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Professional English: Business: Intermediate

Test Your Professional English: Business Intermediate is organized into eight sections and covers words and expressions in areas such as business strategy, project management, business jargon, meetings, presentations, the internet and business culture.     

Author Name :Steve Flinders

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Winning Edge Trading

Winning Edge Tradingshows how to trade any market for great profits. Using the unique and innovative trading strategies and systems outlined here, you can trade stocks, ETFs, and futures to achieve market-beating returns. Written by system developer Dr. Ned Gandevani, this book provides an antidote to active investors and traders who are frustrated by stagnant and declining markets. Dr. Gandevani shows you how to maximize your profit while minimizing your risk with his innovative and comprehensive approach, and then reveals how to profit from market swings. In addition to providing a simple and easy-to-execute trading system, Dr. Gandevani also explains how you can determine your risk tolerance and choose a compatible system for maximum performance.     

Author Name :Ned Gandevani

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Pricing Policies

The book includes the pricing Policies and how do we can price a product, what should be the pricing objectives etc and gives a pricing checklist also.     

Author Name :The Entrepreneurs Guidebook Series

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Credit Policies

This book gives an odea about credit policies and its establishment and management.     

Author Name :The Entrepreneurs Guidebook Series

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Airport Competition

The break-up of BAA, the blocked takeover of Bratislava airport by the competing Vienna airport and the prohibited subsidy of Ryanair by Brussels South Charleroi Airport have brought the issue of airport competition to the top of the agenda for air transport policy in Europe. "Airport Competition" reviews the current state of the debate and asks whether airport competition is strong enough to effectively limit market power. It provides evidence on how travellers chose an airport, thereby altering its competitive position, and on how airports compete in different regions and markets. The book also discusses the main policy implications of mergers and subsidies.     

Author Name :Peter Forsyth, David Gillen, Jurgen Muller, Hans-Martin Niemeier

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