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Fire Fighting Pumping Systems at Industrial Facilities

This book describes fixed firewater pump installations for industrial facilities from the viewpoint of the end users, fire protection engineers, loss prevention professionals, and those just entering a career in which decisions about fire pump installations must be made. Therefore much background information is given for the necessary requirements and usefulness of a firewater pump and the services that interface with it.This book's primary objective is the provision of practical information and basic background design principles on the application of fixed pumps for fire fighting purposes at industrial facilities, both onshore and offshore. Where specific details are necessary and pertinent to the discussion they are provided, otherwise, these can be found from the applicable fire codes and engineering practices to be applied to the facility. Experience from the installation of fire pumps in the petroleum and chemical industries, historical data, manufacturers specification sheets and regulatory code requirements have been drawn upon for the preparation of the information in this book.     

Author Name :Dennis P. Nolan

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Fire Protection Building Design

Fire Protection Engineering is on target. It presents a concise treatment of key issues that all members of a building design team should understand about fire protection engineering and helps them understand why having a qualified fire protection engineer of the team is essential to the success of the project. -Fire Protection Engineering, the official magazine of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers, Winter 2003.Fire Protection Engineering in Building Design by Jane I. Lataille, P.E., is an excellent reference on incorporating fire protection standards compliance into the design of buildings. This handbook should prove useful for engineers involved with commercial building as well as those dealing with industrial structures.     

Author Name :Jane I. Lataille

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Illustrated 2009 Building Code Handbook

A Unique Visual Guide to the 2009 International Building Code. Updated to reflect the changes in the International Code Council 2009 International Building Code, this illustrated guide makes it easy to understand and apply complex Code requirements and achieve compliance. Designed to save you time and money, this detailed reference transforms difficult paragraphs into simple lists and converts complicated equations into accessible tables.Ready-to-use answers and practical case studies help you get construction jobs done right, on time, and up to the requirements of the 2009 Code. The Illustrated 2009 Building Code Handbook is also an invaluable study guide for the design portion of the architectural licensing examination.     

Author Name :Terry Patterson

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Designing Steel Structures for Fire Safety

DESIGNING STEEL STRUCTURES FOR FIRE SAFETY provides guidance for those wishing apply rational engineering methodologies for fire design of steel structures. Codes alone do not provide enough information for structural design, especially as they become more sophisticated and comprehensive. This book provides background material and serves as a design guide for the user. It should help the reader not familiar with the topic to make calculations of the fire resistance of steel structures according to the Eurocodes or other code provisions. The theoretical, technical or historical background is provided when this helps the user to understand more clearly the calculation methodologies, while examples on simple elements and guidance showing how a complete structure can be analyzed are included.     

Author Name :Jean-Marc Franssen,Venkatesh Kodur,Raul Zaharia

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