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Investment Beliefs

As an asset manager or pension trustee, you should worry less about the stocks and products you pick for your clients and more about getting your fundamental investment beliefs right.After a steep decline in the global stock markets and a recovery that is still uncertain, it is simply is not enough to have a good organization, good staff and a well-defined mission. You need to formulate your own set of investment beliefs: a clear view on how you perceive the way capital markets work and how your fund can add value and strive for excellence. Funds which establish and implement a well-defined investment philosophy have been shown to earn consistently better results.This practical book provides the framework for determining your own investment beliefs and guidance on how to imbed, communicate and monitor them. Its research is based on a survey of the world's leading fund managers, viewed as excellent companies in the asset management industry. The book includes a speed-read summary at the start of each chapter, useful checklists, and case-studies spanning organizations from a variety of different countries and industries. It also provides a timely overview of the major debates in the industry and an introduction to the issues that matter for long-term survival in financial markets. With investment beliefs firmly in place, you will be able to more easily navigate the investment options available, knowing that your choices and decisions are in accordance with your values and objectives. Successful implementation of investment beliefs might well be one of the decisive factors in becoming a winner or loser in the investment management industry in 2020.     

Author Name :Kees Koedijk, Alfred Slager

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Financial Planning using Excel

Quick reference guide on how to use and gain benefit from Excel spreadsheets in management accounting.Excel for Financial Planning covers all aspects of budget preparation, from designing and creating a budgetary control system, consolidating data and working with spreadsheets.Now fully updated to include the latest version of Excel and includes a useful CD-ROM containing worked examples and spreadsheet templates, for easy budgeting.For all qualified and part qualified management accountants who use Excel on a daily basis in budget planning, this book is a must. It contains a wealth of practical examples, tips, new techniques all designed to help you quickly exploit and master Excel to its full advantage and therefore use spreadsheets for more effective management accounting in your firm.* Provides quick, useful guidance on how to use Excel in management accounting* Covers basic principles of budgetary control * Explains the latest techniques for the design and creation of budgets.     

Author Name :Sue Nugus

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Individual Financial Planning for Retirement

Over time, the responsibility for providing for a financially secure retirement has shifted more towards the individual. A number of implicit assumptions about perspectives, behavior, and individual choices underlie this shift. These assumptions presume that individuals are well-informed and reason unemotionally; that they process information correctly; and that they take rational decisions and act to maximize their own welfare. Empirical evidence, however, shows that such maxims do not often guide individuals actual behavior. Building on a new structure applied to insights drawn from behavioral finance, this book analyzes the perspectives of individuals with regard to their financial situation in retirement and compares the actions they take with ideal behavior. The work provides new insights into the broadly defined topic of individual retirement-specific financial planning behavior. The research builds on over 500 interviews with affluent individuals in Germany and contributes to defining ways in which policy-makers, financial planners, and individuals themselves can improve financial provisioning for retirement.     

Author Name :Nicole Brunhart

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Retire Happy

A great retirement isn't just about having your financial situation in order. It's easy to be preoccupied with stock portfolios, 401(k) balances and saving options, but true happiness in retirement comes from simpler, more enjoyable things like an active social life, family time and leisurely travel.In Retire Happy: What You Can Do Now to Guarantee a Great Retirement, author Rich Stim and Nolo co-founder Jake Warner show you how to become rich in the ways that matter most. They encourage you to balance financial concerns with a lifestyle you always envisioned for yourself.     

Author Name :Richard Stim Attorney, Ralph Warner

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Get Rich Slow 4th edition

This book will enable you to tap into the powerful yet simple wealth-building tools the rich use to build and grow their fortunes. Whether you are trying to avoid the common mistakes most investors make, buy your next house, stomp out credit card debt, find the right mutual funds to invest in, or discover how to "cover you assets" with the right kinds of insurance. It will give you the financial knowledge and wisdom you need to make the right choices. You will learn controversial personal finance truths, such as why retirement plans like 401(k)s may not be your best bet, why your home could be your worst investment, why some no-load mutual funds can cost you more, and why your guaranteed pension may not be so guaranteed. Some people inherit their wealth. The rest of us have no choice but to earn it so get rich yourself, one dollar at a time.     

Author Name :Tama McAleese

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