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Formulas and Functions: Microsoft Excel

Excel expert Paul McFedries shows how to use Excel 2010s core features to solve problems and get the answers you need! Using real-world examples, McFedries helps you get the absolute most out of breakthrough Excel 2010 improvementsfrom Sparklines to the brand-new version of Solver. Along the way, youll discover the fastest, best ways to handle essential day-to-day tasks ranging from generating account numbers to projecting the impact of inflation.Becoming an Excel expert has never been easier! Youll find crystal-clear instructions insider insights even complete step-by-step projects for building timesheets, projecting cash flow, aging receivables, analyzing defects, and more.     

Author Name :Paul McFedries

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Building the Perfect PC, Second Edition

Why Build a PC???With entry-level PCs selling for less than $500 and fully-equipped mainstream PCs for $1,000, you might wonder why anyone would bother to build a PC. After all, you can't save any money building one, can you? Well, yes you can. But that's not the only reason to build a PC. There are many good reasons to build your own PC.     

Author Name :Barbara Fritchman Thompson worked for 20 years as a librarian before starting her own home-based co

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Professional LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP 5 Web Development

The amazing combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP) enjoys increasing popularity because of the interaction, flexibility, customization, and cost effectiveness of its components. In turn, LAMP has proven to be one of the fastest-growing ways to develop enterprise-level web applications. As the first book to address the LAMP module in its entirety at the professional level, this resource will help you take your web sites to the next level.     

Author Name :Jason Gerner, Morgan Owens, Elizabeth Naramore, and Matt Warden

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Oracle Database 10g OCP Certification All-In-One Exam Guide

TheOracle Database(commonly referred to asOracle RDBMSor simply asOracle) is arelational database management system(RDBMS) produced and marketed byOracle Corporation. As of 2010, Oracle has been a major presence indatabasecomputingfor many years     

Author Name :Damir , John Watson

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Expert Oracle Practices: Oracle Database Administration from the Oak Table

Oracle is a powerful relational database management system that offers a large feature set. Along with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle is widely regarded as one of the two most popular full-featured database systems     

Author Name :Melanie Caffrey

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Getting Started with Oracle BPM Suite 11gR1 - A Hands-On Tutorial

Oracle is a powerful relational database management system that offers a large feature set. Along with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle is widely regarded as one of the two most popular full-featured database systems     

Author Name :Heidi Buelow, Manoj Das

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MCSA/MCSE Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-291): Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure

Announcing an all-new MCSA/MCSE TRAINING KIT designed to help maximize your performance on Exam 70-291, a core exam for the new Windows Server 2003 certification. This kit packs the tools and features exam candidates want mostincluding in-depth, self-paced training based on final exam content; rigorous, objective-by-objective review; exam tips from expert, exam-certified authors; and a robust testing suite. It also provides real-world scenarios, case studies, and troubleshooting labs for the skills and expertise you can apply to the job.Focusing on network infrastructure management for Windows Server 2003, this official study guide covers topics such as implementing, managing, and maintaining IP addressing, name resolution, network security measures, routing and remote access, and monitoring and troubleshooting network infrastructure.     

Author Name :J.C. Mackin, Ian McLean Dr

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Oracle SQL Plus: The Definitive Guide

SQL*Plusis anOraclecommand-line utility program that can runSQLandPL/SQLcommands interactively or from a script.     

Author Name :Jonathan Gennick

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Office 2010 Workflow:Developing Collaborative Solutions

Workflow is the glue that binds information worker processes, users, and artifacts. Without workflow, information workers are just islands of data and potential. Office 2010 Workflow details how to implement workflow in SharePoint 2010 and the client Microsoft Office 2010 suite to help information workers share data, enforce processes and business rules, and work more efficiently together or solo. This book covers everything you need to knowfrom what workflow is all about to creating new activities; from the SharePoint Designer to Visual Studio 2010; from out-of-the-box workflows to state machine workflows. Theres even a section on integrating external data with Business Data Services.     

Author Name :Mark Collins

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Writing for computer science: the art of effective communication

This book deals in a concise way with topics such as article design, writing style, illustrations, algorithms, as well as the scientific process itself. With a focus on writing for the mathematical sciences, it: shows how to design an article; gives practical guidelines for writing style; explains punctuation in a no nonsense way; gives tips for the presentation of mathematics; presents best practice for graphs, figures, and tables; guides on the presentation of algorithms, hypotheses, and experiments; explains about editing and refereeing. Seminar presentation, a section on spelling conventions, and a detailed bibliography complete this handy guide to style and presentation.     

Author Name :Justin Zobel

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Microsoft Excel 2010 Plain & Simple

Microsoft Office 2010 is aproductivity suiteforMicrosoft Windows,and the successor toMicrosoft Office 2007. Office 2010 includes extended file format support,user interfaceupdates,and a changed user experience.A64-bitversion of Office 2010 is available, although not for Windows XP orWindows Server 2003.     

Author Name :Curtis Frye D

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Excel 2010: The Missing Manuel

Excel, the world's most popular spreadsheet program, has the muscle to analyze heaps of data. Beyond basic number-crunching, Excel 2010 has many impressive features that are hard to find, much less master -- especially from online help pages. This Missing Manual clearly explains how everything works with a unique and witty style to help you learn quickly. Navigate with ease. Master Excel's tabbed toolbar and its new backstage view Perform a variety of calculations. Write formulas for rounding numbers, calculating mortgage payments, and more Organize your data. Search, sort, and filter huge amounts of information Illustrate trends. Bring your data to life with charts and graphics -- including miniature charts called Sparklines Examine your data. Summarize information and find hidden patterns with pivot tables and slicers Share your spreadsheets. Use the Excel Web App to collaborate with colleagues online Rescue lost data. Restore old versions of data and find spreadsheets you forgot to save     

Author Name :Matthew MacDonald

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Inheritance is the practice of passing on property, titles, debts, and obligations upon the death of an individual. It has long played an important role in human societies. The rules of inheritance differ between societies and have changed over time.     

Author Name :

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Oracle8i DBA: Architecture & Administration Certification Bible

TheOracle Database(commonly referred to asOracle RDBMSor simply asOracle) is arelational database management system(RDBMS) produced and marketed byOracle Corporation.     

Author Name :Damir Bersinic, Todd Ross, Yury Sabinin

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Pagemaker 7 from A to Z: A Quick Reference of More Than 300 PageMaker Tasks, Terms and Tricks

PageMakerwas one of the firstdesktop publishingprograms, introduced in 1985 byAldus Corporation, initially for the then newApple Macintoshand in 1987 forPCsrunning the then newWindows 1.0.PageMaker was awarded anSPA Excellence in Software AwardforBest New Use of a Computerin 1986.PageMaker relies onAdobe Systems'PostScriptpage description language, and in 1994Adobe Systemsacquired Aldus and PageMaker.     

Author Name :Marc Campbell

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PHP: Hypertext Preprocessoris a widely used, general-purposescripting languagethat was originally designed forweb developmentto producedynamic web pages. For this purpose, PHP code is embedded into theHTMLsource document and interpreted by aweb serverwith a PHP processor module, which generates theweb pagedocument. As a general-purpose programming language, PHP code is processed by an interpreter application incommand-linemode performing desired operating system operations and producing program output on its standard output channel. It may also function as a graphical application. PHP is available as a processor for most modern web servers and as a standalone interpreter on mostoperating systemsandcomputing platforms     

Author Name :Andi Gutmans

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Hacking For Dummies

Hackers For Dummies helps you hack into a hackers mindset and take security precautions to help you avoid a hack attack. It outlines computer hacker tricks and techniques you can use to assess the security of your own information systems, find security vulnerabilities, and fix them before malicious and criminal hackers can exploit them. It covers: Hacking methodology and researching public information to see what a hacker can quickly learn about your operations Social engineering (how hackers manipulate employees to gain information and access), physical security, and password vulnerabilities Network infrastructure, including port scanners, SNMP scanning, banner grabbing, scanning, and wireless LAN vulnerabilities.     

Author Name :Kevin Beaver

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Web Design All in One For Dummies

If you want just one complete reference on web design, this book is it. The newest edition of this essential guide features 650+ pages on the latest tools and new web design standards, such as HTML5, CSS 3, and other core technologies and page-building strategies. Five minibooks provide deep coverage: essential pre-design considerations, how to establish the look of your site, building a site, how to test your site, and taking your site public. Design professional and author Sue Jenkins understands what designers need and gives you the answers.     

Author Name :Sue Jenkins

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Flash CS4 All-in-One For Dummies

Flash CS4 All-In-One For Dummies will help make your experience animating in Flash much easier! Learn how to use Adobe Flash CS4 to create innovative interactive experiences! Flash CS4 All-In-One For Dummies shows you how to create professional, cool projects, step by step, from start to finish. Whether youre working on your first Flash project or youre a veteran Flash animator ready to get into more advanced applications, Flash CS4 All-In-One For Dummies walks you through Flashs new tricks and explains how to use them. Youll get the skinny on new features including inverse kinematics, motion tweening, and Motion Editor.     

Author Name :Doug Sahlin and Bill Sanders

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Dreamweaver CS4 For Dummies

Dreamweaver CS4 is designed to help you create Web sites you can be proud of. From the panels that help you with writing, editing, and placement tasks to the Property inspector where you can edit with HTML or access CSS styles and options, Dreamweaver CS4 makes Web site creation a breeze.     

Author Name :Janine Warner

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Image and Geometry Processing for 3-D Cinematography

A cinematographer is one photographing with a motion picture camera (the art and science of which is known as cinematography). The title is generally equivalent to director of photography (DP), used to designate a chief over the camera and lighting crews working on a film, responsible for achieving artistic and technical decisions related to the image. The term cinematographer has been a point of contention for some time now; some professionals insist that it only applies when the director of photography and camera operator are the same person, although this is far from being uniformly the case. To most, cinematographer and director of photography are interchangeable terms.     

Author Name :Remi Ronfard, Gabriel Taubin

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The Avid Handbook: Advanced Techniques, Strategies, and Survival Information for Avid Editing Systems

Brimming with workflow efficiencies for the experienced editor, The Avid Handbook teaches you the hows and whys of operating the system in order to reach streamlined, creative end solutions. The book emphasizes time-saving techniques, shortcuts, and workflow procedures- the true keys to getting a job done. The book has also been updated to include new information on HD formats and workflows, color-correction and grading capability enhancements, MXF media standardization, and much more.     

Author Name :Greg Staten, Steve Bayes

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Programming Embedded Systems in C and C++

Embedded software is in almost every electronic device designed today. There is software hidden away inside our watches, microwaves, VCRs, cellular telephones, and pagers; the military uses embedded software to guide smart missiles and detect enemy aircraft; communications satellites, space probes, and modern medicine would be nearly impossible without it. Of course, someone has to write all that software, and there are thousands of computer scientists, electrical engineers, and other professionals who actually do. Each embedded system is unique and highly customized to the application at hand. As a result, embedded systems programming is a widely varying field that can take years to master. However, if you have some programming experience and are familiar with C or C++, you're ready to learn how to write embedded software. The hands-on, no-nonsense style of this book will help you get started by offering practical advice from someone who's been in your shoes and wants to help you learn quickly.     

Author Name :Michael Barr

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Drupal 7

Drupal is a free software package that allows anyone to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Hundreds of thousands of people and organizations are using Drupal to power an endless variety of sites.     

Author Name :David Mercer

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Simply Excel 2010

Microsoft Excelis aspreadsheetapplication written and distributed byMicrosoftforMicrosoft WindowsandMac OS X. It features calculation, graphing tools,pivot tablesand a macro programming language calledVisual Basic for Applications. It has been a very widely applied spreadsheet for these platforms, especially since version 5 in 1993. Excel forms part ofMicrosoft Office. The current versions are 2010 for Windows and 2011 for Mac     

Author Name :Paul McFedries

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Oracle Database Administration for Microsoft SQL Server DBAs

Oracle is a powerful relational database management system that offers a large feature set. Along with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle is widely regarded as one of the two most popular full-featured database systems.Databases are designed to offer an organized mechanism for storing, managing and retrieving information. They do so through the use of tables. If youre familiar with spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel, youre probably already accustomed to storing data in tabular form. Its not much of a stretch to make the leap from spreadsheets to databases.     

Author Name :Michelle Malcher

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JasperReports 3.5 for Java Developers by David Heffelfinger

Create, Design, Format, and Export Reports with the world's most popular Java reporting library.Create better, smarter, and more professional reports using comprehensive and proven methods.Group scattered data into meaningful reports, and make the reports appealing by adding charts and graphics.Discover techniques to integrate with Hibernate, Spring, JSF, and Struts, and to export to different file formats .Written in a lucid and practical manner, this book introduces you to JasperReports and gets you creating complex and elegant reports.     

Author Name :David Heffelfinger

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How To Do Everything With Microsoft Office Word 2007

The most widely used word processor in the world, Word is the leading application in the Microsoft Of?ce suite. You can use Word to create anything from a shopping list to a thousand- page document with ?gures, cross-references, and footnotesnot to mention an automatically generated table of contents, table of ?gures, and index. You can use Word either on its own or together with the other Of?ce applications.Word 2007 builds on the many previous versions of Word to deliver powerful functionality and many new features along with a slick and easy to use interface. If youre new to Word, youve got a large amount to learn. If youre coming to Word 2007 as an experienced user of earlier versions, youve still got plenty to learn, because Word 2007 introduces major changes. But either way, this book will get you up to speed quickly.     

Author Name :Guy Hart-Davis

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Animating Real-Time Game Characters (Game Development Series)

Learn the basics of what makes a great character model and gain new insights to the many issues facing the character animator. Using the tried and proven methods found in Animating Real-Time Game Characters, you'll quickly bring your character animation to the next level. Find detailed coverage on modeling, rigging, and weighting real-time game characters using 3ds max and character studio. Explore effective keyframing techniques that focus on dramatic poses and proper timing. Discover how to work with and adjust motion capture data as well as what to look for when working with mocap studios. Get an inside glimpse at the process of taking a real-time game character from concept to export into a game technology. With the popularity of games like Quake III: Arena, Unreal Tournament, and Warcraft III, real-time gaming is here to stay. Whether you're a working professional or an eager novice, Animating Real-Time Game Characters will absolutely help you improve your character animation skills using 3ds max and character studio.     

Author Name :Paul Steed

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Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 on Demand (2010)

Adobe Dreamweaver (formerly Macromedia Dreamweaver) is a web development application originally created by Macromedia, and is now developed by Adobe Systems, which acquired Macromedia in 2005.     

Author Name :Steve Johnson

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Adobe Flex 4: Training from the Source

The book takes you through a journey of code to build a simple and functional web store.The design and look of the store leaves a bit to be desired, but that wasnt really the scope of this book. It is perfect for a beginner as it starts with setting up your first project in a very easy to read step by step format. While the book starts out with very basic stuff that many experienced users may want to skip it does eventually take you into more complex tasks and code. All of the tasks in the book are very well thought out and presented in an easy to follow step by step format.     

Author Name :Michael Labriola, Jeff Tapper, Matthew Boles

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50 Fast Flash MX Techniques

It covers the latest Flash "X" release. Most of these effects can also be created with Flash 5 and 50 step-by-step methods to make your Flash 5 and Flash "X" animations more impressive, engaging, effective, and fun. Includes a 32-page full-color insert highlighting the most dramatic visual tricks.     

Author Name :Ellen Finkelstein

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Debugging: The 9 Indispensable Rules for Finding Even the Most Elusive Software and Hardware Problems

Debugging is a methodical process of finding and reducing the number ofbugs, or defects, in acomputer programor a piece ofelectronic hardware, thus making it behave as expected. Debugging tends to be harder when various subsystems aretightly coupled, as changes in one may cause bugs to emerge in another. Many books have been written about debugging, as it involves numerous aspects, including:interactivedebugging,control flow,integration testing,log files,monitoring,memory dumps,Statistical Process Control, and special design tactics to improve detection while simplifying changes.     

Author Name :David J. Agans

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Digital Forensics for Network, Internet, and Cloud Computing: A Forensic Evidence Guide for Moving Targets and Data

Digital forensics(sometimesDigital forensic science) is a branch offorensic scienceencompassing the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices, often in relation tocomputer crime.The term was originally used as a synonym forcomputer forensicsbut has expanded to cover other devices capable ofstoring digital data.Digital forensic investigations are much broader in scope than other areas of forensic analysis (where the usual aim is to provide answers to a series of simpler questions).The discipline evolved in a haphazard manner during the 1990s and it was not until the early 2000s that national policies were created.     

Author Name :Terrence V. Lillard

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Handbook of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become a significant technology trend. Experts believe cloud computing is currently reshaping information technology and the IT marketplace. The advantages of using cloud computing include cost savings, speed to market, access to greater computing resources, high availability, and scalability.     

Author Name :Borko Furht, Armando Escalante

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Grid and Cloud Computing: A Business Perspective on Technology and Applications

The Grid is an emerging infrastructure that will fundamentally change the way we think and use computing. The word Grid is used by analogy with the electric power grid, which provides pervasive access to electricity and, like the computer and a small number of other advances has had a dramatic impact on human capabilities and society. Many believe that by allowing all components of our information technology infrastructure computational capabilities, databases,sensors, and people to be shared flexibly as true collaborative tools, the Grid will have a similar transforming effect, allowing new classes of application to emerge.     

Author Name :Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva

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Cloud Security: A Comprehensive Guide to Secure Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows for both large and small organizations to have the opportunity to use Internet-based services so that they can reduce start-up costs, lower capital expenditures, use services on a pay-as-you-use basis, access applications only as needed, and quickly reduce or increase capacities. However, these benefits are accompanied by a myriad of security issues, and this valuable book tackles the most common security challenges that cloud computing faces     

Author Name :Ronald L. Krutz, Russell Dean Vines

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Cloud Computing Strategies

Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand, like the electricity grid.     

Author Name :Dimitris N. Chorafas

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Cloud Computing Certification Kit Specialist: Platform and Storage Management

Cloud computingisInternet-basedcomputing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided tocomputersand other devices on demand, like theelectricity grid.     

Author Name :Ivanka Menken, Gerard Blokdijki

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Domain Names: How to Choose and Protect a Great Name for Your Website

A domain name is an identification label that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control in the Internet. Domain names are also hostnames that identify Internet Protocol (IP) resources such as web sites. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS).     

Author Name :Stephen Elias

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C++: The Complete Reference

C++ is astatically typed,free-form,multi-paradigm,compiled, general-purposeprogramming language. It is regarded as a "middle-level" language, as it comprises a combination of bothhigh-levelandlow-levellanguage features.It was developed byBjarne Stroustrupstarting in 1979 atBell Labsas an enhancement to theC languageand originally namedC with Classes. It was renamedC++in 1983.As one of the most popular programming languages ever created,]C++ is widely used in the software industry. Some of its application domains include systems software, application software, device drivers, embedded software, high-performance server and client applications, and entertainment software such asvideo games. Several groups provide both free and proprietary C++compilersoftware, including theGNU Project,Microsoft,IntelandBorland. C++ has greatly influenced many other popular programming languages, most notablyC#andJava.C++ is also used forhardware design, where design is initially described in C++, then analyzed, architecturally constrained, and scheduled to create aregister transfer levelhardware description languageviahigh-level synthesis.     

Author Name :Herbert Schildt

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The creative mind: myths and mechanisms

When The Creative Mind: Myths and Mechanisms was first published, Margaret A. Boden's bold and provocative exploration of creativity broke new ground. Boden uses examples such as jazz improvisation, chess, story writing, physics, and the music of Mozart, together with computing models from the field of artificial intelligence to uncover the nature of human creativity in the arts. The second edition of The Creative Mind has been updated to include recent developments in artificial intelligence, with a new preface, introduction and conclusion by the author. It is an essential work for anyone interested in the creativity of the human mind.     

Author Name :Margaret Boden

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Beginning HTML, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript

An indispensable introductory guide to creating web pages using the most up-to-date standards.This beginner guide shows you how to use XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create compelling Web sites. While learning these technologies, you will discover coding practices such as writing code that works on multiple browsers including mobile devices, how to use AJAX frameworks to add interactivity to your pages, and how to ensure your pages meet accessible requirements.     

Author Name :Jon Duckett

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Professional ASP.NET 4 in C# and VB

This book was written to introduce you to the features and capabilities that ASP.NET 4 offers, as well as to give you an explanation of the foundation that ASP.NET provides. We assume you have a general understanding of Web technologies, such as previous versions of ASP.NET, Active Server Pages 2.0/3.0, or JavaServer Pages. If you understand the basics of Web programming, you should not have much trouble following along with this books content.If you are brand new to ASP.NET, be sure to check out Beginning ASP.NET 4: In C# and VB by Imar Spaanjaars (Wiley Publishing, Inc., 2010) to help you understand the basics.     

Author Name :Bill Evjen, Scott Hanselman,Devin Rader

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ASP.NET 4 in 24 Hours

In just 24 sessions of one hour or less, youll learn how to build complete, professional-quality web solutions with ASP.NET 4 and Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010. Using this books straightforward, step-by-step approach, youll master the entire process, from site design through data collection, user management through debugging and deployment. Scott Mitchell, editor of top ASP.NET resource site, shows how to use the newest ASP.NET 4 enhancements and make the most of free tools like ASP.NET Ajax and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition. Each lesson builds on what youve already learned, giving you a strong, practical foundation for success!     

Author Name :Scott Mitchell

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Introduction to Algorithms

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the modern study of computer algorithms. It presents many algorithms and covers them in considerable depth, yet makes their design and analysis accessible to all levels of readers. We have tried to keep explanations elementary without sacrificing depth of coverage or mathematical rigor. Each chapter presents an algorithm, a design technique, an application area, or a related topic. The text is intended primarily for use in undergraduate or graduate courses in algorithms or data structures. Because it discusses engineering issues in algorithm design, as well as mathematical aspects, it is equally well suited for self-study by technical professionals.     

Author Name :Clifford A. Shaffer

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A Practical Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis

The author, Cliff Shaffer provides a superior learning tool for those who desire more rigorous data structures and an algorithm analysis book utilizing Java. While the author covers most of the standard data structures, he concentrates on teaching the principles required to select or design a data structure that will best solve a problem. The emphasis is on data structures, and algorithm analysis, not teaching Java. Java is utilized strictly as a tool to illustrate data structures concepts and only the minimal, useful subset of Java is included.     

Author Name :CliffordA. Shaffer

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Zend Framework: A Beginner's Guide

Leverage the power of the Zend Framework to supercharge your PHP development! Zend Framework: A Beginners Guide covers key features, including model-view-controller implementation, routing, input validation, internationalization, and caching, and shows you how to use them in a practical context. The book walks you through the process of building a complete Web application with the Zend Framework, starting with the basics and then adding in more complex elements, such as data pagination and sorting, user authentication, exception handling, localization, and Web services. Debugging and performance optimization are also covered in this fast-paced tutorial.     

Author Name :Vikram Vaswani

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Wireless Internet Telecommunications

Wireless network refers to any type of computer network that is wireless, and is commonly associated with a telecommunications network whose interconnections between nodes are implemented without the use of wires.[1] Wireless telecommunications networks are generally implemented with some type of remote information transmission system that uses electromagnetic waves, such as radio waves, for the carrier and this implementation usually takes place at the physical level or "layer" of the network.     

Author Name :K. Daniel Wong

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Cisco Network Security Troubleshooting Handbook

Identify, analyze, and resolve current and potential network security problems.Refer to common problems and resolutions in each chapter to identify and solve chronic issues or expedite escalation of problems to the Cisco TAC/HTTS.Flip directly to the techniques you need by following the modular chapter organization.Isolate the components of a complex network problem in sequence.     

Author Name :Mynul Hoda

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Mobile IP Technology And Applications

Real-world solutions for Cisco IOS Mobile IP configuration, troubleshooting, and management First book to address the practical application of Mobile IP in real-world environments Detailed case studies show how to apply Mobile IP in real-world networks Configuration examples demonstrate working implementations of the Cisco mobile IP components Includes troubleshooting methodologies for common failures and best practices     

Author Name :Stefan Raab

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Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH) Foundation

Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH) Foundation Learning Guide is a Cisco authorized learning tool for CCNP and CCDP preparation. As part of the Cisco Press foundation learning series, this book covers how to plan, configure, and verify the implementation of complex enterprise switching solutions using the Cisco Campus Enterprise Architecture. The Foundation Learning Guide also covers secure integration of VLANs, WLANs, voice, and video into campus networks.     

Author Name :Richard Froom

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The Rhetorical Nature of XML

The Rhetorical Nature of XML is the first volume to combine rhetoric, XML, and knowledge management in a substantive manner. It serves as a primer on XML and XML-related technologies, illustrating how the naming of XML elements can be understood as a rhetorical act, and detailing the essentials of knowledge management practices that illustrate the need for intelligently conceived databases in organizations. Authors J.D. Applen and Rudy McDaniel explain how technical knowledge and rhetorical knowledge are symbiotic assets in the modern information economy, emphasizing that skilled professionals and apprentice learners must not only adapt to and become adept with new technological environments, but they must also remain aware of the dynamic social and technological contexts through which they communicate. Applen and McDaniel use this subject as a catalyst to encourage interdisciplinary connections and projects between experts in fields such as technical communication, digital media, library science, computer science, and information technology.     

Author Name :J.D. Applen, Rudy McDaniel

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Triple Play: Building the converged network for IP, VoIP and IPTV

Triple Playis a combination of Internet access, voice communication (telephony), and entertainment services such as IP television and video on demand. The erosion of the traditional voice service, together with the ever-increasing competition between companies, is pushing the telecommunications industry towards a major shift in its business models. Customers want more services in a more flexible way. Today, this shift can only be carried out by offering converged services built around the Internet Protocol (IP). Triple Play, a bundle of voice, video, and data services for residential customers, is the basis of this new strategy.     

Author Name :Francisco J. Hens, Jose M. Caballero

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The tips and techniques included in this book come from many years of troubleshooting, pitfalls, and flat-out stupid mistakes. They have been fine-tuned, however, through creative solutions and technical common sense. After having read through this book, the reader will have a strong understanding of how and what it takes to create a highly professional Web site.     


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Create your first website

Awebsite(also spelledWeb site ) is a collection of relatedweb pages,images,videosor other digital assets that are addressed relative to a commonUniform Resource Locator(URL), often consisting of only the domain name, or theIP address, and the root path ('/') in anInternet Protocol-based network. A web site is hosted on at least oneweb server, accessible via a network such as theInternetor a privatelocal area network.A web page is adocument, typically written inplain textinterspersed with formatting instructions ofHypertext Markup Language(HTML,XHTML). A web page may incorporate elements from other websites with suitablemarkup anchors.Web pages are accessed and transported with theHypertext Transfer Protocol(HTTP), which may optionally employ encryption (HTTP Secure, HTTPS) to provide security and privacy for the user of the web page content. The user's application, often aweb browser, renders the page content according to its HTML markup instructions onto adisplay terminal.All publicly accessible websites collectively constitute theWorld Wide Web.     

Author Name :Chris

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USB Complete: Everything You Need to Develop Custom USB Peripherals

Now in its third edition, this developer's guide to the Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface covers all aspects of project development, including device programming and host application software. This book shows how to transform the information in the USB 3.0 specifications into functioning devices and application software that communicates with the devices. To help build a foundation for design decisions, developers are guided in selecting device-controller hardware. Developers will also learn the benefits of the USB interface, its limitations, and how certain design choices made at the beginning of the project can reduce development time. Recent developments in host and device hardware, more detail on the standard USB classes, application examples using Microsoft's .NET Framework, and information on developing dual-role devices using USB On-The-Go is provided in detail.     

Author Name :Jan Axelson

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The PC Doctor's Fix It Yourself Guide

The PC Doctor's Fix It Yourself Guide helps to diagnose, fix, upgrade, and maintain your PC and install software and peripherals with help from this easy-to-use guide. Inside, youll find just what the PC Doctor ordered with the fix-it-yourself PC home remedies you need to take good care of your computer. Learn how to interpret error messages, troubleshoot common problems, and resolve performance issues. Plus, get handy checklists at the end of each chapter to help you with ongoing maintenance. This step-by-step resource empowers you with the knowledge and skills you need to keep your PC running smoothly.     

Author Name :Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

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Simple Computer Tune-up: Speed Up Your PC

Tune-uputilities are just as necessary as getting a car serviced. They keep yourcomputerrunning fast and error-free     

Author Name :Jim Geier

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Cyberculture Theorists: Manuel Castells and Donna Haraway

This book surveys a cluster of works that seek to explore the cultures of cyberspace, the Internet and the information society. It introduces key ideas, and includes detailed discussion of the work of two key thinkers in this area, Manuel Castells and Donna Haraway, as well as outlining the development of cyberculture studies as a field. To do this, the book also explores selected moments in this development, from the early 1990s, when cyberspace and cyberculture were only just beginning to come together as ideas, up to the present day, when the field of cyberculture studies has grown and bloomed, producing innovative theoretical and empirical work from a diversity of standpoints. Key topics include: life on the screen, network society, space of flows, cyborg methods. Cyberculture Theorists is the ideal starting point for anyone wanting to understand how to theorise cyberculture in all its myriad forms.     

Author Name :David Bell

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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google A cabinet of search engine curiosities, riddles, games, and a little bit of usefulness

This book, in a way, is born out of my daily weblog Google Blogoscoped ( and those who read it. Since 2003 Ive been writing there covering all things Google not just the fun stuff, but news, discussion, interviews, tutorials, and everything beyond with a relation to search engines. Thanks to those reading along and providing pointers or feedback, Ive been able to discover more interesting pages and get to know more interesting people around the world than ever before.     

Author Name :Philipp Lenssen

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ARTIFICIAL MORALITY Virtuous robots for virtual games

This book explores the role of artificial intelligence in the development of a claim that morality is person-made and rational. Professor Danielson builds moral robots that do better than amoral competitors in a tournament of games like the Prisoners Dilemma and Chicken. The book thus engages in current controversies over the adequacy of the received theory of rational choice. It sides with Gauthier and McClennan, who extend the devices of rational choice to include moral constraint. Artificial Morality goes further, by promoting communication, testing and copying of principles and by stressing empirical tests.     

Author Name :Peter Danielson

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T H E AV I D HANDBOOK Advanced Techniques, Strategies, and Survival Information for Avid Editing Systems 5th Edition

This book is intended for overworked editors and assistants who find themselves needing to know more about the system than their limitedor perhaps nonexistenttraining has pro- vided them. Though you could certainly read this book from cover to cover, I encourage you to treat it nonlinearly. If it were fiction it would be a collection of short stories rather than a novel. Jump to the section you need to learn more about and dive in! Then put the book proudly back on the shelf for later reading and reference.     


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Avid Editing A Guide for Beginning and Intermediate Users Fourth Edition

This book concentrates on the latest Media Composer software, and, because that software offers so many more features, there is a great deal of new material in this edition. Every chapter has been rewritten to keep abreast of the changes in the production world and Avids responses to those changes. Chapter 6 demystifies the capturing process, including capturing HDV and DVCPro HD tapes. Chapter 7 explains the entire P2 workflow so that you can easily import media from Panasonics P2 cameras and other P2 devices. It also tackles importing media from Sonys memory cards. Chapter 14 explains how to use several advanced effects that you will find useful in your everyday work, such as Paint and Scratch Removal. The Color Correction tool is examined in much greater depth in this edition. Chapter 17 is devoted to working in HD and explains how you can easily create SD and HD versions of your sequences using Avids Transcode feature. Chapter 18 explains the use of ScriptSyncTM, the voice recognition software that makes Avids script-based editing a breeze.     

Author Name :Sam Kauffmann

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IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance

Expert Guide to Deploying, Using, and Managing DataPower SOA Appliances .IBM WebSphere DataPower appliances can simplify SOA deployment, strengthen SOA security, enhance SOA performance, and dramatically improve SOA return on investment. In this book, a team of IBMs leading experts show how to make the most of DataPower SOA appliances in any IT environment. he authors present IBM DataPower information and insights that are available nowhere else. Writing for working architects, administrators, and security specialists, they draw extensively on their deep experience helping IBM customers use DataPower technologies to solve challenging system integration problems. IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance Handbook begins by introducing the rationale for SOA appliances and explaining how DataPower appliances work from network, security, and Enterprise Service Bus perspectives. Next, the authors walk through DataPower installation and configuration; then they present deep detail on DataPowers role and use as a network device.     

Author Name :Bill Hines, John Rasmussen, Jaime Ryan, Simon Kapadia, Jim Brennan

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Outlook 2010 For Dummies

Get up to speed on the new features of Outlook 2010 with this fun and friendly guide.Although Microsoft Outlook is the number one most popular e-mail and productivity tool, many utilize only a fraction of its true potential. This easy-to-understand guide walks you through an abundance of often-overlooked tips and tricks so that you can take advantage of all that Outlook has to offer. Outlook 2010 For Dummiesintroduces you to the user interface, and explains how to use the To-Do bar, filter junk email, and make the most of Outlooks anti-phishing capabilities. Before you know it, you'll be managing e-mail folders; sharing your calendar; using RSS support; integrating tasks with OneNote, Project, Access, and SharePoint Services; accessing data with two-way sync and offline access; and more.     

Author Name :Bill Dyszel

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Planning for Ipv6

It's official: with IPv4 network addresses close to depletion, moving to IPv6 is now business critical. This concise book helps you plan for IPv6 integration by providing a high-level overview of the technicaland nontechnicalsteps involved. Many of the challenges for your enterprise are on the organizational level, and solutions differ from company to company. IPv6 Essentials author Silvia Hagen, a protocol analysis and directory service expert who's worked with IPv6 international groups and forums for 10 years, supplies answers to the issues most frequently discussed by the clients she consults. With this guide, IPv6 project leaders and planning team members learn how to develop a cohesive integration strategy for building the next-generation network.     

Author Name :Silvia Hagen

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Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Take your Microsoft SharePoint solutions to the cloudand gain scalability and high availability while helping to lower your operational costs. Led by a SharePoint expert, you'll learn hands-on how to customize and maintain SharePoint cloud solutions. You also get practical advice for migrating business solutions either to Microsoft SharePoint Online or to a private cloud, using your own data center. This is an ideal guide for IT professionals, architects, and decision makers.     

Author Name :Phil Wicklund

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Understanding Optical Communications

If you need to understand the state-of-the-art in optical communications, this is the most complete, up-to-date technical overview available. Over the past 15 years, optical fiber has revolutionized wide area communications -- making possible the Internet as we know it. Now a second fiber revolution is underway. Advanced technologies such as Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM) are adding even more capacity, and fiber is increasingly the media of choice in MANs, campuses, buildings, LANs -- soon, even homes. Now, discover the fundamental principles and components of optical communications, as well as the key interfaces and engineering challenges. Understand the roles of FDDI, Ethernet on Fiber, ESCON, Fibre Channel, SONET/SDH and ATM. Review key technical issues facing engineers as they extend fiber into new applications and markets -- and get an up-to-the-minute status report on WDM for LANs and MANs. Finally, preview the advanced R&D most likely to bear fruit: dark and spatial solitons, advanced fibers, plastic technologies, optical CDMA, TDM and packet networks, and more. Whether you're building optical systems or planning for them, this is the briefing you've been looking for.     

Author Name :Harry Dutton

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Design and Simulation of Spectrum Management Methods for Wireless Local Area Networks

Growing demands of wireless local area communication are prominent for many day-to-day activities. Applications such as multimedia or VoIP which rely on tight quality-of-service (QoS) support are widely used. In order to handle these applications properly, the data transmission over radio channels should be enhanced by means of spectrum management. Andreas KAnsgen describes two major areas of spectrum management, namely the coordination of neighboring networks with overlapping ranges by controlling different transmission parameters and the channel allocation by the base station inside a radio cell using a cross-layer approach. Theoretical analysis and simulations demonstrate the usage of these methods and show the QoS enhancements which can be achieved. Finally, the author discusses the practical meaning of spectrum management and presents an outlook for future enhancements.     

Author Name :Andreas Konsgen

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Communication Power

Hailed by The Financial Times as "the most prominent and influential theorist and analyst of the modern communications and network age," Manuel Castells here offers a ground-breaking account of the modern communication revolution, a dramatic transformation of technology--and of the signals we receive--that is changing the way we feel, think, and behave. And that, writes Castells, is creating a revolution in power.With his landmark trilogy, The Information Age, Castells offered one of the first comprehensive analyses of how the Internet was creating a networked society. Now he draws on neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and case histories from around the world to explore the psychology of decision making in the new communications environment, highlighting the rise of communication power. He ranges widely, exploring global media deregulation, the misinformation that surrounded the invasion of Iraq, environmental movements, the role of the Internet in the Obama presidential campaign, and media control in Russia and China. In a network society, he writes, politics is fundamentally media politics--and the politics of scandal is its epitome. That fact is behind a worldwide crisis of political legitimacy that challenges the meaning of democracy in much of the world. More fundamentally, Castells argues, the Internet's instant messaging, social networking, and blogging have given rise a new communication system, mass self-communication, that is profoundly altering power relationships.     

Author Name :Manuel Castells

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Multiple Access Communications

This book constitutes the proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Multiple Access Communications, MACOM 2010, held in Barcelona, Spain, in September 2010. The 21 full papers and 6 poster papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 40 submissions. They are divided in topical sections on medium access control, multiuser detection and advanced coding techniques, queuing systems, wireless mesh networks and WIMAX, advanced topics in wireless networks, and mobile ad-hoc networks.     

Author Name :Alexey Vinel, Boris Bellalta, Claudio Sacchi, Andrey Lyakhov, Miklos Telek, Miquel Oliver

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Business Data Communications (6th Edition)

Making liberal use of "real-world" cases, this text provides a comprehensive treatment of data communications and telecommunications from a business perspective. It gives students a solid grasp of the technical fundamentals of data communications, networking, distributed applications, and network management and security--always emphasizing the practical concerns of business management and staff. This latest edition has been updated with new material throughout, particularly in the area of multimedia technology and services for ISDN.     

Author Name :William Stallings

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Wireless Ad Hoc Networking

The rapid progress of mobile, wireless communication and embedded micro-sensing MEMS technologies has brought about the rise of pervasive computing. Wireless local-area networks (WLANs) and wireless personal-area networks (WPANs) are now common tools for many people, and it is predicted that wearable sensor networks will greatly improve everyday life as we know it.By integrating these technologies into a pervasive system, we can access information and use computing resources anytime, anywhere, and with any device. Wireless Ad Hoc Networking: Personal-Area, Local-Area, and the Sensory-Area Networks covers these key technologies used in wireless ad hoc networks. The book is divided into three parts, each providing self-contained chapters written by international experts. Topics include networking architectures and protocols, cross-layer architectures, localization and location tracking, time synchronization, QoS and real-time, security and dependability, applications, modeling and performance evaluation, implementation and experience, and much more. The book is novel in its single source presentation of ad hoc networking and related key technologies and applications over the platforms of personal area, sensory area, and local area networks. It is a valuable resource for those who work in or are interested in learning about the pervasive computing environment.     

Author Name :Shih-Lin Wu and Yu-Chee Tseng

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Natural Computing

Most natural and artificial systems transform information in a predictable or programmable way; such transformation can be interpreted as harnessing nature for computing. Recently we have witnessed a burst of research in unconventional computing, resulting in the development of experimental prototypes of natural computers, plasmodium computers, reaction-diffusion processors, and DNA computers as well as theoretical paradigms of natural computation such as cellular automata, artificial chemistry, evolutionary computing, and neural networks. The International Workshop on Natural Computing (IWNC) brings together computer scientists, biologists, mathematicians, electronic engineers, physicists, and others to critically assess present findings in the field, and to outline future developments in nature-inspired computing. This compilation of papers presented at the most recent workshop, held in Nagoya, Japan, makes a valuable contribution to the understanding of natural computing.     

Author Name :Y. Suzuki, M. Hagiya, H. Umeo, A. Adamatzky

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Security of e-Systems and Computer Networks

E-based systems are ubiquitous in the modern world with applications spanning e-commerce, WLANs, health care and government organisations. The secure transfer of information has therefore become a critical area of research, development, and investment. This book presents the fundamental concepts and tools of e-based security and its range of applications. The core areas of e-based security - authentication of users; system integrity; confidentiality of communication; availability of business service; and non-repudiation of transactions - are covered in detail. Throughout the book the major trends, challenges and applications of e-security are presented, with emphasis on public key infrastructure (PKI) systems, biometric-based security systems, trust management systems, and the e-service paradigm. Intrusion detection technologies, virtual private networks (VPNs), malware, and risk management are also discussed. Technically oriented with many practical examples, this book is suitable for practitioners in network security, as well as graduate students and researchers in telecommunications and computer science.     

Author Name :Mohammad Obaidat, Noureddine A. Boudriga

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Computer Networks and Internets (5th Edition)

Computer Networks and Internets is appropriate for all introductory-to-intermediate courses in computer networking, the Internet, or Internet applications; readers need no background in networking, operating systems, or advanced mathematics.Leading networking authority Douglas Comer presents a wide-ranging, self-contained tour of the concepts, principles, and technologies that enable todays Internet to support applications ranging from web browsing to telephony and multimedia. This Fifth Edition has been thoroughly reorganized, revised, and updated: it includes extensive new coverage of topics ranging from wireless protocols to network performance, while reducing or eliminating coverage of older protocols and technologies. Comer begins by illuminating the applications and facilities offered by todays Internet. Next, he systematically introduces the underlying network technologies and protocols that make them possible: low-level data communications; packet switching, LAN, and WAN technologies; and Internet protocols such as TCP, IP, UDP, and IPv6. With these concepts and technologies established, he introduces several of the most important contemporary issues faced by network implementers and managers, including quality of service, Internet telephony, multimedia, network security, and network management. Comer has carefully designed this book to support both top-down and bottom-up teaching approaches. Students need no background in operating systems, and no sophisticated math: Comer relies throughout on figures, drawings, examples, and analogies, not mathematical proofs.     

Author Name :Douglas E. Comer

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Mastering Search Analytics

Improve your search marketing strategy. With this comprehensive guide, you learn what data to collect, how to analyze it, and how to act upon it to make data-driven decisions. Learn how to develop everything from an executive level dashboard and ROI measurement to a deep analysis of a specific term or word to see how it can improve your overall ranking.The book includes an overview of analytic tools and how they work with either your SEO arsenal or your ability to unearth market opportunity and analyze competitors. Learn how and when you should use each metric presented, and discover how to improve the search experience for both customers and spiders. It's ideal for search specialists, webmasters, and search marketing managers.     

Author Name :Brent Chaters

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The PC Doctor's Fix It Yourself Guide

The PC Doctor's Fix It Yourself Guide helps to diagnose, fix, upgrade, and maintain your PC and install software and peripherals with help from this easy-to-use guide. Inside, youll find just what the PC Doctor ordered with the fix-it-yourself PC home remedies you need to take good care of your computer. Learn how to interpret error messages, troubleshoot common problems, and resolve performance issues. Plus, get handy checklists at the end of each chapter to help you with ongoing maintenance. This step-by-step resource empowers you with the knowledge and skills you need to keep your PC running smoothly.     

Author Name :Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

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Simple Computer Tune-up

This book explains how to make the best out of your PC by using PC Pitstop Optimize, which cures many PC sicknesseswithout the need for upgrading or replacing your existing PC.As bonus material, this book also includes loads of information that will help you troubleshoot more serious problems and even add new capabilities to your computer.This text is an easy-to-follow advice in straightforward, reader-friendly writings.     

Author Name :Jim Geier

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IT Essentials PC Hardware and Software Companion Guide

The only Cisco authorized text book that for the IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software course from the Cisco Networking Academy Program.New Companion Guide format complements the online curriculum with insight and instruction from Academy instructors. A portable reference that supports all the topics in the new course, aligning 1:1 with course modules.It features improved readability, enhanced topic explanations, real-world examples, and all new graphical presentations and alignment to A+ objectives     

Author Name :David Anfinson and Kenneth Quamme

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The iPad Pocket Guide

The book will help you get up and running with easy-to-understand instructions, and then show you hidden gems and tips to make you a true iPad expert. Snappy writing, eye-catching graphics, and a clean design walk you through the most common iPad tasks; Teaches the major apps and functions including Calendar, Contacts, Maps, Notes, iPod, and Spotlight Search and complete coverage of iTunes, App Store, and iBooks along with tips and tricks for each store.     

Author Name :Jeff Carlson

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Building the Perfect PC

The book covers everything you want to know about building your own system: Planning and picking out the right components, step-by-step instructions for assembling your perfect PC, and an insightful discussion of why you'd want to do it in the first place.     

Author Name :Barbara Fritchman Thompson

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Computer Telephony Demystified

This book is for anyone who wants to know about Computer Telephony (CT),specifically anyone who is: Interested in opportunities to develop or deploy CT solutions or products and who interested in putting CT to work in a home or business.This book does not assume that you have any prior knowledge of telephony. All the telephony concepts and terminology you need in order to master CT are explained and illustrated.     

Author Name :Michael Bayer

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The Essential PIC18 Microcontroller

The book/guide has been written based on the powerful PIC18 enhanced-range Microchip MCU family. Throughout the book, commercial hardware and software products are used to illustrate the material, as readers are provided real-world in-depth guidance on the design, construction and programming of small, embedded microcontroller-based systems.     

Author Name :Sid Katzen

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IP Networking over Next-Generation Satellite Systems

This workshop proceedings introduces the latest innovations and trends in IP-based applications and satellite networking. It explains many aspects of advanced satellite networking systems, such as deployment of IPv6 over satellites, working with WLAN and WiMax, and rules concerning multi-segment networks. In addition, the book covers hot-button issues such as security, architecture improvement, resource allocation, video networking, and service integration.     

Author Name :Linghang Fan, Haitham Cruickshank, Zhili Sun

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Quality of Service Control of High-Speed Networks

This book addresses the basics, theory, architectures, and technologies to implement quality-of-service (QoS) control in high-speed networks, including asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), Internet Protocol (IP), and multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) networks. For the last few years, we have witnessed an explosion of Internet demands, yielding rapid development of the corresponding technologies in the backbone network, such as terabit routers, dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) transmission equipment, and optical cross-connect switches (OXCs). The success of telecommunications in supporting a wide variety of Internet services, such as multimedia conferencing and video-on-demand, depends greatly on, (in addi- tion to high-speed transmission and switching) the reliable control in the underlying high-speed networks to provide guaranteed QoS.     

Author Name :H. Jonathan Chao and Xiaolei Guo

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The 3CX IP PBX Tutorial

A hands-on and practical tutorial that shows administrators how to implement and use 3CX and its range of functionality. Using real world experiences from the authors, you will learn tricks and tips that will help you develop and optimize your 3CX system. This book is for beginners who know nothing about 3CX or VoIP. It will guide them to set up a complete system. Advanced users will also gain insight from information on real-world hardware and software tips and tricks.     

Author Name :Matthew M. Landis

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Modelling and Dimensioning of Mobile Wireless Networks

This book is a must-read for all network planners and other professionals wishing to improve the quality and cost efficiency of 3G and LTE networks.In this book, the authors address the architecture of the 2/3G network and the Long Term Evolution (LTE) network. The book proposes analytical models that make the analysis and dimensioning of the most important interfaces, i.e. WCDMA or Iub, possible. Furthermore, the authors include descriptions of fundamental technological issues in 2/3 G networks, basic traffic engineering models and frequent examples of the application of analytical models in the analysis and dimensioning of the interface of cellular networks. The specific knowledge included in the content will enable the reader to understand and then to prepare appropriate programming softwares that will allow them to evaluate quality parameters of cellular networks, i.e. blocking probabilities or call losses. Additionally, the book presents models for the analysis and dimensioning of the Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) radio interface and the Iub interface, both carrying a mixture of Release 99 traffic (R99) and High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) traffic streams. Finally, the analytical models presented in the book can be also used in the process of modeling and optimization of LTE networks.     

Author Name :Maciej Stasiak, Mariusz Gl?abowski, ArkadiuszWisniewski, Piotr Zwierzykowski

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PKI Uncovered

PKI Uncovered brings together all the techniques IT and security professionals need to apply PKI in any environment, no matter how complex or sophisticated. At the same time, it will help them gain a deep understanding of the foundations of certificate-based identity management. Its layered and modular approach helps readers quickly get the information they need to efficiently plan, design, deploy, manage, or troubleshoot any PKI environment. The authors begin by presenting the foundations of PKI, giving readers the theoretical background they need to understand its mechanisms. Next, they move to high-level design considerations, guiding readers in making the choices most suitable for their own environments. The authors share best practices and experiences drawn from production customer deployments of all types. They organize a series of design "modules" into hierarchical models which are then applied to comprehensive solutions. Readers will be introduced to the use of PKI in multiple environments, including Cisco router-based DMVPN, ASA, and 802.1X. The authors also cover recent innovations such as Cisco GET VPN. Throughout, troubleshooting sections help ensure smooth deployments and give readers an even deeper "under-the-hood" understanding of their implementations.     

Author Name :Andre Karamanian, Srinivas Tenneti

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Networking, A Beginner's Guide, Fifth Edition

A practical guide to networking fundamentals.Fully up to date with the latest technologies, this introductory handbook covers wired and wireless network design, configuration, hardware, protocols, security, backup, recovery, virtualization, and more. After laying the groundwork,Networking: A Beginner's Guide, Fifth Editionexplains, step-by-step, how to install, set up, and administer Windows Server 2008, Exchange Server 2010, Fedora 10, and Apache. If you're beginning a career in networking or looking to refresh your skills, you need this detailed reference.     

Author Name :Bruce Hallberg

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Building Telephony Systems with OpenSIPS 1.6

This is a practical, hands-on book based around a fictitious case study VoIP Provider that you will build on a development server using OpenSIPS 1.6. The case study grows chapter by chapter, from installing your local development server, right up to the finished VoIP provider. This book is for readers who want to understand how to build a SIP provider from scratch using OpenSIPS. It is suitable for VoIP providers, large enterprises, and universities. Telephony and Linux experience will be helpful but is not essential. Readers need not have prior knowledge of OpenSIPS. This book will also help readers who were using OpenSER but are now confused with the new OpenSIPS.     

Author Name :Flavio E. Goncalves

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Advances in Software Engineering

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Software Engineering and Its Applications, ASEA 2010, held as part of the Future Generation Information Technology Conference, FGIT 2010, in Jeju Island, Korea, in December 2010. The 40 full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 175 submissions. The papers deal with ideas, problems and solutions relating to the multifaceted aspects of software engineering, including its links to computational sciences, mathematics and information technology.     

Author Name :Tai-hoon, Kim Haeng-kon Kim, Muhammad Khurram Khan Akingbehin Kiumi, Wai-chi Fang , Dominik Sle?za

No Of Visit :505      Posted Comments :

Enterprise Network Testing

The complete guide to using testing to reduce risk and downtime in advanced enterprise networks. Testing has become crucial to meeting enterprise expectations of near-zero network downtime. Enterprise Network Testing is the first comprehensive guide to all facets of enterprise network testing. Cisco enterprise consultants Andy Sholomon and Tom Kunath offer a complete blueprint and best-practice methodologies for testing any new network system, product, solution, or advanced technology.Sholomon and Kunath begin by explaining why it is important to test and how network professionals can leverage structured system testing to meet specific business goals. Then, drawing on their extensive experience with enterprise clients, they present several detailed case studies. Through real-world examples, you learn how to test architectural proofs of concept, specific network features, network readiness for use, migration processes, security, and more.     

Author Name :Andy Sholomon, Tom Kunath

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Algorithmics of Large and Complex Networks

Networks play a central role in today's society, since many sectors employing information technology, such as communication, mobility, and transport - even social interactions and political activities - are based on and rely on networks. In these times of globalization and the current global financial crisis with its complex and nearly incomprehensible entanglements of various structures and its huge effect on seemingly unrelated institutions and organizations, the need to understand large networks, their complex structures, and the processes governing them is becoming more and more important.This state-of-the-art survey reports on the progress made in selected areas of this important and growing field, thus helping to analyze existing large and complex networks and to design new and more efficient algorithms for solving various problems on these networks since many of them have become so large and complex that classical algorithms are not sufficient anymore. This volume emerged from a research program funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) consisting of projects focusing on the design of new discrete algorithms for large and complex networks. The 18 papers included in the volume present the results of projects realized within the program and survey related work. They have been grouped into four parts: network algorithms, traffic networks, communication networks, and network analysis and simulation.     

Author Name :Jurgen Lerner, Dorothea Wagner, Katharina Zweig

No Of Visit :498      Posted Comments :

Handbook of Peer-to-Peer Networking

The Handbook of Peer-to-Peer Networking is a comprehensive and unified repository of the various models, applications, methodologies, trends, and challenges of peer-to-peer computing, making it an essential reference for researchers and proffesionals alike. This handbook addresses current issues as well as emerging concepts and applications, including P2P architectures, search and queries, incentive mechanism, multimedia streaming, service- oriented architectures, collaboration to share non-storage resources, mobile P2P, theory and analysis, and P2P databases. In addition, it covers practical perspectives such as traffic characteristics and trends of P2P applications, and E-business models in P2P applications.     

Author Name :Xuemin Shen, Heather Yu, John Buford, Mursalin Akon

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The last two years have seen significant developments in the standardization of GMPLS and its implementation in optical and other networks. GMPLS: Architecture and Applications brings you completely up to date, providing the practical information you need to put the growing set of GMPLS-supported services to work and manage them effectively.This book begins by defining GMPLS's place in a transport network, leveraging your knowledge of MPLS to give you an understanding of this radically new control plane technology. An overview of GMPLS protocols follows, but the real focus is on what comes afterwards: in-depth examinations of the architectures underpinning GMPLS in real-world network environments and current and emerging GMPLS applications. This one-of-a-kind resource delivers immensely useful information for software architects, designers and programmers, hardware developers, system testers, and network operators--and also for managers and other decision-makers.     

Author Name :Adrian Farrel, Igor Bryskin

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The essential guide for those preparing for the Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Exam. It is packed with real world information and maps to Microsoft exam objectives. --Plan your course of study with an assessment exam and then test your progress with the review questions at the end of the chapter. Also includes a practice exam at the end of the book! --CD includes the practice exam and a bonus exam appearing only on the CD, both in Microsoft's new adaptive format. Also comes with Flashcards, perfect for your PC and Palm Device, so you can study anywhere, anytime. Additionally features the entire book in PDF form.     

Author Name :Walter J. Glenn, James Chellis

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Convergence of Mobile and Stationary Next-Generation Networks

Mobile and stationary next-generation networks that access the photonic core are destined to become as ubiquitous as traditional telephone networks. These networks must efficiently provide adequate network quality to multimedia applications with high bandwidth and strict quality-of-service requirements, as well as seamlessly integrate mobile and fixed architectures. Today's engineering students must be properly prepared to meet the challenges of next-generation network development and deployment.Featuring contributions from top industrial experts and academic professors, this authoritative work provides a comprehensive introduction to next-generation networks. It explains wireless networks such as wireless local area networks (WLAN), wireless personal area networks (WPAN), wireless access, 3G/4G cellular, and RF transmission, as well as optical networks like long-haul and metropolitan networks, optical fiber, photonic devices, and VLSI chips. Rather than focusing on heavy math or physical details, this resource explores how the technology is being used. It describes access and transport network layer technologies while also discussing the network and services aspects.     

Author Name :Krzysztof Iniewski

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How is the human brain like the AIDS epidemic? Ask physicist Albert-Lszl Barabsi and he'll explain them both in terms of networks of individual nodes connected via complex but understandable relationships.Linked: The New Science of Networksis his bright, accessible guide to the fundamentals underlying neurology, epidemiology, Internet traffic, and many other fields united by complexity.Barabsi's gift for concrete, nonmathematical explanations and penchant for eccentric humor would make the book thoroughly enjoyable even if the content weren't engaging. But the results of Barabsi's research into the behavior of networks are deeply compelling. Not all networks are created equal, he says, and he shows how even fairly robust systems like the Internet could be crippled by taking out a few super-connected nodes, or hubs. His mathematical descriptions of this behavior are helping doctors, programmers, and security professionals design systems better suited to their needs.Linkedpresents the next step in complexity theory--from understanding chaos to practical applications.     

Author Name :Albert-Laszlo Barabasi

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Security and Privacy in Communication Networks

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 5th International ICST Conference, SecureComm 2009, held in September 2009 in Athens, Greece.The 19 revised full papers and 7 revised short papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 76 submissions.The papers cover various topics such as wireless network security, network intrusion detection, security and privacy for the general internet, malware and misbehavior, sensor networks, key management, credentials and authentications, as well as secure multicast and emerging technologies.     

Author Name :Yan Chen, Tassos D. Dimitriou, Jianying Zhou

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Dynamics of Information Systems

"Dynamics of Information Systems" presents state-of-the-art research explaining the importance of information in the evolution of a distributed or networked system. This book presents techniques for measuring the value or significance of information within the context of a system. Each chapter reveals a unique topic or perspective from experts in this exciting area of research.This volume is intended for graduate students and researchers interested in the most recent developments in information theory and dynamical systems, as well as scientists in other fields interested in the application of these principles to their own area of study.     

Author Name :Michael J. Hirsch, Panos M. Pardalos, Robert Murphey

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Unlike most other references on the market, this next-generation resource goes well beyond Bluetooth specifications and thoroughly examines different implementation approaches - as taught by a "master instructor." This book discusses Bluetooth in detail, covering both operational characteristics as well as its use as a wireless communications system. It addresses the coexistence of Bluetooth with other wireless networks and provides information on the significant security problems that exist when communicating without wires. It is based on 2 very popular and highly effective courses the author has been teaching for more than a year.     

Author Name :Robert Morrow

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Build Your Own Wireless LAN

Complete deployment plan for a simple wireless network, and the projects to build them.Ideal for professionals and non-techies alike, this self-tutoring guide provides a painless way to learn wireless LAN design and development with off-the-shelf products. It includes a complete deployment plan for simple wireless networks, projects built with just a WaveLAN card and ethernet connection. The guide also shows how to tune networks with the latest range-enhancement and interference-minimization techniques.     

Author Name :James Trulove

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Adaptive WCDMA

CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) is one type of multiple access system used in radio communication. Other multiple access methods include TDMA, FDMA, etc. WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) is the main air interface used for third generation mobile communication systems - UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System) and is characterised by a wider band than CDMA.WCDMA uses a wider radio band than CDMA, which was used for 2G systems, and has a high transfer rate and increased system capacity and communication quality by statistical multiplexing, etc. WCDMA efficiently utilises the radio spectrum to provide a maximum data rate of 2 Mbit/s.Third generation mobile communication systems are scheduled for operational startup in Japan and Europe in 2001-2002. Applying high-speed data transfer and state-of-the-art radio terminal technology, third generations systems enable multimedia and are currently in the process of being standardised under 3GPP. Among the three types of system to be standardised (i.e. WCDMA, MC-CDMA, UTRA TDD), Japan and Europe will adopt WCDMA in a strategy to take the lead through superior service.     

Author Name :Savo G. Glisic

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Fixed Broadband Wireless System Design

Fixed broadband networks can provide far higher data rates and capacity than the currently envisioned 3G and 4G mobile cellular systems. Achieving higher data rates is due to the unique technical properties of fixed systems, in particular, the use of high gain and adaptive antennas, wide frequency bands, dynamic data rate and channel resource allocation, and advanced multiple access techniques.     

Author Name :Harry R. Anderson

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Wireless Access Networks

Wireless provides a means for effective, efficient and rapid deployment of new access networks in areas previously without telecommunications service or short of capacity. Fixed wireless access networks and Wireless Local Loop (WLL) technology are, therefore, playing an important role in the restructuring of the public telecommunications industry. Written in a highly accessible, well-illustrated and simple-to-read format, this book presents the economics, the practicalities, the technical and operational aspects of planning and maintaining fixed wireless access networks, and explains when and why they are attractive.     

Author Name :Martin P. Clark

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Active Networks

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the IFIP TC6 5th International Workshop on Active Networks, IWAN 2003, held in Kyoto, Japan, in December 2003.The 24 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 73 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on high performance and network processors, high-level active network applications, low-level active network applications, self-organization of active services, experiences with service engineering for active networks, management in active networks, and selected topics in active networks.     

Author Name :Naoki Wakamiya, Marcin Solarski, James Sterbenz

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Drupal 6 Social Networking

Drupal is ideally equipped to be used as a base system for creating a custom social networking site like Facebook and MySpace. While these large social networks have their place, niche social networking web sites can help promote businesses, products, projects, and hobbies of any nature.This book provides careful instructions and clear explanations to take you through the setup and management of your social network site, covering topics from users to marketing to maintenance. It will help you create your own social networking site, suitable for whatever audience you decide!This book will take you from the very basics of both Drupal and Social Networking right through to more complicated aspects, like creating your own custom design and features for the site. With no experience of Drupal required, the book will introduce you to this award-winning CMS and carefully take you through the steps to create a social networking site from it.     

Author Name :Michael Peacock

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Optical Fiber Telecommunications V A & B SET

Optical Fiber Telecommunications V (A&B) is the fifth in a series that has chronicled the progress in the research and development of lightwave communications since the early 1970s. Written by active authorities from academia and industry, this edition not only brings a fresh look to many essential topics but also focuses on network management and services. Using high bandwidth in a cost-effective manner for the development of customer applications is a central theme. This book is ideal for R&D engineers and managers, optical systems implementers, university researchers and students, network operators, and the investment community.Volume (A) is devoted to components and subsystems, including: semiconductor lasers, modulators, photodetectors, integrated photonic circuits, photonic crystals, specialty fibers, polarization-mode dispersion, electronic signal processing, MEMS, nonlinear optical signal processing, and quantum information technologies. Volume (B) is devoted to systems and networks, including: advanced modulation formats, coherent systems, time-multiplexed systems, performance monitoring, reconfigurable add-drop multiplexers, Ethernet technologies, broadband access and services, metro networks, long-haul transmission, optical switching, microwave photonics, computer interconnections, and simulation tools.     

Author Name :Ivan P. Kaminow, Tingye Li, Alan E. Willner

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Wireless Networks

The field of wireless networks has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years causing it to become one of the fastest growing segments of the telecommunications industry. As wireless networks evolve with increasing size and profitability, they will be able to integrate with other wireless technologies enabling them to support mobile computing applications and perform as efficiently as wired networks. Due to the difficulties posed by the wireless medium and the increasing demand for better and cheaper services, the area of wireless networks is also an extremely rich field for research. Wireless Networks provides in-depth coverage of the wide range of wireless technological alternatives offered today.     

Author Name :P. Nicopolitidis, M. S. Obaidat, G. I. Papadimitriou, A. S. Pomportsis

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The Internet of Things

An examination of the exciting expansion period in this research, The Internet of Things: From RFID to the Next-Generation Pervasive Networked Systems provides comprehensive, technical, and practical deploying policy guidance that covers fundamentals and recent advances in pervasive networked systems. The book addresses the conceptual and technical issues that influence the technology roadmap and gives an in-depth introduction to the Internet of Things and its effect on businesses and individuals. Discussing case studies, experience reports, and best practice, it contains information on emerging technologies, market opportunities, and policy implications.     

Author Name :Lu Yan, Yan Zhang, Laurence T. Yang, Huansheng Ning

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Cognitive Networks

Cognitive networks can dynamically adapt their operational parameters in response to user needs or changing environmental conditions. They can learn from these adaptations and exploit knowledge to make future decisions.Cognitive networks are the future, and they are needed simply because they enable users to focus on things other than configuring and managing networks. Without cognitive networks, the pervasive computing vision calls for every consumer to be a network technician. The applications of cognitive networks enable the vision of pervasive computing, seamless mobility, ad-hoc networks, and dynamic spectrum allocation, among others.In detail, the authors describe the main features of cognitive networks clearly indicating that cognitive network design can be applied to any type of network, being fixed or wireless. They explain why cognitive networks promise better protection against security attacks and network intruders and how such networks will benefit the service operator as well as the consumer.     

Author Name :Qusay Mahmoud

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Building Enterprise Ready Telephony Systems with sipXecs 4.0

This book was written to be a step by step approach to building a communications system for any organization. Care was taken to clearly illustrate with diagrams and screen shots all of the steps and concepts along the way. This book is written for network engineers who have been asked to deploy and maintain communications systems for their organizations.     

Author Name :Michael W. Picher

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Cisco Internetworking with Windows NT & 2000

Guide to using Cisco hardware and software in a Microsoft environment With the announced Cisco/Microsoft partnership, just about all NT administrators will need a working knowledge of Cisco products and technologies. You'll find that know-how in Cisco Internetworking with Windows NT & 2000, by Anthony Velte, Toby Velte, and Amy Hanson. After an introduction to Windows 2000, Active Directory, and Cisco's Directory Enabled Network Initiative, you get clear direction for: *Building a Cisco Network with Windows 2000, step-by-step directions for configuring each of Cisco's major hardware devices: routers, switches, and hubs *Managing a Cisco/Windows Networks, how to work with Windows- based Microsoft and Cisco tools to configure and manage a network *Intranet/Extranet Strategies, a probing look at more advanced topics Valuable appendices put at your fingertips a router configuration flow chart...a protocol map for the TCP/IP suite...a reference for certification tracks...and helpful Cisco and Microsoft resources you can tap.     

Author Name :Toby J. Velte AND Amy Hanson

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Resource Management in Satellite Networks

This book provides significant knowledge on innovative radio resource management schemes for satellite communication systems that exploit lower layer adaptivity and the knowledge of layer 3 IP QoS support and transport layer behavior. The book integrates competencies considering all the parts of system design: propagation aspects, radio resource management, access protocols, network protocols, transport layer protocols, and more, to cover both broadband and mobile satellite systems.     

Author Name :Giovanni Giambene

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Cacti 0.8 Network Monitoring

With loads of screenshots and illustrations and easy step-by-step instructions, this book is ideal for beginners in the network monitoring business. This book is for anyone who wants to manage a network using Cacti. You don't have to be a Linux Guru to use this book.     

Author Name :Dinangkur Kundu,S. M. Ibrahim Lavlu

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Routing, Flow, and Capacity Design in Communication and Computer Networks

In network design, the gap between theory and practice is woefully broad. This book narrows it, comprehensively and critically examining current network design models and methods. You will learn where mathematical modeling and algorithmic optimization have been under-utilized. At the opposite extreme, you will learn where they tend to fail to contribute to the twin goals of network efficiency and cost-savings. Most of all, you will learn precisely how to tailor theoretical models to make them as useful as possible in practice.Throughout, the authors focus on the traffic demands encountered in the real world of network design. Their generic approach, however, allows problem formulations and solutions to be applied across the board to virtually any type of backbone communication or computer network. For beginners, this book is an excellent introduction. For seasoned professionals, it provides immediate solutions and a strong foundation for further advances in the use of mathematical modeling for network design.     

Author Name :Michal Pioro,Deepankar Medhi

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IPv6 for Enterprise Networks

IPv6 for Enterprise Networks brings together all the information you need to successfully deploy IPv6 in any campus, WAN/branch, data center, or virtualized environment. Four leading Cisco IPv6 experts present a practical approach to organizing and executing your large-scale IPv6 implementation. They show how IPv6 affects existing network designs, describe common IPv4/IPv6 coexistence mechanisms, guide you in planning, and present validated configuration examples for building labs, pilots, and production networks.     

Author Name :Shannon McFarland, Muninder Sambi, Nikhil Sharma, Sanjay Hooda

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Service Providers ASPs, ISPs, MSPs, NSPs, and WSPs

A strategic guide to mastering service provider relationships .Well-known business management consultant and Boston Globe columnist Mary Helen Gillespie helps business and IT managers navigate through the confusing technology-driven landscape of service providers. Offering insight into the points of view for both the service provider and client, Gillespie guides readers through available services, from Internet access and applications service providers, to wireless and networking services and IT management services. Readers will find business models, overviews of the enabling technologies, coverage of economic and management issues, and clear descriptions of service offerings within each provider type. Most importantly, decision makers will be able to choose the right service provider to meet their needs and develop strategic partnerships when outsourcing non-core business functions.     

Author Name :Joseph R. Matthews, Mary Helen Gillespie

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Speech Quality of VoIP

Finally a comprehensive overview of speech quality in VoIP from the users perspective!Speech Quality of VoIP is an essential guide to assessing the speech quality of VoIP networks, whilst addressing the implications for the design of VoIP networks and systems. This book bridges the gap between the technical network-world and the psychoacoustic world of quality perception. Alexander Raakes unique perspectivecombines awareness of the technical characteristics of VoIP networks and original research concerning the perception of speech transmitted across them.Starting from the network designers point of view, the different characteristics of the network are addressed, and then linked to features perceived by users. This book provides an overview of the available knowledge on the principal, relevant aspects of speech and speech quality perception, of speech quality assessment, and of transmission properties of telephone and VoIP networks, and of the related perceptual features and resulting speech quality. Discussing new research into the specific time-varying degradations VoIP brings along, but also the considerable potential of quality improvement to be achieved with wideband speech transmission, Alexander Raake demonstrates how network and service characteristics impact on the users perception of quality.     

Author Name :Alexander Raake

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Agents and Artificial Intelligence

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the Second International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence, ICAART 2010, held in Valencia, Spain, in January 2010. The 17 revised full papers presented together with an invited paper were carefully reviewed and selected from 364 submissions. Same as the conference the papers are organized in two simultaneous tracks: Artificial Intelligence and Agents. The selected papers reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the conference. The diversity of topics is an important feature of this conference, enabling an overall perception of several important scientific and technological trends.     

Author Name :Joaquim Filipe, Ana Fred, Bernadette Sharp

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Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering, FASE 2011, held in Saarbrucken, Germany, March 26April 3, 2011, as part of ETAPS 2011, the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software. The 29 revised full papers presented together with one full length invited talk were carefully reviewed and selected from 99 full paper submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on verification, specification and modeling, reachability and model checking, model driven engineering, software development for QoS, testing: theory and new trends, testing in practice, code development and analysis, and empirical studies.     

Author Name :Dimitra Giannakopoulou, Fernando Orejas

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Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture IV

This book constitutes Part II of the refereed four-volume post-conference proceedings of the 4th IFIP TC 12 International Conference on Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture, CCTA 2010, held in Nanchang, China, in October 2010. The 352 revised papers presented were carefully selected from numerous submissions. They cover a wide range of interesting theories and applications of information technology in agriculture, including simulation models and decision-support systems for agricultural production, agricultural product quality testing, traceability and e-commerce technology, the application of information and communication technology in agriculture, and universal information service technology and service systems development in rural areas.     

Author Name :Daoliang Li , Yande Liu, Yingyi Chen

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The implementation of networks-on-chip (NoC) technology in VLSI integration presents a variety of unique challenges. To deal with specific design solutions and research hurdles related to intra-chip data exchange, engineers are challenged to invoke a wide range of disciplines and specializations while maintaining a focused approach.Leading Researchers Present Cutting-Edge Designs Tools.Networks-on-Chips: Theory and Practice facilitates this process, detailing the NoC paradigm and its benefits in separating IP design and functionality from chip communication requirements and interfacing. It starts with an analysis of 3-D NoC architectures and progresses to a discussion of NoC resource allocation, processor traffic modeling, and formal verification, with an examination of protocols at different layers of abstraction.     


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TCP/IP Network Administration

TCP/IP Network Administration, 2nd Edition is a complete guide to setting up and running a TCP/IP network for administrators of networks of systems or users of home systems that access the Internet. It starts with the fundamentals: what the protocols do and how they work, how addresses and routing are used to move data through the network, and how to set up your network connection. Beyond basic setup, this new second edition discusses advanced routing protocols (RIPv2, OSPF, and BGP) and the gated software package that implements them. It also provides a tutorial on how to configure important network services, including PPP, SLIP, sendmail, Domain Name Service (DNS), BOOTP and DHCP configuration servers, and some simple setups for NIS and NFS. There are also chapters on troubleshooting and security. In addition, this book is a command and syntax reference for several important packages, including pppd, dip, gated, named, dhcpd, and sendmail.     

Author Name :Craig Hunt

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Optical Access Networks and Advanced Photonics

With the growing demand for increased bandwidth, conventional broadband access solutions will quickly become a hindrance in terms of bandwidth provision for network access.Optical Access Networks and Advanced Photonics: Technologies and Deployment Strategies presents a comprehensive overview of emerging optical access network solutions to efficiently meet the anticipated growth in bandwidth demand. Covering topics such as next-generation networking, communication networks, and photonics, this book provides the latest technology trends in order to grasp the expected beneficial use of optical access infrastructures.     

Author Name :Ioannis P. Chochliouros, George A. Heliotis

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All a Twitter

Twitter! Everyones talking about it. Its membership grew over 700% in just one year! Now, learn how to make the most of Twitterin your personal life, your business, everywhere!All a Twitter delivers quick, smart answers to the questions everyones asking about Twitter: Whats it about? Whats it good for? Is it worth your time? How do you get started? Where can you find great Twitter feeds to follow? How can you build a worldwide audience for your own Tweets? You name it, Tee Morris answers itand shows you exactly how to do it, step-by-step, in plain English. No experience? Looking for something new to do with your Tweets? No problem: this is the Twitter book for everyone!     

Author Name :Tee Morris

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Location-Based Information Systems

Drawing on the authors more than six years of R&D in location-based information systems (LBIS) as well as their participation in defining the Java ME Location API 2.0, Location-Based Information Systems: Developing Real-Time Tracking Applications provides information and examples for creating real-time LBIS based on GPS-enabled cellular phones. Each chapter presents a general real-time tracking system example that can be easily adapted to target any application domain and that can incorporate other sensor data to make the system "participatory sensing" or "human-centric sensing.The book covers all of the components needed to develop an LBIS. It discusses cellular phone programming using the Java ME platform, positioning technologies, databases and spatial databases, communications, client- and server-side data processing, and real-time data visualization via Google Maps and Google Earth. Using freely available software, the authors include many code examples and detailed instructions for building your own system and setting up your entire development environment.     

Author Name :Miguel A. Labrador, Alfredo J. Prez, Pedro M. Wightman

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Understanding TCP/IP

You are probably wondering whether to refer to this book to understand more about TCP/IP or to read some other good books describing similar topics and containing the word TCP/IP in their titles. Let us explain to you what moved us to write another publication about the TCP/IP protocols on which the Internet is based.     

Author Name :Libor Dostlek, Alena Kabelov

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The two-volume set LNCS 6640 and 6641 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 10th International IFIP TC 6 Networking Conference held in Valencia, Spain, in May 2011. The 64 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 294 submissions. The papers feature innovative research in the areas of applications and services, next generation Internet, wireless and sensor networks, and network science. The first volume includes 36 papers and is organized in topical sections on anomaly detection, content management, DTN and sensor networks, energy efficiency, mobility modeling, network science, network topology configuration, next generation Internet, and path diversity.     

Author Name :Jordi Domingo-Pascual Pietro Manzoni, Sergio Palazzo Ana Pont, Caterina Scoglio

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RF and Microwave Wireless Systems

A comprehensive introduction to the hardware, parameters, and architectures of RF/microwave wireless systems.As the basis for some of the hottest technologies of the new millennium, radio frequency (RF) and microwave wireless systems rapidly propel us toward a future in which the transmission of voice, video, and data communications will be possible anywhere in the world through the use of simple, handheld devices.This book provides scientists and engineers with clear, thorough, up-to-date explanations of all aspects of RF and microwave wireless systems, including general hardware components, system parameters, and architectures. Renowned authority Kai Chang covers both communication and radar/sensor systems and extends the discussion to other intriguing topics, from global positioning systems (GPS) to smart highways and smart automobiles. With an emphasis on basic operating principles, Dr. Chang reviews waves and transmission lines, examines modulation and demodulation and multiple-access techniques, and helps bridge the gap between RF/microwave engineering and communication system design. Ample practical examples of components and system configurations and nearly 300 illustrations and photographs complete this timely and indispensable resource.An Instructor's Manual presenting detailed solutions to all the problems in the book is available from the Wiley editorial department.     

Author Name :Kai Chang

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GPRS and 3G Wireless Applications

To ensure competitive advantage for their companies in wireless product development, developers need to understand how wireless technologies work, what impact they have on applications being developed, and how to use them to optimize products for success in the marketplace. Designed to answer these and other wireless development questions, this unique handbook explores how a host of relevant technologies work together with the new worldwide standards for wireless technologies--General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and Third Generation (3G). Leading expert Christoffer Andersson clearly explains how GPRS and 3G control the mobile environment, then goes on to describe how the emerging radio technology of Bluetooth fits in with WAP and Java, how wireless applications work with HTTP and TCP/IP on the Internet, and how to create "always-on" wireless applications.     

Author Name :Christoffer Andersson

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Handbook of Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing

The huge and growing demand for wireless communication systems has spurred a massive effort on the parts of the computer science and electrical engineering communities to formulate ever-more efficient protocols and algorithms. Written by a respected figure in the field, Handbook of Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing is the first book to cover the subject from a computer scientist's perspective. It provides detailed practical coverage of an array of key topics, including cellular networks, channel assignment, queuing, routing, power optimization, and much more.     

Author Name :Ivan Stojmenovic

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IP for 3G

What is an 'all-IP' network? What difference will IP networking make to 3G services?Third Generation (3G) mobile offers access to broadband multimedia services - and in the future most of these, even voice and video, will be IP-based. However 3G networks are not based on IP technologies, rather they are an evolution from existing 2G networks. Much work needs to be done to IP QoS and mobility protocols and architectures for them to be able to provide the functionality 3G requires.IP for 3G gives a comprehensive overview of 3G networking functionality and examines how IP protocols can be developed to provide some of the basic building blocks of a mobile system (mobility, QoS and call control)     

Author Name :Dave Wisely,Philip Eardley and Louise Burness

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Mesh-based Survivable Transport Networks

Mesh-based survivability offers many advantages, but the research, educational and perational communications communities need to absorb new concepts and ideas about network operation; letting the network self-organize its own logical configuration for example. Operators also need to understand, evaluate and adopt new methods and models for network design and planning. This book is designed to contribute to enabling this evolution towards mesh-based survivable networking.     

Author Name :Wayne D. Grover

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Sams Teach Yourself TCP/IP in 24 Hours (2nd Edition)

In just 24 session of one hour or less, you will master the inner workings of TCP/IP. Each lesson builds upon previous lessons for a technical yet refreshingly accessible tour of the elegant protocol suite at the foundation of the Internet.@Headline = Learn how to....@Bullet1 = Identify and describe protocols at each layer of the TCP/IP stack@Bullet2 = Use routers and gateways@Bullet3 = Work with IP addresses@Bullet4 = Subnet TCP/IP networks@Bullet5 = and more...     

Author Name :Joe Casad

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Converged Multimedia Networks

This book focuses largely on enabling technologies for network convergence. A principal aim is to show where parallel functions exist in fixed and mobile voice network architectures and to explain how these functions will be combined. The authors describe the components of a future converged architecture and consider the following key aspects: QoS Requirements, Proposed Solution Architectures, Protocol and Interface options, Underlying Network Issues and Security issues. The book also compares and describes initiatives from several standards bodies working to simplify to a clean architecture and a common set of protocols. The impact on a Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network, the preferred method of transport for the core network, will be considered in detail.     

Author Name :Juliet Bates, Chris Gallon, Matthew Bocci, Stuart Walker, Tom Taylor

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Zenoss Core 3.x Network and System Monitoring

The book starts by covering installation and configuration, before moving on to administration and dashboard usage. It contains step-by-step instructions for setting up and using a working, capable Zenoss system. This book is written primarily for network and systems administrators who are monitoring their IT assets with Zenoss Core or who plan to monitor them. In reality, this book will benefit anyone, regardless of job title, who recognizes the importance of proactively monitoring the servers, routers, computers, websites, and devices that connect companies to customers.This book is written primarily for network and systems administrators who are monitoring their IT assets with Zenoss Core or who plan to monitor them. In reality, this book will benefit anyone, regardless of job title, who recognizes the importance of proactively monitoring the servers, routers, computers, websites, and devices that connect companies to customers.     

Author Name :Michael Badger

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Organic Computing

These networks of intelligent systems surrounding us open fascinating ap-plication areas and at the same time bear the problem of their controllability. Hence, we have to construct such systems as robust, safe, flexible, and trustworthy as possible. In particular, a strong orientation towards human needs as opposed to a pure implementation of the tech-nologically possible seems absolutely central. The technical systems, which can achieve these goals will have to exhibit life-like or "organic" properties. "Organic Computing Systems" adapt dynamically to their current environmental conditions. In order to cope with unexpected or undesired events they are self-organising, self-configuring, self-optimising, self-healing, self-protecting, self-explaining, and context-aware, while offering complementary interfaces for higher-level directives with respect to the desired behaviour. First steps towards adaptive and self-organising computer systems are being undertaken. Adaptivity, reconfigurability, emergence of new properties, and self-organisation are hot top-ics in a variety of research groups worldwide.This book summarises the results of a 6-year priority research program (SPP) of the German Research Foundation (DFG) addressing these fundamental challenges in the design of Organic Computing systems. It presents and discusses the theoretical foundations of Organic Computing, basic methods and tools, learning techniques used in this context, architectural patterns and many applications. The final outlook shows that in the mean-time Organic Computing ideas have spawned a variety of promising new projects.     

Author Name :Christian Mller-Schloer, Hartmut Schmeck, Theo Ungerer

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Wireless Network Deployments

An important aspect of wireless networks is the deployment of their infrastructure. In this book, the Editors have invited a number of experts from industry to write on a variety of topics associated with deployment of digital wireless networks. The first part of the book consists of an overview of systems design and engineering integration, comparison of polarization and space diversity antenna systems, and the performance of deploying smart antenna architectures in cellular and PCS networks. The second part addresses deployment of CDMA networks, based on IS-95 standards. Here the authors discuss issues related to optimization of overlaid dual model CDMA networks, embedding microcells to improve hot-spot capacity, and mitigation of intermodulation distortion in handsets. Part III deals with deployment of TDMA- based networks. The issues presented include developing hierarchical systems, reconfigurable transceivers, and deploying the GSM frequency hopping feature for enhancing existing traffic capacity. The last part, on Wireless Data Networks, is comprised of issues related to the performance of GPRS systems deployed as an upgrade on current networks and deployment of wireless LANs. Critical issues for deploying an IEEE 802.11-based WLAN are examined. Wireless Network Deployments provides practical engineering guidance for wireless and cellular engineers, researchers, technicians, and managers working in second and third generation digital wireless networks.     

Author Name :Rajamani Ganesh, Kaveh Pahlavan

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Trust Networks for Recommender Systems

Recommendation Systems are gaining tremendous prominence in the digital society, and are fast becoming the bastions of electronic commerce. Will I like this book?, Is this a movie I can see with my kids?, Which hotel will suit me the best?: we increasingly rely on the social aspects of the world wide web (WWW) to help us navigate through such questions in our everyday life. We are quick to judge, and even quicker to just imitate our friends and do what they did. The magic potion that casts a spell on us to imitate and even at times make irrational decisions is trust. Trust enhanced recommender systems are designed to help us to form an opinion on matters that are not entirely known to us, or evennot known at all.The social web allows people to express their views to other users of the system. We call the resulting network a social network. There are social networks in which the users can explicitly express their opinion as trust and distrust statements. We refer to these kinds of social networks as trust networks.The particular focus of this book, infusion of the theory of how online trust networks can be modeled and the utility of these models to enhance the quality of recommendations generated in the online recommendation systems arena is not only groundbreaking and innovative; it is likely to be the central pivot for the next generation of research in social network analysis. Think of any system where humans need subjective judgments from their peers and seers. As you start to read the book, it will be quickly evident that issues explored in this book are the backbone of any such system. Some of these broad issues are: who you know, who you dont know, who you trust, why you trust them, how does this trust translate, aggregate, and propagate; and how to ef?ciently and correctly identify key trust ?gures to enhance the quality of generated recommendations.     

Author Name :Patricia Victor, Chris Cornelis, Martine De Cock

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Adobe Acrobat 8 for Windows and Macintosh

Adobe Acrobat 8 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide uses a combination of task-based instruction and strong visuals to teach beginning and intermediate users how to be more productive with Adobe Acrobat.Author John Deubert takes readers step by step through all of the Adobe Acrobat 8 essentials, both basiccreating and viewing electronic documents, streamlining document reviews, using Acrobats commenting and reviewing toolsand advancedusing digital signatures, creating interactive forms, and protecting sensitive documents. Both beginning users who want a thorough introduction to the topic, and more advanced users looking for a convenient reference will find what they need here in straightforward language, clear steps, and practical tips. By the end of the book, users will be able to smoothly integrate Adobe Acrobat 8 into their workflow.     

Author Name :John Deubert

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Mac OS X System Administration

Build and manage a powerful network onMac OSX Server.Boost productivity and foster collaboration using the powerful networking tools available inMac OSX Snow Leopard Server.With clear, detailed explanations and step-by-step instructions,Mac OSX System Administration shows you how to plan, construct, and manage a high-performance Mac-based network. Youll learn how to do everything from planning and installing the network from scratch to backing up both clients and servers to recovering from disaster.     

Author Name :Guy Hart-Davis

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Elements of Data Compression

Today's increased use of digital sound and video makes data compression crucial to computer technology because of its vast storage and transmission requirements. The question in many applications is now not whether to compress data, but what compression method should be applied. Most data compression books have been written for professionals and require a strong background in data compression techniques as well as an understanding of algorithms based on sophisticated mathematical models. This book is one of a handful of textbooks to present Data Compression for students in an academic environment. This is not a simple task since most of the widely used algorithms rely on sophisticated mathematical models. ELEMENTS OF DATA COMPRESSION addresses the needs of students who will use these techniques on a daily basis. The author accomplishes this through the use of elementary-level representative methods of text, audio, and video compression. Drozdek presents these methods with pseudocode, tables, diagrams, and many worked out examples, all the while employing commonly used techniques that build upon the mathematics students have been exposed to in earlier courses.     

Author Name :Adam Drozdek

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Algorithms Sequential and Parallel

Reflecting the growing importance of parallel computing in mainstream computer technology, this book offers a fully integrated study of parallel and sequential algorithmshelping readers understand the application and analysis of algorithmic paradigms to both the (traditional) sequential model of computing and to a variety of parallel models, and showing them how solution strategies may be shared among computer architectures.Relates/contrasts sequential and parallel algorithms where appropriate (i.e., covers a paradigmsuch as divide-and-conquerand then considers design, analysis, and implementation issues for both the sequential and parallel models). Reviews mathematical concepts and develops mathematical tools early onincluding asymptotic analysis, induction and recursion, and Master Method; provides a broad variety of architectures and application areas (including matrix operations, computational geometry, graph algorithms, and numerical problems). Offers many illustrations, exercises, and worked examples. Assumes basic knowledge of data structures, discrete mathematics and calculus. For advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and computer science industry professionals.     

Author Name :Russ Miller, Laurence Boxer

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Data Structures and Their Algorithms

Using only practically useful techniques, this book teaches methods for organizing, reorganizing, exploring, and retrieving data in digital computers, and the mathematical analysis of those techniques. The authors present analyses that are relatively brief and non-technical but illuminate the important performance characteristics of the algorithms. Data Structures and Their Algorithms covers algorithms, not the expression of algorithms in the syntax of particular programming languages. The authors have adopted a pseudocode notation that is readily understandable to programmers but has a simple syntax.     

Author Name :Harry R. Lewis, Larry Denenberg

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Minimal Networks

This book focuses on the classic Steiner Problem and illustrates how results of the problem's development have generated the Theory of Minimal Networks, that is systems of "rubber" branching threads of minimal length. This theory demonstrates a brilliant interconnection among differential and computational geometry, topology, variational calculus, and graph theory. All necessary preliminary information is included, and the book's simplified format and nearly 150 illustrations and tables will help readers develop a concrete understanding of the material. All nontrivial statements are proved, and plenty of exercises are included.     

Author Name :Alexander O. Ivanov, Alexei A. Tuzhilin

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Information Extraction

This book covers content recognition in text, elaborating on past and current most successful algorithms and their application in a variety of settings: news filtering, mining of biomedical text, intelligence gathering, competitive intelligence, legal information searching, and processing of informal text. Today, there is considerable interest in integrating the results of information extraction in retrieval systems, because of the demand for search engines that return precise answers to flexible information queries.     

Author Name :Marie-Francine Moens

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Handbook of Applied Algorithms

Discover the benefits of applying algorithms to solve scientific, engineering, and practical problems.Providing a combination of theory, algorithms, and simulations, Handbook of Applied Algorithms presents an all-encompassing treatment of applying algorithms and discrete mathematics to practical problems in "hot" application areas, such as computational biology, computational chemistry, wireless networks, and computer vision.Complete with exercises for readers to measure their comprehension of the material presented, Handbook of Applied Algorithms is a much-needed resource for researchers, practitioners, and students within computer science, life science, and engineering.     

Author Name :Amiya Nayak, Ivan Stojmenovic

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Combinatorial Algorithms

This book constitutes the thoroughly referred post-proceedings of the 21st International Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms, IWOCA 2010, held in London, UK, in July 2010.The 31 revised full papers presented together with extended abstracts of 8 poster presentations were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 85 submissions. A broad variety of combinatorial graph algorithms for the computations of various graph features are presented; also algorithms for network compuation, approximation, computational geometry, games, and search are presented and complexity aspects of such algorithms are discussed.     

Author Name :Costas S. Iliopoulos and William F. Smyth

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Analysis for Computer Scientists

This textbook presents an algorithmic approach to mathematical analysis, with a focus on modelling and on the applications of analysis. Fully integrating mathematical software into the text as an important component of analysis, the book makes thorough use of examples and explanations using MATLAB, Maple, and Java applets. Mathematical theory is described alongside the basic concepts and methods of numerical analysis, supported by computer experiments and programming exercises, and an extensive use of figure illustrations. Features: thoroughly describes the essential concepts of analysis; provides summaries and exercises in each chapter, as well as computer experiments; discusses important applications and advanced topics; presents tools from vector and matrix algebra in the appendices, together with further information on continuity; includes definitions, propositions and examples throughout the text; supplementary software can be downloaded from the books webpage.     

Author Name :Michael Oberguggenberger, Alexander Ostermann

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Handbook of Chemoinformatics Algorithms

Describing the characteristics and limitations of key algorithms, this book covers various aspects of chemoinformatics, including structure representation, molecular descriptors, similarity search, virtual screening, and structure-property model generation and validation.     

Author Name :Jean-Loup Faulon, Andreas Bender

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Algorithms and Programming

This text is structured in a problem-solution format that requires the student to think through the programming process. New to the second edition are additional chapters on suffix trees, games and strategies, and Huffman coding as well as an Appendix illustrating the ease of conversion from Pascal to C.     

Author Name :Alexander Shen

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Diagrammatic Reasoning in AI

A key part of the book is its extensive development of applications and graphical illustrations, drawing on such fields as the physical sciences, macroeconomics, finance, business logistics management, and medicine. Despite such tremendous diversity of usage, in terms of applications and diagramming notations, the book classifies and organizes diagrams around six major themes: system topology; sequence and flow; hierarchy and classification; association; cause and effect; and logic reasoning. Readers will benefit from the author's discussion of how diagrams can be more than just a static picture or representation and how diagrams can be a central part of an intelligent user interface, meant to be manipulated and modified, and in some cases, utilized to infer solutions to difficult problems.This book is ideal for many different types of readers: practitioners and researchers in AI and human-computer interaction; business and computing professionals; graphic designers and designers of graphical user interfaces; and just about anyone interested in understanding the power of diagrams. By discovering the many different types of diagrams and their applications in AI, all readers will gain a deeper appreciation of diagrammatic reasoning.     

Author Name :Robbie T. Nakatsu

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Neural Networks and Computing

This book covers neural networks with special emphasis on advanced learning methodologies and applications. It includes practical issues of weight initializations, stalling of learning, and escape from a local minima, which have not been covered by many existing books in this area. Additionally, the book highlights the important feature selection problem, which baffles many neural networks practitioners because of the difficulties handling large datasets. It also contains several interesting IT, engineering and bioinformatics applications.     

Author Name :Tommy W. S. Chow, Siu-Yeung Cho

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Mastering Algorithms with Perl

Written for readers with at least some Perl programming experience,Mastering Algorithms in Perldelivers a solid library of algorithms written in Perl for business and mathematical computing. From data structures to cryptography and more advanced mathematical algorithms, this book provides a worthwhile guide to extending Perl's coding capabilities.The best thing aboutMastering Algorithms in Perlis the scope at which it covers the universe of algorithms while refraining from getting bogged down in academic detail. Besides basic data structures--a lynchpin of books on algorithms--the authors provide dozens and dozens of algorithms for sorting, searching, and doing mathematical computations of all kinds. While they discuss "Big-O" notation and assume a general familiarity with math, they don't overwhelm the reader. (You can even borrow the code without needing a math degree to understand it.) The focus is on efficient, reusable Perl subroutines written and compiled by three Perl experts.     

Author Name :John Macdonald

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Graph Spectra for Complex Networks

A concise and self-contained introduction to the theory of graph spectra and its applications to the study of complex networks. Covering a range of types of graphs, this guide provides the mathematical foundation needed to understand and apply spectral insight to real-world communications systems and networks.     

Author Name :Piet Van Mieghem

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Efficient Solving of Large Arithmetic Constraint Systems with Complex Boolean Structure

Due to the growing use of more and more complex computerized systems in safety-critical applications, the formal verification of such systems is increasingly gaining importance. Many automatic and semi-automatic schemes for hardware and software verification ultimately rely on decision procedures for discharging the proof obligations generated during the verification process. Christian Herde deals with the development of such procedures, providing methods for efficiently solving formulae comprising complex Boolean combinations of linear, polynomial, and transcendental arithmetic constraints, involving thousands of Boolean-, integer-, and real-valued variables. Although aiming at providing tool support for the verification of hybrid discrete-continuous systems, most of the techniques he describes are general purpose and have applications in many other domains, like operations research, planning, software validation, and electronic design automation.     

Author Name :Christian Herde

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A History of Algorithms

The development of computing has reawakened interest in algorithms. Often neglected by historians and modern scientists, algorithmic procedures have been instrumental in the development of fundamental ideas: practice led to theory just as much as the other way round. The purpose of this book is to offer a historical background to contemporary algorithmic practice.     

Author Name :E. Barbin, J. Borowczyk, J.-L. Chabert, M. Guillemot, A. Michel-Pajus, A. Djebbar, J.-C. Martzloff

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Object Tracking

Object tracking consists in estimation of trajectory of moving objects in the sequence of images. Automation of the computer object tracking is a difficult task. Dynamics of multiple parameters changes representing features and motion of the objects, and temporary partial or full occlusion of the tracked objects have to be considered. This monograph presents the development of object tracking algorithms, methods and systems. Both, state of the art of object tracking methods and also the new trends in research are described in this book. Fourteen chapters are split into two sections. Section 1 presents new theoretical ideas whereas Section 2 presents real-life applications. Despite the variety of topics contained in this monograph it constitutes a consisted knowledge in the field of computer object tracking. The intention of editor was to follow up the very quick progress in the developing of methods as well as extension of the application.     

Author Name :Hanna Goszczynska

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An Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms

This book is a thorough overview of the primary techniques and models used in the mathematical analysis of algorithms. The first half of the book draws upon classical mathematical material from discrete mathematics, elementary real analysis, and combinatorics; the second half discusses properties of discrete structures and covers the analysis of a variety of classical sorting, searching, and string processing algorithms.     

Author Name :Robert Sedgewick, Philippe Flajolet

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Graph Colouring and the Probabilistic Method

Over the past decade, many major advances have been made in the field of graph coloring via the probabilistic method. This monograph, by two of the best on the topic, provides an accessible and unified treatment of these results, using tools such as the Lovasz Local Lemma and Talagrand's concentration inequality.     

Author Name :Michael Molloy, Bruce Reed

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A First Course in Finite Elements

Developed from the authors, combined total of 50 years undergraduate and graduate teaching experience, this book presents the finite element method formulated as a general-purpose numerical procedure for solving engineering problems governed by partial differential equations.Focusing on the formulation and application of the finite element method through the integration of finite element theory, code development, and software application, the book is both introductory and self-contained, as well as being a hands-on experience for any student.A First Course in Finite Elementsis the ideal practical introductory course for junior and senior undergraduate students from a variety of science and engineering disciplines. The accompanying advanced topics at the end of each chapter also make it suitable for courses at graduate level, as well as for practitioners who need to attain or refresh their knowledge of finite elements through private study.     

Author Name :Jacob Fish, Ted Belytschko

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Algorithms for Fuzzy Clustering

The main subject of this book is the fuzzy c-means proposed by Dunn and Bezdek and their variations including recent studies. A main reason why we concentrate on fuzzy c-means is that most methodology and application studies in fuzzy clustering use fuzzy c-means, and hence fuzzy c-means should be considered to be a major technique of clustering in general, regardless whether one is interested in fuzzy methods or not. Unlike most studies in fuzzy c-means, what we emphasize in this book is a family of algorithms using entropy or entropy-regularized methods which are less known, but we consider the entropy-based method to be another useful method of fuzzy c-means. Throughout this book one of our intentions is to uncover theoretical and methodological differences between the Dunn and Bezdek traditional method and the entropy-based method. We do note claim that the entropy-based method is better than the traditional method, but we believe that the methods of fuzzy c-means become complete by adding the entropy-based method to the method by Dunn and Bezdek, since we can observe natures of the both methods more deeply by contrasting these two.     

Author Name :Sadaaki Miyamoto, Hidetomo Ichihashi, Katsuhiro Honda

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Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation

The book covers many topics that pertain to several layers of the modeling and simulation architecture. It discusses DEVS model development support and the interaction of DEVS with other methodologies. It describes different forms of simulation supported by DEVS, the use of real-time DEVS simulation, the relationship between DEVS and graph transformation, the influence of DEVS variants on simulation performance, and interoperability and composability with emphasis on DEVS standardization. The text also examines extensions to DEVS, new formalisms, and abstractions of DEVS models as well as the theory and analysis behind real-world system identification and control. To support the generation and search of optimal models of a system, a framework is developed based on the system entity structure and its transformation to DEVS simulation models. In addition, the book explores numerous interesting examples that illustrate the use of DEVS to build successful applications, including optical network-on-chip, construction/building design, process control, workflow systems, and environmental models.     

Author Name :Gabriel A. Wainer, Pieter J. Mosterman

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Data Architecture

Data is an expensive and expansive asset. Information capture has forced storage capacity from megabytes to terabytes, exabytes and, pretty soon, zetabytes of data. So the need for accessible storage space for this data is great. To make this huge amount of data usable and relevant, it needs to be organized effectively. Database Base Management Systems, such as Oracle, IBM's DB2, and Microsoft SqlServer are used often, but these are being enhanced continuously and auxiliary tools are being developed every week; there needs to be a fundamental starting point for it all. That stating point is Data Architecture, the blueprint for organizing and structuring of information for services, service providers, and the consumers of that data.Data Architecture: From Zen to Reality explains the principles underlying data architecture, how data evolves with organizations, and the challenges organizations face in structuring and managing their data. It also discusses proven methods and technologies to solve the complex issues dealing with data. The book uses a holistic approach to the field of data architecture by covering the various applied areas of data, including data modelling and data model management, data quality , data governance, enterprise information management, database design, data warehousing, and warehouse design. This book is a core resource for anyone emplacing, customizing or aligning data management systems, taking the Zen-like idea of data architecture to an attainable reality.     

Author Name :Charles Tupper

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Algorithms and Parallel Computing

There is a software gap between the hardware potential and the performance that can be attained using today's software parallel program development tools. The tools need manual intervention by the programmer to parallelize the code. Programming a parallel computer requires closely studying the target algorithm or application, more so than in the traditional sequential programming we have all learned. The programmer must be aware of the communication and data dependencies of the algorithm or application. This book provides the techniques to explore the possible ways to program a parallel computer for a given application.     

Author Name :Fayez Gebali

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Interactive Video

This bookis a groundbreaking resource that covers both algorithms and technologies of interactive videos, so that businesses in IT and data managements, scientists,teachers, andsoftware engineersinvideoprocessing andcomputervision, coaches and instructors that usevideotechnology inteaching, and finally end-users of hyper videos will greatly benefit from it. This comprehensive four part book contains excellent scientific and up-to-date contributions made by anumberof pioneering scientists, futurists and experts in the field. The first part introduces the reader to interactive and hypervideorhetoric, algorithms and technologies. It also presents effective automatic audio-videosummarization methodologies. In the second part, a list of advancedcomputervision and signal processing algorithms and systems for automatic and semiautomatic analysis and editing of audio-videodocuments are presented.     

Author Name :Riad Hammoud

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Frontiers in Algorithms

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Frontiers of Algorithmics Workshop, FAW 2010, held in Wuhan, China, in August 2010. The 28 revised full papers presented together with the abstracts of 3 invited talks were carefully reviewed and selected from 57 submissions. The Workshop will provide a focused forum on current trends of research on algorithms, discrete structures, and their applications, and will bring together international experts at the research frontiers in these areas to exchange ideas and to present significant new results. The mission of the Workshop is to stimulate the various fields for which algorithmics can become a crucial enabler, and to strengthen the ties between the Eastern and Western research communities of algorithmics and applications.     

Author Name :Der-Tsai Lee , Danny Z. Chen, ShiYing

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Exploring Randomness

This book presents the technical core of Chaitin's theory of program-size complexity, also known as algorithmic information theory. LISP is used to present the key algorithms and to enable computer users to interact with the author's proofs and discover for themselves how they work.     

Author Name :Gregory J. Chaitin

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Computers and Intractability

The focus of this book is to teach the reader how to identify, deal with, and understand the essence of NP-complete problems; Computers and Intractability does all of those things effectively. In a readable yet mathematically rigorous manner, the book covers topics such as how to prove that a given problem is NP-complete and how to cope with NP-complete problems. (There is even a chapter on advanced topics, with numerous references.) Computers and Intractability also contains a list of more than 300 problems--most of which are known to be NP-complete--with comments and references.     

Author Name :M.R. Garey, D. S. Johnson

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Computer Algorithms, 1e

Picking up where their classic Fundamentals of Computer Algorithms left off, the acclaimed Horowitz/Sahni team offers this new title, available in both Pseudocode and C++ versions. This well-researched text takes a solid, theoretical approach to the subject and lays a basis for more in-depth study while providing opportunities for hands-on learning.     

Author Name :Ellis Horowitz, Sanguthevar Rajasekaran

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Computational Geometry

The focus of this book is on algorithm and motivation is provided from the application areas-all solutions and techniques from computational geometry are related to particular applications in robotics, graphics, CAD/CAM, and geographic information systems. The most recent insights in computational geometry are used to provide solutions that are both efficient and easy to understand and implement.     

Author Name :Mark de Berg

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Algorithms in Bioinformatics

The present volume is dedicated to aspects of algorithmic work in bioinformatics and computational biology with an emphasis on string algorithms that play a central role in the analysis of biological sequences. The papers included are a selection of articles corresponding to talks given at one of two meetings sponsored by The Royal Society, the UK's national academy of science, under grant no.: JEB/KOREAN Networks/16715. The grant supported two workshops organised by researches from the Seoul National University (Korea) and King's College London (UK). The first workshop was held in Seoul, Korea, in July 2004 and the second meeting took place in London, UK, in February 2005 as part of the annual London Stringology Days.     

Author Name :C. S. Iliopoulos, K. Park, K. Steinhoefel

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Algorithmics for Hard Problems

There are several approaches to attack hard problems. All have their merits, but also their limitations, and need a large body of theory as their basis. A number of books for each one exist: books on complexity theory, others on approximation algorithms, heuristic approaches, parametrized complexity, and yet others on randomized algorithms. This book discusses thoroughly all of the above approaches. And, amazingly, at the same time, does this in a style that makes the book accessible not only to theoreticians, but also to the non-specialist, to the student or teacher, and to the programmer. Do you think that mathematical rigor and accessibility contradict? Look at this book to find out that they do not, due to the admirable talent of the author to present his material in a clear and concise way, with the idea behind the approach spelled out explicitly, often with a revealing example. Reading this book is a beautiful experience and I can highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning how to solve hard problems. It is not just a condensed union of material from other books. Because it discusses the different approaches in depth, it has the chance to compare them in detail, and, most importantly, to highlight under what circumstances which approach might be worth exploring. No book on a single type of solution can do that, but this book does it in an absolutely fascinating way that can serve as a pattern for theory textbooks with a high level of generality. (Peter Widmayer) The second edition extends the part on the method of relaxation to linear programming with an emphasis on rounding, LP-duality, and primal-dual schema, and provides a self-contained and transparent presentation of the design of randomized algorithms for primality testing.     

Author Name :Juraj Hromkovic

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Provides a study of the fundamental theoretical ideas of computing and examining how to design accurate and efficient algorithms.     

Author Name :David Harel

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Algorithmic Graph Theory and Perfect Graphs

Algorithmic Graph Theory and Perfect Graphs, first published in 1980, has become the classic introduction to the field. This new Annals edition continues to convey the message that intersection graph models are a necessary and important tool for solving real-world problems. It remains a stepping stone from which the reader may embark on one of many fascinating research trails.The past twenty years have been an amazingly fruitful period of research in algorithmic graph theory and structured families of graphs. Especially important have been the theory and applications of new intersection graph models such as generalizations of permutation graphs and interval graphs. These have lead to new families of perfect graphs and many algorithmic results. These are surveyed in the new Epilogue chapter in this second edition.     

Author Name :Martin Charles Golumbic

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C Programming in Linux

Using a series of web development examples, this free book 'C Programming in Linux' will give you an interesting glimpse into a powerful lower-level world.C is tight and spare and economical, and in the current world climate people who know C will ensure critical systems keep running.A knowledge of C is now and has been for years a pre-requisite for serious software professionals and with the recent popularity and maturity of Open Systems this is even more true.     

Author Name :David Haskins

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Microsoft Access 2010 VBA Macro Programming

Perfect for power users, Microsoft Access 2010 VBA Macro Programming reveals how to maximize the features and functionality of Access 2010. You'll get in-depth details on Access VBA programming and application development followed by 20 real-world projects--complete with source code--that show you how to set up specific subroutines and functions. This practical resource then explains how to include the subroutines in the Access menu system and transform a set of interrelated VBA macros into an Access add-in package. Create your own Access 2010 VBA macros right away with help from this hands-on guide.     

Author Name :Richard Shepherd

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Learn Office 2011 for Mac OS X

Office for Mac remains the leading productivity suite for Mac, with Apples iWork and the free trailing far behind. And now it's being updated with a cleaner interface and more compatibility with Exchange and SharePoint.Learn Office 2011 for Mac OS Xoffers a practical, hands-on approach to using Office 2011 applications to create and edit documents and get work done efficiently. You'll learn how to customize Office, design, create, and share documents, manipulate data in a spreadsheet, and create lively presentations. You'll also discover how to organize your email, contacts, and tasks with the new Outlook for Mac. Conveying information quickly and concisely, the book brings you from beginner or intermediate to an experienced and confident user.This book provides the best combination of accessible and focused coverage of the Office 2011 applications. Rather than cover every little-used feature, the book covers real-world usage, putting emphasis on practical tasks and troubleshooting common problems, such as sharing documents with Windows users and older versions of Office.     

Author Name :Guy Hart-Davis

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Logos Redesigned

A company's logo is the most important component of its brand identity. So why would a company ever change its logo? Because things change -- the competition, the times, even the company itself. And the company whose logo does not reflect present realities is at a marketing disadvantage.In this comprehensively illustrated compendium, David E. Carter shows 200 corporate logo changes, and then discusses each. You'll see everything from minor "evolutionary" changes to complete "revolutionary" changes where the old logo has been discarded and a totally new one designed. Examples of the ultimate logo changes -- where a new corporate name has been adopted -- are also included in this book. Packed with case studies on logo redesign, it features companies both large and small, and from a diverse array of industries -- global firms such as Apple Computer, UPS, and Time Warner, as well as small firms who compete, no less vigorously, in their own arenas. This essential resource will be invaluable to designers, ad creatives, marketing people, and corporate executives whose task it is to keep their firms competitive in this changing world.     

Author Name :David E. Carter

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Microsoft Excel 2010

This comprehensive guide to advanced business modeling and analysis functions for Microsoft Excel 2010 provides classroom-style instruction for performing a variety of intermediate to complex business reporting tasks. The volume provides useful examples examining functions, advanced commands and tools and focuses on data presentation options such as histograms, PivotTables and database statistical functions. Numerous screen shots and example data are provided throughout and access to an online version of the text including additional resources is included.     

Author Name :Wayne L. Winston Ph.D

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Professional Excel Development

In this book, four world-class Microsoft Excel developers offer start-to-finish guidance for building powerful, robust, and secure applications with Excel. The authorsthree of whom have been honored by Microsoft as Excel Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs)show how to consistently make the right design decisions and make the most of Excels most powerful new features. Using their techniques,you can reduce development costs, time to market, and hassleand build more effective, successful solutions.     

Author Name :Rob Bovey,Dennis Wallentin,Stephen Bullen,John Green

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Office 2010 Bible

The best of the best from the bestselling authors of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint Bibles!Take your pick of applications from the Office 2010 suite and your choice of leading experts to show you how to use them. This Office 2010 Bible features the best-of-the-best content from the Excel 2010 Bible, by "Mr. Spreadsheet" John Walkenbach; the Word 2010 Bible by Microsoft MVP Herb Tyson; the PowerPoint 2010 Bible, by PowerPoint expert Faithe Wempen; and coverage of Access 2010 from Microsoft MVP Michael Alexander. If you want to quickly and effectively begin using Office 2010, start in the experts' corner with this must-have book.     

Author Name :John Walkenbach,Herb Tyson,Michael R. Groh, Faithe Wempen,Lisa A. Bucki

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Microsoft Excel 2000 Functions in Practice

The maturing Excel audience is ready for in-depth information on functions to increase its productivity with the program. Readers will find more than just a discussion of all the functions. The Function Reference will also include one chapter dedicated to the most commonly used functions and one chapter that explores how to integrate multiple functions together for advanced usage.     

Author Name :Patrick Blattner

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Office and SharePoint 2010 Users Guide

Web sites, collaboration, document management, paperless officeswe want it all in business today, but how do we achieve all of these goals? More importantly, if you work for one of the millions of small-to-medium-sized businesses, how do you find the time to build the expertise necessary to reach these goals? Even the most powerful tool will not allow you to succeed unless you can get the majority of your staff to use it efficiently and effectively. You need a guide that demonstrates a platform that small-to-medium-sized businesses can use to reach these goals.Office and SharePoint 2010 Users Guidedemystifies the path that every Microsoft Office user can follow to benefit from the synergism of tools they are already familiar with. Together with SharePoint 2010, users can achieve goals like web sites with a consistent single view, improved collaboration within their organization, and better document management, and may even get one step closer to the paperless office weve been promised for years. This book has topics for Office users of all skill levels, from those just starting to use Office tools to experienced power users. It examines each major Office tool and shows how it contributes to the support and use of SharePoint in todays increasingly electronic-based office environment.     

Author Name :Michael Antonovich

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Office 2010

Whether you're new to Microsoft Office or have used it for years, this clear and friendly primer helps you be productive with Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and the rest of the Office apps from day one. Learn what's new in Office 2010 and get a complete, step-by-step guide to each of its main programs, along with details on Publisher, OneNote, and Office Web Apps. With this Missing Manual on hand, you'll be creating professional-quality documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and databases in no time.Office 2010: The Missing Manual is a great way to master Office 2010 without having to stock up on a shelfload of books. Packed with illustrations and friendly advice, it's truly the book that should have been in the box.Learn everything from basic word processing to desktop and web publishing with Word.Use tables, graphics, and videos to create sophisticated Word documents.Manage your contacts and keep track of your schedule with Outlook.Quickly create and edit PowerPoint presentations, and snazz them up with videos and sound.Build spreadsheets, use functions and formulas, and create charts and graphics with Excel.Design databases and manage large stores of text, numbers, and pictures with Access.     

Author Name :Nancy Conner, Matthew MacDonald

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Business Analysis

Using real-world examples, Carlberg helps you put Excels features and functions to work and get the power of quantitative analysis behind your management decisions.Excel expert Conrad Carlberg shows how to use Excel 2010 to perform the core financial tasks every manager and entrepreneur must master: analyzing statements, planning and controlling company finances, making investment decisions, and managing sales and marketing. Using real-world examples, Carlberg helps you get the absolute most out of Excel 2010s newest features and functions. Along the way, youll discover the fastest, best ways to handle essential tasks ranging from importing business data to analyzing profitability ratios.     

Author Name :Conrad Carlberg

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Databases with Access

A First class handbook in databases for first-class learning.This handy textbook covers all you need to know to begin to use databases such as Microsoft Access.Learning Made Simple books give readers skills without frills. They are matched to the main qualifications, and written by experienced teachers and authors to make often tricky subjects simple to learn. Every book is designed carefully to provide bite-sized lessons matched to learners' needs.Building on the multi-million success of the previous series Made Simple Books, Learning Made Simple titles provide both a new colourful way to study and a useful adjunct to any training course. Using full colour throughout, and written by leading teachers and writers, Learning Made Simple books will help readers learn new skills and develop their talents.     

Author Name :Moira Stephen

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Spreadsheets with Excel

A First class handbook in spreadsheets for first-class learning.This handy textbook covers all you need to get started with spreadsheets.Learning Made Simple books give you skills without frills. They are matched to the main qualifications, and written by experienced teachers and authors to make often tricky subjects simple to learn. Every book is designed carefully to provide bite-sized lessons matched to your needs.Learning Made Simple titles provide both a new colorful way to study and a useful adjunct to any training course. Using full color throughout, and written by leading teachers and writers, Learning Made Simple books will help you learn new skills and develop your talents.     

Author Name :Stephen Morris

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Word Processing with Word

A First class handbook in word processing for first-class learning.This handy textbook covers all you need to know about word processing.Learning Made Simple books give you skills without frills. They are matched to the main qualifications, and written by experienced teachers and authors to make often tricky subjects simple to learn. Every book is designed carefully to provide bite-sized lessons matched to your needs.Learning Made Simple titles provide both a new colorful way to study and a useful adjunct to any training course. Using full color throughout, and written by leading teachers and writers, Learning Made Simple books will help you learn new skills and develop your talents.     

Author Name :Keith Brindley

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Better Than Bullet Points

This book focuses exclusively on the application of PowerPoint to the creation of online training programs. Better than Bullet Points, Creating Engaging e-Learning with PowerPoint fills that gap. By providing in-depth guidance, specific instructions, and helpful exercises, the book will enable training practitioners to create impactful learning interactions in PowerPoint. The author steps readers through the powerful features of this popular desktop application, covering everything from text to art, animation to interactivity. Provided that the reader owns a copy of PowerPoint, this book will immediately put free real-world tools into the hands of those who need it. The information is practical rather than theoretical and immediately applicable. Most importantly, this book will help make e-learning accessible to those who have previously been excluded from taking advantage of the opportunities e-learning can provide.     

Author Name :Jane Bozarth

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Excel Hacks

Millions of users create and share Excel spreadsheets every day, but few go deeply enough to learn the techniques that will make their work much easier. There are many ways to take advantage of Excel's advanced capabilities without spending hours on advanced study.Excel Hacksprovides more than 130 hacks -- clever tools, tips and techniques -- that will leapfrog your work beyond the ordinary.Now expanded to include Excel 2007, this resourceful, roll-up-your-sleeves guide gives you little known "backdoor" tricks for several Excel versions using different platforms and external applications. Think of this book as a toolbox. When a need arises or a problem occurs, you can simply use the right tool for the job.     

Author Name :David Hawley, Raina Hawley

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Formulas and Functions with Microsoft Office Excel 2007

Most Microsoft Excel users learn only a small percentage of the programs features. They know they could get more out of Excel if they could just get a leg up on building formulas and using functions. Unfortunately, this side of Excel appears complex and intimidating to the uninitiatedshrouded in the mysteries of mathematics, finance, and impenetrable spreadsheet jargon. Sound familiar? If youre a businessperson who needs to use Excel as an everyday part of your job, then youve come to the right book. Formulas and Functions with Microsoft Office Excel 2007 demystifies worksheet formulas and presents the most useful Excel functions in an accessible, jargon-free way. This book not only takes you through Excels intermediate and advanced formula-building features, it also tells you why these features are useful to you and shows you how to use them in everyday situations. Throughout the book youll find no-nonsense, step-by-step tutorials and lots of practical examples aimed directly at business users.     

Author Name :Paul McFedries

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The PowerPoint Detox

Everyone knows the feeling of attending a dreary and formulaic presentation where dense lumps of text are read verbatim from the screen. The expression death by PowerPoint says it all. But it need not be that way. With a little time and effort anyone can addlife to their presentations.The PowerPoint Detoxis a straightforward, practical guide that helps readers prepare effective slides, improve their presenting style, make themselves understood, and enhance their message. It is designed to appeal to anyone who needs to use PowerPoint: new presenters and those with some experience, those who have had some training and those who have not.With sample slides and plenty of examples reproduced in PowerPoint style,The PowerPoint Detoxis a how-to book that will help readers add explanatory power, style and professionalism to their presentations.     

Author Name :Patrick Forsyth

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Guide to Microsoft Excel 2007 for Scientists and Engineers

Completely updated guide for scientists, engineers and students who want to use Microsoft Excel 2007 to its full potential.Electronic spreadsheet analysis has become part of the everyday work of researchers in all areas of engineering and science. Microsoft Excel, as the industry standard spreadsheet, has a range of scientific functions that can be utilized for the modeling, analysis and presentation of quantitative data. This text provides a straightforward guide to using these functions of Microsoft Excel, guiding the reader from basic principles through to more complicated areas such as formulae, charts, curve-fitting, equation solving, integration, macros, statistical functions, and presenting quantitative data.     

Author Name :Bernard Liengme

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Word 2007 Macros & VBA Made Easy

Get beyond the basics with Word 2007.Now you can take your Microsoft Word skills to the next level with help from this hands-on guide. Word 2007 Macros & VBA Made Easy shows you how to automate tasks using the tools available in Word's built-in VBA programming language. You'll learn how to record, create, customize, debug, and share macros. Discover how easy it is to develop your own macros, save time, and boost productivity!     

Author Name :Guy Hart-Davis

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Excel for Accountants

Accounting professionals learn how to get the information they need fast with this guide to Excel features that manipulate and sort financial data. Comprehensive but concise chapters explain how to automate the entry of common business formulas; how to use pivot tables to extract details; how to develop inventory, depreciation, and financial summaries; and how to set up other standard financial calculations.     

Author Name :Conrad Carlberg

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Microsoft Excel and Access Integration

Although many people rarely go from Excel into Access or vice versa, you should know that Microsoft actually designed these applications to work together. In this book, you'll discover how Access benefits from Excel's flexible presentation layer and versatile analysis capabilities, while Access's relational database structure and robust querying tools enhance Excel. Once you learn to make the two work together, you'll find that your team's productivity is the real winner.     

Author Name :Michael Alexander, Geoff Clark

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Pro Excel Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling is a key part of any successful business, large or small. This book introduces the reader to the core ideas behind the successful financial modeling of technology startups and small businesses.The book begins by providing the reader with extensive instruction in the thinking behind good financial models before explaining how best this thinking can be communicated to investors. The remainder of the book concentrates on providing detailed examples and templates of how successful models can be built in Microsoft Excel to equip the reader with everything they need to know to build models of their own.     

Author Name :Tom Y. Sawyer

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Excel Workbook For Dummies

Excel is the most sophisticated spreadsheet program available, making it easy for you to create a variety of analyses and calculations for personal and professional use. However, this program is much more than just an electronic version of an accountants green sheet, and mastering even the most basic functions can be a challenge.Excel Workbook For Dummiesis specially designed to give you the hands-on experience you need to start using this great program with confidence and efficiency. This guide is packed with hundreds of exercises that walk you through the ins and outs of Excel at your own pace.     

Author Name :Greg Harvey

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Learn Excel 2011 for Mac

Microsoft Excel 2011 for the Mac OS X is a powerful application, but many of its most impressive features can be difficult to find. Guy Hart-Davis'Learn Excel 2011 for Macisa practical, hands-on approach to learning all of the details of Excel 2011 to get work done efficiently on Mac OS X. From using formulas and functions to creating databases, from analyzing data to automating tasks, you'll learn everything you need to know to put this powerful application to use in a variety of tasks.     

Author Name :Guy Hart-Davis

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Microsoft Access 2010 In Depth

Access 2010 In Depth is the beyond-the-basics, beneath-the-surface guide for everyone who wants to streamline their work with Access 2010, and get more done in less time. Legendary Access expert Roger Jennings provides specific, tested, proven solutions to the problems Access database users and developers run into every day: challenges other books ignore or oversimplify. Jennings thoroughly covers all facets of working with Access 2010, and adds new chapters on integration and collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint and emulating Table Triggers with Access Data Macros. New coverage also includes: customizable Ribbon and Themes; the revamped Macro Designer; Quick Start Fields; IntelliSense support in Expression Builder; Application Parts and Navigation Forms; conditional formatting and data bars in reports; and new web database publishing techniques. As with all In Depth books, Access 2010 In Depth presents comprehensive coverage, breakthrough techniques, exclusive shortcuts, quick access to information, troubleshooting help for tough problems, and real-world examples with nothing glossed over or left out. Step-by-step instructions with icons guide readers through essential tasks such as designing tables, entering data, importing external data, designing and executing queries, and designing data entry forms and printed reports. Additional chapters on advanced form and report design emphasize data entry efficiency and presentation clarity.     

Author Name :Roger Jennings

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Step by Step

The smart way to learn Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011one step at a time! Use the easy-to-follow lessons to master the fundamentals of creating and managing accounts; working directly within familiar tools such as Microsoft Outlook; tracking customer activity and communications; managing campaigns, leads, quotes, contracts, and orders; and employing basic to advanced reporting capabilities. Includes downloadable, ready-made practice files and complete Book.     

Author Name :Mike Snyder, Jim Steger, Brendan Landers

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Microsoft Project Server 2010

To form a complete project from a professional organization!An integrated and cross-sector scenario brings you all the valid practical applications close.Whether you are project manager, administrator, project staff or advisors: With this book you will get a detailed insight and overview in implementation, organization and administration of a project with Microsoft Project Server 2010.All aspects of the first strategic consideration for the introduction of a Microsoft Project Server on the technical implementation to full implementation of all components are fully explained and explained.Here also, the local use of Microsoft Project is considered.     

Author Name :Jrgen Rosenstock

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SharePoint 2010 Six-in-One

A team of SharePoint authorities addresses the six most essential areas of SharePoint 2010.SharePoint enables Web sites to host shared workspaces and is a leading solution for Enterprise Content Management. This book serves as one-stop shopping for concise coverage on six key areas that you need to know in order to get up and running with SharePoint 2010 quickly. After an introduction to the new features of SharePoint 2010, the author team of SharePoint experts walk you through branding and customization, workflow, business connectivity services, social networking and tools, the search function, and development basics so you can get started using SharePoint immediately.     

Author Name :Chris Geier, Cathy Dew, Becky Bertram, Raymond Mitchell, Wes Preston, Kenneth Schaefer, Andrew Clar

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How We Test Software at Microsoft

It may surprise you to learn that Microsoft employs as many software testers as developers. Less surprising is the emphasis the company places on the testing discipline and its role in managing quality across a diverse, 150+ product portfolio. This book written by three of Microsofts most prominent test professionals shares the best practices, tools, and systems used by the companys 9,000-strong corps of testers. Learn how your colleagues at Microsoft design and manage testing, their approach to training and career development, and what challenges they see ahead. Most important, youll get practical insights you can apply for better results in your organization.     

Author Name :Alan Page, Ken Johnston, Bj Rollison

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Programming Applications for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Learn how to extend Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with this comprehensive reference. Complete with code samples in Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual C#, this guide delivers the information that developers need to create customized solutions.Get the definitive guide to learning how to exploit the built-in functionality in Outlook 2007. Written by two experts on Outlook extensibility, this book delivers practical guidance and extensive code samples to help you extend, adapt, and customize information flow to the desktop.     

Author Name :Randy Byrne,Ryan Gregg

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Using Microsoft Publisher 2010

Get comfortable with simple techniques that you can use to create professional-looking documents. Dont just read about it: see it, hear it, with step-by-step video tutorials and valuable audio sidebars delivered through the Free Web Edition that comes with every USING book. For the price of the book, you get online access anywhere with a web connection no books to carry, updated content, and the benefits of video and audio learning. Way more than just a book, this is all the help youll ever need where you want, when you want!     

Author Name :Brien Posey

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Designing Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 introduces many powerful new capabilities for organizations and developers. However, new capabilities mean new design challenges, new architecture considerations, and new choices and trade-offs for developers. Should you build your application as a farm solution, or should you target the new sandbox environment? Should you create a full-trust proxy assembly to extend the capabilities of your sandboxed solutions? Should you build your data store using SharePoint lists or an external database? What are the capabilities and performance implications of the new LINQ to SharePoint provider? How can you maximize the efficiency of the new client-side APIs when you retrieve SharePoint data from Microsoft Silverlight or JavaScript? Designing Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 can help you answer many of these questions. It draws together much of the core material produced by the Microsoft patterns & practices team for the Developing Applications for SharePoint 2010 online guidance, a release that includes documentation, reference implementations, and reusable code utilities.     

Author Name :Todd Baginski ,Robert Bogue ,Chris Keyser,Jason Lee

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Access 2007 VBA Bible

Learn how to tap the full potential of Access 2007 Transfer Access data seamlessly between Microsoft Office applicationsand that's just for starters. In this all-new, comprehensive guide by well-known Access expert Helen Feddema, youll learn to write Visual Basic code that automates Access database tasks, creates standalone scripts, extracts and merges data, and allows you to put together powerful solutions. Whether youre a beginner or a power user, this is the book you need to succeed with Access 2007.     

Author Name :Helen Feddema

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Office 2011 for Mac For Dummie

The leading suite of productivity software for the Mac, Microsoft Office helps users complete common business tasks, including word processing, e-mail, presentations, financial analysis, and much more.Office 2011 for Mac For Dummiesis the perfect companion for Microsoft Office for Mac users upgrading to the newest version, new computer users, and those who may have switched from the Windows version of Office. Written by one of the most popular gurus in the Mac community, Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus, the book explains every 2011 application so you can become savvy in no time.     

Author Name :Bob LeVitus

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Administration Bible

An in-depth, expert guide to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 from Microsoft CRM experts! What better way to learn how to administer Dynamics CRM than from two Microsoft CRM experts? This in-depth Bible is packed with expert guidance on the latest version of Microsoft's hot CRM product. Whether you're new to Dynamics CRM or upgrading from an earlier version, you'll get thoroughly up to speed on everything from the basics to new features and more.     

Author Name :Matthew Wittemann and Geoff Ables

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SharePoint 2010 Development For Dummies

A much-needed guide that shows you how to leverage SharePoint tools without writing a line of code!.The great news about SharePoint isyou don't need to be a seasoned .NET developer to develop custom functions for it. This book shows you how to use SharePoint Designer, Report Builder, Dashboard Designer, InfoPath, Excel, Word, Visio, and the SharePoint web-based UI to design and developwithout ever writing a line of code! Learn how to customize your site, build SharePoint apps, start social networking, or add Web parts. This straightforward guide makes everything easier.     

Author Name :Ken Withee

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Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007

Deliver BI Solutions with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007.Maximize the powerful BI tools available in PerformancePoint 2007 with help from this practical guide. You will learn how to collect and store data, monitor progress, analyze performance, distribute dynamic reports, and create maintainable projects and forecasts.Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007provides full details on creating scorecards and dashboards, performing advanced analysis on data, and setting up business plans. You will also learn how to integrate PerformancePoint with ProClarity, Excel 2007, and SQL Server Reporting Services.     

Author Name :Craig Utley

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XML How to Program

This comprehensive guide to programming in XML teaches readers how to use XML to create customized tags and addresses standard custom markup languages for science and technology, multimedia, commerce, and other fields.Includes a concise introduction to Java, as well as cutting edge topics such as XQL, SMIL and VoiceXML as well as a real-world e-Commerce case study. Also includes a complete chapter on Web-accessibility that addresses VoiceXML. Provides hundreds of valuable programming tips.For XML programmers and Internet/Web programmers.     

Author Name :Harvey M. Deitel , Paul J. Deitel , Tem R. Nieto , Ted Lin, Praveen Sadhu

No Of Visit :512      Posted Comments :

Visual C++ .NET Developer's Guide

This is the hard-core resource for serious developers. Coverage includes ADO, ADO+, Acrive Directory, Security, trheads, attributed programming, ATL, web forms, and a complete overview of integration with the .NET platform.     

Author Name :John Mueller

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SQL A Beginner's Guide

Written to the SQL:2006 ANSI/ISO standard, this easy-to-follow guide will get you started programming in SQL right away. You will learn how to retrieve, insert, update, and delete database data, and perform management and administrative functions.SQL: A Beginner's Guide, Third Editioncovers new features, including SQL/XML, and is loaded with updated SQL examples along with notes on using them with the latest RDBMS software versions such as MySQL 5.0, SQL Server 2008, and Oracle Database 11g.     

Author Name :Andy Oppel, Robert Sheldon

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Linux The Complete Reference

Get in-depth coverage of all Linux features, tools, and utilities from this thoroughly updated and comprehensive resource, designed for all Linux distributions. Written by Linux expert Richard Petersen, this book explains how to get up-and-running on Linux, use the desktops and shells, manage applications, deploy servers, implement security measures, and handle system and network administration tasks.With full coverage of the latest platform,Linux: The Complete Reference, Sixth Editionincludes details on the very different and popular Debian (Ubuntu) and Red Hat/Fedora software installation and service management tools used by most distributions. This is a must-have guide for all Linux users.     

Author Name :Richard Petersen

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JavaScript Bible

Make your Web pages stand out above the noise with JavaScript and the expert instruction in this much-anticipated update to the bestselling JavaScript Bible. With renowned JavaScript expert Danny Goodman at your side, youll get a thorough grounding in JavaScript basics, see how it fits with current Web browsers, and find all the soup-to-nuts detail youll need. Whether youre a veteran programmer or just starting out, this is the JavaScript book Web developers turn to again and again.     

Author Name :Danny Goodman

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Java Database Programming Bible

Java Database Bible is a comprehensive approach to learning how to develop and implement a professional level Java 2 database program using the Java database connection API (JDBC 3.0).Includes an introduction to relational databases and designing database applications; covers interacting with a relational database using a Java program; and shows how to create and work with XML data storage using a Java program.     

Author Name :John O'Donahue

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Introducing .NET 4.0: With Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft is introducing a large number of changes to the way that the .NET Framework operates. Familiar technologies are being altered, best practices replaced, and developer methodologies adjusted. Many developers find it hard to keep up with the pace of change across .NET's ever-widening array of technologies. You may know what's happening in C#, but how about the Azure cloud? How is that going to affect your work? What are the limitations of the new pLINQ syntax? What you need is a roadmap. A guide to help you see the innovations that matter and to give you a head start on the opportunities available in the new framework.     

Author Name :Alex Mackey

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C++ 3rd Edition

Author Herb Schildt is the world's best-selling C++ author with more than 2 million books sold. The most complete coverage of the newly updated ANSI C++ Standard--including updated material on the STL, namespace naming methods, an new classes. An easy-to-follow, three-part organization: I) Description of the root of C++; II) Detailed coverage of C++'s OOP components and classes; III) Effective C++ software application development.     

Author Name :Herbert Schildt

No Of Visit :480      Posted Comments :

A+ Guide to Hardware

Written by best-selling author and instructor Jean Andrews, this edition maps fully to the 2006 A+ Exams. This full-color guide is designed to be the most complete, step-by-step book available for learning the fundamentals of supporting and troubleshooting computer hardware. Video clips are available on the accompanying CD so readers can watch the author bring concepts and technical topics to life via live demonstrations.If you're starting out in the hardware side of computers and you want to be able to get an A+ certificate in hardware then this book is for you. This book covers every piece of hardware that is used to build and run a computer and in very great detail for each piece as well. Also if your studying for the A+ exams then this book is definitely for you as this book will explain in detail what part of the exam each chapter and section covers.     

Author Name :Jean Andrews

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80486 System Architecture

80486 System Architecture describes the hardware architecture of PC products using the Intel family of 80486 chips, providing a clear, concise explanation of the 80486 processor's relationship to the rest of the system. The author provides a comprehensive treatment of the processor including: -80486 microarchitecture and its functional units -internal and external caches -hardware interface -SL technology features -instructions new to the 80486 -the register set -486/487SX processors -486DX2 processors -486DX2 write-back enhanced processor -486DX4 processors -implementation-specific issues -main memory subsystem design -OverDrive processors If you design or test hardware or software that involves 486 processors, 80486 System Architecture is an essential, time-saving tool.The PC System Architecture Series is a crisply written and comprehensive set of guides to the most important PC hardware standards. Each title explains from a programmer's perspective the architecture, features, and operations of systems built using one particular type of chip or hardware specification.The PC System Architecture Series features step-by-step descriptions and instructions and accessible illustrations that enable a wide range of readers to easily understand difficult hardware topics. The authors, expert hardware training consultants for clients including IBM, Intel, Compaq, and Dell, have mastered the art of pinpointing and succinctly explaining just the critical information that PC programmers, software and hardware designers, and engineers need to know and leaving out the rest. The result is an exciting series of books that will enable readers of a wide range of backgrounds to make immediate gains in programming productivity.     

Author Name :TomShanley

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Advances in Networks and Communications

This volume constitutes the second of three parts of the refereed proceedings of the First International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology, CCSIT 2010, held in Bangalore, India, in January 2011. The 66 revised full papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected. The papers are organized in topical sections on networks and communications; network and communications security; wireless and mobile networks.     

Author Name :Natarajan Meghanathan, B.K. Kaushik, and Dhinaharan Nagamalai

No Of Visit :437      Posted Comments :

Autonomic Network Management Principles

Autonomic networking aims to solve the mounting problems created by increasingly complex networks, by enabling devices and service-providers to decide, preferably without human intervention, what to do at any given moment, and ultimately to create self-managing networks that can interface with each other, adapting their behavior to provide the best service to the end-user in all situations.This book gives both an understanding and an assessment of the principles, methods and architectures in autonomous network management, as well as lessons learned from, the ongoing initiatives in the field. It includes contributions from industry groups at Orange Labs, Motorola, Ericsson, the ANA EU Project and leading universities. These groups all provide chapters examining the international research projects to which they are contributing, such as the EU Autonomic Network Architecture Project and Ambient Networks EU Project, reviewing current developments and demonstrating how autonomic management principles are used to define new architectures, models, protocols, and mechanisms for future network equipment.     

Author Name :Nazim Agoulmine

No Of Visit :462      Posted Comments :

Multimedia Wireless Networks

Now that you can buy a cell phone with integrated multimedia capabilities, integrating QoS is even more important and timely since development and maintenance of those networks is crucial to product success! This book introduces the wireless networks practitioners (designers, implementers, and users) to the art of a wireless system design with integrated QoS support. To ensure users quality satisfaction, end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) support is needed the various underlining networks combined of the wide area network (WAN), the last mile distribution system (WLLs, satellite), and the WLANs. Wireless networks should be designed with integrated QoS control techniquesWith the growing optical based WANs users enjoy an abundance of bandwidth that results in no need for exercising QoS control schemes at the WANs because the edge wireless networks will suffer in the foreseeable future from limited unstable bandwidth (i.e. - unstable QoS). This trend is also observed in the new WLAN and WLL approved and proposed standards. These standards include however only the signaling mechanisms for QoS - not implementation techniques! The QoS techniques implementations are left to the designer. And designer's will turn to this book for answers.     

Author Name :Aura Ganz, Zvi Ganz, Kitti Wongthavarawat

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solution manual Wireless communications principles and practice

solution manual Wireless communications principles and practice by Theodore S. Rappaport     

Author Name :Theodore S. Rappaport

No Of Visit :439      Posted Comments :


Radio frequency identification now belongs to the masses, and it lets you control all sorts of things. Like access to your front door. Or valuables in an RFID-enabled safe. You can corral your stuff within an RFID-monitored perimeter, or build a shelf that tells you when you're out of hot sauce. This book shows you how, with step-by-step instructions, illustrations, photos, and a list of the tools and tech- nology you need for every project. It even supplies the lowdown on read/write tags and--for the truly extreme--implantable chips.     

Author Name :Amal Graafstra

No Of Visit :417      Posted Comments :

ENTERprise Information Systems, Part I

This book constitutes the proceedings of the International Conference on ENTERprise information systems, held Viana do Castelo, Portugal, in October 2010.     

Author Name :Joo Eduardo Quintela Varajo,Maria Manuela Cruz-Cunha,Goran D. Putnik,Antnio Trigo

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Learning Network Services for Professional Development

A "Learning Network" is a community of people who help each other to better understand and handle certain events and concepts in work or life. As a result and sometimes also as an aim participating in learning networks stimulates personal development, a better understanding of concepts and events, career development, and employability. "Learning Network Services" are Web services that are designed to facilitate the creation of distributed Learning Networks and to support the participants with various functions for knowledge exchange, social interaction, assessment and competence development in an effective way. The book presents state-of-the-art insights into the field of Learning Networks and Web-based services which can facilitate all kinds of processes within these networks.     

Author Name :Rob Koper

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Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Parallel/Distributed Computing

The purpose of the 10thConference on Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Parallel/Distributed Computing (SNPD 2009) to be held on May 27 29, 2009 in Daegu, Korea is to bring together scientist, engineers, computer users, students to share their experiences and exchange new ideas, and research results about all aspects (theory, applications and tools) of computer and information Science; and to discuss the practical challenges encountered along the way and the solutions adopted to solve them.The conference organizers selected 23 outstanding papers from SNPD 2009, all of which you will find in this volume of Springers Studies in Computational Intelligence.     

Author Name :Roger Lee

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Constructive Computation in Stochastic Models with Applications

"Constructive Computation in Stochastic Models with Applications: The RG-Factorizations" provides a unified, constructive and algorithmic framework for numerical computation of many practical stochastic systems. It summarizes recent important advances in computational study of stochastic models from several crucial directions, such as stationary computation, transient solution, asymptotic analysis, reward processes, decision processes, sensitivity analysis as well as game theory. Graduate students, researchers and practicing engineers in the field of operations research, management sciences, applied probability, computer networks, manufacturing systems, transportation systems, insurance and finance, risk management and biological sciences will find this book valuable.     

Author Name :Quan-Lin Li

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Ad Hoc Networks

This volume constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Second International Conference, ADHOCNETS 2010, held in Victoria, BC, Canada, in August 2010. The 26 revised full papers - selected from 45 submissions - and the 10 invited papers contributed by leading researchers promise a broad range of civilian, commercial, and military applications. They focus on topics such as network design, routing, medium access control, tracking, security, reliability, clustering, performance analysis and evaluation.     

Author Name :Jun Zheng, David Simplot-Ryl, and Victor C. M. Leung

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Data Driven e-Science

ISGC 2010, The International Symposium on Grid Computing was held at Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, March, 2010. The 2010 symposium brought together prestigious scientists and engineers worldwide to exchange ideas, present challenges/solutions and to discuss new topics in the field of Grid Computing.Data Driven e-Science: Use Cases and Successful Applications of Distributed Computing Infrastructures (ISGC 2010), an edited volume, introduces the latest achievements in grid technology for Biomedicine Life Sciences, Middleware, Security, Networking, Digital Library, Cloud Computing and more. This book provides Grid developers and end users with invaluable information for developing grid technology and applications. The last section of this book presents future development in the field of Grid Computing.This book is designed for a professional audience composed of grid users, developers and researchers working in the field of grid computing. Advanced-level students focused on computer science and engineering will also find this book valuable as a reference or secondary text book.     

Author Name :Simon C. Lin , Eric Yen

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The Complete Idiot's Mini Guide to Real-time Marketing with Foursquare

Social media marketing is here in force and is the wave of the future. Using it wisely can mean big profits -- with little expense. But marketing in real-time on is unlike other social media, and can be both confusing and daunting. Fear no more! The Complete Idiot's Mini Guide to Real-time Marketing with Foursquare gives you everything you need to know to make marketing on this website popular and profitable. In this invaluable guide, you'll learn about creating and managing your venue, superusers, badges, creating specials, and finding customers -- all the basics for a great Foursquare marketing campaign and so much more!     

Author Name :Tom Snyder

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HP Network Node Manager 9

Every organization is on the lookout for ways to improve network availability and performance, and reduce their operating expenses. It's not funny to have to drive to a client's premises in the middle of the night without any clue as to what's going on - whether it's for an hour or for a whole day. It's even worse when the client has no or very little knowledge about what just happened because they have no tool to track the problem. Step beyond the default installations and make this tool work for you in the way you want.This book guides you through the whole network monitoring implementation process. It covers all NNMi features and gives you hints to adapt this management software to your specific needs. It also describes how to use built-in features and adapt them in the most efficient way. It stitches the gap between technical personnel and management, covering subjects in both technical and business languages.     

Author Name :Marius Vilemaitis

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Automation, Communication and Cybernetics in Science and Engineering 2009/2010

The book presents a representative selection of all publications published between 01/2009 and 06/2010 in various books, journals and conference proceedings by the researchers of the institute cluster: IMA - Institute of Information Management in Mechanical Engineering ZLW - Center for Learning and Knowledge Management IfU - Institute for Management Cybernetics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, RWTH Aachen University The contributions address the cluster's five core research fields: suitable processes for knowledge- and technology-intensive organizations, next-generation teaching and learning concepts for universities and the economy, cognitive IT-supported processes for heterogeneous and cooperative systems, target group-adapted user models for innovation and technology development processes, semantic networks and ontologies for complex value chains and virtual environments Innovative fields of application such as cognitive systems, autonomous truck convoys, telemedicine, ontology engineering, knowledge and information management, learning models and technologies, organizational development and management cybernetics are presented. The contributions show the unique potential of the broad and interdisciplinary research approach of the ZLW/IMA and the IfU.     

Author Name :Sabina Jeschke, Ingrid Isenhardt, Klaus Henning

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Advances in Mobile and Wireless Communications

This volume presents the most exciting results of the Mobile and Wireless Communication Summit, held 2007 in Budapest. It contains worked out contributions from all areas of wireless communications, physical layer, access methods, techniques and technologies, networks, applications and systems.     

Author Name :Istvan Frigyes, Janos Bito, Peter Bakki

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Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems

This book constitutes the strictly refereed post-proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Computational Logic for Multi-Agent Systems, CLIMA IV, held in Fort Lauderdale, Fl, USA in January 2004. The 11 revised full papers presented together with 2 invited papers were carefully selected during two rounds of reviewing and improvement. The papers are devoted to techniques from computational logic for representing, programming, and reasoning about multi-agent systems. The papers are organized in topical sections on negotiation in MAS, planning in MAS, knowledge revision and update in MAS, and learning in BDI MAS.     

Author Name :Jrgen Dix Joo Leite

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Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks, REALWSN 2010, held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in December 2010. The 11 full papers and the 5 short papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 34 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on applications; OS support and programming; communication and poster and demonstration abstracts.     

Author Name :Pedro Jose Marron, Thiemo Voigt, Peter Corke, Luca Mottola

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Communication and Networking, part2

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Future Generation Communication and Networking, FGCN 2010, held as part of the Future Generation Information Technology Conference, FGIT 2010, in Jeju Island, Korea, in December 2010. The 70 full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 150 submissions. The papers are focused on the various aspects of advances in Communication and Networking; the topics include but will not be limited to Communication Basic and Infrastructure; Networks Basic and Management; Multimedia Application, Image, Video, Signal and Information Processing.     

Author Name :Tai-hoon Kim, Thanos Vasilakos, Kouichi Sakurai , Yang Xiao, Gansen Zhao

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Towards a Service-Based Internet

This volume constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third European Conference, ServiceWave 2010, held in Ghent, Belgium, in December 2010. The 15 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 49 submissions. They cover a broad range of subjects related to service-oriented architectures and the underlying cloud infrastructure and are organized in topical sections on cloud computing, service adaptation and identification, infrastructures, applications and mashups, and engineering of service-oriented applications. In addition to the scientific track, 24 extended abstracts of demonstrations covering a wide spectrum of technology and application domains were accepted out of 31 submissions.     

Author Name :Elisabetta Di Nitto, Ramin Yahyapour

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Networked RFID Systems and Lightweight Cryptography

This book consists of a collection of works on utilizing the automatic identification technology provided by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to address the problems of global counterfeiting of goods. The book presents current research, directed to securing supply chains against the efforts of counterfeit operators, carried out at the Auto-ID Labs around the globe. It assumes very little knowledge on the part of the reader on Networked RFID systems as the material provided in the introduction familiarizes the reader with concepts, underlying principles and vulnerabilities of modern RFID systems.     

Author Name :Peter H. Cole and Damith C. Ranasinghe

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Smart Sensing and Context, 2010

This volume constitutes the revised papers of the 5th European Conference on Smart Sensing and Context, EuroSSC 2010, held in Passau, Germany, in November 2010. The 13 revised full papers were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. The papers address topics such as applications; sensing; systems support; and higher level modeling. In addition to the Conference is a short report about the Workshop on Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Platform included.     

Author Name :Paul Lukowicz, Kai Kunze, Gerd Kortuem

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Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Being infrastructure-less and without central administration control, wireless ad-hoc networking is playing a more and more important role in extending the coverage of traditional wireless infrastructure (cellular networks, wireless LAN, etc). This book includes state-of-the-art techniques and solutions for wireless ad-hoc networks. It focuses on the following topics in ad-hoc networks: quality-of-service and video communication, routing protocol and cross-layer design. A few interesting problems about security and delay-tolerant networks are also discussed. This book is targeted to provide network engineers and researchers with design guidelines for large scale wireless ad hoc networks.     

Author Name :Xin Wang

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Grid Computing

Grid Computing: International Symposium on Grid Computing (ISGC) 2007 is one of the most important annual events in Asia that brings together scientific contributions by world class researchers and scientists working in the Grid Computing field to exchange ideas, to present challenges, solutions and future development. The objective of this Symposium is to facilitate the information exchange as well as to explore the global collaboration and interoperation among various Grid projects. Based on the ISGC 2007, held in Taipei, Taiwan in March of 2007, this edited volume presents the latest grid solutions and research results in grid operations, grid middleware, biomedical operations, e-science applications and more. Grid Computing: International Symposium on Grid Computing (ISGC) 2007 is designed for a professional audience, composed of researchers and practitioners in academia and industry. This book is also suitable for graduate-level students in computer science. It is also one of the most important sources of Grid Computing and e-Science development in the Asia Pacific region.     

Author Name :Simon C. Lin and Eric Yen

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My personal Adaptive Global NET (MAGNET)

The innovative concept of Personal Network (PN), which was introduced and developed in MAGNET, finds in this book the first confirmation of the success that the future of wireless communications is bound to achieve. The importance of this book is not only related to being the first work on PNs, it also gives an overview of operation of a big project, like MAGNET, and in fact the organisation of the book reflects how the project itself has been structured. My personal Adaptive Global NET (MAGNET) summarize all the steps taken from the introduction of a user-centric perspective until the implementation of PN-Fs (Federation of Personal Networks), outlining the applications and commercialisations of the new concepts carried out of the project.The intent of My personal Adaptive Global NET (MAGNET) is to disseminate the concept of PN and PN-F along with the activities and achievement carried out in MAGNET/MAGNET Beyond to encourage new project and academic initiatives toward personalized, ubiquitous communications.     

Author Name :Ramjee Prasad

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IP Address Management Principles and Practice

This book will be the first covering the subject of IP address management (IPAM). The practice of IPAM includes the application of network management disciplines to IP address space and associated network services, namely DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) and DNS (Domain Name System). The consequence of inaccurately configuring DHCP is that end users may not be able to obtain IP addresses to access the network. Without proper DNS configuration, usability of the network will greatly suffer as the name-to-address lookup process may fail. Imagine having to navigate to a website or send an email or an instant message by IP address instead of by name! It's equally important that these DHCP and DNS configurations be based on a common IP address plan, which maps out the IP address hierarchy, subnets, address pools, and domains.     

Author Name :Timothy Rooney

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VMware ESX and ESXi in the Enterprise

Extensively updated and revised, this is the definitive real-world guide to planning, deploying, and managing VMware ESX Server 3.5, VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi), or VMware vSphere 4.x cloud computing in mission-critical environments.Drawing on his extensive experience consulting on enterprise VMware implementations, renowned expert Edward L.Haletky offers a soup-to-nuts collection of field-tested best practices and solutions. He illuminates the real benefits, issues, tradeoffs, and pitfalls associated with VMwares newest platforms, using real-world examples that draw upon both VMware and third-party products.This edition features detailed coverage of new vSphere features such as Storage IO Control, Network IO Control, Load-Based Teaming, Distributed Virtual Switches, ESXi, hardware and processors, and a significantly expanded discussion of auditing and monitoring. Haletky offers new or enhanced coverage of VM Hardware, virtual networking, VMsafe, and more.     

Author Name :Edward Haletky

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Architecture of Network Systems

Network systems require technical skills in computer architecture, design methodologies, algorithm design, and networking. Architecture of Network Systems explains the practice and methodologies that will allow you to solve a broad range of problems in system design, including problems related to security, quality of service, performance, manageability, and more. Leading researchers Dimitrios Serpanos and Tilman Wolf develop architectures for all network sub-systems, bridging the gap between operation and VLSI. Discussing the major challenges in the design of networks and the architectures that have been developed, Serpanos and Wolf provide a systematic treatment of network architectures, from the basics to advanced topics.     

Author Name :Dimitrios Serpanos,Tilman Wolf

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Advances in Network Management

Over the past two decades, business volume of hardware and software in the U.S has decreased by about seventy percent, while the cost of management and support has grown from $20 billion to $140 billion. With close to seventy percent of this growing figure being spent on the management of legacy systems and only thirty percent on new systems, improvements in the development of self-managing systems have become a cost-saving priority for many corporations and an issue of strategic importance for many economies.Investigating the latest theories, methods, and technologies, Advances in Network Management provides the insight of a recognized expert into the fundamental concepts and contemporary challenges in network management. From basic concepts to research-level material, it details the evolution of network management solutions in network management paradigms, protocols, and techniques. The book also addresses dependencies between network management and application-level service management.This forward-looking resource investigates advanced networks and network services includingautonomic computing, context-aware systems management, and automatic techniques aiming at self-management (self-configuration, self-healing, self-optimization, and self-protection). With its breadth and depth of coverage in theoretical, technical, and research topics, this book provides time-tested guidance for dealing with the growing complexity of network services while improving cost efficiencies in your IT department.     

Author Name :Jianguo Ding

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AI Approaches to the Complexity of Legal Systems

This volume assembles 15 thoroughly refereed and revised papers, selected from two workshops organized at the XXIV World Congress of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR, Beijing, China, September 15-20, 2009) and at JURIX-09 (December 16-19, 2009, Rotterdam). The papers are organized in topical sections on language and complex systems in law, ontologies and the representation of legal knowledge, argumentation and logics, as well as dialogue and legal multimedia.     

Author Name :Pompeu Casanovas,Ugo Pagallo,Giovanni Sartor,Gianmaria Ajani

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New Models for Population Protocols

Wireless sensor networks are about to be part of everyday life. Homes and workplaces capable of self-controlling and adapting air-conditioning for different temperature and humidity levels, sleepless forests ready to detect and react in case of a fire, vehicles able to avoid sudden obstacles or possibly able to self-organize routes to avoid congestion, and so on, will probably be commonplace in the very near future. Mobility plays a central role in such systems and so does passive mobility, that is, mobility of the network stemming from the environment itself. The population protocol model was an intellectual invention aiming to describe such systems in a minimalistic and analysis-friendly way. Having as a starting-point the inherent limitations but also the fundamental establishments of the population protocol model, we try in this monograph to present some realistic and practical enhancements that give birth to some new and surprisingly powerful (for these kind of systems) computational models.     

Author Name :Othon Michail,Ioannis Chatzigiannakis, Paul Spirakis

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Building the Mobile Internet

The complete guide to technologies and protocols for delivering seamless mobile Internet experiences.InBuilding the MobileInternet, three leading mobility architects and implementers from Cisco present complete foundational knowledge about tomorrows mobile Internet. The authors cover everything from market trends and user expectations to the latest technical approaches for making the Internet mobile by design.Writing for senior technology decision-makers and network design professionals, the authors explain the relatively static nature of the Internets original protocols and design, discuss the concept of mobility, and identify evolving mobility requirements. Next, they thoroughly explain each of todays most promising techniques for building mobility into the Internet, from data link layer to application layer. For each layer, the authors cover mechanisms, protocols, relevant Wi-Fi and cellular architectures, and key use cases.     

Author Name :Mark Grayson, Kevin Shatzkamer, Klaas Wierenga

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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administrator's Pocket Consultant

Portable and precise, this pocket-sized guide delivers ready answers for the day-to-day administration of SharePoint 2010. Featuring easy-to-scan tables, step-by-step instructions, and handy lists, this book offers the streamlined, straightforward information you need to solve problems and get the job done-whether at your desk or in the field! Topics include deployment, site configuration, enterprise content management, search and indexing, workflows, shared service providers, information management policies, scalability, availability, security, logging and processing analysis, and backup and recovery.     

Author Name :Ben Curry

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Managing Business and Service Networks

This book is about problems and methods in managing communication networks. The kinds of networks under consideration include enterprise networks (i.e. those that are typically owned and managed by businesses) and service networks (i.e. those that are owned by service providers but leased to businesses). Given the increasing dependence of human activities and business on networking, the topics of managing them and keeping them healthy are especially important. The book is divided into three parts. The first part describes the special characteristics of business and service networks, standards and common practices in managing networks, architectures of network management systems, and a close look at one popular network management system. The second part consists of three case studies: managing a micro city network, managing a service provider network, and managing an Internet2 GigaPoP network. The third part discusses future directions of network management. It looks at current research activities in network management, current practices in the field, the problem of combining research and practice, and finally discusses directions towards a comprehensive network management system.     

Author Name :Lundy Lewis

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Cisco CCNA/CCENT Exam 640-802, 640-822, 640-816 Preparation Kit

Three exams, two certifications, one complete Cisco training solution for networking professionals!The CCNA exam is an entry-level IT certification from Cisco Systems for professionals installing and maintaining route and switched networks. The current exam material covers networking concepts along with new and updated content on network security fundamentals and the basics of wireless networking.This book can be used as a study guide for either track you choose to receive your CCNA - the single exam, 640-802 or the combined 640-822 and 640-816, and for the CCENT certification which a student will receive upon completion of the 640-822 exam. The author team has arranged the content so that you can easily identify the objectives for each half of the combined exam.     

Author Name :Dale Liu

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Migratory Interactive Applications for Ubiquitous Environments

Ubiquitous environments are important because they allow users to move about freely and continue the interaction with the available applications through a variety of interactive devices (including cell phones, PDA's, desktop computers, digital television sets, and intelligent watches). A frustrating limitation is that people have to start their session over again from the beginning at each interaction device change. This book reports results based on the work in the OPEN project. It provides solutions able to address three key aspects: device change, state persistence and content adaptation. There is a lack of migratory services technology for the migration of applications in different usage scenarios. This book offers a general and open migratory service platform solution based on a sound and innovative scientific approach developed by a multi-disciplinary consortium combining the expertise of three technological world leaders, three well-known research organizations and one SME.     

Author Name :Fabio Paterno

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Energy-Efficient Computing and Networking

This book constitutes the postproceedings of the First International Conference on Energy-Efficient Computing and Networking, E-Energy, held in Passau, Germany in April 2010. The 23 revised papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in the post-proceedings. The papers are organized in topical sections on energy market and algorithms, ICT technology for the energy market, implementation of smart grid and smart home technology, microgrids and energy management, and energy efficiency through distributed energy management and buildings.     

Author Name :Nikos Hatziargyriou ,Aris Dimeas, Thomai Tomtsi , AnkeWeidlich

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Load Balancing Servers, Firewalls, and Caches

From an industry insider--a close look at high-performance, end-to-end switching solutions.Load balancers are fast becoming an indispensable solution for handling the huge traffic demands of the Web. Their ability to solve a multitude of network and server bottlenecks in the Internet age ranges from dramatic improvements in server farm scalability to removing the firewall as a network bottleneck. This book provides a detailed, up-to-date, technical discussion of this fast-growing, multibillion dollar market, covering the full spectrum of topics--from server and firewall load balancing to transparent cache switching to global server load balancing. In the process, the author delivers insight into the way new technologies are deployed in network infrastructure and how they work. Written by an industry expert who hails from a leading Web switch vendor, this book will help network and server administrators improve the scalability, availability, manageability, and security of their servers, firewalls, caches, and Web sites.     

Author Name :Chandra Kopparapu

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Communication Networks

This book results from many years of teaching an upper division course on communication networks in the EECS department at University of California, Berkeley. It is motivated by the perceived need for an easily accessible textbook that puts emphasis on the core concepts behind current and next generation networks. After an overview of how today's Internet works and a discussion of the main principles behind its architecture, we discuss the key ideas behind Ethernet, WiFi networks, routing, internetworking and TCP. To make the book as self contained as possible, brief discussions of probability and Markov chain concepts are included in the appendices. This is followed by a brief discussion of mathematical models that provide insight into the operations of network protocols. Next, the main ideas behind the new generation of wireless networks based on WiMAX and LTE, and the notion of QoS are presented. A concise discussion of the physical layer technologies underlying various networks is also included. Finally, a sampling of topics is presented that may have significant influence on the future evolution of networks including overlay networks like content delivery and peer-to-peer networks, sensor networks, distributed algorithms, Byzantine agreement and source compression. Table of Contents: The Internet / Principles / Ethernet / WiFi / Routing / Internetworking / Transport / Models / WiMAX & LTE / QOS / Physical Layer / Additional Topics     

Author Name :Jean Walrand, Shyam Parekh

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing continues to emerge as a subject of substantial industrial and academic interest. Although the meaning and scope of cloud computing continues to be debated, the current notion of clouds blurs the distinctions between grid services, web services, and data centers, among other areas. Clouds also bring considerations of lowering the cost for relatively bursty applications to the fore. Cloud Computing: Principles, Systems and Applications is an essential reference/guide that provides thorough and timely examination of the services, interfaces and types of applications that can be executed on cloud-based systems. The book identifies and highlights state-of-the-art techniques and methods for designing cloud systems, presents mechanisms and schemes for linking clouds to economic activities, and offers balanced coverage of all related technologies that collectively contribute towards the realization of cloud computing. With an emphasis on the conceptual and systemic links between cloud computing and other distributed computing approaches, this text also addresses the practical importance of efficiency, scalability, robustness and security as the four cornerstones of quality of service.     

Author Name :Nick Antonopoulos, Lee Gillam

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Computer Networks and Information Technologies

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Second International Conference on Advances in Communication, Network, and Computing, CNC 2011, held in Bangalore, India, in March 2011. The 41 revised full papers, presented together with 50 short papers and 39 poster papers, were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in the book. The papers feature current research in the field of Information Technology, Networks, Computational Engineering, Computer and Telecommunication Technology, ranging from theoretical and methodological issues to advanced applications.     

Author Name :Vinu V. Das, Janahanlal Stephen and Yogesh Chaba

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Selected Areas in Cryptography

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the 17th Annual International Workshop on Selected Areas in Cryptography, SAC 2010, held in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada in August 2010. The 24 revised full papers presented together with 2 invited papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 90 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on hash functions, stream ciphers, efficient implementations, coding and combinatorics, block ciphers, side channel attacks, and mathematical aspects.     

Author Name :Alex Biryukov, Guang Gong, Douglas R. Stinson

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Broadband Optical Access Networks

Broadband optical access network is an ideal solution to alleviate the first/last mile bottleneck of current Internet infrastructures. Richly illustrated throughout to help clarify important topics, Broadband Optical Access Networks covers the architectures, protocols enabling technologies of broadband optical access networks, and all current and future competing technologies for access networks. This comprehensive work presents the evolution of optical access networks, including reach extension, bandwidth enhancement, and discusses the convergence of optical and wireless technologies for broadband access, making it an invaluable reference for researchers, electrical engineers, and graduate students.     


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OpenVPN 2 Cookbook

It is capable of establishing direct links between computers across networks and firewalls. It is powerful software, but getting the most from it can be a daunting task.OpenVPN 2 Cookbook provides solutions to common OpenVPN problems. The book covers everything a system administrator needs to manage and run an OpenVPN network, from point to point networks to troubleshooting.OpenVPN 2 Cookbook offers all the information you need to successfully manage your network. Covering all the common networks, including point to point networks, multi-client tun style networks and multi client tap style networks, this practical guide gives quick answers to common questions and problems.Each technical aspect is broken down into short recipes that demonstrate solutions with working code, then explain why and how that works. The book is intended to be a desk reference for users with a whole range of experience levels.     

Author Name :Jan Just Keijser

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Professional SharePoint 2010 Branding and User Interface Design

A must have guide for creating engaging and usable SharePoint 2010 branding.With SharePoint 2010, Microsoft has provided a more robust environment for creating collaboration and content management sites that rival any of the popular websites on the internet. Creating a branded SharePoint site involves understanding both traditional web design techniques as well as topics that are typically reserved for developers. This book bridges that gap by not only providing expert guidance for creating beautiful public facing and internal intranet sites but it also addresses the needs of those readers that only want to understand the basics enough to apply some style to their sites.Things like creative design, the experience visitors have navigating your user interface, ease of use?these are all important branding considerations and not always intuitive. This unique book from a team of SharePoint branding experts lays it all out.     

Author Name :Randy Drisgill,John Ross,Jacob J. Sanford,Paul Stubbs,Larry Riemann

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Assemble the Social Web with zembly

With zembly you can create mashups and web applications drawing on content from virtually any web site, API call, or data stream. Whats more, zembly makes it as easy to deploy and scale next-generation web applications as it is to build them. Suddenly, the web itself becomes programmable: the browser becomes your development environment, and you can leverage building blocks created by thousands of developers, worldwide.With extensive contributions from zemblys creators,Assemble the Social Web with zemblyis the first and only official guide to zembly. This book brings together all the knowledge and code youll need to build applications for todays leading Web 2.0 platforms: Facebook, Flickr, Google Maps, iPhone, and more.     


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Professional Microsoft Search

FAST is Microsoft's latest intelligent search-based technology that boasts robustness and an ability to integrate business intelligence with Search. This in-depth guide provides you with advanced coverage on FAST search and shows you how to use it to plan, customize, and deploy your search solution, with an emphasis on SharePoint 2010 and Internet-based search solutions.With a particular appeal for anyone responsible for implementing and managing enterprise search, this book presents the key features and functions that are available with FAST search. Real-world examples show you how the technology works and the author team of experts demonstrates how FAST can be used to solve key challenges in the Enterprise.     

Author Name :Mark Bennett, Jeff Fried, Miles Kehoe,and Natalya Voskresenskaya

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Web Content Management with Documentum

One of the world leaders in Enterprise Content Management, the EMC Documentum family of applications helps you manage all types of content across multiple departments within a single repository. With the Web Content Management suite of applications, you can efficiently manage content and underlying processes for your Web properties, and ensures that they are responsive to business needs.To fully realize the power of this system can seem daunting, but this book will help you achieve that. With easy to follow examples, this book will take you the simplest and most straightforward route to success. Along the way, you will learn insights that only a seasoned professional would know.Packed with practical examples, you will get hands-on with the powerful features of Documentum to grow your skills and confidence. You will see tips and tricks to handle complexities of the system, and avoid the common errors that waste your time.From installing and getting started with Documentum, you will see how to design and develop Documentum applications, before rounding off with deployment.     

Author Name :Gaurav Kathuria

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Mastering TypoScript

Free, open-source, flexible, and scalable, TYPO3 is one of the most powerful PHP content management systems. It is well suited for creating intranets and extranets for the enterprise. While providing an easy-to-use web interface for non-technical authors and editors of content, its messaging and workflow system enable shared authoring and collaboration. TYPO3 provides flexible and powerful interfaces for both content editors and administrators, giving them full control of the core aspects the system. However for developers who need to customize the system, TYPO3 offers a powerful configuration language called TypoScript. Good knowledge of TypoScript is really a prerequisite for implementing complex applications with TYPO3 and gives developers full control over the configuration of TYPO3 and its template engine. TypoScript enables the complete output template to be created and manipulated, giving you full control over the layout of the site.TypoScript also allows you to integrate dynamic contents, JavaScript-based menus, Flash, Graphics, etc. with ease. You have maximum control over the design of the website and can control all options that would otherwise be addressed by HTML--simple text output, formatting, and much more. TypoScript also allows you to generate graphics at run time and display different content dynamically.     

Author Name :Daniel Koch

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Learn XML In a Weekend

Now you can learn how to use XML in just one weekend! Friday evening youll read about the history of this language and see examples of its applications. On Saturday, youll break down the elements of XML and learn how to use them correctly. You will also discover how to use XML editors. Then on Sunday, youll pull it all together by using XML with other applications.     

Author Name :Erik Westermann

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MediaWiki Administrators' Tutorial Guide

Run your own MediaWiki collaborative website with this fast-paced, friendly tutorial, which is full of information and advice for creating powerful MediaWiki sites, and filling them with varied and useful collaborative content. Whether you are creating a public wiki for completely open contributions, a private wiki for collaborating within your work team or group of friends, or even a wiki for personal use, this book will show you all the essential steps. You will see the various ways of organizing and managing content, and preventing collaboration from getting out of control. You'll learn how to incorporate images and other media into your pages, as well as becoming a wiki markup wizard to produce intricately formatted pages with tables, lists, and more. On the technical side, the book covers how to administer users, back up and restore content safely, migrate your installation to another server or database, and even make hacks to the code.     

Author Name :Mizanur Rahman

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FrontPage 2003 All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

Tips also work for FrontPage 2002 and 2000.Your one-stop guide to creating great-looking Web sites with FrontPage 2003.Ready to put the fun back into Web development and create a fantastic site? From building basic HTML pages to complex pages with Cascading Style Sheets, this one-stop guide to FrontPage 2003 covers it all. These nine minibooks show you how to design special effects, write interactive scripts, manage your site more effectively, and much more.     

Author Name :John Paul Mueller

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Pro Drupal 7 Development

Pro Drupal 7 Developmentupdates the most popular development reference for the newest major release of Drupal. With several new and completely-rewritten essential APIs and improvements in Drupal 7, this book will not only teach developers how to write modules ranging from simple to complex, but also how Drupal itself works.Learn the Drupal APIs and major changes in Drupal 7,Learn how to write Drupal modules using the APIs,Learn proper development practices and how to become a contributing community member.     

Author Name :Todd Tomlinson, John VanDyk

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Learning Mambo

Mambo is a mature and fully featured open-source Content Management System (CMS). Mambo is easy to use at the entry level for creating basic websites, while having the power and flexibility to support complex web applications.Mambo implements the core requirements of a full-featured CMS. It has a powerful and extensible templating system, user access control, content approval, rich administrative control, and content display scheduling. New features and extensions are added to the core system, with many more being available and supported by the community.This book targets the 4.6 release of Mambo, and takes you through creating an example website. Beginning with a discussion of the requirements for the example site, the site unfolds as you progress through the chapters, learning more about Mambo, and how to complete the tasks needed to build the site.     

Author Name :Douglas Paterson

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Web Host Manager Administration Guide

Run your web host with the popular WebHost Manager software.Set up your server using WHM's powerful server management features,Learn how to manage standard and reseller accounts,Keep an eye on your server and learn to spot problems before they become serious,Discover numerous tools and add-ons that can help you manage your server and differentiate your hosting from other providers.     

Author Name :Aric Pedersen

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Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Classroom in a Book

Creative professionals seeking the fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 choose Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Classroom in a Book from the Adobe Creative Team at Adobe Press.The 18 project-based lessons in this book show readers step-by-step the key techniques for working in Dreamweaver CS5. Readers learn what they need to know to create a professional website without having to delve into code. This completely revised CS5 edition covers Adobe's Spry framework for Ajax to create dynamic interfaces, Spry widgets (pre-built user interface components) to quickly add common components to Web pages; and Live View, a working browser rendering right in the program. The book also shows how to enter text in headings, paragraphs, lists, and tables; insert graphics and Photoshop Smart Objects; add links to text and images; apply cascading style sheets; and customize the Dreamweaver workspace. Readers will also learn to add interactive elements to their sites, such as Flash video and animation, get guidance for working with code, and finally publish a finished site to the Web.     

Author Name :Adobe Creative Team

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Marketing Through Search Optimization, Second Edition

This book guides readers through proven techniques for achieving and measuring success in search engine marketing (i.e. how to be the top of the rank), along with a review of the most important search engines and directories.Explains why and how marketers can and must optimize their sites for searchability from the outset,Describes how to optimize, for both local and international users using tutorials and walkthroughs to demonstrate how to steadily improve your site rankings,Completely revised and updated this new edition focuses on the key aspects of how people search, the mobile Internet and pay per click adverting.     

Author Name :Alex Michael,Ben Salter

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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Web Applications

Leverage the revolutionary development capabilities in SharePoint 2010 to build web-based business applications.Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Web Applications: The Complete Referencegets you up and running on the platform and explains how to integrate application services such as content management, business intelligence, offline synchronization, and workflow into your applications.After reviewing the fundamentals of SharePoint 2010, this comprehensive resource covers the presentation, application services, and data access layers, and discusses the key tools and techniques that are most appropriate for delivering functionality within each layer. Packaging, deployment, and configuration are also covered in this hands-on guide. Real-world examples illustrate specific features, and the code samples contained throughout the book can be used in your own applications.     

Author Name :Charlie Holland

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Drupal 5 Themes

Create a new theme for your Drupal website with a clean layout and powerful CSS styling.Learn to create new Drupal 5 Themes,No experience of Drupal 5 theming required,Set up and configure themes,Understand Drupal 5's themeable functions.     

Author Name :Ric Shreves

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Service-Oriented Architecture

As XML becomes an increasingly significant part of the IT mainstream, expert guidance and common-sense strategies are required to avoid the many pitfalls of applying XML incorrectly or allowing it to be used in an uncontrolled manner. This book acts as a knowledge base for issues relating to integration, and provides clear, concise advice on how to best determine the manner and direction XML technology should be positioned and integrated. The book will be one of the first to provide documentation for second-generation Web services technologies (also known as WS-*). The importance of these specifications (which include BPEL, WS-Transaction, WS-Coordination, WS-Security, WS-Policy, and WS-Reliable Messaging) cannot be understated. Major standards organizations and vendors are supporting and developing these standards. ***David Keogh, Program Manager for Enterprise Frameworks and Tools, Microsoft, will provide a front cover quotation for the book.     

Author Name :Thomas Erl

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XML Web Services Professional Projects

Microsoft's .NET Framework acts as a platform for building XML Web services, reusable components that can be shared across multiple Web sites. XML Web Services Professional Projects provides you with information on the basics and intricacies of Web services. It offers coverage of topics such as the SOAP protocol, deploying and publishing XML Web services, and Web service description language. It includes real-world projects and outlines the need for Web services in the upcoming mobile technology and Internet scenario. Case studies help you relate the concepts in the book to situations in your own work environment. Designed for Web developers and IT professionals, this book assumes you are proficient in Internet technologies.     

Author Name :Geetanjali Arora , Sai Kishore

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XML, XSLT, Java, and JSP

As a Web Developer, you know the challenge of building robust applications on multiple platforms. Creating truly portable applications becomes possible by using Java for code and XML for organizing and managing data. "XML, XSLT, Java, and JSP:A Case Study" will help you maximize the capabilities of XML, XSLT, Java, and JSP in your Web applications.The author, Westy Rockwell, uses the hands-on approach of a case study to show you how to use these technologies in realistically complex situations. All the tools used in the case study are free, so you can obtain them and join the author in a real open source web chat application, available online and with the book CD-ROM. This book provides you with the information you need to fully utilize XML, XSLT, Java, and JSP in your web applications, and presents it in a practical and unique way through the case study.     

Author Name :Westy Rockwell

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Deep Inside osCommerce

Ready-to-use recipes to customize and extend your e-commerce website.osCommerce expert "Monika in Germany" lets you in on her secrets on how to hack your way to that perfect osCommerce site,Create new modules and custom-code your default osCommerce installation,Add extensions and features like category driven designs and individual shipping modules.     

Author Name :Monika Math

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Rails AntiPatterns

The Complete Guide to Avoiding and Fixing Common Rails 3 Code and Design Problems.As developers worldwide have adopted the powerful Ruby on Rails web framework, many have fallen victim to common mistakes that reduce code quality, performance, reliability, stability, scalability, and maintainability.Rails AntiPatternsidentifies these widespread Rails code and design problems, explains why theyre bad and why they happenand shows exactly what to do instead.The book is organized into concise, modular chapterseach outlines a single common AntiPattern and offers detailed, cookbook-style code solutions that were previously difficult or impossible to find. Leading Rails developers Chad Pytel and Tammer Saleh also offer specific guidance for refactoring existing bad code or design to reflect sound object-oriented principles and established Rails best practices. With their help, developers, architects, and testers can dramatically improve new and existing applications, avoid future problems, and establish superior Rails coding standards throughout their organizations.     

Author Name :Chad Pytel, Tammer Saleh

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Teach Yourself VISUALLY Web Design

The mechanics of Web design made easy for visual learners.An effective Web site combines good graphic design principles with a functional user interface. This colorful, step-by-step guide shows visual learners how to plan, develop, and publish a site, all with easy-to-follow lessons. Each task is illustrated with screen shots accompanied by numbered steps. Youll learn all the tools and techniques for creating great-looking Web sites that users will love.Good Web design incorporates basic graphic design principles as well as the techniques required to make a site easy to navigate and user-friendly,Those who learn best when someone shows them how will quickly get up to speed with the full-color screen shots and step-by-step illustrations in this visual guide,Covers planning a site, creating eye-popping content with popular Adobe tools, building in functionality with HTML and CSS, testing the site, taking it live, and keeping it up to date,Companion Web site features code and design examples for experimentation.If you find learning easier when someone shows you how to do something, youll quickly learn to build Web sites withTeach Yourself VISUALLY Web Design.     

Author Name :Rob Huddleston

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A Developers Guide to the Semantic Web

The Semantic Web represents a vision for how to make the huge amount of information on the Web automatically processable by machines on a large scale. For this purpose, a whole suite of standards, technologies and related tools have been specified and developed over the last couple of years, and they have now become the foundation for numerous new applications.A Developers Guide to the Semantic Webhelps the reader to learn the core standards, key components, and underlying concepts. It provides in-depth coverage of both the what-is and how-to aspects of the Semantic Web. From Yus presentation, the reader will obtain not only a solid understanding about the Semantic Web, but also learn how to combine all the pieces to build new applications on the Semantic Web.Software developers in industry and students specializing in Web development or Semantic Web technologies will find in this book the most complete guide to this exciting field available today. Based on the step-by-step presentation of real-world projects, where the technologies and standards are applied, they will acquire the knowledge needed to design and implement state-of-the-art applications.     

Author Name :Liyang Yu

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Creating Web Pages All-in-One For Dummies

Businesses, special-interest groups, families, and individuals are all relying on Web sites to communicate. This all-in-one guide offers one-stop shopping for all the information you need to put together powerful Web pages to get your point across and keep visitors coming back. Nine individual minibooks cover best design practices, online tools, Microsoft Expression Web, Dreamweaver, cascading style sheets, HTML and XHTML, graphics and multimedia, scripting, and Flash, arming you to create professional-looking pages.Knowing how to build an effective Web site is important to businesses, groups, and even individuals today; this guide teaches how to use all the basic Web page tools,Explains what goes into a well-designed page and how to use available online tools such as Google Page Builder and Blogger as well as Microsoft's popular Expression Web tool, Dreamweaver, and CSS,Covers the core language behind Web sites, using graphics and multimedia, JavaScript, and Flash.Creating Web Pages All-in-One For Dummiesprepares anyone to build Web pages that get attention.     

Author Name :Richard Wagner

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Microsoft Office Live Small Business

Build and Customize your Small-Business Web Site.Build a highly usable, customer-friendly, and effective web site in next-to-no-time,No computerese! Plain English tutorials that everyone can follow and understand,Part of Packt's Beginner's Guide Series, offering step-by-step instructions for building a small-business web site from scratch,Emphasizes web design fundamentals and best practices along the way,Packed with Office Live Small Business Tips, Tricks, and Hacks.     

Author Name :Rahul Pitre

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Accelerating Perl Web Application Development.Understand the Catalyst Framework and MVC architecture,Build and test a site with Catalyst,Detailed walkthroughs to create sample applications,Extend Catalyst through plug-ins.     

Author Name :Jonathan Rockway

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Engineering Web Applications

Nowadays, Web applications are almost omnipresent. The Web has become a platform not only for information delivery, but also for eCommerce systems, social networks, mobile services, and distributed learning environments. Engineering Web applications involves many intrinsic challenges due to their distributed nature, content orientation, and the requirement to make them available to a wide spectrum of users who are unknown in advance. The authors discuss these challenges in the context of well-established engineering processes, covering the whole product lifecycle from requirements engineering through design and implementation to deployment and maintenance. They stress the importance of models in Web application development, and they compare well-known Web-specific development processes like WebML, WSDM and OOHDM to traditional software development approaches like the waterfall model and the spiral model. Important problem areas inherent to the Web, like localization, personalization, accessibility, and usage analysis, are dealt with in detail, and a final chapter provides both a description of and an outlook on recent Semantic Web and Web 2.0 developments. Overall, their book delivers a comprehensive presentation of the state-of-the-art in Web application development and thus forms an ideal basis for academic or industrial courses in this or related areas. It is equally suitable for self-study by researchers or advanced professionals who require an overview on how to use up-to-date Web technologies.     

Author Name :Sven Casteleyn, Florian Daniel,Peter Dolog, Maristella Matera

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How to Do Everything With Microsoft Office Word 2007

This book is designed to help beginning and intermediate users get the most out of Word 2007 in the shortest possible time. If you fall into either of those categories, youll bene?t from this books comprehensive coverage, focused approach, and helpful advice. If youre already a Word expert seeking super-advanced coverage, look elsewhere     

Author Name :Guy Hart Davis

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Practical Database Programming With Visual C#.NET

Practical Database Programming with Visual C#.NETclearly explains the considerations and applications in database programming with Visual C#.NET 2008 and in developing relational databases such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and Oracle Database. Sidestepping the traditional approach of using large blocks of code, Ying Bai utilizes both Design Tools and Wizards provided by Visual Studio.NET and real-time object methods to incorporate over sixty real sample database programming projects along with detailed illustrations and explanations to help readers understand the key techniques and programming technologies in database programming.     

Author Name :Ying Bai

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Letting Go of the Words

On the web, whether on the job or at home, we usually want to grab information and use it quickly. We go to the web to get answers to questions or to complete tasks - to gather information, reading only what we need. We are all too busy to read much on the web.This book helps you write successfully for web users. It offers strategy, process, and tactics for creating or revising content for the web. It helps you plan, organize, write, design, and test web content that will make web users come back again and again to your site.Learn how to create usable and useful content for the web from the master ? Ginny Redish. Ginny has taught and mentored hundreds of writers, information designers, and content owners in the principles and secrets of creating web information that is easy to scan, easy to read, and easy to use.     

Author Name :Janice (Ginny) Redish

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Windows 7 Resource Kit

In-depth and comprehensive, this RESOURCE KIT delivers the information you need to administer your Windows 7 system. You get authoritative technical guidance from those who know the technology bestMicrosoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) and the Windows 7 product teamalong with essential scripts and resources. In addition, Direct from the Source sidebars offer deep insights and troubleshooting tips from the Windows 7 team.     

Author Name :Mitch Tulloch, Tony Northrup , Jerry Honeycutt

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Windows 7 Inside Out

Youre beyond the basics, so now dive in and really put your PC to work! This supremely organized reference is packed with hundreds of timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds. Its all muscle and no fluff. Discover how the experts tackle Windows 7and challenge yourself to new levels of mastery!Compare features and capabilities in each edition of Windows 7.,Configure and customize your system with advanced setup options.,Manage files, folders, and media libraries,Set up a wired or wireless network and manage shared resources,Administer accounts, passwords, and logonsand help control access to resources,Configure Internet Explorer 8 settings and security zones,Master security essentials to help protect against viruses, worms, and spyware,Troubleshoot errors and fine-tune performance,Automate routine maintenance with scripts and other tools.     

Author Name :Ed Bott, Carl Siechert, and Craig Stinson

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Windows Essential Business Server 2008 Administrator's Companion

Get your midsize IT infrastructure up and running smoothly. This indispensable, single-volume reference details the features and capabilities of Windows Essential Business Server 2008. Gain the real-world insights, practical workarounds, and key troubleshooting tactics you need for on-the-job results.The print version of this book ships with a CD or DVD. For those customers purchasing one of the digital formats in which this book is available, we are pleased to offer the CD/DVD content as a free download via O'Reilly Media's Digital Distribution services. To download this content, please visit O'Reilly's web site, search for the title of this book to find its catalog page, and click on the link below the cover image (Examples, Companion Content, or Practice Files). Note that while we provide as much of the media content as we are able via free download, we are sometimes limited by licensing restrictions. Please direct any questions or concerns to     

Author Name :J.C. Mackin, Charlie Russel

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The Whole Digital Library Handbook

Essential facts, advice, lists, documents, guidelines, lore, wit, and wisdom: Along with fun and irreverence, it's what readers have come to expect from the "Whole Library" series. In a one-volume compendium that's by turns encyclopedic, useful, and engaging, this latest entry provides an overview of digital libraries, covering the state of information, issues, customers, challenges, tools and technology, preservation, and the future. From blogs to Wikis, highlights include: digitization project planning tips and tools; the value proposition of the digital library; lists of Internet libraries, libraries that I.M., libraries that podcast; and interpretations of NextGen demographic data. Collecting insights from library luminaries as well the perspectives of interesting experts from outside the ranks of library professionals, "The Whole Digital Library Handbook" decodes the jargon and cuts to the chase.     

Author Name :Diane Kresh

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ERP Making It Happen

Follow the "Proven Path" to successful implementation of enterprise resource planning. Effective forecasting, planning, and scheduling is fundamental to productivity-and ERP is a fundamental way to achieve it. Properly implementing ERP will give you a competitive advantage and help you run your business more effectively, efficiently, and responsively. This guide is structured to support all the people involved in ERP implementation-from the CEO and others in the executive suite to the people doing the detailed implementation work in sales, marketing, manufacturing, purchasing, logistics, finance, and elsewhere.This book is not primarily about computers and software. Rather, its focus is on peopleand how to provide them with superior decision-making processes for customer order fulfillment, supply chain management, financial planning, e-commerce, asset management, and more. This comprehensive guide can be used as a selective reference for those, like top management, who need only specific pieces of information, or as a virtual checklist for those who can use detailed guidance every step of the way.     

Author Name :Thomas F. Wallace, Michael H. Kremzar

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Configuring SAP ERP Sales and Distribution

The first and only book to offer detailed explanations of SAP ERP sales and distribution.As the only book to provide in-depth configuration of the Sales and Distribution (SD) module in the latest version of SAP ERP, this valuable resource presents you with step-by-step instruction, conceptual explanations, and plenty of examples. If you're an SD consultant or are in charge of managing an SAP implementation in your enterprise, you'll want this valuable resource at your side.     

Author Name :Kapil Sharma,Ashutosh Mutsaddi

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SAP ERP Financials and FICO Handbook

This up-to-date quick reference guide helps the reader through the most popular SAP module. It includes material on SAP ERP Financials, SAP FICO, and SAP R/3. Unlike most books that only provide questions and answers for certification or interview preparation, this book covers fifty common business situations related to ERP Financials/FICO and provides practical solutions for them. In addition, the book begins with over 200 FAQs and certification questions for those who need a quick review of the material.     

Author Name :S. N. Padhi

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Implementing SAP ERP Sales & Distribution

Written by senior SAP consultant Glynn Williams, Implementing SAP ERP Sales & Distribution is packed with tested, time-saving tips and advice. Learn how to use SAP ERP Central Component 5.0 and 6.0 to create sales documents and contracts, control material and customer master data, schedule deliveries, and automate billing also find out how to deliver robust financial and transactional reports, track customer and credit information, and interoperate with other SAP modules.* Configure and manage the SAP ERP SD module * Track sales, shipping, and payment status using master records * Create multi-level sales documents and item proposals * Develop contracts and rebate agreements * Deliver materials and services requirements to the supply chain * Plan deliveries, routes, and packaging using Logistics Execution * Perform resource-related, collective, and self billing * Generate pricing reports, incompletion logs, and hierarchies * Handle credit limits, payment guarantees, and customer blocks * Integrate user exits, third-party add-ons, and data sharing * Configure pricing procedures and complex pricing condition types     

Author Name :Glynn C. Williams

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How to Build a Digital Library

Outlines the history of libraries-- both traditional and digital-- and their impact on present practices and future directions. *Written for both technical and non-technical audiences and covers the entire spectrum of media, including text, images, audio, video, and related XML standards. *Web-enhanced with software documentation, color illustrations, full-text index, source code, and more.     

Author Name :Ian H.Witten, David Bainbridge

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Completely revised and updated, ERP: Tools, Techniques, and Applications for Integrating the Supply Chain, Second Edition describes, from the perspective of a business manager, concepts and tools for enterprise planning, management, and execution. The text is written in an easy-to-read format, with many real examples from a variety of industries that illustrate key points. This book can be used over and over, as a quick reference to obtain insight into ERP topics. The Second Edition introduces many new topics, including:Supplier relationship management (SRM)Strategic sourcingThroughput supply chain measures such as inventory dollar days and throughput dollar daysProduct Life Cycle Management (PLM)Technology architecture choicesCustomer relationship managementWith the help of a supplemental CD containing a Management Interactive Case Study System (MICSS), this volume explains the application of ERP tools and techniques to different types of businesses, and enables you to test the concepts in a computer simulation model. You can control the dynamics of handling an ERP program within a virtual company, and learn from the resulting analysis of how to guide to this company to financial success. This simulation package allows you to test your newly acquired knowledge before implementing your chosen ERP system.     

Author Name :Carol A Ptak, Eli Schragenheim

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Microsoft Silverlight 4 Step by Step

Teach yourself how to build rich Internet applications with Silverlight 4--one step at a time. With this practical, learn-by-doing tutorial, you'll learn how to create interactive user interfaces for the Web and the newest version of Windows Phone by mastering the essential tools and techniques for Silverlight.Install the tools you need and build your first Silverlight applicationGet up to speed on Silverlight 4 features, including out-of-browser support, webcam, and microphoneDevelop Web applications with Silverlight that work across browsers and devicesEngage users with animation, video, layout, vector graphics, and 3D effectsLearn how to build and deploy simple applications for Windows Phone 7Create Windows Phone features such as Input Scope, Orientation, and the Application BarYour online learning resources include:Practice exercisesCode samplesFully searchable ebookA Note Regarding the CD or DVDThe print version of this book ships with a CD or DVD. For thosecustomers purchasing one of the digital formats in which this book isavailable, we are pleased to offer the CD/DVD content as a free downloadvia O'Reilly Media's Digital Distribution services. To download thiscontent, please visit O'Reilly's web site, search for the title of thisbook to find its catalog page, and click on the link below the coverimage (Examples, Companion Content, or Practice Files). Note that whilewe provide as much of the media content as we are able via freedownload, we are sometimes limited by licensing restrictions.     

Author Name :Laurence Moroney,

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Website Design and Development:

A helpful book-and-video package for building and maintaining a successful Web site.How do you know that you've done everything possible to create a unique, enriching, and successful Web site, particularly when you're hiring others to do it? WithWebsite Design and Development, you'll feel confident that youve exhausted every facet of building a Web site. The clever question-and-answer format walks you through easily overlooked details, acting as a virtual consultant. Youll get clear, easy-to-follow advice on everything from finding a host, design and layout, creating content, marketing, to staying secure. Each question features a rating as to how critical it is to the welfare of the site, allowing you to pick and choose where to spend your time and money, and the answers contain helpful illustrations as well as action points. In addition, your learning experience is further enhanced by the high-quality accompanying video.     

Author Name :George Plumley

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Software Engineering

Software engineering is an engineering approach for software development. We can alternatively view it as a systematic collection of past experience. The experience is arranged in the form of methodologies and guidelines. A small program can be written without using software engineering principles. But if one wants to develop a large software product, then software engineering principles are indispensable to achieve a good quality software cost effectively. These definitions can be elaborated with the help of a building construction analogy.     

Author Name :Version 2 CSE IIT, Kharagpur

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Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Windows XP in 24 Hours

Sams Teach Yourself Windows XP in 24 Hours is designed to teach the new Windows XP user how to get the most out of a desktop computer. It also provides additional coverage for the experienced Windows user who wants to learn more about what's new in Windows XP.     

Author Name :Greg Perry

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VSTO 3.0 for Office 2007 Programming

Get to grips with Programming Office 2007 using Visual Studio Tools for Office.A step-by-step guide for brand-new Office developers who want to explore programming with VSTO,Precise information on programming in Microsoft InfoPath, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio, and Project 2007 using VSTO,Create your own fully featured Office extensions,Packed with easy-to-follow examples covering all the Office applications.     

Author Name :Vivek Thangaswamy

No Of Visit :507      Posted Comments :

Microsoft Office Word,2010

This book helps to master the fundamentals of working with the latest version of Word, including how to navigate the new user interface. You will discover how to use features in Word to help create, edit, and proofread documents. You'll also learn how to modify the appearance of text, organize information with tables and columns, collaborate with others, and publish documents on the Web - plus more. With STEP BY STEP, you can take just the lessons you need or work from cover to cover. Either way, you drive the instruction - building and practicing the skills you need, just when you need them!     

Author Name :Torben Lage Frandsen

No Of Visit :454      Posted Comments :

Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010is a customized, media-rich learning experience designed to help new users master Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 system quickly, and get the most out of it, fast! It starts with a concise, friendly, straight-to-the-point guide to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. This exceptional book is fully integrated with an unprecedented collection of online learning resources: online video, screencasts, podcasts, and additional web content, all designed to reinforce key concepts and help you achieve real mastery. The book and online content work together to teach everything mainstream Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 users need to know. This practical, approachable coverage guides you through mastering the core features and techniques needed to create compelling presentations, including enhancements such as: " Improved transitions and animations, and the powerful new Animation Painter " Sections, bookmarks, and improved timing controls " Improved media options for use during presentations, including pause, fast-forward, rewind, and skip " "Create a Video" option, and YouTube video integration " Presentation "broadcasting" to browsers through SharePoint " And much more..     

Author Name :Patrice-Anne Rutledge

No Of Visit :456      Posted Comments :

Using Microsoft Excel 2010

Get comfortable with the latest versions of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Excel Starter, and the Excel Web App. Dont just read about it: see it, hear it, with.step-by-step video tutorials and valuable audio sidebars delivered through the Free Web Edition that comes with every USING book. For the price of the book, you .get online access anywhere with a web connectionno books to carry, updated content, and the benefit of video and audio learning. Way more than just a book, this is all the help youll ever needwhere you want, when you want! learn fast, learn easy, using web, video, and audio.Show Me video walks through tasks youve just got to seeincluding bonus advanced techniques.Tell Me More audio delivers practical insights straight from the experts.UNLOCK THE FREE WEB EDITIONTo register your USING book, visit     

Author Name :Tracy Syrstad,Bill Jelen

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Visual C++ in 12 Easy Lessons

Visual C++ in 12 Easy Lessons is aimed primarily at beginning programmers who have never programmed or have never seen a C++ program. Text, questions, exercises, and numerous program listings are aimed at both beginning programmers and those new to Visual C++. This book attempts to teach you how to program correctly, concentrating on proper coding techniques in addition to the Visual C++ language.     

Author Name :Greg M. Perry, Ian Spencer

No Of Visit :464      Posted Comments :


This book provides a comprehensive look at computer networking from the point of view of the network administrator. It guides readers from an entry-level knowledge in computer networks to advanced concepts in Ethernet networks, router configuration, TCP/IP networks, routing protocols, local, campus, and wide area network configuration, network security, wireless networking, optical networks, Voice over IP, the network server, Linux networking, and industrial networks. After covering the entire text, readers will have gained a solid knowledge base in computer networks. Show the students the technology, how it is used, and why, and they will take the applications of the technology to the next level. Allowing them to experiment with the technology helps them to develop a greater understanding. This book does just that.     

Author Name :Jeffrey S. Beasley

No Of Visit :428      Posted Comments :

Living With the Internet and Online Dangers

The purpose of this book is to help you stay safe and secure when you are on the Internet, on your cell phone, or exchanging e-mails, instant messages, text messages, and whatever becomes the next great thing to arrive. The Internet is filled with online dangers - from those who want to infect computers with destructive viruses to criminals who want to steal money, ruin reputations, or cause personal harm. "Living with the Internet and Online Dangers" highlights the risks and problems that come with modern Web technology, as well as what teens can do to protect themselves. Chapters explore online job hunting, email scams and Internet fraud, finding that special someone online, and wireless security. Written in straightforward language, this new resource is loaded with helpful sidebars, a glossary, index, and appendixes.     

Author Name :Corey Sandler

No Of Visit :433      Posted Comments :

The LaTeX Companion

Provides expert advice on using Latex's basic formatting tools for creating all types of publications. Includes in-depth coverage of important extension packages for tabular and technical typesetting.The LaTeX Companionhas long been the essential resource for anyone using LaTeX to create high-quality printed documents. This completely updated edition brings you all the latest information about LaTeX and the vast range of add-on packages now available--over 200 are covered! Full of new tips and tricks for using LaTeX in both traditional and modern typesetting, this book will also show you how to customize layout features to your own needs--from phrases and paragraphs to headings, lists, and pages.     

Author Name :Frank Mittelbach, Michel Goossens, Johannes Braams, and David Carlisle

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Designing for the Social Web

No matter what type of web site or application youre building, social interaction among the people who use it will be key to its success. They will talk about it, invite their friends, complain, sing its high praises, and dissect it in countless ways. With the right design strategy you can use this social interaction to get people signing up, coming back regularly, and bringing others into the fold. With tons of examples from real-world interfaces and a touch of the underlying social psychology theory, Joshua Porter shows you how to design your next great social web application.     

Author Name :Joshua Porter

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Engineering Global E-Commerce Sites

This book is a boon to technology professionals who are responsible for global integration projects. Faced with the mind-boggling complexities of standardizing global data, global processes and global e-commerce, even the most experienced professionals are often at a loss. James Bean has created an extraordinary compilation of standards information, and provided his insight on how to resolve complex integration problems. This book will benefit IT community at large, and I would encourage both specialists and novices alike to bring this book into their personal libraries." -- Arka Mukherjee, Ph.D., CEO, Global IDs Inc.A practitioner's guide to developing global e-commerce sites, focusing on the design and engineering of Web forms for global data collection and alignment with widely recognized international standards, XML structures, and XML vocabularies. The author describes the globalization problem, identifies common design errors, provides a representative scenario, and introduces effective solutions and techniques.     

Author Name :James Bean

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WCF 4.0 Multi-tier Services Development with LINQ to Entities

WCF is the Microsoft model for building services, whereas LINQ to Entities is the Microsoft ORM for accessing underlying data storage. Want to learn both? You would normally have to dig through huge reference tomes-so wouldn't you agree that a simple-to-follow practical tutorial on WCF and LINQ to Entities is the way to get ahead?This book is the quickest and easiest way to learn WCF and LINQ to Entities in Visual Studio 2010. WCF and LINQ to Entities are both powerful yet complex technologies from Microsoft-but you will be surprised at how easily this book will get you get up and running with them.Mastery of these two topics will quickly enable you to create Service-Oriented applications, and allow you to take your first steps into the world of Service Oriented Architecture without becoming overwhelmed.     

Author Name :Mike Liu

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The MIT Guide to Teaching Web Site Design

Most books on Web design focus on the appearance of the finished product and pay little attention to the ideas and processes involved in intelligent interactive design. This book is based on the premise that the principles that have defined good communication design in the past apply equally well to the Web. The basic process is one of defining the purpose, audience, and style appropriate to one's objectives. Another premise is that effective Web site design is an inherently collaborative process requiring not only technical skills but more traditional written and oral communication skills. Hence, this book stresses a social, process-oriented approach both to design and to classroom instruction. The book covers all aspects of teaching Web design, from optimal class size and classroom configuration to peer review of completed projects. It is written in an accessible style and uses many examples from the Web design course taught by the authors at MIT.     

Author Name :Edward Barrett, Deborah A. Levinson, Suzana Lisanti

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The Art and Science of CSS

CSS-based design doesn't need to be boring. The Art & Science of CSS brings together a talented collection of designers who will show you how to take the building blocks of your web site's design (such as headings, navigation, forms, and more) and bring them to life with fully standards-compliant CSS.This book is ideal for anyone who wants to gain the practical skills involved in using CSS to make attractive web sites, especially if you're not the type who likes to learn by memorizing a formal specification and then trying to work out which browsers implemented it completely (does anyone enjoy reading specifications?). The only knowledge you'll need to have is some familiarity with HTML. This book will give designers the skills they need to implement their ideas, and provides developers with creative inspiration through practical examples.     

Author Name :Jonathan Snook, Steve Smith, Jina Bolton, Cameron Adams , David Johnson

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Flex 4 in Action

Flex 4 in Actionis an easy-to-follow, hands-on Flex 4 tutorial. Revised and updated from the previous edition on Flex 3, this book is chock-full of examples, goes beyond feature coverage, and helps readers put Flex to work in real day-to-day tasks. This book helps Flex developers make their Flex applications stand out from the crowd.     

Author Name :Tariq Ahmed, Daniel Orlando, Joel Hooks

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Flash Multiplayer Virtual Worlds

Flash virtual worlds are some of the most exciting-and profitable-online business being built today. Using Flash, developers can build interactive environments where users can interact with the virtual world and one another, compete, and have fun. Creating a playful environment on an electronic network presents unique challenges as you combine a fun, upbeat frontend with some serious and complex server logic.This handy book assists you in building amazing virtual worlds in no time by implementing ActionScripts in a Flash IDE. With this book in hand, you will build virtual worlds that have avatars walking around and interacting with non playing characters, completing challenging quests, and allowing users to link with real-world friends.     

Author Name :Makzan

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Flash Cinematic Techniques

Apply universally accepted cinematic techniques to your Flash projects to improve the storytelling quotient in your entertainment, advertising (branding), and educational media. A defined focus on the concepts and techniques for production from story reels to the final project delivers valuable insights, time-saving practical tips, and hands-on techniques for great visual stories. Extensive illustration, step-by-step instruction, and practical exercises provide a hands-on perspective.Explore the concepts and principles of visual components used in stories so you are fluent in the use of space, line, color, and movement in communicating emotion and meaning. Apply traditional cinematography techniques into the Flash workspace with virtual camera movements, simulated 3d spaces, lighting techniques, and character animation. Add interactivity using ActionScript to enhance audience participation.     

Author Name :Chris Jackson

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Create Your First Website

The essential step by step guide to creating your first website. Start Your business successfully from the first day you begin. Written especially for beginners and newcomers. Hundreds of screenshots and videos included. Written in non-technical talk. Step by step guide to starting your first website     

Author Name :Chris Farrell

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Blender 3D 2.49 Architecture, Buildings, and Scenery

Create realistic models of building exteriors and interiors, the surrounding environment, and scenery.Study modeling, materials, textures, and light basics in Blender,Learn special tricks and techniques to create walls, floors, roofs, and other specific architectural elements,Create realistic virtual tours of buildings and scenes,Develop a library of textures, materials, and objects that you can use over and over again.     

Author Name :Allan Brito

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A Subject Guide to Quality Web Sites

The Web is always moving, always changing. As some Web sites come, others go, but the most effective sites have been well established. A Subject Guide to Quality Web Sites provides a list of key web sites in various disciplines that will assist researchers with a solid starting point for their queries. The sites included in this collection are stable and have librarian tested high-quality information: the most important attribute information can have. The sites in this volume are arranged into 16 major categories: Arts and Humanities; Books, Electronic, and Print; Business; Computing; Education; Health and Medicine; History and Culture; Home and Recreation; Law; Libraries, Museums, and Museum Studies; Mathematics; News; Physical Sciences; Reference (General Information); Social Sciences; and Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism. Although the scope of the book is broad, it touches upon subjects useful to a variety of researchers: from grade school, high school or college students to business professionals, teachers, and professors.     

Author Name :Paul R. Burden

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Programming Collective Intelligence

Want to tap the power behind search rankings, product recommendations, social bookmarking, and online matchmaking? This fascinating book demonstrates how you can build Web 2.0 applications to mine the enormous amount of data created by people on the Internet. With the sophisticated algorithms in this book, you can write smart programs to access interesting datasets from other web sites, collect data from users of your own applications, and analyze and understand the data once you've found it.Programming Collective Intelligencetakes you into the world of machine learning and statistics, and explains how to draw conclusions about user experience, marketing, personal tastes, and human behavior in general--all from information that you and others collect every day. Each algorithm is described clearly and concisely with code that can immediately be used on your web site, blog, Wiki, or specialized application.     

Author Name :Toby Segaran

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Joomla! 1.5 Template Design

This book focuses on the new jdoc template system for Joomla! 1.5. It is geared toward web designers who need to know how to turn their designs into Joomla! 1.5 templates. It covers how to enhance and speed up your design and revision process, then focuses squarely on the Joomla! 1.5 essentials of creating a template. It covers implementing template overrides, the best approaches for implementing Flash and AJAX techniques, as well as advanced enhancements such as creating design parameters so users can have some control over the template via the administration panel. The original 1.0 book covered how to amend an existing 1.0 template before creating one from scratch, the new templating features of Joomla! 1.5 are so logical to implement we move right into creating a full table-less, semantic XHTML/CSS template from scratch.     

Author Name :Tessa Blakeley Silver

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Create Your Own Website

Build a great personal or business website absolutely no experience needed!.Why pay a professional web developer? If you can use a word processor, you can do it yourself! This package contains all the software, templates, and simple step-by-step instructions you need to build a great site in practically no time!Build sites like these using our professional-quality templates:-Family sites,-Hobby sites,-Community and nonprofit sites,-Online storefronts that accept credit card,payments via PayPal,-Post video on YouTube,8 Easy Projects     

Author Name :Scott Mitchell

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CSS3 for Web Designers

From advanced selectors to generated content to the triumphant return of web fonts, and from gradients, shadows, and rounded corners to full-blown animations, CSS3 is a universe of creative possibilities. No one can better guide you through these galaxies than world-renowned designer, author, and CSS superstar Dan Cederholm. Learn what works, how it works, and how to work around browsers where it doesnt work.CSS3 for Web Designers, is the second installment in A Book Aparts For Web Designers series of mini books for, web designers. The book aims to show designers those aspects of CSS3 which can be comfortably used today, along with workarounds for older browsers which dont support CSS3 (e.g. Internet Explorer 6.0 through 8.0).Over six chapters, the book ranges from basic topics such as web fonts, gradients, shadows and rounded corners, to some of the more complicated aspects of CSS3 including advanced selectors, generated content and animations. It takes an almost story-like style, interspersing code examples and explanations with amusing stories, such as a trip down memory lane to the late 90?s and javascript image rollovers, and witty analogies, such as I like to think of CSS transitions like butter.     

Author Name :Dan Cederholm

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ActionScript 3.0 for Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Classroom

This project-based guide from Adobe will teach readers all they need to know to create engaging interactive content with ActionScript 3.0 for Flash Professional CS5. Using step-by-step instructions with projects that build on the knowledge acquired in each lesson, readers will learn the fundamentals of adding interactivity to Flash files using ActionScript, starting with using prewritten Code Snippets, but progressing to customizing and writing their own ActionScript code.The tutorials start with simple navigation and timeline control and progress through controlling animation with ActionScript; using Event Listeners and writing event-handling functions; and controlling loading of and interaction with data, text, video, sound, and images. Readers will also learn to use third-party libraries and create Adobe Air applications. This Classroom in a Book also covers the improved text-handling tools that are new to Flash Professional CS5. The companion CD provides users with all the sample files they need to complete all the projects.     

Author Name :The Adobe Creative Team

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Ordering Disorder

Ordering Disorder delivers a definitive take on grids and the Web. It provides both the big ideas and the brass-tacks techniques of grid-based design. Readers are sure to come away with a keen understanding of the power of grids, as well as the design tools needed to implement them for the World Wide Web.     

Author Name :Khoi Vinh

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Designing the Obvious

Designing the Obvious belongs in the toolbox of every person charged with the design and development of Web-based software, from the CEO to the programming team. Designing the Obvious explores the character traits of great Web applications and uses them as guiding principles of application design so the end result of every project instills customer satisfaction and loyalty. These principles include building only whats necessary, getting users up to speed quickly, preventing and handling errors, and designing for the activity. Designing the Obvious does not offer a one-size-fits-all development process--in fact, it lets you use whatever process you like. Instead, it offers practical advice about how to achieve the qualities of great Web-based applications and consistently and successfully reproduce them.     

Author Name :Robert Hoekman

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Microsoft Silverlight 4 Data and Services Cookbook

Microsoft Silverlight is a programmable web browser plugin that enables features including animation, vector graphics, and audio-video playback - features that characterize Rich Internet Applications. However, Silverlight is a great (and growing) Line-Of-Business platform and is increasingly being used to build data-driven business applications. Silverlight Data Services enable efficient access to your data, allowing you to draw on multiple sources of data and solve particular data problems. There is very little existing material that demonstrates how to build data-driven solutions with the platform. Silverlight 3 made a big step into Line-Of-Business data services and Silverlight 4 builds further upon this. This book will enable .NET developers to get their finger on the pulse of data-driven business applications in Silverlight.     

Author Name :Gill Cleeren, Kevin Dockx

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A Practical Guide to Designing with Data

In recent years, the terms Visualization, Infographic and others have been bantered around with almost no regard to their use or meaning. There is a new vernacular emerging in the realms of data representations, but that doesnt mean we can ignore the much simpler origins and best practices of charts and graphs.Brian Suda takes you on a journey through the basics and makes it easy to produce beautiful looking, accurate representations of data. Hell walk you through how to visualize and design data in such a way that it engages the reader and tells a story rather than just being flashy, cluttered and confusing.     

Author Name :Brian Suda

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Virtual Realities

The articles by well-known international experts intend to facilitate more elaborate expositions of the research presented at the seminar, and to collect and document the results of the various discussions, including ideas and open problems that were identified. Correspondingly the book will consist of two parts. Part I will consist of extended articles describing research presented at the seminar. This will include papers on tracking, motion capture, displays, cloth simulation, and applications. Part II will consist of articles that capture the results of breakout discussions, describe visions, or advocate particular positions. This will include discussions about system latency, 3D interaction, haptic interfaces, social gaming, perceptual issues, and the fictional "Holodeck".     

Author Name :Guido Brunnett,Sabine Coquillart,Greg Welch

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Foundations for Efficient Web Service Selection

The stated purpose of the book is to present a framework for query optimization in Web services.The most significant contribution of the book might be the development of more efficient algorithms to generate the service execution path skyline.Overall, the book is well written and supported by excellent graphics. It is an in-depth read for serious Web services developers who have a knowledge in query algorithms and mathematics, and solid previous knowledge of Web services.     

Author Name :Qi Yu, Athman Bouguettaya

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Storytelling for User Experience

We all use stories to communicate, explore, persuade, and inspire. In user experience, stories help us to understand our users, learn about their goals, explain our research, and demonstrate our design ideas. In this book, Quesenbery and Brooks teach you how to craft and tell your own unique stories to improve your designs.     

Author Name :Whitney Quesenbery, Kevin Brooks

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Plone 3 Multimedia

Embed, display, and manage multimedia content in your Plone website.Build a modern full-featured multimedia CMS with Plone and add-on products,Use and extend specialized multimedia content-types for images, audio, video, and Flash,Set up a custom multimedia CMS by collaborating with external resources such as YouTube, Google videos, and so on,Follow a step-by-step tutorial to create a feature-packed media-rich Plone site.Tom Gross is a long-time Zope and Plone user and developer. Since Plone 4.0 he has been a core-contributor and he took responsibility for the rewrite of the reference browser widget. Besides his development and consultant work in Australia, Germany, and Switzerland he writes technical and philosophical (audio)books.     

Author Name :Tom Gross

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Moodle 1.9 Teaching Techniques

Moodle is the world's most popular, free open-source Learning Management System (LMS). It is vast and has lots to offer. More and more colleges, universities, and training providers are using Moodle, which has helped revolutionize e-learning with its flexible, reusable platform and components. It works best when you feel confident that the tools you have at hand will allow you to create exactly what you need.This book brings together step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions and learning theory to give you new tools and new power with Moodle. It will show you how to connect with your online students, and how and where they develop an enthusiastic, open, and trusting relationship with their fellow students and with you, their instructor. With this book, you'll learn to get the best from Moodle.     

Author Name :Susan Smith Nash, William Rice

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Oracle Coherence 3.5

Scalability, performance, and reliability have to be designed into an application from the very beginning, as there may be substantial cost or implementation consequences if they need to be added down the line. This indispensible book will teach you how to achieve these things using Oracle Coherence, a leading data grid product on the market.Authored by leading Oracle Coherence authorities, this essential book will teach you how to use Oracle Coherence to build high-performance applications that scale to hundreds of machines and have no single points of failure. You will learn when and how to use Coherence features such as distributed caching, parallel processing, and real-time events within your application, and understand how Coherence fits into the overall application architecture.Oracle Coherence provides a solid architectural foundation for scalable, high-performance and highly available enterprise applications, through features such as distributed caching, parallel processing, distributed queries and aggregations, real-time events, and the elimination of single points of failure.     

Author Name :Aleksandar Seovic, Mark Falco, Patrick Peralta

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Mobile Web Design For Dummies

The perfect place to learn how to design Web sites for mobile devices!With the popularity of Internet access via cell phones and other mobile devices, Web designers now have to consider as many as eight operating systems, several browsers, and a slew of new devices as they plan a new site, a new interface, or a new sub-site. This easy-to-follow friendly book guides you through this brave new world with a clear look at the fundamentals and offers practical techniques and tricks you may not have considered.     

Author Name :Janine Warner, David LaFontaine

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Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services

This volume contains the Proceedings of the 3nd International Symposium on Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services (KES-IIMSS 2010). This third edition of the KES-IIMSS Symposium was jointly organized by the Department of Informatics of the University of Piraeus, Greece and the Department of Information Technologies of the University of Milan, Italy in conjunction KES International.     

Author Name :George A Tsihrintzis

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Enabling Semantic Web Services

Service-oriented computing is an emerging factor in IT research and development. Organizations like W3C and the EU have begun research projects to develop industrial-strength applications. This book offers a thorough, practical introduction to one of the most promising approaches the Web Service Modeling Ontology (WSMO). After a brief review of technologies and standards of the Worldwide Web, the Semantic Web, and Web Services, the book examines WSMO from the fundamentals to applications in e-commerce, e-government and e-banking; it also describes its relation to OWL-S and WSDL-S and other applications. The book offers an up-to-date introduction, plus pointers to future applications.     

Author Name :Dieter Fensel Holger Lausen , Axel Polleres,Jos de Bruijn ,Michael Stollberg,Dumitru Roman

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The Fundamentals of Digital Art

A clear, up-to-the-minute look at digital art, The Fundamentals of Digital Art offers complete explanations of physical computing, using data sources, programming, networks for artists, and experimental practices in digital media. Extensive illustrations, ranging from work by established digital artists to recent student work, make every point. Practical, clear workshop diagrams let readers self-study key topics--and the handy, portable size makes this the go-everywhere guide to the exciting emerging world of electronic arts.     

Author Name :Richard Colson

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Web Application Design Handbook

Web Application Design Handbook describes the essential widgets and development tools that will the lead to the right design solutions for your Web application. Written by designers who have made significant contributions to Web-based application design, it delivers a thorough treatment of the subject for many different kinds of applications, and provides quick reference for designers looking for some fast design solutions and opportunities to enhance the Web application experience. This book adds flavor to the standard Web design genre by juxtaposing Web design with programming for the Web and covers design solutions and concepts, such as intelligent generalization, to help software teams successfully switch from one interface to another.     

Author Name :Susan Fowler

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Add Audio and Video to Your Site

Nothing spices up websites like cool sound effects (think ker-thunk as visitors press a button) or embedded videos. Think you need a programmer to add sizzle to your site? Think again. This hands-on guide gives you the techniques you need to add video, music, animated GIFs, and sound effects to your site.This Mini Missing Manual is excerpted from Creating a Web Site: The Missing Manual.     

Author Name :Matthew MacDonald

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Design Informed

The Power of Evidence to Create Design Excellence.This practical, accessible bookfor design professionals and students alikeis about design excellence and how to achieve it. The authors propose an evidence-based design approach that builds on design ingenuity with the use of research in ways that enhance opportunities to innovate. They show the power of research data to both reveal new design opportunities and convince stakeholders of the value of extraordinary work.     

Author Name :Gordon H. Chong, Robert Brandt,W. Mike Martin

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The Elements of User Experience

Successful interaction design requires more than just creating clean code and sharp graphics. You must also fulfill your strategic objectives while meeting the needs of your users. Even the best content and the most sophisticated technology won't help you balance those goals without a cohesive, consistent user experience to support it.With so many issues involvedusability, brand identity, information architecture, interaction design creating the user experience can be overwhelmingly complex. This new edition of The Elements of User Experience cuts through that complexity with clear explanations and vivid illustrations that focus on ideas rather than tools or techniques. Garrett gives readers the big picture of user experience development, from strategy and requirements to information architecture and visual design.     

Author Name :Jesse James Garrett

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Web Page Recommendation Models

One of the application areas of data mining is the World Wide Web (WWW or Web), which serves as a huge, widely distributed, global information service for every kind of information such as news, advertisements, consumer information, financial management, education, government, e-commerce, health services, and many other information services. The Web also contains a rich and dynamic collection of hyperlink information, Web page access and usage information, providing sources for data mining. The amount of information on the Web is growing rapidly, as well as the number of Web sites and Web pages per Web site. Consequently, it has become more difficult to find relevant and useful information for Web users. Web usage mining is concerned with guiding the Web users to discover useful knowledge and supporting them for decision-making. In that context, predicting the needs of a Web user as she visits Web sites has gained importance. The requirement for predicting user needs in order to guide the user in a Web site and improve the usability of the Web site can be addressed by recommending pages to the user that are related to the interest of the user at that time. This monograph gives an overview of the research in the area of discovering and modeling the users' interest in order to recommend related Web pages. The Web page recommender systems studied in this monograph are categorized according to the data mining algorithms they use for recommendation. Table of Contents: Introduction to Web Page Recommender Systems / Preprocessing for Web Page Recommender Models / Pattern Extraction / Evaluation Metrics.     

Author Name :Sule Gunduz-Oguducu

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Moodle 1.9 Math

Integrate interactive math presentations, build feature-rich quizzes, set online assignments, incorporate Flash games, and monitor student progress using the Moodle e-learning platform. * Get to grips with converting your mathematics teaching over to Moodle. * Engage and motivate your students with exciting, interactive, and engaging online math courses with Moodle, which include mathematical notation, graphs, images, video, audio, and more. * Integrate multimedia elements in math courses to make learning math interactive and fun. * Inspiring, realistic examples and interactive assessment exercises to give you ideas for your own Moodle math courses     

Author Name :Ian Wild

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Developing Sustainable Digital Libraries

Developing Sustainable Digital Libraries: Socio-Technical Perspectives presents a compilation of articles discussing the benefits and challenges of digital information and library digitization. Scholars from around the globe investigate web application development, techniques for digital conversion, composition of digital libraries, digital environments, and much more. This reference work proves valuable to the study and enhancement of digital information systems and technologies, and in assisting practitioners in the implementation and building of such systems and applications.     

Author Name :Tariq Ashraf,Jaideep Sharma,Puja Anand Gulati

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Professional Web Design

This is the must-have book for designers who want to expand their skills and improve the quality of their designs. Learning CSS technology and continually improving one's design and developer skills is essential for every Web designer in today's marketplace. The goal of Professional Web Design: Techniques and Templates is to educate beginning-to-intermediate Web designers on the various issues involved with Web design through general discussion, case studies, and specific tips and techniques. Using easy-to-understand language and concepts, the book teaches designers and developers how to create professional-quality CSS-based designs. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is explored, giving the reader a strong, basic understanding of how to get sites to rank better in search engines. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) also is explained, helping the designer create a more efficient site for the users who are already visiting. You'll get the benefit of the author's experience. With more than 15 years of experience as a Web designer for Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and small businesses alike, Eccher has learned numerous tips and techniques of the trade and discloses them here, saving you time and aggravation by alerting you to potential pitfalls.     

Author Name :Clint Eccher

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Web Marketing For Dummies

Claim your space in the online marketplace!Develop a plan, build a marketing-effective site, and create word-of-Web campaigns.Launching a Web site for your product or service does not automatically ensure sales success. This book provides the know-how for creating a solid Web marketing plan, including how to build a site that draws and keeps visitors. Then add proven strategies like search engine optimization and link campaigns, and measure your results. Successful Web marketing techniques all within your budget.     

Author Name :Jan Zimmerman

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JSF 1.2 Components

This book is a practical, hands-on guide to learning JavaServer Faces components based on a fictitious computer hardware e-commerce application. It adopts an example-driven approach focused on solving common web application development tasks using a wide range of JSF components from today's most popular JSF component libraries. Each chapter covers a different JSF component library and includes dozens of examples complete with Java source code listings, JSF markup, screenshots, and developer tips. If you are a professional web application developer interested in learning JavaServer Faces having an intermediate to advanced level of Java programming experience and a good understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, this book is for you. A working knowledge of Java classes, interfaces, annotations, and generics, Java Collections Framework, JavaBeans API, Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), Java Servlets/JSP, Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS), Java Persistence API (JPA), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), the Apache Tomcat web container, the JBoss AS 4.2 application server is assumed. Experienced JSF professionals will also find this book useful as a quick reference and "how to" guide.     

Author Name :Ian Hlavats

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The Complete Idiot's Mini Guide to Creating Your Own Blog

You've decided to start your own blog - congratulations! Knowing what you want to say is the easy part, but if you're new to blogging, figuring out how to set up a blog can be a daunting task. But don't walk away from the computer! The Complete Idiot's Mini Guide to Creating Your Own Blog teaches you the basics of the #1 publishing application in the world. You'll learn everything you need to know to create, customize, manage, and share your own WordPress blog, including: *Designing your blog theme *Creating and publishing posts *Using plug-ins and widgets *Adding subscribers     

Author Name :Clinton Bonner

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Visual Thinking for Design

Increasingly, designers need to present information in ways that aid their audience's thinking process. Fortunately, results from the relatively new science of human visual perception provide valuable guidance.In Visual Thinking for Design, Colin Ware takes what we now know about perception, cognition, and attention and transforms it into concrete advice that designers can directly apply. He demonstrates how designs can be considered as tools for cognition - extensions of the viewer's brain in much the same way that a hammer is an extension of the user's hand.Experienced professional designers and students alike will learn how to maximize the power of the information tools they design for the people who use them.     

Author Name :Colin Ware

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Introducing Maya 8: 3D for Beginners

Discover how to build, render, and animate your own digital models and scenes, and begin to develop professional-level Maya skills with the latest edition of this popular bestseller.     

Author Name :Dariush Derakhshani

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Embracing Complexity in Design

Outlining state-of-the-art developments in the area of complexity and design, this book collates them into a unique and authoritative resource for both the design and complex systems communities. The book is based on research which focuses on a variety of different themes and domains, including architecture, engineering, environmental design, art, fashion and management.Aground-breaking publication marking a new era of appreciation of the import of complexity on design, this bookis essential reading for those studyingcomplexity or design.     

Author Name :Katerina Alexiou,Jeffrey Johnson, Theodore Zamenopoulos

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PHP and Web 2.0 Application Interfaces is a JavaScript library that provides dynamic visual effects, user interface controls, and robust AJAX features. It is to client-side what PHP is to server-side - powerful, simple, complete fun, and above all, a MUST! As developers, we all dream of building applications that users can instantly fall in love with and get productive. Simple and niche applications are the future of web applications. when used with PHP as a server-side scripting language, can give us a new way of looking at things and changing the way we provides you with easy-to-use, cross-browser user interface JavaScript libraries to enhance your web sites and web applications. It provides dynamic visual effects, user interface controls, and robust AJAX features. This book covers all aspects for a developer to learn and master the art of using advanced JavaScript also referred to as 2.0 aspects in PHP web applications. is an effective and powerful add-on to the Prototype library and when combined with PHP, it can make a lot of difference. The difference every developer dreams of.     

Author Name :Sridhar Rao

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Increase Your Web Traffic in a Weekend

These days, everyone seems to have a home page or a Web site. However, just because you create and publish a Web site doesn't mean anyone will visit it. Competition to attract visitors is extreme. The reality is that of the millions of Web pages out there, only a handful actually attract a steady readership; and these same Web pages are the ones that attract advertisers. In order to compete, you need to develop and implement a Web site promotion plan. How can you know if people are visiting your Web site, and if they aren't, what can you do about it? What can you do to earn money on your Web site? Is there an easy way to attract readers and advertisers without spending a fortune? Yes is the answer to all of these questions, and INCREASE YOUR WEB TRAFFIC IN A WEEKEND, SIXTH EDITION maps out a cost effective, comprehensive plan that both Web beginners and experts can use to build an audience for a home page or Web site. This book has compiled low-cost Web promotion and advertising techniques collected from the authors' years of practical experience, but you can implement them all in just one weekend!     

Author Name :Jr. Jerry Lee Ford, William R. Stanek

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InDesign CS5 for Macintosh and Windows

Adobe InDesign CS5 for Macintosh and Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide highlights the important new features, as well as covering the ones readers have relied on in previous versions of InDesign. Complete coverage of InDesign CS5's new features includes: tools for interactive documents, including the new animation panel; simplified object selection; multiple page sizes; track text changes; new layers panel, live captions; production enhancements, and print to digital capability. Using the task-based, visual approach that readers count on in the Visual QuickStart Guides, this volume introduces readers to all aspects of InDesign CS5. Users will learn how to create and automate documents, import and style text and objects, manage long documents, export files for a wide variety of purposes, and much more.     

Author Name :Sandee Cohen

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* HTML is the universal language for presenting content on the web.* Every person seeking a job in the online industry MUST at least have HTML proficiency.* Osborne's HTML: The Complete Reference has sold more than 40,000 copies--this book is the perfect companion.* Written by a recognized industry trainer, Wendy Willard.     

Author Name :Wendy Willard

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HTML5 for Web Designers

In this brilliant and entertaining users guide, Jeremy Keith cuts to the chase, with crisp, clear, practical examples, and his patented twinkle and charm.     

Author Name :Jeremy Keith

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101 Ways to Promote Your Web Site

This comprehensive, hands-on, step-by-step guide is guaranteed to attract more potential consumers to any given website. With hundreds of proven tips, tools, and techniques, this freshly updated edition provides the latest Web 2.0 trends and techniques such as RSS, blogs, podcasting, and mobile marketing. Entrepreneurs, corporate marketing managers, small business owners, consultants, webmasters, individuals, new media professionals, and website designers will find this guidebook invaluable for developing online strategies. A personal password is also included for accessing the companion website, which provides up-to-the-minute internet marketing news and expanded information.     

Author Name :Susan Sweeney

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AutoCAD Learning AutoCAD 2010

Both beginner and experienced AutoCAD users will benefit from the through exploration of the features of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT and the review of the basics, such as creating drawings, using commands, and specifying coordinates.     

Author Name :Ellen Finkelstein

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The Art of SQL

The Art of SQL offers best practices that teach experienced SQL users to focus on strategy rather than specifics. Faroult's approach takes a page from Sun Tzu's classic treatise by viewing database design as a military campaign. You need knowledge, skills, and talent. Talent can't be taught, but every strategist from Sun Tzu to modern-day generals believed that it can be nurtured through the experience of others. They passed on their experience acquired in the field through basic principles that served as guiding stars amid the sound and fury of battle. This is what Faroult does with SQL.     

Author Name :Stphane Faroult

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The Art of software Testing

Provides a practical rather than theoretical discussion of the purpose and nature of software testing. Emphasizes methodologies for the design of effective test cases. Comprehensively covers psychological and economic principles, managerial aspects of testing, test tools, high-order testing, code inspections, and debugging. Extensive bibliography. Programmers at all levels, and programming students, will find this reference work indispensible.     

Author Name :Glenfors Myers

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Programming in Visual Basic 2010

This is an introduction to programming using Microsoft's Visual Basic.NET 2010. It is intended for novice programmers with little or no programming experience or no experience with Visual Basic. The text emphasizes programming logic and good programming techniques with generous explanations of programming concepts written from a non-technical point of view. It stresses input, processing, and output and sequence, selection, and repetition in code development. File I/O and arrays are included. Later chapters introduce objects, event programming, and databases.     

Author Name :Jim McKeown

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Linux System Administration

Linux System Administration is not only knowledgeable and practical, but convenient. The ingredients for this book had been scattered throughout mailing lists, forums, and discussion groups, as well as books, periodicals, and the experiences of colleagues. Everything is now in one handy guide. In the course of their research, the authors also solved many problems whose solutions were completely undocumented. They now pass their lessons on to you.     

Author Name :Tom Adelstein

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First Look: Microsoft Office 2010

First Look: Microsoft Office 2010 covers changes in Office 2010 and shows you how you can make the most of the new features to fit the way you work today. If you have downloaded the Office 2010, here is the book from Microsoft that covers Office 2010 in detail.     

Author Name :Katherine Murray

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Formulas and Functions: Microsoft Excel

Excel 2010s core features to solve problems and get the answers you need! Using real-world examples, McFedries helps you get the absolute most out of breakthrough Excel 2010 improvementsfrom Sparklines to the brand-new version of Solver. Along the way, youll discover the fastest, best ways to handle essential day-to-day tasks ranging from generating account numbers to projecting the impact of inflation.Becoming an Excel expert has never been easier! Youll find crystal-clear instructions insider insights even complete step-by-step projects for building timesheets, projecting cash flow, aging receivables, analyzing defects, and more     

Author Name :Paul McFedries

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Access 2010

Go from Access novice to true master with the professional database design tips and crystal-clear explanations in this book. You'll learn all the secrets of this powerful database program so you can use your data in creative ways -- from creating product catalogs and publishing information online to producing invoices and reports.     

Author Name :Matthew MacDonald

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Microsoft Word 2010 Step by Step

Experience learning made easy-and quickly teach yourself how to create impressive documents with Word 2010. With STEP BY STEP, you set the pace-building and practicing the skills you need, just when you need them! Topics include using styles and themes; sharing, printing, and publishing documents; editing images from within Word; using SmartArt diagrams and charts; creating references, footnotes, indexes, and tables of contents; collaborating with multiple people at the same time on the same document; and turning your ideas into blogs, Web pages, and more.     

Author Name :Joyce Cox

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Easy Microsoft Word 2010

Easy Microsoft Word 2010 teaches you all the fundamentals of working with Microsofts newest version of Word. Fully illustrated steps with simple instructions guide you through every task, building the skills you need to learn Word 2010 with ease. No need to feel intimidatedwell hold your hand every step of the way.     

Author Name :Sherry Kinkoph Gunter

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Presentations with PowerPoint

This handy textbook covers all you need to know to get started using Powerpoint for presentations.     


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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Plain & Simple

Get the guide that makes learning Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 plain and simple! This full color, no-nonsense book shows you the quickest ways to solve problems and learn the tools, using easy-to-follow steps and concise, straightforward language. Youll discover new and exciting ways to create and share dynamic presentations with any audience.     

Author Name :Nancy Muir

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Microsoft Outlook 2010 Plain & Simple

Get the guide that makes learning Microsoft Outlook 2010 plain and simple! This full color, no-nonsense book shows you the quickest ways to manage your email and schedule appointments, using easy-to-follow steps and concise, straightforward language. You'll learn how to stay productive and in touch with all of your personal and business networks.     

Author Name :Jim Boyce

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MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit

Ace your preparation for the skills measured by MCTS Exam 70-433and on the job. Work at your own pace through a series of lessons and reviews that fully cover each exam objective. Then, reinforce and apply what youve learned through real-world case scenarios and practice exercises. This official Microsoft study guide is designed to help you make the most of your study time.he print version of this book ships with a CD or DVD. For those customers purchasing one of the digital formats in which this book is available, we are pleased to offer the CD/DVD content as a free download via OReilly Medias Digital Distribution services. To download this content, please visit OReillys web site, search for the title of this book to find its catalog page, and click on the link below the cover image (Examples, Companion Content, or Practice Files). Note that while we provide as much of the media content as we are able via free download, we are sometimes limited by licensing restrictions.     

Author Name :Mike Hotek, Ann Weber ,Tobias Thernstrom

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Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Field Guide

Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Field Guide is a quick reference for resolving problems that intermediate-to-advanced MOM administrators are likely to face. Authors Andy Dominey and Garry Meaburn have experience with both deploying and troubleshooting MOM in large-scale environments, and the problems and solutions they discuss are ones they have actually faced in their careers.This book is ideal if youre already familiar with MOM, but are not yet an expert at administering it. All of the solutions and troubleshooting tips get right to the point. Furthermore, the chapters are stand-alone and can be read in any order you choose. This is a book for those who measure twice before they cutand for those who didnt but wish they had.     

Author Name :Andy Dominey, Garry Meaburn

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How to Do Everything with Your iMac 4th Edition

Perform word processing, movie editing, financial planning, database management, Internet surfing, Web page creation, or countless other tasks more simply and quickly than you might have thought possible. Let this thorough, friendly resource show you how! Coverage includes iBook, and all the new features of Mac OS X Panther such as Finder, Expose, iChatAV, Mail, FileVault, Fast-User Switching, Preview, Built-in Faxing, and more.     

Author Name :Todd Stauffer

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Easy Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003

Easy Microsoft FrontPage 2003 takes the work out of learning Microsoft FrontPage 2003 by using short, easy-to-follow lessons that show you how to accomplish basic tasks quickly and efficiently! It is the perfect book for beginners who want to learn to use FrontPage 2003 through a visual, full-color approach. More than 100 hands-on lessons are designed to teach the easiest, fastest, or most direct way to accomplish common tasks. The book is suited for new FrontPage users, as well as those upgrading from an earlier version.     

Author Name :Ned Snell

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Excel Formulas and Functions For Dummies 2 Edition

Put the power of Excel formulas and functions to work for you!Excel is a complex program. Mastering the use of formulas and functions lets you use Excel to compute useful day-to-day information, such as calculating the true cost of credit card purchases or comparing 15-year and 30-year mortgage costs. This fun and friendly book demystifies Excel's built-in functions so you can put them to work.You'll find step-by-step instructions on 150 of Excel's most useful functions, how they work within formulas, and how to use them to make your life easier.     

Author Name :Ken Bluttman, Peter G. Aitken

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Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Expression Web 4 in 24 Hours

Expression Web 4 offers a fundamentally different, more powerful approach to web authoring. To make the most of it, both beginners and seasoned web professionals will benefit from a thorough, simple introduction that covers both the programs program's features and its new workflows. Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Expression Web 4 in 24 Hours is that book. In just 24 lessons of one hour or less, it will help readers gain true mastery, so they can build state-of-the-art standards-based Web sites and applications with far less work. In this book's straightforward approach, each lesson builds on everything that's come before, helping readers learn all of Expression Web 4's core features from the ground up - including breakthrough features like Dynamic Web Templates and SuperPreview. Friendly, accessible, and conversational, it takes readers from concept through delivery, teaching powerful techniques for designing, constructing, and even re-designing web sites for easier management and repurposing. By the time they're finished with these lessons, readers won't just understand Expression Web 4: they'll be comfortable using it in real-world projects.     

Author Name :Morten Rand-Hendriksen

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Leveraging WMI Scripting

WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) is a black hole to many Windows administrators, yet it is a hidden jewel that can be exploited with a little effort to automate and improve common system management tasks. Getting information about WMI scripting, the applications that support WMI, and how to approach bringing it all together to make things happen are some of the reasons why administrators don't use WMI. Alain Lissoir's books cover WMI in depth for Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 in a highly approachable manner.     

Author Name :Alain Lissoir

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A Simple Guide to Office XP

This book will help you to become acquainted with Office XP and to discover all the new features that have been introduced. Whether you are a beginner or an expert user, this book is meant for you, because it explains all the procedures proposed by Microsoft for you to be able to work quickly and easily. It also suggests expert tips and tricks to improve your performance.     

Author Name :P. Macbride, Cassade

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Firefox and Thunderbird Beyond Browsing and Email

There's a new browser in town: Firefox is quickly becoming a leading alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you are new to Firefox and want to see what all the buzz is about, Firefox and Thunderbird: Beyond Browsing and Email is the guide that you need. By focusing on how to configure and customize Firefox and Thunderbird, this book will show you how to quickly get a hold of the less intuitive features that most new users struggle to figure out. You will discover which of Firefox's many options should be adjusted, which shouldn't, and how to locate many hidden preferences that will ultimately create a better browsing experience. The author's tips and tricks will teach you how to adjust the browser's appearance and behavior, and how to install the most popular extensions to maximize the browser's performance     

Author Name :Peter D. Hipson

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Foundation ASP for Dreamweaver 8

Do you want to learn about Microsoft's ASP and use it via Dreamweaver 8 to add the power of a database to your website? Use dynamic web forms to exchange data between you and your users? Build complete web applications? This book shows you how to do all that and more. Dreamweaver 8 takes a lot of the hard work out of performing tasks such as integrating a database into your website, but it can't do everything. That's why this book not only shows you how to use all of Dreamweaver's functions, but also shows you how the underlying code functions, so you can then work around Dreamweaver's shortcomings. There's no attempt to turn you into a code guru, but you'll come away with sufficient knowledge of basic ASP to have the confidence to dive into the Dreamweaver code and tweak it to your own requirements. The emphasis is exclusively on ASP, so you don't waste any time on information that's not relevant to what you want to do.     

Author Name :Rob Turnbull , Omar Elbaga

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Windows 7 Just the Steps For Dummies

Coming in day and date with Microsoft's exciting release of the new Window 7 operating system, this friendly, accessible book shows you the features and functions you need from this exciting new operating system. Presented in a series of numbered steps that are concise, visually clear, and easy to follow, you'll learn to navigate the Windows 7 desktop, create files, connect to the Internet, search the Web, use e-mail, and more with this fun and practical guide.     

Author Name :Nancy C. Muir

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Microsoft Office 2007 Fundamentals

Microsoft Office 2007 Fundamentals Projects binder allows students to apply what they've learned and to reinforce their skills in a project-based environment.     

Author Name :Laura Story, Dawna Walls

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Adobe Acrobat 8 for Windows and Macintosh

Adobe Acrobat 8 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide uses a combination of task-based instruction and strong visuals to teach beginning and intermediate users how to be more productive with Adobe Acrobat. Author John Deubert takes readers step by step through all of the Adobe Acrobat 8 essentials, both basiccreating and viewing electronic documents, streamlining document reviews, using Acrobat's commenting and reviewing toolsand advancedusing digital signatures, creating interactive forms, and protecting sensitive documents. Both beginning users who want a thorough introduction to the topic, and more advanced users looking for a convenient reference will find what they need here in straightforward language, clear steps, and practical tips. By the end of the book, users will be able to smoothly integrate Adobe Acrobat 8 into their workflow.     

Author Name :John Deubert

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Gray Hat Hacking The Ethical Hackers Handbook

Thwart malicious network intrusion by using cutting-edge techniques for finding and fixing security flaws. Fully updated and expanded with nine new chapters, Gray Hat Hacking: The Ethical Hacker's Handbook, Third Edition details the most recent vulnerabilities and remedies along with legal disclosure methods. Learn from the experts how hackers target systems, defeat production schemes, write malicious code, and exploit flaws in Windows and Linux systems. Malware analysis, penetration testing, SCADA, VoIP, and Web security are also covered in this comprehensive resource.     

Author Name :Allen Harper,Shon Harris , Chris Eagle , Jonathan Ness , Michael Lester

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Running QuickBooks 2011 Premier Editions

Filled with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions, this guide shows users how to unleash the full power of QuickBooks Premier Editions. With tips, tricks, shortcuts, undocumented functions, and work-arounds for special situations, this book ensures that accounting professionals, business owners, and bookkeepers get everything they need from this software.     

Author Name :Kathy Ivens

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Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 QuickSteps

Start using Outlook 2010 right awaythe QuickSteps way. Color screenshots and clear instructions make it easy to ramp up the latest release of Microsoft's powerful communications application. Follow along and quickly learn how to send, receive, and manage e-mail; enter contacts; schedule appointments; track tasks; keep a journal; use notes; manage files and folders; and set up instant messaging. Get up to speed on Outlook 2010 in no time with help from this practical, fast-paced guide.     

Author Name :Carole Matthews, Marty Matthews, Bobbi Sandberg

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Excel 2007 All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies

Master the Ribbon, powerful graphics capabilities, and more!Your one-stop guide to great-looking spreadsheets that actually mean something.Create colorful spreadsheets and charts, use Live Preview, and maximize everything Excel 2007 has to offer! Find just what you need to know about using the new Ribbon, designing spreadsheets that communicate, editing and printing them, working with formulas, protecting your data when you collaborate, turning out cool charts, and much more. The included four-color insert highlights the Ribbon, new graphics features, and more!     

Author Name :Greg Harvey

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802.11 Wireless Networks

This book shows how to build and analyse wireless networks, exploring how an enterprise wireless network with the highest levels of security can be built. The book also explains how to configure wireless network equipment in order implement various network architectures and levels of security.     

Author Name :Alan Holt, Chi-Yu Huang

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Routing First-Step

Routing First-Step explains the basics of Internet routing in language all of us can understand. This book takes you on a guided tour of routing, starting with systems you are familiar with: the postal system, the telephone system, and the interstate highway system. From there, you'll learn routing simply and easily. Whether you are looking to take your first step into a career in networking or are interested only in gaining knowledge of the technology, this book is for you!     

Author Name :William R. Parkhurst

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Passive Optical Networks

This book will be the definitive reference on PON technology and their application in the future development of broadband devices and systems.     

Author Name :Cedric F. Lam

No Of Visit :434      Posted Comments :

Networking, A Beginner's Guide

A practical guide to networking fundamentals Fully up to date with the latest technologies, this introductory handbook covers wired and wireless network design, configuration, hardware, protocols, security, backup, recovery, virtualization, and more.     

Author Name :Bruce A. Hallberg

No Of Visit :418      Posted Comments :


This book provides a comprehensive look at computer networking from the point of view of the network administrator. It guides readers from an entry-level knowledge in computer networks to advanced concepts in Ethernet networks, router configuration, TCP/IP networks, routing protocols, local, campus, and wide area network configuration,network security, wireless networking, optical networks, Voice over IP, the network server, Linux networking, and industrial networks. After covering the entire text, readers will have gained a solid knowledge base in computer networks.A visually rich and pratical book on every aspect of networking.     

Author Name :Jeffrey S. Beasley

No Of Visit :436      Posted Comments :

International Handbook of Internet Research

This handbook, the first of its kind, is a detailed introduction to the numerous academic perspectives we can apply to the study of the internet as a political, social and communicative phenomenon. Covering both practical and theoretical angles, established researchers from around the world discuss everything: the foundations of internet research appear alongside chapters on understanding and analyzing current examples of online activities and artifacts. The material covers all continents and explores in depth subjects such as networked gaming, economics and the law.     

Author Name :Jeremy Hunsinger, Lisbeth Klastrup, Matthew Allen

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Computational geometry and computer graphics in C++

This book provides an accessible introduction to methods in computational geometry and computer graphics. It emphasizes the efficient object-oriented implementation of geometric methods with useable C++ code for all methods discussed.     


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Programming Principles and Practice Using C++

It helps you understand the principles and acquire the practical skills of programming using the C++ programming language. My aim is for you to gain sufficient knowledge and experience to perform simple useful programming tasks using the best up-to-date techniques .     

Author Name :Bjarne Stroustrup

No Of Visit :59      Posted Comments :

Programming Principles and Practice Using C++

It helps you understand the principles and acquire the practical skills of programming using the C++ programming language. My aim is for you to gain sufficient knowledge and experience to perform simple useful programming tasks using the best up-to-date techniques .     

Author Name :Bjarne Stroustrup

No Of Visit :406      Posted Comments :

Programming Principles and Practice Using C++

It helps you understand the principles and acquire the practical skills of programming using the C++ programming language. My aim is for you to gain sufficient knowledge and experience to perform simple useful programming tasks using the best up-to-date techniques .     

Author Name :Bjarne Stroustrup

No Of Visit :416      Posted Comments :

Stating Out With C++ Early Objects

Tony Gaddiss accessible, step-by-step presentation helps beginning students understand the important details necessary to become skilled programmers at an introductory level. Gaddis motivates the study of both programming skills and the C++ programming language by presenting all the details needed to understand the how and the whybut never losing sight of the fact that most beginners struggle with this material. His approach is both gradual and highly accessible, ensuring that students understand the logic behind developing high-quality programs.     

Author Name :Tony Gaddis,Judy Walters,Godfrey Muganda

No Of Visit :417      Posted Comments :

Test Your C Skills

This is a text book which looks far beyond C. It contains a lot of questions segregated topic-wise according to the author's perception of the language.     

Author Name :Yashavant P. Kanetkar

No Of Visit :482      Posted Comments :

Pro WPF and Silverlight MVVM Effective Application Development with Model-View-ViewModel

This book was conceived from a need to explain the MVVM pattern and how it helps structure WPF and Silverlight applications.     

Author Name :Gary McLean Hall

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Pro WPF and Silverlight MVVM Effective Application Development with Model-View-ViewModel

This book was conceived from a need to explain the MVVM pattern and how it helps structure WPF and Silverlight applications.     

Author Name :Gary McLean Hall

No Of Visit :420      Posted Comments :

Pro Visual C++/CLI and the .NET 2.0 Platform

This book explains how to write .NET 2.0 applications and services. It provides you with a clean slate, erasing the need for developing the COM, DCOM, COM+, or ActiveX components that used to be a necessity. Instead, you'll learn how to write .NET applications using C++/CLI. This book is based on its highly successful predecessor, and bridges the gap between classic C++ and C++/CLI. Furthermore, this edition is based on the newest version of Visual Studio .NET (2005) and .NET Platform version 2.0. And all topic areas include specific code examples. By the end of the book, you will be proficient in developing .NET applications and services for both the Windows desktop and the Web.     


No Of Visit :420      Posted Comments :

Google Apps Administrator Guide

This book begins by explaining the often tricky and technical work of preparing your domain to work properly withGoogle Apps in friendly, laymans terms. That includes registering your domain, explaining zone files, transferring existing email accounts and web pages to your new domain and email system, and creating user accounts. Then its time to start building your workspace by customizing howGoogle Apps interacts with your domain, and deciding which services you choose to provide for your users and employees, and/or friends and family. This book also discusses more advanced techniques for workingonline with Google Apps, including adding administrators, sharing calendars, editing web pages, and much more. Because Google Apps is always gaining new functionality, this book provides online updates and bonus chapters at Those online updates contain any major changes to Google Apps and help make sure your Google Apps Administrator Guide will always be up-to-date. This is the only book you will ever need to master Google Apps!     

Author Name :David W. Boles

No Of Visit :87      Posted Comments :

Pro Visual C++/CLI and the .NET 2.0 Platform

This book explains how to write .NET 2.0 applications and services. It provides you with a clean slate, erasing the need for developing the COM, DCOM, COM+, or ActiveX components that used to be a necessity. Instead, you'll learn how to write .NET applications using C++/CLI. This book is based on its highly successful predecessor, and bridges the gap between classic C++ and C++/CLI. Furthermore, this edition is based on the newest version of Visual Studio .NET (2005) and .NET Platform version 2.0. And all topic areas include specific code examples. By the end of the book, you will be proficient in developing .NET applications and services for both the Windows desktop and the Web.     


No Of Visit :411      Posted Comments :

Pro Visual C++/CLI and the .NET 2.0 Platform

This book explains how to write .NET 2.0 applications and services. It provides you with a clean slate, erasing the need for developing the COM, DCOM, COM+, or ActiveX components that used to be a necessity. Instead, you'll learn how to write .NET applications using C++/CLI. This book is based on its highly successful predecessor, and bridges the gap between classic C++ and C++/CLI. Furthermore, this edition is based on the newest version of Visual Studio .NET (2005) and .NET Platform version 2.0. And all topic areas include specific code examples. By the end of the book, you will be proficient in developing .NET applications and services for both the Windows desktop and the Web.     


No Of Visit :426      Posted Comments :

No Bugs

No Bugs! offers a revolutionary approach to software development by showing programmers how to write error-free code from the start. No Bugs! presents techniques to stop many kinds of bugs from being included in a program. It also discusses how to test programs to find bugs. This book is designed to teach methods for writing bug-free code. This book also gives you all of the information you need to create your own debugging code, but it doesn't provide the actual code.     

Author Name :David Thielen

No Of Visit :416      Posted Comments :

Rigid Body Kinematics and C++ Code

This electronic book is an advanced text on the principles of Rigid Body Kinematics. The subject is reviewed to its full extent, and several new concepts and formulations are introduced. The result is very different from the traditional presentation found in many textbooks. The book also offers an integrated approach - perhaps the first in its kind - of the principles of Rigid Body Kinematics with the object- oriented C++ code that implements the kinematic objects and brings them to life. Thinking in terms of objects is the natural way of thinking.     

Author Name :Sergio Pissanetzky

No Of Visit :428      Posted Comments :

Microsoft Visual C++ Windows Applications by Example

This is a book about Windows application development in C++. The book starts with an introduction to object-oriented programming in C++, followed by an overview of the Visual Studio environment with the Ring demonstration application as well as a presentation of some basic generic classes. Then the main applications are presented in one chapter each.     

Author Name :Stefan Bjrnander

No Of Visit :425      Posted Comments :

Essential C++ for Engineers and Scientist

Essential C++ for Engineers and Scientists zeros in on the key elements of good programming and C++, using a multitude of interesting and appropriate engineering and scientific examples. This book covers the features of C++ needed for writing engineering programs, including many features of object-oriented programming. Early on, the book makes some simplifying assumptions that allow the use of C++ topics without lengthy explanation, and then later discusses the intricacies of the features. Readers will come away with the confidence needed to solve problems with C++.     

Author Name :

No Of Visit :418      Posted Comments :

C++ Plus Data Structures

This book is designed for a course in Data Structures where C++ is the programming language. The book focuses on abstract data types as viewed from three different perspectives : their specification, their application, and their implementation.     

Author Name :Nell Dale

No Of Visit :430      Posted Comments :

Advanced Qt Programming

The book's main themes are hybrid desktop/Internet applications, threading, rich text handling, Qt's graphics/view architecture, and Qt's model/view architecture (to which four chapters are devoted), although many other topics are covered. Besides each chapter's main subject, lots of other classes, methods, and techniques are used wherever they make sense, to show as many Qt features as possible. So even the most experienced Qt programmer should discover aspects of Qt they weren't aware of, discover new techniques, and be inspired with new ideas.     

Author Name :Mark Summerfield

No Of Visit :105      Posted Comments :

Digital Activism Decoded

The media have recently been abuzz with cases of citizens around the world using digital technologies to push for social and political change from the use of Twitter to amplify protests in Iran and Moldova to the thousands of American nonprofits creating Facebook accounts in the hopes of luring supporters. These stories have been published, discussed, extolled, and derided, but the underlying mechanics of this practice of digital activism are little understood. This new field, its dynamics, practices, misconceptions, and possible futures are presented together for the first time in Digital Activism Decoded. Topics include: how to think about digital activism: the digital activism environment: infrastructure, social, political, and economic factors: digital activism practices: two research perspectives and the danger of destructive activism: digital activism s value: balancing optimism and pessimism: building the future of digital activism.     

Author Name :Mary Joyce

No Of Visit :423      Posted Comments :

Computer Network

The subject of the Computer Network is enormously complex, involving many concepts, protocols, and technologies that are woven together in an intricate manner. To cope with this scope and complexity, this text provides bottom-up approach of OSI layers.This book deals with basic requirements of communication needed for Computer Networking and detailed bottom-up approach of OSI layers. This book is more precise and analytical than any other introductory Computer Networking texts.     

Author Name :S.S. Shinde

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Building Storage Networks

The amount of electronic data being transmitted is skyrocketing - making the need for storage capacity tremendous. Explains innovative strategies for storing, accessing, and protecting data. Provides valuable information on the latest technologies, including Storage Area Networks (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS), and high Availability (HA) clustering solutions. Includes 16 page Blueprint section displaying network storage topolgies and six case studies of network storage strategies used in real corporations.     

Author Name :Farley, Marc

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Performance Modeling and Analysis of Bluetooth Networks

The book provides insights into the performance of Bluetooth networks through an analytical approach based upon queuing theory and discrete event simulation. It also proposes and validates solutions for common problems that are not covered by the official Bluetooth specifications. This volume allows developers and researchers to enrich their knowledge of performance issues and become better equipped to solve problems related to the design, deployment, and operation of Bluetooth networks.     

Author Name :Jelena Misic, Vojislav B. Misic

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C++ for Everyone

This exciting new book by respected author, Cay Horstmann, gives an introduction into C++ and computer programming that focuses on the essentials and on effective learning. The book is suitable for a ?rst course in programming for computer scientists, engineers, and students in other technical or scienti?c disciplines. No prior programming experience is required, and only a modest amount of high school algebra is needed.What sets this book apart is its visual approach that motivates the reader and eases navigation. Guidance and worked examples help students succeed by providing starting points and outlining the tasks at hand. Ample practice gives students the confidence they need. From simple programming assignments to self-check questions at the end of each section, C++ For Everyone gets students programming in an enjoyable and friendly manner.     

Author Name :Cay Horstmann

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C# Bible

The C# Bible will have even beginning programmers up and running with Microsoft's new C# language quickly and easily. But this title does not stop at just presenting the C# language - it teaches practical application development in the new .NET Framework     

Author Name :Jeff Ferguson, Brian Patterson

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Absolute C++

Absolute C++ continues to be the most comprehensive and accessible C++ programming language book available to both the novice and intermediate programming student. Savitch presents concepts and techniques in a clear and concise style giving readers the opportunity to master key topics like control structures, functions, arrays, pointers and strings, classes and data abstraction, operator overloading, file processing and data structures.     

Author Name :Walter Savitch

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A Laboratory Course in C++ Data Structures

A Laboratory Course in C++ Data Structures, Second Edition exemplifies the active learning experience. With a dynamic learn-by-doing focus, this laboratory manual encourages students to explore data structures by implementing them, a process through which students discover how data structures work and how they can be applied. Providing a framework that offers feedback and support, this text challenges students to exercise their creativity in both programming and analysis. Each laboratory unit consists of four parts: the Prelab, the Bridge, the In-lab, and the Postlab, which create an excellent hands-on learning opportunity for students in supervised labs and students engaged in independent study.     

Author Name :James Roberge

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Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1

Learn how to code, package, deploy, and test functional Enterprise JavaBeans with the latest edition of this bestselling guide. Written by the developers of JBoss EJB 3.1, this book not only brings you up to speed on each component type and container service in this implementation, it also provides a workbook with several hands-on examples to help you gain immediate experience with these components.     

Author Name :Andrew Lee Rubinger, Bill Burke

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WebSphere 4.0AEs

The goal of this WebSphere-specific workbook, like the other vendor-specific workbooks published by Titan Books, is to provide practical, step-by-step instructions for installing and configuring the IBM WebSphere Application Server, Advanced Edition Single-server (AEs) product and deploying the example programs from the Enterprise JavaBeans book using this product.     

Author Name :Kyle Brown

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The Java EE 6 Tutorial: Basic Concepts

The Java EE platform is developed through the Java Community Process (the JCP),which is responsible for all Java technologies. Expert groups, composed of interested parties, have created Java Specification Requests (JSRs) to define the various Java EE technologies. The work of the Java Community under the JCP program helps to ensure Java technologys standard of stability and cross-platform compatibility.The Java EE platform uses a simplified programming model. XML deployment descriptors are optional     

Author Name :Eric Jendrock, Ian Evans, Devika Gollapudi

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Programming Neural Networks with Encog 2 in Java

Encog is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Framework for Java and .Net.Though Encog supports several areas of AI outside of neural networks, the primary focus for the Encog 2.x versions is neural network programming. This book was published as Encog 2.3 was being released. It should stay very compatible with later editions of Encog 2. Future versions in the 2.x series will attempt to add functionality with minimal disruption to existing code     

Author Name :Jeff Heaton

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Java APIs for XML Kick Start

JAX: Java APIs for XML Kick Start covers the JAX APIs - fundamental for development of Java-based Web service applications as well as other e-Commerce applications requiring the exchange and manipulation of data. The book includes an overview of Web service fundamentals including SOAP, UDDI, and WSDL, all of which will be built upon in later examples. The book then covers the current set of JAX APIs for data processing, for messaging, for writing data to registries and for calling remote applications.     

Author Name :Aoyon Chowdhury, Parag Choudhary

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JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

JavaScript is an interpreted programming language with object-oriented (OO) capabilities. Syntactically, the core JavaScript language resembles C, C++, and Java, with programming constructs such as the if statement, the while loop, and the && operator. The similarity ends with this syntactic resemblance, however. JavaScript is a loosely typed language, which means that variables do not need to have a type specified. Objects in JavaScript map property names to arbitrary property values. In this way, they are more like hash tables or associative arrays (in Perl) than they are like structs (in C) or objects (in C++ or Java). The OO inheritance mechanism of JavaScript is prototype-based like that of the little-known language Self. This is quite different from inheritance in C++ and Java. Like Perl, JavaScript is an interpreted language, and it draws inspiration from Perl in a number of areas, such as its regular-expression and array-handling features.     

Author Name :David Flanagan

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JavaFX Developer's Guide

JavaFX runs on the Java platform.The early releases were exclusively targeted at the Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X platforms, but there are now fully supported versions for Linux and OpenSolaris, and a developer release that runs on mobile devices based on Windows Mobile is also available. By the time you read this book, it is likely that you can buy mobile handsets that include a fully supported JavaFX software stack.     

Author Name :Kim Topley

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Java Servlet & JSP Cookbook

With literally hundreds of examples and thousands of lines of code, the Java Servlet and JSP Cookbook yields tips and techniques that any Java web developer who uses JavaServer Pages or servlets will use every day, along with full-fledged solutions to significant web application development problems that developers can insert directly into their own applications.     

Author Name :Springer

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Java for the Beginning Programmer

Java for the Beginning Programmer teaches Java to someone with absolutely no programming background. This book focuses on core programming topics such as variables, looping, subroutines, and program layout. This course focuses on real programming techniques, and not using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to generate code. This course ends with an introduction to graphical user interface programming.     

Author Name :Jeff Heaton

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Java Enterprise in a Nutshell

It really is a useful Java Enterprise referenced and it deserves a place of honour on my desk.' - Steve Cornish, Cvu, May 2000. 'The API reference contains more information than the documentation which comes with the APIs themselves'... Java Enterprise in a Nutshell is a very good reference for the Java Entreprise APIs. The introduction already contains enough information to get started and the reference sections are very complete and useful.' - Hubert Klein Ikkink, Developers Review, February 2000.     

Author Name :Kris Magnusson

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Embedded Java Security

Whereas Java brings functionality and versatility to the world of mobile devices, at the same time it also introduces new security threats. The rapid growth of the number of mobile devices that support Java makes this a pressing issue. Embedded Java Security carefully examines the security aspects of Java and offers a security evaluation for the Java platform. After explaining background material on the architecture of embedded platforms and relating to its role in security, the book deconstructs the security model into its main components: It explains each component and relates it to the aim of securing the applications and the device. Toward this end, several implementations of the Java platform are examined and tested to relate the model to its actual implementation on devices. The security holes found are further used to clarify security issues and point out common errors. Finally, the book provides an evaluation of embedded Java security that includes security models and security tests performed on real-life implementations.     

Author Name :Mourad Debbabi, Mohamed Saleh, Chamseddine Talhi and Sami Zhioua

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Java Concepts for Java 5 and 6

Let Cay Horstmann teach you to think like a programmer! If you really want to master Java, it's not enough to know the code. You must begin to think like a programmer, and in this newest edition of his bestselling guide, Java Concepts, programming guru Cay Horstmann shows you how. Updated to integrate Java 6, Java Concepts, Fifth Edition introduces you to fundamental programming techniques and design skills that are crucial to learning how to program. Drawing on his many years of experience as an expert programmer and teacher, Horstmann brings out the most important elements of computing, problem solving, and program design.     

Author Name :Cay S. Horstmann

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Java 2 Enterprise Edition 1.4 Bible

That Java 2 Enterprise Edition 1.4 makes your enterprise services more cost-effective, more adaptable, more versatile, and more responsive to the needs of your customers. To get you up to speed on J2EE 1.4, a crack team of experts has packed this comprehensive volume with clear instructions and vendor-neutral, real-world solutions you can use in your enterprise. Everything you need to turn on J2EE power is right here.     

Author Name :James McGovern, Rahim Adatia, Yakov Fain

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HTTP Programming Recipes for Java Bots

This book covers many topics related to Java HTTP programming. Both secure and insecure HTTP communications are covered, as well as HTTP authentication. Learn to interact with HTTP forms and support both HTTP POST and HTTP GET requests. Collect data from a wide array of HTML constructs, such as tables, and lists. Learn about advanced topics that complicate the life of a bot, such as AJAX and Javascript. Also learn about the ethical use of bots, and when bots should not be used. This book also introduces the Heaton Research Spider. The Heaton Research Spider is an open source spider framework. Using the Heaton Research Spider you can create spiders that will crawl a web site, much like a real spider crawls the web. The Heaton Research Spider is available in both Java and Microsoft Dot Net form.     

Author Name :Jeff Heaton

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Core JSP

JavaServer Pages (JSP) is an exciting new technology that provides powerful and efficient creation of dynamic content. JSP is a presentation layer technology that allows static Web content to be mixed with Java code. JSP allows the use of standard HTML, but adds the power and flexibility of the Java programming language. JSP does not modify static data, so page layout and "look-and-feel" can continue to be designed with current methods. This allows for a clear separation between the page design and the application. JSP also enables Web applications to be broken down into separate components. This allows HTML and design to be done without much knowledge of the Java code that is generating the dynamic data. Businesses will no longer have to hunt down the rare software developer who understands graphic design, layout, application programming, and software design.     

Author Name :Aaron Tavistock

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Serial Port Complete

Serial interface information to jump-start projects on several platforms. This it the first book to have extensive on RS-485 , a widely used, industry standard interface for networks. This reference features original content based on the author's firsthand research and experience, not just rewritten specifications and marketing materials. Programmers, engineers and developers will use the designs in this book to get projects up an running quickly. Installation and maintenance staff will find tips for ensuring reliable operation and problem tracking. Students and computer enthusiast can use the book's complete, original examples and tools to design experimental projects for several computer platforms.     

Author Name :Jan Axelson

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The Intel Microprocessors

Keeping students on the forefront of technology, this timely text offers a practical reference to all programming and interfacing aspects of the popular microprocessor family Intel. Organized in an orderly -- and manageable format that stimulates and challenges understanding, the book contains numerous example programs using the Microsoft MacroAssembler program, and provides a thorough description of each intelfamily member, memory systems, and various I/O systems. Topics include an introduction to the microprocessor and computer; the microprocessor and its architecture; addressing modes; data movement instructions; arithmetic and logic instructions; program control instructions; programming the microprocessor; using assembly language with c/c++; 8086/8088 hardware specifications; memory interface; basic I/O interface; interrupts; direct memory access and dma-controlled I/O; the arithmetic coprocessor and mmx technology; bus interface; the 80186, 80188, and 80286 microprocessor; the 80386 and 80468 microprocessor; the Pentium a and Pentium pro microprocessors; and the Pentium ii microprocessor.     

Author Name :Barry B. Brey

No Of Visit :423      Posted Comments :

DVD Players and Drives

DVD demystified for a wide audience of engineers and technicians - covers video, audio and PC applications.     

Author Name :K. F. Ibrahim

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IBM System Z10 Capacity on Demand

The IBM? System z10TM servers provide a base for major server consolidation by further removing memory, processor, and channel constraints. Capacity on Demand offerings provide the flexibility to absorb temporary or permanent growth, maintenance, and disaster recovery situations in an enterprise. The Capacity on Demand solutions offer permanent or temporary increases in processor capacity and memory. This IBM Redbooks? publication discusses the following topics: * Understanding the common design of the various offerings * Hardware and software areas relevant to technical planning * Managing concurrent use of multiple Capacity on Demand offerings * User-controlled and autonomic management of z/OS? images using z/OS Capacity Provisioning This book is intended for systems engineers, infrastructure architects, and anyone wanting to understand Capacity on Demand functions. Readers are expected to be generally familiar with existing System z? technology and terminology.     

Author Name :Marian Gasparovic,Greg Chambers,Ivan Dobos,Per Fremstad,Torsten Gutenberger,Damian Ortega Lumbreras

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IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Handbook

The IP multimedia subsystem (IMS), established as the foundation for future wireless and wireline convergence, is the bedrock that will facilitate easy deployment on new, rich, personalized multimedia communication services that mix telecom and data services. Designers, planners, and researchers of communication systems will need to make full use of the technology occurring with this convergence if they want to be the ones providing end users with new and efficient services that are as cost-effective as they are innovative.To provide researchers and technicians with the tools they need to optimize their role in this communication revolution, the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Handbookpresents all the technical aspects of the IMS needed to support the growth of digital traffic and the implementation of underlying networks. This guide covers everything from basic concepts to research-grade material, including the future direction of the architecture. Organized in three sections, the book brings together the technical savvy of 50 pioneering experts from around the world, providing complete coverage of relevant concepts, technologies, and services.     

Author Name :Mohammad Ilyas, Syed A. Ahson

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Artificial Life Models in Hardware

Hopping, climbing and swimming robots, nano-size neural networks, motorless walkers, slime mould and chemical brains - "Artificial Life Models in Hardware" offers unique designs and prototypes of life-like creatures in conventional hardware and hybrid bio-silicon systems. Ideas and implementations of living phenomena in non-living substrates cast a colourful picture of state-of-art advances in hardware models of artificial life.     

Author Name :Andrew Adamatzky,Maciej Komosinski

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How To Do Everything with Your Scanner

Shows how to make maximum, optimum usage of scanners and their technology. Shows how to install and optimize settings for a scanner. Also shows how to use scanners to create custom documents, using techniques such as cropping, enhancement, and more.     

Author Name :Jill Gilbert

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Geek My Ride

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to totally tech-out your ride!Geek My Rideis the first do-it-yourself guide to installing a variety of awesome projects that will turn your ordinary vehicle into the ultimate tech rod! Car hacker Auri Rahimzadeh guides readers through 15 cool projects, complete with tools, skills and step-by-step instructions.Geek My Ridegoeswaybeyond factory options and teaches readers how to install a custom car PC, with Wi-Fi, Internet access, and more. Dive into installing video gaming systems, video surveillance, LED message boards, and more. You'll even learn to how get your car's new MP3 player to sync with your home music collection wirelessly when you pull into the garage!     

Author Name :Auri Rahimzadeh

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Understanding Computers

Understanding Computers: Today and Tomorrow gives your students a classic introduction to computer concepts with a modern twist! Known for its emphasis on industry insight, this text makes concepts relevant to today's career-focused students.     

Author Name :Deborah Morley, Charles S. Parker

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80X86 IBM PC and Compatible Computers

Praised by experts for its clarity and topical breadth, this visually appealing, one-stop source on PCs uses an easy-to-understand, step-by-step approach to teaching the fundamentals of 80x86 assembly language programming and PC architecture. Offering users a fun, hands-on learning experience, it uses the Debug utility to show what action the instruction performs, then pres a sample program to show its application. Reinforcing concepts with numerous examples and review questions, its oversized pages delve into dozens of related subjects, including DOS memory map, BIOS, microprocessor architecture, supporting chips, buses, interfacing techniques, system programming, memory hierarchy, DOS memory management, tables of instruction timings, hard disk characteristics, and more. For learners ready to master PC system programming.     

Author Name :Muhammad Ali Mazidi, Janice Gillispie-Mazidi

No Of Visit :492      Posted Comments :

IBM's Early Computers

In describing the technical experiences of one company from the beginning of the computer era, this book unfolds the challenges that IBM's research and development laboratories faced, the technological paths they chose, and how these choices affected the company and the computer industry. It chronicles the transformation of IBM into a computer company in a remarkably few years, discussing projects that ended in frustration as well as the more successful ones, and providing a sense of the atmosphere, the people, and the decision-making processes involved during the company's rapid technological transformation. IBM's Early Computers is a unique contribution to the modern history of computers. It focuses on engineering alternatives rather than business and general management considerations and reveals the significance of imaginative solutions to problems in design and technology, from initial experiments with electronics in digital machines to the threshold of the System 360 era.     

Author Name :Charles J. Bashe,Lyle R. Johnson,John H. Palmer,Emerson W. Pugh

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating Your Own Cds

CD-ROM "burners" are a standard feature on many new PCs. This title provides expert advice on creating CD-ROMs in an easy to comprehend language.Topics covered include:CD burning troubleshooting,copyright and format issues.     

Author Name :Terry William Ogletree and Todd Brakke

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Handbook of Membrane Separations

The Handbook of Membrane Separations: Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnological Applications provides detailed information on membrane separation technologies as they have evolved over the past decades. To provide a basic understanding of membrane technology, this book documents the developments dealing with these technologies. It explores chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing and biotechnological applications of membrane processes ranging from selective separation to solvent and material recovery. This text also presents in-depth knowledge of membrane separation mechanisms, transport models, membrane permeability computations, membrane types and modules, as well as membrane reactors.     

Author Name :Anil K. Pabby,Syed S. H. Rizvi,Ana Maria Sastre

No Of Visit :90      Posted Comments :

Embedded Hardware

Circuit design using microcontrollers is both a science and an art. This book covers it all. It details all of the essential theory and facts to help an engineer design a robust embedded system. Processors, memory, and the hot topic of interconnects (I/O) are completely covered. Our authors bring a wealth of experience and ideas; this is a must-own book for any embedded designer.     

Author Name :Jack Ganssle, Tammy Noergaard, Fred Eady, Lewin Edwards, David J. Katz, Rick Gentile, Ken Arnold

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Taking Your iPod touch to the Max

Unleash your iPod touch and take it to the limit using secret tips and techniques from gadget hacker Erica Sadun. Fast and fun to read, Taking Your iPod touch to the Max will help you get the most out of your iPod touch.Youll find all the best undocumented tricks as well as the most efficient and enjoyable introduction to the iPod touch available. Starting with the basics, youll quickly move on to discover the iPod touch's hidden potential, like how to connect to a TV and get contract-free VOIP.     

Author Name :Michael Grothaus

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Professional BlackBerry

Enabling users to stay connected with wireless access to calendars, corporate data, real-time e-mail, and a phone, BlackBerry devices have experienced an explosion in popularity. Many would argue that they have become a business necessity. In the first book to deal with the support and development of BlackBerry devices, authors Johnston and Evers cover everything from how the BlackBerry infrastructure works and the various components that make up its environment to installing a BlackBerry server and maintaining your BlackBerry environment.     

Author Name :Craig James Johnston,Richard Evers

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Audel Automated Machines and Toolmaking

Machinists must know how to use tool and die making machines such as grinders and lapping machines, as well as heat and cold-treating automated ovens to produce precision metal parts. They use their knowledge of the working properties of metals and their skill with machine tools to meet precise specifications. Most machinists work in small machining shops or in manufacturing firms that produce durable goods, such as metalworking and industrial machinery, aircraft, or motor vehicles. This book has been updated for new machines and electronic/digital controls and including many illustrations, and is a must for the machinist, which is a visual as well as mathematical trade.     

Author Name :Rex Miller, Mark Richard Miller

No Of Visit :416      Posted Comments :

Measuring Computer Performance

Lija's book is conceptually well formaulated, mathematically well grounded, and even intuitively appealing...This book is clearly an essential reference for professional engaed in computer (or network) performance measurement and capacity planning.     

Author Name :David J. Lilja

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Transaction-Level Modeling with SystemC

Currently employed at STMicroelectronics, Transactional-Level Modeling (TLM) puts forward a novel SoC design methodology beyond RTL with measured improvements of productivity and first time silicon success. The SystemC consortium has published the official TLM development kit in May 2005 to standardize this modeling technique.     

Author Name :Frank Ghenassia

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Discovering Computers 2011

Discovering Computers 2011: Complete, provides learners with a current and thorough introduction to computers by integrating the use of technology with the printed text.     

Author Name :Gary B. Shelly, Misty E. Vermaat

No Of Visit :420      Posted Comments :

Introduction to Nondestructive Testing

This updated Second Edition covers current state-of-the-art technology and instrumentation The Second Edition of this well-respected publication provides updated coverage of basic nondestructive testing (NDT) principles for currently recognized NDT methods. The book provides information to help students and NDT personnel qualify for Levels I, II, and III certification in the NDT methods of their choice. It is organized in accordance with the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A (2001 Edition).     

Author Name :PAUL E. MIX

No Of Visit :409      Posted Comments :

Computer Organization 5th Edition

This well-respected text for a first level course on computer organization has been thoroughly revised and updated. "Computer Organization" is suitable for a one-semester course in engineering or computer science programs and has a good mix of hardware and software oriented topics. The goal of the book is to illustrate the principles of computer organization by using a number of extensive examples drawn from commercially available computers. The authors feel this approach motivates the students and is the most practical. The machines discussed in Hamacher et. al. are the Motorola 680X0 and 683XX families, Intel 80X86 and Pentium families, ARM family, Sun Microsystems Sparc family, and DEC(Compaq) Alpha family. The 68000, Pentium, and ARM are used as detailed examples early in the book.     

Author Name :Carl Hamacher, Zvonko G. Vranesic, Safwat G. Zaky

No Of Visit :430      Posted Comments :

VHDL 101

VHDL (VHSIC Hardware Description Language) is a hardware programming language commonly used for FPGA (Field Programable Gate Array) or ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) designs. FPGAs and the like are often found within larger applications such as cell phones, medical imagers, and personal media devices. As these devices are becoming more ubiquitous so the need for engineers fluent in VHDL design grows. Engineers commonly face an immediate need to learn a language or technique quickly and this book answers that requirement. Bill Kafig of industry leader Xilinx, swiftly brings the reader up to speed on techniques and functions commonly used as well as commands and data management. Extensive simple, complete designs are accompany the content for maximum comprehension. The book concludes with a section on design re-use which is of utmost importance to today's engineer that needs to meet a deadline and lower costs per unit.     

Author Name :William Kafig

No Of Visit :459      Posted Comments :

Laptops For Dummies

Fast answers to frequently asked questions.Laptop essentials at your fingertips!If you like your answers quick and your information up-to-date, look no further. With this concise, accessible reference, you'll be able to navigate your laptop, install and activate WiFi, select software, manage files, create shortcuts, solve common problems, and tuck all this book's answers into your laptop case.     

Author Name :Corey Sandler

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XML 1.1 Bible

The XML 1.1 Bible is your introduction to the exciting and still-growing world of XML. With this book, you'll learn how to write documents in XML and how to use style sheets to convert those documents into HTML so that legacy browsers can read them. You'll also learn how to use document type definitions (DTDs) and schemas to describe and validate documents. You'll experience a variety of XML applications in many domains, ranging from mathematics to vector graphics to genealogy. And you'll learn how to take advantage of XML for your own unique projects, programs, and web sites.     

Author Name :Elliotte Rusty Harold

No Of Visit :105      Posted Comments :

Firewalls 24seven

Firewalls are among the newest developments in Internet technology. Developed from rudimentary security systems that major computer vendors like Compaq and IBM developed to secure their own networks in the mid eighties, these network sentinels have developed in lock-step with the burgeoning threat of information warfare. The most interesting and innovative developments, like Network Address Translation and multi-layer security filtering, are so new that books just two years old are already obsolete--as I expect this edition will be in two years' time     

Author Name :Matthew Strebe, Charles Perkins

No Of Visit :413      Posted Comments :

Design Patterns in Ruby

Design Patterns in Ruby documents smart ways to resolve many problems that Ruby developers commonly encounter. Russ Olsen has done a great job of selecting classic patterns and augmenting these with newer patterns that have special relevance for Ruby. He clearly explains each idea, making a wealth of experience available to Ruby developers for their own daily work.     

Author Name :Russ Olsen

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When the pressure is on to root out an elusive software or hardware glitch, whats needed is a cool head courtesy of a set of rules guaranteed to work on any system, in any circumstance. Written in a frank but engaging style, Debugging provides simple, foolproof principles guaranteed to help find any bug quickly. This book makes those shelves of application-specific debugging books (on C++, Perl, Java, etc.) obsolete. It changes the way readers think about debugging, making those pesky problems suddenly much easier to find and fix.     

Author Name :David J. Agans

No Of Visit :403      Posted Comments :

The Complete Windows 7 Shortcuts

Windows 7 includes a lot of new keyboard shortcuts that are unknown for a new user. This eBook comprises of more than 200 keyboard shortcuts containing almost all the keyboard shortcuts that are available in Windows 7 and its default programs. Keyboard shortcuts are amalgamation of two or more keys that when pressed together performs a task that would typically require a mouse or other pointing device.     

Author Name :Nittin Aggarwal

No Of Visit :329      Posted Comments :

Zend Framework

Leverage the power of the Zend Framework to supercharge your PHP development! Zend Framework: A Beginners Guide covers key features, including model-view-controller implementation, routing, input validation, internationalization, and caching, and shows you how to use them in a practical context. The book walks you through the process of building a complete Web application with the Zend Framework, starting with the basics and then adding in more complex elements, such as data pagination and sorting, user authentication, exception handling, localization, and Web services. Debugging and performance optimization are also covered in this fast-paced tutorial.     

Author Name :Vikram Vaswani

No Of Visit :437      Posted Comments :

Security in Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks

This book is well suited for graduate students in computer, electrical and communications engineering and computer science departments, researchers in academia and industry, as well as C4I engineers and officers in the military. Wireless network designers for internet service providers and mobile communications operators will also find this book very useful.This book is an invaluable resource for graduate students studying computer, electrical and communications engineering, researchers in academia and industry, and C4I engineers and officers in the military. Wireless network designers for internet service providers and mobile communications operators will also find this book very useful.     

Author Name :Erdal Cayirci , Chunming Rong

No Of Visit :113      Posted Comments :

Modeling and Tools for Network Simulation

A crucial step during the design and engineering of communication systems is the estimation of their performance and behavior; especially for mathematically complex or highly dynamic systems network simulation is particularly useful. This book focuses on tools, modeling principles and state-of-the art models for discrete-event based network simulations, the standard method applied today in academia and industry for performance evaluation of new network designs and architectures.     

Author Name :Klaus Wehrle, Mesut Gunes, James Gross

No Of Visit :410      Posted Comments :

Mobile IP Technology And Applications

Real-world solutions for Cisco IOS Mobile IP configuration, troubleshooting, and management First book to address the practical application of Mobile IP in real-world environments Detailed case studies show how to apply Mobile IP in real-world networks Configuration examples demonstrate working implementations of the Cisco mobile IP components Includes troubleshooting methodologies for common failures and best practices     

Author Name :

No Of Visit :447      Posted Comments :

Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH)

Each chapter opens with the list of topics covered to clearly identify the focus of that chapter. At the end of each chapter, a summary and review questions provide you with an opportunity to assess and reinforce your understanding of the material. Throughout the book detailed explanations with commands, configurations, and diagrams serve to illuminate theoretical concepts.     

Author Name :Richard E. Froom,Balaji Sivasubramanian ,Erum Frahim

No Of Visit :418      Posted Comments :

Triple Play

Triple Play: Building the Converged Network for IP, VoIP and IPTV provides decision makers, engineers, telecommunications operators, network equipment manufacturers, installers and IT managers with a thorough understanding of the changes of traditional voice service and its impact upon the telecommunications industry.     

Author Name :Francisco J. Hens, Jose M. Caballero

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Model Driven Architecture in Practice

This book introduces all the relevant information required to understand and put Model Driven Architecture (MDA) into industrial practice. It clearly explains which conceptual primitives should be present in a system specification, how to use UML to properly represent this subset of basic conceptual constructs, how to identify just those diagrams and modeling constructs that are actually required to create a meaningful conceptual schema, and how to accomplish the transformation process between the problem space and the solution space. The approach is fully supported by commercially available tools.     

Author Name :Oscar Pastor,Juan Carlos Molina

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Professional LAMP

This book is for intermediate to advanced LAMP professionals. Basic concepts regarding each of the four modules is assumed. Those proficient in other computer languages such as Java, C++, Perl, and ASP will find this guide invaluable when transitioning to the LAMP environment.     

Author Name :Jason Gerner, Morgan Owens, Elizabeth Naramore, and Matt Warden

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Post-Silicon and Runtime Verification for Modern Processors

The purpose of this book is to survey the state of the art and evolving directions in post-silicon and runtime verification. The authors start by giving an overview of the state of the art in verification, particularly current post-silicon methodologies in use in the industry, both for the domain of processor pipeline design and for memory subsystems. They then dive into the presentation of several new post-silicon verification solutions aimed at boosting the verification coverage of modern processors, dedicating several chapters to this topic. The presentation of runtime verification solutions follows a similar approach. This is an area of processor design that is still in its early stages of exploration and that holds the promise of accomplishing the ultimate goal of achieving complete correctness guarantees for microprocessor-based computation. The authors conclude the book with a look towards the future of late-stage verification and its growing role in the processor life-cycle.     

Author Name :Ilya Wagner, Valeria Bertacco

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Hardware Acceleration of EDA Algorithms

This book deals with the acceleration of EDA algorithms using hardware platforms such as FPGAs and GPUs. Widely applied CAD algorithms are evaluated and compared for potential acceleration on FPGAs and GPUs. Coverage includes discussion of conditions under which it is preferable to use one platform over another, e.g., when an EDA problem has a high degree of data parallelism, the GPU is typically the preferred platform, whereas when the problem has more control, an FPGA may be preferred. Results are presented for the acceleration of several CAD algorithms (fault simulation, fault table generation, model card evaluation in SPICE, Monte Carlo statistical static timing analysis), demonstrating speedups from 30X to 800X.     

Author Name :Kanupriya Gulati , Sunil P. Khatri

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php architect's Guide to Programming with Zend Framework

Learn to master the secrets of the Zend Framework with this new book from php|architect's popular Nanobook series! Written by Zend DevZone editor and well-known PHP expert Cal Evans, php|architect's Guide to Programming with Zend Framework helps you understand the Zend Framework through a detailed roadmap into its features and functionality. This book covers much of the primary functionality offered by the Zend Framework, and works well both as a thorough introduction to its use and as a reference for higher-level tasks. The table of contents includes: - Getting started - The Model - The Controller - The View - Data access - Web services - Authorizations - Exceptions and error management - Rich Internet Applications - Hacking the framework: secret classes and advanced functionality - Framework internals - Tips & tricks - The new Zend_Layout classes With a rich, example-driven style and the trademark no-fluff approach to professional content, php|architect's Guide to Programming with the Zend Framework belongs in your book collection!     

Author Name :Cal Evans

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php architect's Guide to Programming with Magento

This highly anticipated book will give you the insight you need to successfully manage and customize your Magento Commerce installation.php|architect's Guide to Programming with Magento takes you from installation to deployment of this popular e-commerce open source software. Magentos flexibility and Zend Framework-based structure have made it an increasingly popular e-commerce solution.     

Author Name :Mark Kimsal

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The EXECUTIVES Guide to InformationTechnology

This book is a sophisticated and comprehensive guide to running a cost effective and efficient corporate IT unit. While we spend time describing the challenges facing IT departments, our primary aim is to prescribe a course of action for senior managers and IT staff. To that end, we provide sharply defined, specific policies, approaches, and tools for each important aspect of managing the IT function, from human resources to operations to vendor selection to project prioritization.     

Author Name :ohn Baschab,Jon Piot

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Ubuntu is a community developed, Linux-based operating system that is perfect for laptops, desktops, and servers, and is used by millions of people around the world. This book provides you with practical hacks and tips that are not readily available online, in FAQ files, or any other Ubuntu book on the market so that you can customize your Ubuntu system for your specific needs.     

Author Name :Neal Krawetz

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Let Us C

Considered to be one of the best-selling programming books ever written, the eighth edition has now been edited, revised, and updated. A CD-ROM with demos, code, compiler, executables, and MATLAB examples has been added to the book. Simplicity and an easy narration style are the hallmarks of the book, which have made its previous seven editions immensely successful. Today s C programmer (still the language of choice in science, engineering, game programming and for handheld devices) has to master the complexities of the language and contend with its usage in environments like Windows, Linux, and for the Internet. Let Us C, Eighth Edition covers these three aspects of C programming and doesn t assume any programming background. It begins with the basics and steadily builds the pace, so the reader finds it easy to handle more complicated topics later. This popular author has crafted hundreds of excellent programming examples and exercises for every aspect of C programming.     

Author Name :Yashavant P. Kanetkar

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Models in Hardware Testing

Model based testing is the most powerful technique for testing hardware and software systems. Models in Hardware Testing describes the use of models at all the levels of hardware testing. The relevant fault models for nanoscaled CMOS technology are introduced, and their implications on fault simulation, automatic test pattern generation, fault diagnosis, memory testing and power aware testing are discussed. Models and the corresponding algorithms are considered with respect to the most recent state of the art, and they are put into a historical context by a concluding chapter on the use of physical fault models in fault tolerance.     

Author Name :Hans-Joachim Wunderlich

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Hardware Hacking

"If I had this book 10 years ago, the FBI would never have found me!" -- Kevin Mitnick This book has something for everyone---from the beginner hobbyist with no electronics or coding experience to the self-proclaimed "gadget geek." Take an ordinary piece of equipment and turn it into a personal work of art. Build upon an existing idea to create something better. Have fun while voiding your warranty!     

Author Name :Joe Grand, Ryan Russell

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Hardware Based Packet Classification for High Speed Internet Routers

Packet classification is the core component of routers, firewalls and other networking devices that enables many networking services such as packet filtering and traffic accounting. Using Ternary Content Addressable Memories (TCAMs) to perform high-speed packet classification has become the standard in industry today. While we can expect some gain in TCAM performance from improved hardware, the demands on TCAM performance (measured by the number of rules in packet classifiers) increase far more rapidly due to the explosive growth of internet services and threats. Hardware Based Packet Classification for High Speed Internet Routers presents the most recent developments in hardware based packet classification algorithms and architectures. This book describes five methods which reduce the space that classifiers occupy within TCAMs; TCAM Razor, All-Match Redundancy Removal, Bit Weaving, Sequential Decomposition, and Topological Transformations. These methods demonstrate that in most cases a substantial reduction of space is achieved. Case studies and examples are provided throughout this book.     

Author Name :Chad R. Meiners, Alex X. Liu, Eric Torng

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Fundamentals of High-Frequency CMOS Analog Integrated Circuits

With a design-centric approach, this textbook bridges the gap between fundamental analog electronic circuit textbooks and more advanced RF IC design texts. The major issues that must be taken into account when combining analog and digital circuit building blocks are covered, together with the key criteria and parameters that are used to describe system-level performance. Simple circuit models enable a robust understanding of high-frequency design fundamentals, and SPICE simulations are used to check results and fine-tune the design. With solved design examples to guide the reader through the decision process that accompanies each design task, this is an ideal textbook for senior undergraduate and graduate courses in RF CMOS circuits, RF circuit design, and high-frequency analog circuit design. Analog integrated circuit designers and RF circuit designers in industry who need help making design choices will also find this a practical and valuable reference.     

Author Name :Duran Leblebici, Yusuf Leblebici

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Cooperative Communications

Cooperative Communications: Hardware, Channel & PHY focuses on issues pertaining to the PHY layer of wireless communication networks, offering a rigorous taxonomy of this dispersed field, along with a range of application scenarios for cooperative and distributed schemes, demonstrating how these techniques can be employed. The authors discuss hardware, complexity and power consumption issues, which are vital for understanding what can be realized at the PHY layer, showing how wireless channel models differ from more traditional models, and highlighting the reliance of PHY algorithm performance on the underlying channel models. Numerous transparent and regenerative relaying protocols are described in detail for a variety of transparent and regenerative cooperative schemes.     

Author Name :Mischa Dohler, Yonghui Li

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Inside NAND Flash Memories

Digital photography, MP3, digital video, etc. make extensive use of NAND-based Flash cards as storage media. To realize how much NAND Flash memories pervade every aspect of our life, just imagine how our recent habits would change if the NAND memories suddenly disappeared. To take a picture it would be necessary to find a film (as well as a traditional camera), disks or even magnetic tapes would be used to record a video or to listen a song, and a cellular phone would return to be a simple mean of communication rather than a multimedia console. The development of NAND Flash memories will not be set down on the mere evolution of personal entertainment systems since a new killer application can trigger a further success: the replacement of Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) with Solid State Drives (SSDs). SSD is made up by a microcontroller and several NANDs. As NAND is the technology driver for IC circuits, Flash designers and technologists have to deal with a lot of challenges. Therefore, SSD (system) developers must understand Flash technology in order to exploit its benefits and countermeasure its weaknesses. Inside NAND Flash Memories is a comprehensive guide of the NAND world: from circuits design (analog and digital) to Flash reliability (including radiation effects), from testing issues to high-performance (DDR) interface, from error correction codes to NAND applications like Flash cards and SSDs.     

Author Name :Rino Micheloni, Luca Crippa, Alessia Marelli

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Designing a Wireless Network

Business is on the move - mobile computing must keep up!Innovative technology is making the communication between computers a cordless affair. Mobile computing with laptops, hand helds and mobile phones is increasing the demand for reliable and secure wireless networks. Network engineers and consultants need to create and build cutting-edge wireless networks in both the small business and multi-million dollar corporations.Designing Wireless Networks provides the necessary information on how to design and implement a wireless network. Beginning with detailed descriptions of the various implementations and architectures of wireless technologies and moving to the step-by-step instructions on how to install and deploy a fixed wireless network; this book will teach users with no previous wireless networking experience how to design and build their own wireless network based on the best practices of the Enhanced Services from Lucent Technologies.     

Author Name :Jeffrey Wheat,Randy Hiser,Jackie Tucker,Alicia Neely,Andy McCullough

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Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems

Featuring four accelerated tutorials on the Quartus II and Nios II design environments, this edition progresses from introductory programmable logic to full-scale SOPC design integrating hardware implementation, software development, operating system support, state-of-the-art I/O, and IP cores. Laboratory projects provided on the book's DVD include complete projects for video graphics and text, mouse and keyboard input, and three separate computer examples including a Nios II "reference" design for the DE2, DE1, and UP3 FPGA boards.     

Author Name :James O. Hamblen, Tyson S. Hall,Michael D. Furman

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Server Architectures

The goal of this book is to present and compare various options one for systems architecture from two separate points of view. One, that of the information technology decision-maker who must choose a solution matching company business requirements, and secondly that of the systems architect who finds himself between the rock of changes in hardware and software technologies and the hard place of changing business needs.Different aspects of server architecture are presented, from databases designed for parallel architectures to high-availability systems, and touching en route on often- neglected performance aspects.     

Author Name :Rene J. Chevance

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Low-Power CMOS Design

This collection of important papers provides a comprehensive overview of low-power system design, from component technologies and circuits to architecture, system design, and CAD techniques. LOW POWER CMOS DESIGN summarizes the key low-power contributions through papers written by experts in this evolving field.     

Author Name :Anantha Chandrakasan, Robert W. Brodersen

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CPU Design

Thimmannnagari, an experienced designer, offers an insiders view of CPU design. The material, which is presented in a frank and systematic way, covers six major areas . For each area, the process involved is carefully laid out in steps, and the crucial details and options associated with each step are meticulously covered in full. An excellent resource for those in CPU design and computer architecture for both college students and practitioners. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through professionals.     

Author Name :Chandra M.R.Thimmannagari

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A+ Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC

Written by best-selling author and instructor Jean Andrews, this edition maps fully to CompTIA's new 2006 A+ Exam objectives. This full-color guide is designed to be the most complete, step-by-step book available for learning the fundamentals of supporting and troubleshooting computer hardware and software. Video clips are available on the accompanying CD so readers can watch the author bring concepts and technical topics to life via live demonstrations.     

Author Name :Jean Andrews

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Adaptive Techniques for Mixed Signal System on Chip

This book is devoted to the subject of adaptive techniques for smart analog and mixed signal design whereby fully functional first-pass silicon is achievable. The techniques described should lead to quantum improvement in design productivity of complex analog, RF and mixed signal systems while significantly cutting the spiraling NRE costs of product development in emerging nanometer technologies. The principles and design techniques presented are generic and would certainly apply to CMOS analog and mixed signal platforms in high volume , low cost wireless ,wire line and consumer electronic SoC or chip set solutions.     

Author Name :Ayman Fayed, Mohammed Ismail

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Multiprocessor System-on-Chip

The purpose of this book is to evaluate strategies for future system design in MPSoC architectures. Both aspects, hardware design and tool-integration into existing development tools will be discussed. Also the novel trends in MPSoC combined with reconfigurable architectures are a topic in this book. The main emphasis is on architectures, design-flow, tool-development, applications and system design.     

Author Name :Michael Hubner, Jurgen Becker

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Post-Silicon and Runtime Verification for Modern Processors

The purpose of this book is to survey the state of the art and evolving directions in post-silicon and runtime verification. The authors start by giving an overview of the state of the art in verification, particularly current post-silicon methodologies in use in the industry, both for the domain of processor pipeline design and for memory subsystems. They then dive into the presentation of several new post-silicon verification solutions aimed at boosting the verification coverage of modern processors, dedicating several chapters to this topic. The presentation of runtime verification solutions follows a similar approach. This is an area of processor design that is still in its early stages of exploration and that holds the promise of accomplishing the ultimate goal of achieving complete correctness guarantees for microprocessor-based computation. The authors conclude the book with a look towards the future of late-stage verification and its growing role in the processor life-cycle.     

Author Name :Ilya Wagner, Valeria Bertacco

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Essentials of Short-Range Wireless

For engineers, product designers, and technical marketers who need to design a cost-effective, easy-to-use, short-range wireless product that works, this practical guide is a must-have. It explains and compares the major wireless standards - Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 802.11, ZigBee, 802.15.4, and UWB - enabling you to choose the best standard for your product. Packed with practical insights based on the author's 10 years of design experience, and highlighting pitfalls and trade-offs in performance and cost, this book will ensure you get the most out of your chosen standard by teaching you how to tailor it for your specific implementation.With information on intellectual property rights and licensing, production test, and regulatory approvals, as well as analysis of the market for wireless products, this resource truly provides everything you need to design and implement a successful short-range wireless product.     

Author Name :Nick Hunn

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The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

Tired of making web sites that work absolutely perfectly but just don't look nice?If so, then The Principles of Beautiful Web Design is for you. A simple, easy-to-follow guide, illustrated with plenty of full-color examples, this book will lead you through the process of creating great designs from start to finish. Good design principles are not rocket science, and using the information contained in this book will help you create stunning web sites.Understand the design process, from discovery to implementation Understand what makes "good design" Developing pleasing layouts using grids, the rule of thirds, balance and symmetry Use color effectively, develop color schemes and create a palette Use textures, lines, points, shapes, volumes and depth Learn how good typography can make ordinary designs look great Effective imagery: choosing, editing and placing images And much more Throughout the book, you'll follow an example design, from concept to completion, learning along the way. The book's full-color layout and large format (8" x 10") make The Principles Of Beautiful Wed Design a pleasure to read.     

Author Name :Jason Beaird

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Semantic Web

Semantic Webis a group of methods and technologies to allow machines to understand the meaning - or "semantics" - of information on theWorld Wide Web.The term was coined byWorld Wide Web Consortium(W3C) directorTim Berners-Lee.He defines theSemantic Webas a web of data that can be processed directly and indirectly by machines.While the term "Semantic Web" is not formally defined it is mainly used to describe the model and technologies[3]proposed by the W3C. These technologies include theResource Description Framework(RDF), a variety of data interchange formats (e.g.RDF/XML,N3,Turtle,N-Triples), and notations such asRDF Schema(RDFS) and theWeb Ontology Language(OWL), all of which are intended to provide aformal descriptionofconcepts,terms, andrelationshipswithin a givenknowledge domain.     

Author Name :Gang Wu

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Adobe Premiere Elements 9 Classroom in a Book

Adobe Premiere Elements 9 Classroom in a Book is the fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn Adobe's consumer-targeted video editing software. Each of the 13 chapters in this step-by-step, project-based guide contains a project that builds on your growing knowledge of the program, while end-of-chapter review questions reinforce each lesson.This new cross-platform (Mac and Windows) version of the book teaches the basics of video editing, along with complete coverage of all-new features in Premiere Elements 9 now with an enhanced workspace for increased efficiency and better user experience. In this new version you'll learn how to import media from a variety of devices including mobile phones, embed your movie clips within web pages, use the new Cartoon effect to create cartoon-like movies from your live-motion movie clips, add a variety of new audio effects, fix shaky footage and color and lighting problems with SmartFix, automatically remove unwanted footage with Smart Trim, add graphics that follow the action of your footage, and much more.     

Author Name :Adobe Creative Team

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ActionScript 3.0 for Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Classroom

ActionScript 3.0 for Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Classroom in a Book isbn 9780321704474 This project-based guide from Adobe will teach readers all they need to know to create engaging interactive content with ActionScript 3.0 for Flash Professional CS5. Using step-by-step instructions with projects that build on the knowledge acquired in each lesson, readers will learn the fundamentals of adding interactivity to Flash files using ActionScript, starting with using prewritten Code Snippets, but progressing to customizing and writing their own ActionScript code.The tutorials start with simple navigation and timeline control and progress through controlling animation with ActionScript; using Event Listeners and writing event-handling functions; and controlling loading of and interaction with data, text, video, sound, and images. Readers will also learn to use third-party libraries and create Adobe Air applications. This Classroom in a Book also covers the improved text-handling tools that are new to Flash Professional CS5. The companion CD provides users with all the sample files they need to complete all the projects.     

Author Name :The Adobe Creative Team

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Ordering Disorder

This book is a highly readable, plain-language introduction to the concepts behind grids in interaction design, as well as a primer on their practical usage in solving design problems in online media. It is intended to serve as both an inspirational reference as well as a useful guide for designing with grid principles. Its focus will be primarily on web design, but will also touch upon design for mobile devices, application design and interaction design at large.     

Author Name :Khoi Vinh

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Hardboiled Web Design

Hardboiled Web Design offers a fresh perspective on designing for the web never compromising, always pushing boundaries. It strips markup to the bone and uses HTML5 and CSS3 to the maximum to help make your sites more adaptable to whatever the web might throw at them. Based on the highly acclaimed book Hardboiled Web Design byAndy Clarke, this full-day workshop will challenge you, change your approach to web design and give you the tools you need to make hardboiled web design a reality for you, your company and your clients.     

Author Name :Andy Clarke

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Microsoft Silverlight 4 Data and Services Cookbook

Over 85 practical recipes for creating rich, data-driven business applications in Silverlight.Design and develop rich data-driven business applications in Silverlight,Rapidly interact with and handle multiple sources of data and services within Silverlight business applications,Understand sophisticated data access techniques in your Silverlight business applications by binding data to Silverlight controls, validating data in Silverlight, getting data from services into Silverlight applications and much more!,Packed with practical, hands-on cookbook recipes, illustrating the techniques to solve particular data problems effectively within your Silverlight business applications.     

Author Name :Gill Cleeren , Kevin Dockx

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Building Websites with ExpressionEngine 2

A step-by-step guide to ExpressionEngine: the web-publishing system used by top designers and web professionals everywhere.Learn all the key concepts and terminology of ExpressionEngine: channels, templates, snippets, and more,Use RSS to make your content available in news readers including Google Reader, Outlook, and Thunderbird,Manage your ExpressionEngine website, including backups, restores, and version updates,Written in an easy-to-follow step-by-step style, with plenty of examples and exercises     

Author Name :Leonard Murphy

No Of Visit :445      Posted Comments :

Drupal 6 Theming Cookbook

Themes are among the most powerful features that can be used to customize a website to fit your needs. The greatest strength of Drupal lies in its design, which, when done right, allows developers to customize every aspect of the site. Although it might sound easy to customize the look of your site, it's not a cakewalk to build custom themes that are easy to administer and maintain.Drupal 6 Theming Cookbook provides a plethora of recipes that enable Drupal template designers to make full use of Drupal's extensibility and style their site just the way they want it. It is a well-rounded guide, which will allow users looking to theme their Drupal sites to do so by taking full advantage of Drupal's theming system. It covers numerous aspects from creating custom themes to using the powerful CCK, Views, and Panels modules to create rich designs that are easy to administer and maintain.     

Author Name :Karthik Kumar

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Distributed Database Systems

Distributed database systems have now come of age with the announcement of several commercial products (Oracle, Ingres, Multi-Star) which meet the urgent need for integration of heterogeneous collections of data. This book adopts a practical approach, reviewing the fundamentals of database technology and developments in data communications (including standards) before reviewing the principles of distributed DB systems. It includes case studies of the leading products.     

Author Name :David Bell and Jane Grimson

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Security in Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks

This book provides an in-depth guide to security in wireless ad hoc and sensor networks. It introduces the reader to the fundamentals and key issues related to wireless ad hoc networking, with an emphasis on security. It discusses the security attacks and counter measures in wireless ad hoc, sensor and mesh networks, and briefly presents the standards on related topics. The authors offer a clear exposition of various challenges and solutions in this field including bootstrapping, key distribution and exchange, authentication issues, privacy, anonymity and tamper resilience.     

Author Name :Erdal Cayirci and Chunming Rong

No Of Visit :434      Posted Comments :

Pro OpenSSH

SSH, or Secure Shell, is the de facto standard among users and administrators who wish to establish secure communication between disparate networks. This book is authored by a Fortune 100 system administrator, who will provide you with a highly practical reference for configuring and deploying OpenSSH in your own environment.     

Author Name :Michael Stahnke

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CCNP SWITCH Portable Command Guide

This book helps you memorize commands and concepts as you work to pass the CCNP SWITCH exam (642-813). The guide summarizes all CCNP certification-level Cisco IOS Software commands, keywords, command arguments, and associated prompts, providing you with tips and examples of how to apply the commands to real-world scenarios. Configuration examples throughout the book provide you with a better understanding of how these commands are used in simple network designs.     

Author Name :Scott Empson; Hans Roth

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Communications and Networking

This book "Communications and Networking" focuses on the issues at the lowest two layers of communications and networking and provides recent research results on some of these issues. In particular, it first introduces recent research results on many important issues at the physical layer and data link layer of communications and networking and then briefly shows some results on some other important topics such as security and the application of wireless networks. In summary, this book covers a wide range of interesting topics of communications and networking. The introductions, data, and references in this book will help the readers know more about this topic and help them explore this exciting and fast-evolving field.     

Author Name :Jun Peng

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