eBook Name : Advances for In-Vehicle and Mobile Systems

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In the first part, a new and an emerging research field, Driver and Driving Environment Recognition is introduced and addressed with four complementary chapters. These chapters report on the application of signal processing technologies to characterizing human behavior while driving and encouraging further research efforts on the analysis of driver behavior.

The second part consists of three chapters dedicated to the most important application in Mobile and Vehicular Systems, (i.e., Telecommunication Applications). This part considers technologies for wireless communication systems, a distributed speech recognition paradigm, and embedded platforms.

The third and largest part of this book addresses a major challenge for Mobile and Vehicular Systems, namely Noise Reduction , which has ever changing environmental noise that seriously degrades performance of these systems. Various research efforts that range from measuring and controlling the acoustic noise to an approach for audio-visual data fusion are discussed. ICA, Particle Filtering and other state of the art methodologies are also studied in this third part.

The topic of the last part of the book, Dialog Systems for In-Vehicle , is an essential issue for not only interface efficiency , but also for safety and comfort while driving . In this last part, six chapters discuss topics such as interaction between driving and dialogue, corpus, bimodal interface and dialogue strategies.

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