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Puzzles For The High IQ

The puzzles in this book have been designed to be both amusing and challenging. At first glance you may find that some look a bit daunting, _but, rest assured, you do not need any specialist knowledge to solve them. If you approach them in the right way, using lateral thinking and by being open to new, creative solutions, you will find that you come up with many, if not all, of the correct answers.It may be a relief to you to know that most have the kind of answers that just jump out" at you, so no laborious calculations are necessary. Often a typical reaction on finding out an answer to such a problem is to smile and say, "Of course!", while wondering why on earth you didn't think. of such a "simple" answer in the first place. I hope you have a lot of fun solving the puzzles, and perhaps you will be inspired to try to create a few of your own.     

Author Name :Lloyd King

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World's Hardest Puzzles

A collection of 95 challenging puzzles of the "Five years ago, I was five times as old as my sister..." variety. Answers are provided at the back of the book     

Author Name :Charles Barry Townsend

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