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Venture Capital

Studies have shown that venture capital backed entrepreneurial firms are on average significantly more successful than non-venture capital backed entrepreneurial firms in terms of innovativeness, profitability, and share price performance upon going public. Understanding the various aspects of venture capital is something anyone in any industry should be familiar with.This reliable resource provides a comprehensive view of venture capital by describing the current state of research and best practices in this arena. Issues addressed include sources of capital-such as angel investment, corporate funds, and government funds-financial contracts and monitoring, and the efficiency implications of VC investment, to name a few.* Opens with a review of alternative forms of venture capital* Highlights the structure of venture capital investmentsamines the role venture capitalists play in adding value to their investee firmsThis informative guide will help you discover the true potential of venture capital.     

Author Name :Douglas Cumming

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Starting A Retirement Plan

The book deals with several types of retirement plans and its strategies in America and Canada.     

Author Name :The Entrepreneurs Guidebook Series

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Stochastic Dominance

This book is devoted to investment decision-making under uncertainty. The book covers three basic approaches to this process: The stochastic dominance approach; the mean-variance approach; and the non-expected utility approach, focusing on prospect theory and its modified version, cumulative prospect theory.These approaches are discussed and compared in this book. In addition, this volume examines cases in which stochastic dominance rules coincide with the mean-variance rule and cases in which contradictions between these two approaches may occur. It then discusses the relationship between stochastic dominance rules and prospect theory, and establishes a new investment decision rule which combines the two and which we call prospect stochastic dominance. Although all three approaches are discussed, most of the book is devoted to the stochastic dominance paradigm.     

Author Name :Haim Levy

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Socially Responsible Investment in a Global Environment

The authors have done an excellent job explaining the development and practice of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI). Under the recent recognition of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Asia and its strong emphasis by US and European corporations, this book provides important guidance to students and professionals who are interested in the effects and implications of SRI. This book is truly informative and should be on the reading list of all fund managers and CFOs of international corporations which are serious about CSR.     

Author Name :Hung-Gay Fung, Sheryl A. Law, and Jot Yau

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Research in Finance

For the last twenty years "The Research in Finance Book Series" has been publishing papers that cover issues of significance and interest in finance and economics. The topics found in the series span a wide range and have made substantial contributions to the literature with articles from key figures in the world of finance. Volume 26, "Coping with Systemic Risk", is no exception and provides a valuable addition to the current research of finance in this area. The lead chapter sets the theme by giving insight into economic systems as packages containing multiple real options where the rational exercise of these options then shapes the outcomes from the system. Remaining chapters explore the use of commodities like oil as a means of improving the diversification of portfolios containing equities, reliability tests for traditional accounting measures to predict the onset of financial distress, the behavior of metal prices such as aluminium and steel, and other issues relevant for a better-diversified investor. Key reading for academics and practitioners alike, its audience will range from financial economists and accountants in academia to executives with financial duties.     

Author Name :John F. Kensinger

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