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Tunelling and Tunnel Mechanics: A Rational Approach to Tunnelling

The book covers not only practical aspects but also the underlying theoretical approaches. It also covers the fundamentals of rock mechanics. It addresses not only students but also professionals who are interested to understand the underlying principles and methods and possibly to further develop them. Emphasis is given to the mechanical approach rather than to hardly tractable empirical statements. The text is concise and as far as possible complete and comprises a large list of citations. Publications of the English and German speaking scientific communities have been taken into account.     

Author Name :Dimitrios Kolymbas

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Systems in Timber Engineering: Loadbearing Structures and Component Layers

Timber construction has become completely modernized. It has gained considerably in market share with respect to competing building materials and is dominated by systems such as frame and solid timber construction.     

Author Name :Josef Kolb

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Fluid Mechanics: Problems and Solutions

Fluid mechanicsis the study offluidsand theforceson them. (Fluids includeliquids,gases, andplasmas.) Fluid mechanics can be divided into fluid kinematics, the study of fluid motion, andfluid dynamics, the study of the effect of forces on fluid motion, which can further be divided intofluid statics, the study of fluids at rest, and fluid kinetics, the study of fluids in motion. It is a branch ofcontinuum mechanics, a subject which models matter without using the information that it is made out of atoms, that is, it models matter from a macroscopic viewpoint rather than from a microscopic viewpoint. Fluid mechanics, especially fluid dynamics, is an active field of research with many unsolved or partly solved problems. Fluid mechanics can be mathematically complex. Sometimes it can best be solved bynumerical methods, typically using computers. A modern discipline, calledcomputational fluid dynamics(CFD), is devoted to this approach to solving fluid mechanics problems. Also taking advantage of the highly visual nature of fluid flow isparticle image velocimetry, an experimental method for visualizing and analyzing fluid flow.     

Author Name :Joseph H. Spurk , T. Schobeiri, H. Marschall

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Estimating and Tendering for Construction Work, Third Edition

The job of the estimator is explained in detail at every key stage, from early cost studies, through the preparation of the estimate, to the creation of budgets for successful tenders. Each step is illustrated with examples and notes, and appropriate technical documentation. Over recent years there have been significant developments in construction management, notably new procurement methods, greater emphasis on innovation and partnering, a greater reliance on cost planning as a methodology, and new developments in both industry and governmental reports and guidance.     

Author Name :Martin Brook

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Innovations in Bridge Engineering Technology

Bridge engineering experts from Belgium, Canada, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, Taiwan and Turkey presented papers on the latest innovations in the field. Along with the contributions by prominent bridge engineering professionals from the United States, this excellent collection of papers will assure the archival quality of this book     

Author Name :Khaled M. Mahmoud

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Pressure Vessels

This up-to-date second edition of the technology of external pressure vessels, covers problems that arise in submarine pressure hulls, torpedoes, aircraft fuselages, space shuttles, underwater storage vessels, intercontinental missiles, oil drilling rigs, grain storage silos, cooling towers, valves, tunnels, under-soil tubes, immersed tubes, medical equipment and tin can containers of food and everyday products. Stress analysts, designers, consultants and manufacturers need to take into account the effects of external pressures to prevent buckling of external walls of descending submarines, ascending or descending rockets, aircraft and space shuttles by devising countermeasures in their choice of structural design and materials. Computer programs (codes in Quick- BASIC) are published in the Appendices. The present author, from long experience in engineering research and design, covers the problem, its remediation, and practical applications. He records experimental and theoretical work including plastic collapse, and provides many design charts.     

Author Name :Carl T.F. Ross

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Requirements Engineering for Computer Integrated Environments in Construction

Efficient communication, collaboration, data exchange and sharing are crucial for the success of today's many multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary work environments. The implementation of computer integrated environments (CIE) is increasing and the requirements engineering necessary for the development of these systems is critical.Requirements Engineering for Computer Integrated Environments in Construction provides an important source of information and advice for organizations needing bridge the gap between users and developers in the implementation of computer integrated solutions as well as for consultants providing services to their clients in CIE development.     

Author Name :Ghassan Aouad, Yusuf Arayici

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Resource Allocation in Project Management

Resource allocationis used to assign the availableresourcesin an economic way. It is part ofresource management. Inproject management, resource allocation is the scheduling of activities and the resources required by those activities while taking into consideration both the resource availability and the project time.     

Author Name :Christoph Schwindt

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Fundamentals of Residential Construction 3rd edition

Complete, authoritative coverage of residential construction materials and procedures.Fundamentals of Residential Construction offers a complete, comprehensive presentation of todays residential construction systems, from foundation to roof and from exterior finishes to interior details, including all mechanical and electrical systems. It features the same lucid, straightforward writing, clear drawings, and extensive photographic illustrations that have made its parent book, Fundamentals of Building Construction, a bestseller. Wood light frame construction, the system by which most houses in North America are built, is emphasized. Industrialized systems of construction and alternative residential construction systems are also covered.The authors first provide a view of the context within which residential construction takes place, including zoning ordinances, building codes, financing, environmental concerns, and a look at the roles of the various professionals who work to produce housing of all types. Following chapters on materials, the chapters on wood light frame construction examine everything from rough sitework, foundations, and framing to plumbing, heating and cooling, wiring, interior and exterior finishing, and, finally, finish sitework. The final portion of the book on alternative construction systems offers detailed explanations of currently popular options such as timber frame, log, rammed earth, straw bale, insulating concrete form, light-gauge steel frame, and panelized construction.     

Author Name :Edward Allen, Rob Thallon

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Improving Healthcare through Built Environment Infrastructure

The built environment for the delivery of Healthcare will continue to change as it responds to new technologies and modalities of care, different expectations and requirements of providers and consumers of care. It is vital that built environment students and practitioners alike avail themselves of the best possible information to guide them in their studies, continuing professional development and the delivery of their tasks. The range is enormous from the assessment of need, planning the service delivery to design, construction, commissioning, maintenance and operation of the healthcare environment.The book that follows addresses these areas from a blend of contributions of experienced practitioners to the descriptions of the output from recent research that moves forward the frontiers of knowledge and practice in the many areas of the healthcare built environment.I happily commend this book to all engaged in the exciting fields of planning, delivering, maintaining and operating healthcare environments. When we get it right, we are able to do immeasurable good.This book helps academic researchers as well as practitioners to understand how the healthcare infrastructure sector works by addressing the crucial issue of healthcare delivery from a built environment perspective.     

Author Name :Mike Kagioglou, Patricia Tzortzopoulos

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High Performance Structures And Materials III

This book contains the edited papers presented at the Third International Conference on High Performance Structures and Materials and it addresses issues involving advanced types of structures, particularly those based on new concepts or new types of materials. Particular emphasis is placed on intelligent AAsmart structuresAA as well as the application of computational methods to model, control and manage these structures and materials. The book covers topics such as: Damage and Fracture Mechanics; Composite Materials and Structures; Optimal Design; Adhesion and Adhesives; Natural Fibre Composites; Failure Criteria of FRP; Non-linear Behaviour of FRP Structures; Material Characterization; High Performance Materials; High Performance Concretes; Aerospace Structures; Reliability of Structures; Ceramics in Engineering.     

Author Name :C. A. Brebbia

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Labour Conditions for Construction

The book presents and discusses the challenges and potential of local authorities to promote decent work in construction. It combines theoretical analysis and case-studies, with recommendations to both practitioners and academics.Existing literature on decent work focuses mainly on the roles and responsibilities of actors in the private sector but the contribution of actors and institutions in the public sector must not be ignored. Local authorities play a crucial role in economic development through a range of policies and programmes in the construction sector and related services, e.g. utilities.This book includes a methodology that combines quantitative and qualitative information and data. It defines and validates a set of criteria to evaluate the capacity of local authorities, combining criteria about decent work, the construction sector (and related services), and the policies and programmes of the local authority in each case study city.     

Author Name :Roderick Lawrence, EdmundoWerna

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Introduction to Building

The fourth edition of Introduction to Building continues the authoritative overview of the many design and practical considerations associated with the creation and maintenance of buildings. It has been updated to include current legislation and new government guidelines. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the various aspects of building and development from initial planning and design through contract procurement to construction. With regard to maintenance and repair of existing buildings, traditional construction procedures are retained from the previous editions.     

Author Name :Derek Osbourn, Roger Greeno

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Sustainability of Concrete

Production of Portland cement is responsible for about seven percent of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions. The pressure to make the production of concrete more sustainable, or "greener", is considerable and increasing. This requires a wholesale shift in processes, materials and methods in the concrete industry. Pure Portland cement will need to be replaced by more complex binary, tertiary or even quaternary binders, including other types of cementitious materials. We can expect an increasing use of high performance concrete, primarily because of its high sustainability and durability. Much more attention will have to be paid to the proper curing of the concrete if we want to improve its life expectancy. Presenting the latest advances in the science of concrete this book focuses particularly on sustainability, durability, and economy. It explores the potential for increased sustainability in concrete from the initial mixing right through to its behaviour in complex structures exposed to different types of loads and aggressive environments.     

Author Name :Pierre-Claude Aitcin,Sidney Mindess

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Moisture control handbook

In the climate-controlled buildings of today, moisture problems affect not only the useable life expectancy of the structure, but the comfort and health of the occupants. This reference is the first to apply up-to-date moisture control and treatment techniques in a problem/solution format.     

Author Name :Joseph W Lstiburek, John Carmody

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Building Construction

The science of building construction and design is evolving more quickly than ever before. The 2009 Update of this outstanding text builds on the previous version and incorporates the latest updates available. Written by an author team with decades of experience in architecture, building construction, engineering, and teaching, Building Construction: Principles, Materials & Systems 2009 Update is a comprehensive and fully illustrated introduction to construction methods and materials. Continuing on with the books unique organizationPrinciples of Construction are covered in Part One and Materials and Systems of Construction are covered in Part Twoallows for complete coverage of both the basic principles and specific materials and systems of building construction. This organization fosters a real understanding of general concepts and develops skills that will sustain over time. Emphasizing a visual approach to learning, it includes more than 1,400 original illustrations and an extra large trim size (9 x 12) that provides an open and inviting layout that students are sure to appreciate.     

Author Name :Medan Mehta, Walter Scarborough, Diane Armpriest

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Building Construction Illustrated, 2nd Edition

The new edition builds upon the classic content of its predecessor by incorporating information on concrete, steel, and glazing technology, energy efficiency in buildings, moisture and thermal protection, natural lighting, masonry, and other topics. Any excess coverage of systems and technology no longer in common use has been streamlined. The organization, which follows the typical design process, has been retained in this edition. This book should be of interest to architects, building contractors.     

Author Name :Francis D. K. Ching

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Principles and Practices of Commercial Construction (8th Edition)

This classic book provides an overview of the methods, equipment, and materials used in the construction of large commercial buildings. It makes an excellent source of general informationcomplete with diagrams, details, photographs, and worked examples of typical construction calculations such as earth moving calculation, formwork calculations, concrete pressures, and insulation values for building components. Revised content in this new 8th edition includes additional examples and homework problems for a complete review, superior illustrations, added video clips to the ancillary materials, and much, much more!     

Author Name :Cameron K. Andres, R.C.Smith

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Water, Sanitary and Waste Services for Buildings Fifth Edition

Water, sanitary and waste services represent a substantial proportion of the cost of construction, averaging 10% of the capital costs of building and with continuing costs in operation and maintenance. Nevertheless, they are often regarded as a 'Cinderella' within the building process. Parts of many different codes and regulations impact on these services, making an overall viewpoint more difficult to get.This new edition of this classic text draws together material from a variety of sources to provide the comprehensive coverage not available elsewhere. It is a resource for the sound design, operation and maintenance of these services and should be on the bookshelf of every building services engineer and architect.     

Author Name :A.F.E. Wise, J.A. Swaffield

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Statics and Strength of Materials for Architecture and Building Construction (4th Edition)

Statics and Strength of Materials for Architecture and Building Construction, Fourth Edition, offers students an accessible, visually oriented introduction to structural theory that doesn't rely on calculus. Instead, illustrations and examples of building frameworks and components enable students to better visualize the connection between theoretical concepts and the experiential nature of real buildings and materials. This new edition includes fully worked examples in each chapter, a companion website with extra practice problems, and expanded treatment of load tracing.     

Author Name :Barry S. Onouye , Kevin Kane

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