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Dowbenko - Hoodwinked - Watching Movies With Eyes Wide Open (2004)

The book's title Hoodwinked: Watching Movies With Eyes Wide Open refers to an ancient term used in secret societies. "Hoodwinked" is masonic terminology meaning "to blind by covering the eyes," "to prevent from seeing" and "to deceive by exter-nal appearances or disguise." It was part of the secret ritual that masons perform, in which the candidate would be blindfolded, a handkerchief or hoodwink would be tied over both eyes, while his chest was bared (indicating his vulnerability), and ceremonial oaths and vows were pronounced over him.     

Author Name :Uri Dowbenko

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Battleground :the Media VOLUME 1 AND 2

In this ever evolving geography of symbolic techniques, media and marketing strategies, new and traditional genres, and new media technology, the task of editing a collection of entries on controversies has proven challenging, illumi- nating and remarkably difficult, as each new day and news cycle brings yet more issues worthy of coverage.     

Author Name :Robin Andersen and Jonathan Gray

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