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Tips & Tricks to Save Energy

The book serves as a guideline for how we can save energy efficiently and effectively.The author gives good ideas to save energy at office,cars,home etc     

Author Name :Frank Patrick

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Ecology, Planning, and Management of Urban Forests: International Perspective

Trees and vegetation in cities arent just there to make the place look pretty. They have an important ecological function. This book contains studies and perspectives on urban forests from a broad array of basic and applied scientific disciplines including ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, landscape ecology, plant community ecology, geography, and social science. The book includes contributions from experts around the world, allowing the reader to evaluate methods and management that are appropriate for particular geographic, environmental, and socio-political contexts.     

Author Name :Margaret M. Carreiro, Yong-Chang Song, Jianguo Wu

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Detection Methods for Algae, Protozoa and Helminths in Fresh and Drinking Water (Water Quality Measurements)

This is the second book in the Water Quality Measurement Series. It focuses on the analytical aspects related to epidemiology, toxicology, sanitary, engineering and plant technology to provide an integrated and clear strategy for carrying out surveillance, quality control, prevention and remedial measures. * Contains a significant number of tables, figures, colour and black and white photographs and spectra * Offers workable answers to specific practical issues using a comprehensive and scientifically sound approach     

Author Name :Franca Palumbo, Giuliano Ziglio, Andre Van der Beken

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Lagoons: Biology, Management and Environmental Impact

Coastal lagoons are particularly complex environments in which the transition between marine and continental waters is gradual, due to the continuity of the aquatic habitat. They are characterised by major fluctuations in chemical and physical parameters, which reflect multiple interactions between the distance to the sea, water depth, the nature of the sediment, organic matter quality, hydrodynamic turnover time, tidal currents, wind forced currents, volume lost by evaporation, and gravitational circulation. This book presents current research from across the globe in the study of lagoons, their biology, management and environmental impact.     

Author Name :Adam G. Friedman

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Environmental and Human Health Impacts of Nanotechnology

An increased understanding of the environmental and human health impacts of engineered nanoparticles is essential for the responsible development of nanotechnology and appropriate evidence-based policy and guidelines for risk assessment. Presenting the latest advances in the field from a variety of scientific disciplines, this book offers a comprehensive overview of this challenging, inter-disciplinary research area. Topics covered include: * The properties, preparation and applications of nanomaterials * Characterization and analysis of manufactured nanoparticles * The fate and behaviour of nanomaterials in aquatic, terrestrial and atmospheric environments * Ecotoxicology and human toxicology of manufactured nanoparticles * Occupational health and exposure of nanomaterials * Risk assessment and global regulatory and policy responses Understanding the behaviour and impacts of nanotechnology in the environment and in human health is a daunting task and many questions remain to be answered. Environmental and Human Health Impacts of Nanotechnology will serve as a valuable resource for academic researchers in nanoscience and nanotechnology, environmental science, materials science and biology, as well as for scientists in industry, regulators and policy makers.     

Author Name :Jamie R. Lead, Emma Smith

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