Name :David Tse, Pramod Viswanath

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GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) provides a service to more than 500 million users throughout 168 countries worldwide. It is the world market leader serving 69 0f all mobile digital users and is currently evolving into UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System).     

Author Name :Friedhelm Hillebrand

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Audio Engineering

The aim is to give a good picture of the field by focusing on a number of audio topics without either getting too specialized or making do with vague generalities. This book can give a better knowledge which overall gives considerable insight into the whole subject of audio engineering, but which also acts as a jumping-off point for further study. Most of the chapters include comprehensive references and extremely useful suggestions for further reading     

Author Name :Douglas Self

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Three-Dimensional Television: Capture, Transmission, Display

A3D television (3D-TV)is atelevision setthat employs techniques of3Dpresentation, such asstereoscopiccapture,multi-viewcapture, or2D plus depth, and a3D displaya special viewing device to project atelevisionprogram into a realistic three-dimensional field.     

Author Name :Springer

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Satellite Communication Systems

Acommunications satellite(sometimes abbreviated toCOMSAT) is an artificialsatellitestationed in space for the purpose oftelecommunications. Modern communications satellites use a variety of orbits includinggeostationary orbits,Molniya orbits, otherelliptical orbitsand low (polarand non-polar) Earth orbits.For fixed (point-to-point) services, communications satellites provide amicrowave radio relaytechnology complementary to that ofsubmarine communication cables. They are also used for mobile applications such as communications to ships, vehicles, planes and hand-held terminals, and for TV and radiobroadcasting, for which application of other technologies, such as cable, is impractical or impossible.     

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Wi-Fi Toys: 15 Cool Wireless Projects for Home Office and Entertainment

This ultra-cool volume invites readers to tap into your inner geek and build seventeen ultra-cool wireless devices including a solar powered access point a wireless picture frame that dynamically changes its own photos and even a wireless car-to-car audio and video system With a few simple tools some off-the-shelf parts and this book readers will be creating wireless devices they never thought were possible-toys that certainly can't be found at the local computer store Written by the co founder and members of the Southern California Wireless Users Group.     

Author Name :Mike Outmesguine

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Introduction to Optical Waveguide Analysis

Anoptical waveguideis a physical structure that guides electromagnetic waves in the optical spectrum. Common types ofopticalwaveguides includeoptical fiberand rectangular waveguides.     

Author Name :Kenji Kawano and Tsutomu Kitoh

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Nanometer CMOS RFICs for Mobile TV Applications

The RF front-end is the most fundamental building block of any wireless system.Nanometer CMOS RFICs for Mobile TV Applicationsbrings together what IC design engineers need to know for the development of low-cost, wide-dynamic range RF front-ends for todays fastest growing communication markets. Drawing on their experience from both industry and academia, the authors use the emerging DVB-H mobile TV standard to provide readers with the step-by-step design progression of the described nanometer CMOS RFICs.     

Author Name :Ahmed A. Youssef, James W. Haslett

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Television Studies: The Key Concepts is the definitive reference guide to an area of rapidly expanding academic interest. Among those aspects of television studies covered in this comprehensive and up-to-date guide are: theoretical perspectives which have shaped the study of television - Marxism; semiology; feminism concepts which have shaped the study of television - narrative; representation; bias     

Author Name :Bernadette Casey, Neil Casey, Ben Calvert, Liam French, Justin Lewis,

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Cellular Authentication for Mobile and Internet Services introduces the reader into the field of secure communication for mobile applications, including secure web browsing with a phone or PC, Single Sign-On (SSO), mobile broadcast content protection, secure location services, etc. The book discusses the Generic Authentication Architecture (GAA) of the mobile standardization body 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and its American counterpart 3GPP2 in full detail and with all variants. It explains the usage of GAA by various standardization bodies and standardized applications, and also looks at a number of non-standardized ones, such as secure remote login to enterprise environment and card personalization.     

Author Name :Silke Holtmanns, Valtteri Niemi, Philip Ginzboorg, Pekka Laitinen, N. Asokan

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Cable Communications Technology

Cable is now as much in the broadband business as it is television. This book explains the fundamentals of coaxial cable technology and the DSP that controls it, along with the cable modem and voice over IP technology now drastically changing the cable operators business. Aimed at working engineers and technicians, it can also be used a textbook for the a basic cable communications course in a 2 year tech program.     

Author Name :Eugene Bartlett

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Reliable Communications for Short-Range Wireless Systems

Describing underlying principles and practical implementation schemes for short-range wireless systems, this comprehensive book reviews the latest wireless standards, focusing on reliability. In addition to covering high-rate and low-rate standards, including UWB, ZigBee, and 60 GHz communications, this resource details factors affecting reliability at different layers of the protocol stack.     

Author Name :Ismail Guvenc, Sinan Gezici, Zafer Sahinoglu and Ulas C. Kozat

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Sensor Networks with IEEE 802.15.4 Systems

This book presents a simple, yet complete, approach to the design and performance analysis of distributed processing algorithms and techniques suitable for IEEE 802.15.4 networks. In particular, the book focuses on the bottom two layers of the ISO/OSI stack (Physical and Medium Access Control), discussing also a few issue related to routing. The book is a the synergistic combination of signal processing aspects on the one hand and MAC and connectivity issues on the other hand. The goal of the book is to clearly link physical layer aspects with medium access and topology aspects, in order to provide the reader with a clear understanding of how to approach the design of proper distributed signal processing and medium access algorithms in this context.     

Author Name :Chiara Buratti, Marco Martal, Roberto Verdone, Gianluigi Ferrari

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Modern Communications Receiver Design and Technology

This comprehensive 462 pages textbook and reference on the subject of radio frequency (RF) receiver design presents the concepts, mathematics and design forsuch systems. Chapters include discussions on superheterodyne receivers, dynamic range, mixers, complex coherent frequency synthesizers, automatic gain control and beat frequency oscillators and additional sections cover advanced topics like digital signal processing (DSP) and software defined radios (SDR) as well as electronic warfare (EW) receivers. Intended for electrical engineering students and engineers, this comprehensive volume contains 360 illustrations including complex block diagrams, photographs and schematics. Drentea is an electrical engineer with fifty years of experience in the field of RF engineering and has worked for the Military Avionics and Corporate divisions of Honeywell and Hughes/Raytheon Systems.     

Author Name :Cornell Drentea

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Understanding Telecommunication Networks

This new book explains how telecommunications networks work. It uses straightforward language supported by copious block - schematic diagrams so that non-engineers and engineers alike can learn about the principles of fixed and mobile telecommunications networks carrying voice and data. The book covers all aspects of today's networks, including how they are planned, formed and operated, plus next generation networks and how they will be implemented. After an introductory chapter on telephony, the book briefly describes all of today's networks - PSTN, mobile, cable television, the Internet, etc. - and considers how they interconnect. Individual chapters then consider the principles, technologies and network structures relating to transmission, circuit switching, signalling and control, data (including voice-over-IP) networks, and mobile networks. The important subject of numbering and addressing for telephony and IP is then covered. The book concludes with a chapter designed to pull everything together, considering architecture, quality of service and performance, operations, network evolution and next generation networks.     

Author Name :Andy Valdar

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Location-Based Services

Location-based Services (LBSs) are mobile services for providing information that has been created, compiled, selected or filtered under consideration of the users current locations or those of other persons or mobile devices. Typical examples are restaurant finders, buddy trackers, navigation services or applications in the areas of mobile marketing and mobile gaming. The attractiveness of LBSs is due to the fact that users are not required to enter location information manually but are automatically pinpointed and tracked.This book explains the fundamentals and operation of LBSs and gives a thorough introduction to the key technologies and organizational procedures, offering comprehensive coverage of positioning methods, location protocols and service platforms, alongside an overview of interfaces, languages, APIs and middleware with examples demonstrating their usage.     

Author Name :Axel Kupper

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Frontiers in Antennas

The state of the art in antenna design and engineering.Edited by one of the world's foremost authorities on smart antennas and featuring contributions from global experts, Frontiers in Antennas discusses the latest advances in antenna design and engineering. This pioneering guide deals primarily with frontier antenna designs and frontier numerical methods. Many of the concepts presented have emerged within the last few years and are still in a rapid state of development. Each chapter provides in-depth details on a unique and modern antenna technology.     

Author Name :Frank B. Gross

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Brave New Unwired World

A whirlwind tour through the exciting landscape opening up around digital wireless communication.In The Brave New Unwired World, the CEO of one of today's hottest wireless businesses explores the latest thinking and trends in the exciting world of digital wireless communication and boldly predicts the future of this hot new field. He acquaints readers with the amazing technologies involved and the no less amazing profit opportunities opening up around them. Drawing upon his unique access to top management at Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Verizon, IBM, Cisco, Psion, Microsoft, and other key players, he profiles those who are vying to be among the first to cash in on the wireless revolution while holding their own against brilliant upstarts, government regulation, and the threat of extinction by competitors who appear from virtually nowhere, at any moment.     

Author Name :Alex Lightman

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E-Business and Telecommunications

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 6th International Joint Conference on e-Business and Telecommunications, ICETE 2009, held in Milan, Italy, in July 2009. The 34 revised full papers presented together with 4 invited papers in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 300 submissions. They have passed two rounds of selection and improvement. The papers are organized in topical sections on e-business; security and cryptography; signal processing and multimedia applications; wireless information networks and systems.     

Author Name :Mohammad S. Obaidat, Joaquim Filipe

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Nanotechnology for Telecommunications

With its unique promise to revolutionize science, engineering, technology, and other fields, nanotechnology continues to profoundly impact associated materials, components, and systems, particularly those used in telecommunications. These developments are leading to easier convergence of related technologies, massive storage data, compact storage devices, and higher-performance computing. Nanotechnology for Telecommunications presents vital technical scientific information to help readers grasp issues and challenges associated with nanoscale telecommunication system development and commercializationand then avail themselves of the many opportunities to be gleaned.This book provides technical information and research ideas regarding the use of nanotechnology in telecommunications and information processing, reflecting the continuing trend toward the use of optoelectronics. Nanotech will eventually lead to a technology cluster that offers a complete range of functionalities for systems used in domains including information, energy, construction, environmental, and biomedical.     

Author Name :Sohail Anwar, M. Yasin Akhtar Raja, Salahuddin Qazi, Mohammad Ilyas

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Wireless Communications Over Rapidly Time-Varying Channels

As a result of higher frequencies and increased user mobility, researchers and systems designers are shifting their focus from time-invariant models to channels that vary within a block. This book explains the latest theoretical advances and practical methods to give an understanding of rapidly time varying channels, together with performance trade-offs and potential performance gains, providing the expertise to develop future wireless systems technology. As well as an overview of the issues of developing wireless systems using time-varying channels, the book gives extensive coverage to methods for estimating and equalizing rapidly time-varying channels, including a discussion of training data optimization, as well as providing models and transceiver methods for time-varying ultra-wideband channels.     

Author Name :Franz Hlawatsch and Gerald Matz

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Communications, Radar and Electronic Warfare

A practical guide to the principles of radio communications for both civilian and military applications.In this book, the author covers both the civilian and military uses of technology, focusing particularly on the applications of radio propagation and prediction. Divided into two parts, the author introduces the basic theory of radio prediction before providing a step-by-step explanation of how this theory can be translated into real-life applications. In addition, the book presents up-to-date systems and methods to illustrate how these applications work in practice. This includes systems working in the HF bands and SHF. Furthermore, the author examines the performance of these systems, and also the effects of noise, interference and deliberate jamming, as well as the performance of jamming, detection and intercept systems. Particular attention is paid to the problems caused by Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs).     

Author Name :Adrian Graham

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Industrial Communication Systems

The successful operation of any production process is dependent upon a well designed and reliable communication system. Modern communication systems that are employed within a factory use a variety of means for sending and receiving information. With time, these systems have become more and more complicated. This volume in The Industrial Electronics Handbook, Second Edition spans the full gamut of topics which are needed for engineers working with industrial communication systems. A detailed description of the numerous topics covered in this volume is outlined in the Preambles that are provided for the various sections, and readers are directed there for the detailed topics contained within. The four other volumes in the Handbook are available individually: Fundamentals of Industrial Electronics, Intelligent Systems, Power Electronics and Motor Drives, and Control and Mechatronics. Additionally, all of the volumes are available as a set.     

Author Name :Bogdan M. Wilamowski and J. David Irwin

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UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System) is the third generation telecommunications system based on WCDMA. WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) is the radio interface for UMTS. WCDMA is characterised by use of a wider band than CDMA. It has additional advantages of high transfer rate, and increased system capacity and communication quality by statistical multiplexing, etc. WCDMA efficiently utilises the radio spectrum to provide a maximum data rate of 2 Mbit/s.UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System) will offer a consistent set of services to mobile computer and phone users no matter where they are located in the world. Based on the GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) communication standard, UMTS, endorsed by major standards bodies and manufacturers, is the planned standard for mobile users around the world by 2002.Today's cellular telephone systems are mainly circuit-switched, with connections always dependent on circuit availability. Packet-switched connection, using the Internet Protocol (IP), means that a virtual connection is always available to any other end point in the network. It will also make it possible to provide new services, such as alternative billing methods (pay-per-bit, pay-per-session, flat rate, asymmetric bandwidth, and others).The higher bandwidth of UMTS also promises new services, such as video conferencing and promises to realise the Virtual Home Environment (VHE) in which a roaming user can have the same services to which the user is accustomed when at home or in the office, through a combination of transparent terrestrial and satellite connections.     

Author Name :Bernhard H. Walke, P. Seidenberg, M. P. Althoff

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An Analytical Approach to Optical Burst Switched Networks

This book presents the state of the art results on modeling and analysis of OBS networks. It provides researchers with new directions for future research and helps them gain a better understanding of modeling OBS networks. This book classifies all the literature on modeling and analysis of OBS networks and serves as a thought provoking material for the researchers working on the analysis of high-speed networks. The scope of this book however is not limited to OBS networks alone but extends to high-speed communication networks with limited or no buffers.     

Author Name :T. Venkatesh, C. Siva Ram Murthy

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Digital Communications, Fourth Edition

The text is flexible and can easily be used in a one semester course or there is enough depth to cover two semesters. Its comprehensive nature makes it a great book for students to keep refer to in their professional careers. This best-selling book in "Digital Communications" by John G. Proakis has been revised to reflect the current trends in the field. Some of the topics that have been added include Turbocodes, Antenna Arrays, Iterative Detection, and Digital Cellular Systems. Also new to this edition are electronic figures for presentation materials found on the website.     

Author Name :John G. Proakis

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Single and Multi-Carrier DS-CDMA

This volume is dedicated to a range of CDMA and MC-CDMA transmission aspects of systems designed for communicating over fading wireless channels.Currently, a technical in-depth book on this subject, which has a similar detailed exposure of the recent advances in CDMA, M-ary CDMA and MC-CDMA, is unavailable. A further attraction of the joint treatment of these topics is that it allows the reader to view their design trade-offs in a comparative context. Divided into five main parts: Part I provides a detailed introduction to the subject of CDMA systems designed for employment in various application. Part II deals with the currently hot topic of genetic algorithm assisted multiuser detection. Part III gives a detailed account of new, reduced-complexity M-ary CDMA schemes. Part IV considers a range of novel MC-CDMA schemes which have the potential of supporting numerous design objectives.Part V provides an overview of the 3G wireless system proposals and characterises the expected network capacity gains attained with the aid of adaptive CDMA systems. By providing an all-encompassing self-contained treatment this groundbreaking volume will have appeal to researchers, postgraduate students, academics practising research and development engineers working for wireless communications and computer networking companies, as well as senior undergraduate students and technical managers in the field.     

Author Name :Lajos L. Hanzo, L-L. Yang, E-L. Kuan, K. Yen

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Intelligent Multimedia Communication

Multimedia data are used more and more widely in human being's life, e.g., videoconferencing, visual telephone, IPTV, etc. Nearly most of the applications need multimedia transmission techniques that send multimedia data from one side to another side and keep the properties of efficiency, robustness and security. Here, the efficiency denotes the time cost of transmission operations, the robustness denotes the ability to survive transmission errors or noises, and the security denotes the protection of the transmitted media content. Recently, various intelligent or innovative techniques are invented, which bring vast performance improvements to practical applications. For example, such content transmission techniques as p2p, sensor network and ad hoc network are constructed, which adaptively use the peers properties to improve the networks resources. Multimedia adaptation techniques can adjust the multimedia data rate in order to compliant with the networks bandwidth. Scalable encryption techniques can generate the data stream that can be correctly decrypted after bit rate conversion. Ubiquitous multimedia services make the user share any kind of content anywhere.The book includes fourteen chapters highlighting current concepts, issues and emerging technologies.     

Author Name :Chang Wen Chen, Zhu Li, and Shiguo Lian

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Regulation and Entry into Telecommunications Markets

This book analyses telecommunications markets from early to mature competition, filling the gap between the existing economic literature on competition and the real-life application of theory to policy. Paul De Bijl and Martin Peitz focus on both the transitory and the persistent asymmetries between telephone companies, investigating the extent to which access price and retail price regulation stimulate both short- and long-term competition. They explore and compare various settings, such as non-linear versus linear pricing, facilities-based versus unbundling-based or carrier-select-based competition, non-segmented versus segmented markets. On the basis of their analysis, De Bijl and Peitz then formulate guidelines for policy. This book is a valuable resource for academics, regulators and telecommunications professionals. It is accompanied by simulation programs devised by the authors both to establish and to illustrate their results.     

Author Name :Paul de Bijl, Martin Peitz

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OSS Design Patterns

This book advocates a pattern-based approach to the design of interfaces to Operations Support Systems (OSSs) to reduce the cost of delivering telecommunications management solutions. OSSs are the large servers that host the OSS applications that manage telecommunications services. Developing solutions to manage telecommunications services entails integrating the functionality of a number of OSS applications through their integration interfaces. Owing to the complexity, size, and distributed nature of telecommunications networks and services, application designers have necessarily turned to the latest software technologies to implement OSS applications. This has led to a proliferation of interface styles and underlying information models that makes systems integration both expensive and error prone.Rather than proposing yet another technology-specific interface specification and information model, this book makes the case for an agreement across the OSS community on a core set of technology-neutral OSS Design Patterns. The book details over a dozen OSS-specific design patternsmany based on proven distributed-systems patternsthat will help in the design of consistent interfaces to OSS applications. Each pattern is accompanied by examples of its implementation in two software technologies: Java Platform, Enterprise Edition and Java Message Service. OSS application designers will find that the book makes a compelling case for adopting these architectural and programming patterns to future-proof their designs. It is a valuable contribution to the growing ecosystem of best practices, common code, and proven designs for OSS applications and their interfaces.     

Author Name :Colin Ashford and Pierre Gauthier

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Handbook of Smart Antennas for RFID Systems

The Handbook of Smart Antennas for RFID Systems is a single comprehensive reference on the smart antenna technologies applied to RFID. This book will provide a timely reference book for researchers and students in theareas of both smart antennas and RFID technologies. It is the first book to combine two of the most important wireless technologies together in one book. The handbook will feature chapters by leading experts in both academia and industryoffering an in-depth description of terminologies and concepts related to smart antennas in various RFID systems applications. Some topics are: adaptive beamforming for RFID smart antennas, multiuser interference suppression in RFID tag reading, phased array antennas for RFID applications,smart antennasin wireless systems and market analysis and case studiesof RFID smart antennas. This handbook will cover the latest achievements in the designs and applications for smart antennas for RFID as well as the basic concepts, terms, protocols, systems architectures and case studies in smart antennas for RFIDreaders and tags.     

Author Name :Nemai Chandra Karmakar

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Optically Amplified WDM Networks

With the advent of wavelength routing and dynamic, reconfigurable optical networks, new demands are being made in the design and operation of optical amplifiers. This book provides, for the first time, a comprehensive review of optical amplifier technology in the context of these recent advances in the field. It demonstrates how to manage the trade-offs between amplifier design, network architecture and system management and operation.The book provides an overview of optical amplifiers and reconfigurable networks before examining in greater detail the issues of importance to network operators and equipment manufacturers, including 40G and 100G transmission. Optical amplifier design is fully considered, focusing on fundamentals, design solutions and amplifier performance limitations. Finally, the book discusses other emerging applications for optical amplifiers such as optical networks for high data rate systems, free space systems, long single span links and optical digital networks.     

Author Name :John Zyskind, Atul Srivastava

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