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Engineering and Technology Management Tools and Applications

Career success for engineers who wish to move up the management ladder, requires more than an understanding of engineering and technological principles - it demands a profound understanding of today's business management issues and principles. In this unique book, the author provides you with a valuable understanding of contemporary management concepts and their applications in a technical organization. You get in-depth coverage of product selection and management, engineering design and product costing, concurrent engineering, value management, configuration management, risk management, reengineering strategies and benefits, managing creativity and innovation, information technology management, and software management. The large number of solved examples highlighted throughout the text underscore the value of this book as an indispensable "How To" manual, and library reference piece.     

Author Name :B. S. Dhillon

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Units of Measurement

It is for the first time that the subject of quantities and their respective units is dealt this much in detail, a glimpse of units of measurements of base quantities of length, time, mass and volume is given for ancient India, three and four dimensional systems of measurement units are critically examined, establishment of the fact that only four base units are needed to describe a system of units, the basics to arrive at the unit of a derived quantity are explained, basic, derived and dimensionless quantities including quantity calculus are introduced, life history of scientists concerned with measurements units are presented to be inspiring to working metrologists and students. The International System of Units including, Metre Convention Treaty and its various organs including International National of Weights and Measure are described. The realisation of base units is given in detail. Classes of derived units within the SI, units permitted for time to come, units outside SI but used in special fields of measurements are described. Methods to express large numbers are explained in detail. Multiples and sub-multiples prefixes and their proper use are also given. The latest trends to redefine the base Kilogram, Ampere, Kelvin and Mole on existing base units of mass, electric current, temperature and amount of substance, in terms of a single parameter or fundamental constants are briefly described     

Author Name :S. V. Gupta

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Buying and Selling Laboratory Instruments

Searching for the best laboratory instruments and systems can be a daunting and expensive task. A poorly selected instrument can dramatically affect results produced and indirectly affect research papers, the quality of student training, and an investigator's chances for advancement. Buying and Selling Laboratory Instruments offers the valuable insights of an analytical chemist and consultant with over four decades of experience in locating instruments based upon both need and price. It helps all decision makers find the best equipment, service, and support while avoiding the brand-loyalty bias of sales representatives so you can fully meet your laboratory's requirements.     

Author Name :Marvin C. McMaster

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Measuring and Marking Metals

There are many books written on the subject of measuring and marking-out practice but almost all of them are for the engineering student or professional engineer. They assume that a well-organised workshop is available and it contains all the necessary equipment to accomplish the successful conclusion of any exercise. This book is not written for these people although it is hoped they might find something of interest in it for them. It is primarily intended as a guide to the man who wishes to produce workpieces with limited equipment. This may not only be the model engineer working away in his garden workshop but may also apply to the ever-growing number of jobbing handymen undertaking 'one-off' or prototype work that is of no interest to the larger engineering concerns.     

Author Name :Ivan law

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Data Acquisition for Instrumentation and Control Systems

Text covers all aspects of the data acquisition system; from design and specification, to programming, installation, and configuration. Provides novice and experienced users with a solid understanding of interfacing the PC and standalone instruments to real-world signals from the laboratory and the industrial plant.     

Author Name :John Park, Steve Mackay

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