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International Cases in the Business of Sport

A must have text for students and a valuable reference for professionals, International Cases in the Business of Sport provides a clear and stimulating insight into the ever changing, and increasingly expanding, global sport market.     

Author Name :Simon Chadwick, Dave Arthur

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The Simple Solution to Rubik's Cube

If, you're the owner of Rubik's Cube or a similar cube. you're probably finding that no matter how hard you try and how much time you spend fiddling with it, the cube still looks like a pile of colored confetti. What you need is a solution to this puzzle that is not only guaranteed to work but also is simple enough to under- stand even if you're not a mathematical genius.The problem of restoring a cube to solid colors on all 6 faces is very difficult -far moredifficult than near1y any other popular puzzle. As a result many available solutions are also so difficult that understanding them is no easier than solving the puzzle itself. The purpose of this book is to present a complete, quick. step-by-step solution that is both straightforward and effective. No knowledge of mathematics is assumed or necessary.     

Author Name :James G. Nourse

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Master the Rubik Cube Easily

If you want to be able to impress people by being able to finish a cube, buy this book. You'll easily learn how to conquer the cube in less than 5 minutes every time. My average is about three and a half minutes, and i only do it to impress people. If you learn more of the moves, you actually can finish it in 45 seconds, it's not just a sales pitch, it's possible. This book will teach you how to complete a cube, however, it won't tell you the reasoning. Basically it's a system of moves that work extremely well. I would suggest this book to anyone, especially advanced cubers. You will be able to do the cube faster this way than almost any other way. The author holds/held the world record at less than 20 seconds.     

Author Name :Czes Kosniowski

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Huge Book of Puzzles

A list of 319 puzzles... Including Sudoku, IQ, Word Association, Arroword, Crossword and codeword.     

Author Name :Arcturus

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You'll find four kinds of Nutcrackers in the pages that follow; each resembles a kind of puzzle you may have seen before but works a maddening twist on the pattern. Missing Persons puzzles, for instance, take traditional, laborious word-search puzzles and trick them out with cryptic clues and a hidden theme. They are an excellent introduction to the cryptic technique employed in Cryptic Crosswords, which resemble typical Sunday puzzles only to the degree that Maseratis resemble Fords. Labyrinths, which follow, combine elements of mazes, riddles,and standard crosswords to create brain twisters not quite like any of their ingredients.     

Author Name :Jesse Green AND Meg Wolitzer

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