eBook Name : Electrical Equipment and Installations in Hazardous Areas

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Thisbook provides the reader with an understanding of the hazardsinvolved in using electrical equipment in Potentially ExplosiveAtmospheres. It is based on the newly adopted international IEC79Series of Standards that are now harmonizing and replacing oldernational Standards. Explosion-proof installations can be expensive todesign, install and operate. The strategies and techniques describedin this book can significantly reduce costs whilst maintaining plantsafety. The book explains the associated terminology and its correctuse - from Area Classification through to the selection ofexplosion-protected electrical apparatus, describing how protectionis achieved and maintained in line with these internationalrequirements. The IEC standards require that engineering staff andtheir management are trained effectively and safely in HazardousAreas, and this book is designed to help fulfill that need. A basicunderstanding of instrumentation and electrical theory would be ofbenefit to the reader, but no previous knowledge of hazardous areainstallation is required.

  • An engineer's guide to the hazards and best practice for using electrical equipment in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres.

  • Fully in line with the newly adopted international standards, the IEC79 series

  • Clear explanations of terminology and background information make this the most accessible book on this subject.

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