eBook Name : Science and Technology of Industrial Water Treatment

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Mineralscale deposits, corrosion, suspended matter, and microbiologicalgrowth are factors that must be controlled in industrial watersystems. Research on understanding the mechanisms of these problemshas attracted considerable attention in the past three decades as hasprogress concerning water treatment additives to ameliorate theseconcerns. The Science and Technology of Industrial Water Treatmentprovides a comprehensive discussion on the topic from specialists inindustry and academia.


Thebook begins with an overview of water chemistry and covers thecharacteristics of commonly encountered mineral scales. It addressesthe formation and control of different scales in various systems andexamines new developments in membrane-based separation processes.Next, it provides a detailed account on the operational challenges ofreverse osmosis systems and scale control in thermal distillationprocesses. The text explores corrosion control in cooling, boiler,geothermal, and desalination systems and it discusses theinteractions of polyelectrolytes with suspended matter.


Includescoverage of a range of bacterial species, including Legionella


Thebook examines bacterial species commonly encountered in watersupplies, the mechanisms of biofouling, approaches to control it, andcriteria for selecting biocides for water treatment applications. Anentire chapter is devoted to Legionella in water systems.Contributors describe various analytical techniques for identifyingmineral scales and deposits. They also examine applications ofpolymers for treating industrial and wastewater systems and give anaccount of analytical approaches for monitoring various operationalparameters and chemicals used to treat industrial water systems.


Avaluable addition to the library of academic researchers, this volumewill also prove useful to those working not only in the watertreatment industry, but also to those in petroleum, textiles,pharmaceuticals, and other areas where purity processes are asignificant concern.

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